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Mystery School

Learn how to unlock the secrets of ancient wisdom for a more connected, creative, empowered life

We have closed the doors to new members for a short while. 

This summer, we have been undertaking some major behind-the-scene work in our Mystery School. It has meant we have had to close the doors to new members for a few months. We are reopening at the time of the August Full Moon, and there will be a launch party in the evening starting at 7 pm, which will include a healing drum bath. Then there will be a series of free Pop-Up Talks about shamanism, animal and tree spirit medicine and the Wheel of the Year, taking us right through the Equinox celebration. 

Please sign up to our wait list to receive updates relating to our re-launch, including the Full Moon launch party and follow on free events.

An online community of spiritual seekers

As we begin to awaken we may realise that there is more to life than the modern world dictates. We may start to question the choices we make.

We find it increasingly difficult to live in a world which no longer make sense.

We pick up the breadcrumb trail and begin the search for a different way of life, one that we know deep inside will help us find new purpose and enjoyment.

We instinctively get drawn to exploring our spirituality and yearn for an ever deeper connection with the Otherworlds and nature. We have a thirst for knowledge and seek out like-minded people who understand us.

As we follow the path, we may find that new challenges appear:

  • I feel separate from the world and would like to feel more connected and grounded.
  • I'm not happy with my current life, there’s part of me missing but I can’t figure out what it is.
  • I can’t seem to create the time and space to develop my spiritual connection and maintain focus. I find it difficult to fit everything in.
  • There's a part of me which holds back. I'm concerned that I might not be able to find the right teacher or the right practice.
  • I'm not even sure where to start.

How the Mystery School can help

Deepen your knowledge of life changing practices

study the areas which most interest you and learn how to access a higher knowledge and wisdom

Enjoy a clear direction on your spiritual path

follow a practice which fits easily around the everyday demands of your life

Believe in yourself more

build the confidence to follow your intuition and trust your authentic self

Be more grounded

discover a way to integrate the spiritual with the everyday and learn how to stay spiritually strong in our consumer society

Find your tribe

share your journey in our community of like-minded people who are on a similar path, are non-judgemental and open hearted

Discover an authentic way to live

develop a strong connection to nature and your Otherworldly guides which will help you make choices based on your values and desires

The Mystery School Explained

The Mystery School helps spiritual seekers unlock the secrets to the ancient wisdom held within our land and our old traditions to find their joy and discover their purpose.

Pay a small regular amount to be a member of The Mystery School and have access to the materials available at your chosen membership level for as long as you remain a member. There's no financial commitment. You can cancel easily any time.

Learn alongside our community of like-minded folk who are asking the same questions and are feeling the same gentle tug within them guiding them to the answers.

Connect with your tribe through our monthly online journey circles and regular coaching calls (which are recorded for future viewing), as well as in our private facebook group.

There will also be the opportunity to meet each other at our physical gatherings, our retreats, circles and sacred site ceremonies.

All the materials are presented as easy to follow videos that walk you step by step through your chosen topics of interest, bringing the shamanic techniques, teachings and knowledge into your life.

This is the place to learn about shamanism, connection with the otherworld and discover the deep ancestral threads that bind us to nature.

This is the place where you can bring your spiritual practice to the forefront of your life and focus on your spiritual path.

This is the place to find your tribe.

Nicola & Jason

a little about us

We were both brought up in religions that told us what to believe and set out the way we had to live our lives.

Independently of each other and before our journeys brought us together, we each stepped out of organised religion, but felt cast adrift and alone with the decision. Up to this point our lives had ben directed for us in a way that was disempowering and controlling.

With an open book of life in front of us and, despite the freedom this brought, we both found it daunting. There were so many options to choose from and so many paths to explore with limited time in our busy lives to get it right.

We both sought out teachers, made mistakes, found the wrong folk, got it wrong again and again until we stumbled upon mentors who taught us without a personal agenda, without judgement and allowed us to find our own path through the huge maze of possibilities.

Even today we continue to refine our approach and deepen our our understandings and knowledge of the things the bring joy to our souls.

We decided we wanted to share our findings with those who would listen, and were ready so after years of preparation, planning and wisdom seeking we brought The Mystery School into the world. Here we offer what we have been shown, and gently guide those who are fellow seekers along a path of their choosing accompanied by a community of fellow journeyers.

