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In this talk we:  

  • Explained the Celtic Wheel of the Year and the energies of each of the eight festivals. 
  • Shared examples of how you can work with these to align your life with the natural rhythms of nature, beginning with the next festival, Imbolc.
  • Described what events we are holding around the wheel that you can join in with, both online and in-person.


We referred to quite a few resources during this talk. Here are the links:

The Way of the Buzzard resources:

  • Ignite the Spark online retreat here
  • The Mystery School here
  • Space to Emerge Beltane retreat here
  • The Way of the Buzzard Retreat Space Facebook page here
  • The Way of the Buzzard retreat programme here
  • Free Working with the Wheel of the Year guide here
  • Free Working with the Wheel of the Year course here
  • Imbolc Promise blog (sigil manifestation) here
  • Attention! blog here

Other resources:

  • Stolen Focus: Why You Can't Pay Attention by Johann Hari here
  • Indie Shaman magazine here
  • Earth Pathways Diary here
  • Labyrinth Locator here
  • Sacred Springs of Britain Facebook group here
  • The Modern Antiquarian by Julian Cope here
  • Magical Britain by Rob Wildwood here

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Your hosts:

Nicola & Jason Smalley
The Way of The Buzzard


In challenging times such as these it's important to reach out to our guides and seek the wisdoms we need to remain resilient and fearless.

We are committed to help our Way of The Buzzard clan navigate a path through the maze of confusion and uncertainty by encouraging the use of the Shamanic toolkit that's so easily available to us,

