Here's your recording of the Spring Equinox Journey Circle

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During the evening over 120 of us gathered in circle to commune with our guides and each other to see what insights and wisdoms we could glean as we navigate our way through these challenging times.

There's a transcript of the chat discussion lower down this page that you can read through to get a full flavour of the realisations, revelations and messages that will help to resource us as we journey together through the mists of uncertainty.

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Your hosts:

Nicola & Jason Smalley
The Way of The Buzzard

In challenging times such as these it's important to reach out to our guides and seek the wisdoms we need to remain resilient and fearless.

We are committed to help our Way of The Buzzard clan navigate a path through the maze of confusion and uncertainty by encouraging the use of the Shamanic toolkit that's so easily available to us,

Here's the transcript from the circle

To make it easier to read I've split it into sections, each of which can be revealed by clicking on the toggle on the left of the title of each section.


00:11:32   Fae Fae:Bright Blessings everyone fae from Wesham xx
00:11:43   Jackie Jackie:Hi from Jackie
00:11:44   Lorna Lorna:Hello Lorna from Penwortham here :)
00:11:47   georgie:Good evening from burnley
00:11:49   Maureen Maureen:hi from Maureen in Manchester
00:11:52   Jan Jan:Blessings from Jan in Buckinghamshire
00:11:53   Jo Jo:hi from Jo in the land of the Shropshire vole
00:11:57   Charlotte Charlotte:hi Nicola and Jason, its Charlotte from Wakefield :)
00:12:01   Emma:Hi everyone, Emma from Northwich
00:12:06   Linda Linda:hi everyone! Linda from Garstang here
00:12:17   Sally Sally:sally Cheshire

00:12:18   Susan Susan:hello from Susan in Stirlingshire
00:12:29   georgie:Bright blessings on this unusual equinox
00:12:36   Sharon Sharon:Hi from Sharron - Im in Bulgaria
00:12:40   Niccola Niccola:NICCOLA from BURSCOUGH Hiya xx
00:12:42   Nicola: Hi everyone
00:12:43   Angie Angie:Hi ? Angie from Lincoln xxx
00:12:43   Shirley Shirley:hi everyone from Shirley in West Yorkshire
00:12:51   OnePlus 7 Pro:Hi Jeanette from stoke on Trent love to all tonight
00:12:51   Rebekah Rebekah:blessed love all!!!
00:12:53   Caron Caron:from southport

00:12:59   Paula Paula:Hello Everyone, lovely to be in circle with you all x
00:13:06   Helen Helen:hi everyone, helen in France
00:13:06   June June:Hi everyone, June from Norfolk x
00:13:14   Rebekah Rebekah:am in m31
00:13:43   Chris Chris:\hi from Chris & Rob
00:13:47   Sarah Sarah:hi from Wolverhampton
00:13:55   Amandajane:Hello from Northern Ireland
00:14:57   Lorna Lorna:Good :)
00:14:57   Charlotte Charlotte:sounds fab
00:14:59   Simon Simon:fine
00:14:59   Karen Karen:??

00:15:00   Carol Carol:yup ?
00:15:01   Gerri Gerri:Good
00:15:02   Yvonne Yvonne:yes
00:15:02   Ken Ken:Yes
00:15:03   Caron Caron:sounds good :)
00:15:04   H H:Sounds great
00:15:05   June June:Drum ok for me
00:15:05   Emma Taylor:Sounds good
00:15:05   Fae Fae:some distortion
00:15:06   Nicola:yeah good
00:15:09   Joanna Joanna:it's fine. not that loud?