These are the mysteries which have helped us understand deep nature connection, that have enabled us to develop journey and dream skills, and that help us on a daily basis to apply the Shamanic toolkit and the old wisdoms of our land to empower our lives, find our joy and fulfil our dreams.

We offer you our set of Shamanic tools so that you too can find the path that is uniquely right for you with the support, encouragement and guidance of both us and our tribe.

What others are saying about the Mystery School.

"I cannot imagine my life without the School now, it certainly is great value for money each month"

"The Mystery School works at a pace that suits me. I can dip in and out at my leisure and build up my own learning package using the wonderful videos made by Jason and Nicola and the tutorials that go with them.

I cannot imagine my life without the School now, it certainly is great value for money each month.

Keep up your fantastic work Nicola and Jason, you have certainly helped me find the right path spiritually and mentally, and I’ve met like-minded people along the way, thank you.”

ELAINE  //  Mystery School Member

"It's clear that a huge amount of tremendously hard work goes into all we see in The Mystery School which pays off as you cannot help being engaged by it."

 “The Mystery School brings a myriad threads of knowledge and wisdom from our ancient traditions and makes them come alive for us in the world we find ourselves in today.

Nicola and Jason do all the research and then present it authentically and beautifully from nature. It has helped me to take a step back and rediscover the deep joys and challenges in living my life closer to nature.

The videos are all so perfectly formed! It's clear that a huge amount of tremendously hard work goes into all we see in The Mystery School which pays off as you cannot help being engaged by it.

From the Born Free course to the mini courses, it is all put together with a love and reverence for all that nature holds for us. This helps me to stay focused and to come back to what I want to learn about, time and time again”

LAURA  //  Mystery School Member

"The school has shown me how I can best access spirit/mother nature and begin to develop that relationship, giving me commitment to continue to work with this.

“I have found what I'd hoped for and much, much more.

Many of the beliefs, and many suspicions I'd had about life, the cycle of life, how & where things fit together, which I quietly kept to myself... now I  found other people sharing the same views, values, beliefs and experiences. I found great comfort in this. 

The school has shown me how I can best access spirit/mother nature and begin to develop that relationship, giving me commitment to continue to work with this.

The Mystery School has revealed that I am not as isolated in this belief and it's perfectly okay to share in the context of our experiences with friends (all the members). It’s immensely helpful having their experience and wisdom available to tap into (as I come into this as a complete beginner). 

The Mystery School is so accessible, when I work odd shifts and have family constraints, I can easily access the material anytime, pick up where I left off and catch up in random times to suit.”

MARIE  //  Mystery School Member

When most people seek to broaden their spiritual knowledge and deepen their connection they worry about things like:

How do I know I can trust the person teaching this?
Will I be able to distinguish between authentic truths and falsehoods?
How am I going to make time in my life for this?
Is this the right time to invest in myself?
Will I be able to afford to learn?
Where do I start?

These are all healthy questions and realistic concerns to hold.

The Mystery School is structured so that you can learn through easy to watch tutorial videos. You can deepen your knowledge and understanding of various aspects of the Earth path, taking it one step at a time.

There's no need to invest time in travel or take weekends away from your family. You can pick up the material and put it down whenever you like.

Our regular live Shamanic Journey Circles give you a focus for each month. Each Circle is progressive, helping you to connect with your Spirit Guides who support you on your path.

You can also connect with us through our regular live Coaching Calls and share your thoughts, feelings, experiences and any concerns or revelations with fellow travellers in our private Facebook Group.

Three Kinds of Courses to Explore

Foundation Programmes

Our Foundation Programmes give you an excellent grounding in four key topics relating to Shamanism and working with nature.

Mini Courses

Our series of Mini Courses are designed to give you a taster of related topics which you might like to study further.


We are also developing a series of Masterclasses which are designed to take you much deeper into particular topics.

But can't I do this myself?

You might feel that you don’t need a supported programme like this, that you can find your own way by dipping into books and attending workshops or exploring YouTube videos.

And you are right, you could do that, and you may well end up precisely where you would like to be, eventually.

