Here's your recording of the Mystery School launch party.

Watch the replay

Here's the recording of our Mystery School relaunch party, healing drum session and Full Moon intention setting ceremony.

The healing drum session begins at 1 hr 12 minutes and the intention setting ceremony begins at 1 hr 53 minutes.

During the evening we referenced several resources. Here is the link to Jasons photography membership site: Creativity Beyond the Camera Club. The books we referenced were: The Wisdom of the Wyrd: Teachings for today from our ancient past, The Way of Wryd: Tales of an Anglo-Saxon Sorcerer and The Real Middle-Earth: Magic and Mystery in the Dark Ages, all by Brian Bates. And The Quest of the Shaman by Miranda and Stephen Arldhouse-Green.

In response to the question: 'I'd be interested to know how to cut the brambles out of my life to be free to follow an alternative lifestyle' we mentioned that Nicola has written several blogs about this. These are Standing at the Threshold, which lists five ways the shamanic toolkit can be used to help with transition, The Great Escape, where Nicola shares her story of leaving a professional career for a different life and Letting go... my way, where Nicola shares her techniques of letting go of the things that no longer fit.

Find about more about our online community The Mystery School at the bottom of the page.

Your hosts:

Nicola & Jason Smalley
The Way of The Buzzard

In challenging times such as these it's important to reach out to our guides and seek the wisdoms we need to remain resilient and fearless.

We are committed to help our Way of The Buzzard clan navigate a path through the maze of confusion and uncertainty by encouraging the use of the Shamanic toolkit that's so easily available to us,

Here's the transcript from the Launch Party.

