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The rise in interest in shamanism has reached mainstream media. The recent census revealed an upsurge in people practising shamanism, with a twelve-fold increase in the past decade.

Reading this in The Guardian and The Economist gave us the idea to hold another of our Pop-up Talks in response to this news.

In this talk we covered:   

  • What exactly is shamanism?
  • Why are people drawn to shamanism as a practice?
  • Why does this matter?
  • How can the ancient practice of shamanism help us?


We referred to quite a few resources during this talk. Here are the links:

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Your hosts:

Nicola & Jason Smalley
The Way of The Buzzard

In challenging times such as these it's important to reach out to our guides and seek the wisdoms we need to remain resilient and fearless.

We are committed to help our Way of The Buzzard clan navigate a path through the maze of confusion and uncertainty by encouraging the use of the Shamanic toolkit that's so easily available to us,

Here's the transcript from the Wheel Wanderings gathering


18:57:28 From alysonpowell : Good evening from a wild and windy Wales.
18:57:30 From Liz : Good evening everyone - from a wet and windy Glasgow
18:57:32 From Tracey : Greetings all from southwales 😁🙏💗weather everything too day...
18:57:38 From Kim Hudson : good evening Jason and Nicola from a windy Essex ❤️
18:57:40 From Janet Thompson : Hello from wet and windy Stockport
18:57:48 From Rod & Diane : Hi everyone 😊
Very wet Cumbria here.
18:57:54 From Sal : Hi - raining heavily in Leeds - Sal
18:57:54 From Gavin : Hello
18:57:56 From Tracy To All Panelists : Good evening from wet and windy Greenock
18:57:56 From Angelbee : Hi from Angelbee
18:57:57 From Yvonne Dawson : Scot living in Durham.. . flooding today 😱👋
18:57:58 From Jacinta Phillips : Evening all. wet and windy in Cheshire
18:57:59 From Red : wet and windy here in Portsmouth
18:57:59 From maureen : Evening from wet and windy Manchester
18:57:59 From Suzie : wetwindy cambridge 🤣
18:58:07 From Debs To All Panelists : Very windy it dry Norwich
18:58:13 From Vicki : good evening from Vicki & Jeff in a wet and windy North Warwickshire xx
18:58:14 From jackie kersley : Hi from Cullen, north east Scotland. Very windy and wet. Very cold outside. Staying cosy by the log burner.
18:58:17 From Helen Towers : Greetings from me and Bramblle car a wet and windy Eskdalemuir - snow forecast later
18:58:20 From Karen : Hi, Karen here from a windy and mizzly Torquay
18:58:22 From David Ledger : Hi to everyone from deepest Kent
18:58:25 From Geoffrey Hulme : Geoff & Chris Pouring down in Rhos on Sea
18:58:30 From martin of grasmere : hi everyone, and a wet and windy Grasmere...
18:58:30 From Susan Beedell : Hello from a wet and windy Tiverton Devon
18:58:32 From Angelbee : Lovely weather in Chorley
18:58:32 From Rob Pearson : Hi from damp Bromley
18:58:35 From Samantha Smeaton : Hi from Sammy Stockport
18:58:35 From Clare To All Panelists : Warm and windy,, 16 degrees in Chelmsford
18:58:35 From jill willis : Hi from a very windy Leicester
18:58:37 From Gaynor : Evening all from a very gusty Kent
18:58:38 From Sherrie To All Panelists : Hello from South Wales.. breezy
18:58:39 From Kathy Labrum McVittie To All Panelists : Hello from greyish Brora - can't get any sound so I'll wifggle my cables!
18:58:40 From To All Panelists : Anne & SUe on holiday in a very wet Northumberland
18:58:43 From Karen : Hi from wet and windy Devon too!
18:58:43 From kathycar : Hi Kathy from Petersfield, Hampshire wet & windy
18:58:45 From lesley gerrard : Hello from Lesley in a very dreich Edinburgh
18:58:47 From Xenia Meinert : Hi from Northern Germany! Windy but finally sunny during the day.
18:58:53 From Andrea : Hi everyone from a wet and windy Beverley (East Yorkshire)
18:58:54 From Steve Wyburn : Warm Greetings from a cold, wet & windy Isle of Man
18:58:56 From Tina Neal : hello from Bognor Regis xx
18:58:58 From Ali Broughton : Hello from North Norfolk damp, cold and windy here
18:59:07 From Angelbee : For the ducks in Chorley
18:59:19 From David Ledger : Near Ashford!
18:59:21 From Karen To All Panelists : Windy Folkestone
18:59:31 From Simon : Wet & W in Nottingam too!
18:59:31 From Diane : Hello from Northumberland all seasons in ine day
18:59:34 From Jennifer Harrison To All Panelists : Hi from Poulton-le-Fylde
18:59:38 From Angela Birchall : It’s rest chucking it down in soggy Southport
18:59:38 From Lesley / Namratadevi Wood To All Panelists : Lesley from Saltburn-by-the-sea
18:59:45 From Pam : pam mid wales
18:59:46 From Jenny To All Panelists : Hi everyone it’s Jenny from windy Reading
18:59:50 From Ursidia To All Panelists : Hello from Glastonbury!
18:59:55 From Karen C : Hello from windy and wet Oxfordshire :-)
19:00:08 From Jayne : Hello from Stoke
19:00:09 From Deborah Ann (Debbi) : it's raining and windy in Teesside
19:00:12 From Samsung SM-A326B : hello from hull city England
19:00:22 From Louise H To All Panelists : Bellow from Hawes
19:00:30 From Cass : hi from Cheltenham xx
19:00:30 From Louise H To All Panelists : Hello!!
19:00:34 From Mandy Mitchinson : Hello all from a very rainy Edinburgh ☔
19:00:36 From Mandy : Hi from Mandy in Weymouth
19:00:44 From Judie To All Panelists : Hello .. very windy sussex
19:00:45 From Gavin : 700? Nice
19:00:49 From Ann To All Panelists : Hi from Glasgow, been raining all day here.
19:00:52 From clarabarbara To All Panelists : Hello from Cold and wet Manchester
19:01:07 From George To All Panelists : Hello there
19:01:09 From irisrogan To All Panelists : Very wet in Cumbria
19:01:09 From Ann Burston : Hello from darkest & wet Yorkshire x
19:01:10 From Ann : Hi Ann from a damp Glasgow.
19:01:18 From Marj : Good evening all
19:01:25 From Samsung SM-A326B To All Panelists : it's raining 🌧 in hull evening all
19:01:26 From Deborah Ann (Debbi) : First timer ☺️
19:01:29 From Tina Neal : soind is a bit low
19:01:32 From Angela Birchall : Where’s Blue?
19:01:48 From Samsung SM-A326B To All Panelists : 1st timer for me
19:01:50 From Jacinta Phillips : welcome new comers🥰
19:01:50 From Annkat : hello 👋
19:01:50 From Steve Wyburn : First timer!, too.
19:01:51 From Gavin : First Timer
19:01:53 From Louise H To All Panelists : My first time too 🙂
19:01:55 From Judie To All Panelists : Judie from Sussex first time
19:01:59 From Tina : Hello everyone, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:01:59 From Samsung SM-A326B To All Panelists : Lee first timer
19:01:59 From Sherrie To All Panelists : I’m a 1st timer ☺️
19:02:00 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : Hello from kathy in Brora and i can hear now!
19:02:02 From Sal : 1st time for me - Sal x
19:02:06 From George To All Panelists : First Timer