00:15:15   Paula Paula:good in Leicester
00:15:17   ruth:?
00:15:21   Fae Fae:great
00:15:26   Jo Jo:better
00:15:27   Joanna Joanna:Better ta :)
00:15:31   Avril Avril:hi from Cheshire
00:15:55   Angie Angie:?
00:15:57   Gerri Gerri:It's good...
00:16:03   Jo Jo:it’s the two halves of us for the equinox
00:16:05   Emma Emma:Evening all
00:16:31   Louise Louise:Evening all

00:16:52   Sally Sally:gosh 87 brilliant
00:16:54   Anne Anne:Anne from Timperley - peace love and light
00:16:57   Barbara Barbara:all good Babs x
00:17:20   Josie Josie:ohhh beat me to it...another jojo here Namasté
00:18:02   Rebekah Rebekah:thankyou
00:18:55   Krystyna Krystyna:Hello from Krystyna near Manchester
00:19:05   Nicola:some delay and break up on sound
00:20:18   Elizabeth:Hi, from Elizabeth, Bristol
00:20:21   carole carole:very sadly
00:20:50   carole carole:wise move

00:21:11   Amanda:Thanks you so much for this tonight
00:21:13   carole carole:wise move to build your online presence just ready for days such as these
00:21:31   Jo Jo:mystery school is fab, really recommend it, thanks guys x
00:21:52   Amanda:MUCH LOVE TO YOU BOTH
00:22:00   Indie Indie:I just signed up today .. very excited!
00:22:11   Charlotte Charlotte:The Mystery School is amazing, and has been a real oasis for me at a very difficult time.
00:22:13   Amandajane:Me too
00:22:21   Sarah Sarah:thank you for bringing us all here together <3
00:22:29   Gerri Gerri:Extraordinary times...needs extraordinary people ?

00:22:30   Helen Helen:i think there are still a few people struggling to connect -as seen on FB page
00:22:40   Amandajane:yes all good here
00:22:43   Indie Indie:its an honour to be a part of this beautiful circle x
00:22:51   Emma Emma:I'm so glad to be here tonight thanks for what you do
00:24:00   Nicola:glad to be with you.
00:24:19   carole carole:my chat box is in themiddle of the screen do you know if I can move it? it blocks your lovely faces
00:24:5   1Indie Indie:just minimise it

00:24:53   Helen Helen:yes Carl
00:24:54   Krystyna Krystyna:Click on chat box hold and move
00:24:55   carole carole:yes it works thanks
00:25:10  Sally Sally:hi Sam
00:27:39   Dee Dee:apt.
00:27:48   Lorna Lorna:I recently realised coronavirus doesn’t breathe…
00:28:02   Simon Simon:fitting, definitely
00:30:32   Iain Bell:Hello Everyone im on Iain from Norwich here thank you for link on fb Nicole
00:31:13   Dee Dee:thank you so much <3
00:32:57   Jenny Jenny:I’m joining you all from Auckland New Zealand .. so celebrating the Autumn Equinox today. Thankful to have this linkup to the Spring of UK.
00:33:36   Jo Jo:welcome Jenny x
00:33:37   Caron Caron:I used to live in Tauranga! :)
00:34:13   Tracy:Hi everyone from Scotland

00:34:14   georgie:The mystery school community has been truly wonderful this week - a calming place that has made me feel much better and grounded, so thankyou
00:34:38   Jewels Jewels:Hello from Yorkshire
00:35:06   Sarah Sarah:yes this has been such a hard lesson for us to take care of self first and foremost, as we've always felt we need to make sure everyone else is ok first. but now we're learning how to take care of us and unite the mind/body/soul and clear it all so we can flow better
00:35:08   Jewels Jewels:Tracy where abouts i SC
00:35:13   Amandajane:Thank you for the calm
00:35:35   Jill:Hello Everyone. Have finally managed to join you as I couldn’t find a link until you sent out the latest email a few minutes ago,
00:35:40   Tracy:Greenock
00:36:11   Jewels Jewels:Ok ...I used to live in the Highlands
00:36:34   Sally Sally:hi Jill
00:38:02   Simon Simon:how long will we be tonight?

00:38:37   Elizabeth:Around 9pm probably.
00:38:44   Jewels Jewels:My browser doesnt seem to be pick up any video
00:40:18   georgie:try downloading the zoom programme perhaps
00:40:45   georgie:theres a link when you click on the email i think
00:41:35   georgie:I have the purr of cat :-)
00:41:43   Iain:Yes Georgie/Nicole Jason the Mystery school has helped me over this week for sure and beyond today and in to the this coming perieod
00:42:31   Leonard-:hello sorry late
00:48:48   Dee Dee:Person with the sound issue...I just plugged in headphones and it's improved the sound. That's to a PC.
00:49:06   Iain:Good to see Jasson and Nicole you are using your large drum for tonight on Equinox nices!!
00:49:41   Sally Sally:headphones good idea
00:55:59   Rebekah Rebekah:thankyOu!!!!!

