The Way of The Buzzard

portraitborderedSince childhood I’ve been fascinated by nature and as a young boy spent extended periods of time outdoors alone with my dog wandering the woods and moorlands of Anglezarke close to my home. I always knew there was more to nature than meets the eye and am heartened to have this confirmed now through shamanism.

My chosen career path was countryside photography, this being the best way I could think of to share my love of nature with a wide audience via national magazine and book publishers. Hence much of my life has been spent in the wild places of our island home visiting far flung corners, exploring wild coastlines, secret valleys, rugged mountain tops and more.

Over the past decade or so I’ve been even more aware of the realms that exist alongside our physical one and determined to find out more about this unseen aspect of my world. I’d long worked with the spirit of place, the genus loci, to make the best and most telling images of my countryside so it was no huge leap to accept the connections of the Sidhe, the nature spirit realms into my life.

untitled1155-2My ancestors have lived and roamed the wilds of Anglezarke for many generations so it’s no wonder the place is in my bones and pulls me with such a passion. It’s to my landscape that I’m called, to the rocks beneath my feet, to the ravens and buzzards that circle overhead, the deer and hare that run through the meadows.

untitled498-2Upon turning away from my christian upbringing I dipped my feet in various Earth paths, exploring witchcraft, alchemy, druidry, heathenism and shamanism. The shamanic path spoke volumes to me and underpinned all that I had gleaned from my searches. My teachers recognised something in my, as did my spirit guides and I was soon venturing deeper into the world of mysticism and magic, following the advice of my spirit teacher to work at ‘weaving the weft of nature with the warp of magic’.

So here I am today, an avid student of Mother Earth, a listener to her subtle voices, a warrior for her, a walker between worlds. For me, The Way of The Buzzard encompasses our ancestral path and is a way to share our growing knowledge and connection with the universal energies of higher consciousness.

untitled273-2My shamanic searchings have brought many blessings to my life, the biggest being Nicola who’s life path entwined with mine as we encountered the eagle and lamb of Roeburndale. Together we are writing our way. Together we will tell our story of Mother Earth and of the journey back to her that we want to share with you.