wheeloftheyearcoverWe are excited to give you this 20 page e-book which will help you align your life more fully with the cycles of nature, drawing on the wheel of the year festivals for inspiration. These 8 festivals, also known as Sabbats, have been followed in some form or other since ancient times and can provide the backbone of your own personal Earth Path.

To download your document simply right click (control click on a Mac) the link below and select “Save Link As…” from the options. The pdf document will then download into your designated folder. Please allow a few minutes for it to download.

Download The Wheel of The Year now.

You probably have the right software on your computer to read the document, however if you have problems you can download a free pdf reader here.

The document will print too, remember it is 20 pages long and will look best if you select a high quality print setting and use nice paper! However, being keen to promote treading lightly on our Earth we suggest you don’t print it. However if you do please hold onto it and don’t throw it away.

We hope you enjoy this free resource and welcome any comments you’d like to share.