Here's your recording of the Lammas 2021 Ceremony

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Here's the recording of our Lammas Celebration along with the short film 'Seeing the Small Things - a meadow meditation'.

We gathered together at the time of the August New Moon, which coincided with the Lion's Gate, when our sun is aligned with the star Sirius, to mark Lammas. The evening included a talk about the Lammas energies, a special nature connection film created by Jason, and a guided shamanic journey. Together we explored how we can notice and express gratitude for the small things of life. We rounded the evening off with a Lammas-New Moon-Lion's Gate ceremony, and an explanation of an optional follow on activity.

The nature film begins at 40 minutes. The shamanic journey begins at 60 minutes.

There's a transcript of the chat discussion lower down this page that you can read through to get a full flavour of the discussion.

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Your hosts:

Nicola & Jason Smalley
The Way of The Buzzard

In challenging times such as these it's important to reach out to our guides and seek the wisdoms we need to remain resilient and fearless.

We are committed to help our Way of The Buzzard clan navigate a path through the maze of confusion and uncertainty by encouraging the use of the Shamanic toolkit that's so easily available to us,

Here's the transcript from the Lammas Celebration

The Discussion

18:54:34 From Leonard : Good Evenig Nottingham in sunshine
18:54:36 From Charlie Murray : Greetings Charlie here
18:54:38 From Karen : Hello Jason & Nicola. Great to be here xx
18:54:42 From Kyla To All Panelists : Hello from Kyla in Stoke on Trent
18:54:44 From Cheryl To All Panelists : Hi there!
18:54:46 From Tina : üëãüíó
18:54:47 From Sarah : Hello everyone from Libby and Sarah in Fromexx
18:54:48 From Carol : Hi everyone x
18:54:48 From Steve W To All Panelists : Good evening everyone from Steve in a warm but windy Topcliffe North Yorkshire. ❤️🙏
18:54:49 From Shelly : Hello, good evening!
18:54:51 From Jo Kieft To All Panelists : Yo from Jo Happy Lammas All :)
18:54:57 From Laine : good evening from Laine and Trev xx
18:55:01 From Melanie To All Panelists : Hi from Melanie from Standish now in Alaska where it’s 10am!
18:55:01 From Tracey : Greetings from southwales üôèüíóüôè
18:55:02 From Ann To All Panelists : Hi everyone from Glasgowxx
18:55:03 From Fae Eilbeck : Evening everyone, Lammas Blessings to you all, mines changed to Hosts and Panelist’s or Everyone xx
18:55:08 From Yvonne : Hi everybody from Yvonne and Amy in Cheshire
18:55:09 From Di : Hi everyone
18:55:10 From Allison : hello from Cambridge!
18:55:11 From Carol : Hi, everyone! From Little Falls, New York
18:55:11 From Jill : Lammas and new moon greetings from a rather wet, Lancaster!
18:55:14 From Lisa : Hello from Lisa from Cellarhead Happy Lammas
18:55:18 From Julie : So looked forward to this. Greetings from Holsworthy, North Devon xx
18:55:25 From Alyson : Good evening everyone. From South Wales xx
18:55:25 From Sheena To All Panelists : from Sheena
18:55:25 From Sandra : Hi everyone. Lovely to be here. Sandra from Waterlooville in Hampshire
18:55:26 From Jane : Hello from Jane and Steve in north cumbria
18:55:28 From Caroline : Hello everyone, Caroline from Selston, Nottinghamshire. xx
18:55:29 From Sue : Hi from Sue & Anne in Morecambe
18:55:31 From Betty : Hello everyone from Betty in Finedon X
18:55:39 From Rosie Thayer To All Panelists : Hi, Rosie here from Somerset.
18:55:39 From Sharon Abercrombie To All Panelists : Hello 👋🏻 lovely to see you xx
18:55:40 From Carol : greetings from Carol near Wray
18:55:40 From Shelly : Hello from Shelly in Stourbridge, West Midlands!
18:55:43 From Mandy : Hi Mandy from Weymouth üåû
18:55:44 From Karen : Good evening all, Karen from Skye
18:55:47 From Lyn Swan To All Panelists : hello from windy Blackpool X
18:55:50 From Sheena To All Panelists : Hi everyone great to be with you this evening x
18:55:51 From Cheryl To All Panelists : Hi from a beautiful but very wet Lake District xx
18:55:53 From Tara powell Powell To All Panelists : Hello from Tara in Gloucester x
18:55:57 From Sue : hi from sue from Devon x
18:55:59 From Faye : Hi all, Faye from a sunny stoke on trent
18:56:00 From Gongster jo : hello lovelies xxx
18:56:01 From Sue To All Panelists : Hi All, Greeting from Gorleston on sea xx
18:56:03 From Paulina : Hello everyone great to be here - sharing Lammas with you all - Rotherham South Yorkshire
18:56:04 From Kay : hello from Kay in liverpool lammas greetings
18:56:05 From Robbie : hi everyone happy Lammas
18:56:08 From Susan Beedell To All Panelists : Hello everyone from sue in Devon x
18:56:09 From Janis To All Panelists : Hello,Janis from Glasgow x
18:56:12 From Susan To All Panelists : hello all, Susan from Newcastle
18:56:14 From Kate Rawding To All Panelists : Hi Kate from Portsmouth Uk
18:56:14 From Karen : Hello Everyone, from here in London
18:56:20 From karen : hi everyone and good evening. Karen from Leigh, Lancs here. Lammas Blessings to one and all x
18:56:21 From Avalon Wisdom To All Panelists : Blessings from just outside Manchester
18:56:23 From Ellyn To All Panelists : Hi everyone, Elly from Wakefield üëã
18:56:26 From Annmaree : Greetings from Dartmoor
18:56:27 From Carol : Hi, Blue!
18:56:33 From Helen Whitehead To All Panelists : HI from Helen here with Carol!!
18:56:36 From C : Greetings from London x
18:56:37 From kathycar To All Panelists : Hi, Kathy from HAmpshire a very windy, showery evening with the promise of a good sunset
18:56:38 From Gill : hi from Gill in Newcastle upon Tyne, Lammas blessings
18:56:43 From Katie : Hi everyone Lammas greetings from Katie in West Midlands
18:56:49 From Geoffrey : Hello from Geoff & Chris in Rhos on Sea
18:56:49 From Ali : Glad you had a lovely holiday. Lovely to have you back x
18:56:52 From Lesley To All Panelists : Happy Lammas from sunny Devon
18:56:54 From Angelina Henderson : Hi from Angelina Nailsworth. X
18:57:05 From Sandy To All Panelists : Hello from Belgiumüíú
18:57:05 From julie : Hello from Monmouth. Lammas greetings 🦁
18:57:06 From Alison : Hello everyone from here in South London - just been for a wild windy walk - not muggy!
18:57:20 From Jo Kieft To All Panelists : Please don't have shoe drying domestic! Haha!
18:57:33 From Gongster jo : damp in Dartmoor devon
18:57:46 From Kulwant Sathi : hello its my first time here
18:57:49 From Angela To All Panelists : Hello from. Devon x
18:57:53 From Mary To All Panelists : Mary from Malvern Hi Happy Day
18:57:54 From Chetana Greenwood : Merry Meet from Southampton
18:57:56 From Louise To All Panelists : soggy in Stratford on Avon
18:57:58 From Tina : If you want everyone to see the message, you need to click on all panelists and attendees in the ‘to’ box otherwise only me, Jason and Nicola see it
18:58:07 From Lynn : Hi from Otley!
18:58:12 From Kulwant Sathi : from birmingham
18:58:13 From Tina : Hello everyone
18:58:18 From Karen : Hello Tina! x
18:58:20 From Jack : Blessings from Stafford.
18:58:22 From Judit Barrass To All Panelists : Hi from Yorkshire. Thank you for having me ❤️🙏🏼
18:58:22 From Fae Eilbeck : Ending Tina x
18:58:23 From C : Blue skies in Putney now x
18:58:30 From Jean To All Panelists : Hi from Jean in soggy Macclesfield having spent the day in soggy Buxton 🤪
18:58:30 From Tina : You're welcome
18:58:33 From Fae Eilbeck : Sorry evening üòÇ
18:58:34 From Ian : Hi from Essex!!!
18:58:37 From Andrea : Hello from Settle
18:58:40 From Jill : Hi from Jill In Stockport x
18:58:41 From Jayne : Hi everyone from Jayne in a beautiful sunny Stoke.
18:58:44 From Tina : that's what Tina's do üòÇüëã
18:58:44 From Mark : Hello from Hertfordshire
18:58:46 From Jayne To All Panelists : Greetings from Sunny Berlin xx
18:58:47 From Min Ryan : Bright Blessings üíùüí´üåå
18:58:47 From Ali To All Panelists : Blessings from Manchester!
18:58:50 From Patti To All Panelists : First time. Hello from Arizona
18:58:54 From Ursidia : Good evening everyone, Ursidia here in Kent
18:59:04 From Charlie Murray : W of the B quote " everyone needs a Tina"
18:59:05 From Allison : Hi from Allison from Evesham, Worcestershire
18:59:08 From kathycar : Hi Tina
18:59:08 From Rebecca : Hello from a wet/ sunny/ wet Matlock xx
18:59:08 From Mary Light To All Panelists : Hi... From East Sussex.
18:59:11 From Michael To All Panelists : Hi from St Albans
18:59:11 From Melanie To All Panelists : Hi from Alaska!
18:59:16 From Fran : Hello from the the wet Norfolk coast.
18:59:18 From Patti To All Panelists : Hot and even humidy
18:59:30 From Michael To All Panelists : Hi everyone from St Albans
18:59:34 From Dharma : Hello from the Dark Peak, Derbyshire
18:59:34 From vicky To All Panelists : Hi, Vicky from Brighton
18:59:36 From Tony To All Panelists : A big hello and blessings from not so sunny Blackpool 😊❤️🙏🏻
18:59:38 From Catherine Webb To All Panelists : Evening from Wales
18:59:40 From Faye : Hello from Hampshire <3
18:59:41 From Tina : If you want everyone to see the message, you need to click on all panelists and attendees in the ‘to’ box otherwise only me, Jason and Nicola see it
18:59:43 From Sam : Hi from Shoreham Sussex x, Greetings ! /l\
18:59:51 From Alison : Hi from Alison in Portishead, Bristol
18:59:52 From Rosalind : Hello everyone from Sunderland xx
18:59:52 From Janet : Good Evening from West Berkshire.
