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During the evening we gathered in circle to explore the concept of shamanism through a modern day lens and to examine how the principle held therein can help us navigate our lives in general and specifically during these challenging times.

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Your hosts:

Nicola & Jason Smalley
The Way of The Buzzard

In challenging times such as these it's important to reach out to our guides and seek the wisdoms we need to remain resilient and fearless.

We are committed to help our Way of The Buzzard clan navigate a path through the maze of confusion and uncertainty by encouraging the use of the Shamanic toolkit that's so easily available to us,

Here's the transcript from the circle

To make it easier to read I've split it into sections, each of which can be revealed by clicking on the toggle on the left of the title of each section.


​18:54:15 From Steve : Good evening folks from here in Topcliffe.North Yorkshire. Really looking forward to another evening of light and learning.❤️?
18:54:20 From Chriss Pepper : Hi everyone, I’m Chriss from Scotland.
18:54:25 From Tarum To All Panelists : Stephen Kent
18:54:25 From Kyla : Hello from Kyla from Stoke-On-Trent. Audio and video all okay :)
18:54:39 From Diane Redmond To All Panelists : Hi, Diane from Edinburgh x
18:54:42 From shuna mercer To All Panelists : Shuna from Glasgow
18:54:43 From Lyn : hi. Lyn from Blackpool, you surprised me ! :-)
18:54:43 From Frances To All Panelists : Hi from Frances in Cornwall
18:54:44 From susan loftus To All Panelists : Hi this is susan

18:54:44 From Rob Marchment To All Panelists : Hi from Rob in Northampton...!
18:54:46 From Sally-Ann To All Panelists : Sally-Ann from Lancashire ?
18:54:46 From Roz To All Panelists : hi all roz from redcar
18:54:48 From John : John & Bridget from Birmingham
18:54:48 From Beth Jones To All Panelists : Beth, lincoln
18:54:54 From Hilary : Hi I'm Hilary from Pembrokeshire
18:54:55 From Fae : Evening everyone, Fae from Wesham Lancs x
18:54:58 From Bill To All Panelists : Bill, Oxford
18:55:02 From MARICIA BALSHAW To All Panelists : hi both love from kernow xx
18:55:10 From 91415020261 : Hi everyone, Jayne from Stoke-on-Trent
18:55:10 From jan Ford To All Panelists : Hello from Cornwall !
18:55:11 From A Kay : Hi everyone from Ann K nr Carnforth

18:55:12 From Lindsay To All Panelists : hi. lindsay here. from Wales
18:55:13 From John McBlain To All Panelists : John and Anne-Marie in Cheshire x
18:55:16 From Sally : hello everyone Sally from Hull
18:55:19 From Sonya : hi everyone , from Northern Ireland
18:55:19 From Neil Boocock : Hello from Neil, Mansfield
18:55:24 From Ian Wallsh : Hi All! Ian from Essex x
18:55:27 From Annie To All Panelists : Annie fro Lancashire
18:55:30 From Robert Staley : Hi guys Bob from Hawaii [in my dreams]That's a good Shamanic journey]
18:55:30 From Lyn : youre early
18:55:31 From sharon anderson : Hiya from Bedford
18:55:36 From Chriss Pepper : Oh if we’re that precise, it’s Dumfries and Galloway.
18:55:37 From Nigel Ball To All Panelists : Hi Nicola and Jason
First question, what is the cats name?
Nigel from Nantwich
18:55:44 From Christina To All Panelists : Christina from Merseyside, stranded in Austria!
18:55:45 From Peter Roffey To All Panelists : Hi from Harrow
18:55:55 From Sheila : hello , sheila from weymouth. lovely to be back
18:56:19 From HUAWEI P20 lite To All Panelists : Hi from Louth. Myrtle

18:56:21 From Patricia Scott To All Panelists : Hello from Trish in Ripon.
18:56:29 From Helen : hi guys - Helen from still sunny Kendal xx
18:56:30 From Eve To All Panelists : hello from Eve from Poole, Dorset
18:56:40 From Robert Staley : Middle name is John, that's spooky
18:56:41 From Norma Kershaw : can see you and hear you from hampshire
18:56:45 From Ilia : Hi everyone...from Stoke on Trent ?
18:56:52 From Denise Fisher (Galaxy A3) To All Panelists : denis from Durham
18:56:58 From Tara Malyon : Hi Nicola and Jason Tara from Essex :)
18:57:09 From Denise Fisher (Galaxy A3) To All Panelists : Denise Fisher from Durham
18:57:16 From Al : Hi Al here from a Sunny evening in Bury, Lancashire ☀️
18:57:19 From MARICIA BALSHAW : so glad my sound is working it wouldnt this morning :)
18:57:34 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Good evening everyone x
18:57:38 From Thecla Hemsley To All Panelists : hi from Thecla from Isle of Seil West Scotland
18:57:42 From Chriss Pepper : The almighty Blue :D
18:57:44 From Debi Knight : hi from the border of West & South Yorkshire
18:57:48 From HUAWEI P20 lite To All Panelists : Can you turn up volume at all please?
18:57:49 From Chris : Hi From Chris & Rob in the North East xx
18:57:51 From Norma Kershaw : from Norma from hampshire
18:57:53 From Helen : hi Blue ?

