Here's your recording of the Moon of Horses Journey Circle

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During the evening we gathered in circle to commune with the spirit of horse under the full moon to explore and ask for guidance relating to our personal power and strength.

There's a transcript of the chat discussion lower down this page that you can read through to get a full flavour of the realisations, revelations and messages that will help to resource us as we journey together through the mists of uncertainty.

Find about more about our online community The Mystery School at the bottom of the page.

Your hosts:

Nicola & Jason Smalley
The Way of The Buzzard

In challenging times such as these it's important to reach out to our guides and seek the wisdoms we need to remain resilient and fearless.

We are committed to help our Way of The Buzzard clan navigate a path through the maze of confusion and uncertainty by encouraging the use of the Shamanic toolkit that's so easily available to us,

Here's the transcript from the circle

To make it easier to read I've split it into sections, each of which can be revealed by clicking on the toggle on the left of the title of each section.


​18:57:40 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : Stephen black kent
18:57:43 From Becky To All Panelists : Becky from Blackpool
18:57:47 From Catherine To All Panelists : Catherine Nuneaton
18:57:49 From Angela Fumpson : Bristol
18:57:50 From Ann To All Panelists : Ann Glasgow, hi
18:57:51 From Sinead To All Panelists : Hi, I'm Sinead from West London
18:57:51 From Laura McManus To All Panelists : L√°ra from Brighton ‚òò
18:57:51 From Megan : Hi, I'm Megan and i'm from Glasgow! :)
18:57:52 From Lesley To All Panelists : lesley from Royton
18:57:55 From jean : Hi from Jean in Macc
18:57:55 From Ian : Hi Ian from Essex here!!!
18:57:55 From Indy To All Panelists : Indy from Cannock again

18:57:55 From Elly : elly and molly lincolnshire x
18:57:56 From Steve : Good evening folks from beautiful North Yorkshire. Hope everyone is well.
18:57:57 From Sonia To All Panelists : Sonia living in Oxford
18:57:57 From Jacqueline : hi all
18:57:58 From Sarah To All Panelists : Bristol
18:58:01 From Rachel : Hi Rachel in Blackpool
18:58:01 From karen francis : Hello from Karen in Tywyn, Wales
18:58:05 From James Milton To All Panelists : Nina Milton (James Milton not attending)
18:58:06 From Rhona : Hi Rhona here from Fife in Scotland. Good to be here with you all :)
18:58:07 From Lisa To All Panelists : Hi there. I'm Lisa, from Cippenham in Slough
18:58:07 From Sandra : Hi from Rushden Northamptonshire 🙏🏻🌟😀
18:58:08 From Bridget & John : Hi, Bridget & John from Birmingham
18:58:08 From Laura McManus : L√°ra from Brighton ‚òò
18:58:09 From Louise Drage : Hi - Louise - from Northampton
18:58:10 From Angela Fumpson : Bristol
18:58:10 From Heidi Tollett To All Panelists : Hi I'm Heidi from Cornwall.x

18:58:10 From saira To All Panelists : hi Im Saira ftom London
18:58:11 From Catherine : Catherine, Nuneaton x
18:58:11 From Katie James To All Panelists : Hello I'm Katie calling in from Milton Keynes
18:58:12 From Pam To All Panelists : Evening everyone from Pam in Teeside
18:58:13 From Toni : Hi one and all. My name is Toni, from sunny Birchington Kent
18:58:13 From Jane : Hi I'm Jane form Devon x
18:58:14 From Indy : Indy cannock
18:58:14 From lee newitt : Lee & Bridget Essex
18:58:15 From Sonya : hi everyone, Sonya from Northern Ireland :)
18:58:15 From Sharon Abercrombie To All Panelists : sharon Abercrombie Preston hello 👋🏻
18:58:16 From Jackie Jones : Hello again, greatly looking forward to joining you tonight!
18:58:17 From Caron : southport
18:58:18 From Debbie : HI I'm Debbie from Somerset x
18:58:20 From Maggie : good evening from Maggie & Sue from Bedfordshire!
18:58:21 From Carolyn To All Panelists : Hi from Nantwich
18:58:21 From David : david & caroline, Lincolnshire xx
18:58:21 From Denise Pullen To All Panelists : Hi Denise from Hull
18:58:21 From Fiona To All Panelists : Good evening from Nottingham
18:58:22 From Lilla To All Panelists : Hi, I am Lilla - Wilstone :-)
18:58:22 From Tina Neal To All Panelists : Bognor regis
18:58:22 From Rebecca : Hello from Cumbria
18:58:23 From katrina To All Panelists : Hi from Ireland
18:58:23 From Eve To All Panelists : Hey xx
18:58:24 From Rosie Moore : Hi Rosie and Shaun from Glasgow here
18:58:24 From Denise Fisher : Denise Fisher from Durham

18:58:24 From Marilyn To All Panelists : Hi from Marilyn in Mistley Essex
18:58:24 From Ilia wilcox : Hi everyone!
18:58:24 From HUAWEI P30 Pro To All Panelists : Hi its Cath from st annes üòä
18:58:24 From Sarah Brattan : Hi Sarah from Cleethorpes NE Lincolnshire
18:58:25 From mary donnelly To All Panelists : hi Mary from Glasgow
18:58:25 From alexandra wild : Hi from Sheffield
18:58:26 From linda : Hi. This is Linda from the Midlands UK
18:58:26 From Tina : Hi I am Tina from Hampshire
18:58:26 From Julie To All Panelists : Hi I’m Julie from Bristol!
18:58:27 From Sally : Sally England Builth Wells Wales
18:58:27 From Julia : hello from Winchester üôè
18:58:27 From Neil : Neil from Mansfield
18:58:27 From Sheila : hello once again, sheila from weymouth
18:58:28 From allison : Hi Everyone Allison from Evesham Worcestershire
18:58:29 From James : Greetings from Devon
18:58:30 From John : hi, jonny from leigh. pleasure to be here
18:58:31 From Julie P. : hello - Ribble Valley

18:58:31 From Sonya : Hi from Sonya & Martin in Essex :-)
18:58:32 From Liz Ewing To All Panelists : Liz from East Yorkshire
18:58:32 From shona : Hello from Shona in Liverpool
18:58:32 From Paula : Hi Paula from the South Peak District
18:58:32 From 111 : Hi, Jayne from Stoke x
18:58:33 From Ann : Ann K hello everyone
18:58:33 From Samantha : hi, Sam from Scarborough
18:58:34 From Tracey : Hi Guys ..Tracey from Stamford!
18:58:34 From Betty To All Panelists : Hello from Debbie in Finedon
18:58:35 From Janet To All Panelists : hello from sunny, rainy, cloudy, Manchester
18:58:35 From James Milton To All Panelists : Nina from West Wales
18:58:35 From Paula To All Panelists : Hi everyone xx
18:58:36 From Oana-Luisa To All Panelists : Hey from Keyworth, Nottingham
18:58:37 From Carol : hello from Carol in Barnsley
18:58:37 From Anya To All Panelists : hi from wigan x
18:58:38 From Eve To All Panelists : Gourock, Scotland!
18:58:38 From Fiona Boyd : Nottinghamshire
18:58:39 From Helen : Hi all from Helen in Sussex
18:58:39 From Gill To All Panelists : Hi everyone, from Swindon
18:58:39 From Ara To All Panelists : Hi from London :)
18:58:39 From Susan Collins To All Panelists : Hello from Llandrind Wells, Mid Wales
18:58:39 From Keelin To All Panelists : Hello from Tyrone, Northern Ireland
18:58:40 From Karen To All Panelists : Hello Karen from Swadlincote
18:58:40 From peter myers To All Panelists : hi from Peter
18:58:40 From G : hi guys, gary from london
18:58:42 From ruth To All Panelists : hi I’m Ruth from Leicester
18:58:43 From Catherine To All Panelists : hi from wirral
18:58:43 From Julie Binns To All Panelists : greetings from Monmouth

18:58:43 From Fiona To All Panelists : hi fiona from ek, glasgow
18:58:44 From Freya : hey. I am Freya from Milton Keynes
18:58:44 From Laryna To All Panelists : Hi Laryna from Glasgow
18:58:44 From Lorna Taylor To All Panelists : Hi lorna from east kilbride x
18:58:45 From Wendy To All Panelists : Hi, I'm Wendy from East Sussex
18:58:45 From Maud : Maud from Richmond upon Thames
18:58:46 From Joanne : Hi, Joanne from Surrey
18:58:46 From Bruna To All Panelists : Hello from Bruna ,Frankie and Iain from Essex
18:58:47 From Nicki To All Panelists : Gower Swansea South Wales
18:58:47 From Debbie - Angelbee To All Panelists : Hi from Angelbee Chorley
18:58:47 From Sue To All Panelists : Hi from Merseyside
18:58:48 From Sue Stopforth To All Panelists : Hello from Mawdesley x
18:58:49 From Jane To All Panelists : Hi, Jane from Unthank, near Penrith
18:58:50 From Louise To All Panelists : Hi everyone Louise from Surrey
18:58:51 From Di Nicholson : Hi everyone - Di here from Cockermouth
18:58:51 From Kate To All Panelists : hi, Kate from Birmingham here
18:58:51 From Mary : Hi from Thurso in the Scottish Highlands
18:58:51 From Bruce : good evening all from sunny Stourbridge
18:58:52 From Jennifer To All Panelists : Nottingham
18:58:53 From Kathy To All Panelists : Hi from Kathy, Red Tent.
18:58:53 From Betty To All Panelists : Hello from Betty in Finedon
18:58:53 From full moon To All Panelists : hi Nicki from Suffolk
18:58:55 From Charlotte Denham To All Panelists : good evening from Worcseter
18:58:55 From Allison : Hi from Allison in Sheffield
18:58:56 From Eejay McInnes To All Panelists : hi from Dunoon
18:58:56 From George To All Panelists : hi, I’m George from Worcester
18:58:56 From Elaine : Hi from Louth Lincs

18:58:56 From Beverley Thornton To All Panelists : Hello from Bradford West Yorks
18:58:58 From Jacqui : Hi. I am in Suffolk and horses are my life.x
18:58:58 From lynn To All Panelists : Hi from Salford
18:58:58 From Ann To All Panelists : Ann from Manchester
18:59:00 From Carol : Hi from W.Cumbria! :D
18:59:01 From Bob : Turkey
18:59:02 From Sue Buck-Williams To All Panelists : Norfok
18:59:02 From Brigid To All Panelists : Hi all, Brigid from southampton
18:59:02 From Anne Woolford To All Panelists : hi from Barnsley south yorkshire
18:59:05 From kirsteen To All Panelists : Hi from kirsteen, Kirkmichael, perthshire
18:59:05 From Jo To All Panelists : Hi from Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
18:59:05 From annie Draj : Hi good to see you again from Annie in Dawlish Devon
18:59:07 From Bethan Jones To All Panelists : Hi Bethan cynon valley south wales
18:59:08 From Roz To All Panelists : hi from roz at redcar
18:59:08 From Hils To All Panelists : Yer..I bis from Bristol...
18:59:09 From Mark Minary To All Panelists : Hello from Wendover, blessed be.
18:59:09 From Janny : Hi everyone, Janny from Shepshed xxx
18:59:12 From Allison : How do you see other people?
18:59:13 From Fleur To All Panelists : Hi from dorset
18:59:14 From kathycar To All Panelists : hi from Petersfield in Hampshire
18:59:16 From Lissa To All Panelists : Alison from Kendal Hi
18:59:17 From Alyson Powell To All Panelists : Hi Alyson from South Walesüå∏
18:59:18 From Denise To All Panelists : blessings from North Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 x
18:59:19 From Thecla To All Panelists : Hi, Thecla and Rob from Isle of Seil
18:59:21 From Gillian To All Panelists : Gill in the Welsh valleys x
18:59:24 From Anne : hi from liverpool
18:59:26 From Jemma To All Panelists : Shropshire
18:59:28 From Sarah To All Panelists : hi from Manchester