18:59:56 From Wendy : Hi Fran, also on the Norfolk coast, fist timer, hello everyone
18:59:59 From David : Hello from Kent
18:59:59 From Melanie To All Panelists : Yes I live in Standish - that’s me but I’m back in Alaska
19:00:02 From Galaxy S10 : Hi Everyone üôÇüôè
19:00:08 From Emma Taylor : Hello everyone, from Northwich
19:00:09 From Dee Lister : hey all üëã from nearly sunny Bolton
19:00:10 From Fi To All Panelists : Hi Guys, from Manchester. lovely to see you, its been raining here for a change xx
19:00:12 From Linda To All Panelists : Hi from Car;lisle, Cumbria
19:00:17 From Angela To All Panelists : It’s beautiful in Devin mild and warm awesome
19:00:23 From Linda To All Panelists : Carlisle
19:00:23 From Joanne : Hi Nicola and Jason, a mixed bag here in Surrey.
19:00:24 From Tina : blessings from Bognor Regis xxx
19:00:31 From Michael : Hi from St Albans
19:00:32 From Patricia To All Panelists : Hello from Juneau Alaska
19:00:35 From Katya : hi from Bournemouth
19:00:36 From Tina : Hello everyone. if you want everyone to see the message, you need to click on all panelists and attendees in the ‘to’ box otherwise only me, Jason and Nicola see it
19:00:38 From Ian : Sunny Essex (Well it was.....)
19:00:41 From Brie To All Panelists : Hello and love to all from Conwy N Wales - windy üòåüòú
19:00:42 From David To All Panelists : Hi everyone üòä
19:00:43 From Andrea : hello from sunny bishop auckland
19:00:51 From Debra : Hi from Debra in Bury
19:00:57 From Gaynor : Hi all from Kent
19:00:57 From Helen : Hi from Helen in Selsey
19:01:05 From Rosemary Greenough To All Panelists : Hello everyone from Rose in Oxfordshire.
19:01:11 From Brie : Love to all from Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
19:01:12 From Sue Hagger : Hello from Yorkshire
19:01:15 From Michelle : hi from Dundee 🌻
19:01:16 From Charlotte : Hello all, from Waterlooville üëã
19:01:17 From Sheila : hi
19:01:17 From Linda : Sorry, Hi from Carlisle, Cumbria
19:01:22 From Kathy from Brora : Hello all panelists and attendees from Kathy in Brora xxx
19:01:23 From Charlotte To All Panelists : Evening all - Charlotte from West Yorkshire 🥰
19:01:30 From Maureen To All Panelists : Hi all from Maureen in Manchester
19:01:35 From Helen : Hello from Cornwall
19:01:40 From Tina : hi Helen im just down the road in bognor
19:01:45 From Sheila : hi, sheila from weymouth
19:01:46 From Annie : Hi from Annie in Norfolk, a Sunny, heavy showers and thundery sort of day. Lammas blessing to you all
19:01:47 From Teresa-Iche To All Panelists : Hello dear travelers…Teresa - Felpham south coast of UK 💜
19:01:57 From Michelle Hardwick : Hi Everyone - Chelmsford , Essex
19:02:01 From Sally To All Panelists : hello from Devon
19:02:02 From Joanna : Hello from Isle of Lewis xx
19:02:08 From Ian : Lammas Blessings All!
19:02:12 From Sam : Blue is beautiful!x
19:02:17 From Lynn : Hi guys, joining from Belmont x
19:02:26 From Rosemary Greenough To All Panelists : Hi Sis Sue Beedell xxx
19:02:27 From Yvonne : Hello from South Brent in Devonx
19:02:28 From Marie : Hi, Marie from Nottinghamshire x
19:02:32 From Isabelle To All Panelists : Hi 🙋‍♀️ Isabelle here from the West Country Somerset ☮️
19:02:33 From Sonya : Hello to All from Sonya and Martin in Essex üôÇ x
19:02:41 From Tina : Hello everyone
19:02:57 From Gina To All Panelists : Hi Tina.
19:02:59 From Angela To All Panelists : Hello Tinax
19:03:00 From Janet : good evening all üíö from South Wales
19:03:00 From Pauline : Hi, from Clayton Le Woods
19:03:01 From Fiona Marie : Hellooo! 🐱🌻from Worcestershire
19:03:08 From Jo Kieft : Thanks techy Tina I've clicked on everyone now x
19:03:09 From Peter : Hello Tina
19:03:10 From Gongster jo : hello tina
19:03:23 From Debbie : Hi from Manchester
19:03:45 From Rebecca To All Panelists : Hi from The Hud (Huddersfield)
19:03:46 From Ian : Hi Tina!
19:03:46 From Jan To All Panelists : Hello from Norfolk üôÇ
19:03:52 From Paula : Hi, Paula from Newcastle üíñ
19:03:55 From Tanya Smalley To All Panelists : Hello xx
19:04:06 From Tina To All Panelists : hi HELEN
19:04:09 From Susan : Good evening
19:04:22 From Beverly To All Panelists : Hi everyone, from down near Dartmoorom
19:04:38 From Jane : Love the name The Way of the Buzzard
19:04:40 From Anny : Helloooooo Everyone :o) So looking forward to this evening xxx Anny in Scarborough
19:04:52 From Jelly : Good evening everyone! Long time no see, so good to be here! xxx
19:05:02 From Min Ryan Nb Moonlight No.3, Nantwich UK : Bright Blessings everyone üååüí´üíùüåü
19:05:07 From Tanya To All Panelists : Hello everyone, Tanya and Louise here from near Hull
19:05:31 From Tanya To All Panelists : Sending love
19:05:57 From Sandra : Hi Everyone from Sandra in Northumberland 🤎💚🌞💫
19:06:07 From Iris To All Panelists : Hello everyone, on ths very special day when Sirius is also welcomed back into our skys
19:06:17 From Rebekah To All Panelists : hello from Suffolk! Nice to join you again
19:06:26 From sue To All Panelists : hi im sue from midlands
19:06:47 From Tina : Hello everyone, If you want everyone to see the message, you need to click on all panelists and attendees in the ‘to’ box otherwise only me, Jason and Nicola see it
19:06:49 From SaaRa Starlight To All Panelists : Hello BEautiful people ‚ú® Blessed to BE here with you All again üíì Michelle SaaRa UK
19:06:50 From Louise : Hi from Louise in London
19:07:11 From Helen Whitehead : Hi from Helen from Newcastle currently just outside Lancaster with Carol x Happy Lammas nice to be with you all x
19:07:17 From Tanya : Hello everyone, Tanya and Louise here from near HullSending love
19:07:22 From Ruth To All Panelists : Hi everyone from Ruth in Bath x
19:07:29 From Ian : Hi Tina......just want to confirm, can I be seen?
19:07:44 From Jack : Our native Druid tradition is shamanistic.
19:07:48 From Isabelle To All Panelists : Happy Llamas to all 🌻
19:07:50 From Tara powell Powell To All Panelists : Thanks 🙏 internet 🤦‍♀️
19:07:51 From Tina To All Panelists : hI helen in selsey xxx im in Bognor xxx
19:07:53 From Peter To All Panelists : @Tina - the selection says "Everyone" on our screens
19:07:54 From Linda : Looking forward to this evening
19:08:00 From Maria : Evening everyone. Really pleased to be sharing this time with you all.
19:08:08 From Jo Kieft : I can see your message Ian but not your body -if thatm akes sense?
19:08:11 From Min Ryan Nb Moonlight No.3, Nantwich UK : No Ian
19:08:14 From Penelope To All Panelists : Hi from Pene in Rutland.
19:08:16 From Rachael To All Panelists : Hello everyone, thank’s to the “wheel of fortune” for stopping on my name letting me win 🙏
19:08:22 From Tina : Thanks Linda
19:08:30 From Ian : Lol!üòÄ Thanks
19:08:57 From Marina Kynoch To All Panelists : Fab does that mean I can jump in the bath? üòÇ
19:09:17 From Anny : Yes this group and you means sooo much to me
19:09:37 From Rosemary Greenough To All Panelists : Watching the bird eating xxx🥰
19:09:47 From Tina To Rachael and All Panelists : your message was only to panellists, you need to click on everyone
19:09:51 From Ian : Is that a pigeon out the window?
19:10:04 From Kyla : I was looking at the pigeon as well haha
19:10:22 From Sharon Abercrombie To All Panelists : I was watching it too üòä
19:10:33 From Lesley : Hullo from Birmingham! Wild and windy,glad to be with you all.
19:10:35 From Paulina : +me too - they visit me every morning to clear the bird table :
19:11:01 From Lois : Thank you! Happy to be in circle with the Way of the Buzzard tribe to celebrate Lammas with you all.
19:12:03 From Patsy : Hi Jason, Nicola and everyone. Happy Lammas to you all
19:12:28 From Lynn : Divine timing
19:12:35 From Patsy : I went to Belas Knap, Long Barrow this morning for a Lions Gate Meditiaion. It was wonderful
19:12:41 From SaaRa Starlight To All Panelists : Yes I was Wondering why my bird feeder was going down so quickly, then I saw a Wonderful squirell upside down helping himself ‚ú®
19:12:59 From Mary : With Kelly?
19:13:01 From Ian : Wow Patsy that sounds amazing!
19:13:03 From lynne To All Panelists : Lovely to be with you again.. Lynne Poole
19:13:26 From Lizzie Austin : So happy to be with yo celebrating Lammas and the new moon too, yes divine timing with the Lion’s gate…
19:13:37 From Alison : What a treat😊🌳❤️
19:13:46 From Melanie : So excited for Jason’s new nature video!!
19:13:55 From Tara powell Powell To All Panelists : Me too patsy ... hi!
19:14:27 From Tina : Here it is:
19:20:17 From Jan To All Panelists : Sorry I am late
19:27:14 From Lynn : Nights drawing in
19:27:14 From Jo Kieft : Rowan Berries
19:27:16 From Charlotte : I have.