19:02:07 From Angela Birchall : It’s not the same without Blue
19:02:08 From Susan Beedell : I am a first timer 😊
19:02:09 From martin of grasmere : first time for me... thank you.
19:02:10 From Hannah Paton : 1st time
19:02:15 From ann59 : Hello from a very rainy Manchester
19:02:22 From Sal : sound is great
19:02:23 From Tina To All Panelists : Good here
19:02:24 From clarabarbara To All Panelists : First timer
19:02:25 From Angela Birchall : Sounds is ace here
19:02:25 From Ann : No problem here
19:02:26 From Ann Burston : Sound is fine x
19:02:26 From SarahHutchings : Hi, I'm new too from Northampton
19:02:27 From Paula Unicorn : 1st time from Isle of Man, sounds fine
19:02:28 From Shane : hello everyone um shane first time for me also
19:02:29 From Eileen Balfour : Sounding Fabulous
19:02:30 From Magdalene : sound is good
19:02:32 From Jacinta Phillips : hearing you fine here
19:02:33 From Karen : it sounds fine to me
19:02:35 From Annkat : sound ok
19:02:42 From george To All Panelists : hello from totnes
19:02:44 From Rod & Diane : Sound fine here
19:02:48 From Mandy Mitchinson : Sounds all good here!
19:02:51 From Suzie : 700 whoohoo YES!
19:02:52 From Gina : Hi from Gina.
19:02:58 From Lee Martin : Hello everyone
19:02:59 From Susan Hadrick To All Panelists : Greetings from the Northeast
19:03:05 From Tina To george and All Panelists : Hi George, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:03:22 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : twenty+ timer
19:03:28 From Pam : sound ok here
19:04:01 From Kylie-ann Martin EFIAP, BPE2*, CPAGB, LDPS : First timer here
19:05:05 From Mikalia Michelle SaaRa Kidd : hello from a wet county Durham 💎
19:08:16 From Tina To Susan Hadrick and All Panelists : Hi Susan, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:08:26 From Julie Cobbin : Hello, I've just finished my dinner. Hope I haven't missed much. Hello, from Julie in Nottingham. 🙂🌿
19:09:06 From Melanie Kidd - STFC UKRI : Hi Julie 😁
19:09:23 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Hi Julie! 👋
19:09:51 From Tina : Nicola's blog is here:
19:09:58 From Louise H To All Panelists : Brand new to me 🙂
19:09:59 From Ann Burston : Fairly new to it!
19:10:03 From Melanie Kidd - STFC UKRI : I am a complete newbie
19:10:07 From Cass : curious newbie
19:10:07 From diane brooks To All Panelists : Brand new
19:10:08 From Gaynor : 2 years
19:10:11 From Sal : Excited newbie - Sal
19:10:11 From Eileen Balfour : 8 Years
19:10:11 From Daniel Rayleigh : fairly new.
19:10:12 From Karen To All Panelists : Newbie
19:10:12 From Gavin : Not new but on the path.
19:10:13 From Debs To All Panelists : Newbie
19:10:14 From Red : for a few years
19:10:14 From Deborah Ann (Debbi) : relatively new
19:10:15 From Tejas Eleni : Brand new, Wanting to learn especially in relation to animals.
19:10:16 From clarabarbara To All Panelists : Newbie
19:10:17 From Andrea : Just a few months in...
19:10:17 From Grace McGeoch To All Panelists : Incorporating more and more over time
19:10:17 From Susan Beedell : Newbie
19:10:17 From Pam : middle of the road
19:10:22 From Judie To All Panelists : Hi new to me. Judie
19:10:23 From martin of grasmere : new to me...
19:10:23 From Janet smith To All Panelists : Incorporate it in my way
19:10:23 From Tina Neal : couple of years
19:10:24 From Sarah Fillingham : Number 2!
19:10:24 From Kathy Cosgrove (she/her) : fairly new
19:10:24 From David To All Panelists : Curious newby
19:10:24 From Samantha Smeaton : brand new
19:10:25 From Michelle Preston (she/her) To All Panelists : Incorporating it - whether I choose to or not!
19:10:25 From SarahHutchings : Completely new to me
19:10:25 From Paula Unicorn : long time
19:10:26 From Jeni Robinson : newbie
19:10:26 From Shona Paterson : 2 years
19:10:26 From Joanne : Newbie
19:10:26 From Karen C : I’ve been on the path for around 9 months. So lots of research and gaining in experience
19:10:27 From Rob Pearson : fairly new
19:10:27 From Jenny Appleby : Fairly new since last October
19:10:28 From Tracey : On the path toos
19:10:29 From Freda : 8 years
19:10:29 From Anna-Rose To All Panelists : Middle of the road
19:10:29 From Tracy To All Panelists : Few years since you launched mystery school
19:10:30 From lesley gerrard : Incorporating into spiritual practice for some time
19:10:31 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : fairly new but very old!
19:10:31 From Angela Birchall : Middle one - blending it in with the Spiritualism I’ve done for 45+ years
19:10:31 From Liz : Attended a monthly Shamanic group for a couple of years, and found Way of the Buzzard and have joined in the online retreats
19:10:32 From Helen Towers : Been exploring for about 4 years
19:10:32 From Brandy Pearson : fairly new
19:10:34 From Annkat : I've been with the mystery school over two years and love it.
19:10:35 From Angela stephen To All Panelists : Fairly new
19:10:36 From Sherrie To All Panelists : Just about to start it very interestedit in it… done shamanic drumming as an insight
19:10:36 From Lee Martin : About one year but very slow starter
19:10:37 From alysonpowell : Its been a big part of my spiritual practice for quite a few years.
19:10:38 From jill willis : on this path for a few months
19:10:40 From Tollsa : New
19:10:40 From Clare To All Panelists : Working with dreams, shadows consciousness- been at it a few years
19:10:42 From Steve Wyburn : newby, but been incorporating for a few years
19:10:43 From Susanne : New to it. Not sure about it as I have had a couple of uneasy experiences but also lots of positive journeys too
19:10:43 From kate To All Panelists : Few years 🙂
19:10:46 From ann59 : I was a member of the Mystery School for a while
19:10:46 From Daniel Rayleigh : Level 29 Shaman. :)
19:10:49 From Julie Cobbin : Still feel new; first time was September.
19:10:52 From Janet Thompson : Three weeks in so going through the courses at the moment and done 3 journeys.
19:10:53 From Donna : New, but have studied animal communication and love being in nature.
19:10:53 From Karen Carter : a couple of years
19:10:57 From Simon : 9 months in!!
19:10:58 From Marj : Around 2 years
19:11:02 From Tinkerbell75 : Always been part of me, but practising more actively over the last 3 years
19:11:03 From Keren To All Panelists : quite new just done some reading
19:11:06 From Xenia Meinert : Not new, I did a longer in-Person Training in Germany and joined the School to Keep a regular practise and I absolutely LOVE it!
19:11:09 From Anne A : I'm a member but watching with hubbie who knows very little about it.
19:11:10 From jackie kersley : 27 years as reiki master and 9 years learning about shamanism.
19:11:11 From Gavin : 2+ years
19:11:12 From Samsung SM-A326B : fairly new a couple of months 🙂 lee from hull uk