Here's the transcript from the Wheel Wanderings gathering


18:55:07 From Rod & Diane : Hi from Cumbria 😊
18:55:24 From Red : Good evening to the two of you. Cold here in Portsmouth.
18:55:26 From alysonpowell : Hello from South Wales.
18:55:29 From Jane Davies : hello from Lytham st Annes
18:55:30 From Anne Jepson : hello Anne here in Surrey x
18:55:31 From Jacinta : evening everyone 🥰
18:55:40 From Jane : hello from East Devon
18:55:40 From Debs To All Panelists : Hello from Norfolk
18:55:49 From Jayne : Hello from Stoke
18:55:55 From Beth To All Panelists : Hello from St Helens 😁
18:55:59 From Di : Hello from the New Forest
18:56:01 From Anne Douglas : hello from freezing Wrexham north wales, Anne
18:56:03 From lesley gerrard : Hello from Lesley in Scotland
18:56:07 From Valerie To All Panelists : Hi from Lewes
18:56:09 From Christine : Hello from North Wales
18:56:13 From Lynn Alexander : hallo from good ol' Otley!
18:56:14 From Kim Hudson : hi from cold and wet essex
18:56:17 From kathycar : Hi, Kathy from Petersfield - yes Red, its raw cold
18:56:27 From ann59 : Hi From Ann in Manchester. It's good tp see you again.
18:56:29 From Anne Wilkie To All Panelists : Good evening from Glossop. It’s lovely to see your smiling faces again. 😊 Anne
18:56:33 From Claire Stone : Greetings from drizzly Slough. I've been watching your lovely Imbolc course today🌱
18:56:34 From Steve W : Good evening from North Yorkshire.
18:56:35 From Helen K : Hi from Manchester
18:56:37 From Kathryn @MandalaMeadow : Hi Kathryn, from Bognor Regs, West Sussex
18:56:40 From Rebekah Bailie : Hello from Ipswich
18:56:44 From Maria : Maria from London. Lovely to see you in your new home 🙏
18:56:48 From Diane : hello from Northumberland
18:56:51 From Rachel Rosie To All Panelists : Hello from Peterborough 🌳
18:56:52 From Gina : Hi from Gina
18:57:20 From Erika : Hello Erika from North Lincolnshire
18:57:23 From Caroline To All Panelists : Good evening both! Joining you from Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. So lovely to see you both in your new home xx
18:57:28 From Fiona Merritt : Hi From Fiona in Heptonstall. Just seen the sliver of the moon near to Jupiter.
18:57:30 From Christine : Hi Anne in Wrexham I'm near Rhyl
18:57:35 From jomorrell : Hello! Jo from Masham in North Yorkshire
18:57:36 From Jenny To All Panelists : Hi everyone it’s Jenny from Reading
18:57:43 From Mary : Hi from Mary in Bentham! Happy to be here.
18:57:48 From victoriasperrin To All Panelists : Hi, Victoria from Lincoln
18:57:50 From Xenia Meinert : Hi all from Northern Germany! Looking Forward to it.
18:57:52 From Ursidia To All Panelists : Good evening from a foggy Glastonbury !
18:57:56 From Ann-Marie Nicholson : Hi Ann-Marie from Dursley in Gloucestershire
18:58:01 From rick To All Panelists : Hi from Rick in Shropshire.
18:58:06 From Janis : Hi from Argyll Scotland💖
18:58:09 From Tracey : Blessings all from southwales 🙏💗
18:58:18 From Di : Hi from Welshpool, 💕
18:58:31 From Jill : hi! Jill from Leicester ❤
18:58:36 From Marcia Nightingale : Hi from Milton Keynes
18:58:37 From Tina Burchill : Hello everyone, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
18:58:44 From Aspen To All Panelists : Hi Aspen from Holmfirth
18:58:47 From Wendy : Hello from Nottingham! ✨💕✨
18:59:01 From Carolyn : Hello from Cheshire x
18:59:09 From fae : Hello everyone, Fae from Wesham
18:59:28 From Lesley : Hello all from Devon, happy Wednesday
18:59:31 From Jess Hall To All Panelists : Hello, Jess from Mid Wales
18:59:34 From Susan Beedell To All Panelists : Hello from Devon xx
18:59:40 From jaCKy fridlington : good evening all from Lincolnx
18:59:55 From Anne Barbara Clarke : hi from Coventry UKx
18:59:56 From Julie Cobbin : Hello from Julie in Nottingham. Hello to Lorraine, Beth and Mel. xxx
19:00:05 From Tracey Woodley : Hello everyone from Reading - LOVE the new room Nicola & Jason : )
19:00:08 From Tina Burchill : Hello!
19:00:13 From Melanie To All Panelists : Lovely to join you. Coming from the Forest of Dean.
19:00:19 From Vicki : hello from Vicki & Jeff in North Warwickshire xxx
19:00:23 From Ann Burston : Hi from darkest Yorkshire x
19:00:25 From Tina Burchill : You are too kind
19:00:26 From Tony : Hello from Birmingham
19:00:28 From Lisa-Jane : hiya
19:00:32 From david : Hello from Birmingham! x
19:00:46 From Alison Wells : Hello from Suffolk
19:01:00 From Donna Lewis To All Panelists : Hi from Donna in West Berks
19:01:22 From Ann Burston : House looks great
19:01:23 From Melanie Best To All Panelists : hi from Wales x
19:01:32 From Krish Surroy : Ooooooh beautiful new place folks
19:01:43 From Ann Draj : hello to you all from Annie in Dawlish Devon
19:01:57 From Hannah : Hi both from South Wales
19:02:01 From Debi Knight (she/her) : good evening everyone from Yorkshire :-)
19:02:04 From Krish Surroy : Greetings to everyone from the Rocky Mountains of Canada!
19:02:15 From Tina Burchill : Hello everyone, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:02:23 From Andrea : Hi everyone, my first live event
19:02:34 From Emma Reid-Chalmers : Hello:) from East Yorkshire 🙏😊🙏
19:02:43 From Roberta To All Panelists : Hi from a very windy Isle of Man xxx
19:02:52 From Ann : Hi, from Glasgow
19:02:53 From Sandy Holt : Wow - lovely room!! Hello everyone from Sandy in Stratford-upon-Avon….
19:03:01 From Samantha Smeaton : Hello from Sammy Smeaton 🙏🤗
19:03:02 From Michelle : HELLO I'M A NEWBIE 😍
19:03:17 From Sian Rayner-Tharme : Hello from Adlington, Chorley x
19:03:17 From Julie : Hi from Julie G
19:03:23 From Pam : Pam mid wales
19:03:28 From Susan's S10 : Good evening x
19:03:30 From Kathryn Fitch : Hello another newbie from Silverdale
19:03:30 From Lorna Hutchinson To All Panelists : Hi there- from Huddersfield xx🐈‍⬛❤️🐈❤️🎶🍷🎼
19:04:25 From Donna Lewis : Hello from West Berks!
19:05:03 From Gillian Davies : Hi everyone, Gillian from Wigan. I loved these zooms during lockdown! So nice to join in again.
19:05:07 From Davina : hello from Dolgellau