18:59:31 From Julian To All Panelists : hi, from Julian in Cornwall,namaste
18:59:32 From Georgie To All Panelists : Weymouth, Dorset x
18:59:33 From Fire To All Panelists : Hello from morn a in norfolk
18:59:34 From Meri To All Panelists : hi therefrom The Forest of Dean
18:59:34 From Tina : Parbold, West Lancs. Hi
18:59:34 From Jules Morgan-Rogers : Hi mid Wales. X
18:59:36 From Allison : Ah ok.....super....yeay !
18:59:36 From Jo Jukes : hi from Jo in Shropshire
18:59:38 From Jo To All Panelists : Hi all . Jo from Rutland x
18:59:38 From Julie To All Panelists : Hi from Leyland üòÅ
18:59:41 From Yvonne Singh To All Panelists : Hello from Cheshire!
18:59:42 From Galaxy J5 To All Panelists : Hi from Wales 💛
18:59:43 From susan : hi from newcastle :)
18:59:44 From Alison : hi Alison here from.West Somerset. hi everyone
18:59:44 From Barbara Cartwright To All Panelists : Babs manchester
18:59:46 From Fiona To All Panelists : Positive vibes and blessings from Nottingham
18:59:46 From Christina Edwards : Christina, in Stammersdorf, Vienna
18:59:47 From John Beckett : Hi! John from Norfolk… making contact!
18:59:49 From Lynn To All Panelists : Hi great to be here....From Belmont, Bolton UK
18:59:51 From Moira To All Panelists : hello from Sunny Suffolk 🤩
18:59:52 From Rachel : Hi from Sheffield x
18:59:55 From Sharon To All Panelists : Hi, from Sunderland.
18:59:55 From tracy To All Panelists : hi from Wiigan
18:59:56 From linda : You both look wonderful x x
18:59:58 From Debi : hi from Debi in Pontefract West Yorkshire
19:00:01 From deborah anne walsh To All Panelists : hey guys lovely too see you all just need a bathroom run lol debs from Cheshire x
19:00:02 From Brydie : Hi guys, Brydie in Staffs
19:00:04 From Marion To All Panelists : Hi Im Marion from Lanarkshire x
19:00:05 From Yasmin To All Panelists : Hi from Yasmin in Bewdley Worcestershire
19:00:05 From Therese To All Panelists : hi from Brighton
19:00:05 From Victoria To All Panelists : hi from South Wales x
19:00:06 From Suzy To All Panelists : hi from Glastonbury

19:00:06 From Susan Wild : hello x
19:00:06 From jayne mcfarlane To All Panelists : Hi everyone, it's great to be back xx
19:00:08 From Ian : Looking Good!
19:00:09 From Linda To All Panelists : Hi Linda from Devon
19:00:10 From Mark To All Panelists : hi all
19:00:10 From Eve To All Panelists : hello from Poole, Dorset. xx
19:00:14 From Celia Ford To All Panelists : Hi from Celia in Liden, Swindon UK
19:00:15 From Jo Jukes : I’m wearing my whisk again 🤣
19:00:15 From Cait To All Panelists : Hi from London x
19:00:17 From Ayesha : hello
19:00:18 From marion To All Panelists : Hi from Marion
19:00:27 From Emma : Evening all üòÅ
19:00:28 From Bob : OMG I put on my dinner jacket for this too
19:00:29 From Sian To All Panelists : Hello Sian from Cheshire :)
19:00:29 From Buzzards To All Panelists : hi from Tandragee Northern Ireland
19:00:35 From Tracy : Hello from Scotland
19:00:36 From Carol : Hello from Little Falls, New York. Sadly, my internet is unstable today, so I might have to leave early. :-(
19:00:36 From Ruth : . Good evening from Ruth from Brighton
19:00:37 From Lisa To All Panelists : Lol Bob!
19:00:38 From Cheryl To All Panelists : Hello from Glasgow :-)
19:00:39 From Tara To All Panelists : Hi I’m Tara from Cheshire, so looking forward to this x
19:00:41 From Debbie To All Panelists : Hi from Debbie Wallsend North Tyneside
19:00:41 From Mari To All Panelists : My cat has come to join too
19:00:42 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : you both look well hello to you both, thank you for arranging this
19:00:44 From michelle denheyer To All Panelists : hi its Michelle from ceredigion
19:00:45 From Lyn : hi from Blackpool. x
19:00:46 From Mandie To All Panelists : Hi all, Mandie from wisbech üíúüôè‚ú®
19:00:51 From phil baird To All Panelists : Hi Phil from Brockley the place of the badger Londinium.
19:00:52 From Peter : HI from Buxton, Derbyshire.
19:00:57 From Carolyn : So glad not to be on camera...rather red faced from all the sun this week hehe
19:01:00 From sond To All Panelists : hello from northern Ireland

19:01:04 From Karen Grainger To All Panelists : Hi all from Wirral NW UK
19:01:06 From David To All Panelists : hi from hereford
19:01:08 From Rudy To All Panelists : hi thank you I’d my first time 💓😊
19:01:14 From Barbara Ann To All Panelists : Hello Everyone xxx
19:01:14 From Jon To All Panelists : A very good evening from Bournemouth. Happy Full Moon everyone
19:01:18 From Sinead To All Panelists : How long is this event?
19:01:20 From maricia : hello both love from kernow xx
19:01:24 From Sarah : Hello from Blackburn Lancashire. Love to you all üíï xx
19:01:32 From Chris : Hi From Chris & Rob in Washington Tyne & Wear xx
19:01:32 From Patsy To All Panelists : Hello from Patsy, Upton on Severn :)
19:01:36 From Angela Nevola To All Panelists : I make myself up too Bob...ahahah oh well, it is always a plus to look good :D
19:01:38 From Liz To All Panelists : hello from Milton Keynes
19:01:39 From Peter : Hi all Peter & Hazel from Harrow
19:01:40 From Wynne To All Panelists : hello Wynne from Northumberland
19:01:41 From Karen Grainger : Hi all from Wirral, North West UK
19:01:42 From Denise To All Panelists : I was born in year of the Horse 🐴 x
19:01:45 From Jill : Hi everybody, Jill from Lancaster
19:01:49 From Jayne : Hi, Jayne here from Scunthorpe :) x
19:01:50 From Adri To All Panelists : Hi, from Derbyshire üåå
19:01:51 From Debbie To All Panelists : Hi from Liverpool x
19:01:52 From Tanja To All Panelists : Hi from Macclesfield, near Manchester, UK. I've got a little one, I might need to leave early, depending how bedtime goes.
19:01:52 From agnes To All Panelists : hello from France
19:01:54 From Kelly : Hello from Retford, btw fab to be with you guys today as it's my birthday!!
19:01:56 From Pat To All Panelists : hello from Ashby de la Zouch, Patxx
19:02:03 From Andrew To All Panelists : good evening everyone, greetings from Cornwall.
19:02:12 From Elaine To All Panelists : Hi from Henfield West sussex
19:02:13 From Melanie To All Panelists : Hi all, nice to meet you. Melanie xx
19:02:15 From angela : Good evening all, sending blessings

19:02:17 From patriciascott To All Panelists : Hello from Ripon in North Yorkshire.
19:02:20 From Sarah : hi from manchester
19:02:23 From Elly : jayne we are in Brigg x
19:02:27 From Angela Nevola : I make myself up too Bob...ahahah oh well, it is always a plus to look good :D
19:02:28 From sharron To All Panelists : Hi everyone Sharron in Bulgaria x Birthday blessings Kelly
19:02:28 From Richard F To All Panelists : hi from Richard in Eastbourne
19:02:29 From Patsy : Hi from Upton on Severn, Patsy :)
19:02:32 From Helen : hi from slightly sunny Kendal
19:02:33 From Catherine To All Panelists : Hi all
19:02:36 From Sarah Brattan : Hi Elly :)
19:02:37 From Simon : Good evening Simon from Great Mongeham, Kent
19:02:38 From Lorna Smithers : Hello Lorna from Penwortham here with my horse drum :)
19:02:39 From Gillian To All Panelists : Evening everyone
19:02:41 From deborah anne walsh : hello im debz from Cheshire xx
19:02:44 From Mandie : Hello all again. Mandie from Wisbech, Cambs üíúüôè‚ú®
19:02:47 From Emma : Hello. Emma from Norfolk
19:02:48 From Lolly To All Panelists : Hello from another Lancastrian!
19:02:54 From Eejay McInnes : Hi from Sunny Dunoon🙏🏻💛💜🙏🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
19:02:57 From Sian To All Panelists : Hello from Herefordshire
19:02:59 From Angela Nevola : happy birthday Kelly <3 I hope you had a good day!
19:03:00 From Elly : hi Sarah Brattanxxx
19:03:01 From Gillian : Blessings from the Welsh valleys. x
19:03:02 From Kirsty To All Panelists : Hello from Kirsty in Ayrshire Scotland Xüíû
19:03:03 From Karen Salas To All Panelists : Hi to everyone from Karen in Apperknowle
19:03:04 From Davina : hello love from davina in Dolgellau üåàüôÇ
19:03:05 From John Beckett : Hi Emma! S?
19:03:06 From Hils Imrie-Smith To All Panelists : Hils here from North Notts - hello!
19:03:08 From 87150284991 To All Panelists : hello from Scotland
19:03:10 From Jim To All Panelists : Jim from Scotland

19:03:10 From Maureen : hi Maureen from Partington Manchester
19:03:15 From Wendy To All Panelists : hello from Wendy Grantham
19:03:19 From Cait : Hi. from Cait in Putney London x
19:03:23 From Karen To All Panelists : Hi from Oxfordshire x
19:03:26 From Bruce : I had a horse 🐴 as my spirit animal back in January for a while
19:03:26 From Fiona To All Panelists : I am thrilled to here this about the horse as it is my Chinese animal sign
19:03:32 From Karen Grainger : Hi Eejay - I love Dunoon!!!
19:03:32 From Carolyn : Very true about the horse being good medicine...myself and my daughter are lucky enough to have three and they are wonderful souls. <3
19:03:35 From Lolly : Hello from Lancaster again, 1
19:03:50 From Alison : as an equine Shiatsu practitioner Im really excited to be here
19:03:54 From Karen Grainger : Carolyn, that must be wonderful. Horses have such lovely souls xx
19:03:57 From Bridget To All Panelists : hi all the sound is a little low
19:04:00 From Angela Nevola : Hi Cait, I'm from Southfields...almost neighbour :D
19:04:02 From Mark Desborough To All Panelists : Hi,mark from Hertfordshire.
19:04:07 From Beverley Thornton : Merry Meet All! Beverley from Bradford West Yorks
19:04:07 From Liz : hi from Stockport x
19:04:08 From Brydie : I saw 3 white doves yesterday
19:04:12 From Patula : Hello from Brighton. Blessings to all
19:04:15 From Carolyn : They are wonderful thanks. x
19:04:20 From Michelle : Good evening everone from Michelle in Warwickshire.
19:04:27 From Dawn To All Panelists : Hi I am new here live in Devon
19:04:33 From Ian : Its powerful tonight, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.....!
19:04:47 From Jane To All Panelists : Hi from Bristol
19:04:50 From Carol : greetings from north lancashire
19:05:02 From Gillian To All Panelists : Gillian from Chester, UK
19:05:13 From Natalie To All Panelists : Hello from Rossendale, Lancashire.
19:05:16 From Lisa : Ah congrats!
19:05:18 From Karen Grainger : Happy Anniversary!!!!
19:05:19 From Gill To All Panelists : hello from Gill, Mirfield, West Yorkshire xx
19:05:21 From Tina Neal To All Panelists : im finding it hard to hear