19:11:16 From Dorothy Robbie : Have been on this path for around 18 months. Still so much to learn -trying to journey at least twice a week
19:11:43 From Kim Hudson : found you during lockdown but was dabbling previously to that
19:11:49 From Sandy Holt : Think I’ve been embracing shamanism without knowing it for a very long time just hadn’t connected…so just wanted to listen and learn. xx
19:11:51 From Daniel Rayleigh : Jedi
19:11:52 From Gaynor : pagan
19:11:56 From Tracy To All Panelists : Pagan
19:11:57 From Karen C : Jedi :-))
19:11:58 From Deborah Ann (Debbi) : no religion
19:11:59 From Ursidia To All Panelists : Pagan
19:11:59 From maureen : Pagan
19:12:00 From Angela Birchall : Spiritualist
19:12:00 From alysonpowell : pagan
19:12:00 From Anna-Rose To All Panelists : Spiritual
19:12:01 From Tinkerbell75 : Pagan
19:12:01 From George To All Panelists : jedi
19:12:03 From Ann Burston : I entered Pagan for the first time in 2021
19:12:03 From Cass : no religion
19:12:03 From Susan Beedell To All Panelists : Pagan
19:12:04 From Angela stephen To All Panelists : Pagan
19:12:04 From Joss To All Panelists : Pagan
19:12:04 From Kim Hudson : Norse animist
19:12:05 From addy fern : I have done a few courses with anothert group. And I have been into Nature connection since I was a teenager
19:12:05 From SarahHutchings : Pagan
19:12:06 From Lee Martin : Pagan
19:12:06 From Karen Carter : pagan
19:12:07 From Keren To All Panelists : holistic
19:12:07 From Pam : pagan
19:12:08 From Samantha Smeaton : Buddhist
19:12:08 From Anne A : Pagan
19:12:10 From Susanne : No religion
19:12:11 From Red : Pagan Druid I think - did 10 years before though
19:12:13 From clarabarbara To All Panelists : Pagan
19:12:13 From Heidi Cooper : Druid
19:12:13 From Judie To All Panelists : Pagan
19:12:15 From george : pagan
19:12:17 From Grace McGeoch To All Panelists : No religion
19:12:18 From Kathy Cosgrove (she/her) : buddhist
19:12:19 From Steve Wyburn : spiritual
19:12:19 From Julie Cobbin : I put Pagan for the first time.
19:12:19 From Jenny Appleby : Christian
19:12:19 From Sandy Holt : spiritual
19:12:20 From Suzie : spiritual Other
19:12:22 From Lynn : Pagan
19:12:23 From jill willis : no religion
19:12:24 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : I tried to put Paga Buddhist but was entered as Pagan
19:12:24 From Jacinta Phillips : I cant remember..
19:12:24 From Julie cozze : spiritualist
19:12:25 From Tina Neal : pagan
19:12:26 From martin of grasmere : did I fill it in...
19:12:28 From Gavin : Used to be a Christian
19:12:28 From Brandy Pearson : christian
19:12:31 From David Ledger : Druid
19:12:31 From lesley gerrard : No religion but wish I'd put shamanism now
19:12:33 From Helen Towers To All Panelists : Eclectic shamanic Buddhist
19:12:35 From diane brooks To All Panelists : Buddhist
19:12:49 From Donna : buddhist
19:12:55 From Samsung SM-A326B : I put tuck tuck my bird see u on my next journey
19:13:06 From Xenia Meinert : Animism and hedgewitch
19:13:13 From Sandy Holt : Think I’m of mixed breed when it comes to belief
19:13:21 From Dorothy Robbie : Is it too late to submit the questionnaire- Dorothy
19:13:36 From Kylie-ann Martin EFIAP, BPE2*, CPAGB, LDPS : Buddhist
19:13:53 From Angelbee : Eclectic
19:16:03 From Tinkerbell75 : I consider myself someone that is pagan, practising a nature based spiritual path using Shamanic tools. I've heard a lot of people comment that Shamanism shouldn't be used as a term, that its not culturally appropriate. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this
19:18:05 From Tina Neal : So sad what happens to us as children
19:18:22 From Karen C : So true Tina
19:21:21 From Kim Hudson : I here you Jason is hard to do
19:21:58 From Sandy Holt : Oh my gosh Jason. I want to just hug you. The universe was doing its utmost to set you on your true path…the vomiting was wonderful…if you know what I mean.
19:23:59 From Karen : It is like coming home when we find the nature religion that is our birthright in this country xx Connecting with the animals, birds, trees of our land. To me 'shamanism' by any name, is just that. Connecting with our land.
19:24:22 From Sandy Holt : Karen yes totally agree xx
19:24:31 From Lorna Hutchinson : Hi there everyone- nice to be here xx
19:24:54 From Xenia Meinert : Free Spirits don't like dogmatic religions. :-)
19:25:23 From Gavin : To connect with spirit/s in many ways.
19:25:36 From Ann Burston : Absolutely 👍
19:28:31 From Ann Burston : Do find drumming helps with your tinnitus?
19:29:25 From Xenia Meinert : I had one evangelical Pastor say that God talks to him through nature, birds etc. Beautiful!
19:30:00 From Jenny Appleby : Do you think the Christian Dogma and controlling ways have passed down through families and the way they are and still now, such as controlling parents
19:30:40 From Tina Neal : do love you two xx
19:30:41 From Louise H To All Panelists : Thank you Jason
19:30:44 From Cass : thanks for sharing your story Jason x
19:30:51 From Shona Paterson : I love hearing your story Jason.. Thank you
19:31:01 From Karen : Thanks Jason, fascinating
19:31:10 From Kylie-ann Martin EFIAP, BPE2*, CPAGB, LDPS : nature and landscape photography saved my life I think
19:31:30 From Karen : Kylie-Ann that's wonderful xx
19:34:50 From Suzie : Jason's lovely website
19:35:18 From Dorothy Robbie : have heard you speaking before on your path to Shamanism but hear something important every time.,Tonight, reassurance I can learn and follow Shamanism but still not leave my Christian faith-thank you
19:37:23 From Pam : thats it, Jason simple as that. thank you
19:40:50 From Tina : Mind in the Cave by David Lewis Williams
19:41:26 From Freda : Author please
19:42:03 From Kim Hudson : David Lewis Williams
19:42:36 From Tina : Wisdom of the Wyrd, Brian Bates:
19:42:41 From Freda : thanks
19:43:03 From Xenia Meinert : thanks.
19:45:39 From Gavin : A disconnect from nature.
19:49:47 From Tina Neal : adam and eve out of paradise
19:53:14 From Tina Neal : working all hours
19:54:49 From Tina Neal : at heart we know our connction.
19:54:55 From Anna-Rose To All Panelists : Really fascinating to hear the history, thank you
19:54:55 From Helen Baddon To All Panelists : Absolutely loving it fascinating history
19:55:00 From Jacinta Phillips : We are here😄
19:55:04 From Liz : Fascinating to hear more of the disconnection from nature/industrial revolution
19:55:05 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : will you be referring to the phoenix/
19:55:05 From Annkat : mention your book xxxx
19:55:08 From Julie Cobbin : I love listening to all of it; so interesting.
19:55:10 From Kathy Cosgrove (she/her) : resonating - thank you
19:55:11 From Ann Burston : Really interesting, thank you
19:55:19 From Pam : resonating, so well.
19:55:23 From clarabarbara To All Panelists : So inspirational