The Discussion

18:37:49 From Nicola Smalley To All Panelists :
18:55:25 From kathycar : Can’t hear you
18:55:25 From Sue : we do not have sound
18:55:27 From Dawn To All Panelists : Hi Jason & Nicola. There’s no sound xxx
18:55:30 From Fae Eilbeck : Evening everyone, no sound at the moment x
18:55:37 From Gongster jo : yay
18:55:42 From Steve W : Hi everyone and a very good evening from Steve in a warm but windy Topcliffe North Yorkshire. ❤️?
18:55:43 From Andrea : thanks for unmuting
18:55:44 From Charlie Murray : Hiya
18:55:45 From Katie : Can hear you now - good evening! xx
18:55:46 From Fae Eilbeck : There you go ?
18:55:51 From Gongster jo : good evening lovely souls xx
18:55:52 From kathycar : Ok you are here, hooray
18:55:54 From Peter : howdy xxx
18:55:56 From Bridget and John : Greetings from Bridget & John from Birmingham
18:56:00 From Tina To All Panelists : just checked in as soundrestored
18:56:03 From Mary Light : Hello!!! Thought it my problem ?
18:56:05 From Kathy from Brora : Hello all panelists and attendees!
18:56:08 From Lisa : Hello from Lisa in Stoke x
18:56:12 From Paulina : Hi everyone
18:56:17 From Ann : I did wonder!. Hello from Dawlish in Devon. Hello Blue
18:56:18 From Jane To All Panelists : Hello everyone from Warchet Somerset x
18:56:19 From Fiona Marie : hello folks??
18:56:20 From Dawn To All Panelists : I thought it was me being a technophobe ??
18:56:20 From Liz : Good evening lovely people good to see you xxx
18:56:23 From Andrea : Hello from Durham
18:56:27 From Diane and Rod To All Panelists : Hello everyone, good to be here!
18:56:29 From Karen : Hi to all from Karen in sunny Torquay xxx
18:56:30 From Caroline : Hi everyone.
18:56:35 From Jane To All Panelists : I mean Watchet lol
18:56:35 From Carol : Hello everyone from Carol in Hertfordshire.
18:56:41 From Christine : Hi everyone
18:56:42 From Katie : Good evening from Katie Joanne in Ramsbottom, Lancashire xxx
18:56:42 From Gongster jo : love from the Dartmoor devon xx
18:56:44 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : Hi from Maggie and Sue from Bedfordshire! Full moon blessings ❤️
18:56:57 From Susan : Hi everyone looking forward to our gathering this evening .Susan from Buckshaw near Chorley
18:56:59 From Kay : hello everyone from liverpool
18:56:59 From Alyson : Hi there from South Wales ?, Lovely to be here.
18:57:04 From Colette : Hi from Colette in Denton, Manchester
18:57:04 From Ali Davenport : Evening from Ali in Manchester & new member of the Mystery School!
18:57:04 From Fae Eilbeck : Fae in Wesham x
18:57:07 From Charlotte Jones : ? hi from Stafford xx
18:57:08 From SaaRa Starlight To All Panelists : Hello Everyone ? SaaRa from County Durham UK ??
18:57:09 From Susan : hi, Susan from Newcastle :)
18:57:13 From Red : Good evening from Portsmouth
18:57:14 From Dee To All Panelists : Greetings lovely people , Dee from Worsley xx
18:57:16 From Michael : Hello from Herts
18:57:17 From Ann : Hi Kate I left Rammie in 2016 for Devon
18:57:17 From Peter : Hi from eaves green in Chorley xx
18:57:18 From Mary Light : Mary from East Sussex, hi everyone
18:57:21 From Julie Hull To All Panelists : Hi everyone from Julie in Cambridgeshire
18:57:24 From David : Hi from sunny (at long last!) Birmingham.x
18:57:25 From Susan To All Panelists : Hi thought it was my iPad lovely to see and hear you
From sue in Tiverton ?
18:57:26 From Valerie : Hi from Lincolnshire
18:57:26 From Dan To All Panelists : Hello from Newcastle
18:57:27 From Christine : Hi to all from Malta
18:57:27 From Jules To All Panelists : Hello from Wiltshire UK x
18:57:29 From Kath : Hi Everyone
18:57:29 From Sue : Sue and Anne in Morecambe X
18:57:29 From Dawn To All Panelists : Hi from Frodsham Cheshire xxx
18:57:30 From Jackie To All Panelists : Hi from Cullen north east Scotland.
18:57:31 From Kathy from Brora : So good to see many familiar names!
18:57:33 From Linda Garne : Linda in Coppull
18:57:33 From Paulina : Hi everyone - from a stormy rainy Rotherham
18:57:35 From Katie : Hi @Ann xx
18:57:36 From Francesca Green : Hi everyone from Perthshire x
18:57:38 From Sandra : hi everyone from Huddersfield x
18:57:40 From Diane and Rod : Hello from Diane and Rod in Garsdale x
18:57:42 From Mandy To All Panelists : Hi Mandy from Weymouth xx
18:57:42 From Carol : Hello from Little Falls, New York!
18:57:43 From melanie hoffstead : Hi Mel from London happy to be with you
18:57:44 From Carol : hi from Carol near Wray
18:57:46 From Sue To All Panelists : Sue and Anne in Morecambe
18:57:50 From Jean To All Panelists : Hi There
Jean from Ashford
18:57:50 From Barbara : Greetings from Swansea :)
18:57:52 From Nell : Hi from NELL in Leigh..
18:57:54 From Fiona Marie : hi again from Worcester (Lancashire exile)xxx
18:57:54 From Iris To All Panelists : Happy Blue Moon everyone blessing from Cumbria
18:57:57 From Julie Francis To All Panelists : Hi from Eastbourne! X
18:57:57 From Helen : Hello all from west sussex
18:57:58 From Lesley : Hi from sunny Birmingham!
18:57:59 From jules : hey from herefordshire
18:57:59 From Louise To All Panelists : From rochdale, right by gait barrows at the moment I am thrilled to say!
18:58:02 From mark : Waves from Cornwall
18:58:03 From Tanya To All Panelists : Hi everyone, Tanya from Hull xxx
18:58:10 From Janis : Hi from Argyll in Scotland❤️
18:58:16 From Linda : Hi everyone from Carlisle in Cumbria
18:58:17 From Jackie : Hi from Cullen north east Scotland.
18:58:17 From Sally To All Panelists : Greetings from Sally in Preston x
18:58:20 From Lozza To All Panelists : Hi from London x
18:58:20 From Stephanie Whitmill To All Panelists : Hi from steph in Yorkshire
18:58:21 From Betty : Hello from Betty in Finedon.
18:58:24 From Katrin To All Panelists : Hi from Norfolk
18:58:29 From Katie : Hi @Fiona Marie xx
18:58:29 From Tina : it's never inane jason
18:58:29 From Alison : Hello to everyone from Alison in rainy South Norwood
18:58:36 From Louxsie : Greetings from sunny Birmingham ?
18:58:37 From Ursidia : Ursidia here in Ramsgate, Kent!
18:58:38 From Karen : Karen and Cassie are here from Cornwall! xx
18:58:43 From Maria Cropley To All Panelists : Hi from cloudy Leicester
18:58:44 From David : Hello from Kent
18:58:45 From Robbie : Hi from Bromley Kent
18:58:47 From Jelly To All Panelists : Hi everyone from rainy London! xxx
18:58:51 From Jean To All Panelists : Hi from sunny Cheltenham x
18:58:55 From Richard : Hello from Eastbourne
18:58:56 From Mary Light : Your buntings are fabulous, are you enjoying the new sewing machine
18:58:57 From Tina : If you want everyone to see the message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box otherwise only me, Jason and Nicola see it
18:58:57 From Jude : Greetings all from Jude in Eskdalemuir xXx
18:59:02 From Justyna Sa To All Panelists : Hello from York
18:59:06 From SaaRa Starlight To All Panelists : SaaRa Durham
18:59:07 From Dee : hi lovelies from Dee from Worsley xx
18:59:10 From Trigga To All Panelists : Hi from Trigga and the Hawks x
18:59:20 From Caroline : Hi from Somerset
18:59:24 From Vanessa : Greetings from Kent, UK
18:59:28 From Jude : Noooo - In the Borders !!
18:59:28 From Kathy from Brora : Southern Scotland Eskdalemuir
18:59:29 From elaine To All Panelists : hi from sunny Langho xx
18:59:39 From Gill : hi from Gill in Newcastle upon Tyne :)
18:59:40 From Geoffrey : Hello from Rhos on Sea
18:59:41 From Christine : yes it's very hot in Malta 38° We had our first rain this afternoon
18:59:42 From Sara : Greetings all from nr Tewkesbury :)
18:59:46 From Jayne : Hello from Stoke-on-Trent
18:59:47 From Joanne To All Panelists : Hi Jason & Nicola, Joanne here from Surrey x
18:59:50 From Mark : hi from newcastle
18:59:51 From Maria FLANAGAN To All Panelists : Im another Kentish girl, although i'm now in the Shropshire hills. So glad to be here this evening, I normally have to watch the replay
18:59:53 From Carol : We should be just on the edge of Tropical Storm Henri. Not expecting damage, just rain.
18:59:58 From Jay To All Panelists : Hello Everyone
19:00:09 From Fae Eilbeck : Buntings looking great
19:00:09 From Steven To All Panelists : Hi from Denmark
19:00:10 From Jude : Fantastic buntings btw <3
19:00:17 From Katrin To All Panelists : Love your bunting x
19:00:18 From Gillian : Hi from South Wales x
19:00:18 From Katie : Beaut Buntings happening there, @Nicola! xx
19:00:19 From SaaRa Starlight To All Panelists : Awesome bunting ?
19:00:24 From Jane To All Panelists : Love the bunting x
19:00:25 From Kathy from Brora : Not corn bunting but blue bunting
19:00:27 From Jelly To All Panelists : Amazing, I especially love the striped ones!
19:00:29 From Shenn Deepwood : hi everyone from New Forest from Shenn Deepwood & Moon Magpie /|\
19:00:31 From Julie : Hello from Cannock,Staffs
19:00:32 From Lynn To All Panelists : Hi from South Devon
19:00:39 From Dawn To All Panelists : Love the bunting xxx
19:00:41 From Susan : Love the bunting ❤️
19:00:50 From Fiona Marie : i nearly said lovely buntings?
19:00:51 From len van To All Panelists : Hello
19:00:56 From Peter : nice bunting, nice shape, love triangles xx
19:00:58 From Roberta To All Panelists : Hello from Greenwich
19:00:59 From Monica Ross To All Panelists : Hello from Sandycove, near Kinsale in the South of Ireland
19:01:01 From len van To All Panelists : from nottingham
19:01:01 From Paulina : Nice one Nicola
19:01:08 From Jackie : Great bunting, I make bunting for my garden.
19:01:20 From Tracey : Good evening lovely people ???
19:01:36 From Shona : Hi everyone!!
19:01:38 From SaaRa Starlight To All Panelists : You could sell Bunting, I would Love to buy some ?
19:01:54 From Katie : Hi @Shona xx
19:01:59 From Sue parlby : Hello all from Cambridge! Fab bunting Nicola!!
19:02:01 From Katie : Hi @Tracey xx
