The Stone and the Sidhe

The Way of The Buzzard

Perched right on the edge of the West Pennine Moors, overlooking Anglezarke, this stone is a mystery to the locals. Many years ago our ancestors etched two triangles into its face, which have survived the pounding moorland wind and rain for thousands of years. The memory as to why they have been carved has long been lost. 

Early in on my shamanic path Jason and I visited this Stone to see if we could unravel its secrets. For many decades I have been drawn to standing stones, for a long time not knowing why. We took up our pendulums and dowsing rods and, after asking permission to delve in, started to ask questions. We were limited as we could only get a yes or no response, operating within the constraints of our conscious minds.

Then, in the stillness of the day the Stone spoke to us, inviting us to journey and commune with it, to ask any question that we would like. We drummed and journeyed to the Spirit of the Stone, with a clear intent to find the reason for the triangles. We received a clear answer, which was fascinating. But bigger than that, we realised that we could commune directly with the land to receive insights. We could ask anything we wanted, and as long as it is for our highest good we are given the answer.

Today we went back to Stronstrey Bank Stone again, at a time astrologically when it’s a perfect time to connect in with the Lowerworld, and the Sidhe realm. Yet again my knowledge propelled forward, receiving information which is still unfolding in front of me. Right now the faeries are working hard, processing new energies which have been gifted to the planet. They are strongly calling us to work with them, for the good of Mother Earth. The future survival of the human species is dependent on the cooperation with this realm, a tall order given in the West most people do not even believe in them….yet….