19:05:22 From Julie white To All Panelists : Can we keep messages to a mimimum as its so distracting on the screen... X
19:05:24 From Ian : Congrats!
19:05:30 From Dawn To All Panelists : happy Anniversary
19:05:33 From Gill To All Panelists : 💕❤️💕
19:05:34 From Karen To All Panelists : Congratulations
19:05:38 From Angela Nevola : Aww lovely Happy Anniversary <3
19:05:38 From Jacqueline : Good evening all from West Yorkshire :)
19:05:40 From Michelle To All Panelists : happy anniversary
19:05:43 From Sue : Congratulations on 6 years married x
19:05:47 From Brydie : headphones are the best way to hear
19:05:50 From Carol : belated happy anniversary wishes!
19:05:59 From Carolyn : My husband and I celebrate 30 years this year! Congrats to you two. x
19:06:00 From Gulcin Bulut To All Panelists : Hi everyone from Manchester
19:06:03 From Eejay McInnes : Happy Anniversary Guy!
19:06:05 From David : happy happy
19:06:09 From linda : Your room looks so relaxed and peaceful, not done this before but I do a lot with reiki and now I seem to be going through some sort of spiritual awakening! xxx
19:06:09 From jane To All Panelists : hello from west wales
19:06:16 From Carol : awww.... happy anniversary blessings of Roeburndale
19:06:17 From Kirsty To All Panelists : A very Happy Anniversary to you both Xüíû
19:06:23 From Tiffani : Good evening everyone! x
19:06:28 From Brydie : Hi Linda, I'm Reiki too
19:06:38 From linda : Happy Anniversary to you both xxx
19:06:51 From Dawn To All Panelists : hi Linda new here too
19:06:56 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : congrats ive been with my angelic wiccan wife since I was 18 now I am 39 and we are celebrating 15 years married
19:06:57 From Andrea : Hello!

19:07:11 From Shirin To All Panelists : Good evening everyone from Bicester. Looking forward to this evening. Happy anniversary x
19:07:24 From agnes To All Panelists : is it in just audio?
19:07:43 From linda : Hi Brydie, Lovely, I hope you are well xx
19:08:20 From Alison : its just so right. thank you
19:08:41 From Jon : Happy Anniversary! The sky is clear blue here in Bournemouth, so Im looking forward to bathing in the Full Moon energy later this evening.
19:08:42 From angelina williams : Hi everyone, Angelina from the Wirral.x
19:08:50 From Rose To All Panelists : blessings from Herne Bay in Kent.
19:08:54 From Brydie : I'm not bad ta Linda, I keep forgetting to Reiki myself, how are you?
19:08:58 From Brydie : xx
19:08:58 From mark hudson : Waves from Cornwall
19:09:06 From janetD To All Panelists : hi from burscough
19:09:10 From Lins To All Panelists : hello from Fochabers, Scotland
19:09:10 From fae : evening everyone, sorry I'm just joining as I had to do a zoom update just as I was logging on 😱😂😂x
19:09:13 From mark hudson : Mark
19:09:14 From Oana-Luisa To All Panelists : Sorry one of my friend from Texas is struggling to log in

19:09:26 From Brydie : Hi Fae
19:09:42 From fae : hi Brydie x
19:09:53 From Ian : Greetings All
19:09:55 From Tara : I’ll be putting my crystals out tonight to charge and put some water out for drinking as well
19:10:06 From karen francis : me too Tara!
19:10:07 From Emma Taylor : Hi everyone
19:10:16 From Dawn To All Panelists : doing my crystals tonight too
19:10:17 From mark hudson : mark waves from Cornwall
19:10:24 From annie Draj : Tara - I've been advised not to dp this tonight due tp the partial eclipse
19:10:47 From Sue : Hi everyone üíê
19:10:52 From Ian : dp….?
19:10:52 From Stephen Black : hi all
19:10:55 From Tanja To All Panelists : when is the eclipse?
19:11:00 From annie Draj : do
19:11:06 From Tracy : Hi guy's from Cornwall , I'm a newborn, looking forward to this and thank you for accepting me. Blessed be üôèüíúüïä
19:11:20 From Sharlene : hi everyone
19:11:24 From Joanne Pepper : Hello everyone
19:11:41 From Dawn To All Panelists : Hi Tracy, new here too just up the road in Devon
19:11:42 From kirsteen : also a newbie. hi everyone
19:11:44 From Karen Grainger : Hi Tracy, hope to see you again many times
19:11:46 From linda : Im very good thank you. If you can make time for you, because you are important too. I do self healing every morning and send distant reiki to whoever needs it, I have mainly been sending this out to family at this difficult time xx
19:11:57 From maricia : evening everyone from down cornwall :)
19:12:04 From Lisa : Also new, hello everyone
19:12:06 From Bridget To All Panelists : head phones are great üëç
19:12:06 From Brenda To All Panelists : hi x
19:12:08 From fae : welcome Tracy x
19:12:10 From Sarah Brattan : This online format really works and feels right, well done for saying yes to the opportunity of showing up online and sharing your work far and wide.
19:12:21 From Bridget To All Panelists : thank you
19:12:36 From Fire To All Panelists : Newbie also.💚

19:12:40 From Dawn To All Panelists : Hi Lisa
19:12:48 From Julie : Hi Everyone
19:12:53 From Jill : It is World Environmental Day today
19:12:53 From Fiona To All Panelists : I grew up with Native American beliefs and have recently been discovering that I am a green witch and thank you for allowing me to join your wonderous circle
19:13:06 From Lolly : It is Jill :-)
19:13:20 From Alison : Jason hanging on your every word and empathising with your thoughts exactly . thank you
19:13:26 From Stephen Black : hello blessings to all the newbies, I am quite new I have an altar and tried two journeys, both Jason and Nicola are fantastic and so freindly
19:13:32 From georgie ormrod : I may have to watch later - having real problems with Zoom tonight. Can see you but cant get the sound to work.
19:13:50 From mark hudson To All Panelists : Wondered why ty
19:14:10 From Katie Manton To All Panelists : hi much peace and happiness love to you all Katie from London 💜
19:14:33 From Brydie : I treated myself to Sacred Earth Celebrations by Glennie Kindred this week, I've got it in front of me right now
19:14:51 From Lolly : Nice one, Glennie is fab :-)
19:15:04 From Sonya : its such a nice book Brydie, I got it too!
19:15:04 From fae : great book Brydie üòÅ
19:15:04 From Gillian To All Panelists : got zoom on laptop, brilliant xxx
19:15:07 From Rhona : Its a super book Brydie, bought it recently too
19:15:13 From Julie : I wish I had a drum now (Julie from Bristol) x
19:15:39 From Brydie : do you sell those rattles on your site guys?
19:16:05 From Tara : i’m using my sons bongo drum
19:16:14 From Lynn To All Panelists : hi sorry I was late joining
19:16:17 From Allison : Should we have rattles?
19:16:19 From Fleur : Ive got that book aswell, brilliant
19:16:25 From linda : Sounds wonderful x Im getting into abundance meditations and I have crystals and aromatherapy oils too x
19:16:31 From Brydie : oh wonderful, thank you
19:16:31 From Michael To All Panelists : Will you please provide us with the recording after its finished? Thank you
19:16:36 From Pam To All Panelists : I bought the sacred earth celebrations book also. So informative. thank you for the recommendation last time
19:16:41 From Fleur : I would love one of those rattles, ill drop an email aswell if thats ok x
19:16:57 From Louise To All Panelists : I'm using a salt pipe inhaler which makes rattle noise and actually looks the same as your rattles :-D

19:17:28 From Debbie : I can’t stay till 9, so thanks for giving the recording xx
19:17:57 From Carolyn : Oh gosh … you started rattling and my legs have gone all tingly haha
19:18:11 From danny : love that sound :)
19:18:39 From Stephen Black : I have a rattle, saving up for a drum
19:18:46 From Gillian To All Panelists : lovely
19:18:51 From Fiona To All Panelists : the sound reminds me of a babbling brook
19:22:16 From Dawn To All Panelists : WOW I wanted to do a full journey
19:22:29 From mark hudson To All Panelists : ty love grounding
19:23:43 From linda : Earth means abundance of life to me x
19:23:57 From Stephen Black : earth means grounding and nature to me
19:24:12 From Lynne To All Panelists : I live in you and you live in me
19:24:18 From linda : Meant to say grounding too x
19:24:23 From Carolyn : Earth represents nurturing and warmth to be...mothering...x
19:24:26 From Stephen Black : I have a carved wooden dragon as my element of earth
19:24:34 From Stephen Black : on my altar
19:29:04 From Fire To All Panelists : I can't see you ,and sound coming in and out. Think I may need to watch recording.
19:30:35 From Alison : audio fine here with ear plugs
19:31:14 From annie Draj : to Ste - I have my orange dragon for fire in the south
19:32:07 From Jo D : Some call it The Strong sun moon?
19:32:17 From Stephen Black : annie Draj that's cool
19:32:40 From Faye To All Panelists : Foals are born at this time of year in the UK
19:32:48 From annie Draj : Ste - dragons can fit in anywhere!
19:33:23 From Stephen Black : Annie Draj im a published fantasy author and love dragons and magic
19:33:58 From Wendy To All Panelists : penumbral lunar eclipse today
19:34:01 From annie Draj : Ste - I'm a real fantasy book fan - would love some titles of your work
19:34:17 From Ian : I thought it was the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.....? Guess I got that wrong
19:34:29 From georgie : Awesome Stephen - we've had a very dragon inspired week with my son's 'school work' this week.
19:34:33 From annie Draj : I thought ir was a partial eclipse
19:34:49 From Wendy To All Panelists : yes Ian
19:34:57 From Wendy : yes ian
19:34:57 From Emma : Yes there’s an eclipse this month and next - just checked my diary
19:35:24 From Alison : eclipse in sagittarius tonight .so Ive read
19:35:33 From Heidi Tollett : I thought it was a lunar eclipse tonight too.
19:35:44 From kirsteen : also thought it was eclipse moon, seen so many people not on here but was saying strawberry moon/ eclipse.
19:35:45 From Mandie : I agree penumbrial eclipse tonight
19:35:45 From Stephen Black : Annie Draj look for Stephen F black on amazon my book is called The Sphere of time, The Adventures of Tarum Mon
19:35:59 From Ian : I thought so! :-)

19:36:06 From Anya To All Panelists : Hi all, yes it's a lunar eclipse in saggitarius 15 degrees
19:36:07 From Emma : Think eclipse in Sagittarius that ties in with horse
19:36:07 From Stephen Black : animal mediecine sounds amazing
19:36:24 From Anya : Hi all, yes it's a lunar eclipse in saggitarius 15 degrees
19:36:27 From Dawn To All Panelists : look up Animal Speak great book
19:36:28 From Alison : absolutely Emma
19:36:31 From annie Draj : ste- thanks i'll look it up
19:36:38 From Mandie : Kirsteen different cultures have different names, strawberry is from the native American indians
19:36:43 From Ian : Falls directly on my Venus
19:36:45 From deborah anne walsh : penumbra moon eclipse is a half eclipse in sagitarius with this strawberry or horse moon
19:37:13 From mark hudson : Michael Harner cosmos and the cave recommended
19:37:15 From Laryna To All Panelists : We have a penumbras lunar eclipse tonight.
19:37:17 From Anya : Heading into gemini and cancer moons
19:37:21 From Anya : After this
19:37:29 From kirsteen : aww thanks for information
19:37:30 From Ann : Cave & Cosmos?
19:37:39 From Jo D : Robert MacFArlane Underland also has a great chapter on seeing cave paintings
19:37:39 From Stephen Black : im gemini so is my wife
19:37:42 From Anya : It's also huge retrograde planetary activity
19:37:43 From mark hudson : grt book
19:38:06 From Sonya : did he ever say which animal came to him in the cave?
19:38:12 From Anya : Mercury, Venus, Saturn and a couple of other planets, all retrograde
19:38:14 From Laryna To All Panelists : Penumbral, = partly Lunar eclipse
19:38:28 From Carol : I would love to do one too! I used to go caving in my dim and distant past and found it really wonderful
19:38:30 From Ian : Gosh lots goin on Anya
19:38:36 From Katie Manton To All Panelists : great
19:38:59 From Paula : I am privileged to work with 4 dragons, a fire dragon to transmute large areas of heavy energy, a small air dragon that blows peace, a blue fire dragon who protects me with a ring of fire and an ice breathing dragon who works in the fires of the Amazon rainforest. Dragons are such beautiful powerful forces. They help to make me feel safe in the world. So happy to hear there are other appreciators of dragons
19:39:01 From kirsteen : what happens with the retrograde? do they just align with each other?
19:39:12 From Sarah Brattan : I’m reading Soulcraft by Bill Plotkin it’s amazing
19:39:26 From annie Draj : paula - wow you are lucky
19:39:33 From Jan : The book you recommend the mind in the cave sounds very interesting. I am looking at it and think it is calling me.
19:39:41 From Alison : my very first journey horse came in ....I used his strength to change my career to work with horses.