The Way of The Buzzard Mystery School will support you and help you cut through the noise and avoid the dead ends of a solitary study path.

With the help and backing of a tribe of fellow questers you will feel the benefits of a deep connection with your Spirit Guides and nature more effectively and much sooner.

The Nuts and Bolts of The Mystery School

There’s no fixed term, no financial commitment and you can cancel easily at any time without the need to contact us. The price you pay will remain the same for as long as you maintain your membership.

You can learn about Shamanic Journeying and join us live for our monthly Shamanic Journey Circle. You can also dive into a growing range of Earth based spirituality topics, study at your own pace and in your own time, be a part of our private facebook clan and take part in our regular coaching calls.

As a member you will also receive discounts off our other products and services.

24/7 access: So you can learn whenever you like.

Easy access to the videos: watch at any time.

Workbook exercises and guided Shamanic journeys: to deepen your spiritual connection and support you in your ongoing path.

Want to Know More?

Monthly Shamanic Drum Journey Circles

One of the challenges people find as they seek to deepen into their spirituality is finding the time.

With the constant pressures of day to day life it can be difficult to eek out quiet time to connect with your spiritual guidance. It can also be difficult to schedule in a regular practice and maintain an ongoing thread of spiritual guidance and transformation.

One of our solutions to this is our monthly Shamanic Journey Circle. One evening each month you can join us live on your laptop, phone or tablet, in our living room for a couple of hours of guided journeying and sharing.

Each evening is themed, often drawing on the energies within the transformational Wheel of the Year. If you aren’t able to join us live you can catch up on the replay and you will have access to all our past circles, with topics as diverse as:

- Exploring the Northern tradition and the runes

- Balancing the spiritual with the material

- A shamanic approach to dreams

- Prioritising our next big focus in life

- Recognising the persistence of our resistance

- The shamanic technique of the Power Retrieval

- The importance of allowing a void to enter our life

Our Shamanic Journey Circles are a great way to connect with like-minded travellers who will all be a part of the circle too. You'll be able to hear their comments and experiences and be a part of this special community without even needing to leave home!

Simply take yourself off into a quiet place, close the door and open up to the possibility that these next two hours could change your life. Even though we aren’t physically together in the same room, the power of our minds paired with modern technology is extraordinary.

We have an immense ability to connect when all the other distractions are put to one side.

Foundation Programme One: The Shamanic Drum Journey

This course will show you how to go on a shamanic journey and work regularly with your spirit guides.

The shamanic journey is all about shifting your consciousness, moving from one state of mind to another.

We do this on the beat of a drum, and by journeying to different Worlds outside of this current physical World that we live in we can meet our Spirit Guides and develop an ongoing relationship with them.

Foundation Programme Two: Working with The Wheel of The Year

Achieve your aspirations by aligning your life with the seasons

This course helps you align your life with the seasons through the passing of the year. Sometimes it can seem there is no end to the daily routine and ever increasing to-do list.

Yet when we pause to look out of the window we notice that, although time seems to be speeding up, nature's cycles are moving at the same pace they always have.

By dropping into nature's time, we can slow ourselves down, even just momentarily, and this can have a profound impact as we make the changes we are seeking in our lives.

This programme is designed to help you achieve your aspirations, no matter how far reaching they seem, create time and space for a spiritual practice no matter how busy your life is and align personally with the seasons, to connect with nature so you can live life at a more mindful, authentic pace.

Foundation Programme Three: Working with Animal Spirit Medicine

Undoubtedly animals and our relationship with them have shaped humans through the history of time.

Archeological evidence aside, we only need look at how much we love animals and relate to them in our every day lives today to instinctively know this.

For many people, working with animal spirit medicine is something that they are naturally drawn to very early on in their spiritual path. We have ‘favourite’ animals that we are naturally close to.

We see animals appear in meditations and animals are usually one of the first encounters we have when we begin to go on Shamanic Journeys.

In this course we focus specifically on the healing power of animals and explore how we can learn from the messages they have for us through Shamanic Journeying and nature connection.

Foundation Programme Four: The Wisdom and Healing Power of Trees

So many people are drawn to the healing power of trees.

