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All of our online training is delivered through video courses, walking you step by step through a topic, with exercises to carry out to support you in your learning.

We have closed enrolment on all of our courses for a short while. We will open back up later in the summer.

We are undertaking some major behind-the-scene work in our Mystery School right now. Taking on any new members and selling any more courses would be problematic for us at the moment, as we are moving our entire School over to a brand new, all-singing-all-dancing platform.

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Our Two Types of Courses

Our Mystery School is a paid membership site, where you can join and have access to all the courses for as long as you are a member.

There are a wide range of Foundation courses and a whole series of mini courses in development which will be made available over the coming weeks, and months.

We also offer stand alone courses which are available to purchase with lifetime access.

Two are currently available, our Foundation Course in the Shamanic Drum Journey, and our Born Free Masterclass.

The Born Free Masterclass is available at a 30% discount to Mystery School subscribers.

Do you have a yearning to bathe in the secrets of ancient wisdom? If you do, then maybe our brand new Mystery School at The Way of the Buzzard is just what you are looking for.

Our online Mystery School helps modern day wisdom seekers apply ancient knowledge and nature’s insight so that they can find peace, joy and fulfilment in this changing World.

Learn about Shamanism & Shamanic Journeying, tree spirit medicine, animal spirit medicine, the wheel of the year, the healing drum, ancestral healing, the elements, creating sacred space, geomancy, alchemy and ritual working. Follow this link for more information and details on how to enrol.

Membership costs just £14 per month with no financial commitment.

Explore the depths of Shamanic Journeying

More and more people are asking for guidance with the drum journey so we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the practice.

This course, delivered online with a wide choice of journey tracks, will show you how it’s done. We tell you why Shamanic Journeying, how it works and explain how to prepare yourself.

We take you on several guided journeys and give you detailed guidance about hearing the messages and interpreting what we are told.

More than this, we also help you overcome the stumbling blocks that can hinder your journey work in the early days.

We also give you a series of unguided journeys of various lengths so that you can step out on your own when you’re ready and journey alone to your guides seeking answers and healing for your life.

Join us to connect in with your Spirit Guides and receive messages to support you on your spiritual path. The price for this course is £90 and this gives you lifetime access, and you can purchase the course by clicking on this link.

Empower Your Life Through Shamanic Practice

Shamanism is the path to freedom, as you awaken to a different way.

In our Born Free Masterclass you will be guided in finding what it is that you need to focus on as you walk your spiritual path and receive the support you need to make the changes your soul desires.

Join a community of over 150 people who are overcoming the chattering mind, and finding that place of stillness where they can tune into their Spirit Guides through Shamanic Journeying and nature connection.

Learn about the Shamanic Toolkit and how to apply this to your life to move through blockages, build on your self belief and find your place in this changing World.

Our online Bornfree Masterclass costs £350 and there is a 30% discount off this price for Premium members of our Mystery School. 

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