Here's your recording of the Samhain Special Ceremony

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During the evening we gathered in circle to explore the energies of this very special full blue moon and Samhain event. Enjoy the replay above.

There's a transcript of the chat discussion lower down this page that you can read through to get a full flavour of the discussion

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Your hosts:

Nicola & Jason Smalley
The Way of The Buzzard

In challenging times such as these it's important to reach out to our guides and seek the wisdoms we need to remain resilient and fearless.

We are committed to help our Way of The Buzzard clan navigate a path through the maze of confusion and uncertainty by encouraging the use of the Shamanic toolkit that's so easily available to us,

Here's the transcript from the Samhain ceremony

To make it easier to read I've split it into sections, each of which can be revealed by clicking on the toggle on the left of the title of each section.


18:56:25 From ana To All Panelists : hello
18:57:26 From Enza : Hello from Enza, Wythenshawe : )
18:57:27 From Gill : hi from mirfield xx
18:57:27 From pauline To All Panelists : hi there Pauline here from West Kilbride x
18:57:28 From Ellie Blair : Hello everybody, so excited to be sharing this amazing night with you all. In Derbyshire.
18:57:28 From michelle mitchell To All Panelists : hi from scotland
18:57:29 From Grace To All Panelists : Hello from London
18:57:29 From Andrea To All Panelists : Hi from St Annes on Sea
18:57:29 From Hils IMRIE-SMITH : Hi from Hils in Notts
18:57:30 From Paula To All Panelists : HI from Paula South Cumbria
18:57:30 From Annie : Hi from Annie in Norfolk
18:57:30 From Trish Campbell To All Panelists : hello from Isle of Wight
18:57:31 From Maggie Macro To All Panelists : Hello from Lymington
18:57:31 From Anna : Hi from Wales xx
18:57:31 From Fiona To All Panelists : hi from Scottish borders
18:57:31 From Boo Zandu To All Panelists : hi from Stoke-on-Trent UK
18:57:33 From John : Hi from Glasgow...
18:57:34 From Belinda : Evening all, Belinda joining you from County Durham xx
18:57:35 From Freda : Hi Freda from Southampton
18:57:35 From Gill To All Panelists : I’m so pleased to be here. Love from Scotland xx
18:57:36 From Jo To All Panelists : Hi All. Hi from Mid Wales Jane ??
18:57:36 From Denise : nottinghamsire
18:57:36 From Christine : Hi, Chris from Telford
18:57:36 From Sadie To All Panelists : hello and happy Samhain everyone! Sadie from newport
18:57:37 From Elaine : Hi from South Yorkshire ☺️

18:57:37 From Tracy : hi from bromsgrove
18:57:40 From Annemarie : Hello from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire ?❤
18:57:40 From Carol Ward : Hello from Barnsley, Samhain blessings xx
18:57:43 From Angelbee Angus : HI from Angelbee from Chorley
18:57:43 From paul : Paul & Lisa: Manchester UK
18:57:44 From Michelle To All Panelists : Michelle from Dumfries and Galloway x
18:57:44 From Saira gregory To All Panelists : hi! lovely to be here ! Samhain blessings! from London
18:57:44 From Susan : Good evening Samhain blessings to you all .Susan buckshaw village xx
18:57:45 From Claire : Hi dear Nicola and Jason. How comforting to see you. xxx
18:57:45 From Pauline To All Panelists : blessings from Chorley
18:57:47 From Marion Day To All Panelists : Blessings from Nottinghamshire
18:57:48 From Caitlin To All Panelists : Hello from Stoke-on-Trent
18:57:48 From Alyson Powell : Lovely to be here with everyone. x
18:57:48 From Cindy James : Happy Samhain
18:57:48 From Drew : Hello from Warwickshire