19:02:01 From Sharon Abercrombie To All Panelists : Hello x
19:02:07 From sue To All Panelists : hi
19:02:13 From Jill To All Panelists : Moon blessings to everyone from Jill in Lancaster.
19:02:19 From Kathy from Brora : Hurrah for the Mystery School!
19:02:21 From Chetana : Full moon blessings from Southampton x
19:02:24 From davina To All Panelists : Hello from Dolgellau ?
19:02:29 From Jean Knowles : Hi from Jean in Macclesfield. Looks a good evening :-))
19:02:37 From Colleen To All Panelists : Hello all xxx
19:02:38 From Katie : Hi @Jean x
19:03:48 From Louise : Hi from London
19:04:12 From Katie : Hi @Tina xx
19:04:13 From Tina : Hello!
19:04:22 From Tina : You're welcome
19:04:31 From Jane To All Panelists : Thank you Tina ?
19:04:31 From Helen : Hi Tina
19:04:33 From Maureen Sammut To All Panelists : Hi Tina xx
19:04:33 From Peter : hi Tina thankyou xxx
19:04:35 From Alison : Evening from Suffolk
19:04:38 From Susan : Hi Tina xx
19:04:38 From Linda Lipinski : Hi
19:04:39 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : Thanks Tina
19:04:39 From Annie : Hi To you all from Annie in Norfolk
19:04:55 From Colleen To All Panelists : Hi @Jean I'm in Knutsford
19:05:18 From Wendy : Hi from Nottingham- lovely to be with you all x
19:05:43 From Sandy : Blessings to you all from Somerset ??
19:05:46 From davina : Hello , love from Dolgellau ?
19:05:54 From Karen : I love your bunting ☺
19:05:58 From Tracey : Hello everyone on this special evening from Whitley Bay.
19:06:14 From Janis : I found The Way of the Buzzard during lockdown and have loved feeling part of group.I feel my life has been so enriched since.Thank you all xxx
19:06:27 From Ruth To All Panelists : Hi from Bath. Great to be here with you all! x
19:06:30 From Katie : Me too @Janis xx
19:06:36 From Sadie To All Panelists : Hello everyone, good evening, good blessings and good inspiration wishes xxxxx ???
19:07:00 From Linda Lipinski : Me too Janis
19:07:07 From Tina : Hello everyone, If you want everyone to see the message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box otherwise only me, Jason and Nicola see it.
19:07:21 From Peter : perhaps the mic needs to be closer to you two as it gets crackly when you lean away
19:07:42 From Pam To All Panelists : Hello from mid wales. i also joined during lockdown . very helpful.
19:07:43 From Nixie : Apologies for my late arrival....??
19:07:43 From Peter : that's great
19:07:47 From Kathy from Brora : Can we have another party to celebrate your decade?
19:07:49 From Tina To All Panelists : It was ok with me
19:08:02 From Jane To All Panelists : You were recommended to me and I have been attending most of your free sessions through the lockdown
19:08:08 From Mark : hello tracey, from wallsend
19:08:30 From Mark : Hello from Hertfordshire
19:08:43 From Susan : Sorry I'm late
19:08:49 From brenda To All Panelists : ? hello everyone, A’ho
19:08:53 From Tiffani To All Panelists : Evening everyone ? xx
19:09:11 From Nikki To All Panelists : THANKYOU for this x
19:09:22 From Nixie : Hello from North Devon...?
19:09:25 From Tina To All Panelists : Hello to those just arriving, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box otherwise only me, Jason and Nicola see it
19:09:29 From Katie : Hi @Nixie x
19:09:34 From Gaynor Rogers : hello all from Kent
19:09:45 From Tina : Hello to those just arriving, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box otherwise only me, Jason and Nicola see it
19:09:55 From Nikki : Hello
19:10:09 From Katie : Hi @Nikki x
19:10:31 From Pauline ORMEROD : Hi all, I can relate to Janis's comment. So good to listen to these celebrations during lockdown.
19:10:49 From Hattie To All Panelists : blue moon greetings all
19:10:53 From Mary : good evening from West Yorkshire
19:11:13 From Michele To All Panelists : Evening everyone from Somerset!
19:11:18 From Katie : Hi @Mary x
19:11:25 From Ghislaine To All Panelists : Hello Ghislaine from Bwlchtocyn near Abersoch
19:11:36 From Katie : ... Waving next door from East Lancs x
19:11:37 From Tina To Hattie and All Panelists : If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box otherwise only me, Jason and Nicola see it
19:11:54 From Susan : Is this working now ? can you see my text.
19:12:09 From Ghislaine : Hello from Ghisaine in Bwlchtocyn near Abersoch
19:12:19 From Katie : I can see you @Susan xx
19:12:24 From Sue parlby : Yes Susan x
19:12:31 From Hattie : blue moon greetings all
19:12:32 From Sadie : Good evening to all, good blessings and good inspirational idea wishes to all. Ps. Thanks Tina ? xxxxx ???
19:12:35 From Susan : Thank you x
19:12:37 From Mary : yes Susan. happy blue full moon one and all ❤️
19:12:38 From Dawn : Hello from Frodsham Cheshire xxx
19:12:41 From Katie : Hi @Sadie x
19:12:46 From Katie : Hi @Dawn x
19:13:03 From Lois : Sooo inspiring! Thank you...
19:13:04 From Jude : Beautiful story xXxXx
19:13:09 From Katie : Blue Moon Blessings @Hattie x
19:13:13 From Hattie : listening in from s.w London
19:13:25 From Jane To All Panelists : How synchronistic the cutting of the cords
19:13:26 From Charlie Murray : So thankful to have found your tribe
19:13:31 From Sara : Beautiful <3
19:13:32 From Shona : Awe I love that story of your meeting... Vivid pictures created ?
19:13:41 From Paulina : I'd be interested to know how to cut the brambles out of my life to be free to follow an alternative lifestyle :)
19:13:43 From Fiona Marie : ??⚘
19:13:52 From Katie : Same here @Paulina xx
19:14:51 From Sadie To All Panelists : Hi Katie ?. Xxxxx
19:15:23 From Fiona Marie : that is life indeed?
19:15:33 From Tina To Sadie and All Panelists : If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box otherwise only me, Jason and Nicola see it
19:15:35 From Kathy from Brora : The earthy untangleers!
19:15:44 From Pam To All Panelists : you have certainly helped me to untangle myself
19:15:52 From Alyson : Me too Paulina.?
19:16:03 From Fiona Marie : love that Kathy?
19:16:11 From Paulina : Like that idea @Kathy !
19:16:30 From Katie : I love listening to your stories Nicola & Jason, I learn something new every time. Your getting together story is so inspiring, love-full and warm... and aligned! It wraps loveliness around us as we listen to you. Glad of you both... and all who gather in the tribe space following the call... xx
19:16:40 From Sharon Abercrombie To All Panelists : Miss attending the circles each month.
19:16:49 From Fiona Marie : ditto Katie
19:17:00 From Lois : Me too, Katie!
19:17:11 From Dawn : I’m one of many Frodsham Wombles Frombles. Reducing the plastic waste here in our lovely town. It’s great being part of an enthusiastic team ?
19:17:26 From Katie : <3 @Fiona Marie & @Lois <3 xx
19:17:28 From Dee : wonderfully said Katie !
19:17:31 From Alison : I used to live in Gorton :-)
19:17:31 From Fiona Marie : that's fab Dawn
19:17:35 From Katie : <3 Dee xx
19:17:38 From Jane To All Panelists : I love your stories Jason and Nicola and the energy you create between you
19:18:57 From Katie : PS: The Pigeon is back tonight lol xx
19:19:11 From Mary : a bird has joined us x
19:19:15 From Alyson : ??xx
19:19:15 From Fiona Marie : ?
19:19:24 From Lindsay : Wood pigeon listening in!
19:19:25 From mark : yes coming home :)
19:19:36 From Susan : Is that the pigeon again
19:20:01 From Fiona Marie : aw yey Mark
19:20:04 From Lozza To All Panelists : its behiiiiind you :)
19:20:15 From Lois : Love this Jason: Yessss!!
19:20:56 From Sadie : I nominate the pigeon as our spirit animal of the evening ? xxxxx
19:21:16 From Katie : Hi Blue! xx
19:21:16 From SaaRa Starlight : My Heart gives me Great Guidance ?
19:21:18 From Charlie Murray : Thats why I trust you guys, no dogma, finally meeting those who have been waiting for me to be ready to open up
19:21:20 From Alyson : You’r so right Jason. Thank you
19:21:22 From Emma Taylor : Hi Blue
19:21:25 From Ann : Hi from Ann in Manchester. Have just enrolled into the Mystery School and looking forward to learning so much!
19:21:25 From Ruth To All Panelists : Hi Blue!
19:21:25 From Pam To All Panelists : Hi Blue
19:21:40 From Katie : Hi @Ann - welcome! xx
19:21:41 From Robert To All Panelists : You are spot on Jason, take from it what you need for your own spiritual growth.
19:21:41 From Fiona Marie : nice one Sadie, was thinking only earlier on hearing one of our locals cooing
19:21:43 From Peter : amen
19:21:45 From Tiffani : Hi Blue! ?
19:21:56 From Carol : I wondered where Blue was!
19:21:56 From Maria FLANAGAN : Blue is now in the running for spirit animal !
19:21:57 From Peter : amun x
19:22:04 From mark : Welcome Ann :)
19:22:17 From Peter : ahhh….moon
19:22:25 From Lenovo Tab M10 : hi everyone, nice for Blue to pop in
19:22:39 From Fiona Marie : Blue chased it off??
19:23:09 From Jelly : Really happy that you guys and the Mystery School are there to help us all step into our own power: I've come across disempowering teachers or gurus too and it wasn't fun!
19:23:14 From SaaRa Starlight : Yes Pigeons were Great messengers in the War
19:23:29 From Tracey : Thank you Jason and I think there is a gradual shift in consciousness which is very re assuring .
19:23:35 From Kay : I've just joined too. looking forward to finding out and meeting you all. hello Blue
19:23:37 From Fiona Marie : yeyh king blue!
19:23:44 From Katie : Hi @Kay - welcome xx
19:24:10 From Maureen Sammut To All Panelists : Welcome Ann, where in Manchester are you? I’m in Partington
19:24:26 From mark : Running Circles is hard
19:24:29 From Jane To All Panelists : I have just enrolled today too looking forward to delving in to the works
19:24:29 From Lozza To All Panelists : im joining the energy xx
19:24:33 From Tina To Maureen Sammut and All Panelists : If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box otherwise only me, Jason and Nicola see it