00:57:01   Sally Sally:headphones are great
00:57:05   Angie Angie:I’m using headphones and it is helping
00:57:26   Helen Helen:no
00:57:32   Emma Emma:not quiet
00:57:33   Nicola:ok
00:57:35   Elizabeth:ok.
00:57:39   Iain:you are poissibile a little quitter than normal I think but im ok
00:57:39   carole carole:volume ok for me
00:57:39   Jill:The has made a real difference.
00:57:39   Dee Dee:volume good

00:57:39   georgie:lous enough for me
00:57:40   Angie Angie:volume is fine
00:57:43   Indie Indie:no fine
00:57:43   Rebekah Rebekah:it is better with headphones . I will appreciate the recording too. am double booked this evening so may have to dip out. its ok the volume guys
00:57:47   Sarah Sarah:fine here
00:57:47   Louise Louise:It’s not quiet for me, pretty decent quality
00:57:48   Charlotte Charlotte:volume fine here but am in headphones.
00:57:49   Linda Linda:I can hear you fine
00:57:50   Anne Anne:sound is great here
00:57:52   Paula Paula:How beautiful this is, you are all good x
00:58:02   Jackie Jackie:your voices are good the rattles I couldn't hear.

00:58:04   Elizabeth:I
00:58:41   Rebekah Rebekah:i love you and the energies are still Presnt
00:58:50   Iain:so will the Record be on the Mystery school Jasson and Nicole?
00:59:25   Helen Helen:thank you for this x
01:06:24   Hils-:so sorry to be late joining and now have to dash off early. Blessings to all

The opening discussion

01:07:28   Charlotte Charlotte:couldn't agree more jason!
01:07:51   Sally Sally:embrace youre suffering
01:07:59   Iain:I think its process for me Nicole and I am aiming to go out in Nature and I am during this in the morning and eveing or trying when thier are less people out and about thank you Nicole I am going this and thank your post earlier on fb to me and I am glad your Relative in France is feeling better really hope don't mind shearing this hear but I hope all mostly in the counminty if not mystery school but ALL KNOW ONE ANOTHER
01:08:01   Gerri Gerri:I have no problem saying I feel it....

01:08:06   Emma Emma:Totally, its realistic
01:08:13   carole carole:compassion for these frightened places within us
01:08:57   Iain:Also Jasson and Nicole I plaaned on transferring my ticket space to emerge next beltaine when will now how to do this?
01:08:58   Charlotte Charlotte:there is an awful lot to be fearful about and being overly positive means we won't deal with what faces us appropriately
01:09:05Sarah Sarah:yes when we try to push it away or inwards it blocks up and then creates pain in the body
01:09:26   Dee Dee:iain - contact tina of space 2 emerge team by email about S2E
01:09:33   Nicola Smalley:I've been fearful for the past 6 months yet this C19 has compounded it somehow
01:09:37   Iain Bell:opps so sorry if I have said to mcuh
01:09:45   Iain Bell:really sorry
01:10:23   Sally Sally:afraid of change
01:10:25   Ken Ken:It's important to recognise the fear, embrace it and absorb it but have a clear boundary and not let it overwhelm you
01:10:34   Barbara Barbara:you're maki g perfect sence
01:10:35   Elizabeth:have a conversation with fear.