18:57:50 From Julian To All Panelists : Hi all, Julian from Cornwall, blessings to you all
18:57:52 From Susannah macmillan To All Panelists : hello from Argyll
18:57:52 From Jenny Perridge To All Panelists : Hi all
18:57:52 From Jayne Annis : Samhain blessings fro
18:57:54 From Trevor To All Panelists : hi from Trev
18:57:55 From HUGH DEMPSEY To All Panelists : Blessed be one and all from Hugh West Brom uk
18:57:55 From Rosemarie To All Panelists : Hello from Rosemarie near Tenby West Wales
18:57:55 From Alison : Hi from Stroud and a first timer...
18:57:56 From Tracey Drew : hi everyone! x
18:57:56 From Ellen To All Panelists : Hello from Scottish Borders. Looking forward to this time. Samhain blessings. xx
18:57:58 From Mark Desborough To All Panelists : hello,Mark from Hertfordshire
18:57:59 From Penny : Samhain Blessings from Bradford, looking forward to this evening, escape from uncertainty and fear
18:58:00 From Jo To All Panelists : hi From Forest of Dean x
18:58:01 From Joanne To All Panelists : Hi from London
18:58:02 From Sally To All Panelists : I live in Beverley near Hull but in Leighton Buzzard right now
18:58:05 From Irina To All Panelists : so happy to see everyone here ??
18:58:05 From Ann : Hello from Ann Kay- Bolton-le-sands, looking forward to this. Blessings to all
18:58:05 From Andrew To All Panelists : hi from Norfolk UK
18:58:06 From Niccola : Hi Nicola and Jason SAMHAIN BLESSINGS to you both xx
18:58:06 From To All Panelists : Hello Annee from North Devon
18:58:06 From Ali Parris To All Panelists : hi from ali and shaun
18:58:07 From Chloeesmith : Bright Samhain Blessings on this auspicious and magical night, let the power of the full blue moon shine bright X Chloe from West Yorkshire
18:58:08 From Rachel : Hello, Rachel and Evie from Bolton x
18:58:08 From Caroline : wonderful to be with you at sahmain x with love from Oldham
18:58:12 From Sue Stone : Bright Samhain blessings to everyone
18:58:16 From Carolyn : blessings from Carolyn and Steve in Stoke-on-Trent
18:58:19 From Ghislaine To All Panelists : Bright blessings for Samhain
18:58:23 From Jules To All Panelists : Hi from Highworth, Wiltshire x
18:58:25 From Roz : hi roz from redcar samhain blessings
18:58:26 From Jayne Annis : Samhain blessings from Cadishead
18:58:28 From Kathy McVittie : Kathy from Brora, Sutherland, where I've spent the afternoon on the wild wavy beach
18:58:32 From Sonya : Hello from Wrenbury xxx
18:58:34 From Dawn : love the set up you have there
18:58:39 From Sue : Sue from Shaw
18:58:40 From Jeannie To All Panelists : Hello from Grays Essex xx
18:58:42 From Tess : Greetings and blessings from North Norfolk, England <3
18:58:44 From Claire : bless you xxx tears in my eyes
18:58:48 From Yvonne : Samhain blessings to all from Yvonne and Amy in Cheshire
18:58:49 From Anne To All Panelists : hello
18:58:50 From Fae : Bright Blessing everyone, Fae from Wesham. The Moon is amazing tonight, so pleased we can see it amongst the clouds xx
18:58:51 From mariie : Hello from Stockport xx
18:58:53 From Caren White To All Panelists : Caren, South Wales
18:59:01 From Fiona To All Panelists : Samhain Salutations from Weird Worcester?
18:59:01 From Di : Hi from Di in Mid Wales x
18:59:04 From Helen : Hi all from Helen in West Sussex
18:59:05 From Catherine : hi Catherine here from Holmfirth and my son Henry is with me today x
18:59:06 From Anne Craddock To All Panelists : Hi everyone Anne from Ironbridge, Shropshire x
18:59:12 From Kathleen Bull To All Panelists : Blessings from Nottingham x
18:59:14 From Donna To All Panelists : Donna from Worcester, so looking forward this evening with you - thank you x
18:59:14 From Georgina To All Panelists : Hello from East Sussex
18:59:16 From Jean To All Panelists : Hi both Jean from Manchester here. Looking forward to the ceremony. xx
18:59:16 From Rachel : good evening from Blackpool x
18:59:18 From Lissa To All Panelists : Samhain blessings from Lissa in Kendal
18:59:24 From Ghislaine To All Panelists : Just managed to get a glimpse of Blue moon tonight through the clouds over the Beach
18:59:24 From Sharon : Samhain Blessings from Bedford
18:59:27 From Ayesha : Hi and Samhain Blessings from Ayesha in Kent
18:59:27 From Gill : hi from Gill in Newcastle upon Tyne
18:59:33 From Rachel : Beautiful tonight
18:59:37 From Natasha To All Panelists : hello all. great to be here. lots of love and blessings ❤️?
18:59:40 From Meg To All Panelists : Blessing from Manchester!
18:59:41 From Caitlin To All Panelists : My cat has decided to join us this evening too
18:59:43 From Maxine To All Panelists : hi greetings from Stratford upon Avon Warwickshire )0(
18:59:56 From Karen : been a lovely atmospheric day
18:59:57 From Lois : Thank you for setting this up for us all. Sooo excited to be joining you and sharing this powerful energy!
18:59:57 From Kirsty To All Panelists : Hello from Morecambe
19:00:01 From davina : hello love to all from davina in Dolgellau ?
19:00:01 From Louise : Hi from Lou in London
19:00:02 From Dena To All Panelists : good evening from Rochester Kent. Cannot see the moon, too cloudy
19:00:08 From Amanda : Samhain Blessings from Devon
19:00:10 From Simone Dill To All Panelists : Hi from Guildford Surrey for my first Samhain
19:00:11 From Leonard To All Panelists : Cloudy here
19:00:13 From Julia : I was blessed with a few moments to drink in the moon from the field with my horses , in Lincolnshire
19:00:15 From Annie : Glorious Samhain to you all from Annie in Dawlish in Devon. There must be folk abroad as the dogs have hidden under the bed already and the cat is out and next to me#
19:00:15 From Annie : !
19:00:16 From Maricia : been hawthorn berry foraging for ketchup and to the wild waves on the beach today x
19:00:18 From Amanda : Hello and blessings from Mandy in Kendal, Cumbria
19:00:20 From Kathy McVittie : you are both welcome to Brora Jason & Nicola
19:00:20 From Jacque Garside To All Panelists : Hi Nicola and Jason Samhain blessings from Glossop with Blue Moon over the High Paek
19:00:21 From nicola : just watched the moon go up behind my house. cats are here too with me
19:00:22 From Anna Rayner : I'll go and have a look when Fergus the cat gets off my knee!
19:00:25 From Peter : Yes misty moon tonight here in North London
19:00:28 From Rachel To All Panelists : blessed Samhain from Manchester! ??
19:00:30 From Linda To All Panelists : Hi from South ayrshire Scotland. High winds today
19:00:38 From karen To All Panelists : Hi from Karen in Milton Keynes
19:00:39 From Sinead To All Panelists : Hi, Sinead here.
19:00:45 From Jacqueline : Evening from Leeds, can see the moon through huge mature treesfrom my window - beautiful
19:00:45 From lynne To All Panelists : Lynne from Poole
19:00:45 From Ursidia : Blessings from Ramsgate, Kent!
19:00:46 From Helen To All Panelists : Blessings from Kendal not in PJs tonight - in best Witchy outfit ???‍♀️
19:00:46 From Susan Wild : Good evening
19:00:46 From Maggie Hands : hi from bedford, from Maggie & Sue! lovely moon view outside
19:00:47 From Trigga To All Panelists : hi from Trigga Devon x
19:00:49 From Pam Breeze To All Panelists : clear as a bell the moon tonight tin Warwickshire
19:00:50 From Janet : Hello to all from Newcastle
19:00:51 From michelle mitchell To All Panelists : my cat quigley is with us too lol
19:00:51 From Caron To All Panelists : hello from NW
19:00:52 From Carol Cupitt Parks : It’s still afternoon here in New York. So nice to hear about your moon viewing!
19:00:57 From Ayesha : Good evening from Garstang!
19:00:57 From Emma : Hi. I’m Emma from Norfolk. Happy Samhain!
19:01:01 From Jim Hamilton To All Panelists : Hi from Fife
19:01:02 From Jay To All Panelists : So Happy to Spend this Evening with You Alll
19:01:02 From kathryn : Hi it's Kathryn from Saddleworth, managed to find some yew today
19:01:11 From Liz To All Panelists : Hi everyone, bright and beautiful moon in the midlands.
19:01:13 From Avril Banks To All Panelists : Samhain blessings to all from Avril in Congleton
19:01:15 From Bridget and John Sullivan-Blakeney : Hi both, Bridget & John from Birmingham here
19:01:19 From Jessie Curnow To All Panelists : Evening all from Duloe in Cornwall. Beautiful moon.
19:01:20 From Julie : hi from Monmouth
19:01:22 From Annette To All Panelists : Hi all from Wrexham..Samhain blessings
19:01:24 From Angie : Hello and Samhain blessings from Lincoln xxx
19:01:28 From Maureen Sammut : hi all from Maureen in Partington
19:01:31 From Christa l To All Panelists : hi Christa first visit
19:01:33 From Mark To All Panelists : hi to all from sunny Edinburgh ?
19:01:34 From Sheila Collins : hello, sheila from weymouth
19:01:35 From Kim : Samhain and Blue Moon blessings to all. ?
19:01:37 From Jessie Curnow : Evening all from Duloe in Cornwall. Beautiful moon.
19:01:41 From Andrea : Some wonderful Samhainy cloud shapes flying past the moon tonight. I've seen a witch on broomstick and a bat.
19:01:45 From VicGarratt : hello from Vicki
19:01:47 From nicola : i picked hp some acorns and chestnuts this week
19:01:48 From Jennifer To All Panelists : Greetings from the Yorkshire Coast.
19:01:54 From lyn : hello from Blackpool . Samhain Greetings All ❤ X
19:01:55 From Nicola To All Panelists : Samhain and Full Moon Blessings to all from the Essex Coast. The moon looks stunning over the North Sea.
19:01:55 From Lesley To All Panelists : Hello from South Wales!
19:01:56 From Lorraine Morris To All Panelists : Hi from Brierley Hill.....
19:02:00 From Rod To All Panelists : Brite blessings from Avebury
19:02:02 From Wendy Cobbledick To All Panelists : Hi! Samhain Blessings from Somerset!
19:02:05 From jeannie thompson : hello from Nottingham xx what time do we finish please
19:02:06 From Nicola To All Panelists : hello from Scotland
19:02:11 From Fausta Dimascio : Fab - love it
19:02:21 From Jane To All Panelists : Hi from Jane in Bristol
19:02:29 From Sharon To All Panelists : Hi from Sharon. Samhain Blessings to all xx
19:02:35 From Helen : magnificent - yes be good to wear in the Supermarket ?
19:02:37 From Rebecca To All Panelists : Jeanie about 9 x
19:02:38 From Matt : hello from a wild and windy Galloway
19:02:40 From Jaqui : info said finisb at 9
19:02:43 From Caitlin : I went shopping today in full demon makeup and costume
19:02:50 From Nicki Jones : Hello from Nicki in North Gower, Swansea
19:02:55 From Chris : Hi from Chris & Rob North East ,Samhain greetings x
19:02:56 From Pam To All Panelists : hello from mid wales
19:02:57 From Sue To All Panelists : greetings from Sue in Essex
19:03:00 From Jayne Missoni : Good evening all, alter ready and all is well in windy Scunthorpe xxx
19:03:01 From Rachael To All Panelists : it looks beautiful as do you both, where’s Blue?
19:03:04 From georgie : Blessed SAmhain from Burnley xx
19:03:08 From Angie To All Panelists : Hello from Martley in deepest darkest Worcestershire!
19:03:08 From Dee : hey Nicola, Jason and all :) What an amazing altar! Samhain blessings.
19:03:11 From Alexia To All Panelists : Samhain blessings to everyone from South Wales ???
19:03:14 From Marsha To All Panelists : hello from Marsha - first time for me x
19:03:16 From Isobel Musgrave To All Panelists : hello x
19:03:17 From karen To All Panelists : Hello from Nottinghamshire <3
19:03:23 From Dena To All Panelists : 1st time for me. So looking forward to it.
19:03:27 From Sarah To All Panelists : hello from Wimbledon Happy to be here xxx
19:03:27 From Jo D : Hello from Jo in Glasgow. LOVELY to see you both. So excited :) xxx
19:03:30 From Catherine To All Panelists : hi there I'm from Hertfordshire
19:03:32 From Mel To All Panelists : hi all from Mel in Fife Scotland ♥️
19:03:33 From Tracy : hi from bromsgrove worcester happy samhain xx
19:03:38 From Melanie To All Panelists : Hi everyone! Melanie in the Forest of Dean on this mystical night ?
19:03:40 From Dharma : Blessed Samhain all - Dharma from the High Peak x
19:03:43 From Jo D : So lucky I've seen you in REAL LIFE ;) xxx
19:03:44 From Natalie : we can actually see the moon in NOrth London!
19:03:46 From andrea To All Panelists : Hi and Samhain and full moon blessings to all xx
19:03:47 From Martin : Greetings to all from Plymouth
19:03:52 From Heather To All Panelists : Hi from Heather in Manchester, Samhain blessings xx
19:03:52 From Iris To All Panelists : Hello from Iris Happy Samhain Blessing to all
19:04:05 From Debi Knight : Samhain blessings everyone from a wet & windy Wakefield ?
19:04:07 From karen To All Panelists : Beautiful Blue Moon out there tonight !!
19:04:14 From Rachael : Samhain blessings to all ??
19:04:21 From Jill To All Panelists : Hi from Buxton, we met at Arbor Low
19:04:21 From Denise : Hi from Denise in Durham
19:04:24 From Janet To All Panelists : hello all from South Wales. So glad to be with you all tonight ?
19:04:26 From Hyette To All Panelists : Hello! It's Hattie from the celebrant training we did together! So happy to join with you this evening!!! xx
19:04:28 From Michelle : hello from a temporary camp near reading! Happy Samhain ???????
19:04:35 From Jacque Garside To All Panelists : Lucky that Ive seen you many times Hopefully Space to Emerge next May XXXXXX
19:04:39 From Chrissy To All Panelists : Hi to you both, thank you for this, Happy Samhain from the wild and windy Whitley Bay X
19:04:42 From Cindy James : This is the first full moon on this date since 1974
19:04:59 From Kay To All Panelists : Happy Samhain to all ?‍⬛????
19:05:02 From Ilia wilcox To All Panelists : A Blessed Samhain to Everyone
19:05:06 From Laura To All Panelists : The blue moon is amazing tonight. love to you all this magical Samhain night
19:05:10 From Rachel To All Panelists : Good evening from the Lincolnshire Fens
19:05:16 From michael : Samhain blessings to you all from Cherry Tree❤️
19:05:17 From Katie : Hello from Manchester. So happy to be here with you all
19:05:22 From Helen To All Panelists : Hi from Helen in Farnborough
19:05:30 From Tina Cooper : Samhain greetings from Stockport
19:05:35 From Jay To All Panelists : Good Evening to Everyone
19:05:50 From Andrea : You make a great team!
19:06:01 From Jo : hi from Jo and Andy in Much Wenlock ?
19:06:02 From Flora : Good evening from Stockport
19:06:08 From Jane To All Panelists : Evening everyone from South Yorkshire
19:06:17 From Sharron To All Panelists : Samhein blessings from Greece - the moon is stunning here and Im blessed to have had a fire ceremony all ready and Im very pleased to be here with you all now
19:06:25 From Dave To All Panelists : Dave from Carmarthenshire Blessed Calan gaeaf
19:06:29 From Janette : Hi from Janette in west Wales
19:06:29 From Linda : Greetings everyone! From Linda in Garstang
19:06:35 From Irene To All Panelists : Good evening from Irene and Brian in Scotland
19:07:19 From Ayesha : Hi Linda! Nice to meet a fellow Garstonian :0)
19:07:24 From Lesley To All Panelists : Samhain blessings from Derbyshire
19:07:25 From Vicky To All Panelists : good evening people. ? from Vicky in congleton, Cheshire
19:07:41 From Fiona : mystic misty moon samhain salutations from fiona in worcester??
19:07:52 From Maggie Macro To All Panelists : Anyone else from the New Forest?
19:08:24 From Lorraine Morris : Yes I've signed up for the Mystery School...
19:08:25 From Janet To All Panelists : greetings from Belfast xxx
19:08:36 From Shona : Good evening from Liverpool xx
19:08:40 From Mark Hudson : Jupiter conjuncts Pluto to 12th Nov 19;38 GMT
19:09:06 From AlisonRedgrove : Thank you for that Mark
19:09:08 From Tina Neal To All Panelists : Hi from Bognor Regis uk xxx
19:09:12 From Melanie To All Panelists : ?
19:09:14 From Amanda To All Panelists : Good evening from South Wales xxx
19:09:14 From Karon Stubbs : Happy full moon ??? thank you for being here. Wishing you all Wellbeing and health.
19:09:52 From Anya : Good evening everyone ???
19:09:58 From Helen : Full moon looking gorgeous here in France - hello everyone
19:10:12 From Katie : happy full moon everyone
19:10:27 From Isobel : Hello everyone, from Isobel in Dorset
19:10:31 From Norelle To All Panelists : Hello from York ?
19:10:42 From Hannah : hello from Glasgow very liitle chance of seeing the moon here tonight
19:10:58 From Matt : hi from newcastle
19:11:07 From David To All Panelists : Great pleasure to be starting to get to know you all ……..
19:11:16 From Lisa To All Panelists : Hello from Nottingham
19:11:27 From Fiona Hislop Hunt To All Panelists : Hi from the most Southerly Point of Cornwall
19:11:28 From Chrissy : Hello to you all from the wild and windy Whitley Bay, Happy Samhain to you all under the light of this beautiful blue moon X
19:11:32 From Jacqueline Beattie To All Panelists : greetings from Leeds
19:11:39 From Charlotte Knaggs : Hi, sorry I’m late - Charlotte from Wakefield, here at last :)
19:11:39 From Hannah Green To All Panelists : Good evening from the West Midlands
19:11:42 From lyn : lovely full moon here tonight :-)
19:11:48 From Carolyn Mathews : would a single bowl work?
19:11:49 From Sila Trevor To All Panelists : no moon in London - but people have been howling at the moon tonight in Islington!!!
19:11:49 From Lois : Keep trying Hannah in Glasgow.. It's breaking through the clouds every so often!
19:12:19 From Hannah : yes I'll keep looking!
19:12:19 From Carolyn Mathews : sorry singing bowl, I don't have drum or rattles
19:12:26 From Michael : hi, Mike here from my boat in Southampton.
19:12:30 From Ian : Samhain Blessings from Essex!
19:12:36 From Hannah To All Panelists : Happy Samhain everyone! ? from Hannah and Richard ??? xxx hi dad
19:12:43 From Lins To All Panelists : Hello everyone from a rainy and windy spot in Scotland - my retreat where I hoped to see the moon and be able to have a fire outside -however the elements have decided not to cooperate! ?
19:12:45 From lyn : singing bowl for me too
19:12:48 From Hannah To All Panelists : and Nicola xx
19:13:06 From Maggie Macro To All Panelists : Hi Mike in Southampton. Maggie in New Forest.
19:13:08 From Rebecca To All Panelists : and me : )
19:13:11 From AlisonRedgrove : Singing bowl here too
19:13:16 From Rebecca To All Panelists : x
19:13:41 From Karen : Evening everyone and blessings of Samhain to everyone xx
19:13:50 From Marie To All Panelists : hi from Southampton, first time doing a ceremony like this, very excited!
19:13:50 From Nicola To All Panelists : Hi Ian good to see someone else from Essex here
19:14:06 From Dee : Hey Hannah (and Richard) <3
19:14:13 From Fausta Dimascio : Welcome Hannah x
19:14:25 From Simon : Hi, Simon and gillian from Great Mongeham Kent
19:14:25 From Ian : Hulllooo Hannah
19:14:29 From Nicola : Hi Ian good to see someone else from Essex here
19:14:30 From Hannah : Changed it ? xx
19:14:31 From Rebecca : singing bowl here too! x
19:14:37 From Jo : ??
19:14:40 From Maggie Macro : Hi Mike in Southampton. Maggie in New Forest
19:14:47 From Ian : Hi Nicola!
19:14:51 From Laura : Samhain love and energy to you all from West Dorset??
19:14:53 From lyn : nice to see you Hannah
19:15:01 From Rebecca : Love and blessing from Devon
19:15:02 From Helen : Hi, Helen in Farnborough :)
19:15:04 From Alexia To All Panelists : Singing bowl here, too ??
19:15:05 From Debbie To All Panelists : Blessings from Dorset
19:15:05 From Fausta Dimascio : Hi Ian
19:15:08 From Julia : wishing you all a happy Samhain
19:15:09 From Nina Milton To All Panelists : Hi from Jim and Nina in Wales
19:15:11 From Sila Trevor : no moon in London but people are howling at the moon here in Islington.
19:15:23 From Ian : Hi Fausta!
19:15:25 From Mark : Hello All love to all
19:15:26 From Gill : I’m so blessed to be here. Brightest blessings from Falkirk, Scotland xx
19:15:43 From Louise To All Panelists : Hi Helen from Farnborough - Louise from Woking not far away! :-)
19:16:02 From Louise : Hi Helen from Farnborough - Louise from Woking not far away! :-)
19:16:11 From Lins : Hello everyone from a rainy and windy spot in Scotland - my retreat where I hoped to see the moon and be able to have a fire outside -however the elements have decided not to cooperate! ?
19:22:23 From Helen : Hi Louise! Not far at all! :0)
19:24:14 From Iain Bell : Hello Everyone how much have I missed plzQ
19:24:45 From Iain Bell : Thorwn by Lockdown Anncoment!!
19:24:54 From Ghislaine To All Panelists : in North West Wales the wind is about 80kmph no fire outside this year
19:24:56 From Mark : iain just proud settle and jin in
19:25:00 From Arlene To All Panelists : @Iain Bell - not much. Intro's Now opening circle. Right on Time! :)
19:25:20 From Mark : ground and join in !
19:25:26 From Kim To All Panelists : technical issues back now
19:26:00 From Maureen Sammut : you haven’t missed too much Iain, just everyone saying hello and an explanation of the evening
19:27:51 From Chill To All Panelists : the Kraken and the Mermaid are here
19:28:12 From Ian : Hail and Welcome All!
19:28:22 From AlisonRedgrove : Hail and welcome everyone
19:28:23 From Catherine To All Panelists : welcome
19:28:25 From Ghislaine To All Panelists : hail and welcome all
19:28:33 From Karen Forshaw : Hail and welcome everyone
19:28:42 From Arlene To All Panelists : You are Honoured here <3.
19:28:48 From Carol Ward : Hail and Welcome all
19:28:52 From Emma Beasley : Samhain Blessings everyone
19:28:56 From Pam Butcher To All Panelists : hail and welcome all
19:29:01 From andrea : Hail and welcome all
19:29:08 From Michelle : so happy to join everyone tonight ??
19:29:23 From Lorna To All Panelists : blessings to all
19:29:24 From Lesley : Hail and welcome everyone

