Lammas  Special

Wheel of the Year Pop-Up Talk

In advance of Celtic fire festival of Lammas, on Friday the 24th of July we will gather virtually in our living room for a free Pop-Up Talk.

You are invited to join us and learn how to prepare for and celebrate this pivotal time of year.

Together we will explore the benefits of aligning our lives with the cycles of our natural world and discover how the energies of the Lammas can help us on our journey through life.

Your Hosts:

Nicola & Jason

The Way of The Buzzard

Pop-Up Talk Date:



7:00 PM

UK Time

What we'll explore on this free event:

  • Discover how you can align your life with the powerful transformational energies of nature
  • Explore the underlying energies of Lammas, the time of the first harvest
  • Create ideas on how you can mark this really special time of year

This Special Pop-Up Talk is completely free! Reserve your seat now and join us live.

You don't need any experience or to prepare anything. Just come along with an open mind and begin your journey of dropping into nature time. We'd love to share the evening with you.

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