19:24:35 From Linda : Has the link gone live to join?
19:24:41 From Katie : Yes it is @Mark xx
19:25:07 From Karen : its the fact that you are not 'salesy' that we really like!!!
19:25:15 From Tina : Here is the link
19:25:22 From Maria FLANAGAN : This is the perfect thing that so many people need. Glad you went with your hearts
19:25:24 From Sadie : Fiona Marie, they are my favourite bird ??. Xxxxx
19:25:33 From mark : yesssss
19:25:34 From Patsy : HOW WROING THEY WERE :)
19:25:37 From Jelly : Yay!!! Well done!
19:25:48 From Fae Eilbeck : I agree Karen, i love the mystery school and the community
19:26:00 From Katie : I think the monthly subscription for community and learning is excellent and well worth the investment - in my self and also for the bringing through of your offerings. xx
19:26:04 From Maureen Sammut : Thank Tina x
19:26:09 From Paulina : It's because your intention was pure - not money focused greed - that's why they didn't get it - well done guys! Wishing you continued success
19:26:24 From Katie : Yes @Paulina - my thoughts too xx
19:26:35 From Maureen Sammut : Hi Ann where in Manchester are you from I’m in Partington
19:26:46 From Fiona Marie : Sadie??
19:27:21 From Tina : Pioneering
19:28:02 From Ann : Hi Maureen. I'm in Blackley North Manchester
19:28:21 From Susan : well they have a different view . You both give so much and always given us so much info. I have been involved in quite a few groups and run the group intuitively and with generousity .
19:28:23 From Paulina : I love these meetings - but Jason's ability with the nature videos and the perfectly matched music is SOMETHING ELSE - everyone has moved me so far
19:28:25 From Dee : this is my first time joining and there is such a genuine, authentic, gentle, beautiful energy here, its lovely. x
19:28:32 From Jude : It`s amazing what you`s guys have achieved xXx
19:28:35 From Maureen Sammut : Ok Ann a bit far from me
19:28:55 From Susan : Absolutely .xxx
19:28:59 From Kathy from Brora : sounds like the Power Stack!
19:29:09 From Louxsie : This is my first time here and 30 minutes in I already feel at home. Lovely energy in this group ?
19:29:16 From Paulina : Nothing wrong with being World beating Jason - aim high - you might just get the MOON
19:29:20 From Katie : ? Dee xx
19:29:24 From Fiona Marie : Louxsie?
19:29:25 From Jude : Dee you have picked up on the most magical thing about Way of the Buzzard and The Mystery School xXx
19:29:43 From mark : Welcome Lou
19:29:49 From Katie : ? Louxsie xx
19:30:01 From Jude : @ Louxie xXx
19:31:18 From Kathy from Brora : Ooooh I met you at Tom's farm in July 2018!
19:31:51 From sue To All Panelists : toms farm ryarder
19:32:17 From mark : OOO Dragons :)
19:32:32 From Kathy from Brora : So excited about the next month's sessions!
19:32:49 From Tracey : My husband bought me membership to the mystery school on my birthday in June and it was the very best birthday present I have ever had.
19:32:49 From Jude : Brilliant - looking forward to the regular gatherings this month xXx
19:32:53 From Jane To All Panelists : The animals interest me the most
19:33:24 From Jude : Tracey - what a fab husband!! xXx
19:33:41 From Katie : You helped me so much through lockdown, cannot explain how much it held me together xx
19:33:48 From Tracey : Yes Jude I am very lucky !
19:33:56 From mark : Ideal timing to support every one Ty
19:33:56 From Kathy from Brora : And that's when I found you again! - soon after Lockdown ...
19:34:10 From Fae Eilbeck : The support through the last year has been amazing and helped such a lot x
19:34:22 From Jane To All Panelists : Yes thank you very much for helping us through the lockdown
19:34:22 From Sadie : You kept us going! ?
19:34:23 From Mary : thank you for the past 18 months xx
19:34:28 From Katie : ... And I LOVE my drum! xx
19:34:32 From Dee : <3 Jude xx im not very tech savvy , that's taken me ages to find how to do heart lol x
19:34:48 From Kathy from Brora : Dee <3
19:34:50 From Patsy : I found you just before lockdown 1 and you really helped me so much. Best thing ever :)
19:35:15 From Mark : thanks too you both.
19:35:16 From Jelly : Really looking forward to that! x
19:35:26 From Ghislaine : You helped keep me sane in lockdown
19:35:29 From Fae Eilbeck : Wow, fantastic can’t wait
19:35:31 From Katie : Really looking forward to your course @Jason. xx
19:35:41 From Peter : I only realised recently whos little red rascal is parked near the pike stone so often when I drive past xx
19:35:42 From Julie To All Panelists : is the drumming course on line and available for non members?
19:35:47 From Linda : That sounds fantastic!
19:35:56 From Jane To All Panelists : That sounds good - I have a shamanic drum ?
19:36:07 From Jude : You have no much wisdom to share Jason … I`m looking out for this xXx
19:36:22 From Carol : Oh, boy! Sacred Drum course! Yay!!
19:36:30 From Annie : I'm really looking forward to the sacred drumming course.
19:36:32 From Mark : all sounds very exciting
19:36:33 From mark : Medicine walk is a grt tool
19:36:43 From Julie To All Panelists : blessings, thank you x
19:36:53 From Alison : I am so excited!!???????❤️??
19:36:56 From Katie : I will be able to recommend that course to a few friends. xx
19:37:03 From Paulina : Will you need to have a drum to begin the course?
19:37:29 From Paulina : I've always wanted to become part of a drumming circle
19:37:48 From Ghislaine : you got the name right
19:38:18 From Dawn : The medicine school sounds great ?
19:38:42 From Pam To All Panelists : i hope you continue the free for all events, because those of us who are seeking like to watch and think before jumping in
19:38:45 From Linda : I’ve just enrolled so I’m so pleased at everything that’s coming!
19:39:58 From Katie : Welcome to the tribe @Linda xx
19:39:59 From Lois : The "Mystery School" lettering is gorgeous!
19:40:20 From rachel To All Panelists : I think that is more than reasonable
19:40:23 From kathycar To All Panelists : Ghislaine, I quite agree , I found the Buzzard tribe in June 2019, thank
goodness, the best thing I’ve done for many years and J & N helped me through the isolation and love the ceremonies etc
19:40:31 From Hannah Semple To All Panelists : I joined the mystery school yesterday and today on my way home a butterfly landed in my shoulder
19:40:31 From Lozza To All Panelists : I cant wait to join,i feel so at home already!!
19:40:52 From Jude : Whoo -hoo Earthlight films xXx
19:40:52 From Jane To All Panelists : I love your films Jason
19:41:06 From Tina To kathycar and All Panelists : If you want everyone to see the message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box otherwise only me, Jason and Nicola see it.
19:41:45 From Katie : I love the new layout, design and the font/pix... xx
19:41:55 From Karen : I know! I'm looking forward to watching those again too Jude x
19:43:44 From Andrea : lost sound
19:44:03 From Jane To All Panelists : Lost sound bruegly
19:44:08 From Tina To All Panelists : You froze for a moment but ok now
19:44:15 From Jane To All Panelists : Briefly
19:44:19 From Fiona Marie : back here
19:44:21 From Jane To All Panelists : Back now
19:44:22 From Tina To All Panelists : Fine now
19:44:26 From mark : sound is back all good
19:44:38 From Karen : here too, all good
19:45:12 From Kathy from Brora : Beautifully laid out!
19:45:26 From Lozza To All Panelists : looks amazing!!
19:45:45 From Julia : my apologies for being so late, pleased to be here!
19:46:22 From Katie : Hi @Julia - better late than never! xx
19:46:42 From Lois : This is fantastic! So well designed. The effort and care you've invested is clear to see. What treasures you are. Thank you! ?
19:47:05 From Katie : The Animal Library really helped me this week - Heron and Moorhen being my nature speakers this week! xx
19:48:06 From Karen : Blackbird is mine? mr and mrs visiting my balcony all spring and summer
19:48:14 From Susan : y I am always amazed at the content
19:48:24 From Jelly : Woooo dragons!!
19:48:25 From Lozza To All Panelists : robin for me this week
19:48:26 From mark : Yay :)
19:48:30 From Wendy : Wow - this is beautiful! ❤️
19:48:32 From Katie : Very apt for the evening - Pigeon - Nourishment & Finding our way home. xx
19:48:37 From Chetana : Yay! Dragpns!
19:48:44 From Gaynor Rogers : love dragons
19:48:44 From Fiona Marie : pigeon very apt at moment actually for me & my partner
19:48:57 From Shona McFarlane : I love the pigeon.. AND Dragons! Maybe not so mythical ….
19:49:06 From Ghislaine : love the keep an eye out for signposts line :)
19:50:23 From Colleen To All Panelists : just subscribed to Mystery School )0)
19:51:04 From Katie : These films are beyond excellent. xx
19:51:13 From Kathy from Brora : Worth the membership fee for the Earthlight films alone!
19:51:25 From Ali Davenport : The site is fantastic. What an incredible resource.
19:51:37 From Sadie : Could you possibly consider a course on nature photography please? ?
19:51:45 From Maureen Sammut : Beautiful earth light films, so well done
19:51:52 From Jane To All Panelists : What a tremendous website you have
19:51:55 From Susan : I agree / fabulous.xx
19:52:01 From Mark : films are amazing
19:52:12 From Wendy : Absolutely stunning! xx
19:52:13 From Lindsay : Films are sooo wonderful!
19:52:15 From Karen : Heart of the Forest ❤❤❤
19:52:22 From kathycar : The films are magnificent!
19:52:32 From Jane To All Panelists : I have loved watching the films
19:52:43 From Tina To All Panelists : Maureen asking if you could run a nature photography course
19:52:49 From Barbara : Completely agree about the films, they are stunning!
19:53:33 From Pam To All Panelists : mere sands is a complete meditation. i watch it to relax