19:27:20 From Brie : Darker nights
19:27:22 From Rachael To All Panelists : Blackberries
19:27:23 From Anny : The birdsong is different
19:27:25 From Lynn : Berries
19:27:29 From Tina To Tara powell Powell and All Panelists : If you want everyone to see the message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box otherwise only me, Jason and Nicola see it
19:27:29 From Rebecca : Blackberries
19:27:30 From Avalon Wisdom : Darker nights and mornings
19:27:30 From Joanne : Dawn chorus has stopped
19:27:33 From Lynn : Flowers seeding
19:27:33 From Rosemary Greenough To All Panelists : Nights drawing in
19:27:34 From Brie : Cooler smell to twilight air
19:27:34 From Gloria To All Panelists : Seeds stuck to my cats fur
19:27:35 From Michelle : change in the light and air
19:27:36 From Paulina : The R
19:27:36 From Ali : A fullness, berries, ripeness.
19:27:37 From Sam : leggy plants, plants going to seed
19:27:37 From Louise To All Panelists : almost Autumnal air some days
19:27:38 From Dee Lister : leaves gave started to fall and brown
19:27:38 From Sally Hamlett To All Panelists : Blackberries and seed heads
19:27:39 From Ian : Acorns
19:27:39 From Penelope To All Panelists : Corn ripenng
19:27:41 From julie : Rowan berries, puffballs
19:27:42 From Tony : Tasty blackberries, wild strawberries and wild raspberries.
19:27:43 From Kay : First mushrooms are out now.
19:27:43 From Lizzie Austin : Elderberries forming now
19:27:43 From Gongster jo : autumn feel
19:27:46 From Julie : Felt the first hint of Autumn on its way.
19:27:46 From SaaRa Starlight : Autumn leaves, the leaves are falling üíö
19:27:52 From Allison : ripening fruit
19:27:52 From Rebecca To All Panelists : Apples heavy on the tree and small ones blowing off
19:27:54 From Alison : Blackberries nearly ready to pick - amazing Rowan berries
19:27:56 From Rachael To All Panelists : Cooler mornings,
19:27:57 From Tanya : darker mornings
19:27:57 From Fiona Marie : beautiful vermillion orange-red rowan berries
19:27:58 From Paulina : The rowan is full of red berries already
19:27:59 From Vicky : Lammas growth - new oak leaves
19:28:02 From Marie : The light has changed, thickened...
19:28:02 From Lesley- Anne To All Panelists : I smell Autumn on the air
19:28:04 From Jessie : Light changing. Smell of autumn in the mornings
19:28:05 From Kulwant Sathi : big changes for sure
19:28:06 From Gaynor : Plants & grasses gone to seed
19:28:06 From Jo D : sweet earthy smells - especially after the rain
19:28:06 From Kay : colder nights and evening drawing g I
19:28:07 From Tina : Hello everyone, If you want everyone to see the message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box otherwise only me, Jason and Nicola see it
19:28:08 From Sharon Abercrombie To All Panelists : Plums and blueberries ripening fresh plum crumble
19:28:09 From Lynn : So many changes! Many less swallows, early autumn, weather patterns, eech nuts
19:28:10 From Ursidia : Sloes are beginning to ripen, haws begins to form and seeds are ready to drop. Grasses heavy with grains…
19:28:11 From Sarah : Apples have started falling off my apple tree and the blackberries are nearly ready
19:28:11 From Andrea : Ducks are moulting
19:28:12 From lynne To All Panelists : Swelling marrows.
19:28:13 From Tina To All Panelists : rain and getting a bit colder, beautiful sunsets
19:28:13 From Tanya Smalley To All Panelists : My seeds have flowered
19:28:15 From Sue To All Panelists : early berries in hedgerows, elderberries and hazelnuts
19:28:16 From Annie To All Panelists : Autumn colours
19:28:16 From Alyson To All Panelists : The air smells different and the quality of light is different too.
19:28:18 From Miranda : the winds are rising
19:28:18 From Steve W : Cooler nights
19:28:19 From Tanya : More electricity in the air
19:28:22 From Charlotte : sorry, I have noticed berries and Lords and ladies
19:28:22 From Fae Eilbeck : Lots of Rosen berries, the first blackberries and the grasses finishing shedding their seeds xx
19:28:25 From Lizzie Austin : Goldenrod in florer
19:28:27 From Pauline : apples are turning red.and bigger now
19:28:27 From Katrin To All Panelists : Berries,seeds, darker mornings
19:28:27 From Sandy To All Panelists : Summer is ready to leave soon...
19:28:28 From Rosemary Greenough : Dew on the grass and mist in the mornings
19:28:30 From Jelly : Different feeling in the air, slightly mournful.
19:28:33 From Cheryl To All Panelists : greens turning to golds. Reds turning to browns
19:28:33 From Yvonne : Chill in the air, dragonflies mating
19:28:33 From John : It's certainly got wetter recently. : )
19:28:39 From Jill : Seeds forming, green berrie,s nights drawing in,
19:28:41 From Rebekah To All Panelists : apples growing
19:28:47 From Melanie To All Panelists : Fireweed is finishing blooming
19:28:50 From Deborah : the baby birds have pretty much fledged, I'm starting to collect seeds, mostly borage. Garden with all the rain, is not as overblown as would normally have been in the heat. Berries started to form. Mornings cooler
19:28:50 From Julie : The hedges growing tall
19:28:51 From Miranda : blackberries...and the smell of hay
19:28:51 From kathycar : The leafy canopy and the air is different
19:28:55 From Karen : meadowsweet has reached it's peak and is about to seed
19:29:01 From Lynn : I smelt it too! Over a week ago
19:29:04 From Ali : Someone said, slightly mournful - I feel that too.
19:29:10 From Isabelle To All Panelists : Conkers on the ground
19:29:13 From Ann : Condensation on the car windows due to change in weather, change in flowers, and crops mature.
19:29:15 From Tracey : brambles in the hedgerows
19:29:20 From Lizzie Austin : everything is growing tall
19:29:20 From Debbie : Autumn definitely makes herself known first by the smell in the air!
19:29:23 From Vicky : Guelder rose berries turning scarlet
19:29:25 From Linda : Cooler nights and mornings
19:29:28 From Sarah : more spiders webs are visible
19:29:28 From Fae Eilbeck : lots of Dew in the early mornings
19:29:32 From karen : fungi appearing
19:29:35 From Elizabeth To All Panelists : Star constellations changing.
19:29:37 From Annie : Picking ripe blackcurrants from the garden. Watching with interest elderberries. Flowers at summer solstice, berries formed at Lammas , will they ripen at Mabon?
19:29:39 From Janet : getting colder in the mornings. Good crop of runner beans and potatoes. I smell the Autumn too üíö
19:29:40 From Carol : Seeds forming.
19:29:41 From Julie : Seed heads everywhere
19:29:46 From Beverly To All Panelists : Beech Nuts
19:29:49 From Melanie To All Panelists : Ate a puffball mushroom yesterday!
19:29:56 From Lindsay To All Panelists : Felt the change about two weeks ago.
19:30:03 From Linda : Feels like autumn ... yes walks take longer with the wild blackberries
19:30:06 From SaaRa Starlight : Leaves going brown and curling up
19:30:37 From Julie : Hazel nuts appearing
19:30:39 From Lindsay : Felt the change about two weeks ago.
19:30:42 From Joanna : Nettles loaded with seeds
19:30:56 From Miranda : parakeets are very fluffy
19:30:58 From Lizzie Austin : and poppy seed heads
19:31:00 From Louise : families of wood pigeons hunting for seeds in the grass
19:31:05 From Sarah : golden evenings rather than the brightness of spring and early summer
19:31:14 From Ruth To All Panelists : A general cooling in the air and a sense of quietening down
19:31:14 From Jacque : All the seeds on the garden flowers
19:31:15 From Carol : Sunflower fields blooming, the fawns that have visited us all summer are growing.
19:31:28 From Mary Light : I had a huge surge of energy for the last couple of weeks.... Anyone else???
19:31:38 From Louise : dragonflies
19:31:42 From Ian : Me too Mary
19:31:54 From Linda : Wasps
19:31:57 From Mary Light : Phew
19:32:03 From Lois : And me - big shiftings...
19:32:08 From Annie : Yes Mary. I've felt energised too
19:32:13 From Sandra : Abundance of bees and insects , Rowan berries are red now darker evenings
19:32:13 From sue To All Panelists : harvest festival
19:32:16 From SaaRa Starlight : Saw pigeons eating acorns last year, I didn't know they ate acorns
19:32:24 From Melanie To All Panelists : Yes Louise dragonflies active here in Alaska too!
19:32:26 From Julie : I've had more energy to deal with stuff x
19:32:48 From Joanna : 15th August is traditionally celebrated as Our Lady of Herbs and Flowers in Poland's RC church
19:33:11 From Dawn Oultram To All Panelists : Hi sorry I’m late xxx
19:33:15 From Mary Light : How beautiful Joanna
19:33:33 From Anny : Mary - the surge of energy - Last weekend was a very big turning pojnt for me-,my own harvest , big energy for myself- and I have strength and positivity I didn't know I had.
19:33:48 From matt : In devon the first sunday of august was called "bilberry" sunday, when people used to go pick the bilberries (british blueberries) on dartmoor
19:33:53 From Ruth To All Panelists : I made 6 loaves of gluten free bread this afternoon ; )
19:34:06 From Mary Light : Agree Amy
19:34:50 From Louise : apple crumble time shared with neighbours
19:34:55 From Paulina : I've begun to harvest my herbs, drying in the shed :)
19:34:57 From Leonard : #Had my celebration today with friends
19:35:09 From Ian : Mmmmm...Apple Crumble!
19:35:25 From Joanna : Paulina, what herbs are you drying now?
19:35:45 From Shelly : apple and blackberry crumble pie! mmmmmm
19:35:57 From lynne : Eating the corvettes .
19:35:59 From Paulina : Sage, mint, thyme and oregano
19:36:10 From Anny : This ties in so well with my life just now and I am sure it will help me..
19:36:12 From Tanya Smalley To All Panelists : Looking forward to your video dad xxx
19:36:13 From Ghislaine To All Panelists : hi all late logging on
19:36:30 From Joanna : Lemon balm?
19:36:35 From Colette : Coast is fabulous
19:36:51 From Peter To All Panelists : lammas the killing of the corn king to spread his seed to start the circle again
19:36:54 From Paulina : Also made corn dollies and integrated poppy heads and the herbs - did one especially for protection from winter chills and ills
19:37:18 From Joanna : That's beautiful idea, Paulina.
