The Tribe Talk by Tom Lord

The Way of The Buzzard

Tribal Talk by Tom Lord

11am Saturday 20th June


This session is a core part of our weekend together. So, if you need to miss this live gathering we have created this page so you can catch up in advance of our visioning and healing drum session we are running later in the evening.

The purpose of this morning session is to gain an insight into our ancestors lives when they lived as tribes on this limestone landscape here in Yorkshire. We are going to do this in three ways.

Firstly, we have a pre-recorded video which we are going to play. So you can watch this now instead of coming to the live session. Here is our friend Tom, who is both an archaeologist and farmer of these meadows, speaking about the tribal people of both the Neolithic and Palaeolithic periods.

Secondly, we will give our own insights into tribal life and what was important, drawing on what Tom has shared in his video. This is something you might like to catch up on next week once we release the replays. It is supplementary to Tom's talk.

Thirdly we are going to guide everyone on a shamanic journey to meet with their spiritual tribe with the intention of asking what was important to them. This is the same journey we guided you on on Friday evening. So, a way to catch up with this activity, is to think back to that journey from yesterday evening and the things which stood out to you as being important to the tribe. Also reflect on Tom's talk and the ideas he shared about tribal life and how our ancestors viewed the world. You can also go on the shamanic journey again if you are comfortable doing this with the intention "what is important to you for a fulfilling life."

At the end of this morning session, before we break for lunch, we explain an activity you can carry out through the afternoon. The task is to do something creative to represent tribal life. This time could be spent inside or outside, at home or out in the countryside. For example you could:

  • Create something at home which represents this element of tribal life. This could be drawing, painting, crafting, sculpting, writing or a song.
  • Go for a walk and flex your imagination. Take your time and really notice your surroundings. Maybe go without any pre-conceived ideas of where you might end up and see where your body wants to guide you. As you look around notice what you can eat, where you would find your water, the different species of plants and trees. Look at your world through the lens of your tribal ancestors. Journal your experience.

You can spend all afternoon on this, right up to our evening session which begins at 8pm. Or come along to our optional Pop-Up Talk at 4.30pm when we will be working with tree spirit medicine and the message of Ash.