Wheel Wanderings

maintain your focus with the Wheel of the Year

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Wednesday 25th January 2023 7pm (UK time)

Now your feet are firmly in the new year, it's likely that you are looking ahead to what 2023 might bring. Come and spend the evening with us as we talk about working with the Celtic Wheel of the year and explore how you can align your year with the natural cycles of the Earth.

During our gathering we will:

  • Explain the Celtic Wheel of the Year and the energies of each of the eight festivals
  • Share examples of how you can work with these to align your life with the natural rhythms of nature, beginning with the next festival, Imbolc.
  • Learn what events we are holding around the Wheel that you can join in with, both online and in-person.

Your Hosts:

Celebration Time:

Wednesday 25th January 2023

at 19:00 UK time

This live online event is completely free! Reserve your seat now and join us live.

You don't need any experience or to prepare anything. Just come along with an open mind and begin your journey of dropping into nature time. We'd love to share the evening with you.

If you aren’t able to join us on the night, register your place, and we will send you the recording within 24 hours following our evening.

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