19:55:27 From Melanie Kidd - STFC UKRI : all very interesting and totally makes sense. There is a disconnect with nature
19:55:28 From Sal : You make perfect sense
19:55:30 From Karen C : This resonates as so true. It’s bad enough working in winter when we get up and go to bed in the dark because of long days at the office
19:55:31 From kate To All Panelists : Loving the info!
19:55:31 From Cass : very interesting, love hearing the history
19:55:31 From Sandra Banks To All Panelists : Fascinating! Love all the info too
19:55:38 From Samantha Smeaton : lovely to hear the history and background 💛
19:55:38 From maureen : A great explanation of how we got to this point
19:55:40 From Kim Hudson : I'm really enjoying reading your book really resonating tonight
19:55:47 From Lisa To All Panelists : Love the historical perspective
19:55:47 From Kylie-ann Martin EFIAP, BPE2*, CPAGB, LDPS : really interesting. ties in with reiki a bit and buddhism
19:55:54 From Janet Thompson : just ordered the mind in the cave and a couple of books by brian ?
19:56:00 From Tina : You can find out more about Nicola's book here:
19:56:21 From Karen C : Also very much the ‘fear’ of nature is so common in media portrayal.
19:56:29 From Lorna Hutchinson : I find listening to you both very restful & thought provoking re ancestral trauma xx
19:56:36 From Pam : not commenting much because so busy listening and thinking..
19:56:37 From Annkat : fantastic interesting book
19:56:38 From Tina : Done it
19:56:44 From Susan Beedell : Loved your book Nicola
19:56:48 From Sandy Holt : I’m finding it really interesting. Thank you. Interestingly I’m the total opposite - I feel unsafe in built up areas and only safe when alone in nature . But the history and how it all came about it so fascinating.
19:56:50 From Lindsay Trevarthen : It’s a great book!
19:56:58 From Ann Burston : Read your book Nicola, and really enjoyed it, it has spurred me on to look deeper into my own family back history xx
19:57:11 From Tinkerbell75 : Really helpful explanations, thank you
19:57:16 From Clare To All Panelists : We must heal the collective trauma of our blood lines to heal the great mother
19:57:24 From Tina : Here is the link again:
19:57:30 From Louise H To All Panelists : Lovely to listen to you both
19:57:46 From Sandy Holt : yes
19:57:48 From Karen C : Yes
19:57:48 From Patsy Watten : yes
19:57:48 From Ursidia To All Panelists : Yes
19:57:48 From Tinkerbell75 : Yes
19:57:48 From Samantha Smeaton : yes
19:57:49 From Kylie-ann Martin EFIAP, BPE2*, CPAGB, LDPS : yes
19:57:49 From Jacinta Phillips : YES
19:57:49 From Tina Neal : yes
19:57:50 From Ann Burston : Yes agree
19:57:50 From Cass : yes
19:57:50 From Sandra Banks To All Panelists : Yes
19:57:51 From Shona Mary : Yes!!!
19:57:51 From Karen : Yes
19:57:51 From Paula Unicorn : Totally
19:57:52 From Susan Hadrick To All Panelists : yes
19:57:52 From maureen : Yes
19:57:52 From Lisa To All Panelists : Yes
19:57:52 From Sal : yes
19:57:52 From Kathy Cosgrove (she/her) : yes!
19:57:53 From Clare To All Panelists : Hell yes
19:57:53 From Susan Beedell : Yes
19:57:53 From Annkat : Big yes
19:57:53 From george : yes
19:57:53 From Devika : yes
19:57:53 From Magdalene : yes
19:57:53 From martin of grasmere : yes
19:57:53 From Gaynor : yes
19:57:54 From Mykela To All Panelists : Yes
19:57:54 From Jenny Appleby : yes
19:57:55 From Red : yes
19:57:55 From Karen : Yes
19:57:57 From jill willis : yes!
19:57:57 From alysonpowell : yes
19:57:58 From Kim Hudson : yes very definitely so
19:57:58 From Xenia Meinert : ywa
19:57:58 From lesley gerrard : Absolutely yes
19:57:59 From Helen Baddon To All Panelists : Yes
19:57:59 From Liz : Very much - have always felt that way
19:57:59 From Pam : yes
19:57:59 From Keren To All Panelists : yes
19:58:00 From Suzie : YESSS
19:58:01 From Tracy To All Panelists : Yes
19:58:01 From Brandy Pearson : yes
19:58:02 From kate To All Panelists : 100% since a child
19:58:02 From Deborah Ann (Debbi) : definitely
19:58:03 From Arthur : Yes
19:58:03 From addy fern : YES
19:58:03 From tracey : yes
19:58:05 From Julie Cobbin : Yes; I feel misunderstood and different
19:58:06 From Xenia Meinert : yes
19:58:06 From Angelbee : Absolutley
19:58:07 From Hannah Paton : Yes
19:58:07 From Becks : yes
19:58:07 From Steve Wyburn : YES!
19:58:08 From Gina : Yes.
19:58:09 From Anna-Rose To All Panelists : Yes!
19:58:10 From Alison To All Panelists : Absolutely…for decades
19:58:10 From jackie kersley : Absolutely yes, from early childhood I’ve felt this way
19:58:11 From Sue To All Panelists : Yes
19:58:12 From Jayne : Yes
19:58:12 From ann59 : Yes
19:58:13 From Julie : Yes
19:58:13 From Lynn : Yes
19:58:16 From David Ledger : yes Q1
19:58:16 From Patsy Watten : I have felt , for most of my life that I was looking for where I belonged
19:58:19 From Cathi Caley : yes
19:58:19 From Eileen Balfour : Yes too
19:58:20 From Angelbee : Since birth
19:58:21 From Dorothy Robbie : yes
19:58:22 From Shona Paterson : Yes
19:58:23 From clarabarbara To All Panelists : Yes
19:58:27 From Kylie-ann Martin EFIAP, BPE2*, CPAGB, LDPS : two yes
19:58:28 From Julie Cobbin : yes
19:58:29 From Liz : Yes too
19:58:29 From Magdalene : yes too
19:58:29 From Shona Paterson : Yes2
19:58:29 From Patsy Watten : oh yes :)
19:58:29 From Shona Mary : YES!!! TOO
19:58:29 From Jacinta Phillips : YES 2
19:58:30 From Gavin : No
19:58:30 From alysonpowell : yes2
19:58:30 From Karen C : Yes too
19:58:30 From Ursidia To All Panelists : Yestt
19:58:30 From Janet Thompson : yes
19:58:30 From Keren To All Panelists : yes too
19:58:31 From Gaynor : yes too
19:58:31 From Melanie Kidd - STFC UKRI : yes too
19:58:31 From Deborah Ann (Debbi) : yes too
19:58:31 From Sandra Banks To All Panelists : Yes too
19:58:31 From jackie kersley : Yes too
19:58:32 From Kim Hudson : yes too
19:58:32 From Suzie : yes too
19:58:32 From Sal : yes two
19:58:32 From Samantha Smeaton : no
19:58:32 From Anna-Rose To All Panelists : Yes…tooo
19:58:32 From Julie : Yes too
19:58:32 From Ann Burston : Yes to No 2.
19:58:32 From Helen Baddon To All Panelists : Yes too
19:58:32 From jill willis : yes too
19:58:33 From lesley gerrard : Yes 2
19:58:33 From Sandy Holt : Yes - 2
19:58:33 From Susanne : Yes 2
19:58:33 From Clare To All Panelists : Yes too
19:58:34 From Tina Neal : absolutely
19:58:34 From george : yes 2
19:58:34 From Cass : yes too
19:58:34 From Pam : yess too
19:58:34 From Hannah Paton : Yes too
19:58:34 From diane brooks To All Panelists : Yes
19:58:34 From Karen : Q2. definitely
19:58:35 From Cathi Caley : yes, 2
19:58:35 From Tracy To All Panelists : Yes too
19:58:35 From Louise H To All Panelists : Yes too
19:58:35 From ann59 : Yes2
19:58:35 From Susan Hadrick To All Panelists : yes currently 2
19:58:35 From Arthur : Yes too
19:58:36 From Gina : Yes too
19:58:36 From Karen : Yes too
19:58:36 From Red : yes too