19:53:43 From Linda Lipinski : An amazing site. So much information. I look forward to joining ❤️?
19:54:04 From Dee : and the Creativity Beyond the Camera is an amazing community to be part of for photographers at any stage of their journey. lots of folks there from the Mystery school :)
19:54:16 From Dee :
19:54:18 From rachel To All Panelists : Could you email that out to us please?
19:54:21 From rachel To All Panelists : Ok great
19:54:26 From Dee : :)
19:54:28 From Addy Fern : Are there different levels of the Mystery school? I am particularly interested in the monthly shamanic journey circles.
19:54:44 From Peter : glad to hear that you rarely shoot people, makes me feel relaxed in your company lol
19:54:57 From Karen : ???
19:55:07 From Fiona Marie : ?Peter
19:55:08 From Jane To All Panelists : ???
19:55:18 From Tina : I was beaten to it! But here it is again:
19:55:50 From Katie : LOL @Peter xx
19:55:51 From Dee : sorry Tina! ;)
19:55:56 From Jackie : How did you arrive at the name Way of the Buzzard
19:56:18 From Sadie : Excellent Peter ?
19:56:19 From Tina : No need for apologies Dee, I admire your speed!
19:56:31 From Dee : :D
19:56:48 From Gaynor Rogers : i joined earlier this year - best thing ever. Love all the learning & these gatherings are very special
19:57:06 From Peter : if anybody hasn't read it yet please read "the way of wyrd" very enlightening xx
19:57:10 From Ghislaine : looks really interesting
19:57:19 From Tina To All Panelists : There's a q. in q &a
19:57:37 From Jane To All Panelists : That looks interesting Peter
19:57:48 From Fae Eilbeck : I keep meaning to read that Peter
19:57:50 From Alison : yes, i have read way of the wyrd, it makes you think
19:57:56 From Tina To Jane and All Panelists : If you want everyone to see the message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box otherwise only me, Jason and Nicola see it.
19:58:31 From Tina To All Panelists : The website page is still the main image and you're small
19:58:47 From Peter : I wasn't aware of a british/English/anglo saxon shamanic path, this is it...
19:59:27 From Tina To All Panelists : ATTENTION NEEDED The website page is still the main image and you're small
19:59:40 From Maureen Sammut : I’ve got Way of the Wyrd to read on my holiday this week
19:59:56 From Jane To All Panelists : Brilliant name for the group
20:00:00 From Maria FLANAGAN : can we have you back on the big screen if poss please?
20:00:05 From Sadie : I can often see buzzards from my bedroom window!
20:00:14 From Karen : I see Buzzards every day here, I have seen 6 circling together. I absolutely adore them
20:00:33 From Peter : that's great Maureen, you will really enjoy it x
20:01:04 From Tina To All Panelists : Hurrah
20:01:11 From Karen : from Addy
20:01:36 From Sadie : Very sensible ?
20:01:51 From Tina To All Panelists : 2 questions in q and a box
20:02:04 From Tracey : Thank you .I think that's very sensible
20:02:48 From Lenovo Tab M10 : I have joined the mystery school now do I get reminders of coaching calls?
20:02:53 From mark : Harner is grt
20:03:04 From Fiona To All Panelists : Can you think of creating zoom sessions on live retreats so folks like me who use a wheelchair can share some of the atmosphere.
20:03:34 From Peter : brilliant x
20:03:49 From rachel To All Panelists : Im on a 13 wheel journey, but just signed up as the resources look so amazing!
20:04:04 From Tina To All Panelists : 2 questions in q and a
20:04:05 From Lenovo Tab M10 : thanks
20:04:23 From Fiona To All Panelists : Great?
20:04:55 From Peter : q. any other recommended historical shamanic literature from the anglo saxon culture?
20:05:03 From Tina : that's good to know, I also use a wheelchair. access and toilets are often an issue in the wilderness
20:05:22 From Robert To All Panelists : When I join will I get an ICon on my laptop for easy access?
20:06:11 From Dee : Lenovo - yes there are coaching call reminders and regular email updates on what's happening :)
20:06:21 From Kathy from Brora : I can vouch for the safety of this work xxx
20:06:28 From Tree Lewis : I am mesmerised by your hands when you are expressing yourself Jason, they are so musical!
20:07:17 From Pam To All Panelists : the journeying was a big problem for me, but now I love it
20:07:19 From Fae Eilbeck To All Panelists : ??
20:07:20 From Tina :
20:07:25 From Lozza To All Panelists : whooooooooo!!!!!!!
20:07:26 From Sharon Abercrombie To All Panelists : Very safe and wonderful work.
20:07:34 From Dee : hurrah to the school being open! ?
20:07:53 From rachel To All Panelists : Can’t wait to be a member!
20:08:00 From Karen : ?????✨❤
20:09:15 From mark : lighting candle and smudge
20:09:20 From Sadie : I use my runes as a rattle coz I haven’t got a drum ?
20:09:27 From Sadie : ????
20:16:17 From Paulina : I have rice in a flower fairy tin :) I don't have a drum or a rattle but I like to use what I have and I love the nature spirits
20:17:10 From Fae Eilbeck : I have beads in an old glass pot that i use as a rattle
20:19:11 From Sarah : I love that you’re using a blue beater for blue moon! ?
20:20:12 From Lois : Wow. What a sound! Feeling trembly already!
20:22:06 From mark : Wonderful TY :)
20:25:08 From Tina : i'm on it
20:46:39 From rachel To All Panelists : Just what was needed, thanks
20:46:44 From Mark : amazing thanks
20:46:44 From Fae Eilbeck : Wow, thank you x
20:46:45 From Alison : That was powerful X
20:46:45 From Tina : my neurons were having a party, thanks ?
20:46:49 From Lozza To All Panelists : that was incredible!!!
20:46:53 From Sam : that was wonderful, thank you
20:46:54 From Debbie : that was wonderful, thankyou
20:46:56 From Gongster jo : thank you xx
20:46:57 From Joss : Thank you - I actually found it energising!
20:47:04 From Lozza To All Panelists : i was flying over the sea and mountains
20:47:06 From Gill : that was lovely and relaxing, thank you
20:47:06 From Amanda To All Panelists : thank you amazing x
20:47:07 From Julia : that was lovely,,i now feel very calm
20:47:08 From Liz : thank you it was wonderful xx
20:47:08 From Sharon Abercrombie To All Panelists : Powerful thank you x x
20:47:09 From Jane To All Panelists : That was very relaxing thank you - Jason was here with his drum
20:47:10 From Linda : Relaxing, thank you
20:47:12 From Ursidia : Just what I needed this evening. Thank you!
20:47:15 From Dawn To All Panelists : Thankyou I had lots of colour & feel healed xxx
20:47:15 From Fiona To All Panelists : My teeth were dancing
20:47:16 From elaine To All Panelists : thank you xx
20:47:17 From Di : That was so relaxing ?
20:47:17 From Robert To All Panelists : I nearly fell of my chair, now in buzzing.
20:47:18 From Charlotte Jackson : Has brought me to stillness, thank you xx
20:47:18 From Alexandra Reynolds : enjoyed that. i met a fir tree
20:47:21 From Lucy : I realy enjoyed that :)
20:47:22 From Dee : thank you. sleepy zzz... :)
20:47:25 From Susan : That was amazing thank you
20:47:26 From Hannah Semple : First time brain had actually been still plus I saw a vivid blue light
20:47:28 From David : That was lovely, thank you!
20:47:31 From Joss : I know it wasn't a journey, but hawthorn and oak came to me!
20:47:33 From Paulina : Thank you so much Jason - that was beautiful - I feel so peaceful - connected with Hawk - a mazing!
20:47:33 From Linda Lipinski : Very powerful. Thank you. Feel very very relaxed
20:47:34 From Jacqueline : super stillness wonderful thank you
20:47:36 From Tracey : Fantastic.Thank you my hands and arms went very warm and heavy during that it was very relaxing,
20:47:36 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : Wonderful and relaxing, I could feel the healing energy ???
20:47:37 From Tanya To All Panelists : Thank you relaxing and shifting xx
20:47:39 From Susan : Thank you ,Susan Buckshaw
20:47:40 From Karen Taylor To All Panelists : Wonderful we need to go inside for our own answers ❤️
20:47:41 From Kathy from Brora : Very stilling of intention, very forgiving
20:47:41 From Alyson : Thank you just what I need.
20:47:41 From Karen To All Panelists : Feeling centred and grounded, thank you!
20:47:42 From Karen : That was absolutely fabulous and felt very positive thank you!
20:47:44 From Peter : thank you for taking us through this experience
20:47:46 From Richard To All Panelists : so relaxing. I nearly fell asleep
20:47:47 From Maria Cropley : Thank you. Actually fell asleep
20:47:48 From Susan : felt intense tingling in two areas i have issues
20:47:50 From Virginia Epstein : my bones melted !
20:47:53 From Hayley Bellamy To All Panelists : Very nice to just relax , Thank you ?
20:47:55 From Jay To All Panelists : Thank you so much , I was aware of the Breath of the Drum
20:47:56 From Rosita To All Panelists : so relaxing....thank you !
20:48:01 From Louxsie : wow, intense. kept seeing the number 5 and now my eyes ache in a good way
20:48:05 From Jean To All Panelists : Dancing elephant and blowing my own trumpet
20:48:05 From rachel To All Panelists : Yes, very clear that y guides were there
20:48:06 From Carol : That was lovely, I was dancing amongst the corn with my dog.
20:48:06 From Jane To All Panelists : I felt very warm too
20:48:07 From Nicola To All Panelists : I missed you this evening, a friend was in need of support. I will catch up with the recording. Thank you so much xx
20:48:07 From Bethan : Thank you. I heard a flute and chants amongst the drum with an Eagle strong in my visions X
20:48:10 From Annie : thank you.
20:48:14 From Robbie : relaxed after a tense day thank you
20:48:17 From Peter : pressure in the palms of my hands
20:48:23 From Fiona Marie : wow...that was the most relaxing sound bath...the drum was singing too
20:48:23 From Alison To All Panelists : Thank you for your healing drum - I feel open to deeper connection with my own drum?