19:39:45 From Angela Fumpson : Would love to know what Tigers mean
19:39:45 From mark hudson : animal speack .. Ted Andrews and grt reff book
19:39:54 From Fiona To All Panelists : The energy for me is my magic energy weekend as MY Birthday is on Monday and I am the Horse in the Chinese Animal years and I feed off the full moon... this Shamanic Journey was calling to me
19:40:01 From kirsteen : I have a dragon, always feel protected when he is with me
19:40:25 From Helen To All Panelists : There is a fabulous cave down here in the South of France (Ariege) - can’t do a vigil - guided visits only but absolutely fabulous - I have managed it 3 times already…(fatigue not withstanding). Grotte de Niaux
19:40:26 From Rebecca : Really looking forward to your book
19:40:49 From Meri : I had a reiki cleansing and was told a dragon was looking after me . so much to learn
19:40:58 From Louise To All Panelists : Also have Dragon - didn't realise power animals were a thing but now I understand!
19:42:11 From Stephen Black : cool
19:42:24 From Carolyn : I have used energy healing /reiki to treat one of my horses who has sarcoids (a type of horse cancer)
19:43:24 From Dawn To All Panelists : I did an animal healing course using horses, most amazing experience, I was scared of them to begin with but they took to me and I was told they had the utmost trust in me
19:43:46 From linda : I always wanted a horse when I was young, they are so majestic x
19:43:50 From Ann : Ann K Whenever I ride I become one with the animal, its a magical feeling
19:44:33 From Jo D : Beautiful images thank you :) xxx
19:44:49 From Carolyn : Its wonderful Ann isn't it...I only have to think trot or canter and my Oane gets ready to go.
19:44:57 From Anya : Thank you to you both
19:45:07 From Gill To All Panelists : I love horses
19:45:15 From Brydie : I like horses but they always seem to want to bite the first thing that comes towards them which in my case is my boobs
19:45:18 From Stephen Black : lovely pictures and history thank you Nicola, i have finished the journey guide everyone should download it
19:45:27 From Tracy Barrett To All Panelists : so sorry I an late, had it in my mind that this was on the 9th
19:45:38 From Ann : yes When you have a connection words are not necessary
19:45:57 From Anya : Ann absolutely ♥️
19:46:15 From Carolyn : Brydie horses are very empathic animals and will pick up on your nerves and are basically telling you to approach them in a relaxed state. x
19:46:17 From Alison : i use that connectedness in my work and when I ride too. its indescribable
19:46:36 From Anya : Is horse connected to giraffe?
19:47:17 From mark hudson : also used for healing ?
19:48:52 From Brydie : Carolyn, where are you from?
19:48:53 From Angela Nevola : I don't seem to be go in a deep trance. Does anyone have any tip?

19:49:15 From Carolyn : Im near Nantwich Brydie
19:49:34 From mark hudson : nice drum bro
19:50:21 From Brydie : ok, forgive me if this means nothing to you but are you the Kitty Whisperer?
19:50:38 From Carolyn : No Im not but I know who you mean. x
19:50:56 From Carolyn : I do however do horse whispering. x
19:51:10 From Brydie : yeah, shes lovely isn't she
19:51:22 From Maureen : I struggle to go into a deep trance too Angela, sometimes I try meditating first before a journey which can help
19:51:26 From full moon To All Panelists : learning to meditate is a great first step to being able to go deep to still your mind. zen mind beginners mind is a great book for clearing your mind every minute of everyday
19:51:59 From Rebecca Hajdu : the drum sounded great such a shame you can't use it
19:52:02 From Janny : Hey guys, respectfully, could we listen to Jason just now? Big love xxx
19:52:14 From Angela Nevola : Thank you Maureen
19:52:16 From Brydie : it was just the way you were talking and where you live I thought you were her
19:52:21 From georgie : That drum sounded fantastic! No reverb or cutting out. Lovely tone too :-)
19:53:34 From mark hudson : drum is the shaman horse
19:53:56 From Brydie : Carolyn I don't have a horse, I have 5 cats instead lol
19:55:21 From Sarah Brattan : i find it easier standing
19:55:24 From Debi : Jason, for those of us new to this would there be a general intention to ask?
19:56:06 From Debi : thank you
19:56:13 From Ian : Excellent!
19:56:33 From Jo D : But if another animal comes in that's ok?
19:57:04 From mark hudson : what is your power for me ?
20:20:04 From mark peter hudson To All Panelists : cry crashed :)

The sharings from our journey

​20:20:14 From Bruce : thanks all that was lovely. got horse flamingo and dolphin sharing there energy with me
20:21:26 From Alison : i went so hot I was perspiring in reality. my hands and feet tingled( both still are now)
20:22:13 From Anya : what does a goat mean as a companion animal please? Im new to this x
20:22:15 From Steph : I found myself really needing to move to the drumming, running with horse and deer.
20:22:28 From Fiona To All Panelists : Thank you I did not see anything clear but I did have a tingle in my hands and they were hard to close and felt really warm... I have been told I have healing hands maybe this confirmed it
20:22:45 From Anya : That was amazing. Thank you. I was fully immersed and didn't want to come back into this realm...
20:22:54 From Elaine To All Panelists : I met baby deer as guide and toucan
20:22:55 From Michelle To All Panelists : I had a horse, jaguar & frog
20:22:56 From Toni : I had a chicken companion …peaked me on my head…
20:23:06 From Samantha : horse took me to meet hare
20:23:07 From Sarah : amazing journey filled with surprises
20:23:08 From Ruth : a young deer, llama and dog
20:23:13 From Paula : Deer came to me too, she told me there is power in gentleness and peacefulness
20:23:13 From Alison : native amercixan indians dressed in turquoise crystal costumes dancing healing world whilst horse watch. I was dancing so hard my dog in my room came over and nudged me( hes back asleep )
20:23:14 From Moira To All Panelists : gosh was a golden horse. healing all in my presence. also Buffalo, buzzard, wolf and badger. amazing Thankyou.
20:23:17 From Sheila : herd of horse
20:23:20 From Sarah : I had. white bob cat guide
20:23:27 From Moira To All Panelists : met my tribe.
20:23:28 From Tiffani : I did meet a horse and it wanted to give me a leather shoe. plus there was a cat too.

20:23:28 From Maggie : Horse gave me a star, a horse shoe and a spur.
20:23:29 From maricia : i had rabbit companion . sharp pains in my right hand, the white light and the word shine, woke with tears xx
20:23:31 From Dawn To All Panelists : I met my grandad again who was a medicine man and my black panther joined us too
20:23:36 From Karen To All Panelists : Thank you sorry have to go now sending love x
20:23:41 From Tina Neal To All Panelists : Thank you, I was a bit afraid before tonight. But I found the journey to be incredibly beautiful.
20:23:42 From Louise To All Panelists : Deer companion for me too!
20:23:44 From Carol : Thank you very much - I'm going to write it down before I forget anything! :)
20:23:45 From Eve To All Panelists : my companion was rabbit and my neighbours dog.
20:23:53 From Sarah : and met a black horse in a starry sky and I became a butterfly and flew through the forest
20:23:53 From Karen Grainger To All Panelists : Gosh. That shows how great your training is! I had to leave (quietly) to see the live address of the druid chosen chief as he's leaving. Came back with 2-3 mins to go, but thought I would try to journey. Descended down the way we have done so often, and met wolf in the lower world. My spirit guide was waiting and gave me the message 'what you sow will grow'. Horse trotted over and was relaxed and eating grass - basically don't stress stuff (I had been very stressed today). So I was able to journey in just 3 minutes thanks to you both! xxx
20:23:58 From Rebecca Hajdu : I didn't get a message from horse but I could really smell what I think was magnolia blossom
20:24:01 From Elaine To All Panelists : Thank you. X

20:24:04 From Oana-Luisa : Thank you, was great, horse was kind and playful
20:24:06 From Megan : i rode on the horse, but without saddle and just free. it spoke to me through minds, it was really pweerful. at one point a kitten sat on the back of the horse with me. i heard a lot from that about balance and not pleasing others and stepping into what i wanted. meeting the wolf was also amazing because i have felt this energy throughout my life and i cried being able to connect with that.
20:24:07 From Cheryl : This was the first time I have been able to experience. I had the wolf with me the whole way through, he was showing me many doors which other animals were running in and out of?
20:24:08 From Moira To All Panelists : tippee smoke connecting to the stars
20:24:08 From Sarah : I came back and danced with a white horse
20:24:10 From Janet Buckingham : Buffalo too
20:24:12 From Tracy Barrett To All Panelists : I travelled on the back of horse with wolf running beside.... words gentle and fierce, not sure of meaning there. I was taken to a circle and told ancient power.... again not sure what this means...
20:24:12 From Sinead : I think I did meet horse. Told me the key was sobriety and that I need a fresh start and I need to do more things like this.
20:24:13 From Helen : horse and I touched foreheads - 3rd eye - Forgiveness for self and others and self care was the message
20:24:15 From Anne Woolford To All Panelists : beautiful thank you met a female white horse full moon water masculine

20:24:20 From shona : Wonderful, I met with a mountain pony who shared much wisdom with me. At one point I became a horse myself! Thank you. x
20:24:21 From mark peter hudson : question do you just use your journeying animal to journey to the under world ? as mine came and grt connection but the site crashed
20:24:25 From Lynne To All Panelists : thanks. Native American dance. the journey there was exactly the path, the hedge and my favourite tree exactly as you said
20:24:26 From Angela Fumpson : I say myself as a young girl by water, ijust go on the horse and led on its back. feeling connected hugging it's neck. not a message just nice xx bit new only have done your initial guide xxx
20:24:28 From karen francis : Deer was my immediate companion, then met tortoise! outer strength and inner vulnerability?
20:24:29 From Shirley : I had a headache but it's gone now. left behind thank you xx
20:24:32 From patriciascott To All Panelists : I met grey horse who said terrible times were coming and I would need to use my strength to love and support others. I had a sharp pain in my left wrist, which I broke 4 years ago. Horse was beautiful.
20:24:32 From Chris K. To All Panelists : I went all the way on golden velocity to the centre of the Universe, there he made me aware of a journey in which I was led , by Nobel. to my Star essence Angelic self. Golden Velocity
20:24:33 From Megan : i touched forehead with the horse at the end too!!
20:24:35 From Sinead : Saw its head and eye.
20:24:36 From Munchoo Sattee To All Panelists : thx that was beautiful 🙏🏼 an unicorn took me up into the clouds to a door? explain plz thx
20:24:37 From Viv To All Panelists : Badger as companion met my eagle and a wonderful shire horse. Fantastic connection
20:24:43 From Alison : i then became horse galloping away wildly able to turn at speed to the ocesn.message Ihave the power to change durection and move at soeed if necessary
20:24:52 From Indy : Unbelievable... 1st a badger.. Then a black and white horse.... He told me stop far and he reared and sent a snake away... He got me to mount him I was apprehensive but did and he showed me tree flying frogs.. They take a leap of faith with no fear.... He told me to stand strong and rest in between
20:24:53 From Lynn : My companion was came in straight way....huge chestnut brown horse with a long white nose......messages of I am stronger than I think...… well for stamina a busy few weeks coming up...….stand in your power and hold your head high.....
20:25:08 From Fausta : Met 2 horses, a chestnut mare and a black and white shire horse. Also met an eagle, an alpaca and a donkey. Lots of info and taken for a ride. Fabulous journey. Wolf and puma were my companions as usual.

