Working Tickets at our Retreats

The Way of The Buzzard

Let's talk about what it means to be on the crew during our retreats.

Rita, our Event Manager, leads the crew, which is the behind-the-scenes team that keeps things running smoothly. As part of the crew, you get a free spot at the retreat in exchange for your help. This frees us, Nicola & Jason, so we can focus on leading and teaching.

Here's what you'll be doing as a crew member, just so you know what you're getting into. We need you to have a "get your hands dirty and get things done" mindset. You'll be helping out with various tasks that we describe below, so be prepared for that.

In return, you get to be involved in almost everything that happens during the retreat. The only exception is when the afternoon teaching is going on. During that time, you'll be in the kitchen helping with dinner prep.

Your tasks will be assigned during a crew briefing at the start of the retreat. It's a team effort, and everyone will be helping with meal preparation and clean-up throughout the retreat.

Plan to arrive around 1 pm – 2 pm on the first day of the retreat, though the exact time might vary depending on the schedule. After the participants leave, you'll stick around to tidy up. Usually, this clean-up takes about 1 – 2 hours after the retreat ends.

Here's what you'll be doing:

Setting up: Unloading boxes and equipment, getting the space ready – putting up throws, setting up the mandala, and hanging bunting. Managing parking. Greeting participants and showing them to their rooms. Setting up the sacred tool shop.

Mealtime duties: Preparing meals – including chopping and cooking. Washing dishes. Arranging the dining area – moving tables and chairs. Cleaning up after meals.

Workshop tasks: Setting up materials for workshops. Cleaning up after crafting activities.

Evening social time: Arranging the space for evening gatherings – adjusting tables and chairs. Overseeing the campfire. Closing down the space – extinguishing the campfire and candles.

Wrap-up: removing decorations – taking down throws, mandala, and bunting. Cleaning shared spaces, including the kitchen and main group room. Packing up boxes. Loading equipment into the van.

So, that's the rundown on being part of the crew at our The Way of the Buzzard retreat. You're the backbone of the operation, making things happen behind the scenes. So here is a big thank you to you in advance.

Ready to take on these responsibilities and make the retreat a success?

Fantastic 😊 Welcome to the team!