Embracing the Balm of Creativity

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2nd - 3rd May 2020

“The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.”  Mary Oliver

During this global pause there is something emerging through us: without the usual distractions which come with Western living we can feel the stirrings of the desire to create.

Yet at the same time we are collectively and individually occupying unchartered territory right now as every day we are having to deal with situations, emotions and thoughts which we have never had to face before, such as:

  • Changes in our freedom
  • Coping with feelings of separation and loneliness from our loved ones
  • Managing the anxiety arising from uncertainty and fear of what the future might hold
  • Finding focus in a state of limbo  
  • Feeling guilty that we are not using this time effectively enough

How can creativity help us with all of this?

“Creativity is a revolutionary action. It’s about using human energy to shape things into form, to revision the world.” Sharon Blackie

The Space to Emerge online retreat

This Space to Emerge online retreat has been born out of a regular woodland micro-festival we hold in the bluebell woods on the banks of Lake Windermere in Cumbria.

We aren’t able to be there this year and so we have decided to bring the essence of what that weekend is about online.

Come and join us to:

  • Rekindle that feeling of freedom within the confines of lockdown
  • Find space for you and connect with nature in a deeper way
  • Create a practice where you can be grounded, centred and nourished
  • Restore that sense of purpose when the things you love doing are distanced
  • Find your motivation and focus on something beyond coping

This is a blend of community time, down time, nature time and creativity time. Even if you feel you aren’t creative come along, you almost certainly will surprise yourself.

“I believe that magic is art, and that art, whether that be music, writing, sculpture, or any other form, is literally magic. Alan Moore

Why learn from us?

Between us, Jason and Nicola, we have trodden this path for many decades and have at times denied our creative potential, worked through numerous blocks and have first-hand experience of the difference unleashing our creativity can have on our lives.

We have moved from being in stagnant and unfulfilling work, to fully embracing our creativity and discovering the true depths of ourselves and the joy that this can bring us.

Specifically, during this lock down period, we have moved through any creative blocks which have arisen to a place where our creativity feeds and nurtures us in unimaginable ways. Our creative ventures are proving to provide a much-needed focus away from simply just coping and enduring the lockdown, to thriving in it despite the uncertainties in our world and the anxiety that this brings with it.

Because of this we are excited and passionate about working with others to master their own creative potential during these unprecedented times.

We are delighted to be able to bring to you this unique experience direct from our home to yours.

Working with the crafts of our ancient ancestors that are thousands of years old, we will link into a time when creativity was not only celebrated, it was recognised as a key to survival.

  • Take steps to developing a regular creative practice
  • Explore working with your muse and see what might happen in your life as a result
  • Have a focus for your weekend with plenty of space for you
  • Learn or deepen further into ancient shamanic techniques of British shamanism, including journeying, animal and tree spirit connection, ritual work and deep nature connection

What participants are saying about our recent online events:

"it has fed my soul..."

“You have pitched all the circles and get-togethers in precisely the way that I can respond, follow, absorb and it has fed my soul as well as encouraging me on my journeying.”

Hils  //  Online Attendee

"Your teachings have helped me greatly"

“Your teachings have helped me greatly, with creativity and having something REAL to focus on.”

Ty  //  Online Attendee

"You provide a lovely, gentle, safe space..."

“You provide a lovely gentle safe space for me to receive, to help top me up, I appreciate the connection with like minds, the inspiration, the chance to learn more, to share.”

Emma  //  Online Attendee

"Your online courses get me to think, feel and be in touch"

“Your online courses get me to think, feel and be in touch with other ways. Other ways being poetry: using the words to feel the depth of my own emotions, and creating curiosity and confidence to try something new, something different.” 

Joanne  //  Online Attendee

What will the retreat involve?

This is an online retreat running over two days from Saturday morning to Sunday evening