20:25:11 From deborah anne walsh : had cow chewing cud, loads of imagery, felt strength and fortitude also drawn to butterfly and then shown indian dressarge and arrow being drawn or made etc felt depth and laughter freedom my wild side.
20:25:16 From katrina : I swam up through a river on a large leaf, turtles and dolphins. An eagle lifted me through a waterfall i seen a white horse. I was about to get on the horse but i was feeling resistance. I got on the horse and felt powerful and we both jumped back through the waterfall. I was told to leave the full downward behind and move forward. I visualised myself leading retreats
20:25:21 From Chris K. To All Panelists : told me my power was YIN for reciprocity.
20:25:21 From Sue Stopforth : My guides, mouse and owl, accompanied me to a clearing. My own horse was waiting for me there. I know she came into my physical life to act as my guide in this world and it was wonderful to spend that special time with her and listen to her guidance x
20:25:24 From Frances To All Panelists : met dark horse and white horse told me I’m strong to manage what ever comes my way I also met my guide and the white horse termed into a white angel letting me know he is always with me. thank you x
20:25:25 From Bob : Well at first I thought a horse had thrown me I didn't see one but I was in a ditch with my left leg a tad useless. Then I was shown an old motorcycle a green 1950/60s type, it skidded and I fell off to the edge of the ditch. Shortly after a shadow came into my right field of vision although my eyes were closed.
20:25:32 From Ian : Something in a hand being offered to me? Maybe a Flint knife or cutter of some kind....

20:25:32 From Sinead : I didn't ride him. I could just see his head.
20:25:34 From Sue : I saw a bear very strong, also native American male with a couple of pointed feathers on his head, Colours were reddish purple
20:25:38 From Anya : I found my companion to be a frog... Amphibian. Able to be on water and land. I cried tears, saw a ditch. My tears went into the ditch. The frog swam in them. Grounded in nature. I was with it too, coverered in pacha mamas mud... The energy of the unicorn came to me... White unicorn appearing... Then I saw three horses in the field behind... They are wild and free. Message for us all is we are free. Other messages came - horses and we can jump over obstacles... We (horses) can choose whether to stay. If a tyrannical ruler we are free to bolt and run...
20:25:38 From georgie : Crow met me as usual and took me to horse in a really beautiful meadow beneath some limestone cliffs. The horse seemed familiar and told me to climb on, he took me to a stream and I saw a younger version of myself who had ridden this horse when I was about 8. I went exploring with my younger self who chatted with me and reminded me of strengths I've always had. She had some messages and then took me to my Dad who had some other messages for me. Nice advice that helps with some blocks in developing some ventures at the moment.
20:25:41 From John : I just get coloured image flashes and it shown me horse as a chess piece
20:25:47 From Anya : We can run together
20:25:47 From HUAWEI P30 Pro To All Panelists : Thank you very much, that was a wonderful journey 💚🐴
20:25:49 From Elaine To All Panelists : What does toucan mean
20:25:52 From linda : No visions but felt a lot of tingling in feet, they was a slight flash of light and I felt like the energy was making me sway a little x Amazing it was lovely, thank you x
20:25:52 From Heidi Tollett : raven

20:25:53 From deborah anne walsh : cow chewing cud then?
20:25:53 From Bruce : I went along a beach and my horse ran with me and then went up a healing cave where I have been before, flamingo and dolphin joined me so a busy meditation
20:25:58 From Marilyn To All Panelists : I felt really cold going through the tunnel. I met a eagle who led me to a black horse. we had a good connection. I had several feelings of movement in the room as if the were presences in the roo
20:26:00 From Stephen Black : thank you I didn't see anything but think something was trying to form but couldn't
20:26:03 From Brydie : my companion animal was a ladybird
20:26:11 From Diane To All Panelists : That was amazing , my horse belonged to my Indian Guide that took me to his camp . He showed me the power of his mind which enabled to dance on fire ,
20:26:18 From saira To All Panelists : my companion was fox, then lots of rainbow pulsing light, then an eye-hawk??, lots more pulsing then a hedgehog-told me to go left and took me to the sea and told me to dance!
20:26:19 From Carol : An animal guide came running up to me, but it wasn’t a horse—it was a pegasus. Uncertain, I asked if it were the Horse I was meant to meet, and it said, “Yes, there are no ordinary horses. We all have wings, but mostly we keep them hidden. Your strength and power comes from your ability to see beyond the mundane and incorporated the magic into the practical world .” He invited men his back for a ride. Other horses joined us as we ran and glided alternately. That was most of my journey.

20:26:30 From Eejay McInnes : What does Emu mean, very inquisitive! Horse was soo powerful! thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
20:26:30 From Sheila : herd of horses charging past, one wheeled round looked at me eye to eye and said you are an elder but dont realise how powerful you are , people look to you .use your power wisely and well. I then bounded along with hare until called back
20:26:37 From Donna : I became the horse and I saw unicorn and blue tit.
20:26:40 From Anya : i met a red indian and he gave me saffron, i wonder why?
20:26:43 From Anya : The horses also told me about their blood letting and I felt their pain. We should be kind and compassionate.
20:26:44 From Bob : OMG I shape shifted into a motorbike.
20:26:44 From Fiona To All Panelists : I seem to have a wild pheasant that always come into my backyard and even comes up to me to feed him and comes when I call him …. What does that mean if it has one please and thanks
20:26:48 From Chris K. To All Panelists : my Kachina angel self can spirit shapeshifter with the horse.
20:26:50 From Lynne To All Panelists : thanks. have to go x
20:26:51 From Sarah Brattan : I was led by horse round a figure of 8 and she taught me to find the cross section in the middle and this was the spot where I would find my strength and we stayed still there together. I was guided to trust and stay centred and everything would come to me rather than me roaming around looking for it. I met ladybird too and she took me in her home and gave me a gift to pin on my collar.
20:26:52 From Keelin : This was my first time on a shamanic journey. I felt lots of tingling sensations throughout my body and got a few glimpses of images, telling me I could ‘smash it’ - I will conquer what lies ahead. I think I got a glimpse of a white rabbit too!
20:26:52 From Debbie : I had a bear who led me to the underworld. once there I met the Eagle and an Owl.

20:26:53 From Helen : Horse told me to shape shift with him in the next few days
20:26:55 From Steph : Oh my goodnerss that was what Horse said! that he
20:26:55 From Sue : My strengths I was told were my voice, my truth with clarity and honesty.
20:26:56 From alexandra wild To All Panelists : My horse was wild and free. She refused to have a harness or a saddle - no-one will rein her in. She would not be ridden She showed me how she loved the feeling of running free on the beach and across the fields. She just wanted me to watch her as she ran, she danced and she met up with her friends. She told me never to allow anyone to tame tha free spirit.
20:26:56 From Bridget To All Panelists : i belong to a horse healing group, and I met a pony who has passed "solo", I was given some information about how to help a friend who has cancer. and to ask for solos help when doing the healing in the horse group.
20:26:57 From Galaxy A8 (2018) : a very cute playful fox met me as I came out of the door he was very excited to meet me I told him I'd come to ask horse a question and he walked/skipped along the path until horse came to meet me I had a strong feeling of confidence and horse was gone and fox and I had a lovely walk back I was feeling very happy
20:26:57 From Louise To All Panelists : Danced outside forest before going in, slowly horse and I moved around one another before galloping away then came back for a while. Sense of not being able to leave that area. Then sense of journey through stars, later on beach with other horses.

20:27:01 From Anya : They have their feet on the floor, grounded
20:27:02 From Lins To All Panelists : glad you mentioned wolf as she’s with me a lot. aware of horses eyes and ears. message to use power of eyes and my hands. at one point felt as if I was one with horse and rising up
20:27:02 From kathycar To All Panelists : my guide was a rabbit, became quite fidgety and lots of brightness but otherwise I became calm. thanks
20:27:04 From Linda : I rode the horse bareback, wild and free
20:27:05 From Anne Woolford To All Panelists : white horse black horse masculine feminine energy full moon energy grey squirrel with me through out light energy spirit guide with me fabulous thank you xxxx
20:27:11 From Karen To All Panelists : That was amazing I usually find it hard to connect with an animal...but, this time I did connect with horse. Got on the horses back and remembered all the times I used to ride and even coming off on a jump and my Welsh Gran shouting at me to get back on before I lost my nerve. And all the times I have got back up from awful knocks in life. So, showed me I am stronger that I think
20:27:12 From Lorna Smithers : My horse told me my main strength is my ability to ride - to journey on the breath pf inspiration - but I need to relax, learn to let go, to trust…
20:27:15 From Tina Neal To All Panelists : Iwas taken to Persia and America and had much connection to horses. I asked many questions and said the hopono prayer to say thank you and forgive us for taming them. There was some darkness around that. I became a horse myself and joined the herd. Wonderful. My first shamanic journey!!!
20:27:15 From Jim To All Panelists : Out of nothing appeared one chimpanzee and one gorilla. Both smiling but no specific message.
20:27:16 From Carol : * me on

20:27:19 From Marion Boyle To All Panelists : horse nodding vigorously to me and neighing showing me way to go invigorating lovely journey peace to all ❤️
20:27:26 From Anya : What does frog mean to you Nicola Jason?
20:27:27 From Megan : yes i think thats the power of the horse is the letting go. like not always having control
20:27:31 From Steph : Horse said that I have the power to shape shift like him!
20:27:31 From Lesley : lots of running and dancing with my horse
20:27:34 From mark peter hudson : gently heart Heart
20:27:35 From Chris K. To All Panelists : my old hoofen friends were there from my child hood. goodbye Tapir Mongolian horse
20:27:37 From Carol : i was met by Badger.. and then she called in other Badgers to meet me and walk through the woods to open ground.. up a stream to a pool.. Horse was on the other side.. not just one but lots.... walked with me in early dawn shape shifted briefly before they gave me words.. they are older and wiser than me.. .. be .. "Wild" abiding impression is being met by lots of each spirit animal.

