Snowy Tower: Parzival and the Wet, Back Branch of Language, by Martin Shaw

The Way of The Buzzard


Review written by Nicola

A story nearly a thousand years old but yet is so relevant for today.

In this book Martin tells the epic story of Parzival, the quest of one man from boyhood to knighthood. Through the narrative behind each chapter Martin tackles the enormous issues of our time… from climate change, the grief we are collectively feeling for what is happening to our world and the severance from this grief, our own individual quest from ignorance and naivety through to knowledge and wisdom.

All those years ago it seems that things weren’t so different as they are now. They as we do, “have a wounded king at its centre” as Martin puts it “a result of trance-mad conquest, the hallucination of empire”

To peer into the wound, and to ask the question “what ails thee”? This is what will bring us to the end of our own personal monotheism.

Read this story, and maybe just maybe things in our world will start to make a whole more sense…


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