18:58:00 From Natalie To All Panelists : Hi from Natalie in Cheltenham!
18:58:00 From Tara Malyon : Hey Blue great to see You!!
18:58:01 From Kerry Witherspoon : Hi all from Essex, hope all are well
18:58:04 From Angela Ripley To All Panelists : happy sunny Thursday from Anji in barnsley
18:58:05 From Ian Wallsh : Blue has a lovely purr x
18:58:08 From Helen : hi all from helen in West Sussex
18:58:12 From Janet Buckingham To All Panelists : hi Janet, from Thornton, Lancashire
18:58:13 From karen : hi everyone Karen from Leigh, Lancashire
18:58:19 From Neal To All Panelists : Hi from Gloucester
18:58:19 From Hils IMRIE-SMITH : Hi from Hils in Notts
18:58:20 From Emma : Hi Emma from Norfolk
18:58:21 From Ian Wallsh : Hi Kerry x
18:58:30 From Tara Malyon : Sunny in Essex
18:58:36 From Nigel Ball To All Panelists : Poppy says hi to Blue
18:58:41 From Brydie To All Panelists : hi all, brydie from gnosall
18:58:46 From Robert Staley : Im the geezer from Hawii
18:58:50 From Kerry Witherspoon : Hi Ian :)
18:59:17 From Ian Wallsh : Its very warm here! has to put fan on.....x
18:59:27 From Joanne Quayle : Hi All, Joanne here from Surrey
18:59:27 From Tara cook : tara from Samlesbury xx

18:59:33 From Brydie To All Panelists : no you're not bob, you fibber
18:59:37 From shuna mercer To All Panelists : oh seal! I’m from crinan, near there
18:59:45 From Honor 9 Lite To All Panelists : Hi Karen from Swadlincote lovely and sunny here too xx
19:00:01 From julia Besooijen To All Panelists : Hi everyone, from Julia in Totnes!?❤️??
19:00:05 From Jill : Good evening from Jill in Lancaster. Sound sounds OK for me.
19:00:06 From Kerry Witherspoon : volume okay here
19:00:10 From Brydie : hi all, Brydie from Gnosall
19:00:11 From Angela Ripley To All Panelists : audio perfect
19:00:18 From Tara Malyon : Volume great
19:00:18 From HUAWEI P20 lite To All Panelists : Yup, got the headphones in much better!
19:00:21 From Lyn : sound is good
19:00:24 From Jennifer : Hi from Arnside
19:00:24 From Tarum To All Panelists : Keep losing u
19:00:27 From Sheila : hello to everyone from Sheila in Altrincham x
19:00:28 From Debi Knight : loud & clear - I’ve got headphones on though
19:00:35 From julia Besooijen To All Panelists : volume fine here!
19:00:35 From Lynn To All Panelists : Hi from Lynn in Salford
19:00:39 From Jim Sharp To All Panelists : Volume good for me
19:01:01 From Lorna Smithers : Lorna from Penwortham here :)
19:01:01 From Ian Wallsh : Headphones are the answer to the question.....
19:01:06 From Emma Taylor : Hi everyone, Emma from Northwich
19:01:07 From Amy To All Panelists : hi from amy. having problems from the app wiht voice over but i cna hear you

19:01:35 From Ali To All Panelists : Ali in Pevensey
19:01:37 From Brydie : In his dreams, he's the geezer down the road from me lol
19:01:37 From Anne : Hi everyone, Anne from Longridge X
19:01:45 From Maureen : hi everyone, Maureen from Partington
19:01:46 From Debi Knight : on volume I found on my phone that the ‘speaker’ symbol has different settings & I scrolled through them until it was good. for me it was top left corner
19:01:49 From Jackie Jones To All Panelists : Hello,!
19:01:51 From Jules Kay To All Panelists : Jules xx
19:01:56 From Dreaded Angel To All Panelists : Indy from cannock
19:01:58 From Ian Wallsh : lol Brydie!
19:01:59 From Galaxy S9 : hello from sue x
19:02:00 From Sara : Good evening from sunny Portsmouth
19:02:02 From Robert Staley : get the tea on then
19:02:03 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Sharon from London, lives in Thatcham x
19:02:29 From julia Besooijen To All Panelists : it’s a bootiful evening in Totnes!
19:03:11 From Ian Wallsh : Sounds idyllic!
19:03:14 From Liz : hi from Stockport x
19:03:17 From angela : how do
19:03:23 From Ayesha : Hi

19:03:26 From Galaxy A50 To All Panelists : welcome from Barrie from Nottingham
19:03:30 From Neal : Done
19:03:32 From Angelika Tobias-Freitag To All Panelists : Hi everyone!
19:03:34 From Alexandra Wild : Hi from Sheffild
19:03:34 From Sarah Brattan To All Panelists : Hi from Cleethorpes
19:03:35 From Ian Wallsh : lol Robert!
19:03:51 From Patsy : Hi , from Patsy Upton on Severn :)
19:03:53 From Brydie : I know he's cheeky Ian
19:04:00 From Eve : hi from Poole
19:04:03 From julia Besooijen : Hi all from Totnes!
19:04:24 From Ian Wallsh : :)
19:04:31 From Brydie : Ooooh Julia I used to holiday a lot in Dartmouth
19:04:37 From Debi Knight : hi Ian I’m not far from the steel city myself ?
19:04:38 From Tarum To All Panelists : Your events are great
19:05:54 From Ian Wallsh : Ooooh Sheffield! never been their.....
19:06:01 From Kerry Witherspoon : May I just ask if we will be sent a recording of this meeting. Thanks x
19:06:13 From Michelle : Hi everyone. Newbie here. struggling with the journeying.
19:06:21 From Ian Wallsh : Yes im a dabbler
19:07:04 From mark hudson To All Panelists : hi sorry im late
19:07:17 From julia Besooijen : Hi Brodie, I’m only 8 miles from the Dartmouth ⛴ ferry!
19:07:19 From Anne : Usually Nicola and Jason send a recording Kerry.

19:07:34 From Sharon Lerpiniere : I was born into magic and shamanism
19:07:35 From Kerry Witherspoon : Thanks Anne x
19:08:40 From Debi Knight : ooooa sorry Ian I saw your name and read ‘from Sheffield’ as it scrolled ??
19:08:49 From Lorna Smithers : I know that spot!
19:09:23 From Amy To All Panelists : am blind so can you tell me wha thas gone up as slides please?
19:09:45 From Peter : Nicola another time then

The discussion

​19:13:26 From Christina To All Panelists : they cramé
19:13:44 From Christina To All Panelists : whoops pressed wrong button!
19:14:35 From Christina To All Panelists : they came to our door when I was little. my dad asked if our little dog could come to arabise with
19:15:06 From Christina To All Panelists : paradise with us. they said no, so he shut the door in their face!
19:23:44 From Jude Graham : Such a moving story Jason - thank you so much <3
19:24:11 From A Kay : Thanks for shareing story ann K
19:24:29 From Lorna Smithers : I’ve known you for ages Jason but had only heard snippets of your story so thanks for sharing :)
19:24:50 From Debi Knight : I feel your pain about tinnitus & dizziness. I’ve had tinnitus for so long I didn’t actually know I wasn’t supposed to have buzzing in my ears!
19:30:48 From mark hudson To All Panelists : cave and cosmos grt book
19:32:06 From Tara Malyon : Thank you for sharing your moving story Jason <3
19:33:02 From Anya To All Panelists : Sorry I missed that list please repeat... Soul retrieval and medicine walks and...?

