the way of the buzzard

A Homecoming

We believe that the old spiritual ways of our land are not lost to us. Not only can we reclaim them and bring them into our lives, but when we do, they bring great benefits to ourselves, our communities and the Earth.

As we progress further into the twenty-first century, it is easy to be caught up in the busyness of life and be pulled away from what is most important to us. Many people feel separated from something that they often can’t out into words, but they feel it. They feel a deep longing for something else, something very old, something that was lost a long time ago. When they find it, many people describe it as a homecoming.

At The Way of the Buzzard, we seek to help people in their intuitive search to reclaim the old spiritual ways of our land and find their way back home. In doing so, they unlock the secrets of ancient wisdom and nature’s insights and live a more connected, creative, empowered life.

Learn the old ways of our land
Find your tribe as you walk your path
Hear guidance from nature and your spirit guides

Learn the old ways of our land

Here in Britain, there was a time when the people who walked our land knew how to read the flight of the raven and bend their ear to the quiet whispers of the oak. Trees were revered for their gifts, and animals were seen as wise.

As the desert religion spread through communities, the old spiritual ways of our ancestors were forbidden, but they were not lost forever. These ancient practices lay hidden underground waiting for a time when they could be uncovered and breathed life into once again. They date back to a time when people walked our land and knew how to read the flight of the raven and bend their ear to hear the quiet whispers of the oak. When trees were revered, animals were important message carriers from the Otherworld and rocks were wise.

Our distant ancestors who lived close to the land knew something of great importance and embodied it throughout their lives. This knowledge is still held within the indigenous communities who live across the world today. These are nature-based people who have a gentler way of living on Earth, and here in the Western world, we have much we can learn about their earth-based spiritual practices.

Far from being ‘outdated’, these old ways are where many of the solutions to the modern-day predicaments we find ourselves living in lie. Many people are disillusioned with the world that they are born into. It is time to create a different world and where better to look than at the past.

Find your tribe as you walk your path

Many people find like they are alone with their thoughts and feelings about the world and what is important to them in their lives. They no longer think and feel like their friends and family, if they ever did. They see themselves as different, and it can be a lonely place to be. Sometimes they might even think they are cracking up.

Many people who find us are solo travellers, not knowing anyone else who thinks or feels like them. We set up The Way of the Buzzard as a place where those who see the world differently can congregate and come together in community. This is a place where we can go to the Otherworld and the wild places and move our souls that little bit closer to where they want to be. A place where we can travel into a different world and bring back the energies that are most needed at this time.

Here you will find a supportive community where you can learn and grow with other like-minded people. A tribe if you like. This is a coming together of spiritual seekers who have a passion for the old ways, a deep knowing, a desire to change the world that they were born into, recognising that this begins by changing their inner world.

Hear guidance from nature and your spirit guides

The Otherworld is the world on the other side of this physical world that we can see and touch. Many people don’t believe it exists. Others aren’t sure whether they are able to connect with it, whether it is safe to do so or why they would need to.

There are only a finite amount of solutions our conscious minds can come up with. But in the Otherworld, an infinite amount of guidance awaits us, if we just take the time to learn how to access it. Here in The Way of the Buzzard, we teach how to tap into this invaluable resource, meet spirit guides and form a long-lasting relationship with them.

Nature is naturally connected to the Otherworld, and in many ways, they are one of the same because, unlike humans, nature never lost its connection to the spirit realm. By learning how to tune in with the trees, animals, rocks and springs, we can learn how to hear and interpret the messages and healing held for us. And by aligning our lives with the natural cycles of the Earth, we can learn how to flow at natures pace and bring more clarity and gentleness to our lives.

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