19:37:20 From Paulina : Thank you not done the lemon balm yet
19:38:16 From Anny : Nature speaks to you so beautifully
19:39:12 From Lynn : Jason ALL your video offerings are AMAZING
19:39:16 From lynne : Very inspirational . Just being there..
19:39:42 From Jo Kieft : Sounds very apt -a local place for celebration of community x
19:39:43 From Paulina : I love the first hours of the day - so special
19:40:35 From Paulina : peace and tranquillity …
19:43:33 From Kulwant Sathi : mesmerising
19:46:15 From Linda To All Panelists : Sorry I need to go but I'll watch the rest on the recording, thank you so much
19:56:36 From Peter : Wow Jason! This felt more intimately spiritual for Lammas than Coast. Such fine detail of spider's necklace and insects. Perfect tracking shot under treesüåü
19:56:40 From Caroline Muirhead : beautiful ‚ù§
19:56:40 From Kulwant Sathi : Incredile and so very significant thank you so much for sharing
19:56:41 From Michelle : Sooooo beautiful
19:56:42 From Ann : beautiful
19:56:42 From Kay : Wow, thank you so much!
19:56:43 From Iris To All Panelists : Wow wow and WOW wonderfiul
19:56:46 From Gill : Lovely video Jason, thank you üíñ
19:56:47 From Fiona Marie : beautifulll!
19:56:51 From SaaRa Starlight : So Gorgeous, loved seeing the deer settling down
19:56:51 From Ilse Ferwerda : wow, stunning!
19:56:52 From Katrin To All Panelists : That was spot on thank you
19:56:53 From Lorraine To All Panelists : Lovely thank you 🙏🏻
19:56:53 From Jane : beautiful
19:56:54 From Rebekah To All Panelists : Thanks you, thank you . thank you
19:56:55 From kathycar To All Panelists : Perfection of nature
19:56:57 From Tanya Smalley To All Panelists : Loved it dad xx
19:56:58 From Allison : thank you!
19:56:58 From Fae Eilbeck : Wow, very beautiful, the dew drops on the webs and plants and the waving of the grasses, just beautiful xx
19:56:58 From Rebecca To All Panelists : wow
19:56:58 From Lynn : That was so incredible
19:56:59 From Gongster jo : magical xx
19:57:02 From Caroline : Amazing
19:57:03 From Lizzie Austin : Stunning Jason, my idea of heaven
19:57:04 From Susan To All Panelists : beautiful
19:57:04 From Janet : really lovely. Made me smile from beginning to end üíö
19:57:05 From Debbie : Beautifully put together, thank you
19:57:05 From Rosemary Greenough : Just beautiful. Loved it. xxx 🥰
19:57:05 From Tracey : Wow thankyou for, such peace & bliss üôèüíóüôè
19:57:05 From Jayne : Beautiful
19:57:09 From Jo D : so lovely <3
19:57:09 From Rachael : Stunningly WONDER full üôè
19:57:09 From C : Gorgeous xxx
19:57:09 From Paula : Beautiful üíûüíñüíû
19:57:09 From Sam : Wow, how utterly enchanting
19:57:09 From Laura : Absolutely stunning! Gorgeous colours. My favourite bit was the insect section. Felt so exotic!
19:57:10 From Joanne To All Panelists : You amaze me every time with your footage
19:57:11 From Brie : As always - throughly enjoyed the scenes - those deer.
19:57:12 From Dee Lister : mmm so soothing, really beautiful film.
19:57:12 From Carol : So joyful!
19:57:12 From Maria : That was beautiful. thank you x
19:57:13 From Gilli : Outstanding
19:57:14 From Elizabeth To All Panelists : A quality of past, present and future. Of letting go, playfulness and mystery yet to come.
19:57:14 From Jelly : The vibrant, contrasting colours were really breathtaking xx
19:57:15 From Rachel : amazing, so beautiful , thank you
19:57:15 From Louise : Beautiful thank you
19:57:16 From Sue To All Panelists : Wow! Beautiful! Thank you xx
19:57:16 From Julie : Beautiful. Thank you.
19:57:16 From Patricia To All Panelists : Wow... what a meadow!
19:57:17 From Teresa-Iche To All Panelists : Exquisite Jason…thank you so much, it was perfect for me. So serene…the best thus far. Thank you again 💜💜💜
19:57:17 From Maureen To All Panelists : Beautiful thank you
19:57:17 From Fran : eautiful and very calming x
19:57:18 From Ruth To All Panelists : absolutely gorgeous!
19:57:19 From Jane To All Panelists : Fabulous. hanks you.
19:57:20 From Ali : Felt like I was in the meadows. Thank you.
19:57:20 From Isabelle To All Panelists : Calming and restorative- thank you üôè
19:57:21 From Andrea To All Panelists : Feel so calm beautiful
19:57:21 From Carol : Really lovely , captures this time of year so well.
19:57:25 From Alyson : Thank you Jason. Beautiful !
19:57:25 From Min Ryan Nb Moonlight No.3, Nantwich UK : Very special 🌿🍃🍂🍁🌾💚
19:57:25 From Mary Light : How beautiful. Reached my heart
19:57:27 From Dawn Oultram To All Panelists : Jason thankyou so much. I could see a fairy at one point.
19:57:27 From Patti To All Panelists : Thank you soooooo much!!! Soooooo Beautiful!!!
19:57:29 From Sue Hagger : Thank you
19:57:29 From Emma Taylor : That was stunning, thank you Jason
19:57:31 From Iris To All Panelists : Wow Wow And WOW Wonderful
19:57:31 From Ian : Exquisite.....The Golden light on the Seed Heads and the Slug.....
19:57:32 From Marj To All Panelists : So beautiful Jason üåàüíïüåàüíï
19:57:32 From Charlotte : Beautiful and so special thank you
19:57:32 From C : Beautiful thank you x
19:57:33 From Alison : Thank you Jason, grasses, insects dancing, deer resting
19:57:33 From Colette : I absolutely loved the languid late summer feel. You’re so talented
19:57:34 From Peter : Such connection with more than human...
19:57:36 From Alison : Extraordinary Jason - how wonderful - thank youüôè
19:57:37 From Claire : wow thank you beautiful and so delicate
19:57:39 From Kay : small is beautiful puts life into perspective
19:57:41 From Sandra : Beautiful thank you Jason 🥰💫🧡
19:57:41 From Penelope To All Panelists : So tranquil!
19:57:42 From Sandy To All Panelists : Lovely, thank you🦋
19:57:43 From Lynn : Such an insight as to what else is going on all around us if only we stopped and noticed
19:57:49 From Gaynor : Beautiful video. Taking time to pause & see nature doing its amazing work every single day, I find gives me real perspective. Loved the insect life too
19:57:49 From Linda : Absolutely beautiful. So peaceful Loved the spiders web
19:57:49 From Rachel : Full of wonder. Thank you.
19:57:50 From Janis : Thank you.I loved this x
19:57:50 From Anny : Exquisite - you captured the essence of it all beautifully!
19:57:50 From Annette Clarke-Coyne : That was so stunning and I always thought slugs were fascinating and beautiful 🤩❤️
19:57:52 From John : Awesome! Thank you. 🦌
19:57:53 From Patsy : Loved that Jason. I especially loved the Summer music it made me want to dance :)
19:57:54 From Colette : And it’s the first (and probably last) time I’ll be so mesmerised by a slug
19:57:54 From Sandra To All Panelists : I saw some nature spirits in there - great film - very mellow
19:57:56 From Lois : Deep peace in my heart watching that...
19:57:57 From Lisa Morgan : Wow!!! It was amazing seeing the insects so close up! I loved seeing the rabbits and deer sitting down.
19:57:59 From C : Even the slug was beautiful
19:57:59 From Sally To All Panelists : Enchanting I feel really still and peaceful
19:58:00 From Debbie : Blessed and honoured to have that relationship with the roe deer couple
19:58:03 From Susan Beedell : Wow wow wow that was amazing thank you 🥰
19:58:04 From Lizzie Austin : and i danced with the insects, beautiful thank you…
19:58:04 From Paulina : fantastic Jason as ever - what a great appreciation of the "tiny" world we rarely see or choose to ignore - amazing - I loved the sun through the trees and the colour of the grasses
19:58:05 From Ghislaine To All Panelists : wow you captured what I see and feel (or similar) but I never have a camera handy . WONDERFUL
19:58:05 From Sam : love the energy change with the insects, amazing all round
19:58:08 From Laura : Just wonderful, all of it, thank you x
19:58:09 From Annmaree : That was such a beautiful and peaceful film. Thankyou Jason. Loved the music tracks chosen too.
19:58:09 From Jo Kieft : Felt celestial -nostalgic elements -and a bit of belly dancing in the middle! Loved it x
19:58:13 From Ruth To All Panelists : The meadow felt like it was an "All you can eat buffet"
19:58:15 From Angela To All Panelists : Phew brings tears to my eyes thank you
19:58:15 From Sharon Abercrombie To All Panelists : Thank you so beautiful.
19:58:17 From Charlotte To All Panelists : That was fabulous and an incredibly intimate experience. Beautiful light. loved the insect close ups and then the wide open shots. Just beautiful.
19:58:21 From Ellyn To All Panelists : wonderful, Thank you
19:58:21 From Galaxy S10 : Amazing footage, must take soooo much patience but how beautiful üòç thank you for sharing üôè
19:58:21 From Annie : That was amazing! It felt so personal, as though I was there observing becoming involved.
19:58:27 From Louise : Gorgeous üíõ
19:58:34 From David : Thank you, very special, a lovely gift for us.
19:58:37 From Sue To All Panelists : So dellicatrly and serenely
19:58:42 From Debbie : You really did show the slug's beauty
19:58:43 From Kulwant Sathi : I have never seen slugs on a tree, always on the ground
19:58:43 From Tina To All Panelists : so so beautiful! I always cry with your films! loved the slug. xxx
19:58:44 From Annette Clarke-Coyne : You did that perfectly 👏🏻
19:58:48 From Ali : The light was incredible. At times, the plants were like jewels.
19:58:49 From Rachael : So happy to see butterflies, there have been so few here (London) 🦋 Thanks be to all of the pollinators
19:58:59 From Charlie Murray : A few days ago Fox took me to a similar place, as a cub, grasses welcomed me to go back whenever I need to
19:59:00 From Pauline : enjoyed your film full of detail at this time of the year.