20:27:41 From Maud To All Panelists : a ladybird, a badger & a dragon dancing to the drumming
20:27:42 From Megan : because in my visuals, i had no saddle even tho i wanted it at times
20:27:43 From Nicki : Companion animal was a hare. Black and red swirling colours. I became horse, running, stretching feeling myself in a horse body. Stretching my long face and neck. Powerful strength and freedom. Dancing and running around with hare, sheer joy and strength. Thank you so much horse, thank you so much hare...need to speed up my body, to strengthen bowel, be more powerful. Thank you so much for this experience. Awesome. Blessings to you both, and to all participants on their journey. x Nicki
20:27:45 From Bethan : Hi Everyone, Bethan Leeds xxxxx
20:27:51 From Sian To All Panelists : I seen my indian guide on a horse which gave him power to lead. He says the horse gives me strength to lead - if I wish. Saw a medicine man too which I will also meet & work with.
20:27:53 From Tina : beautiful grey stallion very emotional felt my heart open and tears from my eyes, intense pressure in my head. I feel that my message was my strength and power come from my heart and I need to believe in myself, Thank you so much
20:28:00 From Gillian : Horse has speed and strength without harming or using any other creature.
20:28:04 From Ann : Horse told me my strength and power is love and generosity.
20:28:06 From Angela To All Panelists : what does a white bear resemble
20:28:08 From Angela Nevola : I know we are encouraged to use our imagination but then I doubt and think that all I saw was just made up from me, but I do trust the message received! It was a beautiful journey...also a lot of things I heard that felt like not related to me, like I was picking up somebody else's messages, interesting!
20:28:12 From Megan : i heard a kitten meowing and then he came into my journey and onto the horses back with me. amazing
20:28:14 From Simon : Wow, mounted horse, horse got faster and faster until at full gallop grew wings and we flew. Horse became a swan and eventually I became the bird is was in my last journey. The fog until I co
20:28:19 From Anya : Energy of mud or Ditch? Tears?

20:28:26 From Joanne To All Panelists : a very old school friend came through, I have not seen for 30 years.
20:28:32 From Indy : Carol I was met by a badger also!
20:28:35 From Simon : are back to myself and then met wolf again
20:28:38 From Anya : Brown horse, black horse, white unicorn? Frog?
20:28:39 From Gillian To All Panelists : I saw horses who I have known in life especially a brown and white mare who I cared for for two winters as I had the foals off her. One of the foals I had is with her as she had a lot of health problems and she joined her Mum when she was about five yrs old. The mare died foaling nine yrs ago, a black and white foal. I have no idea of the sex of the foal, all I was told was she had died foaling. The weekend she was due to foal I could hear a horse whinnying in my head all weekend. When I got the phone call to say she was dead, it wasn't a surprise. In fact when the person said they had to speak to me, I just said, shes dead isn't she. So very, very sad.
20:28:44 From Alison : love all of these journeys . its do fasinating so thank you to everyone to share
20:29:03 From Carol : indy! must look up d badger!
20:29:06 From Fire To All Panelists : I had a black crow land on my right shoulder . Shown raspberry lead ,poppy and digital foxglove,????? Disabled hourse,later on his back and cuddled his neck while crow was still in shoulder.

20:29:07 From Wendy To All Panelists : Sorry, have to leave. Will catch up with recording tomorrow. Thank you so much Jason and Nicola xx
20:29:10 From Denise To All Panelists : my companion was a wiry haired black/grey little dog, jumping ahead of the clearing was a beautiful tan horse with all my guides, some ancestors, aa Michael in a semi circle. horse lay down n I lay nxt to him, he said my power n strength was love n I had power n strength...I was standing on his back, he told me to write my book n do my readings...also saw half man horse was there. dog was on his back too. it made me cry n horse turned n drank from a pond n I joined him. he just kept saying my power n strength was love üíì xxx
20:29:11 From James Milton : I was approached by glossy black mare, who said my power was in my soft tongue, in that I have a gentle touch and can speak lovingly, and my strength is that I can think very fast on my hooves, so getting out of trouble, not by running away but by thinking rapidly (I call this ‘winging it’.
20:29:21 From Tina Neal To All Panelists : Forgot to say tears came
20:29:23 From Steph : why did my body have to move to the drumming, it came from somewhere within, . like a hidden knowing
20:29:23 From George To All Panelists : thank you, I was told to believe in myself, I have the power and strength inside me.
20:29:24 From Indy : Yes, Carol we must
20:29:26 From georgie : My youger me took me into a cave and we looked down a deeper hole with a little village of very small beings - I dont know who they were and they were unaware of me. I guess that was also something important, but not sure what yet.
20:29:34 From Rebecca Hajdu : thank you both x

20:29:40 From Andrea : Hedgehog met me. I went small to hedgehog size and we went to horse. Horse was very big and I was humbled by his size. Then I was riding horse with a feeling of immense freedom.
20:29:47 From Jayne : i shapeshifted into horse and ran across a beach with other horses. We then made our way off the beach back into a field. Horse had so much for me. Wanted me to know that how powerful and free I felt charging across the beach, the sense of community I felt and how amazing I felt is all within my reach in my earthly body. I need to claim my power back as I have given it away freely. Also that I have everything I need and everyone I need in my life to reach my full potential and access my power and strength. I just need to look for all the signs I get and stop ignoring them and blocking them. Also told me to stop playing the fool and acting less than I am. I was told off! Interesting for sure, lots more but that’s the key points :)
20:29:49 From Simon : my time to fly…
20:29:53 From John Beckett : Met with a beautiful female horse.. black and shiny … a filly… mare… full of energy.. drank by a river… shape shifting equine light… told me i had the power and strength ton run free… the horse merged with ba beautiful woman head with long dark hair… told me i had the power to win back her friendship… all would be well..
20:30:16 From Alison : thank you Nicola..felt very powerful x
20:30:16 From Jo To All Panelists : i travels through to the under world very easily in to escarpment a fox came to stand with me and stayed with me as I crossed a field following a path. Finally came in to a field with a large , beautiful , chestnut horse. Took mw on to the word of diplomacy seeing people in suits … then I fell in to sleep…..

20:30:21 From Fiona To All Panelists : what does a wild pheasant who comes when I call him and as one seens to have adopted me as he stays in my yards and eats almost from my hand... in real life
20:30:28 From Maud To All Panelists : my message was also about change of direction.., I was walking down stairs, which were bringing me up, like a Harry Potter movie
20:30:34 From Anya : My body was moving too - lots
20:30:44 From Jazz To All Panelists : Rode a black stallion, got power and strength, just what I needed. Thankyou xx
20:30:44 From Jane : Wolf told me to close my eyes and when I opened them horse was there and very close, I nuzzled into his neck. The message was that I am as tall as I believe myself to be, that my personal power is choice.
20:30:45 From Rachael To All Panelists : thankyou very much, lovely to share this space with you!x
20:30:46 From Tina Neal To All Panelists : Have pride in myself
20:30:53 From Anya : Almost twitching / tremoring vigorously
20:30:54 From Lynn : Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom......I have to leave now...fabulous and blessings to you all
20:31:03 From deborah anne walsh : baying what does that mean?
20:31:04 From Jo Deans To All Panelists : met by a stag with idian rider called deerwood, rode with wild horses and felt free. slept with horse in cave n was told to write a childs book. loved it many thanks
20:31:10 From Liz To All Panelists : Met by an Owl, travelling at speed down a road sided by dark trees
20:31:11 From Sarah : when I became butterfly I felt attachment to the wild and the ability to be light and free

20:31:12 From Debbie To All Panelists : I met a native American guide who pointed and I moved the leaves and branches and there was a horse, which was immediately me. I was stamping my feet. then I was back with my guide and I was dancing around a fire, as I was leaving my guide turned into a black panther.
20:31:18 From Kirsty To All Panelists : I met with the horse which I am guardian of, he is black with a white face, I went in his back bareback and galloped across a hillside and then I went into a knowing feeling and he took me on a journey through the land. we met different animals on our way over the land,from every area of the animal kingdom bird, mammal,
20:31:36 From Alison : wow chess piece is the Knight
20:31:37 From Eve To All Panelists : it was night for most of my time with and as horse, also not with other horses most of the time?
20:31:38 From Gillian : Strength and speed to outrun problems, strength to climb hills to a vantage point. I met a gentle, wise mare. she knew when to be still and watch and when to use her strength.
20:31:41 From Anya : i have to go now, thank you very much for my first experience with you guys. hope to meet you both in person too, anya ( from wigan xx byeeee
20:31:46 From Anya : John I felt the female too
20:31:54 From Cait : Bear showed me the way to a path where a white horse nuzzled me.
20:31:54 From Marion Boyle To All Panelists : blessings to you all ❤️🙏❤️
20:32:05 From Carolyn : Oane and I touch forheads when I treat him with energy healing. x
20:32:17 From John : I have no idea about chess lol, I will have to dig. thank you both
20:32:24 From Gillian : My guide was a rabbit she trusted the horse and said horse would never harm her.

20:32:29 From Moira To All Panelists : I was kissing the rock of the native land.
20:32:38 From mark peter hudson : two can ?
20:32:39 From Debbie To All Panelists : toucans are good at knowing the right words
20:32:49 From Rebecca : Thankyou Jason and Nicola , a wonderful evening , l have to go x
20:33:00 From Emma To All Panelists : beautiful journey thank you, quite emotional and wonderful connections and information from two horses, one as my shadow, herbs for strength as they graze, squirrel with a huge nut saying eat the nut, made me smile
20:33:01 From Mary To All Panelists : My journey went up to upper realm led by a squirrel, to meet dogs and other animals I have lived with and loved. They took me to horse, journeyed through dark forest with horse, then eventually it grew wings and flew me back. Told me to remember I can always fly!
20:33:18 From Galaxy A8 (2018) : I have to leave now thank you for this evening to you both
20:33:21 From Liz : white stallion took me to the herd where I met black foal. We danced together splashing in watery ground. at one point he jumped onto my back and I carried him.
20:33:24 From Suzy To All Panelists : I was given a string of stars as a crown and a cloak of stars
20:33:24 From Lyn : I met a small dunn mare, climbed on her back and as we travelled I realised that my power is to move through space and time. then I just had to move around, walking around the room, my back really freed up. I haven't been able to move so freely for many weeks, it felt so good to. e free from pain.
20:33:26 From Patsy : I met a beautiful white horse, I didn't get any words but when I asked the question, I saw a herd of white horses, one leading, galloping towards me, a bright, blue sky and a Golden swathe above them.