19:05:31 From Joy Hoadley To All Panelists : Hello, Joy, Newbury Berkshire.
19:05:37 From Melanie To All Panelists : Question for our wonderful hosts… would you say you are close to Druidry in your outlook?
19:05:40 From Maatje : hello from isle of wight
19:05:48 From Rosemary GREENOUGH To All Panelists : Hello everyone from Rose in Oxfordshire xxx
19:06:09 From Sarah Fillingham : Hello from Sarah in York, but currently in YHA Whitby!
19:06:32 From Andrea To All Panelists : Hello from Burton on Trent
19:07:04 From Andrene Alejandro : Hi from Isle of Man , video not working ,my apologies.
19:07:21 From Pat To All Panelists : Hi from Newcastle upon tyne
19:08:44 From Debra Bowden : Hello from Manchester x
19:09:59 From Tina Burchill To Melanie and All Panelists : Hi Melanie, could you put your question in the Q&A box please so Nicola and Jason don't miss it.
19:10:41 From Lisa-Jane : yes!
19:10:43 From Jane : absolutely!
19:10:46 From Linda_Kingsnorth To All Panelists : Definitely!
19:10:47 From Sue Cook : Shorter attention span!
19:10:49 From Tracey Woodley : Yes, definately
19:10:50 From Cathy : absolutely - since lockdown i have got worse and worse at concentration..
19:10:52 From Kim Hudson : definitely
19:10:53 From Samantha Smeaton : yes, I notice this very much
19:10:54 From Di : I struggle
19:10:55 From Rachel Phoenix : Just started reading ‘Stolen Focus’ by Johan HAri
19:10:56 From Donna Lewis : Yes!
19:10:57 From Marcia Nightingale : Definitely struggling at the moment to focus
19:10:58 From Andrea : Absolutely!! Struggling to focus on anything
19:10:58 From victoriasperrin To All Panelists : Yes! I’m trt
19:10:59 From Helen K : Absolutely
19:11:00 From Rosemary GREENOUGH To All Panelists : I struggle
19:11:02 From Jenni : yes
19:11:05 From jomorrell : absolutely....even in my thoughts!
19:11:05 From Debra Bowden : yes very much
19:11:06 From Michelle Preston (she/her) To All Panelists : Hello you two lovely people, so looking forward to connecting this evening for the first time rom here in beautiful rural Powys…… where we are surrounded by buzzards! Much gratitude to you both for sharing your teachings so openly, authentically and freely. We live in the age of distraction and young people are now presenting at GPs with memory issues
19:11:06 From Rebekah Bailie : Yes definitely.
19:11:07 From Gillian Davies : Yes, definitely!
19:11:08 From Mel R To All Panelists : YES!!!! And it is only getting worse.
19:11:08 From Ann Burston : Yes, absolutely agree, feel it is difficult to focus
19:11:13 From Karen C : Definitely finding it harder to finish projects I start
19:11:14 From fae : Yes, really struggle at times
19:11:15 From Carolyn To All Panelists : Yes, the past couple of months have been particularly hard
19:11:15 From Emma Reid-Chalmers : Been like functioning in fog and wading through gloop
19:11:21 From Susan Beedell : Yes definitely
19:11:23 From Gina : Yes! My attention span is terrible
19:11:24 From Ursidia : I find it hard to read now…little concentration.
19:11:24 From jill willis : yes!
19:11:24 From Debs : Yes since working from home
19:11:24 From Anne Barbara Clarke : yes but I thought it might be old age !😂
19:11:28 From Angela Birchall : My span is shorter than short!!😂
19:11:30 From Di : bombarded by media etc difficult to maintain focus and concentrate on one thing at a time
19:11:30 From Red : Definitely - even after reading Johann Hari's book.
19:11:30 From Julie : Yes. I had put it down to add or trauma rather than our times but I think lots of people are struggling with it whatever it is.
19:11:37 From Debi Knight (she/her) : Yes . I Miss lockdown when I could focus on what is important to me. Now its mostly work :-(
19:11:40 From mish : absolutely!
19:11:42 From Roberta To All Panelists : Yes - got too into scrolling F/B during Lockdown
19:11:51 From Linda : Yes, digital overload sometimes. x
19:11:51 From Pam : yes. definitely.
19:11:56 From Caroline : Absolutely, pressures of daily life we forget to feed our soul x
19:11:57 From Lorna Hutchinson To All Panelists : Yes - shocking attention span - am totally non-productive 😢
19:12:06 From Steve W : Very much so! Many years of conditioning within the western culture aimed at stealing our attention.
19:12:07 From Jennie : Definatlely
19:12:11 From Jane Davies : yes! motivation and focus are a struggle
19:12:11 From Sandy Holt : Yes totally… and can’t put my finger on why… wondered if it was PTSD as been through a lot in past few years. But it didn’t feel as if that was the cause. xx
19:12:22 From Virginia Epstein : I score very high on ADD which has explained a lot about my approach to life and concentration
19:12:33 From Alison Wells : I have stopped watching the news, and found i can focus better without news propoganda
19:12:40 From Sian Rayner-Tharme : I always suffer with procrastination and keeping my focus on one thing. I regularly flit from one thing to another before finishing a task. Im struggling with this at present with setting up my new business and completing academic work for my Hypnotherapy course
19:12:42 From Rachel Rosie : Technology & EMF can be overpowering.
19:13:09 From Kim Hudson : it's so hard to live day to day it's really hard to focus on any long term goals
19:13:13 From Hannah : I find it hard to focus because I do t know who I am
19:13:19 From Beverly Hamilton : yes, its very hard to push forward with things that are good for us, got worse I thought it was my age.
19:13:20 From Melanie Best To All Panelists : its just getting through the day is a struggle soemtimes alone thinking about the future
19:13:28 From Janet : I think media especially social media deliberately strives to steal our focus.
19:13:38 From Nikki Cody To All Panelists : What was it called again?
19:13:55 From lesley gerrard : Indeed, yes, absolutely. We're kept in a state of being overwhelmed. More important than ever to unplug,
19:14:12 From Ann-Marie Nicholson : I had thought it was my SAH but not so sure now!