19:33:11 From Anya To All Panelists : Psychopalping?
19:35:50 From Anya To All Panelists : Thank you ?
19:37:18 From Sharon Lerpiniere : I had a thought about cave paintings, what if they were a way to tell other tribes where the best hunting, food, etc was??
19:38:14 From Ian Wallsh : Excellent point Sharon! I think the paintings can/could be interpreted on many levels...
19:38:36 From Ian Wallsh : Me too Jason!
19:39:16 From Lyn : it never stuck with me, it was my saving :-)
19:39:33 From julia Besooijen : I was always been told off for day dreaming at primary school. I just wanted to be outdoors!
19:39:34 From Anna To All Panelists : I find walking bare foot helps mw connect
19:39:45 From Angelika Tobias-Freitag To All Panelists : I think I read somewhere that in one of the African tribes, they believe that our real life is actually the dream/'imaginary' world and that 'reality' is just a little add-on!
19:39:55 From Hannah To All Panelists : yes definitely iam writing a book on it
19:40:01 From Ian Wallsh : Me too Julia

19:40:14 From MARICIA BALSHAW : and me !
19:40:20 From mark hudson To All Panelists : the drum is know as the shamans horse
19:40:41 From A Kay : Ann K yes I was often told @you are miles away'
19:40:50 From Anne : Me too I was called Dolly Daydream, working with you has reconnected me with that part of myself x
19:41:13 From Galaxy A8 (2018) To All Panelists : love to journey so helpful
19:41:21 From Amy To All Panelists : can i add to this for i am a animal spirit guide and work me spirits all the time
19:42:07 From Michelle : Is this practice (journeying) something that should come naturally? I've tried journeying several times, but apart from the first time it doesn't feel as if I'm making a connection. Also I'm wondering if the first time was simply my imagination?
19:42:07 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Alpha waves? Delta waves?
19:42:20 From Debi Knight : Sharon that’s one theory yes, though also it’s possible that certain animals used represented other elements & messages ?

19:42:42 From mark hudson To All Panelists : yes to alfa beta waves
19:43:06 From Anya : I would love to shamanic journey more
19:43:44 From Tarum To All Panelists : I can't wait to try a journey again
19:44:06 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Debi, absolutely, we'll never truly know, maybe it was a combination, earthly and spiritual.
19:44:15 From Hannah To All Panelists : yeah I do it daily really nice to connect.
19:44:33 From Sarah Brattan : I am better at journeying standing up
19:44:41 From mark hudson To All Panelists : question ,,, I used to be able to journey but seem to have lost it any recommedations
19:45:03 From Brydie : the last time I journeyed my power animal joined me, we went to rainbow bridge and I was joined with all my pets that have past over, it was glorious
19:45:10 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Clairsentient - clear feelingClairaudient - clear hearingClairvoyant - clear seeing

19:45:12 From Hannah To All Panelists : yes and movement and walking in nature and journeying to
19:45:29 From Anya : How can a person release negative energies or things that no longer serve, please?
19:45:56 From Anne : Can be combined with embodied work as well, your body keeps the score, senses the way.
19:45:57 From Anya : Besides himalayan salt baths, clean eating, leaning into process ie
19:46:36 From Ian Wallsh : Smudging Anya with Sage for example....
19:46:49 From Anya : Yes, and palo Santo
19:46:52 From Amy To All Panelists : i follow the Ancient Greek and Tyrian goods and i have a set of several anima guides that i can call on that give me the abilities and instincts tha ti also follow through me life. also when i am round birds and and snakes who i share animal spirits they also seem to liek me and i cna quite often understand what is it that they want without actually speaking to them like humans do

19:46:53 From Sharon Lerpiniere : I do a chakra shower, when I stand under the shower let the water hit the top of my head and visualise it cleansing my chakras. You can try smudging. I would also suggest practising closing down and protecting.
19:47:07 From Hannah To All Panelists : give it to one of the elements either fire water air or earth asking it go be transmitted that's what I would do
19:47:11 From Tara Malyon : Claircognizance too - Intuitive sense
19:47:25 From Hannah To All Panelists : yep
19:47:37 From Hannah To All Panelists : all the above to awesome
19:47:39 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Palo Santo is becoming rare, I use sage
19:47:40 From Sonya : Sharon I do that too, such a great way to clear my energies
19:47:42 From Anya : Thank you. Sharon, that's a great suggesting re closing down and protecting. Please expand
19:47:44 From mark hudson To All Panelists : is this your power place ??
19:48:04 From Anne : The only way out is in...can't remember who said that but it resonates with me.

