Once in a Blue Moon Drums

The Way of The Buzzard

Our Special Collection
‘Once in a Growing Blue Moon’ Drums

(available at a very special price)

Our last Full Moon was another special celestial event being a Blue Moon, so we  jumped at the chance to make some Once In a Blue Moon Drums.

Our Celtic Ancestors called this moon the Growing Moon. Close to the Spring Equinox, Spring is coming into full swing, and these limited edition drums will hold the energy of growth and abundance.

Our Growing Blue Moon drums are all about supporting you in achieving what you truly want in life, planting the seed and then stepping out so that you live your dreams.

The time to step into the life you were born to live has come

When we awaken and press against the confines of our invisible walls and cage bars, we remember that we were born free. Our spiritual path leads us to being true, walking our talk, owning our own power and having control of our own destiny.

It also reminds us not to neglect that which nurtures us and to have a healthy degree of self-love.

By focusing on what it is that we really want from life, and calling on support to help us weave in and out of obstacles that may pop up along the way, we can achieve our destiny.

Its time to step up and live the life that our soul is calling us to live.

Now is the moment to be our true selves.

This work is so important.

Stepping Through the Bars

We hold hope that one day 
We will all leave our imprisonment and return to nature. 
Bend our ear to the wind and step through the invisible bars 
Created only by our own minds.
That day will be as glorious as they come, 
With a golden sunrise that will be spoken of around the fireside
Forever and beyond. 
The birds will sing a new chorus in the trees on that day,
So sweet that it will bring tears to the woodcutters eyes. 
Even the rivers will shed tears of joy,
And so many that their waters will turn as salty as the sea. 
Every living being with legs will turn to face the East 
And watch the dawn of new possibilities, and sigh ‘at last’.
At last we can all live again 
As in the old stories we are told we once did.

You and Your Drum


These drums have been made on the Blue Moon and hold the energy which speaks most at this time.They are sacred tools providing an extension for all healing work, whether it be self-healing, healing others or helping heal the Earth.

Use this drum as a vehicle to journey to the other realms, and connect in with your spirit guides and helpers. Use it to call in those specific qualities which you seek most in order to find your deep inner knowing and authentic self.

Call on the energy of the Growing Moon, to bring about what your heart truly desires.

Calm yourself. It’s been scientifically proven that people who drum see a drop in their stress and anxiety, as well as reduce blood pressure, increase brain white matter and cognitive function, reduce pain, increase immunity and help socio- emotional challenges.


The Call of Your Drum

We have two Once In A Growing Blue Moon drums remaining, both which we have carefully crafted to make the most of these special energies.

One drums are made from Reindeer hide with a Rich Jade crystal handle and are 16 inches in diameter. Our 16-inch drums are our most popular sized drums as they are easy to hold and have a lovely deep tone.

We set a crystal into the handle in a design which is really comfortable to hold for those longer drumming sessions.

Which Growing Blue Moon Drum speaks to you the most?

Abundance and Grace Red Deer Drum
with a Rich Jade crystal handle SOLD OUT

Inner Vision and Perseverance Reindeer Drum
with a Moss Agate crystal handle


Abundance and Grace

When we encounter the Red Deer in the wild, our breath catches and we are transfixed by their graceful features and delicate movements. We can draw on their energy to give us the power to deal with challenges with grace.

As Red Deer holds a real gentleness, we can be sensitive and intuitive as we walk our path. We can also hold onto vigilance and adaptability, with the ability to change direction quickly should we need to. Just as the deer has an uncanny sense of where to find the green freshness earth provides, we can ask the deer within ourselves to seek out our inner treasures.

The Rich Jade crystal is a great confidence booster, and in both your personal and working life will help you keep everything in check and give you the support you need to achieve your goals. It will help you deal with difficult situations with ease and calm and the energies of this stone will keep you level-headed and patient in any kind of situation.

Jade will help you create more purposeful goals, and through this help you realize your full potential in both your personal and working life. Jade will give you tranquil wisdom and help you move away from negativity, enabling you to see your true self.

It will encourage you to pursue your personal ambitions relentlessly. It will remind you of your self-sufficiency and determination to rise every time you fall, and to try again every time you experience a blockage in your way.

Inner Vision and Perseverance

The Reindeer has an incredible ability to survive in difficult environments and across great distances too, some travelling as far as 3,000 miles in one season. Their energy teaches us that great things are possible in our lives.

In their sure-footedness they can support us to utilize our internal gifts so that we can be as equally sure-footed in any situation, enabling us to easily walk through any challenges which may come our way as we walk our path to realize our dreams.

The Moss Agate crystal enhances mental concentration, persistence, endurance and goal completion. It is an excellent stone to use in abundance work, as it promotes the sense of all things being provided for us within creation.

Its grounding and balancing energy helps discard old patterns so you can align yourself fully with your Higher Self. Moss Agate will assist you in bringing dreams into reality by helping you hold clearly your inner vision and enabling you to bring ideas and concepts into being.

The Drum Birthing Process

  • We birthed your drum in the afternoon of the 30th March 2018. We spent time preparing your hoop by sanding it down and finishing it with a layer of bees wax from rescued bees in Lancashire to bring out the beautiful grain in the wood.
  • The timber which makes the drum frame is sourced from Ash trees grown in the UK, and is made locally by a carpenter who lives in the next town along from our home
  • Sourcing locally and as ethically as possible is something which is really important to us, and we take care to understand where all of our materials come from
  • We bound the hoop in suede, cut out the deer hide and then carefully craft your drum.
  • In the evening, once the Wolf Super Blue Blood Moon has risen in the sky we took your drum outside and carried out a special awakening ceremony.
  • We created a mandala and called in the four directions Earth, Air, Fire and Water, smudged your drum with mugwort and invoked the Spirit of the Drum.
  • Your drum will come with a drum beater.
  • If you would like to watch the Drum Birthing process, please click on this link and watch the video.
  • We will need approximately 10 – 14 days for your drum to dry before we set the crystal in the handle and make arrangements for it to be couriered to you.

Our Guarantee

We are really excited about this opportunity and are very much looking forward to this birthing process. 
We want to be sure that you are happy with your choice, and so all our drums come with a 7-day money back guarantee. This will allow you time to hold your drum in your hands and hear it’s voice, so you can be sure that you are right for each other.

Our Offer to You

We we only able to birth a very limited number of these drums, and most were pre-ordered. However we did manage to craft more. We have just two reindeer drums remaining.
You can secure your Growing Blue Moon Drum now by clicking on the option which most speaks to you now.
Our special edition drums usually cost from £280 but on this occasion we’ve decided to make the available for £250 plus post and packing
Your drum will come with a drum beater.

Abundance and Grace Red Deer Drum SOLD OUT


  • 16 inch Red Deer Drum
  • Birthed and awakened on the Growing Blue Moon
  • Made from natural ethically sourced materials
  • Comfortable handle with a Rich Jade crystal

£250 + p&p

Pre Order Now

Stability and Perseverance Reindeer Drum with Moss Agate

  • 16 inch Reindeer Drum
  • Birthed and awakened on the Growing Blue Moon
  • Made from natural ethically sourced materials
  • Comfortable handle with a Moss Agate crystal

£250 + p&p

Pre Order Now

The drums will be posted out to you approximately 12 days after birthing, just as soon as they’ve fully dried and been checked over. If you want to know more about our drum birthing opportunities please check our page here.