The discussion

19:29:37 From Ian : Mine keeps freezing!
19:29:37 From Emma : the blackberries go sour
19:31:40 From Catherine To All Panelists : to still be here
19:31:55 From Tina Neal To All Panelists : Proud of my sovereignty xxx
19:32:12 From Claire : I survived a worsening of Parkinson's, symptoms really bad for a month or more, only just getting help now. xxx
19:32:35 From Leonard To All Panelists : I am getting over a stroke
19:32:43 From AlisonRedgrove : Bless you Claire... Well done
19:32:44 From Fausta Dimascio : well done Claire xx
19:32:46 From Caitlin : Proud of making my passion my career
19:32:46 From Debi Knight : completed couch to 5k this morning. gone from unable to run for 1 minute 9 weeks ago to running 30 minutes non stop
19:32:57 From Maggie Macro : I moved back to UK after 42 years in California
19:32:58 From Iain Bell : To TRY TRY TRY TRY to not every on top off me Now grounding thank you Mark Now Charge Full Cermony Dress!!!
19:33:10 From Maricia : reiki healing level 2 140 hours completed, got my certificate today , next step to my path and helping others which i have always done x
19:33:11 From Laura : proud of being the best Soul Midwofe
19:33:15 From lorna To All Panelists : proud of learning how to braille to help my blind pupils
19:33:31 From Vicky To All Panelists : well done Claire. Hope the help that you’re getting now really helps. x
19:33:32 From Jo : I realised today how darkness can preserve e.g. colours, herbs, oils etc -just something that I thought was quite interesting x
19:33:37 From Jill To All Panelists : letting go the need to be liked by people who don’t matter now.
19:33:42 From Ghislaine To All Panelists : Proud that I have stopped hiding my Pagan beliefs, my grandmother and mother did but I no longer hide my beliefs
19:33:57 From Patula : I wish I could hibernate. This is the time of the year were I am soooo ready for it
19:33:58 From Laura : soul Midwife, for my dearest Mum, who died last month. so tonight is a really special night.??
19:34:00 From Fiona : i like that Jo
19:34:03 From Claire : You are such lovely people xxx
19:34:13 From Chill To All Panelists : I built a covid support network this year.
19:34:18 From Catherine To All Panelists : being proud of my poetry and encouraging others to produce a book by December we hope
19:34:40 From Arlene To All Panelists : Amazing @DebiKnight!!!!!!! Well done!
19:34:43 From Fiona : Laura ???
19:34:46 From Emma Beasley : Lost my Mum and she helped me
19:34:46 From Maggie Hands : Proud of committing myself to to my creative pursuits full time.
19:34:47 From Melanie To All Panelists : Bless you Laura
19:34:52 From Rebecca : Love to you Laura, and to your Mum on the other side xx
19:35:00 From Chill : I built a covid support network this year.
19:35:02 From Fae To All Panelists : bless you Claire and Laura ❤️
19:35:12 From Eva : I’m grateful and proud of all the growth and healing I went through
19:35:15 From Irene Pizzie : So much love and support. Love to all.
19:35:22 From Caroline : the past fortnight lots of passing spirits around whisking around wherever I go ?
19:35:24 From Jill Cameron : proud of having my collages published today :-)
19:35:26 From Jessie Curnow : Grateful I joined the mystery school. it has changed my life.
19:35:27 From Anna : I've finally learned to start loving myself xx
19:35:33 From Jo : I have been wearing my Nanajo's ring today xx
19:35:33 From Charlotte Knaggs : Took the plunge to start retraining as a therapist after 25 years in a corporate job.
19:35:39 From Kelly : went to the beach today with the dogs and gave thanks and gratitude for all I have, happy Samhain xxxx
19:35:49 From Claire : I felt my friend's passed husband today at her house xxx
19:35:53 From Maricia : metoo Kelly x
19:35:54 From Fausta Dimascio : love Jason's videos xx
19:35:59 From Tracy : my house has been very active last few weeks
19:36:01 From Lorna To All Panelists : I started doing my online meditation group this year love helping others escape into a beautiful beautiful place for a while x
19:36:01 From Melanie To All Panelists : Well done Charlotte!
19:36:17 From Patula : Breathwork ( conscious connected breathing) 400hrs training. So happy to lead people into the unfolding of the true self
19:36:22 From Irina To All Panelists : this year was a progress that I learn to heal the animals three reiki and energy in 5D, getting grounded, accepted myself even other dumped me and I learn to love the silence and appreciated every mon
19:36:38 From Tina : Maricia congratulations, welcome aboard. I'm a teacher now ?
19:36:47 From Iain Bell : Wearing My Raven's Cloak!!!
19:37:04 From Jo : Wow Iain awesome!!
19:37:10 From Patula : combining breathwork work and shaminc practice has being a real blessing
19:37:17 From Maggie Hands : I’m wearing my Halloween tights!
19:37:20 From Maricia : thank you Tina x
19:37:35 From Iain Bell : Only Comes Out At Samahiin How much truly missed!!!!
19:37:38 From lorna To All Panelists : cool!
19:37:39 From Annie : established a good meditation and yoga practice and ready to start a meditation teacher training course and celebrant course
19:37:40 From Helen To All Panelists : Got my witchy hat
19:37:54 From Steve : I remember meeting you both years ago at Arbor Low,for a full moon ceremony xx
19:38:00 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : I’ll post a picture in group later.
19:38:04 From Ian To All Panelists : EEeeek I lost you but im back!
19:38:12 From Karen : my intentions declared last year. to heal to learn and be truly thankful. I have moved forward on this path. healing myself and my attunement in Tera Mai Seichem 2 tomorrow to help others on their path of healing. truly thankful.
19:41:11 From Michael : may the guiding spirit be with you all.
19:43:57 From Charlotte Knaggs : Wow, that was amazing!
19:44:59 From Debbie : Jason you are so talented thank you so much x
19:44:59 From Tracey Green : Beautiful - loved the music! What was it please?
19:45:01 From Chrissy : wow that was amazing! thank you it brought tears to my eyes xxx
19:45:02 From Katy To All Panelists : stunning?❤️
19:45:04 From Nayra H To All Panelists : That was lovely and really powerful .Thanks to share.
19:45:06 From Anna : Had to dance with that! Beautiful xx
19:45:07 From Linda Vickers To All Panelists : Truly stunning, the powerful energy of the land, amazing thank you xxx
19:45:09 From lorna To All Panelists : beautiful nature x
19:45:10 From Iain Bell : QA:WOw WpW WOW WOW The Driving pulsing Drum beat track plz Jasson what the Traxk plz!!!
19:45:11 From Flora : beautiful Jason thank you
19:45:12 From Jenny Perridge To All Panelists : So powerful! awesome thank you
19:45:12 From Fiona : squirrel made me laugb too...well prepared for cold season?
19:45:14 From Catherine To All Panelists : wonderful so much energy I'm more of the crow I prefer this time of year darkness is like a cloak around us
19:45:15 From Karen Forshaw : amazing video Jason
19:45:16 From Kerry Sharpe : Interesting to see somebody else saw a fox in the water. I did too!
19:45:17 From Kathy : how beautiful, I need to visit, so different from the South Downs
19:45:17 From Leonard To All Panelists : fantastic
19:45:18 From Kelly : really atmospheric and heart warming xxx
19:45:18 From Sue : beautiful ❤️
19:45:21 From Karen : Such beautiful ancient woodland. Good for the soul when some of us can't travel - thank you so much!
19:45:22 From Annie : yes what was the music please. you are so talented jason
19:45:22 From Nicola To All Panelists : amazing, loved it
19:45:23 From yvonne hunter To All Panelists : apologies for being late x
19:45:24 From Julia : Wow. Beautiful. We are moving to a stunning property with a rookery soon, now wondering about the implications of this ancient circle of trees
19:45:25 From Saira gregory To All Panelists : thankyou ! joined in singing and craaaaaking at the end! xx
19:45:26 From Lisa : Thank you so much.
19:45:26 From Caroline : the underwater looks just like a tumultuous sky in rapid motion. universe repeating patterns are powerful
19:45:27 From Sheila Collins : magical, plump little fellow
19:45:27 From julia monteiro : your film making is wonderful don't doubt it Jason!
19:45:33 From Mark : fabulous video chap
19:45:33 From Ann : the water so memorizing, strong and vibrant with energy AnnK
19:45:35 From Jay : Incredible
19:45:36 From Hils IMRIE-SMITH : Thank you Jason, you are truly gifted
19:45:38 From lyn : great film, love the music! she said from inside her wolf suit (silver grey fluffy dressing gown ?
19:45:39 From Jennifer To All Panelists : location too please
19:45:39 From mariie To All Panelists : so beautiful Thankyou x
19:45:41 From VicGarratt To All Panelists : so beautiful Jason! amazing
19:45:44 From Jill : Gorgeous autumn colours! Beautiful film.
19:45:48 From Mary-Jane : loved the shot of the leaves falling - like confetti
19:45:48 From Chris : As the song says what a wonderful world x
19:45:52 From Elizabeth Hale To All Panelists : QUESTION. Wondering how many in our tribe tonight.
19:45:52 From Chriss : Awesome
19:45:52 From Jacque Garside To All Panelists : Wow what a talent just the right music so gifted
19:45:57 From Jenny Perridge To All Panelists : I felt very primal watching that and very connected to the earth thank you so much
19:45:58 From Tamara To All Panelists : wow didn’t realise you filmed that! mind must have been distracted when you said...stunning, and right on my doorstep too as a fellow Lancashire dwellers
19:45:59 From Jayne : Beautiful
19:46:00 From Catherine To All Panelists : that would be so nice
19:46:02 From Hilary : Amazing I loved everything took me there with you thank you x
19:46:02 From Pauline To All Panelists : really enjoyed your video especially the autumn colours
19:46:02 From Maggie Hands : Thank you
19:46:03 From Anny To All Panelists : The Moon is shining in on me and my little altar through the window x
19:46:04 From Michelle To All Panelists : fab.. the music took me IN to the images
19:46:10 From Ian : Oooh eck!
19:46:11 From Jayne Missoni : I love the videos you do - thank you
19:46:16 From Hazel NEAL To All Panelists : So beautiful
19:46:17 From Lorna To All Panelists : brought tears to my eyes ?
19:46:19 From Kathy McVittie : translucent
19:46:23 From Iain Bell : That was stunning stunning stunning Loved the trck need a strong drum beat!!!
19:46:24 From Jeanette : so beautiful. Thank you
19:46:34 From Jill To All Panelists : Jill Neves Thankyou
19:46:38 From Hetty To All Panelists : beautiful views and shot to show that. Good eye, Jason
19:46:42 From Kyla : And I'm back, whole laptop froze for a good 10 minutes haha, It's Samhain alright.
19:46:42 From Caron : wow!!
19:46:43 From Jacqueline : wow
19:46:44 From Dee : wow!
19:46:44 From Ian : Owl has been very strong over the past few weeks
19:46:45 From Leonard To All Panelists : wow
19:46:47 From Chriss : OMG!!!!
19:46:48 From Caroline : wow ?
19:46:50 From Sue : wow
19:46:51 From Vicky To All Panelists : wow!
19:46:51 From Jo D : 501!!!! Amazing!!!!
19:46:53 From Shona : Wow! x
19:46:53 From Jayne Missoni : Wow……. excellent
19:46:54 From Karen : We'd need a bigger hall!!!!! lol :)
19:46:54 From Enza : wow!
19:46:55 From Jane : Amazing energies thank you
19:46:55 From Julia : wow...fantastic
19:46:55 From Jacque Garside To All Panelists : Amazing how talented you are loved the music just right.
19:46:55 From Michelle To All Panelists : 501!!!!!!! wow
19:46:56 From Emma : wow x
19:46:56 From Maureen Sammut : wow! amazing
19:46:57 From Tina Cooper : wow
19:46:57 From Fausta Dimascio : Blimey - big tribe tonight
19:46:57 From Anne Craddock To All Panelists : amazing x
19:46:57 From Dawn : wow congratulations
19:46:57 From Jill Cameron : WOW
19:46:59 From Steve : wow, that's amazing
19:46:59 From Kelly : its because your both special xx
19:47:00 From Natasha To All Panelists : amazing, it’s because you guys are awesome xx
19:47:00 From Annette To All Panelists : wow!!!
19:47:01 From Jacque Garside To All Panelists : Jacque Garside
19:47:01 From VicGarratt To All Panelists : wow! that’s a lot of folk!
19:47:04 From Hyette To All Panelists : amazing! What a blessing!
19:47:05 From Elizabeth Hale To All Panelists : GREAT. Big magic with 500
19:47:05 From Heather : That's amazing, well done
19:47:06 From Caron : love these evenings :)
19:47:06 From Michelle To All Panelists : i shared with dear ones
19:47:07 From AlisonRedgrove : wow that is truly fantastic...Well done.
19:47:08 From Amanda To All Panelists : awesome xxx
19:47:08 From Jo To All Panelists : wow fantastic
19:47:08 From Karen Forshaw : wow tremendous energy...I can feel it
19:47:09 From Jayne Missoni : Powerful
19:47:12 From Fae : wow, fantastic xx
19:47:13 From Michelle To All Panelists : there is!
19:47:14 From Jo : wowzer
19:47:14 From Catherine To All Panelists : very worth it
19:47:16 From Enza : hello 501 and one folks ; )
19:47:17 From Chriss : And that’s not counting all the pets that are listening in.
19:47:20 From Mary-Jane : ? amazing
19:47:20 From Sandy To All Panelists : Fantastic!
19:47:21 From Tracey Green : Thank you both
19:47:21 From Jo D : You two are amazing! I love you Both xxx
19:47:24 From Anna : Great to see so many gathering for the greater good of all xx
19:47:27 From Avril Banks : wow brilliant ? what a tribe
19:47:29 From Helen To All Panelists : woooo hoooo ?
19:47:29 From Dave Costello To All Panelists : Don't want to be antisocial but I am finding the constant chat distracting. Can I switch it off from time to time?
19:47:30 From Ayesha : Its such a special night so had to honour it
19:47:31 From Jeanette : amazing tribe x
19:47:33 From Janet To All Panelists : that's wonderful
19:47:33 From Karen : Wait until they hear about your incredible virtual retreats, lol!!!
19:47:34 From Jayne Missoni : You are great to hang out with x
19:47:38 From Carolyn Mathews : so grateful for sharing this with us xx
19:47:40 From Maricia : and all with good intentions ! x
19:47:42 From Jill : You deserve it for all the energy you put into this work.
19:47:43 From Ellie Blair : I feel the love
19:47:51 From Tina Neal To All Panelists : Fantastic, yes someof us are appreciating mother xxx
19:47:58 From Ghislaine To All Panelists : Have felt a change coming for 2 years now. why I moved out of central England
19:48:11 From Jacque Garside To All Panelists : Yes there is definitely a shift amazing work you are so talented all the hard work that you have put into it Submit to Countryfile
19:48:23 From Charlotte Knaggs : You have given so much to this wider community, thank you so much x
19:49:15 From Patula : repeat the animals please
19:49:17 From Charlotte Knaggs : Oooh wot divination pack. yes please!
19:49:27 From Linda Vickers To All Panelists : Number 3
19:50:03 From Dawn : I am scared of toads and I got toad
19:50:12 From Kyla : Certainly lines up, I carved a raven on my pumpkin haha.
19:50:13 From Chriss : The bat will go well with the platypus spirit that’s been following me around for weeks.
19:50:17 From Jessie Curnow : me too!
19:50:20 From Tina Neal To All Panelists : Got toad too