19:58:36 From Alison To All Panelists : Yes2 regularly
19:58:36 From Sue To All Panelists : Yes too
19:58:36 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : yes too
19:58:37 From Kathy Cosgrove (she/her) : yes too
19:58:38 From Annkat : two just a bit
19:58:38 From Lee Martin : Yes too
19:58:38 From Dorothy Robbie : yes too
19:58:39 From Susan Beedell : Yes 2
19:58:39 From Jayne : Yes 2
19:58:40 From Angelbee : yes too
19:58:40 From Jacinta Phillips : YES 2
19:58:40 From Eileen Balfour : YES , YES
19:58:40 From Diane : YesQ2
19:58:41 From addy fern : YES "2
19:58:41 From clarabarbara To All Panelists : Yes too
19:58:41 From tracey : yes2
19:58:44 From Tinkerbell75 : Yes too
19:58:44 From Julie Cobbin : next question 😁
19:58:45 From Lorna Hutchinson : Yes too
19:58:45 From Devika : yes too
19:58:46 From kate To All Panelists : Haha yes during ‘dark night of the soul’
19:58:51 From martin of grasmere : just recently, yes
19:58:52 From Paula Unicorn : no we must stay strong to help the collective
19:58:55 From Helen Towers : Yes and yes 2 all my life
19:58:56 From Kylie-ann Martin EFIAP, BPE2*, CPAGB, LDPS : karma of the people and karma of the land
19:58:56 From David Ledger : yes Q2
19:58:57 From Jenny Appleby : ha ha yes too, frequently
19:59:00 From Brandy Pearson : yes too
19:59:01 From Becks : yes, too
19:59:01 From Steve Wyburn : Not cracking up, but very lost for a while
19:59:09 From Sandy Holt : I suddenly don’t feel alone any more - thank you for asking the question.
19:59:12 From kathycar : Yes too
19:59:23 From Tina Neal : Always felt weird
19:59:25 From Karen : Steve, big hugs. You have found your tribe
19:59:29 From Angelbee : Im not of this world as it is now
19:59:36 From Eileen Balfour : The Awakened Ones
19:59:59 From Lorna Hutchinson : Felt as if didn’t fit in 😢😢
20:00:01 From Deborah Ann (Debbi) : I'm 54 and have just started asking myself who I am and why I'm here
20:00:17 From Karen C : Ditto Debbi :-)
20:00:19 From Gavin : A survey? Ok, go on.
20:02:12 From Lisa To All Panelists : Being able to journey to meet your guide is like having a best friend
20:03:04 From Tina Neal : if we don't the world will destroy itself without connection to nature
20:04:01 From Brie (N.Wales) : Thanks for this evening, guys
20:04:07 From Angelbee : I am stronger, calmer in nature rather than when I,m not..
20:04:33 From Janet Thompson : The more we care for ourselves the more we care for others
20:05:15 From Clare To All Panelists : Shamanism is a biophilic return to our essential selves that arises out of our organic connection that reaches beyond earth and out into the ether.
20:05:22 From Shona Mary : I feel part of Oneness following this path
20:05:55 From Tina Neal : I sometimes get quite fierce about how christanity has usurped our own connection to life
20:06:13 From Gavin : For me, it's about evolving, learning/development, to discover. To connect with spirit.
20:06:44 From Shona Mary : Yes, Tina. Religion controlled us by censoring and changing the narrative.
20:07:02 From Tina To Clare and All Panelists : Hi Clare, , If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
20:07:32 From Clare To All Panelists : Ok
20:09:58 From Clare : I never feel alone and that bolsters my strength. Nature talks within and dreams aid the journey
20:10:38 From Louise H To All Panelists : Thanks so much for this evening- see you soon. Look forward to meeting you at Fell Foot Wor
20:10:45 From Clare : Healing self, aiding others to heal will heal our great mother
20:10:50 From Karen C : If we care about nature, its a lot harder to destroy it. At least, this is my hope.
20:11:01 From Susanne : Respect for and connection with the earth and nature
20:11:04 From Samantha Smeaton : only just discovering what it is however have always felt connected to nature
20:11:05 From jackie kersley : I feel the collective focus of shamanism brings the connections with nature
20:11:06 From Tina Neal : imperative that some people do this work
20:11:08 From martin of grasmere : it's natural to be in nature...
20:11:11 From Pam : i feel connected to like minded people
20:11:18 From Lynn : It gives us permission to be kind (to all species)
20:11:20 From Helen Towers : A true heart connection of trust - not something we are told we should trust x
20:11:22 From Suzie : its Connecting to The All That Is that I form a teeny part of, helps me honour it
20:11:48 From Red : Shamanism helps me to understand who I am, where I am, what I'm here fore, etc.
20:11:49 From Jenny Appleby : connection to nature
20:11:50 From Angelbee : Mother Earth needs us like minded ppl to lift the energies that surrounds us at this time
20:11:57 From Janet Thompson : I believe everything is connectged and because of modern life many of us have become disconnected from nature, other realities etc
20:12:01 From Clare : Shamanism reminds us of the sacredness of ourselves as symbiotic organisms here
20:12:21 From Sandra Banks To All Panelists : It feels real on a very deep (soul) level
20:12:39 From Patsy Watten : It is encouraging that more people are finding their way back to Nature and Shamanism. I was told during a tarot card reading years ago, to spend more time in Nature.
20:12:41 From Tinkerbell75 : Its so lovely to be surrounded by so many likeminded people
20:12:58 From Tina To Sandra Banks and All Panelists : Hi Sandra, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
20:13:10 From Gaynor : It shows us that we are just a small part of this wonderful planet & we need to live respectfully alongside the rest of nature, not use & abuse it
20:13:15 From Annkat : agree Tinkerbell75
20:13:38 From Ann Burston : So many people do not respect nature, you only have to look at the road verges to see that, it so saddens me. We need to reach out to those who do not have any nature connection.
20:14:05 From Tina Neal : When I was a child my grandmother scared the death out of me telling me old nick was going to get me! so I became afraid of what was out there! still find it difficult to trust x
20:14:09 From martin of grasmere : 22 years working on a private estate and I am seeing it all with new and fresh eyes...
20:14:29 From Jacinta Phillips : It matters to me because it does keep me here in the present.It has given me a rebirth, my life until recently was not mine. it's been a slow gradual process and I am now getting back in touch with my Celtic roots. This has always been deep inside but I just didn't know what it was, I now understand and YES a homecoming.
20:15:03 From Kim Hudson : yes Jacinta absolutely
20:15:09 From Clare : I find universal patterns across all things and this helps to remove fear but rather; see beginnings and endings as inevitable and part of the spiralling cycle of existence
20:15:31 From Dorothy Robbie : Its like coming home and feeling centred. Being part of Nature and it just feels so right