We notice the immediate shift in our energy as we walk through a woodland, or sit under a tree and look out across the park.

Something happens inside us when we are close to them, it’s as if they speak to our soul in some secret, knowing way. In this course we work with the wisdom and healing properties of trees deeply and intentionally.

We have based it on the Celtic Ogham alphabet. Taking each tree in turn we have created a series of videos that help you identify each tree.

We explore it’s place in our history and myth before working with its energy and also provide you with suggested practices that you can use to find your way into a relationship with the different trees.

Mini Course One: Deep Nature Connection

In this mini-course Jason guides you through the steps to connect more deeply with nature.

He shares some tips and secrets which enables him to glean more of a connection with the world around him.

It's a lifelong course of study and improvement but it’s our hope that some of these insights will help you build your connection, physically, emotionally and spiritually with nature.

Mini Course Two: Spiritual Protection

Our spiritual protection mini-course is a valuable asset for anyone working with spirit in any way.

In this course Jason explores the reasons why we may need to protect ourselves psychically and works through the different approaches available to us.

Beginning with the basics of self protection Jason progresses into more advanced practices of deep protection. 

Regular Coaching Calls

Every 4-6 weeks we have a live Coaching Call.

You can join us in our living room from any device where you have an internet connection, and ask us any question you like relating to the membership site content and your journey through it.

Maybe you have a journey you would like help interpreting? Or you would like to know how to set up sacred space? Are you curious about the meaning behind one of your Animal Spirit Guides? Do you have a few questions about one of the Sabbat celebrations? Or how to work with the healing power of Oak?

This is another great opportunity to hang out with like-minded people and hear the questions they are asking as you learn together. If you aren’t able to make the live call, you can watch the replay at a time convenient to you.

Our Private Facebook Community

Premium members are able to join our private Mystery School Facebook Group.

Here you will find a community of like-minded travellers where you can share your experiences, thoughts, realisations and challenges. 

Connecting with like-minded real people in our virtual tribe could be the balm you are seeking.

You can use this space to post anything you like relating to the Mysteries whether that be shamanism, earth spirituality, deep nature connection or more esoteric topics.

You can ask questions, share thoughts and revelations, and generally hang out with people who think and feel like you do.

30% off Masterclasses

Our Masterclasses are online programmes where we go deeper into particular topics which will bring deep healing and transformation in your lives.

They sit within The Mystery School and are available to members and non-members alike. However Premium Mystery School members enjoy a 30% discount when they enrol in a Masterclass.

10% off Retreats

Several times through the year we hide away in the wild places of Britain.

These transformational weekends are themed around the stories of the landscape, nature connection and shamanic journeying.

We offer a 10% discount on the full ticket price to all of our retreats.

10% off Sacred Tools

We craft all of the sacred tools that we sell in our online shop.

Perhaps you are looking to buy a shamanic drum? Maybe you want to deepen your connection with trees through working with the Celtic Ogham?

Do you want to bring the beauty of nature into your home though our sacred art or cleanse your space with one of our smudge fans.

We offer Premium Members a 10% discount on all of our products.

How to Join The Way of The Buzzard Mystery School

Membership to our Mystery School is through a regular monthly payment.

For just £14 a month you have unlimited access to all of our foundation programmes, mini-courses as well as our Journey Circle, Coaching Calls and private Facebook group.

Also you will get discounts off our retreats, masterclasses and our online shop.


If you'd like to be amongst the first to know of our relaunch, and to benefit from an early notification please use the form below to tell us where to send the details.

How does the Mystery School work?

Can the lessons be downloaded?

If I cancel and rejoin will I get the same deal?

Do I need to be tech savvy to manage my membership?

I am not able to walk very far. Will this matter?

Will I be immediately expelled if my payment should fail for some reason?

Can I really cancel any time I want?

I'm not good with technology. Is there support available?

I find I am slow to learn new information. Can I go at my own pace?

How does The Mystery School fit in along side the Born Free Masterclass course?

Cancelling your Membership

You can cancel your membership at any time. Simply go to your account page and select the option to ‘Cancel’ within the Subscriptions tab. Once you cancel your account you will retain access to the Mystery School until your current subscription period ends. You can of course re-join at anytime in the future.