The Sun and the Serpent

The Way of The Buzzard


Authors: Paul Broadhurst & Hamish Miller

This is one of those books which I can’t understand why it took me so many years to find, as it’s a classic in the dowsing community. I stumbled across it in a book shop on a visit to Glastonbury and it was the first ley line/ earth energies book I have read which really pulled everything together for me.

Paul and Hamish give an account of their discoveries tracking the Michael-Mary ley line which runs from the Eastern most point in England to the most Southwesterly. Published over two decades ago in 1989 the authors offer an an amazing interpretation of how our ancient ancestors used these earth energies, the monuments they built at major node points, and why they built them in the particular way that they did. It was a revelation to me when I found this book, as many ancient sacred site books I had read previous to this were all about angles and geometry, with very little interpretation as to why the sites were built. This book not only gives an insight into why they were built, but links in to the struggles we are facing the present day because we are no longer connecting in with the earth in this way.

The masculine and feminine lines weave their way through the landscape like a serpent, through some of the most well know sacred sites in the British Isles. These include Avebury, Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury Abbey and the Chalice Well, St Michaels Mount, and the quarry where the stones for the great megaliths at Stone Henge were sourced. As the sun rose at Beltane at Hopton in East Anglia fire beacons were lit at energy nodes throughout this line right down to Cornwall. They paint a picture of a great fertility ceremony being held at the centre point, Avebury, where two processions converged, one made up of men and the other women, spiritual pilgrims who had travelled many many miles for this great ritual. As well as artistic license backed up by evidence, on a practical level the authors also show ‘dowsing in action’ giving the reader an insight into how to dowse and what to look out for when you visit the sites themselves.

Towards the end of the book there is a summary of how this ancient wisdom has been driven underground, replaced by power and control structures who use the energies for a different gain. How our loss of connection with Nature is our downfall, and that the industrialisation of the western world has progressively created a situation where humanity works against Nature instead of with it. How we now stand at a crossroads of evolution and we each have a role to play in the great turning…

To continue down a road that leads inevitably to an even greater alienation from Nature is clearly against the Laws of Creation. The remedy has been forced upon us: We must consider the Earth as a mother who gives us Life, a treasure house of everyday miraculous events, and nurtures all its creatures according to their own characteristics. This is a very ancient view. In coming to a conscious realization that the Earth and its inhabitants form a living whole, we will have transcended the barrier of time to link in spirit with those who lived their vision in another age. As another great cycle of time draws to a close, the dawn of a new understanding illuminated the horizon: Humanity will assume its proper place in the scheme of things as co-creators of the world around us, a voluntary return to Divine Law. The memories that are now stirring within every individual are a response to new energies flooding into the Earths field: It is for each person to become conscious of their role in this Great Word and participate in the process of evolution

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Review written by Nicola Smalley