The Way of The Buzzard Mystery School

Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Wisdom

As we begin to awaken, deep inside we can hear a voice calling us to something that we can’t quite name.

We tentatively walk towards it, searching for answers to questions we can’t even formulate into words.

There is a thirst to learn something, but we are not sure exactly what it is we are looking to discover.

We may find we don’t know where to start. We can amass books on our shelves but never get around to reading them all.

When we do delve into a book, we can easily gloss over the practical exercises and fail to apply the learnings in our lives.

We search for someone to talk to who shares our beliefs, only to find ourselves feeling alone, and sometimes wondering if we are the only ones on Earth who are thinking and feeling like we do.

We can procrastinate, not knowing which way to turn, worrying that we are not doing it right, or even if this practice we are seeking is even relevant.


Imagine if You had a Clear Focus on the direction of your spiritual path.

If you had a place where you could deepen your knowledge of life-changing spiritual practices and be supported along the way.

If you had a way of learning how to have access to higher knowledge and wisdom so you could take control of your own development rather than having to do what you are told to do.

If you had a place where you could have multiple strands of study so you can choose the ones relevant to your desires, interests and needs.

If you had a community you could bounce ideas off and have conversations with which you can’t have among your usual networks of family and friends.

If you were part of a group of people who are non-judgmental and who really get where you are at and who are seeking a way ahead just like you.

If you had mentors who have applied these tools in their lives for many years.

If you had that feeling that you have you own clan, your own tribe at last.

The Way of The Buzzard
Mystery School
is that place.

A little about us.

We were both brought up in a religion that told us what to believe and set out the way that we had to live our lives. It even told us what opinions to have and put the fear of God into us should we stray from this very ridged path.

After many years we both independently found this to not be a good fit but felt cast adrift not knowing which direction to go in. Up to this point our lives had been directed for us in a way that was disempowering and controlling.

Now we were in a place with an open book of life in front of us and despite the freedom this brought we both found it rather daunting. There were so many options to choose from and so many paths to explore, and yet a limited amount of time to get it right.

Independently we both sought out the teachers, made the mistakes, found the wrong folk, got it wrong again and again until we stumbled upon mentors who taught us without a personal agenda, without judgment, and allowed us to find our own path through the huge maze of possibilities.

We continue to seek and continue to refine our approach and to deepen our understandings and knowings of the things that bring joy to our souls, and feel it is time now to answer the call of the many who want to tread their own path in the way that we do.

So after years of preparation, planning and wisdom seeking we are ready to bring The Mystery School into the world where we will share what we have been shown, and gently guide those who are fellow seekers along the path of their choosing along with a community of fellow journeyers.

These are the mysteries which have helped us understand nature connection, that have enabled us to develop journey and dream skills, and that help us on a daily basis to apply the Shamanic toolkit and the old wisdoms of our land to empower our lives, find our joy and fulfil our dreams. 

Nicola & Jason

What is the Mystery School?

When most people seek to broaden their spiritual knowledge and deepen their connection they worry about things like:

  • Where do I start?
  • How do I know I can trust the person teaching this?
  • Will I be able to distinguish between sense and nonsense?
  • Will I be able to afford to learn?
  • How am I going to make time in my life for this?
  • Is this the right time? Perhaps I should put this off until another time?

These are all healthy things to be asking, and realistic concerns to hold...

...The Way of The Buzzard Mystery School helps modern day wisdom seekers apply ancient knowledge and nature’s insight so that they can find peace, joy and fulfilment in this changing World.

It is a place where you can come to learn not just about Shamanism but to delve into deep nature connection, explore the multitude of aspects of earth spirituality and esoteric traditions and discover how to live an ancestrally connected life.

The Mystery School will help bring your practice to the forefront of your life, and keep a focus on your spiritual path.

All the materials are delivered in step-by-step video training courses that walk you through each particular subject, bringing the spiritual techniques, teachings and knowledge into your life.

As The Mystery School develops we'll be calling on renowned experts in various fields to supplement the lessons and add real depth and breadth to the curriculum.

Easy to Watch Tutorial Videos

 Learn through easy to watch tutorial videos. Deepen your knowledge and understanding taking it one step at a time.

No Need to Travel

 There is no need to travel, or take weekends away from your family. Study with us in the comfort of your own home.

Self Directed Study Path

Pick up the material and put it down whenever you like, according to what is going on in your life at the time. 

Regular Journey Circles

Regular monthly live Shamanic journey Circles. Each Circle is progressive, and will  support you on your path. 

Live Coaching Calls

You can also connect in with us through our regular live Coaching Calls, which are recorded for ongoing reference.