  1. 1
    The focus of the weekend will be around emergence and creativity.
  2. 2
    On the Saturday and Sunday there will be around two and a half hours of time. together in the morning setting ourselves up for the day, plenty of space in the afternoon to drop into nature time and allow your creativity to flow through, and then a gathering each evening together.
  3. 3
    We will begin each morning with a dawn chorus meditation, drifting off together into the spring woodlands to listen to the birds call up the rising sun.
  4. 4
    Following the dawn chorus, we will flex our creativity through a simple morning practice of reading poetry and allowing our collective words to flow through some creative writing and sharing.
  5. 5
    After a morning tea break on Saturday we will present the focus of the day through a 1-hour talk. The topic will be expressing our creative self through the medium of writing, drawing or photography.
  6. 6
    During the morning we will also guide you on a shamanic journey to connect with your muse.
  7. 7
    On Saturday afternoon you will then have plenty of space to tune in with nature, either in your back yard or garden, or out on a walk to put into practice some of the concepts we have shared.
  8. 8
    Then if you you would like to join us for a Pop-Up Talk on Saturday afternoon we will be holding a session on working with Animal Spirit Guides to help with your creativity.
    On Saturday evening there will be the opportunity to gather in circle in our living room together for a live campfire gig, with music, singing, poetry and storytelling.
  10. 10
    On Sunday morning, following the dawn chorus and creativity writing morning practice we will present the theme of the day which will be drawing insights through the process of a shamanic medicine walk. We will give a talk on this topic and set you up for going on your own shamanic medicine walk that afternoon, whether that be in your garden or out in the town or countryside where you live.
  11. 11
    Later, on Sunday afternoon we will hold another Pop-Up Talk, this time on how we can help our creativity by connecting with the medicine held by trees.
    On Sunday evening we will gather again in a circle in our living room for our final sharing of the weekend, along with a mini open mic night for anyone who would like to share something with the group and a healing drum bath. We will close with a special Beltane ceremony to set our ongoing creative intentions.

Join us and unlock your true potential through your creativity.

Experience a regular creative practice that will lead to a more expansive life, a deeper connection with your true self and a real sense of achievement.

Yes, it will mean investing a little of your time and money and take your away from your everyday responsibilities. It may even feel overindulgent and raise a conflict inside you about whether you can justify giving yourself this space and investment.

But in this great global pause there is no time like the present to reach out and get a little help to give you what you most need.

Once you engage in your creativity, the momentum will drive you forward to find a new way of coping right now and ultimately lead to making changes in your life beyond the pandemic outbreak.

Maybe you are thinking that you don’t need more creativity in your life. But creativity is the key to finding freedom.

Our ancestors recognised the benefit, and they were brilliant at surviving. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t be here now. Their creative endeavours hold a jaw dropping beauty and they held time spent on creativity in the highest regard.

There are so many benefits to joining us.
Here are our top 5.

A Homecoming

Something happens deep within us when we are in nature. When we still ourselves amongst beauty we can hear ourselves more clearly. We come home. During this weekend we will drop into nature time together and demonstrate that it is possible to do this without even leaving home.

Seeking answers from the Otherworlds

The ancient techniques of shamanic journeying and deep nature connection have been used by humanity for tens of thousands of years. They are incredible, easy ways to access deep universal wisdom. Why leave it to your limited conscious mind to come up with all the answers!

A Regular Practice

Experience a regular creative practice that will lead you to a more spacious life, a deep connection to your true self, and a real sense of achievement.

Being in Community

Share soulful time with like-minded travellers who, like you, are seeking ways to become more expansive in a different world.

Setting Intentions

Without a clear intention we don’t know where we will be heading, so by deciding this and putting it out there in ceremony, we give ourselves the best chance of realising our dreams.

​Book Your Place Now

Be a part of something special this coming Beltane weekend

Full Price: £19

Mystery School Premium Members: 50% discount

Space to Emerge 2021 ticket holders: Free

The price includes the following:

  • Two dawn chorus meditations
  • Two morning practice creativity sessions
  • A talk on expressing your creative self through the medium of  writing, drawing or photography
  • Experience the ancient practice of a shamanic medicine walk
  • A session working with animal spirit medicine and creativity
  • A session working with tree spirit medicine and creativity
  • Plenty of space to reflect, gain inspiration and guidance and create
  • Two evening gatherings in circle to share
  • A healing drum bath
  • A Beltane Ceremony to set your creative intention

We strongly recommend booking sooner rather than later as there are limited places available.

Is the Space to Emerge online retreat right for you?

If any of these intentions fit with you, we believe you are ready for this experience:

I want to carve out some me time

I feel I have lost touch with my creativity

I would like to focus on something beyond just coping

I would like to explore different ways to manage my anxiety

I am seeking ways to stay grounded, centred and nourished

I would like some soulful contact with likeminded people

I am looking for more out of life, both now and beyond lockdown

I am looking for a sense of purpose during this lockdown period

I don't always feel inspired or motivated

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make all the sessions?

Will it be recorded?

Is it even possible to have an online retreat at home?

Do I need any Shamanic experience?

What if I can't get outdoors?


What are the timings for each day?

There are limited spaces on this online retreat and we expect it will be popular so we advise booking soon to avoid being disappointed.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein

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