19:50:21 From Amanda To All Panelists : I've got an owl
19:50:28 From Caitlin : I couldn't break between 1 & 3
19:50:31 From Chloeesmith : I am scared of fish frogs and toads
19:50:35 From Chill : ['m with Owl
19:50:36 From Iain Bell : Wow WOW WOW I AM OWL HOPPING FOR OWL!!
19:50:44 From Annie : Amazing - self mastery is so what I need!
19:51:02 From Vicky To All Panelists : strange I got a toad, and my dogs discovered one on the pavement the other evening while we were out for our walk. it was pitch black.
19:51:12 From Kathy McVittie : dawn, I have toad too and I will hold your hand xxx
19:51:28 From Mary-Jane : I got owl - at the last minute I felt the need to add owl to my altar this evening before we started ?
19:51:33 From Caron : Owl for me too :)
19:51:35 From Dawn : thanks Kathy
19:51:37 From michelle mitchell : i got toad too
19:51:44 From Sinead To All Panelists : i got raven
19:51:49 From Sue : toad
19:51:54 From Irene Pizzie : Ravens tumble in the air
19:51:56 From Kathy : I got toad too
19:51:57 From Gill : I got toad too :)
19:51:58 From Louise : Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!
19:52:00 From Jane : Owl for me too
19:52:01 From Tamara To All Panelists : I chose owl, a barn owl flew low over my car this evening, the 5 the barn owl to do that in the last month or two.
19:52:01 From Ursidia : I was worried I might get toad as I have such terror of them.. and frogs! Brrrrr… I have bat. Happy.
19:52:02 From Lorna To All Panelists : i chose owl ? too x
19:52:02 From Eva : bat
19:52:03 From Sinead : I got raven
19:52:04 From Enza : I got owl - wisdom, : ) I love owls
19:52:11 From Helen : Toad!
19:52:12 From Luisa : Toad
19:52:12 From yvonne hunter To All Panelists : owl for me too
19:52:14 From Ian : Bat
19:52:16 From Karen Forshaw : Raven chose me
19:52:26 From Alyson Powell : I got toad too.
19:52:29 From Isobel Musgrave : Bat, I feel it is what I need
19:52:29 From Mark : Bat for me thought id be a raven! lol
19:52:33 From Dawn : Bat
19:52:33 From Pepa To All Panelists : bat
19:52:33 From Hannah : I'm very happy to get the bat
19:52:42 From Steve : bat here, time to learn about them and myself
19:52:44 From Andrew To All Panelists : toad
19:52:46 From Jacque Garside To All Panelists : I got Bat and Im frightened of them
19:52:47 From Irina To All Panelists : I was between 2 and 3 I choose 3( bat)
19:52:48 From Irene Pizzie : Raven chose me, so happy to be associated with the story carrier
19:52:49 From Jacque Garside To All Panelists : Jacque
19:52:52 From Helen : I got toad
19:52:53 From Linda To All Panelists : I got bat. I find ravens protecting graves
19:52:54 From Caitlin : My spirit didn't allow me to choose between 1 and 3 what would that mean?
19:52:56 From Tracy : owl picked me so happy
19:52:57 From Caroline : the raven sounds like me as a person from you description of them and the way they live!
19:52:58 From Mark : sure is steve year with a bat
19:53:01 From Carolyn Mathews : raven called to me...yesterday I saw about 30 crows gather on the trees outside my garden
19:53:02 From Anna : Bat. Perfect - they have been around me so much lately so this resonates deeply xx
19:53:11 From Jill Cameron : raven chose me - I am writing a story....definitely quarealsome and devoted..xx
19:53:20 From Dee : I'm quite surprised to have got a frog, but it makes sense thinking about it!
19:53:22 From Catherine To All Panelists : I'm the toad
19:53:37 From Ann : Raven got me--Ann K,
19:53:49 From Jo : There is a lovely raven on you tube called Fable the Raven who mimics really well like a parrot
19:53:58 From Debi Knight : I think I am a human Raven. I’m the one folk come to for problem solving ?
19:53:59 From Charlotte Knaggs : Toad. We have at least one in the garden (and frogs). This will be interesting :)
19:54:01 From Karen : was completely mesmerized by the ravens in the tower when I was a child. fascinated ever since. Amazing creatures
19:54:04 From Ian : called Bat Man at tescos as I have surveyed Bats! Was wearing bat head band and Bat face Mask at Tescos this week,,,,
19:54:38 From Ann : I got toad, I am planning to retire and am assured that this will be a time of regeneration.
19:54:42 From Maggie Hands : I got Owl. looking forward to finding what I can learn from Owl.
19:55:05 From Fae : I got bat x
19:55:08 From Avril Banks : Mandy prior has a wonderful album called ravenchild its so evocative of their life
19:55:17 From Cindy James : Maybe Bat was attracted to the bat I permanently have hanging on my mirror
19:55:32 From moto e(6) plus To All Panelists : I have raven
19:55:39 From Claire : I got bat too xxx
19:55:39 From Alexia To All Panelists : I got bat - and I love bats! Expected owl, but bat chose me ???
19:55:55 From Jayne Missoni : Me also x
19:56:08 From Catherine To All Panelists : beautifully interesting about this marvellous creature the raven
19:56:10 From Arlene To All Panelists : 3 & 4. Bat & Owl.Happiness! :)
19:56:20 From Julia : Bat for me too. xx
19:56:49 From Sheila Collins : I wanted owl but got toad. lesson here
19:57:16 From moto e(6) plus To All Panelists : I'm sorry got to go son needs me
19:57:35 From Ian : Bats are great navigators even during the Darkest of nights.....
19:57:56 From Anna : Love that Ian x
19:58:23 From Dawn : I had a bat fly into my room 4 weeks ago - I loved the visit
19:58:28 From Natasha To All Panelists : frogs are incredible ?
19:59:00 From Anna : Amazing! I've had a robin in mine twice! x
19:59:13 From Annie : i got Bat too - not what i would have chosen but very happy and it is totally apt
19:59:22 From Dawn : Aww that's lovely Anna
19:59:41 From Anna : It felt very special xx
19:59:59 From Annie : I've had a robin, a dunnock and a juvenile seagull in this summer
20:00:28 From Dawn : I've heard it mentioned that seeing a robin is a sign of a visit from someone who has passed
20:00:59 From Anna : For sure, that was the sense I got from it xx
20:01:07 From Annie : Ah - hopefully my old collie who passed over last Jan
20:01:29 From Dawn : aww hugs to you I know how that feels
20:01:47 From Annie : X
20:02:34 From michelle mitchell : dawn that is right regards to robins, my fave bird
20:02:53 From Fiona : ?Bat?
20:03:08 From krsty kaye To All Panelists : soo is the bat no.3?
20:03:19 From michelle mitchell : they are known as spirit messengers, ask for one whenever you need a sign
20:03:29 From Carol Cupitt Parks : Thank you, Toad, for choosing me. Perfect energy for me at this time.
20:03:47 From Tracy : love bats we have a resident one ere at home
20:03:50 From Karen : Claire, happy to send some reiki if you would like some. message me on the Facebook ?
20:03:51 From Ian : At least 17 in the UK...which is why it takes so lomg to become a Surveyor of Bats
20:03:51 From krsty kaye : bat no.3?
20:03:56 From Arlene To All Panelists : I am proud of doing a lot of personal transformation work from 01 March this year to now, and making a decision to step into my personal truth and calling!I lost 4 loved ones in 5 months. Two of them came to me as they were passing. One attached.
20:04:01 From Fiona : yes
20:04:12 From Nayra H To All Panelists : Toad choose to me. I'm always looking forward for nature is like being at home.
20:04:13 From Fiona To All Panelists : my hedgehog visitors keep tripping the external light, so joining us as they feed.
20:04:20 From Norelle To All Panelists : the toad was very true for me ?
20:04:39 From krsty kaye : thankyou x
20:05:04 From Claire : hi Karen,would appreciate Reiki, thanks. how can I connect with you on Facebook? xxx
20:06:10 From Chriss : well that’s definitely true for me. I’m totally in the wrong environment at the moment.
20:06:28 From Claire : me too xxx
20:07:15 From Claire : I've learned to scream! xxx
20:07:43 From Chriss : No one around me cares to listen. Nothing I say has any impact. It’s frustrating.
20:07:53 From Ellie Blair : Bat for me and completely spot on.
20:08:18 From Iain Bell : Oh Claire I scream a lot and helps no pays attebtion but helps me
20:08:21 From Alison : wow
20:08:50 From Arlene To All Panelists : Bat confirms I am awkard in my surroundings and it's not for me. Just said that to my boss this week! YESSSSSSSSSSs to mastering my Own Destiny!I have the resources within me to do that! EXACTLY what I have been doing - tuning IN! o self, intuition, Spirit!Been speaking UP *ALOT* this last week LOL! Definitely my Life's work! <3ON point!Thank you for reminding me Great Triumph in darkness - just thought that today, as I am still and quiet, despite it being Summer in the southern hemisphere.AMEN: Growth before Marriage!! <3That is EXACTLY what I have chosen: to Focus on my Strengths!! And out of my comfort zone!YAAAAYYYYY!Thank you Bat! <3
20:09:11 From Ian : Very true of me Bat is......I often sing as im working at Tescos……!!!
20:09:24 From Ellie Blair : Much love to everyone. Need to leave but will look out for recording. Thank you Nicola and Jason.
20:09:33 From Sally-Shakti Willow To All Panelists : Owl. yes! Samhain Blessings all ???
20:09:36 From Claire : ditto, Iain.people are so scared and broken. they don't react to an agonized person xxx
20:09:39 From Kay : wow! thanks for that . bat chose me and I’m not a fan. this did describe exactly what I need )0(
20:11:15 From Chriss : oh jee
20:11:46 From Dee : blimey, could they keep doing their photography with the other eye? eek. (off topic!)
20:12:49 From Rachael To All Panelists : I’m so interested that I was strongly called to get the owl fan you are making and owl chose me tonight
20:13:28 From Jane : That’s perfect, I’m looking to take a two year course on the old ways
20:13:52 From Jessie Curnow To All Panelists : Jane. what course is that?
20:14:06 From Carolyn : the owl has told me to keep learning and have new ideas .it seem the owl knows me well.
20:14:16 From Sue Stone : Anne and I got toad
20:14:21 From Luisa : We get whar
20:14:24 From Alexia To All Panelists : I'd be interested in that course too, Jane
20:14:25 From pauline To All Panelists : so glad I've connected with you both and everyone in the circle!
20:14:34 From Alison : I did have a bat fly around my head last week...
20:14:35 From Pauline To All Panelists : some good advice there.
20:14:39 From Ghislaine To All Panelists : got Raven which is my 'house' at Hogwarts (yes I am joking)
20:14:50 From Luisa : We get what we need not want ?
20:14:52 From Rachael : I’m on 3 courses thanks to COVID19 pushing one back to now. I’m reassured that owl chose me. ?
20:14:58 From Karen : message me on the way of the buzzard facebook and we can then organise to connect maybe through messenger or what's app?
20:15:02 From Alexia To All Panelists : Could you let me know more please, Jane
20:15:06 From Ian : Wonderful Alison! Their exquisite aren't they?
20:15:14 From Jeanette : Absolutly spot on... Owl is exactly what I need. Thank you
20:15:37 From Patsy : I was open to which animal as I knew that I would get the one that I needed. I did, it is Bat :)
20:15:50 From Catherine To All Panelists : I got toad surprised but I do need to regenerate to rest then hibernate as exhausted by others on my journey
20:15:58 From Iain Bell : sorry NOT TO BE UP TILL dAWN BUT GET UP BEFROE dwn
20:16:08 From Claire : what's your surname please Karen? xxx
20:16:11 From Maricia : toad for me
20:16:17 From Enza : wow spot on, just as I was thinking to move into that direction with the senses. I'm very visual and only visual, time to explore other senses for real... Focusing on one thing also feels very relevant in my case!
20:16:38 From Kyla : Raven fitted well for me as I have been recently getting back into writing again.
20:16:47 From Karen : Karen Davies
20:18:00 From Fausta Dimascio : Recently all about transformation and regeneration for me - makes sense
20:19:12 From Fausta Dimascio : Newt and Toad
20:19:52 From Ian : Very sorry, still a bit unsure about the purpose here
20:20:20 From Jessie Curnow : I have a beautiful new journal that I’m starting tonight. New beginnings
20:20:46 From Chill : the purpose is to learn
20:20:49 From Ian : Got it Thanks Jason!
20:20:57 From Ghislaine To All Panelists : Been thinking of going back to some sort of teaching again so perhaps that's why I'm raven sharing my story again
20:21:52 From Ayesha : Raven is my animal, spot on message :-) Bat resonated strongly too. Looking forward to see who turns up in the journey/
20:22:02 From Cindy James : Good Luck Ian
20:22:28 From Ian : Thanks
20:22:43 From Arlene To All Panelists : Intention of the Journey:. To meet animal spirit that came up for you / chose you earlier (1. Raven/ 2. Toad/ 3. Bat/ 4. Owl).. What message does it have for you iro the coming / upcoming months.:)
20:22:43 From Alison : could it also show up 8n our d4eams tonight?
20:22:47 From Angie To All Panelists : What happens if I get an additional animal to my chosen one> At the moment I'm getting two; one that was on the list and one that wasn't.
20:23:07 From Chloeesmith : yes it can come in dreams
20:23:38 From Fiona : dreams are always a place of journey, learning and messages
20:23:51 From Chloeesmith : I resonated with all the animal guides to different extents
20:23:51 From Dawn : do we sit up or lay down
20:24:23 From Dawn : ok thanks
20:24:24 From Angie To All Panelists : THank ou! <3
20:29:52 From Lorraine Morris : So sorry, am going to have to leave early, not expected, so frustrating, many Samhain and Full Blue Moon Blessings to everyone here, enjoy the rest of your journey xx
20:47:02 From Ellen : Much love and blessings to everyone. thank you for this special time. I have to leave. Blessing.
20:47:35 From Paula To All Panelists : I need to get a cat
20:48:24 From Annette To All Panelists : I was just about to call upon Raven and then had to leave, back now but will have to repeat this journey. Will watch the rest tomorrow also. love and Samhain blessings to all. Thank you Nicola and Jason ?
20:48:32 From Karen Forshaw : Thank you all for a lovely evening I need to leave now though. Bright Blessings x
20:48:33 From Ian : Bat was hanging upside down......Maybe I need to see things differently.....?
20:49:17 From Ian : Gotta go too.....thanks all Blessings
20:49:22 From Claire : ah, dear Blue xxx
20:49:28 From Kathy McVittie : Blue!
20:49:42 From Jessie Curnow : odd. just animals blowing fire like dragons plus the smell of new shoes?
20:49:46 From Caron : beautiful Blue :-)
20:49:49 From Claire : my bat was upside down too xxx
20:49:51 From Flora : unfortunately too many fireworks going off outside, so was a short journey
20:50:04 From Kyla : Met a giant being with a horned and skulled head, it's body long and made from dark fur and shadow, boney claws and stood larger than any being on Earth, it was like looking at a living sky scraper. It's eyes looks like bonfires. I had to answer 5 riddles before the cave beneath it opened and it said "The door is open to you." with a deep resonating voice. It called itself the spirit of Samhain. It was both a terrifying and awe inspiring being, very greatful Raven lead me to them.
20:50:09 From Karen : Hey, Blue xx