01:10:42   Dee Dee:Shifting the anxiety into what the fear is about. well worded Jason.
01:11:24   Emma Emma:Accepting the fear allows it to move through us
01:11:34   georgie:a place of action
01:12:03   Barbara Barbara:groundi g is helpful it rings the energy out of the head to our feet
01:12:14   Sally Sally:wev'e lost control, but control is an illusion anyway. Nature will carry on …..
01:12:41   Charlotte Charlotte:yes, unpicking where the fear comes from and tackling the source of it. very empowering.
01:12:45  Elizabeth:agree sally.
01:13:06   Iain:yes for sure Jasson this is a really crazy time and I would like to help people but quite unsure of going out and the stress of trying stay away form the news is something happens with me in theses situations
01:13:20   Iain:been thier I think this past four days

01:13:45   Linda Linda:but sometimes things need to break down before we can break through....
01:14:33   Peter Peter:cut off fear of loss of fragile ego
01:14:41   Sarah Sarah:yes this happened to us with too much info from fb and all the people spreading so many different views on what's going on... but yeaterday after an hour walk in nature and meeting a lovely woman with a dog made us feel joy and more relaxed
01:14:51   Elizabeth:brilliant. well explained
01:14:52   Sally Sally:fabulous Jason
01:14:55   Tracy:I’m glad you say this Jason
01:14:59   Maureen Maureen:good advice Jason
01:15:07   Emma Emma:Makes total sense, courage isnt absence of fear
01:15:14   Helen Helen:Thank you Jason…as a psychotherapist..i say a lot of this…like it
01:15:33   Sarah Sarah:yes very much so, it sure is easy to get dragged in

01:15:37   Angie Angie:Thank you, makes total sense
01:15:38   Lorna Lorna:I think it’s good to shift from fear to respect rather than complacency.
01:15:57   Iain:yes Jasson I agree I think for me with all the annocuments with cafes pubs gyms etc tonight I need to know just overtime put messures in places
01:16:09   carole carole:its natural especially in the unknown
01:16:12   Gerri Gerri:We can't run from it..we have to face it.
01:17:16   Charlotte Charlotte:all we can do is make the very best decisions we can, here and now.
01:17:26   Barbara Barbara:knowledge= power=resilience
01:17:30   Karen:good advice. I too have got drawn in to checking the news then worrying about the situation. I agree with what you’ve said. I’ve decided to spend time in my sacred space to regain calm.
01:17:36   Dee Dee:taking one moment at a time!
01:18:07   Charlotte Charlotte:thank you. brilliant topic.

01:20:43   Iain:Cacco
01:21:05   Iain:and think I need a cup tonight]
01:22:06   Iain:althogth that keep me awake in the moring
01:22:20   Joanna Joanna:can you put th drum a little nearer the mic when we start journeying?
01:22:40   Dee Dee:bit of reverb
01:22:51   Joanna Joanna:great thanks for me
01:22:51   Sarah Sarah:that's better
01:22:52   carole carole:tiptoeing away all, thank you Jason and Nicola, am going to eat and will look forward to the recording later
01:22:53   Dee Dee:yes
01:22:53   Sally Sally:better

01:22:55   Anne Anne:that s better
01:22:56   Angie Angie:better
01:22:56   H H:that's good
01:23:21   Charlotte Charlotte:bye Carole ?
01:23:43   Iain:Take care Carole
01:25:50   Helen Helen:thanks everyone - will pick the rest up from the recording - love to all stay well ?
01:26:37   Iain:this the part that helps me to really sink in to our Journeys Jasson to you also Hele
01:26:43   Iain:sorry Helen
01:27:31   June June:Have to go now so will do the rest from the recording - thanks for this, its been great, love and blessings to all x
01:28:49   Karen:I was walking on Sunday and heard a woodpecker
01:29:44   Annie:i ve just had to persuade Brian my cat that he can't walk al over my keyboard
01:30:53   H H:Loving this journeying planning... I'm a nurse!!
01:31:30   Caron Caron:I'm in NHS too, lots of anxious people
01:31:34   Peter Peter:All our love to nurses!

