The Way of Wyrd by Brian Bates

The Way of The Buzzard

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Review by Nicola Smalley

Remember hearing the phrase ‘thats really weird‘.

Wyrd is the ancient Anglo-Saxon spiritual teachings. They were recorded by a monk over a thousand years ago, sent over from France to England to infiltrate the workings of our spirituality back then so that the Christians could break it down. Brian has taken the ancient recordings of that monk and written three books based on his findings. The Way of Wyrd is the first of these three books.

We still have the way of wyrd lodged deep in our psychi. For a thousand years the concept and energy of word have lain just beneath the surface of our consciousness in a shadow world, awaiting the time when it may again be needed in the light.

Today, the term ‘weird’ means something strange, bizarre or supernatural. But in the words of Brian Bates, in its archaic and original sense, it meant that aspect of life which was so deep, so all-pervasive and so central to our understanding of ourselves and our world that it was inexpressible. Wyrd refers to our personal destiny. It connects us to all things, thoughts, emotions, events in the cosmos as if through the threads of an enormous, invisible but dynamic web. Today, through a deep connection with wyrd, we are inspired to see our lives in a new and empowering way. It restores our experience of the healing power of love, nature and creativity. It is about letting into our lives the guidance on an extended universe of spirit.

This book gives us a glimpse into the ancient spirituality of our land. A spirituality so rich that when the monk was preparing to go back to France he wrote ‘I am a servant of Almighty God, but it is in the world of wyrd that I experienced his wonder. There is time enough to return to the Mission. I wish to stay here and get to know the secrets within me‘.

The Way of Wyrd is available here.

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