20:33:33 From Paula To All Panelists : thanks guys, sorry I have got o leave... amazing xxxx
20:33:35 From Fiona To All Panelists : Thank you for making my Birthday weekend very special
20:33:39 From Marion : Thank you Nicola and Jason. A lovely experience. Many blessings. xx
20:33:42 From Julie white To All Panelists : What is a rainbow horse?
20:33:46 From Becky : fox my animal ate my heart and horse stamped on the gap, then placed herbs in and my heart regrew
20:33:50 From Moira To All Panelists : I’m sure your track had singing. I was singing along with the drum too.. I could hear the ancestors.
20:33:57 From Cait : Thank you XXX Sadly my Internet cut out but look forward to the replay xxx
20:34:01 From Emma : I saw a flash of dandelions, both flowers and seed heads in a field.
20:34:05 From Sarah To All Panelists : I also had a rabbit as my guide. I went into a rich muddy field and saw horse looking at me. I then saw purple light swirling. Thank you for a special evening. xx
20:34:10 From Anya : What do involuntary movements mean to you please dear Nicola?
20:34:12 From Jane To All Panelists : Thank you I must go.
20:34:14 From fae : I had undulating yellow and purple tonight and either a butterfly or moth fluttered by quickly. my third eye has been buzzing tonight since the beginning so something moving. I'm sure more will make itself known in my dreams xx
20:34:19 From Mark To All Panelists : toucan in earlier Guinness adverts then the really powerful Guinness adverts with horses and waves. peoples subconscious may have linked the two.
20:34:19 From Anya : üôè
20:34:20 From Ian : Thanks Guys
20:34:23 From Lynn To All Panelists : met a big bay, so strong and gleaming coat. - looked into his soul - healing -

20:34:29 From Fiona To All Panelists : My Birthday is Monday and my Chinese animal is the horse so this has been extra special ...
20:34:31 From Debbie - Angelbee To All Panelists : The horse I was riding shape shifted into Draco...we rose above the current issues and travelled to the future and my path yet to journey ..tasks yet to fulfil x
20:34:43 From angela : i met a white horse with soft eyes it showed me a dance, it was like a swan, so beautiful.
20:34:52 From Louise To All Panelists : Felt surge of energy at end felt naturally needed to tip head back then afterwards bowed to horse as we said goodbye
20:34:55 From Eejay McInnes : tingly feet, walking on strange ground!?
20:34:57 From Jayne : I also go really really hot when journeying - I get really agitated legs too….. Maybe its about getting moving. The drum vibe maybe makes me warm up - maybe flow better? Not sure
20:35:07 From Lorna Taylor To All Panelists : on path to oak tree saw a rainbow coloured bird strong bold colours. loads of horse heads rushing towards me then thrown of horse onto ground. pins sensation in hand rhs and foot and lhs stomach. brown horse with black main taking me over jumps. when I put my arms around horses neck it changed into a dog. at end white horse turned into a unicorn.
20:35:44 From Janet : Thank you so much - so powerful and such a blessing. Have to leave now. until we meet again.
20:35:55 From karen francis : I heard 'your life will completely change'- now outside we have thunder, hailstorm and a rainbow!
20:36:19 From John Beckett : A bodiless man came into the picture..blonde with short stubby beard..sinister connection with the murder in Portugal. Child’s body in a red box buried near to a galvanised metal trough with a black horse drinking. Bit weird…
20:36:48 From mark peter hudson : ohh my journey is so powerful that's a point ,, as it was very deep loads body sensations but crashed

20:36:51 From Megan : what do kittens mean if they appear?
20:36:53 From Yvonne Singh To All Panelists : I met with a white horse and it put it's head on my shoulder. My message was about unravelling(our world?, myself?) and adaptability.
20:37:00 From Anya : What is shaking your soul dancing?
20:37:05 From Karen To All Panelists : i had a mouse and badger as my animals
20:37:09 From Ruth : What does a llama mean?
20:37:09 From Peter To All Panelists : where is best place to find and trust characteristics?
20:37:15 From angelina williams : I met a beautiful magical glowing white horse. with ocean blue eyes. I also met a blue large winged bird she told me she was my voice to speak the truth and share my love and light with the world. I was shown a concrete path and I was sitting singing in colourful clothes in a beautiful place. Horse shown a magical world and the love and beauty that is around us. he asked me to fear less and become more vulnerable. amazing journey. so much more which I will journal.
20:37:18 From Sharon To All Panelists : I was shown that horse has the power to run free, yet often chooses to serve - if a horse decides to do, or not do, something it’s very difficult for anyone to make them. There is power in caring for the rest of the herd, but as the leader there is also responsibility in choosing the path to take the herd along. Sometimes the stallion ranges off alone, looking for greener pastures or new herd members.
20:37:36 From Margaret Saunders To All Panelists : Had to stretch my arms and hands up and out as if jumping for joy, then felt myself being spun away flat on my back in a large circle backwards and left, anticlockwise.. Then not much at all

20:37:36 From saira To All Panelists : thankyou! yes, Saira=Sarah x
20:37:43 From deborah anne walsh : right have to go now thankyou jayson very helpful the cow was only there for a second and then i was shown pure rapid imagery couldn't catch it all i feel giddy with all the energy lol right blessings to one and all and i send power and safety thoughts for those who will be marching in Manchester tomorrow blessed be and aho xx
20:37:50 From saira To All Panelists : I love dancing havent for ages
20:37:54 From Tracy : part of my journey I was on a war horse but I was also told that I have agentle spirit. this seems to contradict ?
20:37:54 From Jacqueline : First time doing a circle, but felt spirit as soon as circle opened. saw a white horse when invited, met a doe w antlers and hugged her neck in tears, drank from a beautiful woodland stream from the mountains, came to the white horse, hugged it's neck & cried. aked how to deal w fear, horse said courage & strength comes despite fear. felt so grateful for both these animals. forehead touched & kissed. grief over mothers failing health like what happens w matriarch mare moves on. grief, love, family, being healed of fatigue, needing stamina, thanked them & walked back.
20:38:15 From Patsy : I just remembered, I had a slim brownish bird with a yellow beak on my shoulder, during the journey
20:38:18 From Bob : I fell of the darned thing
20:38:21 From Indy : Awesome thanks so much and gratitude.... Have to leave now... Blessings
20:38:53 From Sonya To All Panelists : I met a herd who had a foal and a mare pregnant with twins amongst them, the foal was so sweet, I got lots of nuzzles and horsey kisses , they told me love was my greatest strength and they wanted to return some of the love that I give out to me

20:39:02 From Joanne Pepper : I had horse buzzing my face, showed me feed and turned them into hooves briefly (centaur), then becoming a horse (sensed connected to Native American Indian), showed back, broad and sturdy. Took into woods, weaved through by a stream - felt went between two horses Native American Indian and frontier (?). Arrived at a lake with mountains, I left horse, it drank and travelled into the mountains (sensed freedom), I became with it again and nuzzled again. Lots to look at!
20:39:17 From Maggie : my power animal arctic fox came.
20:39:19 From Tina : Thank you for allowing me to take this journey :)
20:39:28 From Angela Fumpson : Thank you for my first meet, lovely relaxing journey. Need to go to children. xxxx
20:39:31 From georgie : pheasant can calm and bring their heart rate right down into a semi conscious state then there heart rate can go up to 200bpm as they fly away. Amazing.
20:39:32 From linda : Thank you Nicola x I am feeling that I need to work with animals, dogs mainly, I have been grooming my own dog through the lockdown as I couldn't get to the local groomer and I have actually started a course on dog grooming, x This has been a difficult period and we lost one of our pets our Huskamute just as lockdown started, she was a powerful dog and we loved her so much, still do, miss her lots x
20:39:34 From Mandie : Etheric eyes, like clouds. Human looking across me, not at me. A horses eye, beautiful and strong
20:39:39 From Debbie To All Panelists : thank you so much
20:39:44 From Bethan : I feel things mostly, sometimes things are clear visually, not often. My horse, energetically was so peaceful, and powerful I felt and sensed our heads together. The word persistence was given to me. I am in the process of changing direction..and overwhelmed with my change and that it may actually be successful, so feel I need power and strength.

20:39:48 From Debbie To All Panelists : I have to go now xx
20:39:50 From kathycar : my guide was a rabbit, I became fidgety, legs tingling and lots of flashing lights, horses around but not near
20:40:05 From Rachel : I was riding through the waves on a horse and we became the waves crashing on the shore x
20:40:11 From Fiona To All Panelists : thank you for answering my question...positive vibes and blessing to you both
20:40:13 From Amy : i had a hawk appeared and could feel it so ton my shifter instead of a wolf when i started. i herd it cry and it flew offf but then i did not see it again. earlier when were picturing the meadow i saw a horse but it was rearing up


​20:40:18 From angela : have a good evening all and thank you, i need to go now goodnight
20:40:42 From Nicki : Thank you so much for your kind invitation to circle, bless you, time to leave now thank you.
20:40:55 From Cheryl : Thank you for a beautiful evening
20:41:01 From Pam To All Panelists : a felt as though I was floating and then playing in a pile of autumn leaves with my dog who past 10 years ago but with whim I felt so connected.
20:41:06 From Fiona To All Panelists : How do we get a copy of this journey as I would like to use it again later as well
20:41:20 From Toni : Thank you so much..such a deep state achieved x blessings x
20:41:20 From Michelle To All Panelists : Thankyou for this beautiful journey!
20:41:23 From irisrogan To All Panelists : Thank you
20:41:29 From Melanie To All Panelists : Lovely journey and appreciate your own generosity of spirit xx
20:41:40 From Tracy Barrett To All Panelists : thank you for your time x
20:41:40 From Anya : Thank you so much Jason and Nicola. I appreciate it so much ❤️❤️❤️
20:41:40 From saira To All Panelists : thankyou-much love x
20:41:43 From Tracey : Thank you both for holding space this evening.. Wishing Full Moon Blessings to all XXX
20:41:44 From John : thank you again both, great experience
20:41:45 From Sinead : Thank you
20:41:48 From Sue : Thank you

20:41:48 From Sarah : thank you so much xx
20:41:50 From Tina Neal To All Panelists : Thanks so much
20:41:50 From linda : Thank you for this lovely evening and experience, take care. stay safe xx
20:41:53 From Marilyn To All Panelists : thank you both for a wonderful experience üåà
20:41:57 From Caron : thank you, been lovely again :)
20:41:58 From Barbara Ann To All Panelists : Thank you xx
20:41:59 From Gillian : Thank you x
20:42:05 From Kirsty To All Panelists : Thankyou so much it’s been a lovely evening X💞
20:42:05 From Rachel : Thank you so much üôè
20:42:19 From Barbara Cartwright : thank you Nicola and Jason xxxx
20:42:21 From Yvonne Singh To All Panelists : Thank you so much Nicola and Jason, beautiful evening! X
20:42:23 From Ann : thank you so much for your generosity and sharingxx
20:42:23 From Julian To All Panelists : thank you
20:42:26 From Ara To All Panelists : Thank you very much to both of you :)
20:42:34 From Ilia wilcox : Thank you both and Blessings to all
20:42:39 From Karen To All Panelists : Thank you so much, that was a lovely experience x

20:42:42 From kathycar : thank you,as a first timer it was exciting to join the circle . Kathy. x
20:42:53 From Bethan : Thank you both, it has been beautiful evening.
20:44:14 From Karen To All Panelists : Hi where can I download the free book you mentioned? Please
20:44:47 From John Beckett : Thank you for this evening.. peace and light to all… xx J
20:44:57 From Fire To All Panelists : What does it mean when a small pony morphed into a crow ,thought the pony was my guide ,then I said common then,a jungle ,then a crow flew to me. Stayed in my shoulder.pony dissapeared.
20:45:01 From Alison : wow my temperature is rising again as I recite my desire for the future
20:45:09 From Anya : Thank you so much 🙏🙏🙏🙏♥️
20:45:16 From Fire To All Panelists : Thank you.x
20:45:16 From Lynn To All Panelists : thank you so much
20:45:25 From Anya : Blessings upon you 💚💜💖❤️
20:45:35 From Sarah Brattan : Thank you Nicola and Jason xx
20:45:50 From Julia To All Panelists : many blessings and thanks ❤️🙏
20:45:53 From Tara : Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, love and blessings x
20:45:59 From Eve To All Panelists : thankyou
20:46:03 From Suzy To All Panelists : Thankyou ❤️
20:46:08 From Eejay McInnes : thank you thank you thank you , love and light! 🙏🏻💛🙏🏻💜🙏🏻💙
20:46:12 From Anya : What date is, that please? :)
20:46:14 From Jayne : So excited for the next online retreat