20:48:25 From Aquaris V : That was amazing,so deep.Thanks so much for this great experience. The energy was moving and feeling in different parts of my body
20:48:26 From Dawn : I had my eagle & wolf. I had lots of heat xxx
20:48:27 From Ann : Relaxing and calming, thank you, very still.
20:48:29 From kathycar : Very strong, a lot of feelings, hot and healing and then cooled down
20:48:38 From Susan : Thank you, very relaxing and a feeling of journeying .
20:48:40 From Caroline : I felt tingling in my feet and hands. Also helped calm my very busy mind
20:48:41 From Gillian : incredible warmth in my palms and soles of my feet. x
20:48:42 From Annie : I ran with deer and saw a whale tail.
20:48:52 From Jackie : Wonderful sights, lots of colours and swirls, quick glimpses of elf like creatures, trees and rolling rivers. Thank you, amazing
20:48:59 From Andrea : thank you, wonderful. look forward to the replay to listen again
20:49:09 From Dee : thankyou so much , too much to say , can only say beautiful xx
20:49:11 From Rod and Diane : Thank you for that much needed healing.
20:49:21 From Pammie Gee To All Panelists : Magical and amazing Thank you
20:49:22 From Jay : I was Aware of the Breath of the Drum
20:50:26 From brenda To All Panelists : Deep gratitude ? longest drum I’ve journeyed with soo amazing!! Thank you ❤️??
20:50:54 From Sam : battery about to die. look forward to watching the replay
20:51:58 From Sandra : Im hoping my dog Luigi benefits - played to him as noticed he has a small sore in his paw. He enjoyed the undivided attention anyway. Thank you
20:53:04 From Nikki Payne : No sound
20:53:57 From Nikki Payne : is it just me with no sound?
20:54:22 From Tina : Yes Nikki
20:54:28 From Nicola Smalley : I think it may be Nikki
20:54:43 From Joss : I've got sound!
20:54:51 From Jane To All Panelists : Sound ok here
20:55:13 From Gina To All Panelists : The sound made a vortex into my Hara and then spread gradually through the chakras. The healing was for my wound from a family situation. I came know that I must own my part and then forgive myself. It was a profound experience. Thank you so much. ?
20:56:14 From Lozza To All Panelists : i want to attract le
20:56:16 From Mark : I want to ask for guidance on my earth path
20:56:26 From Lozza To All Panelists : love and healing people into my life
20:56:36 From Alexandra Reynolds : i am asking for guidance to help create and maintain a less cluttered mind and space
20:56:47 From Sue : I am asking for more time and space for both my spiritual and creative practice
20:56:50 From Jean To All Panelists : My intention is to shred the old me and to flow through movement
20:56:55 From Lenovo Tab M10 : to have space to travel my spiritual path
20:56:56 From Fay To All Panelists : Help me to guide others to achieve their goals.
20:56:59 From Kathy from Brora : Bright faith in the healing of Earth
20:56:59 From Roberta To All Panelists : Courage to move my life forward
20:57:00 From Linda Lipinski : Peace harmony and healing
20:57:03 From Katie : I am asking for guidance to help me find where my new 'home' is going to be. xx
20:57:08 From Steven To All Panelists : A partner
20:57:11 From Ursidia : I want to fnd a new and perfect place to live and a circle of loving, like-minded companions. ( I’m moving..)
20:57:12 From Tina To All Panelists : Was just on that. I actually still can't remove people
20:57:20 From Sadie : I want to grieve the recent loss of my mum without numbing and blocking my emotions for others ???
20:57:20 From Kay : be more my true self in a comfortable safe home
20:57:27 From Jay : To Go forward With my Healing Work
20:57:29 From Sian To All Panelists : My mind goes blank ... I feel pressurised to come up with the ‘right answer’ ....
20:57:36 From Maria Cropley : Compassion for self and for the world to be a more peaceful place with compassion for others
20:57:38 From Alison : i need further guidance in working with the healing earth energies
20:57:40 From Karen To All Panelists : To be able to do the work of my heart in a way that also nourishes me
20:57:42 From kathycar : More energy and healing
20:57:43 From Lois : I ask for True Connection
20:57:45 From rachel To All Panelists : Financial success to enable a better balance between all aspects of my life.
20:57:48 From Veronika : peace and let go 0f the fear in the world
20:57:54 From Jane To All Panelists : I want to ask for peace and stress free relationships and healing
20:57:59 From Jules Morgan-Rogers : to continue to feel the trees energies.
20:58:03 From Ghislaine : I want to keep remembering I am worthy of nice things and that I should use some of my resources to support this. I want friends who are on my wave length and not have to hide my paganism.
20:58:11 From Maureen Sammut : Sorry for the loss of your mum Sadie
20:58:12 From Peter : asking for guidance to gain the wisdom to know my limits and to have enough abundant energy to be able to serve others
20:58:17 From Francesca Green : My intention is to heal, to enable me to do my job and allow my life to flow in a peaceful, calm and happy way once more.
20:58:17 From Tracey : I would like more fire and drive in my spiritual journey andin my personal relationships and how I clear time to follow the Earth path.
20:58:19 From David : I want to continue to remove clutter (physical and mental) and remove procrastination! To move forward with light and positivity.
20:58:29 From Kirsty To All Panelists : Sending you all my love, thoughts and healing Sadie <3
20:58:32 From Caroline To All Panelists : I’d like to find a buyer for my house in Somerset, to enable me to return to Northumberland full time.
20:58:35 From Jules Morgan-Rogers : to know my mum is still around me
20:58:36 From Ann : A peaceful, grounded, joy filled life, filled with gratitude and nature.
20:58:36 From Virginia Epstein : connection with my environment and support it to develop bug friendly spaces
20:58:46 From Lucy : to feel and connect with the energy of love and joy
20:58:46 From Susan : Helping me with my future plans and guide me moving forward
20:58:46 From Sian To All Panelists : ? thank you!
20:58:49 From mark : to expand my concousiness to work with Spirit to beifit all
20:59:02 From Paulina : To trust myself and my inner knowing - to continue to walk the true path
20:59:07 From Mandy To All Panelists : To gain clarity to bring forward knowledge and wisdom
20:59:13 From Lenovo Tab M10 : David completely empathize
20:59:25 From Dee : grow and nurture myself as an individual soul and member of my communities, all with compassion
20:59:29 From Carol : Being in harmony with nature.
20:59:30 From David : Thank you x
20:59:33 From Jane To All Panelists : More self confidence and let go of fear
20:59:38 From Sandra : thank you so much clearing ancestral blocks xxx
20:59:50 From Gill : I ask for support and guidance to heal myself and others spiritually, naturally and holistically
20:59:55 From Tracy Gilmour To All Panelists : Career change to bring more creativity, comfort and to nurture new connections
20:59:56 From Jane To All Panelists : Harmony with nature
20:59:56 From Linda : Guidance in keeping moving forward in my ambition and to helping others
21:00:08 From Lynn : Work on healing animals again
21:00:12 From Sharon Abercrombie To All Panelists : Kindness love and healing for all to have the best they can
21:00:17 From Tanya To All Panelists : to step into my power, self-compassion and love. To trust in the universe and to surrender and be grateful for what it
21:00:21 From Lins To All Panelists : To find my safe and peaceful home, where I can grow, doing the things I choose to do meeting with like minded people.
21:00:31 From Tanya : to step into my power, self-compassion and love. To trust in the universe and to surrender and be grateful for what it
21:05:38 From Mark : thanks all, for a brilliant evening
21:05:47 From David : Thank you so much. x
21:05:50 From Lucy : thank you x
21:05:52 From Kirsty To All Panelists : Thank you! :)
21:05:55 From Maria Cropley : Thank you both xx
21:05:56 From Gill To All Panelists : Thank you so much
21:05:57 From Gill To All Panelists : Thank you
21:05:57 From Jelly : Thank you for such a magical gathering xxx
21:05:58 From Jane To All Panelists : Thank you for a lovely evening
21:05:59 From Charlotte Jackson : Can I ask what type of rattle you have there, its beautiful. So gentle...
21:06:01 From Joss : Thank you so much! Blessings x
21:06:02 From Alexandra Reynolds : thank you x lovely as always x
21:06:02 From Jackie : Marvellous evening, thank you Jason and Nicola.
21:06:04 From Gongster jo : thank you much love xx
21:06:04 From Peter : phew, haha lol
21:06:06 From Debbie : lovely evening, thankyou
21:06:10 From Linda : Thank you so much!
21:06:11 From Mandy To All Panelists : Thankyou X
21:06:12 From Nixie : Thank you so much.....x
21:06:12 From Susan : thank you both for a lovely evening :)
21:06:13 From Julia : wonderful thank you xx
21:06:13 From Linda Lipinski : Thank you for a wonderful evening xx
21:06:14 From Lozza To All Panelists : thank you, i have found my tribe and will be joining up now
21:06:14 From Di : Thank you both, you are awesome ❤️
21:06:15 From Michelle : Gracias ?
21:06:15 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : Thank you Jason and Nicola and everyone! Blue moon Blessings?
21:06:16 From Tracey : Thank you so much for a wonderful evening.
21:06:17 From Wendy : Beautiful- thank you both so much xx
21:06:17 From Ursidia : Thank you so much! Goodnight everyone, and keep well!
21:06:17 From deb : Thank you for your time and energy!
21:06:18 From Hannah Semple : Thanks my first live one. Enjoyed it :0)
21:06:19 From Gill : thanks Nichola and Jason for a lovely evening