Private Facebook Group

Share your thoughts, feelings, experiences and concerns or revelations with fellow travellers  in our private Facebook Group.

Three Kinds of Courses to Explore

Our Foundation programmes give you an excellent grounding in key areas relating to Shamanism, Earth Spirituality and working with nature.

 Our series of Mini Courses give you a taster of related topics which you might like to study further. We have many ideas for future courses and will be developing these over time. 

 Our Masterclasses to explore deeper into particular topics.

Premium members enjoy a 30% discount on the usual price.

But can't I do this myself?

Now you might be feeling that you don’t need a supported programme like this; that you can find your own way by dipping into books which you are drawn to, attending the occasional weekend workshop now and then, and that you are OK on your own.

And you are right, you could do that, and you may well end up precisely where you would like to be, eventually. But it is the long path, and often the lonely path too.

Do you have the time to really learn on your own how to deepen your spirituality through a practice that really resonates with you?

Can you afford to wait a long time before you begin to realise the benefits in your life from a deep connection with your Spirit Guides, and with nature? 

What our clan are saying about The Mystery School:

I've been a member of  School for just four days and already, it's bringing so much to my life.

"I've been a member of  School for just four days and already, it's bringing so much to my life. The videos, and the way Nicola and Jason present the information is so easy to access, down to earth and most importantly, lovingly crafted.

You can tell that they are people who genuinely walk the talk and believe in what they do. I've been journeying for many years to seek wisdom, and yet the first guided drumming recording I listened to of theirs brought a quality I've never experienced before! It was so powerful. I don't how exactly how they do what they do, but I guess that's why it's called mystery!"

Ann  //  Mystery School Member

Loving the Mystery School so far.This feels like something I've been looking for my whole life.

"I'm really looking forward to this.

I'm currently working my way through the Shamanic Journey Drum course and have a LOT of intriguing things to unravel.

Loving the Mystery School so far.This feels like something I've been looking for my whole life. Thank you so much for all the hard work you and Jason have put in to share your knowledge"

Karen  //  Mystery School Member

I love the way you guys approach your wisdom sharing in such a simple, no nonsense, no fluff manner.

""Thank you Nicola and Jason. You are helping me put the pieces of the puzzle together. I had told myself that I didn't want to follow one person's way .

I wanted to be guided not preached to. I love the way you guys approach your wisdom sharing in such a simple no nonsense no fluff manner. I am looking forward to sharing my path with you and the community that you are building. Thank you once again”

Pete  //  Mystery School Member

I have come to understand far better the nature of Journeying and to trust my own imagination rather than, as before, thinking that I had to conform to certain rules..

This School is very practice-orientated which means that it can be inclusive of a wide range of beliefs.

There are so many different aspects to the group but they are all brought together by the recognition of the importance of Nature in our lives, both physical and spiritual, which is very important to me.

It doesn’t feel like an online group as we all get together for Coaching Calls and the Journeying Circle yet I can go at my own pace and revisit teachings over again as many times as I want.

I have come to understand far better the nature of Journeying and to trust my own imagination rather than, as before, thinking that I had to conform to certain rules.

As a result my Journeying has become richer and more detailed. In addition, I have rediscovered an appreciation of the place of ritual in my life through the planning of my Samhain celebration and setting the mood for Journeying.

Annie  //  Mystery School Member

The small monthly investment to be part of the Mystery School is worth far more to me than I can express.

I was introduced to shamanic drumming and journeying by a friend only a short while ago, and I felt I had really found a spiritual practice and way of life I could embrace.

The small monthly investment to be part of the Mystery School is worth far more to me than I can express. I spend a huge amount of time in nature accompanied by my ‘lifetime spiritual guides’ my four springer spaniels. They give me such insight into how I need to be living, with simplicity and no attachment.

I am in the main a solitary practitioner, which to some extent I don’t mind, but it is very limiting. Since joining the Mystery School,

I have found a like-minded community which through the videos, coaching calls, journey circles and facebook page, is giving me a sense of belonging to a wonderful spiritual family. Thank you both for the tremendous compassion you both have, to give such a huge amount of your time for the benefit of myself and others.

Helen  //  Mystery School Member

​​​​How the Mystery School Works

We have two levels of membership available which you can choose from depending on where you would like to go with your studies.

In our Basic Membership level you can learn about Shamanic Journeying  with our Foundation course and join us live for a monthly Shamanic Journey Circle.

Then, for those of you who would like to go beyond learning the skill of Shamanic Journeying we have our Premium Membership level. Here you can dive into a whole range of Earth based spirituality topics, and study at your own pace in your own time.