19:14:32 From Ann Draj : I came off facebook in 2020 and have never regretted it
19:14:39 From Ann Burston : Social media and the news!!! aaarrgghh
19:14:40 From Alison Wells : Turn the television and radio off
19:14:56 From Julie : yep, we are being manipulated 100%
19:15:16 From Jacinta : A whole year now I have been trying to live by the wheel of the year. I have noticed that it has kept me more grounded, more in the present. I dont do social media, i dont listen to the news which all helps 🥰
19:15:36 From mish : oh, but I love the radio!
19:15:55 From Ann Draj : oh yes my addiction is radio 4
19:16:06 From mish : :)
19:16:06 From Alison Wells : The radio is ok as long as you only listen to what YOU want to listen to
19:16:08 From Nikki Cody : What is the book called? And Johans second name?
19:16:37 From Carolyn To All Panelists : I saw my first snowdrop yesterday, it really lifted me to see that life is emerging again from the ground. Waking up from my winter hibernation very slowly
19:16:39 From Rachel Phoenix : Johan Hari - ‘Stolen Focus’
19:16:41 From Jane : Stolen Focus
19:16:47 From Jane : JohanHari
19:16:51 From Andrene Alejandro : Johann Hari Stolen Focus
19:17:28 From Tina Burchill : Hello everyone, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:17:43 From Nikki Cody : Thank you! : )
19:18:10 From mish : Fair point about the hijacking of ceremony
19:18:52 From Ann Draj To All Panelists : I would like to know how you dealt with leaving the spirits of loci in Anglesarke and introducing yourself to the ones in your new home
19:19:05 From Tina Burchill :
19:19:06 From Debi Knight (she/her) : Just got paid so should be ok to book now :-)
19:19:08 From Mark Hudson : Signs from Nature is so powerful
19:19:52 From Mark Hudson : yep
19:19:53 From Debi Knight (she/her) : Yes
19:19:54 From Ann-Marie Nicholson : to find myself
19:19:54 From Krish Surroy : Yes, the move to canada
19:19:55 From Ann Draj To All Panelists : yes
19:19:55 From Ann Burston : No
19:19:56 From Beth : yes
19:19:57 From Di : no
19:19:57 From Tracey Woodley : yes
19:19:57 From victoriasperrin To All Panelists : Yes
19:19:58 From david : yes
19:19:58 From Maatje : yes
19:19:58 From Cathy : no
19:19:58 From Marcia Nightingale : yes
19:19:58 From Red : yes
19:19:59 From Jenni : yes
19:19:59 From Sian Rayner-Tharme : Yes
19:19:59 From Helen K : yes
19:19:59 From Craig To All Panelists : No
19:20:00 From Alison Wells : yes
19:20:00 From Wendy : No
19:20:00 From Mary : not really
19:20:00 From Susan To All Panelists : Yes
19:20:01 From fae : Not really
19:20:01 From Andrene Alejandro : Yes
19:20:01 From Carolyn To All Panelists : Yes
19:20:01 From Jess Hall To All Panelists : No
19:20:01 From Debs : Yes
19:20:03 From Kathryn @MandalaMeadow : yes
19:20:03 From jomorrell : still working on it
19:20:04 From Rosemary GREENOUGH To All Panelists : Yes I think I do xx
19:20:04 From Erika : yes
19:20:05 From Anne Barbara Clarke : not yet but working on it
19:20:06 From kathycar : Yes
19:20:06 From Mel Kidd : no, something different
19:20:06 From Emma Reid-Chalmers : Mostly
19:20:07 From Kathryn Fitch : Yes
19:20:08 From Maria : Working on it
19:20:11 From Debra Bowden : no I'm struggling
19:20:11 From Ilse : no....
19:20:12 From Michelle : WORKING TOWARDS WHAT I WANT
19:20:12 From Pat To All Panelists : Yes more organised hopefully
19:20:12 From Nikki Cody : Clarity of my next direction
19:20:13 From Pam : yes in skeleton form still
19:20:14 From Ursidia : Not clearly - I was so focused last year!
19:20:17 From mish : No :/
19:20:19 From Anne Douglas : yes
19:20:20 From Ann : Yes
19:20:20 From Susan Beedell : Yes
19:20:23 From Melanie Best To All Panelists : i know i want to make changes but what these look like I don't know
19:20:28 From Beverly Hamilton : sort of
19:20:33 From Mark Hudson : yes Dream it awake
19:20:34 From Debra Bowden : no I'm struggling
19:20:41 From Angela Birchall : Sort of vaguely
19:20:44 From Jane Davies : no
19:20:46 From Sandy Holt : Yes but not the specifics only just working on a vision board …know I need to step up and embrace change…
19:20:54 From claire : yes
19:21:04 From Debi Knight (she/her) : I do not subscribe to the calendar New Year I usually do Samhain but this year I am trying the Imbolc approach
19:21:09 From Beth : Yes Im so with you on taking January to think and find goals
19:21:22 From Jenni Stuart-Anderson To All Panelists : peace
19:21:28 From Tina Burchill : Here is the link:
19:21:35 From Ann Draj : I use Samhain usually.
19:21:51 From Mark Hudson : Asking the question in a Medicine talk is also a good idea
19:22:14 From Jacinta : YES! This year I am being re born, it is just starting, there's a "new" me emerging 👍
19:22:49 From Anne Barbara Clarke : fantastic book !
19:22:54 From Rachel Rosie : It’s really amazing
19:23:18 From Ann Burston : Yes, great book … one goal is to check out my back story this year
19:23:20 From Kathryn @MandalaMeadow : Very sad to have to leave but I hope there'll be a recording. Have a grea tevening everyone
19:24:35 From Sian Rayner-Tharme : I have read your book and it was very inspiring and couldn't put it down, I really put myself in the footsteps of your ancestor and its inspired me to continue with tracing my ancestors which had come to a grinding hault.
19:27:34 From Tina Burchill : You can find out more about Nicola's book here:
19:28:02 From Mark Hudson : Love Mandala of nature and giving gratitude
19:28:59 From Claire Stone : I would imagine that the Wheel of the Year helped you to pace yourself and not become overwhelmed.
19:29:26 From Hannah : Love Earthlight.
19:29:49 From Tina Burchill : You can see more of Jason's Earthlight project here:
19:29:50 From Anne Barbara Clarke : me too
19:30:19 From Jane : for those in the South West, there is a labyrinth within Exeter Cathedral which can be walked and they are running workshops throughout the year
19:30:25 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : Love Way of the Buzzard and Earthlight. Xx