19:48:49 From Jim Sharp To All Panelists : Newbie question.... How do you know you’ve met your spirit guide?
19:49:02 From Brydie : i don't journey enough
19:49:25 From Debi Knight : exactly Sharon ? I’m fortunate my tutor two years ago was the head of Prehistoric Society & even had a lecture inside Stonehenge ? it’s important to think beyond what we do now ?
19:49:29 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Anya, visualise your chakras as light switches and when you have finished doing spiritual work, see the chakras switching off. Protecting, see yourself in a bubble of white light, nice shiny outside to reflect back any unwanted/negative energies. The more you practice the better you'll get
19:49:32 From Brydie : i don't relax enough
19:50:00 From Anya : ??
19:50:02 From Hannah To All Panelists : or use torch wood from this country uk
19:50:46 From Hannah : give it to one of the elements either fire water air or earth asking it go be transmitted that's what I would do
19:50:58 From Debi Knight : I’m doing your shamanic course & struggle with the journey (lesson3 I think) my
19:51:09 From Hannah : or use torch wood from this country uk
19:51:35 From Anya : Thank you!
19:52:29 From Ian Wallsh : Can you recommend a way to switch off the "Watch Dog" mind? (as one of my teachers put it), ie the everyday mind that wants to control everything!
19:53:02 From Iain : Hello Everyone need to Jounery more to also still unsure going to my sit spot Brood spot as not felt comfortable going for months!!!! And it's in a woodland where thiers lots of Dog walkers at both my sites and on is further away but less Dog walkers and easy to avoid everyone in this period of Lockdown social dirstencing!!!!

19:53:35 From Sharon Lerpiniere : I spent my morning out in my garden, tidying, planting, telling my plants (my babies) how much I love them, I'm aching but happy
19:53:52 From mark hudson : i use power place
19:54:05 From Hannah : hi sharon Lerpiniere x
19:54:16 From Hannah : small world
19:54:19 From Sharon Lerpiniere : hi Hannah xx
19:54:26 From Sharon Lerpiniere : tis innit
19:54:37 From Hannah : yep lol
19:55:22 From Sarah Brattan : does it need to be same spot everytime?
19:55:24 From Annie : How does shamanism differ from paganism generally, and wicca in particular, and how do they overlap/interact in GB?
19:55:25 From Lyn : it is za zen, just sitting

19:55:32 From mark hudson : i go to sleep even sometimes lol
19:56:55 From Amy To All Panelists : being deaf blind i have to go out into nature and many animal places with my eyes. but instead i do this always every day inside my own head where i go into nature in my imagine and create a natural place where i can and do image the wild around me and image being different creatures that way
19:56:57 From Ian Wallsh : I like the siund if that
19:57:02 From Ian Wallsh : sound
19:57:11 From Brydie : great question Annie
19:57:20 From Sharon Lerpiniere : I did a night time vigil when I did my 1st Degree, and heard people walking toward me, drumming, I met some of my ancestors
19:58:13 From Tarum To All Panelists : Going to try a journey again
19:58:14 From Ian Wallsh : Theres an Ancient Burial Mound near me in Norsey Wood and ive tried for years to connect with the Spirits there......
19:58:26 From Maureen : I found the sit spot difficult to find because everywhere is too busy so it’s distracting. I eventually made my sit spot in my back garden because it’s private and quiet.
19:59:10 From Sarah Brattan : Thank you!

19:59:35 From mark hudson : need to make relationship i agree
19:59:53 From Brydie : now you've got me thinking where to look for my sit spot
19:59:53 From Anna : I used to do this when I was growing up, often now when I feel stressed I feel the urge to go back to that spot
20:00:00 From Debi Knight : I’m still locating mine as there are lots of permissive paths used all through the woodland. they are quiet but not secluded
20:00:03 From Hannah : yep homes a great place to start and the spirits of place there
20:00:08 From Eve To All Panelists : do the sit spots have to be in wild natural places? that is so difficult for many of us.
20:00:47 From Brydie : hello blue
20:01:17 From Anya : Hello blue
20:01:23 From Anya : Ah trade mark purr!
20:01:28 From Brydie : purrry boy
20:01:29 From Ian Wallsh : Visited by a Woodpeckker today on Bird table!
20:01:33 From Stephen : that cat is almost identical to my cat
20:01:35 From mark hudson : blue is is purring hers
20:01:45 From Angelika Tobias-Freitag To All Panelists : So sweet! xxx
20:01:54 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Hello blue boy, happy purring xx
20:02:26 From Norma Kershaw : he is purring
20:03:24 From Fae : I watch 10 Magpies on the roof of the house behind us this evening...I was amazed as its over 30 years since I've seen so many together, any ideas what this might mean?

20:03:38 From Jennifer : We saw a large owl yesterday afternoon looked it up on your list
20:04:36 From Jules Kay : I did a journey on Monday and got a pink pig on my journey, and I was like really? Yet such a good message from such a beautiful animal
20:04:36 From julia Besooijen : Today I drove across Dartmoor, I had a real need to be out on the wild remote moor.
20:05:13 From Amy To All Panelists : i have had with a fox crossing my path. but i don’t see much nature as others do because i am not out and aobut it as much except when people tell me it is around me. i do have animal spirits that i can call on that aorund me all the time that are a mixture of native and nonnative that give me skills more than give me knowledge or answer questions. but in my dreams i have animals appears that ever time i see i go and find out what they mean and they have given many messages over the years
20:05:17 From Ian Wallsh : Ooooh lovely Julia! Do you know Nigel Shaw & Carolyn Hillyer.....?
20:05:51 From Jo Jukes : I sit under a hawthorn and ash tree. hawthorn helps my heart and emotions and ash gives me knowledge and direction. The trees always know what I need.
20:06:02 From Brydie : can it be a graveyard or crem?
20:06:07 From Anne : Ah hello Blue X
20:06:56 From julia Besooijen To All Panelists : I haven’t actually meet them, but subscribe to their web site, I’m saving up to buy a Shamanic Drum!
20:07:02 From Hannah : be prepared lol if ploughed field or graveyard
20:07:16 From mark hudson : i find singing a powerful strong force as we come from the heart and brings you into aprecitaion

