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Limited Edition
Hare Moon Drum

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The Hare Moon Approaches

Our next Full Moon is approaching to embellish our skies at the end of May, right at the height of Springtime. So we are making preparations and getting really excited to be bringing you a new drum in our Special Collection range.

In Medieval England this moon was known as the Hare Moon, and when we ​examined the inner qualities Hare brings as an Animal Spirit guide we decided to craft some special drums to embody this energy.

Hare embodies intuition, transformation and adaptability.

​To mark the occasion we have decided to spend the day creating a handful of very special 16 inch diameter Hare Moon drums with Galaxite crystals embedded in the handle.

We are taking pre-orders for these up to the 2​8th May.

​Hare M​agic

Hare cannot be tamed and is a symbol of freedom; a reminder that you have a wild nature within you and that your soul is calling out to run free.

As Hare quickly twists and turns, the energy these drums will hold is about overcoming your fears and aiming for your dreams without letting anything get in your way.

Hare comes and answers your souls call, guiding us through the waves of change as the old falls away and the new pushes tentacles of hope up towards the sky. Through Hare we can turn our fear into faith and doubt into opportunity.

Taking a full World view we can spot any dangers and use our quick wit and talent to twist and turn to out ​manoeuvre any obstacles in the way of us reaching our desires. With Hare we will not let anything get in our path.

​Big shifts are happening in our night skies right now which will bring a change in energy around transformation. Only just a few days ago Uranus, the planet of ruthless changes, moved into Taurus where it will stay for the next eight years.

This marks a huge shift in energy, forcing us to move out of our comfort zones and find a different way of living. It will lead us towards exciting opportunities and finding new ways of doing things where the old way just isn’t working for us anymore.

Hare energy will help us in this transformation.

An animal of magic, Hare is the shapeshifter, able to walk between the Worlds. Hare draws us down the mysterious path supporting us in our ability to travel to the Otherworlds and bring back a restored depth of understanding.

​Hare also has a special message for those of us who find this path a lonely one. This is an animal of solitude, and reminds us that is OK to be a loner.

Living on the edge we can often find ourselves on our own, but history has proven itself time and time again that these kinds of people can be invaluable.

Doing things your own way, breaking the rules and being different from the norm is what has the potential to create great changes in society.
Finally and perhaps most importantly of all we should remember that When Hare comes in to contact with other animals they will often make friends and love to tease them into playing.

Hare reminds us to take time to play, to leap with joy and celebrate life.

The Time for Your Wildness has come

​When we awaken and press against the confines of our invisible walls and cage bars, we remember that we were born free. Our spiritual path leads us to being true, walking our talk, owning our own power and having control of our own destiny.

It also reminds us not to neglect that which nurtures us and to have a healthy degree of self-love.

By welcoming home our inner wild we can begin to tune our lives with what it means to be truly human again, to find that part of us that was thrown out of the window when we were born and to live a full, stylish and honourable life.

It is time to begin to prepare a room in our hearts that will welcome our own inner wild.

This work is so important.

​We have three Hare Moon drum styles to choose from, each holding a gorgeous Galaxite crystal in the handle.

​You and Your Drum

Your drum will have been made specifically for you and holds the energy which speaks to you most at this time. It is your sacred tool providing an extension to you for all your healing work, whether it be self-healing, healing others or helping heal the Earth.

Use your drum as a vehicle to journey to the other realms, and connect in with your spirit guides and helpers. Use it to call in those specific qualities which you seek most in order to find your deep inner knowing and authentic self.

Call on the energy of Hare.

Call in your inner wild, that part of you which cannot be tamed and which holds your destiny to be free.

Hare will support you to overcome anything which stands in the way between you and your dreams.

Calm yourself. It's been scientifically proven that people who drum see a drop in their stress and anxiety, as well as reduce blood pressure, increase brain white matter and cognitive function, reduce pain, increase immunity and help socio- emotional challenges.

​The Call

We have three Hare Moon drum styles to choose from, each holding a gorgeous Galaxite crystal in the handle.

