The Way of The Buzzard

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How you too can apply the knowledge of our ancestors and begin to find your way to a freer, more authentic life.

In the video we share the shamanic toolkit that will help you deepen your connection and tap into a higher source of wisdom.

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    Why we became disconnected: the reasons why humanity lost their connection many hundreds of years ago, and the impact it has on us today.
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    The Seven Steps to rebuild that connection so that you can access a source of deep wisdom anytime you need.
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    How to use the Life Empowering Toolkit that will help you apply the principles of shamanism in your everyday life.

What others are saying about our videos and courses:

Nicola and Jason share their stories...

You will come back to the lessons time and time again, each fresh viewing revealing new insights and teachings.

You are held in the most wonderful supportive environment by both Nicola and Jason and the other students on the course.

Nicola and Jason share their stories as well, both highs and lows, this promotes a wonderfully loving two-way relationship that shows you how you can also step into this journey no matter what your circumstances.

KYM  //  Born Free participant

Nicola and Jason’s love and passion for all things Shamanic shine through

Everything about how it was structured and presented resonated with me. Nicola and Jason’s love and passion for all things Shamanic shine through in every aspect of this truly transformational programme and help you to achieve what you individually want to gain.

The journey into really absorbing the value of this course lies in surrender, acceptance and trusting the process. I very much enjoyed watching each lesson and then trying out the exercises. I also gained huge comfort and support from the webinars which informed beautifully and encouraged sharing of ideas and sticking points.

Overall, I feel my journey has just begun. This is course material that you can return to time and again throughout a lifetime.

LAURA  //  Born Free course participant

The Way of the Buzzard is a great way to bright lights.

Shamanism was one of the steps along my journey.

Jason and Nicola, are two warm loving human people, who made what I thought was fiction a living, breathing reality.

Walking shamans, with power and direction. With a clan, The Way of the Buzzard is a great way to bright lights.

DAVID  //  Born Free course participant


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