21:06:20 From Lizzie To All Panelists : Thank you so much…
21:06:20 From Jane To All Panelists : Blessings for the full moon
21:06:20 From Barbara : Thank you both !
21:06:22 From Mary : many thanks and blessed be xx
21:06:25 From Robbie : thank you both.
21:06:25 From Dan To All Panelists : Thank you :-)
21:06:28 From Helen To All Panelists : Thank you both! Wonderful evening!xxx
21:06:28 From Patsy : Thank you, lovely evenin
21:06:30 From Ali To All Panelists : Thank you for all you do x
21:06:33 From Linda : Goodnight everyone
21:06:35 From Sheila : Amazing evening. thank you so much!
21:06:37 From Susan : Thank you looking forward to starting the mystery school xx
21:06:39 From Jay : Marvellous Evening Thankyou Jason Nicola and Everyone ?
21:06:40 From Patsy : ng :)
21:06:41 From mark : Many Thanks to you all and this wonderful Circle
21:06:41 From Virginia Epstein : please keep channels open as not yet ready to join you school xx and thank you so much
21:06:43 From Michaela To All Panelists : Thank you so much, this was absolutely amazing andI have just signed up fro the waiting list. Thank you and blessed be to everyone
21:06:45 From Ali Davenport : Thank you. Really looking forward to being part of the Mystery School.
21:06:46 From Pammie Gee To All Panelists : Thank you very much for a magical evening. Full Moon ? blessings to you both.
21:06:46 From Andrea : thank you for your welcoming presence
21:06:47 From Mair : Thanks you so much for this lovely ceremony x
21:06:48 From Susan : Thank you very much its been a lovely evening.
21:06:52 From Lois : Wow, this has been wonderful, transformative and healing. Blessings to you both and may all in the Tribe be blessed
21:06:52 From Fiona Marie : thank you so much see you soon ????xxx
21:06:53 From Tanya : Thank you xx
21:06:57 From Dee : thank you Nicola, Jason, Tina and all. Blessings :)
21:06:59 From Christine : Thank you amazing evening
21:07:00 From Pauline ORMEROD : Thankyou for sharing this Blue moon. Blessed be
21:07:01 From Carol : Thank you, thank you, thank you for the healing drum, Jason. I still feel it.
21:07:02 From Emma Taylor : Thank you both so much for s lovely evening, and for all that you do xx
21:07:03 From Betty : Thank you for another wonderful evening! X
21:07:03 From Fae Eilbeck : Thank you everyone for sharing such a wonderful evening. Jason, Nicola, Blue and Tina thank you for your time and dedication and for a wonderful evening. Xx
21:07:09 From Sharon Abercrombie To All Panelists : Thank you, very much goodnight everyone take care x
21:07:09 From Louxsie : thanks to all, brightest blessings ?
21:07:10 From Marj Morrison To All Panelists : Loved this evening thank you so much ?
21:07:11 From Tina :
21:07:14 From Lins To All Panelists : Thank you Nicola and Jason and everyone who has been here this evening, full moon blessings to you all.
21:07:16 From Helen : Thank you both a great evening
21:07:19 From Charlie Murray : Thankyou my Joy guide echoes that. I was honoured to meet Ceridwen who gave me an apple blossom
21:07:22 From Karen : thank you for a lovely evening, full moon blessings to everyone xxx
21:07:23 From Jo D : Thank You Nicola and Jason, LOTS of Love from Jo in Glasgow xxx
21:07:24 From Carol : Full moon blessings to you all.
21:07:27 From Sandy : Thank you all for a blessed evening ?
21:07:27 From Steven To All Panelists : Thx a lovely evening ?
21:07:31 From Gaynor Rogers : thank you so much, looking forward to the oncoming events x
21:07:34 From Kay : thank you for a wonderful evening Nicola and Jason
21:07:37 From Janis : Thank you ❤️ Blessings
21:07:38 From Dee : thankyou. thankyou. thankyou. wonder-filled evening. enjoyed it so much x
21:07:42 From rachel To All Panelists : Full moon blessings to you all. So excited to be part of the membership
21:07:43 From Lenovo Tab M10 : thanks so much my tablet took over this is Cindy , the device is Lenovo!
21:07:45 From Maureen Sammut : Thank you both for a lovely evening, the new Mystery school looks wonderful and shows how much work you’ve both put in. I love your bunting Nicola. Xx
21:07:46 From Tina : Thank you for another lovely evening ?
21:07:48 From kathycar : Thankyou so much for a lovely evening, personally quite emotional . Blessings to you both and the tribe, take care xx
21:07:50 From Paulina : Thank you everyone - that was a magical evening - thank Jason and Nicola - amazing may your new venture continue to blossom and your harvests always be fruitful x
21:08:02 From Lenovo Tab M10 : in
21:08:11 From Jules Morgan-Rogers : thank you so very much.
21:08:15 From Susan : Are the free talks recorded I case I cant make Thursday evening?
21:08:16 From Lenovo Tab M10 : bye everyone
21:08:37 From Tina To All Panelists : congratulations on the reopening ?
21:08:41 From Peter : excellent thankyou brain bates xx
21:08:49 From Peter : brian haha
21:08:50 From Karen : Thank you both for a lovely evening, Karen and Cassie
21:08:51 From Alyson : Thank you Nicola and Jason. Its been a wonderful celebration. ?xx
21:08:54 From Dee : Full Moon Blessings to All xxx
21:08:55 From Sarah : Thank you - I love these gatherings, and our community ☺️
21:08:59 From Alison : Read Way of the Wyrd and Middle Earth but not seen the other book
21:09:06 From Roberta To All Panelists : Thank you x
21:09:16 From Caroline To All Panelists : Sorry I was SO late joining you. Only caught the Ceremony. I’ve just put a stone circle in the garden…I’ll go down there in a few minutes & do a little Celebration barefooted in Nature. Thanks for making this available. Best Wishes, Caroline
21:09:20 From Iris To All Panelists : Thank You for a wonderful evening Haile and fare-well until next time
21:09:29 From Lozza To All Panelists : ï cant fill in any details on the enrolment form?
21:09:33 From Ghislaine : this evening was amazing thank you Nichola and Jason for your hospitality. I will definitely be there on Thursday and look forward to joining the mystery school.
21:09:35 From Sue : Thanks for another fantastic evening
21:09:40 From Lenovo Tab M10 : the way of the shaman is brilliant
21:09:46 From Peter : interesting to have tangible artefacts
21:10:01 From Bridget and John : Many thanks, hopefully see you Thursday, blessings from Bridget & John in Birmingham
21:10:07 From Peter : ie….proof
21:10:12 From Sarah Lewis To All Panelists : Thank you lovely homely yous xxx
21:10:33 From Alison : Thank you for a wonderful celebration
I asked for an open heart, a deep sense of grounding and trust in spirit to guide me on my path with love and wisdom - to nourish myself and those in my life ... ??
21:10:37 From Peter : good good, blessings xx
21:10:41 From rachel To All Panelists : A book recommendation would be a good idea in the membership
21:10:44 From brenda To All Panelists : Deepest gratitude to everyone for holding space ? and making the circle ⭕️ full moon blessings ? thank you for hosting this beautiful ceremony ❤️ A’ho xx
21:10:58 From Jean To All Panelists : Thank you so much for these supportive sessions and letting me being part of your community. I love the connection and I learn so much.
21:11:02 From Richard To All Panelists : Beautiful evening' Thank you so much!
21:11:12 From Susan : Thank you
21:11:37 From Tina :
21:11:43 From Pam Breeze : how do I upgrade from basic to new membership
21:11:46 From Lynn To All Panelists : Thank you for a great evening.Missed a nudge about my purpose and it came back during the healing. Thank you
21:11:48 From Steven To All Panelists : By signing up here do i g’et the invite for tuesday??
21:11:52 From Tiffani : This has been a wonderful evening and congratulations on the new mystery school. Amazing xx night night xx
21:11:53 From Ann : Thank you for this evening, very informative and for me relaxing.
I always relax when I spend time with you.
21:11:55 From Lenovo Tab M10 : so looking forward to going back to school!
21:11:58 From Bethan : You're both inspirational.
21:11:59 From Sharon Abercrombie To All Panelists : I was going to ask that too
21:12:11 From Caroline : QUESTION - sorry when does the price go up. Had to visit the little room so missed this.
21:12:29 From Pam Breeze : thank you .great healing
21:12:38 From Julie Hull To All Panelists : Thank you for the evening love and light to everyone
21:12:42 From Dee : thank you again Nicola, Jason and all for a beautiful full moon and mystery school celebration and healing. Night all X
21:12:48 From Steven To All Panelists : Thx
21:13:01 From Chetana : Thank you for a wonderful evening Goodnight, Goddess Bless x
21:13:02 From rachel To All Panelists : Beautiful evening!
21:13:32 From Caroline : Thank you
21:13:45 From Alison : Thank you for a wonderful evening, Blessings.
21:13:49 From mark : 19 is still very reasonable
21:13:51 From Paulina : Good night everyone - thank you for your company
21:14:02 From Liz : Than,
21:14:14 From Jelly : Night night all and see you next time xx
21:14:14 From Tina : still a bargain at 19 ?
21:14:17 From Alexandra Reynolds : thank you, good evening all xx
21:14:17 From Mark : Thankyou
21:14:18 From Jacqueline : thank you both moon blessings
21:14:18 From Liz : Thank you nlo
21:14:20 From Jude : It`s been a fabulous evening ~ Thank you Everyone xXx
21:14:21 From Kathy from Brora : Sleep well clan!
21:14:30 From Pammie Gee To All Panelists : Thank you so much and have an amazing night.
21:14:30 From Sandy : thank you both for all your hard work in this being possible for us xx
21:14:30 From Tracy Gilmour : Thank you both ?
21:14:30 From Lisa : Thank you, blessings to everyone x
21:14:32 From Liz : Thank you xxx
21:14:37 From Tina To All Panelists : Night
21:14:39 From Karen To All Panelists : Thank you!
21:14:39 From Patsy : Lovely evening, thank you :)