Galaxite is a type of moonstone which has the most beautiful blue, cyan and white shimmer. As you gaze into it you have a sense of staring up into the night sky and glimpsing the Milky Way adorning our night sky.

It compliments the energy of Hare beautifully. This stone will guide you in every step of the way in your transformation. It will help sooth your fears and worries away, and remove anything in your life that is preventing you from trying something new or making a change.

Galaxite brings out the best in people, and its energies will infuse you with creativity, motivation and productivity. It will encourage you to be fully involved in the tasks you set yourself so that you will achieve your desired results.

It will also inspire you, and when you work with this stone you will benefit from its lucky and prosperous energies.

Your Drum

Your drum will be made from Red Deer hide from Scotland and ​is 16 inches in diameter. Our 16-inch drums are our most popular size​ as they are easy to hold and have a lovely deep tone. ​

The fluffy handle design ​makes your drum really comfortable to hold for those longer drumming sessions.

Inspired by the beauty of the bluebell woods and the rich colours which carpet the woodland floor, we have created three drums each with a different coloured iron tensioning ring.

Which of these three choices speaks to you the most?

​Galaxite with brown ring

​Galaxite with blue ring

​Galaxite with cyan ring

​The Drum Birthing Process

We will birth your drum during the daytime on Monday 28th May 2018.

We spend time preparing your hoop by sanding it down and finishing it with a layer of bees wax from rescued bees in Lancashire to bring out the beautiful grain in the wood.

The timber which makes the drum frame is sourced from Ash trees grown in the UK, and is made locally by a carpenter who lives in the next town along from our home.

Sourcing locally and as ethically as possible is something which is really important to us, and we take care to understand where all of our materials come from.

We will bind the hoop in your choice of coloured suede, cut out the deer hide and then carefully craft your drum.

In the evening, once the Hare Moon has risen in the sky we will take your drum outside and carry out a special awakening ceremony. We will create a mandala and call in the four directions Earth, Air, Fire and Water before smudging your drum with a special awakening incense. We will then call in the Spirit of the Drum.

Your drum will then rest for up to fourteen days as it fully dries before we add the finishing touches to the handle. It will then be ready for delivery to

If you would like to watch the Drum Birthing process ​here's a short video.

​Our Guarantee

We are really excited about this opportunity and are very much looking forward to this birthing process.

We want to be sure that you are happy with your choice, and so all our drums come with a 7-day money back guarantee.

This will allow you time to hold your drum in your hands and hear it’s voice, so you can be sure that you are right for each other.

Our Offer To You...

We are only able to birth a very limited number of these drums, and are taking pre-orders now.

You can secure your Hare Moon now by clicking on the option below which you are most drawn to.

These Limited Edition Hare Moon drums embody the energy of Intuition, Transformation and Adaptability.

Each drum will be birthed on the Hare Full Moon, is made from natural, ethically sourced materials and has a comfortable handle with a Galaxite crystal.

We've discounted these drums by £30 off our usual price and are including a free beater!

Red Deer Drum with Galaxite crystal and deep blue ring

  • Deep Blue Ring
  • 16" drum £250
  • ​free beater
  • + post and packing

Red Deer Drum with Galaxite crystal and bright cyan ring

  • Bright Cyan Ring
  • 16" drum £250
  • ​free beater
  • + post and packing

Red Deer Drum with Galaxite crystal and dark brown ring

  • Dark Brown Ring
  • 16" drum £250
  • ​free beater
  • + post and packing

Stepping Through the Bars

We hold hope that one day
We will all leave our imprisonment and return to nature.
Bend our ear to the wind and step through the invisible bars
Created only by our own minds.
That day will be as glorious as they come.

With a golden sunrise that will be spoken of around the fireside forever and beyond.
The birds will sing a new chorus in the trees on that day.

So sweet that it will bring tears to the woodcutters eyes.
Even the rivers will shed tears of joy.
And so many that their waters will turn as salty as the sea.
Every living being with legs will turn to face the east
 and watch the dawn of new possibilities, and sigh ‘at last’.

At last we can all live again.

As in the old stories we are told we once did.