The Way of The Buzzard


Drumming at Nine Ladies Stone Circle, Derbyshire

My professional background is in environmental protection. After completing two degrees I spent fifteen years working within large organisations within the environmental management units , or acting as an advisor through my own consultancy business. My role was to support the senior management teams in a whole range of industries in making more ethical choices in the way they conducted their business.

It was in this role that I became a Chartered Environmentalist and a qualified trainer, and I was really intrigued as to I could best support people in changing the way they looked at the world.

with NicolaDrumming Moorland Whisper at the Pike Stones, West Pennine Moors close to our house

During this time I was also following my own line of enquiry outside of work to find a different way of living on Earth. My fascination in ancient cultures led me ultimately to my spiritual awakening and finding the shamanic path. It was spending a lot of time outdoors, trekking in the Scottish highlands and wild camping in our national parks which led me to the realisation in my early thirties that they solutions are on our doorstep. We only need to turn to nature, and go within to meet with our Spirit Guides to find the answers that we need, just as our distant ancestors would have done to ensure their survival on Earth.

Connecting in with the cycles of the Earth, the moon and the universal energies has been huge for me in my spiritual development

As a shamanic practitioner I work between worlds, worlds which we cannot see in the third dimension but are as real, as alive with spirit, and there for us to tap into to help us navigate the complexity of the third dimensional world, the earthly realms of the fairies, the nature spirits, the ancestors as well as the universal realms of the archangels.

It is this aspect of myself that I bring through by The Way of the Buzzard, for those who are drawn to share alongside me. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, far from it, but I have been gifted a toolkit to help unravel them.

Business planning

Strategy work with cow poo to stop the bits of paper blowing away! at Nine Stones Stone, Derbyshire in the very early days of The Way of the Buzzard

Wildcamping at RoburndaleWild camping at Shamanic Practitioner training in Roburndale, Lancashire



Nicola 1Our hand fasting at Silverdale, Lancashire