19:34:33 From Aisling Kiernan : Hi Everyone, I've been working with the wheel for a few years now, it so different from the usual strive/drive way of living that has become the norm. Much more balanced, working in rhythm with Nature. Nourishing, not draining.
19:35:09 From mish : that would be nice :)
19:38:17 From Mark Hudson : Last years journey shields is good to
19:39:45 From Debi Knight (she/her) : Access to 'my' Willow I sat on & with during lockdown has been blocked off - I've lost my Willow friend 😭
19:40:18 From Anne Barbara Clarke : your willow remains in your heart
19:41:14 From mish : Anne Barbara put it beautifully
19:41:27 From Cheryl To All Panelists : What is the magazine called please and the writer that nicola is talking about x
19:41:31 From Debi Knight (she/her) : ❤️
19:42:03 From Aisling Kiernan : It's so
19:42:24 From Aisling Kiernan : It's Ashling, but the Irish spelling 😊
19:42:40 From Pam : some of our ancestors raised enormous monuments to the elements, as they were so important to them
19:44:27 From Ann Draj : black swans are nesting in Dawlish
19:44:27 From Sue Cook : Already seen m first grape hyacinths and bulbs all popping up. Sunset later now too - love to sit up n the hills and watch it.
19:44:40 From Kim Hudson : my little crocus are up 😍
19:44:46 From Aisling Kiernan : love that, festival of stirrings!
19:45:00 From Ann Draj : Camellias are blooming
19:45:30 From helen edwards : birds are more vocal and Hazel has catkins
19:45:34 From Mark Hudson : Had a nightingale singing to me during the winter :)
19:45:34 From Jacinta : A stirring within, a flicker of embers. So exciting 😍
19:47:26 From Sarah Fillingham : How do you find a local sacred spring? Can it be any spring?
19:48:05 From Aisling Kiernan : such beautiful signals of life returning. bit slower here in Ireland but you are inspiring me that it won't be too long till the flowers peek up. just have snowdrops here so far.
19:48:27 From mish : I was wondering about that. Explore local traditions and folklore maybe
19:50:52 From Mark Hudson : a free website showing world wide ancient sites and places of interest
19:51:03 From Ann Burston : Hi Blue x
19:51:29 From Debi Knight (she/her) : Purr Purr Purr
19:51:35 From mish : thanks Mark
19:52:13 From Mark Hudson : yw
19:53:22 From Mark Hudson : mow in the lawn
19:53:41 From Tina Burchill : Here is the link for Space to Emerge:
19:55:04 From Sian Rayner-Tharme : Do you offer payment plans for your weekend events?
19:56:30 From Sarah Fillingham : Thanks Mark - page bookmarked 😊
19:58:00 From Tina Burchill : Link to Earth Pathways diary:
20:01:11 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : I love early mornings in the summer xx
20:09:48 From Mark Hudson : Equinox and solstices are earth power times to
20:12:29 From rachael in London with Steve and Dave-‍⬛&- : It was well worth waiting for 📖
20:12:57 From Anne Barbara Clarke : definitely
20:14:38 From Pam : this is what i so love about the buzzard school, there is no failure, there is just a way to accept it did not happen, and we can look again and re think, and go on next year having learnt.
20:14:49 From Tina Burchill : Here is the link to the retreat information:
20:15:47 From Mark Hudson : Ty Tina
20:18:55 From Maria : Thank you for this overview, cant wait to journey the next wheel of the year with you and in community
20:18:57 From Samantha Smeaton : Just talking about it feels great and inspiring
20:19:24 From Marcia Nightingale : This will be my first year of working with the wheel. I am looking forward to the discoveries within
20:19:34 From rick To All Panelists : Can you please explain Sigil
20:19:35 From jomorrell : Brilliant- the perfect structure for my year after last year scuppered all my bearings. Thank yu
20:19:39 From Ann Burston : Great overview, it's good to revisit, easy not to do and make the effort.
20:19:48 From Yvonne Cervetti To All Panelists : Inspiring thank you 🙏🏼
20:19:50 From Tony : Thank for sharing. Informative for sure 🙏🏽
20:20:02 From Emma Reid-Chalmers : I really feel inspired - thank you 🙏
20:20:05 From Angela Birchall : It all makes so much sense and shows just how out of touch we are in so-called civilised society! Think how much we have lost with it. Thanks for bringing it back to focus.
20:20:15 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : Thanks so much. Looking forward to working with the wheel of the year.
20:20:53 From rachael in London with Steve and Dave-‍⬛&- : There’s always a time to be present in as well as knowing there’s more to look forward to. It is very life affirming
20:21:28 From Melanie Best To All Panelists : our celebrations have been hijacked but I feel them in my bones - really don't know how its much deeper than the celebrations that are the mainstream
20:21:32 From Christine : Really enjoyed finding out about each section of the wheel and what activities to do . Thank you
20:21:37 From Shivani Maria : I love Imbolc, Beltane & Samhain. I completed a full wheel of the year, accompanied & inspired by The Mystery school, at Samhain 2022 . I am now am on the second revolution. I use the wheel to inspire my Yin yoga classes, as well as new & full moon. Much gratitude
20:22:26 From Aisling Kiernan : absolutely, in days past they didn't have calendars so felt the energies rather than sticking to such absolutely specific dates
20:22:36 From Ursidia : I am so lucky - I probably live in the only town in the Uk where ALL Wheel of the Year festivals are celebrated - there is so much to do, you just can’t decide!
20:22:44 From Michelle : I also use the wheel of the year in my yoga classes x
20:22:48 From Xenia Meinert : I love it how you bring together science, nature observations, history, Folklore and myth.
20:22:49 From Mark Hudson : Our Ancestors also held these so its imprinted in our DNA
20:23:47 From Tony : Thank you 💙
20:23:54 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you!