01:32:21   Iain:Are HH thank you for all the hardwork you are uring for us all
01:40:19   Dee Dee:so sorry my connection isn't doing well, so will tip toe away and drum a bit, close sacred space. thank you so much for tonight <3

The sharings from our journey

01:56:18   Sally Sally:puffin
01:56:34   Yvonne Yvonne:Owl
01:56:46   Gerri Gerri:spiral
01:56:50   Peter Peter:Black Crow
01:56:58   Sarah Sarah:went well at first saw wolf and panther, then we were flowing with us in a flowing dress then we were a tree and roots grew from hands
01:57:02   Emma Emma:go with the flow (water energy)
01:57:04   Jo Jo:wow, met my grandma who died 35 years ago and sat in a corn field having a picnic, eat well, simple food, stay warm, outside fresh air and sunlight, sunlight, lots of it
01:57:21   Lorna Lorna:An army of ants carrying away an old oak doorway… I’m really not sure what that means yet!
01:57:22   Nicola:got given a shopping trolley with a blanket in it by black panther - no clue!
01:57:25   Krystyna Krystyna:Cockroach was with me

01:57:31   Louise Louise:i was met by Canada goose - has been appearing in reality and journeys for me lately - I figure it’s about a sense of community and also perseverance
01:57:35   Karen:panther kept climbing higher and higher up the mountain. suggestive I need to remove myself from the situation, step back to get a better perspective on ALL situations going on in my life.
01:57:35   Peter Peter:Crow says speak out
01:57:36   Gerri Gerri:owl...gratitude..stay within the spiral..stay connected.
01:57:37  Jan Jan:Thank you I was in a walled garden to grow vegetables and herbs eat honey enjoy music and continue my shamanic studies
01:57:43   Emma Emma:climbing high - get fresh air on high place (eagle)
01:57:45   Charlotte Charlotte:Thank you for this. I had a very different experience to the mystery school journey with this intention. this time black panther led me into a dark cave. I lit a fire. on the walls of the cave were paintings. dragons and winged beasts.
01:57:49   Joanna Joanna:Chack people are sharing with attendees too

01:57:51   Emma:I was drawn to a big oak tree. As I sat with my back against it, I felt my feet sink into the ground and I became part of the roots. As we were called back I found I had new shoots of growth all over me
01:58:01   Sarah Sarah:then the wolf turned to growling and subconscious stuff coming through
01:58:01   Louise Louise:A few times I got chills - goosebumps. I am wrapped in a blanket with the heating on - I figure it meant stay warm - with others and with myself
01:58:24   Sally Sally:just looked up Puffin as didn't really get a message, says - leaving the crowd and follow in the footsteps of your own mind.
01:58:26   Barbara Barbara:I had a crocodile lead me. the message was about balance between diet. enjoy the cooking experience. exercise out in nature. reading all the books that are waiting to be read!
01:58:35  Yvonne Yvonne:Let Mother Earth guide you, look to her.Simple foods, gentle exercise, rest, spiritual practice.
01:58:50   Carol Carol:I met three different big cats as guides. Black Panther offered emotional clearing. Mountain Lion offered mental focus. Snow Leopard offered spiritual balance. All emphasized avoiding anything that did not feel like love or joy.

01:58:55   georgie:that i'malready doing good action,so to return to a special silvery tree in the underworld I saw last week to spend time relaxing in my power place for a short time each day and everything will fall into place
01:59:11   Sally Sally:also sadness which could feel in stomach
01:59:13   Emma Emma:sadness from horse at loss of physical comfort/touch (with non-family) - made me cry
01:59:15   Sarah Sarah:connected to and became tree with roots from hands and became lucid
01:59:20   Angie Angie:Found and connected with Jaguar. Saw my hands in the earth creating a mandala, medicine wheel. Nurture utilise the natural resources. Being with antlers was stood with me.
01:59:20  Leonard-:Panther. my lungs filled with clean fresh air. Sense of change coming my way. engage with my Spirit guides. ask more will find answers
01:59:22   georgie:yes fresh air high up too
01:59:37   Peter Peter:Yew trunk has character to guide us
01:59:39   Joanna Joanna:My main message was - don't try to be anything you;re not, just be you

