New Limited Edition Samhain Blue Moon Drums

These Special Edition Drums are now sold out.

We sometimes manage to birth one or two spare special edition drum so if you'd like to be notified if we manage this over Samhain please enter your details below. We'll also let you know when we are next making Special Edition Drums.

Our Special Collection Samhain Blue Moon Drums are available to pre-order now.

We could hardly believe our eyes when this alignment came into our awareness. Samhain, the Celtic festival marking summers end coinciding with not just a full moon, but a blue moon!

There is something really special about the moment when the sun and moon cycles align with one another. It has happened several times over recent years at the Solstices, Beltane and Lammas. Now, in just a few weeks’ time we are in for the biggest treat of them all: Samhain aligning with the Full Moon.

We are only able to make a limited number of these drums at this time as each drum takes some time to birth. Awakened in ceremony under the Blue Moon at the time of Samhain they will embody the energy of mystery, magic and courage.

These will be 16-inch Shamanic drums made from dark reindeer hide and English ash, with a choice of three different styles, each with a crystal set in the handle which amplifies the energy of this time of year.

Now is the time to consider pre-ordering yours. Here are all the details you will need to decide whether one of these drums is calling you including information about our special three-month payment plan.


Working with the Blue Moon

This is the Hunter Moon, named by our ancestors who used the brightness of this moon to night-stalk the summer-fattened deer and fox across the recently harvested fields. This moon brings a welcome light to the darkness.

The Blue Moon is the name given to the second full moon that rises within the same month. They are rare: the most recent one was back in March 2018 and the next one isn’t until August 2023. For a Blue Moon to land at the time of Samhain is incredibly special.

We paint a motif on the inside of many of our Special Edition drums and we have chosen Crow for this set. Crow for us is one of the animal’s that embodies Samhain energies. It has a bold, brash and fearless energy. Crow, a messenger from the Otherworld, is associated with the mysteries and magic of this World.

The Energy of Samhain

Samhain is the festival of endings and beginnings marking the point in the wheel of the year where we drop into the long night of winter. Of all the old festivals, this one holds the most magic being the moment when the veil between the worlds is at its most thin.

The Celts saw death and darkness as important and necessary. As the trees are shedding their leaves and the last of the harvest has been brought in, this is a time of death and rebirth, of clearing and cleansing to make way for the new. It's a time to choose those seeds that you are going to take through into the darkness to gestate.

This is the time of rest and regeneration before rebirth.

You and Your Drum

Your drum will have been made specifically for you and holds the energy which speaks to you most at this time.

It is your sacred tool providing an extension to you for all your healing work, whether it be self-healing, healing others or helping heal the Ea