20:23:56 From Mary : and we still sense them directly, if we let ourselves
20:24:18 From Aisling Kiernan : you are so right Mary
20:24:36 From Rachel Rosie To All Panelists : Many thanks
20:24:49 From Tina Burchill : Here is the link to the Mystery School:
20:26:07 From Lisa To All Panelists : Best subscription ever real value everyone!!
20:26:48 From Tina Burchill To Lisa and All Panelists : If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
20:27:35 From Lisa : The mystery school is great because i can dip in whenever i have the time day or night !
20:28:03 From Tina Burchill : Here is the link to the Mystery School:
20:28:04 From Lisa : Best subscription value ever!
20:28:11 From Kim Hudson : thank goodness I missed this month but feel I need it so much. looking forward to watching the replay ❤️
20:28:22 From rachael in London with Steve and Dave-‍⬛&- : Absolutely Lisa!
20:28:27 From Xenia Meinert : Yay, I love that there are more online retreats!
20:28:33 From Tina Burchill : Here is the link to Ignite the Spark:
20:28:50 From rachael in London with Steve and Dave-‍⬛&- : Love the online retreats too
20:28:53 From Lynn Alexander : nightnight and thank you forever! xxxxx
20:30:09 From Jacinta : I love the replays, the last one took me 2/3 days but it all felt right. loved it,😍
20:34:03 From Tracey Woodley : Just signed up! Looking forward to this retreat. if it's anything like Bear Nec it'll be another fabulous day 😃❤️
20:34:36 From Tracey Woodley : yes, all of them
20:34:47 From Tina Burchill : Here is the link:
20:35:07 From Krish Surroy : Gotta jump now am afraid but have signed up and will be doing from British Columbia. Thank you folks…always amazing!
20:36:08 From Lorna Hutchinson To All Panelists : Fabulous evening- feeling much rejuvenated- many thanks 😊
20:36:10 From rachael in London with Steve and Dave-‍⬛&- : Thank you 🙏🏼
20:36:11 From Pam : as someone who is unable to drive off and join in person events, I find the online community enables me to still feel connected and still follow my path
20:36:18 From Anne Barbara Clarke : Thanks so much Jason and Nicola- got to go now
20:36:30 From Ann Draj : yes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts
20:36:54 From Emma Reid-Chalmers : Thank you so much 😊 it’s really resonated with me 🙏
20:37:11 From Shivani Maria : Its in my diary & I am def planning to come x
20:37:17 From Jay : Thank You 🙏
20:37:18 From Ann Burston : Thank you for this evening, a lot of food for thought.
20:37:26 From Caroline : Thank you so much, what a wonderful 90 mins xx 🙏🏻
20:37:28 From Cathy : Thank you so much. i needed this
20:37:30 From alysonpowell : Thank you. A beautiful evening with you all. Looking forward to the online retreat.
20:37:31 From jomorrell : Perfect, thank you so much, his all feeds into my need to prioritise myself
20:37:42 From Sandy Holt : Will be signing up at end of week. Really needed this evening to bring me back to my path. Really grateful thank you. Sxxx
20:37:53 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : Goodnight everyone. Thank you. Hoping to do Ignite the Spark. Xxx
20:38:01 From Aisling Kiernan : lovely enjoyable wandering, thank you and it's been lovely connecting with like minded people .
20:38:03 From Debi Knight (she/her) : Mark put a link in the chat that might help - it has my 2 local springs in it
20:38:20 From Diane : thank you to you both for all you do xx
20:38:27 From Tina Burchill : will do
20:38:29 From Shivani Maria : Th modern Antiquarian by Julia Cope
20:38:36 From Shivani Maria : Julian Cope
20:38:50 From Ursidia : The book, Magical Britain by Rob Wildwood has 600 sites listed.
20:38:54 From Joanne : Thank you both so much 💗
20:39:10 From Julie : thank you for sharing your knowledge, I look forward to joining more events. I feel connected again to a heart centred tribe. Aho.
20:39:15 From Tracey : Yes indeed much appreciated this evening of positive energy... Hope too see you on the retreat when all aligns. Thank you 🙏💗🕯️
20:39:30 From rick To All Panelists : How do you create a Sigil symbol
20:39:58 From Tina Burchill : Here is the link for Space to Emerge:
20:40:25 From Susan Beedell : Thank you Jason and Nicola really enjoyed this evening looking forward to ignite 🙏
20:41:12 From Melanie Best To All Panelists : hi this maybe a stupid question but is Sabat = celebration
20:41:15 From Jacinta : thank you🙏
20:41:29 From Tina Burchill : Here is the link:
20:42:12 From Tony : Have to leave now. Thank you so much 💙🙏🏽
20:42:39 From Jacinta : Anyone near Sandbach, Cheshire? looking for people to share wheel of the year with🥰
20:43:35 From Carolyn : Thank you Jason, Nicola and Tina, just what I needed to relight my fire and dive back into my mystery school learning!
20:44:02 From Lisa To All Panelists : Blue !!!
20:44:17 From kathycar : Thank you both, see u at the Retreat
20:44:27 From Kim Hudson : brilliant thank you 😍😍😍😍
20:44:49 From Helen K : Thank you Jason, Nicola and Tina. So much information! Loved it. x
20:45:19 From Carolyn : Jacinta, I’m in Winsford x
20:45:20 From Kathryn Fitch : Thank you so much for your generosity. I have found you inspiring as well as the material covered. Yours in gratitude 🙏
20:45:42 From jomorrell : Thank you so much. A fascinating, inspirational evening.
20:45:51 From Kim Hudson : crocuses
20:46:00 From Tina Burchill : Primroses coming soon
20:46:19 From Donna Lewis : Thank you, so much. Really inspiring and has got my energy going! Looking forward to celebrating Imbolc and planning the ceremony 💜
20:46:21 From Pam : honeysuckle is sprouting leaves in mid wales
20:46:35 From Shivani Maria : Wondering if some diffs might come early but possibly some crocus
20:46:48 From Shivani Maria : daffodils
20:46:52 From Maria : This evening's information has really warmed my heart. Thank you to you both and the community for the questions and comments ☺️
20:47:00 From Wendy : It’s been wonderful to spend time with you Jason and Nicola. Thank you so much for an enjoyable, uplifting evening! ✨🙏✨
