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Our Story in a Flash

As the World that once made sense to us falls away, and another one begins to emerge we find ourselves awakening.

This is our story of how after years of seeking we found our way to Shamanism as the path to personal freedom, and ultimately to discovering our purpose here in this life.

Shamanism in Our Times

The process of awakening can be a challenging one when all that we have been taught stops making sense to us.

At an individual level, life decisions haven’t panned out the way we had hoped they would and begin to create turmoil in our lives. We seek change, and our old way of being begins to fall away. As a new way emerges we find ourselves caught in a place between stories.

Although this is happening to us on a personal level we soon come to realise that it is also acting out at a global level. As we open our eyes and look outward we see a world that just doesn’t make sense to us any more.

It is painful to witness, to be a part of, as we develop a deep sense of knowing that we are all connected. We begin to question our core beliefs. What is my purpose in this World? How can I have a more fulfilling and settled life?

Shamanism is the ancient spiritual practice that will help you move away from the business of being busily distracted. Over time you will leave the noisy world behind and follow the old way towards one deeply connected with nature, where there is peace and understanding. Here you will find your ground in the calm eye of the storm.

The shamanic toolkit is really easy to understand and will teach you how to:

  • Receive guidance with those decisions you find difficult or are uncertain about 

  • Trust your gut instincts 

  • Find deeper meaning in your life 

  • Be more contented 

  • Have an outlet in this turbulent world

We base our teachings on what is known as Core Shamanism, rather than drawing on any particular indigenous tradition. This enables us to adapt the principles without diluting them, making them relevant to our culture, to our place in the universe. We draw on the old ways, the lost ways of our land.

Who Are We?

Jason and Nicola Smalley are trained shamanic practitioners under regular supervision.

They are Indie Shaman ethically certified practitioners and hold appropriate insurances for their work.

Click here to read more about Jason and Nicola, their training and their approach.

We were born free. It's time to become wild once more.

As we welcome the wild twin back into our lives, we strip away the layers of conditioning.

When we awaken and press against the confines of our invisible walls and cage bars, we remember that we were born free. Our spiritual path leads us to being true, walking our talk, owning our own power and having control of our own destiny.

It also reminds us not to neglect that which nurtures us and to have a healthy degree of self-love.

By welcoming home our inner wild we can begin to tune our lives with what it means to be truly human again, to find that part of us that was thrown out of the window when we were born and to live a full, stylish and honourable life.

At The Way of the Buzzard we welcome our wild twin back home through fostering the five C’s: Creativity, Community, Connection, Celebration, and Ceremony.

By stepping more fully into each of these five areas we can begin to prepare a room in our heart that will welcome our own inner wild.

The time for your wildness has come.

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See how The Way of The Buzzard has helped people

"I have come to realise that I do have a connection to nature and spirit."

“I have come to realise that I do have a connection to nature and spirit and it has increased my confidence to be myself.

I am open to 'signs' (more aware) and look upon trees with reverence and have passed some knowledge onto my wife and our daughter.

I have found the Born Free programme to be effective at developing a way of living authentically by exploring body and spirit that improves and challenges us as people that we can be more than just consumers It has proved to be an oasis of sanity in these insane Mark

"I've been visiting my guides and getting some wonderful help."


“I wanted to thank you for the work you did, I am still blown away by the resources that have opened up for me thanks to your help and coaching.

I am feeling very drawn to Shamanic practice and looking forward to learning/experiencing more.

For now I've been visiting my guides and getting some wonderful help.” Fiona

"I have opened to my feminine side, and am more connected to Mother Earth"


“Before I found The Way of the Buzzard I had a lot of fear and was a very lost person. I was very confused about my life and all of the world.

I really struggled with communication and when I looked to find words to express my needs only tears came.

I now accept myself and love myself more. I have opened to my feminine side, am more connected to Mother Earth, and I love my connection I have developed with my tree.

One of the greatest benefits is that my family life has improved a lot, and I have a better connection with people.” Ewa

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