02:00:19   caerhl:I was told the power is within me. In the potions I make daily.
02:00:20   H H:Massive energy surge then got told to listen to instructions. Feel really energized
02:00:26   Krystyna Krystyna:I got a clear message to go get out into open water and go swimming
02:00:51   Emma Emma:Kite, coming back from near extinction and advise 'be responsible to be response-able', receive from others so thank you for tonight so good to receive.. Organise your Now, love that
02:01:13   caerhl Irey:I feel wonderful and very grounded. Raccoon was a guide I didn't want. I didn't like them and then they came to me in real life. I had two orphans adopt me. They grew up and went back to nature.
02:01:22   Charlotte Charlotte:Medicines - journey with plants
02:01:24   Sarah Sarah:then we were a baby suckling on breast and then turned into a fetus in the womb and then lay on the earth naked with lush green soft grass and moss
02:01:28   Sally Sally:spiritual practice yes
02:01:45   georgie:yes spiritual practice here too

02:01:47   caerhl:I was a bit scared by the oak at first but it was comforting
02:01:56   jayne jayne:aidelweiss and a small white flower
02:01:59   Charlotte Charlotte:I think the cave, fire and dragons were about hunkering down at home, finding strength and comfort in an inner space.
02:02:04   caerhl:Blessed be for this. It was a lovely time.
02:02:07   Sarah Sarah:danced through nature and became one with mother earth
02:02:24   Fae Fae:I didn't get anything either but I'll see what comes in my dreams and the animals that cross my path in the next few days xx
02:02:32   Louise Louise:Healthy natural food, exercise - knowing my limits as I’m still recovering from some injuries, take time to rest and reflect, maintain learning time - not vegetating all the time and wasting the days away
02:02:41   Iain:phew well I think my mind is to busy at moment to fully journey and I have also find myself feeling quite tried lately I think its all the worry and that I have be thinking a lot lately also before this happened and i think in my unconcesss memoey

02:03:04   caerhl:I didn't want to leave raccoon. But they are with me every day. They are very resourceful and smart. So glad I met up with raccoon in this.
02:03:14   Indie Indie:strong powerful connection with wolf .. took my breath away then we were breathing as one .. panther was illusive almost playfull in hide and seek ..
02:03:24   Nicola: I feel knackered!!!
02:03:33   Sally Sally:write it down yes
02:03:34   Leonard-:large bat in a tree looking directly at me. fixed on my eyes
02:03:45   Jo Jo:my gran was a very resilient, strong, wise woman. she was widowed early as was my mum, I had to face my biggest fear and saw what it is.
02:03:51   caerhl:I laid down with the wolf under the rowan...very very relaxing and comforting.
02:04:39   Helen Helen:Black panther was swimming and running with me in joyful way - very relaxing.Then Bison medicine guide gave me herbs to inhale and then a tracheotomy with bone knife. afterwards he sat at my back left me feeling incredibly supported and able to breathe
02:04:56   Emma Emma:yes, also got instructions to study with a clear mind
02:05:01   Sally Sally:puffin books I thought re puffin as in take time to read more

02:05:06   Peter Peter:our guides have more wisdom than insane worlds
02:05:11  Anne Anne:be kind to yourself and others...
02:05:20   caerhl:I am reminded that I need to meditate daily to connect with my guides.
02:05:30   Jo Jo:makes me think of our imbolc promises which for many were about needing time, less work, that’s what we’ve all got now though of course not in the way we expected
02:05:46   Sarah Sarah:connect with nature and remember our deep roots with mother nature and to get away from all the information coming through via internet
02:06:29   caerhl:When going down the earthen tunnel I felt like I was entering Gaia's birth canal. It was very powerfull.
02:06:36   Sally Sally:thankyou guys it was lovely. Have to go now
02:07:03   Iain:yes to be able to things we have not normally have time to do and I am trying to read more onces over time I ppull from the drug of liking to wind myself up wiith regards the news and only check onece a day it will come onces the unknow has sunk in
02:07:09   caerhl:Blessings to both of you. Ostara Blessings to all

02:07:34   Snowbuttercup:I felt peaceful, contented, restful, I have felt for some time, I have been preparing for something, connect with others, to support myself and others, the tree spirit, told me I have worked hard and to understand although I can't fix everything I have the tools I need


02:07:49   Iain:to you Caerhl Blessings of Ostara
02:07:5   0Sally Sally:Mystery school is excellent
02:07:57   Nicola:Thanks, both - great session as always
02:08:12   Gerri Gerri:Excellent
02:08:22   Karen:it’s excellent resources.
02:08:25   Jo Jo:yes shamanic Netflix, love it
02:08:33   Yvonne Yvonne:Thank you so much, it's been very interesting, really enjoyed it!
02:09:15   Sarah Sarah:thank you so much for all you do it's greatly appreciated
02:09:23   Sally Sally:life is like a river forever flowing and moving.