You will have:

24/7 access: So you can learn whenever you like.

Video format: So the lessons are really easy to watch and digest. Just press play.

Exercises and guided Shamanic journeys: So you can deepen your spiritual connection and be supported in your ongoing path in life.

The Two Membership Plans

Basic Membership

  • Monthly Journey Circle - with each focusing on a new theme to help you take time out each month to connect with your spiritual guidance
  • check
    Foundation ecourse on Shamanic Journeying - to give you a good grounding in how to go on a Shamanic journey to meet and work with your Spirit Guides

Premium Membership

  • Monthly Journey Circle - with each focusing on a new theme to help you take time out each month to connect with your spiritual guidance
  • check
    Foundation ecourse on Shamanic Journeying - to give you a good grounding in how to go on a Shamanic journey to meet and work with your Spirit Guides
  • check
    3 Additional Foundation ecourses - Working with Animal Spirit Medicine, Tree Spirit Medicine and Aligning your Life with the Seasons of the Year. (Under development)
  • check
    Mini courses - Dip into a growing range of subjects to support you on your spiritual path.
  • check
    Private Facebook Community - Connect with like-minded people who can walk the path alongside you.
  • check
    Regular Coaching Calls - Touch in with us to find answers to any questions that arise.
  • check
    30% off our Masterclasses - Deepen into particular topics when  you're ready to grow even more.

Here is a taste of what you can learn with The Way of The Buzzard Mystery School

1 - Foundation Programmes

There are four Foundation courses which are made up of a series of training videos and activities to support you in your learning. You can watch these at any time, at your own pace. The activities are tailored to each course and are designed to help you apply the teachings into your own spiritual practice.

Foundation Course 1 - The Shamanic Drum Journey - connecting deeply with your otherworld guides.

Foundation Course 2 - Working with the Wheel of the Year - achieve your aspirations by aligning your life with the seasons. (Building throughout the coming seasons)

Foundation Course 3 - Working with Animal Spirit Medicine - seek guidance from Animal Spirit Guides. (Building throughout the coming months)

​​​​​​​Foundation Course 4 - Working with Tree Spirit Medicine - draw on the wisdom and healing power of trees. (Building throughout the coming months)

2 - Mini Courses

Mini Courses - A suite of bite sized courses to give you an overview and introduction into various key subjects around shamanism, nature connection, healing through nature, the Earth path and esoteric mysteries. We currently have Deep Nature Connection and our Spiritual Protection mini courses available. (Building throughout the coming months)

3 - The Community

Our Shamanic Drum Journey Circle - Every month you can join us, in our living room, for a shamanic journey and drum circle.

There will be lots of people all tuning in at the same time, and you will be able to see us and follow the content of the Circle live.

Also, if for any reason you aren’t able to join us at that moment, we will record the session and upload it into this section of the Mystery School.

Regular Coaching Calls - Every 4-6 weeks we have a live Coaching Call.

You can join us on any device where you have an internet connection, and ask us any question you like relating to the membership site content.

  • Maybe you have a journey you would like help interpreting?
  • Or you are interested in how to set up sacred space?
  • Are you curious about the meaning behind one of your animal Spirit Guides?
  • Do you have a few questions about one of the Sabbat celebrations?

Private Facebook Community - Join our private Mystery School Facebook Group.

Here you will find a community of like-minded travellers where you can share your experiences, thoughts, realisations and challenges.

You can use this space to post anything you like relating to the material you are working through, and comment and ‘like’ other peoples posts too.

You can ask questions, share thoughts and revelations, and generally hang out with people who think and feel more like you do.

4 - Masterclasses Discount

Masterclasses - Go deeper with us on a growing choice of topics.

Masterclasses are available to all members whichever of the two levels of membership you choose. Premium Members receive a 30% discount on the price of the Masterclass courses.

Our Masterclasses are stand alone courses which build on the Mini course and Foundation course topics we cover here within the paid membership site.

In the Masterclasses we go into a lot more detail, enabling you to really deepen into the subject. They are packed full of activities which you can carry out alongside theoretical explanations and a reading list.

Join us in The Mystery School

Membership of The Way of The Buzzard Mystery School is through a regular monthly payment, the amount you pay depends on the level of membership you would like.

Basic Member

Enjoy a simple connection with our clan through our regular drum journey circle.

£9 per month

  • Foundation Course - The Shamanic Journey
  • Monthly Virtual Journey Circle

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to be tech savvy to manage my membership?

I am not able to walk very far. Will this matter?

Will I be immediately expelled if my payment should fail for some reason?

Can I really cancel any time I want?

I'm not good with technology. Is there support available?

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