20:15:35 From Tinkerbell75 : The reciprocal relationship between all
20:15:50 From Annkat : very much a home coming Jacinti.
20:15:59 From Sandy Holt : I feel all of us has a part to play in nurturing our planet. we all have work to do and that is embedded in our hearts - our soul purpose. The more of us in tune with this energy the stronger the energy gets until those shut off begin to feel it and then start resonating along their true path. Bit like sound of a group of people start humming eventually that hum will become in harmony. The more people that engage the more beautiful the song. moving towards that oneness. compassion for each other and our planet.
20:16:21 From Kim Hudson : the happiest I have been for years was at cae mabon last year ❤️
20:16:51 From Jacinta Phillips : Same here Kim😍
20:17:06 From Gaynor : Me too Kim
20:17:14 From Susan Hadrick To All Panelists : Shamanism called to me after a terrible loss, and continues to help me heal and endeavour to connect beyond the veil. I was awakened to this veil. Thought I had gone insane
20:17:41 From Tina To Susan Hadrick and All Panelists : Hi Susan, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
20:17:41 From Pam : i think we are here because we are searching...
20:18:08 From Gaynor : which is why I'm going back this year
20:18:17 From Alison To All Panelists : Am going this year, Kim!!!
20:18:26 From Jacinta Phillips : me too Gaynor
20:18:34 From Helen Towers : Thank you for everything you bring us ❤️
20:18:37 From Tina To Alison and All Panelists : Hi Alison If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
20:18:39 From Brandy Pearson : thankyou everyone!
20:18:44 From Grace McGeoch : Thank you!
20:18:44 From Kim Hudson : I tried but missed out was too slow 🥺
20:18:50 From Helen Towers : Looking forward to it this year x
20:18:52 From Karen C : Thanks for adding two more books to my reading list Nicola and Jason ❤️
20:18:52 From Diane : Thank you both xx
20:18:54 From Annkat : I would love too join you but I'd be on my own.
20:18:55 From Ursidia To All Panelists : Thank you! I must go… Good night!
20:19:04 From Sandy Holt : I really want to come on a physical retreat but my anxiety overcomes me around people and whether I can physically cope. Cae Mabon is nagging my heart.
20:19:04 From Rob Pearson : thank you everyone
20:19:05 From alysonpowell : What a warm wonderful evening. Thank you everyone.
20:19:10 From Eileen Balfour : Gratitude and Blessings to You Both.
20:19:10 From jill willis : thank you, good night!
20:19:13 From Tracey : Thankyou 🙏💗
20:19:17 From Angelbee : Very reassuring everyone , bless you all x peace and love x
20:19:18 From Kim Hudson : annkat you wouldn't ❤️
20:19:23 From Jacinta Phillips : Thank you 🥰
20:19:27 From Susan Beedell : Thank you Nicola and Jason great evening ❤️
20:19:33 From Fiona Merritt : I love working with the Wheel of the Year to connect to my natural cycles by observing what is happening outside and recognising that it happening inside me too and then deepening into this through ceremony.
20:19:34 From Ali Broughton : cheers, see you soon
20:19:36 From kate To All Panelists : Thank you both, lovely to be with you as always 😊💚
20:19:37 From Karen : Annkat - I went by myself for a few of the Way of the Buzzard events, you'll soon make new friends as we are all 'birds of a feather'!
20:19:41 From Janet Thompson : Looking forward to the Tribe retreat. First one!!!
20:19:46 From Samantha Smeaton : thanks for a lovely time 🙏
20:19:57 From maureen : Thank you both for an interesting talk xx
20:20:00 From Kim Hudson : sandy it is so wonderful you wouldn't be afraid ❤️
20:20:03 From Tina Neal : anyone in sussex? who may have worked on nature connection here? or would be interested in doing?
20:20:13 From Gaynor : I go on my own Annkat, it's not a problem honestly. I'm going to Space to Emerge on my own
20:20:29 From Jayne : Thank you for another wonderful evening
20:20:31 From Ann Burston : Thank you, really good x
20:20:34 From Annkat : thankyou gaynor.
20:21:16 From Sandy Holt : Annkat I feel the same as find groups of people overwhelming.
20:22:05 From Annkat : Sandy I am same would love to go though.
20:23:07 From Kim Hudson : sandy, annkat meet up and go together ❤️😌
20:23:41 From Kim Hudson : you would be so welcomed and loved 🥺
20:23:45 From Sandy Holt : Annkat lets message privately and see what we can sort out xx
20:24:03 From Kim Hudson : ❤️
20:24:04 From Dorothy Robbie : Have to go now. Thank you so much
20:24:05 From Gaynor : Sandy you'd be fine, they create such a lovely, welcoming, safe space. Many people go on their own but like the online community it's very supportive & inclusive, plus they put on lots of workshops etc so kept busy & helps us to meet people
20:24:11 From Annkat : Sandy get in touch please. I am part of the school.
20:25:42 From Annkat : Well worth joining the mystery school.
20:25:49 From Sandy Holt : AnnKat I think I’ve just sent you a friend request xx
20:26:17 From Annkat : Thankyou Sandy. x
20:26:58 From Lisa To All Panelists : The resources in the mystery are brilliant
20:28:10 From Gaynor : there's always something for everyone ☺️
20:30:14 From Tina : Nicola’s blog
20:30:32 From kathycar : Im a Mystery School member since June 2021, lots of lovely info and I’ve attended the online retreats which I really like. I live in Hampshire and unfortunately can’t attend the live retreats which is a pity but Im able to get what I need from all the online ceremonies etc so if you are looking for something then join this happy tribe.
20:31:39 From Gaynor : looking forward to it 🙂
20:31:50 From Tina : Here is the link:
20:31:56 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : Worms wriggling in my compost heap!
20:33:00 From Patsy Watten : I enjoy the online retreats :) Will have to catch up on Sunday as I am at the Cat rescue Saturday, homing cats :)
20:33:44 From Gaynor : the online retreats are fab, well worth trying out
20:34:34 From Kim Hudson : Tina can we still join the retreat Saturday?
20:34:59 From kathycar : Lovely evening will be with you on Saturday Spring into Life retreat. Take care all
20:35:30 From Tina : Yes Kim, you can find it here:
20:35:49 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : Thank you both and all - see you for the catchup recording of Saturdayx
20:36:08 From Janet Thompson : a robin was chomping away on my bird feeder this morning.
20:36:40 From Kim Hudson : it says purchase the replay?
20:37:04 From Julie Cobbin : Ooh, rune chanting. 🙂
20:37:25 From Gaynor : rune chanting again 😃
20:37:33 From Kat Habberjam - Northumberland : unfortunately I have to go, but it's been really informative. Will be checking out the courses. than you so much!!😃
20:37:45 From Liz : The online retreats are great and very deep and informative :-)