20:50:13 From Annie : Well I didn't expect that. Bat alighted in front of me and unfurloughed into and angelic like being!
20:50:13 From Amy : hi. for some reason i didn’t get the drum sounds. i could hear yo speak but there was no drum beats o I found that really hard to do tonight I think i saw owl but am not sure but did not get answerhi
20:50:22 From Jill Cameron : write my story of kidney donation
20:50:27 From Dawn : gutted fireworks started just as journey did and dogs wnet into meltdownmode
20:50:33 From Rebecca : I was tiny for the first time... the size of a faire
20:50:36 From Anya : Message was it's going to be very dark
20:50:38 From Pauline To All Panelists : my phone that I am watching this on moved . so I lent forward to touch it. and the drumming stopped. I opened my eyes and the colours on the screen were the ones in my vision . spent a lot of the journey crying. and seeing different colours.
20:50:40 From Ian : Do the work in the dark then come out of the dark into the light
20:50:41 From Kay : my wee bat said don’t be frightened of the unseen and don’t be frightened of your power
20:50:47 From Louise Hartley To All Panelists : I wore feathered cape and danced with my owl
20:50:49 From Andrea : My message from Raven was to be cheeky. Say what I need to say clearly and make a fuss to get it if need be.
20:50:50 From Alexia To All Panelists : beautiful blue light in the tunnel
20:50:51 From Caron : had owl and otter turned up too!
20:50:51 From Caroline : I went flying high with the raven
20:50:53 From Anya : Where do we go and what do we do in the big black darkness?
20:50:53 From : Raven was wiping his beak over and over on trees. Is this to sharpen their beaks? I've seen birds do this but don't know why?
20:50:58 From Claire Cumpper : Toad let me know that I'm going to need to get my feet dirty. Wolf leant me her ears so that I could hear better
20:50:58 From Sally-Shakti Willow To All Panelists : barn owl flying wings outstretched in front of the full moon
20:51:00 From Anny To All Panelists : Raven said 'Hear the stories in your heart -Wear the cloak of me - it is your freedom'
20:51:05 From Paula To All Panelists : I saw the cat vividly
20:51:05 From Steve : bat was being playful with the wolf, swooping around it's head
20:51:05 From Anita To All Panelists : Lovely - had a Golden Eagle and it told me it was the time to prepare my ground for growth
20:51:06 From Dawn : didn't see anything just had physical sensation of being pushed forwards
20:51:06 From Hilary : Toad message was back to basics and listen to the stillness
20:51:15 From Boo Zandu : I saw a snake ready and poised. I got that I was being protected.
20:51:16 From nicola : i felt cold
20:51:17 From Kelly : i meet the wolf, which was actually my old belgian Shepherd dog x I became the wolf\dog. i saw the raven above flying and twirling in circles, i became the raven. I was given the message… be all that you are……
20:51:20 From Angie : met toad on an old tree stump. I could see willow the wisps, moths and I saw the moon through the trees. Message is to work with the Earth and tune in. shadow work is also needed xxx
20:51:30 From Karen : Owl gave me a ride on her back to see her nest of baby owlets. There were 4 but 1 had died through lack of food. Her message was that if don't feed your babies (projects) they will die. So don't take on too much. Only what you can feed.
20:51:34 From Julia : I met a deer and chimpanzee.. I’ll need to look them up
20:51:35 From Anne To All Panelists : slow turning of the wheel.....turning the handle and opening the door.....
20:51:35 From Rose To All Panelists : the wolf didn't want to be on my left and when I tried to move to her right it felt as though the wolf and I merged and I spent the journey as the wolf which was very moving. The owl kept me company and kept telling me to trust my intuition
20:51:37 From Vicki : I had an old standard lamp from my childhood..exactly as it was.
20:51:40 From Louise Hartley To All Panelists : we can hear blue purring - beautiful!
20:51:40 From Arlene To All Panelists : Bat & I had a long chat. He had ALOT to say! I have much to journal! Owl was there holding the space. Loved the white wolf and the Might Oak!Thank you Nicola and Jason for being our guides! X <3
20:51:41 From Matt : visited bat and he said go down low to catch the insects. Not sure what it means right now but he assured me I will.
20:51:41 From Tina Neal To All Panelists : Bones, skeleton, belly dancing. Riding on horse with the wind, dont be afraid xxx
20:51:43 From Vicki : I got owl!
20:51:44 From Gill : I met with toad and the main message was rest, recharge and connect deeper with nature. I was invited to wrap up in a blanket and curl up next to the toad.
20:51:48 From Rose To All Panelists : I didn't want to come back...
20:51:48 From Angie To All Panelists : Raven message; I need to play more
20:51:50 From Carolyn : I met a parliament of owls. my husband who was chosen by toad smelt earth and aniseed.
20:51:52 From Julia : Bat message, hang in there, Love and trust your intuition.
20:51:52 From Iain Bell : DID not Jounery But I am going to Journey Deeply Latter for Ancestors and my Beloved Nan with the Hawthorn or the Samhain Track saw to White Fingers ghosty one male one female the Greenlovers Croossing over!!!!
20:51:54 From Pepa To All Panelists : It has benn a perfect journey! I have understood what the bat has to do with me. Thanks
20:51:55 From AlisonRedgrove : My Owl was a medicine man like something from South American Mythology. Most important for me to watch my back and heal my self
20:51:57 From Kathy : taken to a lake surrounded by mountains led to log cabin and furs to keep out cold. then on a boat which led to beehives and spring but no message from toad as yet
20:51:58 From Lisa : I just cried!
20:52:06 From Catherine To All Panelists : I journey to American Indian chanting and eye to eye baby elephant as I am same height with my toad message is love only I had to return to the concrete world
20:52:07 From michelle mitchell : is it normal to not experience anything for the first time?apart from the sounds of the drums
20:52:07 From Maggie Hands : I got not one but two owls!
20:52:08 From Charlotte Knaggs : I met toad in the forest. He gave me a crown and told me I was queen of my own space and my life. He also gave me a cloak, and told me to keep my riches and finery cloaked and my treasures private. He led me to a pool with the moonlight reflecting it in and started to pull silver threads out of it and warp them road me. I bathed with hundreds of tpad babies and when I came out of the pool I had bumpy skin armed with toxin to repel enemies. Toad told me to stay quiet, and dark and safe.
20:52:09 From Fae : I kept feeling number 3 bat at the card stage, but number 4 kept pulling me so not really sure which one right now. in my journey I saw a silhouette of what looked like an owl but I'll see what comes in my dream. both bat and owl make sense to me right now xx
20:52:10 From Julia : I had to move throughout the journey, couldn't sit still
20:52:10 From Heather : I started tiny, toad was huge wearing a gold crown, he crawled away and I became full size
20:52:10 From Fausta Dimascio : Met Toad, otter, dragon and dragonfly - protection and time for me was advised and take time to play - left with amethyst and lapis Lazuli stones
20:52:12 From Marsha To All Panelists : thank you
20:52:12 From Vicki : lighting ny way
20:52:13 From Kim To All Panelists : Owl told me to get my act together and focus on one thing at a time.
20:52:13 From Jayne Missoni : Went to the outer edge of a cave - bat had loads for me, time to conquer the world and stop living in fear…
20:52:13 From Carolyn Mathews To All Panelists : write about animals to share their stories, rescues etc. to help them and also develop understanding of the animals, continue to learn about animal communication to help the animals
20:52:13 From Isobel Musgrave : Offering bowls, feel the bat , then a large man leaving, further along a lattice work beyond it a maass of vegetation and water, something is with me beyond sight
20:52:15 From Drew : little Owl came . Listen, but remember to listen with your heart and your whole body and to have fun with it just cause it's study doesn't mean it can't be fun.
20:52:16 From Ann Scullard To All Panelists : I was taken up into the air on the back of the bat and away I went but I really wanted to stay in the comfort of the bluebell wood.
20:52:17 From Debbie To All Panelists : Cappy my friend that has passed, gave me some books he told me to get on and read them. Bless himxx
20:52:18 From Lorna To All Panelists : I walked in a forest of fairies and magic met a shamanic tall man with a staff cane my owl said to learn earth magic and become one with nature x
20:52:18 From Carol : Phew! Wolf took me north. I was reminded I had to remember Martin Shaw's sentence about go north, always north... (willhave to look it up)… up into the snow regions to meet Snowy owl.. message was athat I had to seek the bone people, and the blue light that flickered over the frozen marshes. It was very important for my future life- three full moons to follow and find their true meaning.
20:52:20 From Margaret Saunders : Sorry I have to go thank you for the meditations, grounding and journeying. I received an answer, , buy a SAD light! Smelled woodsmoke at the end woodsmimoje
20:52:22 From Susan : Susan thank you , my wolf was white . met owl I had flown with her . darkness provides stillness and wisdom . His messages will be present stillness
20:52:22 From Jacqueline : superb bat gave me a blindfold to wear after a enormous full moon which filled the sky I journeyed thru dark woods but followed moon beams so bright to ancestors, talked with past loved ones wonderful loads more
20:52:23 From Eva : bat- surrender allow feel relax trust open act accept receive breath open more communicate with others clarity
20:52:24 From Mary-Jane : was joined by not only owl but hare, lioness and fox. I found myself swimming backstroke in a river against the flow but it was easy!
20:52:24 From Sue Stone : I met Toad who told me the next few weeks are for me to refrain from spiritual physical work and alow the work to come thu I dreams - a way to hibrnate
20:52:26 From Ursidia : Bat was keen to show me how to flit…to twist in the air and to fly with others. Arctic fox - my guide animal showed up - very happy and skipping about. Wolf laughed and said it amused her - and the other wolves - that I chose to be with foxes, when I could be with wolves. We had a heated skipped off. Ran with both wolf and fox in an icy landscape.
20:52:28 From andrea : Raven told me to remember that my story is not their story has made me strong and will continue to do so
20:52:30 From Rebecca : Felt the loving presence of Wolf by my side. Plenty of bats flitting about, felt them flutter across my face. I felt clear messages about my strengths and talents and how these gifts are so applicable now. So grateful for this after weeks of self doubt and negative thoughts xx
20:52:31 From Kerry Sharpe : I kept getting the idea of target and staying focussed on that word with the owl's pinpoint vision. I feel that focus is especially important for me and that's what I got from that. I really felt like this would allow me to soar.
20:52:36 From Karen : bat kept screeching. got the word precision. was hanging upside down and told to see things from a different perspective. was led to be dark roof space. was looking out. kept getting flashes of previous journey going deep into the dark. messagecwascto go deep into the dark. then to come into the light.
20:52:37 From Sally-Shakti Willow To All Panelists : Sending Samhain blessings to all. will catch the ceremony on the recording x
20:52:38 From Donna : I journeyed to Bat, in the middle of the woods they were hundreds of them all in the trees, i changed into bat and i could understand them speak to me. They told me to embrace my inner me, my dark self, they have me a key to unlock my dark self from where i had chained her and embraced her, the key also unlokced three dark doors and everything flowed into me. The key disolved into my skin so i couldn't loose it again.
20:52:40 From Mark To All Panelists : thank you so much for holding this wonderful space, I have learnt so much about journeying but I must leave now though will watch the link when you upload it. blessings to everyone and especially to you both ??✨?
20:52:41 From Kim To All Panelists : I saw woman faces and a glass table with a certificate on it felt like someone was holding my head up or was propped up by a collar
20:52:45 From Sheila Collins : sat companiably with Toad, who told me that I am now at the later stage of life and must let go , rest and see what comes. we then dived into the dark ,still pool and I rested amongst the reeds
20:52:45 From Jennifer To All Panelists : I got interrupted to hear my aunt has covid
20:52:46 From Fiona : The veil swirling blue and black of nothingness Held safe and warm Facets of light blinking through Gaps to reach through Sane lay beside me protection Toad spoke too, be kind Be yourself, quiet is enough now Be with the few, isolation is good.
20:52:48 From Alison : there's certainty in uncertainty. later opportunity. also the ancestors were saying at last! feeling of encouragement
20:52:48 From Denise : i was following raven above and met a girl around 8 with blond hair she saidd she was my daughter and guide
20:52:53 From Mark : thank you to share - i journeyed into the tree opening the door my bat created me but not before a raven guided me to greet the bat - the bat faced me face to face and let me hear the frequency he uses to listen to spirit i know the coming months will be about learning to hear at this frequency - beautiful altho a dark place i saw and not to be feared thanks mark x
20:53:00 From Luisa : Toad talked to me about shamanic death, red eyes from under the leaves
20:53:02 From Carol Cupitt Parks : My message from Toad was to savor the moment, the quiet, and the stillness. Live in the now.
20:53:09 From Irina To All Panelists : I heard : see unseen! it was a voice
20:53:11 From Helen : Toad moving slow I felt as message to slow down. Feeling of darkness and blurry twigs and blackberry vines, lid lifted, light came in - feeling of dancing and joy.
20:53:14 From Ann To All Panelists : stay within own space, allow self to hibernate in order to bloom in February at the beginning of new journey.
20:53:15 From Hunter : Bat: rest and have all done by the winter solstice. let my inner light guide me.
20:53:15 From Sue : lost connection
20:53:16 From Rebecca : Bat did a healing on my eyes to help me see who l was and to really listen to myself
20:53:16 From Vicki : can anyone else hear growling.. unearthly!?
20:53:21 From ali To All Panelists : My cat came in, I chose owl and Raven and with the Wolf we sat round a beautiful fire and my ancestors joined us round the fire. Thank you both and your cat ?
20:53:28 From Avril Banks : feel comfortable in the dark and have bursts of targeted purposeful joyful action and enjoy the physicality of it