19:59:04 From Alison : It brought a real shift in consciousness ...
19:59:07 From Annie : We are sooo not alone on this earth
19:59:09 From Janet : That was beautiful liked the rabbits and deers at the end. Enjoyed the slug.
19:59:10 From Tina To All Panelists : chandeliers
19:59:13 From Patsy : Jo Kieft Belly dancing for me too :)
19:59:13 From Jo D : when the deer made its bed and lay down, it felt strangely moving, really touched me, thank You Jason xxx
19:59:14 From Louise : loved the jewels of dew on the spiders web, man cannot make anything as beautiful
19:59:15 From Lindsay : Wow. Just wonderful. Loved the way the roebuck pawed the ground before he sat down - like a dog before settling down. Saw so many insects on my nature weekend away last weekend..
19:59:21 From Melanie To All Panelists : So peaceful and gorgeous, Jason. It made me cry; made me feel so lucky and blessed to be part of this earth, this life, and this community.
I love slugs. I think they are very mermaid-like with their lovely scaled fan-body.
19:59:28 From Gloria To All Panelists : The mist at the beginning was pulsating with the earth rhythm
19:59:31 From Jane : Spiders web
19:59:34 From Chris Hart : Black nose of deer :-)
19:59:37 From Sam : the simplicity of the waving, dewy grass seeds
19:59:40 From Jacque : Loved the music to compliment the filming
19:59:41 From Sally Hamlett To All Panelists : Feminine and fertile energy
19:59:41 From Charlotte : the fluffy butterfly 🦋
19:59:42 From Ruth To All Panelists : I adore dew on the webs!
19:59:43 From Katrin To All Panelists : Rabbits made me smile
19:59:46 From Isabelle To All Panelists : Spiders web with dewdrops
19:59:49 From SaaRa Starlight : Deer settling down
19:59:50 From Sharon Abercrombie To All Panelists : Loved the mist flowing and the necklaces of cobwebs.
19:59:50 From Alison : Dew
19:59:50 From C : Spiders Web
19:59:51 From Julie : I loved the bejeweled aspect of the dew on the spider webs. Natures jewelery x
19:59:52 From Jan To All Panelists : Loved it all but really enjoyed middle section, the music was spot on!
19:59:52 From Shelly : the spider's webs especially the one that looked like a chandelier!
19:59:53 From Gill : spiders web with dew
19:59:53 From Alison : I loved the abstract formations of grasses and flower heads
19:59:53 From Julie : I just felt peace watching it all.
19:59:54 From Kulwant Sathi : I was mermerised and just so fasincated by everything
19:59:55 From Betty : Bright colours of the insects
19:59:57 From Ilse Ferwerda : moving ears of the rabbits
19:59:57 From Peter : Ladybird climbing up
19:59:57 From Sandra : I could see nature spirits among the grasses I am sure
19:59:57 From Ann : The roe dear and the the sky.
19:59:58 From Patsy : spiders web that was a Tiara
19:59:58 From Sally Hamlett To All Panelists : Ladybird climbing up the grass stork
19:59:58 From Joe To All Panelists : Sadly I didnt really see any bees? But loved the butterflies
19:59:59 From Kathy from Brora : the broken spiders web, and the horns of theslug
20:00:00 From Annmaree : Spiderwebs, grasses, insects
20:00:00 From Laura : sunlight through the trees
20:00:01 From Ursidia : The wood pigeon’s call always reminds me of the countryside. I love to hear it so much.
20:00:02 From Patricia To All Panelists : The stillness shifting into motion
20:00:03 From Sylvia Rose : I loved the bunnies. Could watch them for hours.
20:00:04 From Gongster jo : the gorgeous end pic
20:00:06 From Rebecca To All Panelists : cobwebs are so special , music for insects , last shot of seeds and sky
20:00:07 From Sam : funky insect dancers!
20:00:07 From Rosemary Greenough : The ladybird
20:00:07 From Colette To All Panelists : Wonderful grasses
20:00:08 From Joanna : Such a diversity of beauty! And so tenderly seen. I loved the lime trees - so gentle and abundant with the furry seeds… Just lovely. Thank you
20:00:09 From Susannah To All Panelists : the light
20:00:10 From Isabelle To All Panelists : Butterfly
20:00:11 From Sandy : change in light quality
20:00:12 From karen : the delicacy of the morning captured me
20:00:15 From Dawn Oultram To All Panelists : It was the ladybird that struck me. And the fruit brought back memories xxx
20:00:16 From Sue To All Panelists : So delicately and serenely beautiful. I loved the switch of music and its change of energy for the butterflies and insects, and the gentle rhythm of at the end of the setting sun. Thank you!
20:00:17 From Annie : The close up of the insects. The dew on the spiders web always reminds me of going back to school in autumn
20:00:18 From Ian : Glorious gold light on the seed heads......incandescent
20:00:18 From Caroline : The dew on the spiders web and the flower heads.
20:00:18 From Deborah : transitions of the different moods in the film
20:00:19 From Marj To All Panelists : The beautiful sunshine colour of the grasses
20:00:21 From sue To All Panelists : due on the branches like a fairy road
20:00:22 From Jelly : The beautiful caramel colours of the deer against the golden grasses.
20:00:23 From Lindsay : Grasses are mesmerising.
20:00:23 From Sandy To All Panelists : The slug was so elegant!!
20:00:25 From Rebekah To All Panelists : I want to turn the last shot into a textile
20:00:25 From Jacque : Especially the spiders web like a necklace of dew
20:00:26 From Judit Barrass : ❤️❤️❤️ that was lovely. Even though I m outside a lot, walking, sea swimming etc I just realised how much I miss by putting my focus elsewhere 😁🙈
20:00:28 From Janet : The music with the middle section
20:00:31 From Jane : Red hues of the grasses in the watery air
20:00:31 From Jill : Loved the jewelled cobwebs, the ladybird, the slug, the deer and the rabbits. It was extremely restful and beautiful.
20:00:32 From Laine : spiders intricately spun web
also the deer , so comfortable with you there
20:00:35 From faye : The lighting at the end, feels like this time of year
20:00:35 From Rosa : I liked the lime and rosebay willowherb at the end.
20:00:35 From Isabelle To All Panelists : Music üé∂ Tabla
20:00:35 From Annie : Everything was spot on
20:00:36 From Tanya Smalley To All Panelists : Meadow grass x
20:00:37 From Peter : Mist on grass
20:00:38 From Nicola Robinson : Beautiful. Thank you I loved the sway of the grass. The sunshine, the tiniest seeds and the gentleness of the whole film.
20:00:39 From Jilly : the le gthe
20:00:40 From Louise : movement of the wind on the grasses
20:00:46 From Melanie To All Panelists : Yes, the bejeweled webs and the orange insect
20:00:49 From Beverly To All Panelists : The slug was lovely x
20:00:53 From Katrin To All Panelists : The mist of the morning
20:00:59 From lynne : Thank you Jason. A jewel in the crown. Nature spirit. Lady bird.
20:01:00 From Di : Stop, look,listen
20:01:05 From Michelle : Detail of the insects feeding on the nectar. Seeds heads and long shifting grass.
20:01:05 From Jacque : The slugs antennae like a satelite
20:01:06 From Jilly : the lenvthening tree shaxo
20:01:07 From Annette Clarke-Coyne : Wow, nature is so stunning…how blessed are we? 🙏❤️
20:01:10 From Rebecca To All Panelists : not so sure about slug if im honest had to look away
20:01:10 From Ruth To All Panelists : it was all perfect!
20:01:17 From Pauline : grass seeds in the fields, blowing in the wind
20:01:18 From Ali : The sense of wildlife just being.
20:01:18 From Jilly : lengthe
20:01:35 From Karen : The 'diamante' spiders webs are stunning. Love the meditative quality of the grasses and the beautiful slug. Good to see a ladybird as I've seen so few this year. The last, fading shot is so serine. Another masterpiece Jason. Thank you x
20:01:54 From Alison : Seeing the whole of the meadow with tree boundaries and the lovely evening light
20:02:09 From Sheena To All Panelists : from sheena
20:02:09 From Jilly : lengthening shadows - rabbits! dancing grass seeds.
20:02:22 From Sheena To All Panelists : From Sheena
20:02:23 From Tina : Mystery School link
20:02:32 From Laura To All Panelists : totally immersive, so connected - the light was extraordinary. so beautiful nature at one 💕🌿❤️
20:02:41 From Maureen To All Panelists : The Simplicity of the film made me feel the deep connection you have with nature, beautiful.
20:03:07 From Sheena To All Panelists : feel truly blessed by nature and what she hats offer beautifully done Jason thank you
20:03:29 From Dawn Oultram To All Panelists : The energy of the whole video was amazing xxx
20:04:37 From karen : I drew myself three cards for Lammas earlier for guidance - Rabbit, Ladybird and the third was eagle.. 2 out of the three were there in your video !
20:04:47 From Jan To All Panelists : The start felt cold, the coming of `autumn, middle the celebrations of feasting, the last past a sense of past and time passing. Present moment, past, present and future all at once… life.
20:05:18 From Melanie To All Panelists : I just picked up the tiniest blossom from a blooming lilac that I just cut; it’s so small but it has so much fragrance. And such gorgeous delicate pink/purple hue.
20:05:22 From Fiona Marie : üíõ
20:05:33 From Tina To All Panelists : its like grief and joy all together! your films connect me back to the divine.And I feel it xx
20:05:37 From Brie : Beautiful and wise words… completely agree. Precious moments of now.
20:05:42 From SaaRa Starlight : Success for me is BEing Peaceful, Happy and Relaxed
20:06:29 From Kathy from Brora : Success for me is living easefully
20:06:54 From Tracey To All Panelists : Thank you for such a fabulous film.It has reminded me how important just being still and observing the small things is .The music accompaniment was excellent too,Thank you Jason .
20:06:55 From Jo Kieft : I liked the hints of movement in the grass -very like life -I get hints, I have to look closer, what needs seeing doesn't usually reveal itself all singing and dancing x
20:06:58 From Tina :
20:07:19 From Jan To All Panelists : Yes hints and mystery.