Introducing The Way of The Buzzard Mystery School

In these unsettling times as the world pauses it is our moment to drop into a different space, away from the turmoil of the chattering mind, and reach out to taste that balm for our soul.

The shamanic path was made for this moment.

If you are looking to resource yourself spirituality and learn more about shamanism then the Mystery School is the perfect place for you. Here you can learn how to draw the healing magic nature holds, through deep nature connection, animal spirit medicine, tree spirit medicine and by aligning yourself with the natural rhythms of the earth.

Here you can learn how to access the wisdom from your spirit guides at a moment’s notice through shamanic journeying and call in support through ceremony. Here you can learn techniques on how to protect yourself in these unfolding times and cushion yourself from the uncertainty that the coming weeks and months hold.

We have over 100 hours of content to delve into in The Mystery School, all delivered through easy-to-watch videos, as well as our monthly live shamanic journey circle, our regular live coaching calls and our private facebook group. All our lessons include activities which you can easily follow without even needing to leave your home or garden if you have one.

Here you have a place to come to where you can come and join in with a community of like-minded travellers to kick off your shoes and place your feet on the bare earth. A place where you can rest and recuperate, immersing yourself in the healing energies of nature.

A place where you can calm yourself by tuning in to listen the soft reassuring words from your spirit guides.

All if this is available to you for just £14 per month with no lock in period. It's the shamanic alternative to Netflix!

Come and give us a try… our community is waiting on the other side to welcome you so we can journey through these times together.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are a few words from folk in The Mystery School:

Thoughts from our clan about the Mystery School:

The mystery school community has been truly wonderful this week - a calming place that has made me feel much better and grounded, so thank you.


Thank you so much. This tribe/clan and your generous spiritual work is genuinely helping keep me sane and balanced.


 The Mystery school has helped me over this week for sure, beyond today and into the this coming period.


thank you for creating a truly beautifully crafted evening.


The Mystery School is amazing, and has been a real oasis for me at a very difficult time. 


Loving this journeying planning... I'm a nurse!!


It’s excellent resource.


thank you so much for all you do it's greatly appreciated.


its an honour to be a part of this beautiful circle.


© 2020,The Way of The Buzzard