20:53:36 From Vicky To All Panelists : me too Dawn. I had just one huge firework, but it was enough to scare the dogs. I’m going to do the journey myself with the video. x
20:53:38 From Ghislaine To All Panelists : dark spirits and then bright elven fae telling me they are always around and the light will overcome the darkness enfolding the earth and me. My spirit animal was a pony when I looked not a wolf.
20:53:38 From Isabel To All Panelists : I saw a crosswords at the end… weird, lots of letters...
20:53:38 From Carol Ward To All Panelists : bat Tod me there are other ways to fly thank youx
20:53:39 From Patsy : I havent journeyed recently and felt emotional when I got to my tree, I missed it and will journey more. Bat did appear and I flet that I should 'lighten up' and focus. :)
20:53:54 From Maricia : blue was purring love it!
20:54:10 From Vicki : was it blue?
20:54:20 From Vicki : ??
20:54:21 From Tamara To All Panelists : my owl gave me courage to speak my truth and know that I’m held and protected. go stealthily with it, pause when required, but go forth spread my wings and follow my intuition.
20:54:25 From Helen To All Panelists : owl and I bowed to each other and touched brows
20:54:26 From Hannah : very powerful and emotional
20:54:30 From Nicola : Just couldn't leave Wolf, she is my friend. Bat made me shudder. Dogs barking constantly
20:54:31 From Susan : Susan thank you Nicola and Jason .Blessings to you all .xxx
20:54:36 From Kathy McVittie : I can revive my touch practice and may be surprised who that will involve. Reminded of toad's strong thumbs!
20:54:37 From Janet To All Panelists : toad told me to be humble, grateful and aware of earth's abundance which is available for me. I'm taking on a new allotment next spring so that makes sense to me.
20:54:37 From Saira gregory To All Panelists : i met owl, and got really impatient. Owl just sat, looking at me, then began to move strangely. after a while spoke really clearly-sit still, enjoy where you are, listen and watch, when time is right you will strongley know and will be certain of where and when to go. then went in a horse ride! a raven came flying along and gave me a red berry-then a herd of bison....who stayed strongly until I came back
20:54:43 From Rebecca : Yup I heard Blue purring at the end!
20:54:50 From Iain Bell : DID not Jounery But I am going to Journey Deeply Latter for Ancestors and my Beloved Nan with the Hawthorn or the Samhain Track saw to White Fingers ghosty one male one female the Greenlovers Croossing over!!!!
20:54:58 From Lesley To All Panelists : Message from toad- just stay unseen, hibernate, keep safe and watch. Watch everything that is going on. It's not time to emerge yet.
20:55:01 From Emma : I shape shifted into raven and was flying on the back of condor, my power animal.
20:55:02 From Claire : thanks Karen xxx
20:55:02 From Vicki : love ya guys xx
20:55:22 From Isobel Musgrave : Thank you for sharing this with us, I will sadly have to go xx
20:55:36 From Lins To All Panelists : I was getting ready for Owl who I adore and he caught you saying something about wolf - yea my best pal who took me elsewhere I thought but realised we were together . very gentle peace fulf time .
20:55:41 From Nicki Jones : Nicki North Gower. A lovely warm meeting with Toad starting with a 'Wind in the Willows "Poop, Poop" ', Toad gathered me into his arms as if I were a child and kissed me on the head. I was given a green light which relieved a pressure. Safety of a burrow and trassformation.
20:55:45 From Rod To All Panelists : took me to a wonderful place in the woods full of animals and spirits and there was a story teller there .
20:55:52 From Ann : I too merged with Raven and flew Ann K
20:55:57 From Willow : Thank you for guiding this journey . I picked Raven. I already have a connectiin wirh Raven and yesterday talked to a pair on a walk i love by a loch here in the highlands of Scotland, so i went through the rocks to them not a tree this journey which i felt comfortable doing (i am an advanced shamanic practitioner) the ravens gave me many things to do. Amongst them, eat a lighter breakfast, sing everyday, write my oen siong, dance everyday and more. Amazing i love Raven so much. .
20:56:03 From Catherine To All Panelists : my poetry
20:56:06 From Iain Bell : Pen Chase!!!
20:56:17 From julia monteiro : thank you for a lovely evening, as ever...blessings xx
20:56:24 From Nikki To All Panelists : say again
20:56:26 From Willow : Own song not oen siong lol sorry bad at typing!!!!
20:56:38 From Catherine To All Panelists : thanking for food
20:56:53 From Lins To All Panelists : I’ve realised that I’m z
20:56:54 From Tess : Owl showed me a golden light through her expanded wing, which she invited me to sit on whilst she took flight. Message seemed to be to stay alert, be patient and prepared to wait; my purpose is to illuminate the darkness..
20:56:54 From Mike R To All Panelists : thank you I enjoyed the journey helpfully with housing situation and covid worries mostly being defensive i picked a wolf in druid deck this evening and toad now
20:56:57 From Caren White To All Panelists : My owl was out there in front of me but as a protective look out. I saw numerous animals, including, an eagle, pigeon, swift, fox an Indian Chief and a Roman soldier and a Tiger. I could take a feeling of looking with greater depth to find my answer. A focus!
20:56:58 From Lins To All Panelists : stra
20:57:06 From Iain Bell : Sorry Jasson Can Post all at the End plz Brother!!!
20:57:35 From Jane To All Panelists : Thank you! I had a wonderful journey with raven, I should play and fly! I must go... Blessings x
20:57:37 From Catherine To All Panelists : confidence to do my poem book and help others to do so
20:57:57 From Sally To All Panelists : Can you repeat the last one?
20:58:01 From Nicola Smalley : 1. what harvest am a celebrating - my achievements this year
20:58:23 From Nicola Smalley : 2. what seeds am I taking into the new year to gestate?
20:58:28 From Catherine To All Panelists : personal growth
20:58:49 From Caren White To All Panelists : 1.Celebration- valuing life and everything I have been bestowed. Valuing the outdoors and every living thing around me.
20:59:28 From Anna : I had bat. I have bats in my roof and they are making a lot of noise right now!!
20:59:42 From Catherine To All Panelists : love and compassion and sharing our gifts
20:59:43 From Caren White To All Panelists : 2. Sun flower- Spiritual growth, development.
20:59:47 From Nicola Smalley : 3. What will help me in the coming months?
20:59:56 From Catherine To All Panelists : focus
21:00:44 From Iain Bell : where theses on the mystery school Jasson Nicola think pre prep some
21:01:06 From Iain Bell : put dirfrently worded
21:01:25 From lyn : enjoyed the journey but I need to go now. XXX
21:02:14 From Jessie Curnow : start a new life journey, simplify my home and life
21:02:35 From Lisa : I need inner peace.
21:02:36 From Claire : loving myself xxx
21:02:37 From Leonard To All Panelists : recover and heal
21:02:39 From Chriss : in the coming year I want to focus less on others and more one me.
21:02:40 From Debbie To All Panelists : hHave to go now love to everyone great evening x
21:02:43 From Kyla : What am I taking into the year to gestate - To expand my mind and to allow myself to rest when needed.
21:02:50 From Charlotte Knaggs : The seed I am taking into next year is a new work purpose as a therapist and spiritual growth and I need courage, self-belief, discipline and motivation.
21:02:53 From Helen : Letting go of the old, I need the courage to trust in the future
21:02:53 From Tracey Green : I intend to commit to my spiritual journey
21:02:56 From Ursidia : Keep studying and learning about my path. Work on fitness and get out for more walks this winter.
21:02:56 From Mark : listen and act on the inner me
21:02:57 From Ian : Discover my voice, heal my shadows
21:03:00 From Drew : Be open to healing, focus and energy
21:03:07 From nicola : to know who i am and heal through setting boundaries and leaning on others but i dont absorb their issues
21:03:08 From Karen : to believe in myself more and use my voice more. reclaim my power to live my soul purpose
21:03:09 From Jacqueline : help me with guidance in new ways and change to create stability and flow
21:03:09 From Jane : More time for me to learn and grow
21:03:11 From Kelly : let go of all that does not serve me xx
21:03:14 From Freda : To keep learning and have help to share this with others
21:03:16 From Caroline : move to the simpler ways- have patience and trust the flow
21:03:16 From Carolyn : to learn with self belief and the support of family
21:03:16 From Maggie Macro : Deepening spirituality and sharing it with new partner
21:03:17 From Nicola Garvey To All Panelists : Work smarter not harder. Listen to the masters.
21:03:17 From Emma : Faith in my path and studies.
21:03:19 From Avril Banks : dream my best life into reality, need clarity
21:03:23 From Fausta Dimascio : Find the real me and get what I need and help to focus, take time for me and block negativity
21:03:24 From Anna : My intention is to meet and release the fears that are holding me back. I will trust the process and have faith the right guides will come forward x
21:03:26 From Helen To All Panelists : I will take forward Creativity and learning to form my own True path, Simplicity and steady application of practice will help ❤️
21:03:26 From Nicki Jones : Nicki To be out more in nature and out in the dark.
21:03:28 From Sarah To All Panelists : homeliness
21:03:30 From Patrick To All Panelists : Fearless energy - accept all challenges as opportunities to grow and embrace my personal power
21:03:30 From Tracy : rely on my confidence
21:03:30 From Anne Clarke To All Panelists : to create the world I want peaceful honest , truthful and full of brotherhood
21:03:31 From Ghislaine To All Panelists : Learning more Welsh , being open in my pagan identity and developing myself in simple life without complications
21:03:31 From Laura : sharing my creativity to inspire and heal others ?
21:03:33 From Jennifer To All Panelists : intention to feel more open and expanded, To reach out with love
21:03:34 From Rosalind To All Panelists : To listen more and develop my intuitive skills
21:03:35 From Angie : have faith in myself, my path and step into my power xxx
21:03:37 From Kerry Sharpe : To live my creative life fully and to do that I need to value myself and my worth.
21:03:38 From Michael : service wisdom faith
21:03:39 From Maricia : love myself and be open to the next step in my journey
21:03:42 From Liz : my seed is to learn new sound therapy skills for good and I need help to trust in myself
21:03:42 From Sue Stone : I need to a;;ow my new path to develop
21:03:45 From Lorna To All Panelists : work with more people to help them I need focus and clarity
21:03:46 From Irene Pizzie : Tell my story, finding truth, letting go of things that do not serve me
21:03:46 From Dee : continue to nurture my creative self, my voice - and with the intention to keep finding inspiration and to keeping connecting and resting in nature (as toad suggests!)
21:03:49 From Marion Day To All Panelists : Apologies, I need to leave. Most interesting. Thank you both so much.
21:03:50 From Hazel NEAL To All Panelists : Focusing on my inner strengths
21:03:50 From Caren White To All Panelists : 3. Clear focus and determination to reach my end goal, intention, positive growth and alignment, a flow. self care. Spiritual Journey!
21:03:54 From Kathy McVittie : to be a well humoured friend
21:03:54 From Sarah : homeliness
21:03:56 From AlisonRedgrove : to inner growth with outer joy having the courage ti go with the flow
21:03:59 From Heather : I ask for help from my spirit guides to relocate to where I should be to continue my spiritual journey
21:04:05 From Pauline To All Panelists : to live life fully and heal with time
21:04:08 From Michelle To All Panelists : bring more fun.. give work its place but no more
21:04:08 From Sue : to release the old me and embrace the new me
21:04:08 From Cindy James : commitment resonates with me
21:04:10 From VicGarratt To All Panelists : to believe in myself. to reject negative mind talk and project positivity and love.
21:04:10 From Patula : Speak my truth from the heart and have fun
21:04:10 From Luisa : Healing and sacred space
21:04:16 From Anita To All Panelists : Beautiful life and business growth in balanced way
21:04:23 From Louise : get back in touch with nature
21:04:27 From Jayne Missoni : To rebirth my creativity in order to bring forth all that the Universe holds for me fearlessly
21:04:27 From Claire Cumpper : Be open to my own creativty
21:04:30 From Ann : Ann K--believe in my own abilities, and celebrate who I am
21:04:32 From Julia : Find my new path, with help from clear headspace and calmness
21:04:33 From lorna To All Panelists : lovely purring sounds!
21:04:35 From Janet : Toad said I need to see the jewels I hold in my hand so I think my intention is to value myself
21:04:42 From Tina Neal To All Panelists : Courage and determination to find my home and creativity
21:04:43 From Laura To All Panelists : find my power
21:04:44 From Mary-Jane : develop my spiritual journey - let go of ego
21:04:46 From Jill Cameron : listen to my raven as it guides my writing and continued shamanic journey
21:04:46 From Arlene To All Panelists : To be led by my Life Purpose, and be available to it.
21:04:47 From Jean : I became bat straight away huge coloney it felt chaos for a second then there was no fear I was flying with ease. Trust the coloney/community. Hanging upside upside down on a tree.
21:04:48 From Maggie Hands : De cluttering. reaching out to my ancestors as advised by both Owls.
21:04:48 From Adrienne To All Panelists : go deeper
21:04:49 From Carol Ward To All Panelists : reflection and a more spiritual path to develop myself - to heal and see nature
21:04:54 From Tracy : make more time for me n my path
21:05:05 From Nicola : Patience and Resilience, To continue my learning journey
21:05:06 From Lins To All Panelists : hope we don’t judge
21:05:08 From Christine To All Panelists : stay healthy and be there for my children
21:05:10 From Jean : On the right path. Trust.
21:05:14 From Carolyn Mathews To All Panelists : create beauty and commit to my path so that I can grow and support my family.
21:05:20 From : To act from an integrated place where I am aware of my shadow
21:05:34 From Tina Cooper : to speak my truths i need help from connection with spirit and like minded folk
21:05:44 From Janet To All Panelists : to have faith in my chosen path and be grateful for everything ?
21:05:52 From Laura : create at all levels: love, rest and Nature will help???
21:06:13 From Iain Bell : was there three questions 1 feel that I neeed to trust myself
21:06:23 From Karen To All Panelists : To create through art, making and growing. To help me will be to keep well with nature and vitamins. And keep true to myself
21:07:05 From Patsy : sound keeps going
21:08:23 From Norelle To All Panelists : thank you so much I need to go now xx