02:09:41   Niccola:Last week when I did this I got that I should every morning surround myself with protective layers all around my body . Each one the colour of my chakras , so first one being red then orange , yellow, green, blue, indigo , violet then a layer of silver then gold . then it came to me that it is my coat of many colours and to wear it for protection . unfortunately I nodded off tonight .
02:09:43   Iain:Mystey school is awesome everyone very spiecal places and I like the Netflix idea sorry when next one by will be mildile of May
02:09:52   Iain:sorry April
02:09:58   Linda Linda:thanks so much for tonight. so grounding
02:10:31   H H:Really enjoyed tonight, many thanks
02:11:04   Charlotte Charlotte:Thank you so much. This tribe/clan and your generous spiritual work is genuinely helping keep me sane and balanced.
02:11:44   Karen:I feel the same about the contradiction. thanks for addressing this.
02:12:44   Fae Fae:it's also a light of hope xx
02:12:54   Linda Linda:breakdown before breakthrough....
02:13:03   Paula Paula:Yes there is a light emerging. I had a phoenix come to me in the journey

02:13:04   Sally Sally:❤️❤️
02:13:10   Leonard-:ready new birth
02:13:14   Sarah Sarah:yes flame to light the way for the new
02:13:21   Lorna Lorna:Good idea :) Recently I’ve been feeling the return of Mabon the sun-child in my life.
02:13:26   caerhl:drumming in Omaha USA too
02:13:27   georgie:ahhh atop the tree in my journey the light was really coming through into the world
02:15:0   3Iain:Blessed Are we the Tribe
02:17:27   caerhl:as above, so below we honor all of you
02:18:43   Linda Linda:thankyou both so much for tonight!
02:18:45   Peter Peter:We thank you Nicola and Jason. Hail and farewell.
02:18:46   Angie Angie:Thank you both so much. Great to have been part of this with everyone. Ostara blessings to all. Stay safe and look after you and yours ❤️?? xxx
02:18:55   Leonard-:nite nite

02:19:02   Shirley Shirley:thank you x
02:19:03   Caron Caron:thank you, that was lovely :)
02:19:05   Charlotte Charlotte:Thank you!!! Much love and good to see you x
02:19:07   Carol Carol:Thank you all for your presence. Many blessings!
02:19:08   Sarah Sarah:yes it has helped to calm us <3
02:19:12   Gerri Gerri:Bless you both..and everyone thank you ???
02:19:13   Nicola:feeling better - super evening
02:19:14   Charlotte Charlotte:Thanks all x
02:19:14   georgie:thank you x
02:19:14   Amanda Amanda:thank you both x

02:19:15   Jan Jan:Than you both blessings and love all
02:19:15   Anne Anne:Thank you very much Jason & Nicola - this was my first time and I loved it xxxx
02:19:15   Joanna Joanna:Thank you SO much from JO and Lois in Glasgow xxxx
02:19:16   Lorna Lorna:Thank you :)
02:19:17   Andrea Andrea:LOVE
02:19:17   Sally Sally:thanks you both xxx
02:19:17   Maureen Maureen:thank you x
02:19:17   Emma:Thank you both so much x
02:19:18   Sally Sally:thank you stay safe everyone xxx
02:19:20   Martin Martin:Thank you :-)
02:19:21   Laura Laura:thank you for creating a truly beautifully crafted evening ❤️❤️??
02:19:22   Charlotte Charlotte:?
02:19:23   Snowbuttercup:Thank you it has been beautiful x