20:38:09 From Tina : Kim, I think you're looking at the previous one, see here:
20:38:13 From Patsy Watten : I cant remember if I have signed up for Saturday 18th?
20:38:14 From clarabarbara To All Panelists : Thank you for such a lovely evening, I hope to catch up with you soon 🙂
20:39:07 From Tina Neal : Thanks so much sending love xxx
20:39:21 From Kim Hudson : thank you Tina what do I use for the mystery school discount please?
20:40:44 From martin of grasmere : have booked on this and very much looking forward to it...
20:40:44 From Tina : Send me an email Kim, it's a private code, or look at the last Myster School newsletter.
20:41:22 From Kim Hudson : ok I'll have a look back thank you
20:41:39 From Tina : Here is the link for Space to Emerge:
20:41:43 From Fiona Merritt : I came away from the Ignite the Spark retreat feeling blown away. I am beginning a new phase of my life and unexpectedly a logo emerged out of it. I felt so connected after sharing this special day with you and our tribe. My way ahead dreamed in.
20:43:01 From Ann Burston : Apologies, I have to leave, really enjoyed this evening, thank you both. I did ask about how your shamanism/drumming can assist with tinnitus but I'll look out for something in emails. xx
20:43:58 From Patsy Watten : I wold so love tocome to a live retreat. Looking after my Son at the moment who is ill / disabled at the moment
20:44:10 From Tina : You can see more of Jason's Earthlight project here:
20:46:07 From Annkat : Sending love and gentle hugs to your Son. Patsy
20:46:28 From Kim Hudson : the drums are amazing I love mine so much 💗
20:46:41 From Tina : Here's the shop limk
20:46:41 From Angela Birchall : Glad Blue finally showed up
20:47:15 From Kim Hudson : hi blue you were missed 💙
20:47:16 From Annkat : Thankyou so much Jason and Nicola love too you both and everyone xxxxx
20:47:23 From Cass : hey blue. so beautiful xx
20:47:36 From Kim Hudson : love and blessings annkat
20:47:38 From Gaynor : hi Blue😁
20:47:47 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : Blue needs an Equity card
20:47:56 From Keren To All Panelists : thank you so much for this marvellous introduction i will be exploring further on your site
20:47:58 From Lorna Hutchinson : Nice to see Blue show his face xx
20:47:59 From Xenia Meinert : Blue is so sweet!
20:48:08 From Karen : Photos of Blue would be lovely too... a blue mug...yep.
20:49:21 From Lisa To All Panelists : I really struggled with journeying but now i have cracked it i love it and its like a fantastic confidante and warm hug a best friend thanks to jason and nicola a great journey
20:49:32 From Xenia Meinert : When will we get an mp3 track of Blue purring, for comfort? :-)
20:50:07 From Lorna Hutchinson : Sorry but I need to go now - thanks for another fabulous evening- night all - sweet dreams xx
20:50:11 From Patsy Watten : Purring is so healing
20:50:14 From David Ledger : Thanks to you both for the evening, see you Saturday. Blessings and love
20:50:29 From Annkat : Night xxxxx
20:51:01 From Lorna Hutchinson To All Panelists : Purring cat on site of injury is great pain relief xx
20:51:17 From Lisa To All Panelists : Nicola advised me about a one to one contact so i went to experience shamanic healing and it really worked seemed to free things up
20:51:17 From Julie Cobbin : Yes, please, I'd like to hear how someone recently cracked Journeying. I haven't managed it yet.
20:52:01 From Tina To Lisa and All Panelists : If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
20:52:03 From alysonpowell : Thank you Jason and Nicola. Such a good evening. 💚
20:52:24 From Lisa To All Panelists : The mystery school was also great to keep dipping into and also let my imagination go and some acceptance
20:53:14 From Patsy Watten : If it helps at all, When I birthed my drum, it was said that the deer in Scotland would be culled anyway as there were so many. BY making a drum, we would be giving them new life, allowing them to sing. Mine is called Anahata Prince and I love him.
20:53:28 From Kim Hudson : breathing is everything when meditating ❤️
20:53:46 From Mandy To All Panelists : The Honest Guys on YouTube do amazing visualisations and guided meditations. They have some brilliant guided shamanic journeying too 💕💕💕
20:54:12 From Kim Hudson : try guided meditations to help you focus to start with 😌
21:00:33 From Kim Hudson : yep still here 😌
21:00:33 From Angela Birchall : Thanks for a very interesting evening.
21:00:37 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : I keep staying!
21:00:45 From jackie kersley : Still here and a great evening it’s been.
21:00:47 From Pam : still here and following..
21:01:00 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you very much, super interesting! Everyone have a great evening and a good week. xx
21:01:15 From Julie Cobbin : Still here. Thank you and am excited to join you again on Saturday. 😊💕
21:01:18 From Fiona Merritt : Thank you. Learned lots and it was good to connect with your story and journey here.
21:01:29 From Sandy Holt : Thank you for such an interesting evening. especially on the topic of shaman . So you can practice shamanism without being a shaman is that right?
21:01:40 From user : Brilliant Thank you sooooooo much .
21:01:42 From Liz : Thank you again for another lovely and interesting evening. Look forward to the online retreat on Saturday
21:01:51 From Michelle Preston (she/her) To All Panelists : Thank you both and of course to Blue x
21:01:56 From Martine To All Panelists : Thank you so much 💚
21:01:57 From martin of grasmere : brilliant, many thanks, see you in june if not before in your area of anob….
21:02:12 From Kim Hudson : thank you so much for a wonderful evening love and blessings to you both ❤️
21:02:15 From Gaynor : see you Saturday, thanks for another great evening ☺️
21:02:18 From Sandy Holt : Yay just signed up for saturday… thanks again for tonight. xxx
21:02:20 From Sue To All Panelists : Thank you both very much. It has been a really interesting evening. See you on Saturday, xxx
21:02:23 From Cass : thank you so much for a wonderful evening xx
21:02:23 From Mandy : Thankyou loved listening 💫
21:02:37 From Pam : this is a community, not a control system love it
21:02:47 From Sandra Banks To All Panelists : I’m booking on for Saturday. But will do on day off Monday, thank you. Hope to see you in June 🙏🏻
21:03:21 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : And your tulips are loverly
21:03:26 From Lisa To All Panelists : ✨✨✨✨✨
21:03:27 From Paula Unicorn : Thanku so much, loved it 😀
21:03:35 From Maggie Macro To All Panelists : Thank you so much. it was good to reconnect with this work.
21:03:38 From Lynn : Thank you 💜
21:03:51 From Patsy Watten : Thank you both, and Blue too :)
21:03:58 From Sandra Banks To All Panelists : 💜😊💜😊💜😊💜