21:08:39 From Tina Neal To All Panelists : Thanks so much blessed be xxxx
21:09:28 From Andrew To All Panelists : thank you both for an inspiring evening. and for the energy of all those zooming in. blessed be.
21:11:03 From Kate : Thank you both for your time and energy this evening Kate and Dallas
21:11:08 From Steve : thank you so much for tonight
21:11:09 From Linda Vickers To All Panelists : Thank you for creating this special space, so blessed to join with you all this evening bless you Jeff and Nicola and Blue xxx
21:11:24 From Jennifer To All Panelists : Big thanks to all xx
21:13:31 From Rose To All Panelists : beautiful, moving and powerful, thank you xxx
21:13:31 From Jim Hamilton To All Panelists : thankyou and goodnight
21:13:33 From Janet To All Panelists : thank you ?
21:13:33 From Rebecca : Thank you so much ?
21:13:34 From Joanne To All Panelists : thankyou blessed be
21:13:39 From Sue Stone : By
21:13:40 From Lesley : Lovely evening, lovely souls. Thank you and Samhain Blessings to all.
21:13:41 From Laura : thank you for a beautiful ceremony
21:13:41 From Gill : beautiful evening.thankyou for making it so special. love Gill ???
21:13:41 From Fausta Dimascio : Samhain blessings to al xx
21:13:42 From Roger To All Panelists : Many thanks. it has been wonderful.
21:13:43 From lynne To All Panelists : first time
21:13:43 From Anne To All Panelists : Thank you xx
21:13:44 From Kenny Ramsey To All Panelists : thank you all
21:13:44 From Avril Banks : Samhain blessings to all and thank you
21:13:45 From Rod To All Panelists : thank you for a wonderful evening time now for my annual walk among the stones at Avebury unfortunately to much cloud to see the lady of the night sending you both love and blessings )0( Rod(
21:13:45 From Di To All Panelists : Thank you both
21:13:49 From Roz : bye wonderful eveving
21:13:49 From Carolyn To All Panelists : thank you for a new experience that is another addition to our spiritual journey. Samhain blessings
21:13:53 From Julie : Thank you ??
21:13:54 From Martina To All Panelists : thank you ???
21:13:58 From Pam To All Panelists : finally managed a whole session thank you xx
21:13:59 From Kimberley Bone To All Panelists : thank you xx
21:14:00 From Mary To All Panelists : Thank you! Will lo ok forward to the replay so I can join properly - lots of Halloween shenanigans at the same time tonight! :)
21:14:01 From lorna To All Panelists : take good care. bye ? xx
21:14:01 From Vicky To All Panelists : good night nx
21:14:04 From Andri : thank you :) x
21:14:06 From Caroline : donation sent x
21:14:08 From Jacque Garside : Love Love and gratitude xxx
21:14:08 From christine To All Panelists : Thank you
21:14:09 From Iain Bell : blessings of Samhain Blesseed Are we the Tribe now going to stay stay
21:14:10 From Alyson Powell : Good Night you beautiful people x
21:14:11 From Maricia : saying bye is always difficult x
21:14:14 From Jayne Missoni : where’s the donate button please?
21:14:16 From Ursula To All Panelists : thank you! I will earth myself and tend the earth. Ursula
21:14:18 From Linda Vickers To All Panelists : Fantastic with much love and blessings xxx
21:14:19 From Carolyn MacGowan : Thankyou both for a lovely couple of hours. x
21:14:23 From Nicola Smalley :
21:14:23 From Mary To All Panelists : Small children still up!
21:14:25 From Mark Desborough To All Panelists : thank you,
21:14:29 From Tess : Thankyou <3 <3 <3
21:14:30 From Alison : Thank you. beautiful xx
21:14:30 From Jayne : thank you and good night everyone
21:14:30 From Anne To All Panelists : going to see the moon now..... xxx
21:14:31 From Mandy : Thank you so much xxxx
21:14:35 From Kathy McVittie : my drum is being born! xxx
21:14:37 From Iain Bell : I AM FEEL MISSED MOST OF IT
21:14:44 From Davidson To All Panelists : love and peace folks
21:14:47 From Karon Stubbs : bless you both ????????????
21:14:52 From Anny To All Panelists : Thank You... My first celebration with so many people!!
21:15:05 From Anny To All Panelists : Blessings and love to all
21:15:09 From Belinda : Thank you so very much, that was the deepest journey I've experienced for a long time. See you again soon, joining you more regularly in the year ahead I hope xx
21:15:12 From Jo D To All Panelists : LOts of love from Glasgow xx
21:15:23 From Iain Bell : BEEN A STRANGE DAay now going to my beloved Nans Tomb Jasson Nicola!!!
21:15:30 From Belinda : 500 people plus all of our ancestors...!! xx
21:15:31 From Tamara To All Panelists : many thanks and blessings. my drum I made with you both has been getting a good whacking lately, it’s my warrior drum. xxx
21:15:33 From Mark : so well done 500+ next time in thankyou open air x
21:15:35 From Tina : its my birthday tomorrow. thank you
21:15:37 From Ayesha : Thank youi for bringing people togethger xx
21:15:42 From peter To All Panelists : Thanks so much, my first time but I’ll be back. Good Nicht both
21:15:47 From Michelle To All Panelists : thank you ??? all the best for a great week
21:15:53 From Alexia To All Panelists : 501 people, two crystal skulls and numerous spirits and angels. Thank you ???
21:15:57 From Sonya : thank you all
21:16:03 From Catherine To All Panelists : bought me home thank you keeping strong
21:16:07 From Jacque Garside : Yes we were not on our own love and gratitude Jacque Garside
21:16:09 From Linda Vickers To All Panelists : Many blessings ((big hugs))) first time for me too xxx
21:16:10 From Krish To All Panelists : Thanks guys…that was really wonderful.
21:16:24 From Iain Bell : going to sitting full moon with my Ancestors and leave sage and rosemerry for them
21:16:25 From Mark : opps was typo with web address lol meant to say next time in the open air
21:16:29 From Tracy : my 1st tonite too thank you

