Peeling Back the Veil:

Age-old Wisdom for the Modern World

Free Pop-up Talk Tuesday 12th September 7pm (UK time)

Are you longing for a deeper connection with nature, spirituality, and the wisdom of ancient traditions in today's fast-paced world? If so, you're in the right place.

Join us for a transformative journey at our Mystery School's FREE gathering.

Tuesday 12th September 7pm (UK time)

Addressing the Modern-Day Disconnect

In a world filled with constant busyness and digital distractions, it's easy to feel disconnected from what truly matters. But the answers to your spiritual longings, the connection to Earth, and the profound wisdom of ancient traditions are still within your reach.

During this Pop-up Talk we’ll explore the prevalent feeling of separation in modern life and dig into the roots of this disconnection from nature, the Earth, and spirituality. 

Join us or catch up with the replay to discover the rising interest in the nature-based Earth spirituality path and how this can fill the void within. During the evening you will: 

  • Explore British shamanism and nature-based spirituality and learn ways to unlock this ancient wisdom
  • Learn how to deepen your spiritual connection and interpret messages from nature and the spirit realm
  • Discover how our Mystery School can support you on your spiritual path should you decide we are a good fit for you

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Who should attend?

This gathering is perfect for you if:

  • You seek a deeper connection with Earth and spiritual realms.
  • You feel a sense of separation from what truly matters.
  • You have a thirst for knowledge and personal growth.
  • You long for answers about spiritual connection.
  • You think and feel differently and seek like-minded individuals.
  • You are interested in ancient ways.

We would love to share the evening with you. There is no need to have any experience whatsoever to participate in the evening.

Your Hosts:

Nicola & Jason

The Way of The Buzzard

Free Gathering Date:



7:00 PM

UK Time

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How the Mystery School works

This free Pop-up talk is brought to you through our Mystery School.

Our Mystery School is a sanctuary to learn ancient traditions, interpret nature's messages, and connect with the spirit realms.

Here you can dive into spiritual development that seamlessly integrates with your daily life.

We offer an affordable monthly subscription that grants you access to a wealth of resources including:

  • Easy-to-access courses with video lessons.
  • Courses pitched at the right level for your journey.
  • Live online coaching calls for real-time support.
  • A private Facebook community to connect with fellow seekers.
  • Self-paced learning that fits your schedule.
  • Flexible cancellation policy to put you in control.

During the evening we will share information about our Mystery School so you can decide if you might like to come through the doors. In the meantime, you can find our more via this link.

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