20:07:27 From Brydie : thank you x
20:07:40 From Norma Kershaw : from norma
20:07:44 From Patricia Scott : Is there a guide you would recommend to understand what different birds, trees, animals, etc. mean? I regularly walk and see different birds, including the woodpecker two days ago!
20:07:53 From Debi Knight To All Panelists : Brydie many of the large graveyards in cities and towns were actually made for that purpose. for places to go and get away from the smog of the city and have trees
20:08:11 From Hannah : yes that going song staff and seidr work like nordic shamanic work
20:08:12 From Tarum To All Panelists : We have 2 crested geckos and 2 rescue cats both types of animals very different but both lovable
20:08:13 From Norma Kershaw : from Norma doing the shamanic wheel have done the south
20:09:04 From Christina : he is the most gorgeous cat - he’s listening to every word!
20:09:13 From A Kay : Ann K I used to lie down in the field and voices would come to me, recently I suffer from 'restless legs' and it starts as soon as I relax. Not good.
20:09:14 From Debi Knight : Brydie many of the large graveyards in cities and towns were actually made for that purpose. for places to go and get away from the smog of the city and have trees

20:09:37 From Galaxy A8 (2018) : I'm coming back after losing my way I'm feeling so comfortable with you all it's a lovely feeling
20:09:51 From Tara Malyon : I tend to go early morning to my local ancient woodland to avoid crowds. It is a sanctuary where I allow myself to just to BE and connect to Spirit and nature. Sometimes I take my drum, rattle or staff and a plastic bag for collecting rubbish :)
20:10:14 From Paula Leonard To All Panelists : I find just sitting in my garden which overlooks a county hillside gives me peace. Birds and small animals soon forget I am there and come close.
20:10:42 From Ian Wallsh : I usually get people rather than animals in my Journeys (a Teacher told me I was more connectedto the Middle World than the others) can you recommend a way to redress the balance please Nicola?
20:10:43 From Hannah : where the download
20:11:05 From Tarum To All Panelists : Blue is a beautiful soul
20:11:56 From Amy To All Panelists : i belong t the ancient Polyphemus religions so finding out their equivfalant rituals has been taking me some time but in my pagan group they follow northern traditions that i have starting to slow learn aobut. i have just starting following the Celtic so am getting use to their festivals and when they are
20:12:20 From Iain : I hope Blue is well Blues coat looks I likily grenier is blue molting?
20:12:50 From Brydie : Debi, I love churches, the buildings, not necessarily what they represent, and looking at the old gravestones I find it such a peaceful place but I really couldn't tell you why

20:13:15 From mark hudson : and a thining of the vail
20:13:27 From Hannah : yep
20:14:54 From Brydie : ooh Glastonbury
20:14:54 From mark hudson : yay
20:14:56 From Hannah : thanks
20:15:16 From Chriss Pepper : I’m building a moon clock at the moment that also shows where we are on the wheel of the year. You can make a paper one or get something fancy on Etsy. I find it really helps to have something visual.
20:16:23 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Chris, that sounds cool, thanks I'll have a look
20:16:25 From Tara Malyon : That's a good idea Chriss I'm thinking of creating my own
20:16:40 From Iain : Fell Jasson Nicola after Beltain I started reconnect after the Gorverments announcement that's thrown me again!!!! Please help Jasson Nicola? Fighting myself still
20:16:52 From Jules Kay : I have to go now. So lovely to see you both. Lots of love xxx
20:16:53 From Ian Wallsh : Good idea Chris
20:16:56 From Debi Knight : Brydie me too ? many churches are sites of ancient sacred places anyway so you probably feel that energy. On my MA we had a graveyard walk in Bradford as part of the funerary course. I loved it and saw how the layout was similar to the one I know the main city graveyard in Wakefield.

20:17:48 From Anna : I camped in my back garden x
20:17:49 From mark hudson : trance dance
20:18:12 From Sharon Lerpiniere : chakra dance is amazing
20:18:20 From Anne : All dance is amazing!
20:18:24 From julia Besooijen To All Panelists : I’ve really been mindful of the moon this year. I live in a Devon village with no street lights. There has been so many amazing moons and super moons this year.
20:18:29 From Hannah : yep trance dance and shake medicine perfect
20:18:43 From Brydie : oh yes Debi, St Mary's in Stafford goes back to the 700's
20:18:50 From Debi Knight : my inhibitions don’t let me dance - my counsellor says I need to dance
20:19:17 From Patsy : me too,
20:19:31 From Patsy : lost my connection to Nature
20:19:32 From Anne : Debi try some somatic work to take you to dance and moving alongside the shamanic work
20:19:41 From Neal : Dance like no ones watching,
20:19:58 From Annie : Dance at home on your own - when nobody can see it’s easier to be free
20:20:00 From Patricia Scott : I know I don’t honour my soul so would love guidance on how to come home.
20:20:01 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Glennie Kindred - Earths Cycles of Celebration book, it's the Wheel of the Year and has really fab ideas to celebrated the festivals x
20:20:12 From Brydie : you don't need to do a full on dance, you could start by swinging side to steps Debi
20:20:14 From mark hudson : sun dance on midsummer is awsome
20:20:14 From Debi Knight : neal I’ve always got people watching, my shadow ? I’m working on integration ?

20:20:22 From Galaxy A8 (2018) : Thank you
20:21:10 From julia Besooijen To All Panelists : I returned to a remote South Devon village after 34 years of living in Oxfordshire. My family thought I’d gone mad. I just knew I had to return to my roots and be in Nature.
20:21:25 From Hannah : yep baby steps
20:21:39 From Anne : Come to Space to Emerge next year to do some embodied wild dance, its the best place.
20:21:57 From Hannah : awesome
20:22:28 From karen : bye everyone x thanks Jason & Nicola need to leave now xx
20:22:41 From Ayesha : that will be great Anne ?
20:22:45 From Debi Knight : thank you for the advice I’ll look into those actions ? I get the sensation of movement and dancing when journeying so I know I need to ? I just need to rid the ego & embrace the shadow and traumas not run from them ?
20:23:38 From Hannah : it will shift it and move it
20:24:13 From Di : Thank you Nicola and Jason, I have to leave you now.