20:46:16 From caroline To All Panelists : thank you so much, blessings to you both, Cxx
20:46:17 From Alison : a stunning evening and Im soooo looking forward to everything you do. 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤🤗🤗❤
20:46:31 From Carolyn : Summer solstice is also Fathers day this year
20:46:34 From Karen Grainger To All Panelists : Yes! Can't wait for the online retreat! :) Space to Emerge was so good this year xx
20:46:34 From Debi : can’t wait for Monday to book my place 😊💕
20:46:35 From Anya : Oh wow!
20:46:37 From annie Draj : I did the last online retreat Space to Emerge and can really recommend this
20:46:38 From Shirin : thank you for a wonderful insight. Love and light to all.
20:46:41 From Emma : Can’t wait for the festival!
20:46:45 From Carol : Thank you. May the full moon shine blessings on all!
20:46:48 From Linda : Thank you both, a lovely and powerful evening
20:46:53 From Anya : Please do!
20:46:58 From Simon : Will everybody be able to join in the Ceremony on the Friday, like last time?
20:46:58 From Anya : üòÅüòÅüòÅ
20:47:15 From Joanne To All Panelists : thoroughly enjoyed your last retreat and looking forward to the next one
20:47:18 From shona : Thank you both for a beautiful evening! I am a new member, you are both so welcoming and made me feel so comfortable as I take my first steps. Bright blessings.
20:47:25 From Liz To All Panelists : Thank you for tonight, love, peace and light blessings everyone 💜🦋💜

20:47:41 From annie Draj : See you all next Friday . thank you Nicola and Jason
20:48:09 From Mandy To All Panelists : Blessings and happiness
20:48:15 From Nicola Smalley :
20:48:15 From Jules Morgan-Rogers : Thank you both. Xxx❤️
20:48:26 From Maud : Thank you & happy full moon to all! ‚ú®üåï‚ú®
20:48:29 From Sarah Brattan : Full moon blessings to you all…. enjoy embracing your beautiful horse strength and power
20:48:35 From Helen : Thank you both a very powerful evening
20:48:38 From Jon : Thank you so much, a fantastic evening.
20:48:39 From Sue : Thank you so much 🙏🐴 🙏🌕
20:48:41 From maricia : thank you so much both love and light x
20:48:44 From Dawn To All Panelists : thank you Nicola and Jason
20:48:45 From annie Draj : you are both so generous thank you
20:48:47 From Becky : thank you
20:48:54 From Karen To All Panelists : Happy Full Moon to you all x
20:48:55 From Carolyn : Thanks both of you. Nice first experience x
20:48:56 From mark peter hudson : use the link to invite ??
20:48:58 From Maureen : thank you both x
20:48:59 From Louise To All Panelists : Thank you really loved this!
20:49:01 From Galaxy A3 (2016) To All Panelists : Thank you xxx
20:49:05 From Camille To All Panelists : Thankyou♥️
20:49:07 From marion To All Panelists : Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to join with heart.
20:49:18 From karen francis : Thank you both so much, love, light & laughterx
20:49:20 From mark peter hudson : thank you sprite and our wonderful circle
20:49:30 From Joanne Pepper : Many thanks for this evening
20:49:39 From Ann : Thank you

20:49:46 From Celia Ford : Thank you both and really enjoyed this journey, love and light to you all. Namaste
20:49:47 From jane To All Panelists : thank you so much for a wonderful evening. just had to pop out and put animals away! will send you an email. thank you both again xxxx
20:49:57 From Gill To All Panelists : Thank you so much üíïüêé
20:50:10 From Mandie : Thank you so much, amazing first experience with you guys. Thank you horse for my messages.
20:50:12 From fae : so looking forward to it and spending the solstice weekend together with you all. thank you everyone, stay safe and keep well. thank you Jason and Nicola it's been great üåïxx
20:50:28 From Ruth : Thank you for this evening Xx
20:50:43 From Sue Stopforth : Blessings to you, beautiful xx
20:50:51 From Peter : Thanks for this evening blessed be
20:50:58 From Rachel : Thank you I enjoyed learning about horse energy tonight x
20:51:15 From Mair : Thank you so much, it was very connecting, Mair x
20:51:32 From Jo To All Panelists : Thank you so much for guiding and holding the space. xxx
20:51:40 From Two owls (Alison) : Blessings for your generosity
20:51:48 From Denise To All Panelists : thank you and many Blessings xx
20:52:01 From Sonia To All Panelists : thank you for a wonderful evening. blessings to everyone x
20:52:07 From Bruna To All Panelists : Thank you both. Happy Anniversary...amazing evening..Ciao for now Bruna, Iain and Frankie x
20:52:26 From Karen To All Panelists : thank you both, really enjoyable and informative journey x
20:52:26 From Fausta : Thank you so much Jason and Nicola for another wonderful evening - blessed be xx

20:52:33 From mark peter hudson : Thank you thank you Thank you all Big Hugs and the Spirits
20:52:37 From Emma : Thank you both
20:52:38 From Megan : thank you!! it was amazing.
20:52:44 From Joanne To All Panelists : thank you xx
20:52:44 From Sally : Thank you and many blessings to all
20:52:44 From Simon : blessings to all, thank you
20:52:45 From Natalie To All Panelists : thank you
20:52:46 From Frances To All Panelists : blessings üíú
20:52:46 From Gill To All Panelists : thanks 🦋🦋🦋
20:52:48 From Jan : Thank you both and to Horse for the journey.
20:52:49 From Louise Drage : Thank you. x
20:52:49 From Jo D : THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU TWO. Sending Love from Glasgow xxxx
20:52:49 From susan : thank you both :)
20:52:50 From Emma : thanks so much both of you, have a good evening all
20:52:51 From Mary To All Panelists : Thank you all
20:52:52 From Lorna Smithers : Thank you - needed to connect in with my horse :)
20:52:52 From Keelin : Thank you so much, a beautiful experience
20:52:52 From Jazz To All Panelists : Thankyou xx
20:52:52 From Bridget & John To All Panelists : Thanks both, bye#
20:52:52 From Anya : So special. Thank you 🙏❤️
20:52:52 From G : deep thanks and gratitude
20:52:53 From Helen : thank you goodnight lovely people xxx
20:52:53 From Tiffani : Thank you to you both x
20:52:54 From karen francis : lovely energy x

20:52:54 From Jane : Thank you Jason, Nicola, and all. Blessings. Beautiful evening. xx
20:52:54 From Rhona : Thank you so much See you again soon Full moon blessings to you all <3
20:52:54 From Emma Taylor : Thank you both for a wonderful evening, blesings to all x
20:52:56 From Gill : Thank you Jason & Nicola, blessings to you both x
20:52:57 From patriciascott To All Panelists : Thank you. üôèüíú
20:52:57 From Bob : Brilliant as ever guys a joy to be with yiu
20:52:58 From sond To All Panelists : full moon blessinfg
20:52:58 From Helen : Thank you everyone -that was so oo lovely
20:52:58 From Avril To All Panelists : thank you üå∑
20:52:59 From Tracy : thank you.
20:52:59 From Michelle To All Panelists : 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
20:53:00 From Karen Grainger : Thanks to everyone for tonight xxx
20:53:00 From Debbie : Thank you so much to you both. Take care x
20:53:01 From Sue Buck-Williams To All Panelists : Full moon love and thank you xx
20:53:02 From Lesley : hail and farewell to you all
20:53:02 From Jackie Jones : Thank you... Bye!
20:53:03 From angelina williams : Thank you both, blessings to you all ❤️
20:53:03 From Jayne : And thank you Jason and Nicola, a wonderful evening as usual. Have a blessed weekend and Happy Anniversary x
20:53:03 From Sarah : ❤️

20:53:03 From Alyson Powell To All Panelists : Thank you . Wonderful üå∏
20:53:04 From Lilla : Thank you
20:53:04 From Bethan Jones To All Panelists : thank you both
20:53:05 From Sharon Abercrombie To All Panelists : thank you hope to see you both soon in chilly Chorley xx
20:53:06 From Jim To All Panelists : Thank you for a fantastic journey. My first vision. Now off to find out what a chimpanzee and gorilla meant to convey. Goodnight and blessings
20:53:07 From Katie James To All Panelists : Love and blessing to you both and all senitent beings and Mother Earth xxx
20:53:07 From Michael To All Panelists : In full faith, thank you.
20:53:08 From Sian To All Panelists : thank you very much x
20:53:13 From jayne mcfarlane : Thankyou, see you soon xx
20:53:14 From Roz To All Panelists : thank you look forward to next week
20:53:14 From Faye To All Panelists : Thank you so much.
20:53:15 From Margaret Saunders : Thank you Jason and Nicola love and blessings namaste
20:53:16 From sond To All Panelists : full moon blessings thk you
20:53:16 From Liz : thank you for another beautiful circle many blessings to you both good night xxx
20:53:16 From Lins To All Panelists : thank you so much - so great to find like minded people - thanks and blessings to all.

20:53:18 From Laryna To All Panelists : Thanks a lot
20:53:18 From Sonya : Thank you both x
20:53:19 From Fiona To All Panelists : positive vibes and blessing to you both se you soon. look forwa
20:53:19 From Maggie : bright blessings and many thanks üôè
20:53:19 From John : thanks again and happy anniversary
20:53:21 From Dawn To All Panelists : thank you
20:53:22 From Julie P. : thank you
20:53:22 From Ayesha : thankyou x
20:53:23 From Patsy : thank you so much, Jason & Nicola, lovely evening. Missed Blue :) bye
20:53:24 From Paula : Thanks so much, love to you both xxx
20:53:24 From Di Nicholson : Blessings and thank you
20:53:25 From Annie : Thank youx
20:53:26 From Debbie To All Panelists : bye
20:53:26 From Lois : Appreciate you and all you do for us. What a treasure it's been. Thank you!

Introducing The Way of The Buzzard Mystery School

In these unsettling times as the world pauses it is our moment to drop into a different space, away from the turmoil of the chattering mind, and reach out to taste that balm for our soul.

The shamanic path was made for this moment.

If you are looking to resource yourself spirituality and learn more about shamanism then the Mystery School is the perfect place for you. Here you can learn how to draw the healing magic nature holds, through deep nature connection, animal spirit medicine, tree spirit medicine and by aligning yourself with the natural rhythms of the earth.

Here you can learn how to access the wisdom from your spirit guides at a moment’s notice through shamanic journeying and call in support through ceremony. Here you can learn techniques on how to protect yourself in these unfolding times and cushion yourself from the uncertainty that the coming weeks and months hold.

We have over 100 hours of content to delve into in The Mystery School, all delivered through easy-to-watch videos, as well as our monthly live shamanic journey circle, our regular live coaching calls and our private facebook group. All our lessons include activities which you can easily follow without even needing to leave your home or garden if you have one.

Here you have a place to come to where you can come and join in with a community of like-minded travellers to kick off your shoes and place your feet on the bare earth. A place where you can rest and recuperate, immersing yourself in the healing energies of nature.

A place where you can calm yourself by tuning in to listen the soft reassuring words from your spirit guides.

All if this is available to you for just £14 per month with no lock in period. It's the shamanic alternative to Netflix!

Come and give us a try… our community is waiting on the other side to welcome you so we can journey through these times together.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are a few words from folk in The Mystery School who were at our special Spring Equinox Circle:

Thoughts from our clan about the Mystery School from last night:

The mystery school community has been truly wonderful this week - a calming place that has made me feel much better and grounded, so thank you.


Thank you so much. This tribe/clan and your generous spiritual work is genuinely helping keep me sane and balanced.


 The Mystery school has helped me over this week for sure, beyond today and into the this coming period.


thank you for creating a truly beautifully crafted evening.


The Mystery School is amazing, and has been a real oasis for me at a very difficult time. 


Loving this journeying planning... I'm a nurse!!


It’s excellent resource.


thank you so much for all you do it's greatly appreciated.


its an honour to be a part of this beautiful circle.


find out more here...

To find out more follow this link. We have a webpage explaining all about the School and to enrol scroll down to the bottom and click “enrol now”. We are excited about the thought of seeing you there.

© 2020,The Way of The Buzzard