20:09:41 From Tina : This is the link to the free course:
20:12:31 From Karen : synchronicity - after moving to the highlands as an artist I have been overwhelmed by the grandeur and totally inspired and in awe that I am here. But creatively I have been collecting things and photoing/drawing things and contemplating 'the little things' that is how my work is evolving! thank you...I just felt I wanted to share as it feels so relevant this evening.
20:13:15 From Kathy from Brora : Karen I'm in north Highlands, Brora
20:13:41 From Min Ryan Nb Moonlight No.3, Nantwich UK : inspiring Karen 🍁
20:13:42 From Rebecca : oooohh Karen where in the Highlands? I move there at the end of the month
20:13:53 From Karen : Lovely sharing Karen
20:13:57 From Karen : Hi Kathy from the Isle of Skye
20:14:10 From Rachel Hawkes To All Panelists : Lovely to be joining you. First time sharing your space
20:14:22 From Kathy from Brora : Lovely, to know you're over there!
20:15:14 From Chris Hart : I am at Findhorn watching this :-)
20:15:27 From Jane : Eagle was my card today
20:15:33 From Colette To All Panelists : Lucky you Chris
20:15:39 From Kathy from Brora : Chris just across the Firth from me x
20:15:46 From Rachael : Wow Chris don’t make me jealous
20:17:09 From Chris Hart : Sorry Rachel, went in the beautiful sea here today
20:41:38 From Tanya Smalley To All Panelists : I drew whilst I listened x
20:41:42 From Jill : Hi Chris. Lammas greetings! Hope you are having a great time at Findhorn.
20:41:44 From Joanne To All Panelists : 1st time of smell - burning wood
20:41:48 From Fiona McCall To All Panelists : Childhood memory of making daisy chains and putting them on one another’s heads
20:41:49 From Jane : Rode on the back of a beetle through the tall grass
20:41:49 From Angela To All Panelists : I saw the blue eyes of the wolf sparkle across the sky
20:41:51 From Shelly : I got to the meadow but couldn't see anything, this is my first time
20:41:55 From Chris westall To All Panelists : Water and myself has a child
20:41:56 From Avalon Wisdom : I was surrounded by peacocks
20:41:59 From Ian : Grasses were huge and towering...….I was the small thing.....and the spontaneous exuberance of a Ladybird taking flight
20:42:01 From Helen : I saw dragon flies a snake and a wild cat.
20:42:01 From Kyla : Very peaceful journey, I always meet a large yellow and black spider within the tree, all the guides I speak to her call her Grandmother. All the journey I was sitting with my white Chinese dragon guide and my raven guide who was in his human form. Just enjoying each others company and enjoying the peacefulness of the meadow.
20:42:08 From Andrea : There was a white butterfly with blue veins and we danced.
20:42:11 From Lynn : Deer sat with me....peace, calm and gratitude. Damp earth, beautiful
20:42:15 From Robbie : dancing with wolf felt I was truly myself.
20:42:18 From Joanna : I have found a spring of water under a big rock and drank from it. It was so refreshing...
20:42:20 From Angela Marshall : I was shown a myriad of different bees, felt senced that all my flowers are being pollinated. supported
20:42:25 From Charlotte To All Panelists : I made wolf a special collar from grass and flowers, a frog and rabbit joined us
20:42:25 From Sheila : saw a community of little people , fairies danced for me and offered a cup of nectar. a
20:42:26 From Melanie To All Panelists : I had a “dream” that I was swimming across one of the Lakes - the biggest one - to reach my daughter.
20:42:29 From Colette To All Panelists : I flew with a gull and a white dove. My late mum was in the meadow (it’s her birthday today) and I told her I loved her. Then I danced
20:42:33 From Ilse Ferwerda : lots of little ants scuttling around, and for the first time had a smell coming to me during journeying: sweet smell that drew insects to the flowers
20:42:33 From Rachael : I saw vast clouds through the tiny pinprick holes in St John’s Wort leaves
20:42:38 From Gloria To All Panelists : Very watery experience moss with mouths allowing insects to drink
20:42:38 From faye : fed a mouse and a rabbit some apple!
20:42:39 From Brie : I was led by Raven and White wolf to run through the meadow, to the centre with a stone circle. We watched the clouds. ❤️ then I nodded off 🙈
20:42:40 From Michael : I went down a wormhole….. ended up in the Universe. Could see the energy pulsating….
20:42:47 From Deborah : Spider offered me a thread.
20:42:52 From Jan To All Panelists : I lay in grass and became as small as the insects and I became a butterfly. I ended up by dancing for joy in the meadow to the beat of drum.
20:43:01 From Sheila : Also a creature with fiery eyes and a snake
20:43:04 From Ruth To All Panelists : I saw Black Panther there and he rolled onto his n
20:43:05 From Lizzie Austin : I danced in the long grass
20:43:07 From Ghislaine To All Panelists : peaceful, my wolf is called Caspar and we spoke to a brown hare.
20:43:07 From Katrin To All Panelists : My younger self met me and we lay and looked at the sky, made a daisy chain. Green man turned up but that was the connection to the oak
20:43:09 From lynne : Wolf joined me just before you you mentioned wolf.
20:43:10 From Carol : The ears of corn were important, we need to treasure the earth which gives us our food.
20:43:13 From Shelly : I became emotional and cried a little wgen Wolf joined me
20:43:14 From Dee Lister : It was all about stillness, be still in the gentle calm light. A heron popped through and a stag that came close. Went to a meadow where I like to sit with a hawthorn. (It's Dee btw)
20:43:16 From Carol : didn't see anything but my hands became v warm and energetic
20:43:19 From Carol : I shrank and was walking through very tallgrasses.. then met bee, dragonsfly and spider who gave me a tour of the meadow and took me to a golden hare
20:43:20 From Annette Clarke-Coyne : I got to the meadow and then felt like I was floating…i kept returning to wolf and ruffled her head with my hand..didn’t see anything else
20:43:21 From Rachel Hawkes To All Panelists : Time passing back with the sky changing from night to day. Snake, owl and raven. Danced to the drum.
20:43:23 From Kathy from Brora : In the meadow were hogweed seeds with a metallic smell. And Hare was hiding behind the grasses. I was remembering my boyfriend of 1971, who now lives abroad.
20:43:25 From Gill : I found myself shrinking to the size of a bee, flying through the meadow, i also spent time by a pond with dragonflies.
20:43:26 From vicky To All Panelists : I met some fairies, got a little hayfever, ran around exploring paths, seeing flowers and butterflies, a lot of joy, warm sun. Mer my mum there - we shared a moment lying in the sun and laughing with fairies
20:43:32 From Elizabeth To All Panelists : Appreciate good health and small strength is as powerful as big strength.
20:43:32 From Charlie Murray : Sat with my power animal, cats, met my ancestor Isabella again. Wolf suggested I experience being a worm for a while I shifted and playfully moved amongst them
20:43:33 From Sandy To All Panelists : I danced with Bat in the damp grass in the moonlight..
20:43:39 From Tracey To All Panelists : my first image was of a small mouse on a stalk of grass and then lay beside wolf and saw lots of small beetles and insects .A warm earthy smell was prevalent.Very peaceful.
20:43:42 From Ruth To All Panelists : back and masses of butterflies alighted on him
20:43:45 From Vicky To All Panelists : Had a warm flower meadow, my dog played with wolf. There were hummingbirds. It was beautiful. Then it clouded over and there was just a huge downpour. Wolf, my dog and I just watched as the meadow flooded.
20:43:53 From Marg To All Panelists : A snake was slipping through the grass
20:43:56 From Nik : Dancing with badger lumbering alongside, beauty and exuberance xx
20:43:57 From Fiona McCall To All Panelists : Dandelions and primroses, sky overhead endlessness of time in this area
20:43:58 From Jelly : Wolf in my journey was white; and my regular power animal, who also has white fur, soon barged in to the journey and there was a cheerful 'Daz Doorstep Challenge' competition between them to see who could display the whitest, shiniest and brightest fur as we walked through the meadow!
20:43:59 From Sheena To All Panelists : From Sheena meet by a dormouse who walked with me and the vivid colours and overwhelming warmth and Love from the flowers bees dancing around feeling truly blessed by mother earth
20:43:59 From Beverly To All Panelists : Dandilion seeds, Grasshoppers,,Limetree from film,,ants and a mole.
20:44:00 From Karen : I became the small thing and climbed up the plant stem. I sat leaning on a leaf again the stem and was studying the individual flowers and veins. the whole universe in one seed. I could travel into it. Felt marvellous
20:44:04 From Paulina : I sat with frog and he taught me how to observe and wait for just the right moment. I showered the past under a waterfall and observed the flowing river. Frog is a close lower world ally,
20:44:07 From Tony : A grass seed and being inside the seed, seeing and feeling the life and the potential and the memory within it. The vast and the infinite within the tiny
20:44:07 From Colette To All Panelists : I saw the fae too
20:44:10 From Mary Light : I saw the wonderful different flowers, insects, I saw my mum....I felt the grass with my feet. I rolled in the meadow.
20:44:12 From Tina To All Panelists : oh goodness idont usually see much but this time there was so much AN ORANGE DRAGON AND A SNAKE. SO MUCH GOING ON
20:44:13 From Karen : I was offered a lovely bench to just sit and listen and look around just to rest
20:44:24 From Melanie To All Panelists : Mostly I just lay in the grass in the sun with wolf, grateful for his company and that I was not alone.
20:44:26 From Sue To All Panelists : On the ground of a cornfield - all the senses - the smell of the earth and the dampness.. Ants scurrying about. Looking up the stalk of the corn above and seeing all its detail magnified. We have been growing, this is our whole world.
20:44:30 From Anna : Receiving beautiful healing. Thank you
20:44:37 From Annie : was shown a circle of tiny crystals by a nature spirit. Then I laid face down in the meadow watching the busy insects just living
20:44:41 From deb singleton : Met with indian guide,played with bear in the stream, but a dung beetle toilessly pushing its find kept recurring...thank you
20:44:42 From Sam : I saw a community of roundhouses amongst the meadows and visited them and helped people start and breath air in their fires. Ending with us all partying and rainbow swirls of smoke in the sky.
20:44:48 From Ali : At times, I felt like the land, I was the fields, there for all the small creatures and birds.
20:44:52 From Fiona Marie : a huge thirst quenching black currant...Fox appeared just before the comeback beat replacing Wolf as my companion x
20:44:53 From Rosa : The golden grass felt warm. I wore nothing but flowers and experienced my own femininity.