Introducing The Way of The Buzzard Mystery School

In these unsettling times as the world pauses it is our moment to drop into a different space, away from the turmoil of the chattering mind, and reach out to taste that balm for our soul.

The shamanic path was made for this moment.

If you are looking to resource yourself spirituality and learn more about shamanism then the Mystery School is the perfect place for you. Here you can learn how to draw the healing magic nature holds, through deep nature connection, animal spirit medicine, tree spirit medicine and by aligning yourself with the natural rhythms of the earth.

Here you can learn how to access the wisdom from your spirit guides at a moment’s notice through shamanic journeying and call in support through ceremony. Here you can learn techniques on how to protect yourself in these unfolding times and cushion yourself from the uncertainty that the coming weeks and months hold.

We have over 100 hours of content to delve into in The Mystery School, all delivered through easy-to-watch videos, as well as our monthly live shamanic journey circle, our regular live coaching calls and our private facebook group. All our lessons include activities which you can easily follow without even needing to leave your home or garden if you have one.

Here you have a place to come to where you can come and join in with a community of like-minded travellers to kick off your shoes and place your feet on the bare earth. A place where you can rest and recuperate, immersing yourself in the healing energies of nature.

A place where you can calm yourself by tuning in to listen the soft reassuring words from your spirit guides.

All if this is available to you for just £14 per month with no lock in period. It's the shamanic alternative to Netflix!

Come and give us a try… our community is waiting on the other side to welcome you so we can journey through these times together.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are a few words from folk in The Mystery School who were at our special Spring Equinox Circle:

Thoughts from our clan about the Mystery School:

The mystery school community has been truly wonderful this week - a calming place that has made me feel much better and grounded, so thank you.


Thank you so much. This tribe/clan and your generous spiritual work is genuinely helping keep me sane and balanced.


 The Mystery school has helped me over this week for sure, beyond today and into the this coming period.


thank you for creating a truly beautifully crafted evening.


The Mystery School is amazing, and has been a real oasis for me at a very difficult time. 


Loving this journeying planning... I'm a nurse!!


It’s excellent resource.


thank you so much for all you do it's greatly appreciated.


its an honour to be a part of this beautiful circle.


© 2020,The Way of The Buzzard