20:24:16 From Angelika Tobias-Freitag To All Panelists : Much love to all, thank you so much Nicola and Jason I got so much out of tonight's talk (as I do all of them) and feel very loved and connected xx xx
20:24:36 From Brydie : oooh looking forward to starting the tree spirit medicine course and using your Ogham sticks i bought from you
20:25:36 From susan loftus : From susan , thank you Nicola and Jason I have to leave now good night all
20:25:50 From Patricia Scott : Thank you. That sounds just what I need.
20:26:22 From A Kay : Ann K need to leave, Mystery school is wonderful Thanks
20:27:19 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Ted Andrews Animal Speak book is very good
20:28:12 From Debi Knight : I walked the local woodland as Jason suggested last week following my heart & let me feet do as they would. I turned down a track where the bluebells are and a Roe Deer walked in front of me, didn’t run or bolt away just walked in front of me, ate a bit and walked off again. magical ? thank you for suggesting to just follow the heart and not plan every detail.

20:28:52 From Iain : Fell Jasson Nicola after Beltain I started reconnect after the Gorverments announcement that's thrown me again!!!! Please help Jasson Nicola? Fighting myself still
20:29:28 From Jude Graham To All Panelists : Fabulous value for money!
20:29:51 From Neal : Awesome Talk Jason and Nicola,, need to leave now,, thank ypu both
20:30:04 From Iain : I Loved the Mystery school really helps me and a lovily Tribe clan and like mind people!!!
20:30:23 From julia Besooijen To All Panelists : The subscription sounds very reasonable, I was paying £300 a weekend for a Shamanic Course I was studying! I couldn’t afford to complete the course!
20:30:24 From Patsy : I have only just joined the Mystery School and am amazed at how much is available, it is a wonderful place to be :) thank you for making it available
20:31:33 From Hannah : was that with jane Shutt
20:31:49 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Tomorrow I'm re-dressing my altar, with flowers and fairies for Litha

20:31:59 From Nigel Ball : Thanks Jason and Nicola. That was very useful. Stay safe :-)
20:32:17 From Amy To All Panelists : i have questions. would it possible if i could do some of the courses you are talking aobut thorugh email and zoom as i am deaf and cant hear the prececorded stuff as it not loud enough on my phone?
20:32:25 From Chriss Pepper : I’ve only just joined as well. I’m doing a course every monday. Monday is mystery day.
20:32:27 From Nicola Smalley :
20:32:29 From Debi Knight : oh Sharon that sounds lovely ?
20:33:20 From Helen : I was so inspired by my experience in space to emerge that I have just joined the mystery school
20:33:25 From Sharon Lerpiniere : I'll post pics on FB group
20:33:32 From Galaxy A8 (2018) : will be looking into that
20:33:32 From Sue : thank you Jason & Nicola, need to save my plants from a peacock who arrived today - bless her ?
20:33:41 From Patsy : Good idea Chriss, I could spend so much time on there :)
20:33:54 From Hannah : oh I would love to see them
20:34:17 From Sonya : what about talk to text software, could it listen to their videos and translate it to text for you
20:34:21 From Sharon Lerpiniere : I'm making an incense for Litha as well
20:34:33 From Patricia Scott : Thank you both. I’m very interested in joining but just wondering about the time commitment.
20:34:36 From Helen : looking forward to the journey - am already finding a release of years of conditioning are peeling away as I begin to connect.
20:34:44 From Helen : thank you.

20:34:51 From Hannah : question was that rossendale with Jane shutt
20:35:44 From Alexandra Wild : can you have different animal guides on different journeys?
20:36:09 From Anna : Is it possible for a loved one that has passed on to be a spirit guide? my grandmother appeared in one of journeys
20:36:20 From Jim Sharp To All Panelists : Thank You.
20:36:41 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Anna, yes it is possible x
20:37:19 From Tara Malyon : Thank you Nicola and Jason for this evening, need to go now :)
20:37:24 From Rebecca Hajdu : QUESTION I've done a couple of journeys on my own before joining the school and usually when I meet someone I'm so shocked/ nervous I jump back out unconsciously.. how can I stop this and stay in the journey?
20:37:38 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Anna, I feel that your grandmother was letting you know she is around you at this time to help you find a way forward xx
20:37:40 From Galaxy A8 (2018) : I was stopped by an "evil " gnome in the tunnel I was using to journey ...??
20:37:49 From Debi Knight : hi, my mind goes off all over the place, whatever time I have tried it. during the Beltane ones I got feelings etc but when I’ve done them ‘alone’ I get anger and frustrations as well as replay of conversations in the physical world. so I guess it’s the ‘busy mind’

20:37:50 From Ian Wallsh : Excellent, thanks Nicola
20:37:52 From Anna : thank you Sharon x
20:38:03 From Galaxy S9 : I've been seeing a reindeer in pictures of fires could this be a guide x
20:38:41 From Tarum To All Panelists : Thank you both going now, keep up the great work
20:38:42 From julia Besooijen To All Panelists : can your spirit guide, change with the seasons? in the summer, I feel my spirit guide is Eagle, but only in Summer. I also feel Owl is a spirit guide.
20:38:47 From Iain : For sure My Grandad parents are my guides!!
20:40:01 From Sharon Lerpiniere : How did Galaxy A8 know the gnome was evil??
20:40:07 From julia Besooijen To All Panelists : Me too Iain!
20:40:37 From Galaxy A8 (2018) : thank you my name is Kate
20:40:47 From Alexandra Wild : oh that's good to know, because I've had lots of different animals ( usually just one main one on each journey) join me on my journeys, as well as ancestors
20:41:25 From Brydie : I'm a feeler too
20:41:33 From Ian Wallsh : Kate, the Gnome may have been trying to tell you something with regard to yout Journey....Do you remember what the Journey was about.....?
20:42:08 From Ian Wallsh : Yes I jump back out too!
20:42:25 From MARICIA BALSHAW : i usually get a shape but no colour as such, for example i got a white dolphin and noyhing else
20:42:44 From Brydie : I've learnt to work on gut instincts
20:43:09 From Rebecca Hajdu : Thank you that's really practical advice!
20:43:09 From Debi Knight : ?? thank you