20:44:55 From Miranda : I felt the strongest connection to the wolf. I was with my son after he was born. I was in the garden where I was young. I was in my grandparents garden eating almond sweets.
20:45:03 From Janet : I sat on a rock by a stream with my Gran watching dippers and dragonflies. I heard Wednesday's child is full of awe not woe. I was born on a Wednesday and my birthday is on Wednesday coming. Today the 8th is my grandmother's birthday. she's long since passed but I live in her house and regularly feel her with me. üíö
20:45:06 From Sam : saw a waterfall and a fuzzy sight of a wooden totem pole
20:45:06 From Anny : I lay down in the long grass, and felt completely that time stood still. I was still and in peace. I felt someone? place a sprig of heather on my forehead and say 'this will be the time'. . Wold felt safe for me
20:45:06 From Jo D : A tribe of deer having a council and ceremony of their own, over hundred of them. Taken care of by my core power animal, we watched together
20:45:11 From lynne : I went underground and followed a small stream. Very cold and windy.
20:45:12 From Andrea To All Panelists : Small being with black hair& eyes
20:45:13 From Christa : a wren showed me where it lived
20:45:16 From Ruth To All Panelists : Black Panther joined me and rolled on his back and masses of butterflies alighted on him
20:45:18 From Lindsay : When Jason described the meadow, I went wow! This is the same meadow as I went to on my middle world journey where I met deer. Just enjoyed the flowers and grasses and watched insects. Lay on the grass and fell sleep in the warmth of the sun.
20:45:30 From Sue To All Panelists : I sat in the grass and hare came and sat with me peace and smell of the earth
20:45:41 From Isabelle To All Panelists : I saw my beautiful late partner Jimbo walk through long meadow grass and we danced through the late afternoon. sunlight
20:45:43 From Nicola Robinson : Butterflies, lightness,, green wood pecker laughing,. Beautiful swaying GRASS. SWEET SCENTS
20:45:56 From Julie : A raven guided me. Id love to know what he was saying to me
20:45:58 From Rachael : Yes, butterfly, dragonfly, snake and grasshopper were there with me
20:46:00 From Min Ryan Nb Moonlight No.3, Nantwich UK : I felt a cooling sensation but magically light and free, I could feel the warmth of Wolf beside me and heartbeats in my fingertips. I saw violets, poppies and lily of the valley, I saw an owl in flight coming towards me but pulling up high, my hair had changed to fuschia and turquoise as I stood by the stream and being surrounded by damsonflies
20:46:35 From Linda : I had asked before the journey for wolf to be with me. Unfortunately I fell asleep. But it was so healing 🙏🏻
20:46:53 From Alison : Very excited to be in the meadow - enjoying the sensation of moving almost dancing through the meadow - wolf reminded me to be very still in my being and I experienced a sense of space an well being. Butterflies harebells red clover reminding me a child hood, sucking nectar from the base and a grass hopper came ....
20:47:03 From Sarah : I ran through the meadow with the wolf to a dark forest, where I found a dark house. The being inside was nothing I had ever seen with a rams head. He took me on a journey through his fire where I asked how I could give up work. The clear message was "you have to work, bit you can do something else, less hours but money" I didn't get told what the job was though! Lol. This was my first ever journey and I loved it. Thank you üòä
20:47:58 From Lynn : 1. Family 2. Like minded friends 2. My community
20:48:08 From Gloria To All Panelists : I am grateful for my health my balance and my happiness
20:48:10 From Anna : My boyfriend amd 2 cats
20:48:16 From Helen : nature the sun and rain
20:48:23 From Vicky : 1 Friends
2 The ability to connect with nature on my doorstep
3 The spirit of the muse
20:48:32 From Ali : One of the things I'm thankful for tonight is The Way of The Buzzard! Thank you for you care and generosity.
20:48:39 From Jo Kieft : My children, my power, my Guides
20:48:40 From Kate Rawding To All Panelists : connected with my gran who passed over. many messages thank you
20:48:42 From Jan : I’m grateful for my health, my freedom and the gifts of community and nature.
20:48:49 From Carol : Nature, light, my dog Archie.
20:48:49 From Ursidia : My little dogs, my friends and my house.
20:48:52 From kathycar To All Panelists : I was in the meadow and being called by my late mother to hurry up but
I just wanted to watch the ants scurrying about, when I tried to go the grasses stood in my way. It is my mums death 6 yrs ago mum and I plan to visit tmz
20:48:53 From Mary Light : Family friends my healing journey
20:48:55 From Janet : My children, the beautiful place I live, my friends
20:49:04 From Alison To All Panelists : likeminded friends :-)
20:49:05 From Charlotte To All Panelists : Family, friends and home
20:49:10 From Sheila : life, my furries, love from many
20:49:13 From Brie : This circle, the blazing sunset, and the change to journey together x
20:49:13 From Jan : My life, sunshine and nature
20:49:14 From Anny : Being alive and well, The Way Of The Buzzard, My new found conection with Nature
20:49:16 From Michael : The birds in my garden, my wild plants, my freedom
20:49:16 From Rosemary Greenough : Nature, family & friends, Way of the Buzzard.
20:49:20 From Launa : 1 my family & friends 2 my gifts 3 my health
20:49:20 From Deborah : garden/spirit and dreaming/drumming
20:49:25 From Linda : My health
My dog Luna
My children and grandchildren
20:49:35 From karen : 1. The feeling of Inner peace from this special evening 2. Feeling loved and supported. 3. Community.
20:49:36 From Tina To All Panelists : there was a few human figures morphing in and out, dancing1
20:49:42 From Kathy from Brora : running water to bathe in;a freshly pulled carrot from my neighbours; the power of oak
20:49:46 From Ian : Family, Work, Spirit
20:49:47 From Ann : Journeyed with wolf dolphin and snake. Deep sense of love and gratitude for life but overwhelming feeling of being loved. Keep going into a room with people gifting me.
20:49:58 From Lizzie Austin : my kitty Jojo and my lovely floating home, and abundance from my allotment, my health…
20:50:04 From Ruth To All Panelists : my health, my family and everything that the universe is putting my way
20:50:06 From Louise : my lovely little room, my friends and family, and just living in such a beautiful world
20:50:06 From Melanie To All Panelists : Thankful for: Being with my daughter here in Alaska and her first child my newest grandson whose name is Leo, little lion.
20:50:10 From Julie : NatureWhere I liveFor this evening
20:50:39 From Tina To All Panelists : journeying, community, connection x
20:50:56 From Min Ryan Nb Moonlight No.3, Nantwich UK : Love, freedom, my empathic connection with animals
20:51:02 From Alison : I am grateful for the changing light in my garden. For small things like the contented humming when my grandchildren are peacefully engaged in drawing and creating, for peaceful sense of well bieing and connection
20:51:18 From Nicola Robinson : MY grandchildren, children and this beautiful evening.
20:51:28 From Tracey To All Panelists : being more aware of the changes in the wheel of the year. grateful for family. connecting to spirit. Thankyou .
20:51:53 From Carol : my four legged companion, my new tribal family and my ability to help others
20:52:40 From Rebekah To All Panelists : I am so grateful for my spirit guide,,so that I am never alone or abandoned; for my two sons with whom we share life and love and for the ability to write and create storeis
20:54:36 From lynne To All Panelists : You have helped me to seek the opportunity to be stronger - to find my best me..
20:57:42 From Rachael : Gosh thank you 🙏😊☺️
20:57:47 From Rebecca To All Panelists : big thanks
20:58:14 From SaaRa Starlight : Thank you both very much üíì
20:58:17 From Tina :
20:58:34 From Jo Kieft : Woop woop!!!!
20:58:36 From Mary Light : Bless you both.. Thank you
20:58:44 From Ian : Thank you guys
20:58:45 From Rosemary Greenough : Thank you xxx 🥰
20:58:50 From Tina : thank you üíó
20:58:50 From Amy To All Panelists : Thank you both 🙏🏻❤️
20:58:50 From Patsy : Thank you, it sounds wonderful :)
20:58:50 From Anny : Oh How absolutely wonderful - you give us so much. Thank You xxx
20:58:56 From Kate Rawding To All Panelists : Thank you so much that was amazing. I cannot wait to join in and look forward to joining your membership
20:59:00 From Angela Marshall : Thank you both for a stunning evening and sharing with everyone here. Gratitude and love
20:59:02 From Karen : Thank you both üòÄüíñ
20:59:04 From Min Ryan Nb Moonlight No.3, Nantwich UK : Thank you, many blessings
20:59:06 From Linda : Thank you both for a wonderful evening .... it as so peaceful and healing for me xxx
20:59:11 From Karen : Thank you all for a great evening. Love and light xx
20:59:11 From Miranda : thank you
20:59:11 From Lynn : You are both a blessing to the world. Thank you both so much. x
20:59:15 From andrea lovell : Thank you both so much x
20:59:16 From Laura To All Panelists : feeling blessed to have joined you all 🌻🌻❤️, many thanks namaste 🙏🏼 Xx
20:59:16 From Kate Rawding To All Panelists : xxx
20:59:18 From Lesley : Thanks so much,so beautifulxx
20:59:19 From Fae Eilbeck : Thank you everyone, Jason, Nicola, Tina and Blue. Lammas Blessings to you all xx
20:59:20 From Louise : thank you so much xx
20:59:20 From Jane : Thank you. Much love xx
20:59:22 From Gongster jo : thank you lovely souls xxx
20:59:23 From vicky To All Panelists : Thank for a great experience!
20:59:23 From Susan : thank you so much, another wonderful evening :)
20:59:26 From Kathy from Brora : And its the anniversary of my first year in the Mystery School!
20:59:26 From faye : Thank you so much
20:59:29 From Tracey To All Panelists : Thank you both so much for a truly wonderful evening.