02:19:23   jayne jayne:Thankyou xxx
02:19:23  Karen:thank you .. Karen
02:19:24   Emma Emma:Thank you Blessing to all!
02:19:24   caerhl:Blessings from the USA
02:19:29   Barbara Barbara:Thank you for sharing night night
02:19:29   Paula Paula:Thank you, blessings to All xxx
02:19:30   kiran kiran:Thanks you -refreshed
02:19:31   Jill:Thank youxx
02:19:34   Emma Emma:Thanks so much x ?✨
02:19:35   Fae Fae:Blessings to everyone, thank you Nicola and Jason, keep well everyone xx

02:19:37   Linda Linda:love and light
02:19:42   Jo Jo:night all, thanks xx
02:19:44   Sharon Sharon:Blessings x
02:19:48   Ken Ken:Thank you to both of you x
02:19:50   Krystyna Krystyna:Thank yuu stay blessed
02:19:54   Emma Emma:Night all. Blessings ✨?
02:19:55   Sally Sally:better than the news xx
02:19:55   Anne Anne:Light love and peace Anne x
02:19:58   Indie Indie:thank you and equinox blessings to you all .. go well and be the light beings that you are x

02:19:59   Helen Helen:Loved - thank you both so much …really built on last week goodnight everyone
02:20:10   Sally Sally:night night
02:20:16   Niccola Niccola:thankyou both, see you soon xxx
02:20:17   Iain:OK THANK YOU NICOLE Ostra Bleesings all a really help Blessed are we the tribe and I will replay this for sure loved wished I was more a wake take care all of you my tribe
02:20:22   Louise Louise:Thanks all for your company
02:20:22   Shirley Shirley:good night x
02:20:23   Chris Chris:Love from Chris & Rob time to listen to nature and our own inner wisdom xxx
02:20:23   Charlotte Charlotte:Stay well x
02:20:27   Karen:bye
02:20:41   Iain:lets go back to the start again

Introducing The Way of The Buzzard Mystery School

In these unsettling times as the world pauses it is our moment to drop into a different space, away from the turmoil of the chattering mind, and reach out to taste that balm for our soul.

The shamanic path was made for this moment.

If you are looking to resource yourself spirituality and learn more about shamanism then the Mystery School is the perfect place for you. Here you can learn how to draw the healing magic nature holds, through deep nature connection, animal spirit medicine, tree spirit medicine and by aligning yourself with the natural rhythms of the earth.

Here you can learn how to access the wisdom from your spirit guides at a moment’s notice through shamanic journeying and call in support through ceremony. Here you can learn techniques on how to protect yourself in these unfolding times and cushion yourself from the uncertainty that the coming weeks and months hold.

We have over 100 hours of content to delve into in The Mystery School, all delivered through easy-to-watch videos, as well as our monthly live shamanic journey circle, our regular live coaching calls and our private facebook group. All our lessons include activities which you can easily follow without even needing to leave your home or garden if you have one.

Here you have a place to come to where you can come and join in with a community of like-minded travellers to kick off your shoes and place your feet on the bare earth. A place where you can rest and recuperate, immersing yourself in the healing energies of nature.

A place where you can calm yourself by tuning in to listen the soft reassuring words from your spirit guides.

All if this is available to you for just £14 per month with no lock in period. It's the shamanic alternative to Netflix!

Come and give us a try… our community is waiting on the other side to welcome you so we can journey through these times together.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are a few words from folk in The Mystery School who were at our special Spring Equinox Circle:

Thoughts from our clan about the Mystery School from last night:

The mystery school community has been truly wonderful this week - a calming place that has made me feel much better and grounded, so thank you.


Thank you so much. This tribe/clan and your generous spiritual work is genuinely helping keep me sane and balanced.


 The Mystery school has helped me over this week for sure, beyond today and into the this coming period.


thank you for creating a truly beautifully crafted evening.


The Mystery School is amazing, and has been a real oasis for me at a very difficult time. 


Loving this journeying planning... I'm a nurse!!


It’s excellent resource.


thank you so much for all you do it's greatly appreciated.


its an honour to be a part of this beautiful circle.


find out more here...

To find out more follow this link. We have a webpage explaining all about the School and to enrol scroll down to the bottom and click “enrol now”. We are excited about the thought of seeing you there.

© 2020,The Way of The Buzzard