Introducing The Way of The Buzzard Mystery School

In these unsettling times as the world pauses it is our moment to drop into a different space, away from the turmoil of the chattering mind, and reach out to taste that balm for our soul.

The shamanic path was made for this moment.

If you are looking to resource yourself spirituality and learn more about shamanism then the Mystery School is the perfect place for you. Here you can learn how to draw the healing magic nature holds, through deep nature connection, animal spirit medicine, tree spirit medicine and by aligning yourself with the natural rhythms of the earth.

Here you can learn how to access the wisdom from your spirit guides at a moment’s notice through shamanic journeying and call in support through ceremony. Here you can learn techniques on how to protect yourself in these unfolding times and cushion yourself from the uncertainty that the coming weeks and months hold.

We have over 100 hours of content to delve into in The Mystery School, all delivered through easy-to-watch videos, as well as our monthly live shamanic journey circle, our regular live coaching calls and our private facebook group. All our lessons include activities which you can easily follow without even needing to leave your home or garden if you have one.

Here you have a place to come to where you can come and join in with a community of like-minded travellers to kick off your shoes and place your feet on the bare earth. A place where you can rest and recuperate, immersing yourself in the healing energies of nature.

A place where you can calm yourself by tuning in to listen the soft reassuring words from your spirit guides.

All if this is available to you for just £14 per month with no lock in period. It's the shamanic alternative to Netflix!

Come and give us a try… our community is waiting on the other side to welcome you so we can journey through these times together.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are a few words from folk in The Mystery School who were at our special Spring Equinox Circle:

Thoughts from our clan about the Mystery School:

The mystery school community has been truly wonderful this week - a calming place that has made me feel much better and grounded, so thank you.


Thank you so much. This tribe/clan and your generous spiritual work is genuinely helping keep me sane and balanced.


 The Mystery school has helped me over this week for sure, beyond today and into the this coming period.


thank you for creating a truly beautifully crafted evening.


The Mystery School is amazing, and has been a real oasis for me at a very difficult time. 


Loving this journeying planning... I'm a nurse!!


It’s excellent resource.


thank you so much for all you do it's greatly appreciated.


its an honour to be a part of this beautiful circle.


© 2020,The Way of The Buzzard