The Way of The Buzzard

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Our masterclasses are stand-alone courses on specific topics.

These courses suit people who want to focus on one specific topic, and really deepen into that subject area. Whereas in the Mystery School you have access our courses through a monthly subscription, our masterclasses are paid for outright. So, you essentially have lifetime access to any masterclass course that you purchase.

In our masterclasses, we go into a lot of detail about that particular topic, enabling you to really deepen into the subject. They are packed full of activities that you can carry out alongside theoretical explanations and a reading list.

Currently, we have two masterclasses available to buy: The Healing Drum and From Chaos to Clarity. We have one masterclasses in the pipeline: Ancestral Echoes - A step-by-step guide to healing inherited ancestral patterns that are holding you back.

The Healing Drum

Deepen into your sacred drum practice

More and more people are returning to the drum. This comprehensive course will get you set up and able to deepen into your own sacred, healing drum practice, whatever your spiritual path.

In this masterclass, you will learn about the history of the drum for sacred practice, the power of the drum and its healing benefits.

We include tuition on various healing drum beats, including the standard heartbeat, slow heartbeat, Earth heartbeat and tribal beat, as well as the shamanic journey beat. And there is information on caring for your drum, getting to know your drum and advice on how to go about choosing a drum.

If you've already purchased The Healing Drum Masterclass course access it here.

From Chaos to Clarity

Carve out time for your spiritual practice.

Our ‘Finding Time for a Spiritual Practice’ masterclass is a step-by-step course to help you reclaim your time and reconnect with your spirituality. Delve into the heart of your daily struggles, uncover the roots of time scarcity and nurture your self-worth.

In this masterclass, you'll have the opportunity to discover practical spiritual routines, gaining insight into what an effective spiritual practice entails and the time commitment it requires. You'll also delve into the reasons behind time constraints that often hinder spiritual growth, and learn strategies to carve out valuable moments for personal development within your busy life, engaging in activities that support your overall well-being.

If you’ve already purchased ‘Finding Time for a Spiritual Practice’ Masterclass course login here.

If you've already purchased the Finding Time for a Spiritual Practice Masterclass course access it here.

Ancestral Echoes

A step-by-step guide to healing inherited ancestral patterns that are holding you back

Standing behind each one of us is a line of ancestors with stories to tell. Many go unheard in Western culture, where ancestors are forgotten and family secrets unspoken. They are waiting to be uncovered as we are carrying our ancestors’ wounds within us.

Through this masterclass you will learn how ancestral trauma is passed down the family line, and how to heal wounds that aren’t yours to carry. Techniques you will be guided through include shamanic journeying, building your family tree, pilgrimages, ceremony & ritual, dreamwork and storytelling.

We will launch this masterclass in 2024. Please sign up to our email list to receive a notification when the programme is ready. 

In the meantime, you are interested in ancestral healing we recommend taking a look at Nicola’s book: Path to Forgotten Freedom: Healing Unresolved Ancestral Trauma.

Looking for a masterclass that you've purchased? Click this button

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