20:47:06 From Ann : Lidl had crocus and daffodils this week.
20:47:16 From Mary : honeysuckle is usually first in leaf here...
20:48:24 From Debra Bowden : I was too worried coming on my own so my sister coming with me to Space to Emerge
20:48:42 From Ursidia : As always, so enjoyable! Can’t wait for 4th Feb!
20:48:57 From Kim Hudson : we went to emerald boughs last year and everyone was on their own except for me and hubby it was amazing ❤️
20:49:11 From Alison Wells : got to go now, but thank you for an informative evening. X
20:49:21 From Tina Burchill : Blogs are here:
20:51:35 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you very much, Wonderful and very interesting talk! Everyone have a nice evening! xx
20:51:53 From Kim Hudson : norse
20:52:18 From Nikki Cody : Thank you! Fantastic!
20:52:21 From Jayne : Another inspiring evening. Thank you. Go well everyone
20:52:27 From Kim Hudson : and you do it so well ❤️
20:52:28 From Valerie To All Panelists : Great review of the sabbats. Thank you so much.
20:52:29 From Aisling Kiernan : wonderful philosophy
20:52:30 From Pam : yes, Jason. spot on
20:52:42 From fae : Thank you Jason, Nicola, Tina & Blue for a great evening full of information xx
20:52:44 From Melanie Best To All Panelists : thank you so much I will see you at ignite the spark ... really enjoyed this tonight x
20:52:44 From Mary : Thank you for this evening. It's been rich and nourishing, and is inspiring me to work this year more fully with the wheel. xxx
20:53:09 From Maria : 🥰
20:53:13 From Kim Hudson : well said Mary absolutely concur ❤️
20:53:18 From Tracey : It's been fantastic. 💗
20:53:21 From Susan Beedell : Always listening ❤️
20:53:22 From Marcia Nightingale : Thank you all so much for a great evening and all the tips to look into moving forward
20:53:22 From Pam : I am here because there is no wrong way, and all are welcome
20:53:23 From Debi Knight (she/her) : Thank you Jason, Nicola & Tina :-) it was great to reconnect with you all xx
20:53:27 From Jenni : Thank you so much, it has been lovely xx
20:53:28 From Di : Thank you both, nourishing, nurturing, wonderful!
20:53:31 From Michelle : Thank you I've thoroughly enjoyedxx
20:53:31 From Sian Rayner-Tharme : Thank you for all your wonderful insight, lots of food for thought x
20:53:32 From Heidi Cooper : Thanks so much Nicola and Jason for another inspiring and lovely evening! So happy to be part of the mystery school community 🌳💚
20:53:35 From Jacinta : Thank you🥰🥰
20:53:35 From Nikki : Thank you this has been really useful and something I have been looking for. it has been really easy to understand and connect with
20:53:43 From Jenny To All Panelists : Thank you so much for this evening x
20:53:45 From Ann-Marie Nicholson : Thank you, look forward to ignite the spark :)
20:53:47 From Wendy : Beautiful ❤️ Thank you both! xx
20:53:48 From Jane : thank you
20:53:49 From david : Thank you. xxx
20:53:51 From Kim Hudson : thanks and blessings guys ❤️
20:53:52 From alysonpowell : Thank you.💚
20:53:54 From Lisa : Brilliant cant wait for replay😀✨
20:53:55 From maureen : Thank you both for all you do x
20:53:55 From Maria : Thank you so much ❤️🙏
20:54:04 From Anne Jepson : thank you, really great xx
20:54:05 From Andrea To All Panelists : Thanks
20:54:05 From Mark Hudson : Thank you guys Tc :)
20:54:13 From Sue Hadrick : Thank you so much. Amazing introduction to the wheel
20:54:14 From jaCKy fridlington : thankyou very muchx
20:54:17 From Mel Kidd : Thank you, really enjoyed your talk and learning about the wheel of the year
20:54:20 From ann59 : Thank you.
20:54:26 From Lorna Hutchinson To All Panelists : 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛ Fantastic evening- many thanks xx❤️🐈‍⬛🐈❤️
20:54:34 From Debra Bowden : 🥰☕✨💯
20:54:49 From Julie : Thank you, a really great talk and the images are brilliant
20:54:50 From Erika : Thank you so much for a fantastic evening am looking forward to joining the mystery school x
20:54:53 From Nell Gibbs : thank you so much I'm looking forward too returning to the mystery school. NELL
20:54:55 From Bethan Laurels : Thank you muchly ☺️🌱💚✨🙏
20:55:20 From Sian Rayner-Tharme : What about payment plans for your retreats do you offer those?
20:55:26 From Roberta To All Panelists : Thanks so much - lovely to catch up with you both again xxx
20:55:36 From Jess Hall To All Panelists : Thank you, this was my first time in your company. I thoroughly enjoyed it, deepened my understanding and was inspired by your vision and community. Sending warmth and gratitude x
20:55:42 From Lisa : You wont want to leave💖
20:56:00 From Kim Hudson : I was thinking the same Lisa ❤️
20:56:14 From Sian Rayner-Tharme : Brilliant, thanks x
20:56:18 From Lisa : Thanks kim x
20:56:21 From Jane Davies : thank you from one of the silent few! xx ❤️ ❤️
20:56:26 From Pam : agree lisa
20:56:29 From Fiona Merritt : Loved this evening with you 🥰 Thank you, especially the idea of the going around the circle and growing with how the project/idea grows and then refocusing if you haven't achieved everything
20:56:47 From Julie Cobbin : I love listening to and watching you and I forget that you're just seeing a screen. Thank you for your time. I joined The Mystery School on 1st January having joined you for a couple of all day retreats. I really am enjoying it all. I sent your email link to 4 others and I'm sure 3 of them joined the talk tonight. Thank you. 😊💚💫
20:57:12 From Andrene Alejandro : thank you 🔥🙏🌿
20:57:39 From Lisa : Your both doing brilliantly!
20:57:44 From Kim Hudson : we really are together Julie ❤️
20:58:04 From Debra Bowden : thank you And good night to one and all . inspiration ignited me again 🥰
20:58:43 From Ann Draj : thanks to you all. See you again at Ignite the spark
20:58:44 From Helen K : Looking forward to this year with you. Goodnight all.
20:58:46 From Kim Hudson : blessings to all and to all a goodnight ❤️
20:58:56 From Michelle : Bye x