20:43:13 From Amy To All Panelists : hi have multiple animals that come to me in my dreams but when i am awake i have severla animal spirits that bring me stuff where than answers to qufesiotns. they give instincts tha ti us in situations to guide me. they give stuf such as the eagle is my creativity when i am writing and the owl gives the ability to see beyond makes people where and understand them sometime more deeply or help them wiht stuff and many other abilities
20:43:18 From Galaxy A8 (2018) : my intention was return to me what is mine. I think it's to do with my father ..kate
20:43:21 From Anya : Thank you do much for tonight, I néed to go now. May we all stay blessed
20:43:22 From Anne : Thank you both, these sessions have been so useful in reminding me to return especially at this time. Bye XX
20:44:19 From Anna : Do you think what you get given in a journey is important? I was once told a pine cone represented the third eye.
20:44:26 From Fae : yes I've read that, I was so surprised to see so many
20:44:27 From Ian Wallsh : So, Kate, maybe the Gnome was the Guardian of your treasures, ie what is rightfully yours, and has been keeping watch on them for you
20:44:59 From Lorna Smithers : I need to go too. Thank you :)
20:45:08 From Tim : what do you think the message was the crow brought that you mentioned earlier when Boris was giving his address
20:45:24 From Anne : I joined the Mystery School a month ago and then weekly on my walk I’ve seen a dead animal, firstly a fox skull, then a dead rat, a dead frog and most recently a dead fox, is there a meaning when the animals are dead?

20:45:34 From jan Ford : QUESTION: I connected with my spirit guide this morning and then went outside and saw a Red Admiral butterfly. Could you tell me what the symbolism might be?
20:45:37 From Ian Wallsh : Thanks again Nicola & James
20:45:49 From Maureen : I was wondering that too Tim
20:46:27 From Anna : Do you think what you get given in a journey is important? I was once told a pine cone represented the third eye.
20:46:38 From Kyla : QUESTION - I've noticed that during journeys it's time for the main part of the journey I always unconsciously shapeshift into a white dragon before going to where I need to. Is this something that is common in Shamanism, shapeshifting unconsciously during journeying. Thanks :)
20:46:42 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Thank you both very much, tonight has helped me make a decision, looking forward to more of these talks and 'Space to Emerge' events. Night night everyone xx

20:46:45 From jan Ford : Thank you!
20:47:08 From Debi Knight : night Sharon ?
20:47:08 From Alison To All Panelists : In Republic of Ireland they've dubbed shielding cocooning???
20:47:11 From mark hudson : i had butterflys dancing around me sunday my powerplace
20:47:20 From Amy To All Panelists : can animal spirits that ocme to you be animals that are not native to heart such as panther, cobra and can thy be mythical animals such as dragons as i have a water dragon spirit?
20:47:35 From Ilia : ⁹
20:47:37 From Ian Wallsh : Night Sharon
20:48:01 From Brydie : was the pinecone open or closed?
20:50:09 From mark hudson : see it as healing through spirit
20:51:37 From Ian Wallsh : Ive been following a "Course in Miracles" but am troubled by the common reference to "God", it ytoubles me although I feel the transformative aspects keenly, Is it going to interfere with my true Shamanic Path,,,,,,,?
20:51:38 From Brydie : isn't Paganism another word for wise woman/man
20:52:01 From Annie : So do I, thank you
20:52:30 From Annie : Got to go no, thank you and good night
20:53:13 From Anne : thank you Nicola yes I was feeling death and rebirth, thank you will sit with it more xx

20:53:53 From Amy To All Panelists : i see that a different way in my dreams, not dead animals but mystical creatures such as vampires tha ti know when when i wake are freeing to bats and i also look up what animals appeare in my dreams and that is how my spirits speaking to them when the give messages
20:53:59 From julia Besooijen To All Panelists : I always feel so bereft when I come across a dead animal. it’s as if I really feel their pain, it upsets me for days.
20:54:04 From Brydie : in Tarot the death card is new beginnings, maybe seeing dead animals is the same thing in a different form?
20:54:33 From Anne : thank you Brydie x
20:54:59 From Sarah Brattan : I recommend reading Conversations with God
20:55:23 From Brydie : you're welcome Anne, it's what my gut instinct suggests anyway x
20:56:06 From Ian Wallsh : Brilliant! Thank you Jason
20:56:30 From Brydie : burnt bum...…..
20:56:31 From julia Besooijen To All Panelists : Thank you Brydie, that is helpful.
20:57:00 From Dreaded Angel : We see God in 12 step recovery Alcoholic anonymous but it's our own interpretation of a higher power

20:57:40 From Liz : thank you need my bed good night x
20:57:42 From Ian Wallsh : Thanks Sarah
20:57:48 From Jim Sharp To All Panelists : QUESTION : I started looking at Shamanism with a view to incorporating it into my Reiki practice. I have read some books on Shamanic Reiki. What are your thoughts on merging the two?
20:58:07 From Chriss Pepper : I also wash my hands when I get home since I might have touched some gates others touched. Just in case
20:58:12 From Tracy Gilmour To All Panelists : That's reassuring Nicola
20:58:19 From Debi Knight : as long as no-one coughs or sneezes as they pass you. so yes give as much space as poss. it I’ve not stopped going out for walks since lockdown ? respect it rather than fear it.
20:59:15 From Tracy Gilmour To All Panelists : someone passed me from behind yesterday too close but she was upon me before I realised and I was on inside of pavement and had no where to go to move further away
20:59:33 From Hannah : intrusion

20:59:53 From Sonya : ive just started that today, its great :)
21:00:21 From Iain : Thank you Thank you Jasson Nicola please could y shear the Arctrile and I will read I have decided the charge in Lockdown to turn off to all the News and press at the moment would this be the effects of Lockdown circle? I was a mess and missed this!!!???
21:00:45 From Sarah Brattan To All Panelists : I’m very drawn to your red painted walls what colour is it please? I love it and inspired to paint my office the same colour
21:01:04 From Iain : Yes during after Dawn or Late at Night
21:02:42 From Iain : I am a person who Fixings on things!!
21:02:45 From Kyla : I'm glad I'm not the only one who combines Reiki and Shamanism :D
21:02:51 From Ian Wallsh : Yes every Religion has "Shamanic DNA"
21:03:16 From Tracy Gilmour To All Panelists : I have reiki drumming sessions which are amazing the drum makes the reiki much more powerful and I always have amazing visions
21:03:20 From Hannah : omg I use all my tools in my tool kit iam guilded hy spirit
21:03:26 From John : Many thanks for a lovely and informative evening, blessings, John & Bridget from Birmingham

21:03:52 From Brydie : I'm a reiki master too and i don't think you need to learn to combine them, they'll happen automatically as you use them both
21:03:53 From mark hudson : i cross over reike and shamanic in healing
21:04:12 From Alexandra Wild : I believe all forms of healing can be used and your intuition will show you which is most appropriate for that particular situation
21:04:20 From Sarah Brattan : Thank you so much. It’s a very comforting colour
21:04:35 From Anne : thank you so much Nicola, Jason and Blue, very informative as always, very much appreciated. Good night xx
21:04:38 From Alison To All Panelists : Came in v late, can I access replay?
21:04:42 From Emma : Thank you both
21:04:47 From mark hudson : thank you so much your wisdom :)
21:04:49 From Helen : thank you both
21:04:51 From Ian Wallsh : Thank you both very much xxx
21:04:52 From Jim Sharp To All Panelists : Perfect! Thank You very much for a most interesting discussion this evening ?
21:04:52 From Debi Knight : thank you ? goodnight everyone
21:04:53 From Hannah : please question was rosedale 


​21:04:53 From MARICIA BALSHAW : thank youverymuch both x
21:04:54 From Anna : thank you so much. really enjoyed it ad found it very informative x
21:04:55 From Brydie : really enjoyable in informative, thank you guys xx
21:04:57 From Dreaded Angel : Thanks so much also
21:04:57 From John McBlain : THANKS all ! x
21:04:58 From Hannah : jane shutt
21:04:58 From Sonya : thank you :)
21:05:02 From Michelle : Thank you. Goodnight'x
21:05:03 From Alexandra Wild : Thanks to both of you
21:05:05 From Sarah Brattan : Thank you it’s been lovely to meet you x
21:05:07 From Emma Taylor : Thank you both x
21:05:08 From jan Ford : Thank you both
21:05:08 From Chriss Pepper : Thank you, it was awesome. Looking forward to the next meet up.
21:05:09 From Sara : Thanks so much, very informative x
21:05:12 From Helen : thank you everyone

21:05:17 From Kyla : Thank you so much to both of you (and blue of course). Amazing evening :)
21:05:18 From Jennifer : Thank you xxx
21:05:20 From Ilia : Thank you both xx
21:05:21 From Hilary : Thank you both ? x
21:05:21 From Fae : thank you for a great evening everyone. thank you Jason, Nicola & Blue. keep safe and well everyone xx
21:05:21 From Jackie Jones : Thank you.
21:05:22 From Eve To All Panelists : thank you . very interesting and welcoming x
21:05:24 From Emma : Bye!
21:05:25 From Robert Staley : Thank you so much, great tutorial style and content
21:05:25 From julia Besooijen To All Panelists : Thank you so much, the time has flown by. it has been so illuminating!xx
21:05:26 From Brydie : see you next Thursday x
21:05:27 From Galaxy A8 (2018) : goodnight and thank you both
21:05:27 From Tracy Gilmour : Thank you much Nicola and Jason. I highly recommend the mystery school

21:05:29 From Chriss Pepper : Have a lovely evening everyone :)
21:05:34 From Jude Graham To All Panelists : Thank you xxx
21:05:35 From Beth Jones : Thank u
21:05:37 From Patsy : Thank you, so much information
21:05:37 From 91415020261 : thank you x
21:05:39 From Galaxy S9 : thanks x

Introducing The Way of The Buzzard Mystery School

In these unsettling times as the world pauses it is our moment to drop into a different space, away from the turmoil of the chattering mind, and reach out to taste that balm for our soul.

The shamanic path was made for this moment.

If you are looking to resource yourself spirituality and learn more about shamanism then the Mystery School is the perfect place for you. Here you can learn how to draw the healing magic nature holds, through deep nature connection, animal spirit medicine, tree spirit medicine and by aligning yourself with the natural rhythms of the earth.

Here you can learn how to access the wisdom from your spirit guides at a moment’s notice through shamanic journeying and call in support through ceremony. Here you can learn techniques on how to protect yourself in these unfolding times and cushion yourself from the uncertainty that the coming weeks and months hold.

We have over 100 hours of content to delve into in The Mystery School, all delivered through easy-to-watch videos, as well as our monthly live shamanic journey circle, our regular live coaching calls and our private facebook group. All our lessons include activities which you can easily follow without even needing to leave your home or garden if you have one.

Here you have a place to come to where you can come and join in with a community of like-minded travellers to kick off your shoes and place your feet on the bare earth. A place where you can rest and recuperate, immersing yourself in the healing energies of nature.

A place where you can calm yourself by tuning in to listen the soft reassuring words from your spirit guides.

All if this is available to you for just £14 per month with no lock in period. It's the shamanic alternative to Netflix!

Come and give us a try… our community is waiting on the other side to welcome you so we can journey through these times together.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are a few words from folk in The Mystery School who were at our special Spring Equinox Circle:

Thoughts from our clan about the Mystery School from last night:

The mystery school community has been truly wonderful this week - a calming place that has made me feel much better and grounded, so thank you.


Thank you so much. This tribe/clan and your generous spiritual work is genuinely helping keep me sane and balanced.


 The Mystery school has helped me over this week for sure, beyond today and into the this coming period.


thank you for creating a truly beautifully crafted evening.


The Mystery School is amazing, and has been a real oasis for me at a very difficult time. 


Loving this journeying planning... I'm a nurse!!


It’s excellent resource.


thank you so much for all you do it's greatly appreciated.


its an honour to be a part of this beautiful circle.


© 2020,The Way of The Buzzard