Introducing The Way of The Buzzard Mystery School

In these unsettling times as the world pauses it is our moment to drop into a different space, away from the turmoil of the chattering mind, and reach out to taste that balm for our soul.

The shamanic path was made for this moment.

If you are looking to resource yourself spirituality and learn more about shamanism then the Mystery School is the perfect place for you. Here you can learn how to draw the healing magic nature holds, through deep nature connection, animal spirit medicine, tree spirit medicine and by aligning yourself with the natural rhythms of the earth.

Here you can learn how to access the wisdom from your spirit guides at a moment’s notice through shamanic journeying and call in support through ceremony. Here you can learn techniques on how to protect yourself in these unfolding times and cushion yourself from the uncertainty that the coming weeks and months hold.

We have over 100 hours of content to delve into in The Mystery School, all delivered through easy-to-watch videos, as well as our monthly live shamanic journey circle, our regular live coaching calls and our private facebook group. All our lessons include activities which you can easily follow without even needing to leave your home or garden if you have one.

Here you have a place to come to where you can come and join in with a community of like-minded travellers to kick off your shoes and place your feet on the bare earth. A place where you can rest and recuperate, immersing yourself in the healing energies of nature.

A place where you can calm yourself by tuning in to listen the soft reassuring words from your spirit guides.

All if this is available to you for just £14 per month with no lock in period. It's the shamanic alternative to Netflix!

Come and give us a try… our community is waiting on the other side to welcome you so we can journey through these times together.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are a few words from folk in The Mystery School who were at our special Spring Equinox Circle:

Thoughts from our clan about the Mystery School:


The mystery school community has been truly wonderful this week - a calming place that has made me feel much better and grounded, so thank you.



Thank you so much. This tribe/clan and your generous spiritual work is genuinely helping keep me sane and balanced.



 The Mystery school has helped me over this week for sure, beyond today and into the this coming period.



thank you for creating a truly beautifully crafted evening.



The Mystery School is amazing, and has been a real oasis for me at a very difficult time. 



Loving this journeying planning... I'm a nurse!!



It’s excellent resource.



thank you so much for all you do it's greatly appreciated.



its an honour to be a part of this beautiful circle.


© 2020,The Way of The Buzzard