20:59:30 From kathycar To All Panelists : Thank you so much for a superb evening once again
20:59:30 From Alyson : Thank you . Many Lammas Blessings to you all.xx
20:59:31 From deb singleton : Sending gratitude!🙏🏻
20:59:31 From Rachael : The Mystery School is full of riches tI highly recommend joining üôè
20:59:33 From Mandy : Thankyou so much üôèüí´
20:59:34 From Annette Clarke-Coyne : Thank you both..would love to be able to visit you in person at some point soon üôè
20:59:35 From Jacque : Gratitude Gratitude to two lovely people xx
20:59:36 From Wendy To All Panelists : Beautiful- thank you so much for a wonderful evening and for the Full Moon healing ceremony ahead 🙏❤️🙏 xx
20:59:43 From Nicola Robinson To All Panelists : Thank you both, for your time, guidance and knowledge
20:59:44 From Jo D : Thank you SO MUCH you two. Love you both ❤️ xxx
20:59:45 From Sue : thank you, blessed be üíúüíú
20:59:48 From Sheena To All Panelists : from Sheena very much appreciated I feel as though I have come home blessings to all x
20:59:53 From Linda : Blessings to you both 🙏🏻❤️
20:59:56 From Sam : thank you so much for an amazing evening xx
20:59:57 From Karen : Thank you Nicola, Jason and Tina. I love these evenings, they are so special. Lammas blessings to you and everyone here, wishing you a beautiful harvest x
20:59:59 From Christa : Thank you everyone and I’m going with my mind full of the beautiful film images.
21:00:00 From Sue To All Panelists : Thank you - earlier today out on a walk with a friend, a Buzzard circled around near us and was mewing. My car nearly broke down, but I managed to get back to take part in this beautiful celebration. Thank you from my heart.
21:00:00 From Launa : Thank you sending love and light to all xx
21:00:07 From Mhairi To All Panelists : thank you so much, what a lovely evening xx
21:00:09 From Sandy : Blessed be thankyou all of you. 🦋
21:00:09 From Colette To All Panelists : Fantastic evening ty xxx
21:00:14 From Susan Beedell : Thank you both so much wonderful evening 🙏❤️
21:00:15 From julie : Thank you 🙏🏻
21:00:21 From Carol : Mmmm, thank you all for your presence and generosity.
21:00:25 From Chetana Greenwood : Gratitude to you both, blessed be x
21:00:46 From Ghislaine To All Panelists : THANKYOU from Abersoch Wales, bright blessings to you both
21:00:48 From Ellyn To All Panelists : Thank you üôè
21:00:52 From Tina To All Panelists : much gratitude and love xxx
21:00:54 From Isabelle To All Panelists : Thank you so much - my first Shamanic journey :-) 🌻🌻🌻 I play drums 🥁 😌
21:00:55 From Lucinda : Thank you for this lovely evening and ceremony. Blessings and gratitude to all. üôè
21:01:01 From Tina : Much love everyone üíó üåèüåéüåçüíó
21:01:16 From Ursidia : Thank you so much!
21:01:22 From Steph Knights : Thank you so much üíñ really enjoyed love & light to all. xxx
21:01:58 From Lizzie Austin : The bats re flitting about outside in the trees!
21:02:01 From John : Thank you for a lovely evening. üêæ
21:02:09 From Sandra : Thank you Jason and Nicola for a wonderful evening, love to everyone 🤎🌞💛💚💕
21:02:19 From Lizzie Austin : Thank you both so very much x
21:02:27 From Rachel Hawkes To All Panelists : Thanks so much. Blessings to all.
21:02:31 From Sharon Abercrombie To All Panelists : Thank you both very much. Love to you all x 🌸💖💙🌸🕸🕷🐌🪳🐞🐝🦋
21:02:37 From SaaRa Starlight : Thank you for a Wonderful evening 🌃
21:02:45 From Kyla : Thank you for another amazing evening üíö
21:02:45 From Nicola Robinson : Thank you to everyone here this evening.
21:02:47 From Kathy from Brora : What a lovely tribe!
21:02:48 From Kay : Thank you for this great evening xx
21:02:48 From Ann : thank you so much a lovely evening x
21:02:59 From Jo Kieft : Thank you :)
21:02:59 From Tina : Thank you all üíó take care
21:03:00 From Julie : Cheers guys. Lovely evening xx
21:03:01 From Gill : thank you for
21:03:11 From Jayne To All Panelists : thanks everyone, this was wonderful x
21:03:11 From karen : Thank you all for a wonderful evening x
21:03:12 From Jan : Thank you so much. Wonderful evening. Xx
21:03:12 From Marie : Thank you so much x
21:03:13 From Beverly To All Panelists : Thank you. Blessed Be x
21:03:15 From Tina To All Panelists : helen in selsey my number 07962348393 if u would like to connect xxx
21:03:16 From Jelly : A really wonderful Lammas celebration, felt so loved and held, thank you xx
21:03:16 From Annette Clarke-Coyne : 🤗🥰🤩🙏
21:03:18 From Brie : Huge love and thanks to all! And for our hosts ❤️❤️🙏
21:03:18 From Janet : Thank you, good night.
21:03:18 From Rebecca : Thank you both so much xx
21:03:19 From Charlotte To All Panelists : Thank you so much,what an amazing evening xxx
21:03:19 From Paulina : Thank you both and to our tribe -Lammas blessings ad anu
21:03:19 From Carol : Thank you for a wonderful evening x
21:03:21 From Sarah : Thank you so, so much üíì
21:03:21 From Lynne G To All Panelists : Thank you very much. It was lovely
21:03:22 From Alison To All Panelists : Marvellous, thank you so much for all you do for every one of us X
21:03:24 From Caroline : Thank you both. Blessed be. üíñüíñ
21:03:26 From Wendy : Thank you so much for a wonderful evening 🙏❤️🙏 xxx
21:03:26 From Gill : thank you for a lovely evening, Lammas blessings everyone üíñ
21:03:27 From Sam : thank you so much. my first time with you. very special and very glad I came
21:03:29 From Rebekah To All Panelists : Many blessings to both of you
21:03:32 From Robbie : May your work bring a rich harvest
21:03:32 From Sandy To All Panelists : Thank you so much🦋💜
21:03:33 From Shelley : Thank you everyone xxx
21:03:33 From Emma Taylor : Thank you for a wonderful evening x
21:03:34 From Lesley To All Panelists : Thank you. What a warm and wonderful evening. Love your energy.
21:03:34 From Patsy : Thank you so much, it might be 2 hours - they go really fast :) xx
21:03:35 From sue To All Panelists : thank you blessed be
21:03:36 From Yvonne : Thank you Nicola and Jason and thank you all for sharing this evening with us.
21:03:36 From Rosalind : Thank you so much that was so lovely x
21:03:37 From Helen : Thank you both for a beautiful evening
21:03:37 From Sue Hagger : Thank you
21:03:37 From Lois : What a wonder-ful evening. Thank you so much. Blessings to you both and to all here tonight...
21:03:38 From Michelle : Llamas Blessings. Thank you all üíö
21:03:38 From Mark : Thankyou
21:03:39 From Jayne : Thank you for a beautiful evening xx
21:03:39 From Maureen To All Panelists : Thank you both xx
21:03:40 From Nik : Dear hearts thank you x
21:03:40 From Patricia To All Panelists : Thank you!
21:03:43 From Lindsay : Thank you so much. Lammas blessings to you all xx
21:03:43 From Peter : Glorious Jason and Nicola. Blessed be üôèüåüüåü
21:03:44 From kathycar To All Panelists : Thankyou take care both of you and the rest of the tribe, bye
21:03:44 From Dee Lister : thanks so much Nicola, Jason and Tina. a gorgeous evening. most grateful for everyone's company. dx
21:03:48 From Ann : Thank you, I receive much love peace and grounding from these gatherings. Thank you thank you.💖🐬🙏
21:03:50 From Sylvia Rose : Thank you so much. Very useful for me.
21:03:51 From Dharma : thank you
21:03:51 From Vicky : Thank you both - magical as ever!
21:03:54 From Sue : Thanks so much Xxx Blessings from the East xXx
21:03:54 From Gaynor : Another wonderful evening, thank you so much Jason & Nicola. Bye all ☺️
21:03:58 From Paula : Thank you 💖🙏🏻💖
21:04:03 From Sue : Thanks for another wonderful night
21:04:03 From Katrin To All Panelists : Thank you 🙏 for this evening 🌻🕸🦋🐰🌾❤️
21:04:09 From Rachel : Thank you - a lovely evening. Blessings to all. Go well.
21:04:11 From Barbara : Thanks again wonderful !
21:04:21 From Yvonne : Thankyou very much.
21:04:25 From Giuditta To All Panelists : Thank you so much ❤️
21:04:25 From Ghislaine To All Panelists : goodbye all
21:04:26 From Annmaree : Thankyou all soooo much. A very lovely ceremony, again.
21:04:28 From Ann To All Panelists : Thank you so much. X
21:04:38 From Tina To All Panelists : go well blessed be xxx
21:04:41 From Ruth To All Panelists : Thank you for a wonderful evening!! Lammas blessings to everyone!
21:04:54 From Iris To All Panelists : Thank you as always Love and Light blessings to all Iris x
21:04:55 From Sarah : Thank you for a lovely evening Sarah & Libby x
21:05:00 From Kay : than k you for this evening take care of yourselves Kay
21:05:01 From Laine : thank you so much for a beautiful ceremony and video 😊🥰
21:05:05 From Louise : Thank you everyone - lovely way to continue the celebrations üåû xxx
21:05:12 From Betty : Thank you! Goodnight all x
21:05:17 From Alison To All Panelists : Thank you for an inspiring evening - truly grateful that I came across the way of the buzzard and all in the community 🙏🌟🍀
21:05:19 From Annie : Thank you to you both. Looking forward to the full moon celebration. Another wonderful uplifting evening. Blessings
21:05:20 From Fran : Thank you or a lovely evening and the relaxed feeling its left me with. Love x
21:05:23 From Kay : the m
21:05:24 From Caroline : Anyone else see the green man in the centre tree?
21:05:39 From Jenny To All Panelists : Thank you so much for bringing me into remembering and presence
21:05:42 From Linda : Yes I did
21:05:55 From Pauline : Thankyou for your time , thoughts, creativity and ceremony tonight . and sharing your film twice.
21:05:55 From Min Ryan Nb Moonlight No.3, Nantwich UK : I did Caroline
21:05:58 From Leonard To All Panelists : One day it would be lovely to together to celebrate, drum share food and dance to the rhythms of life as one tribe
21:06:03 From Rachael : I saw an eye in the tree’s canopy Caroline
21:06:06 From Janet : Thanks to everyone for sharing this lovely evening together . Loved the film and the time spent with my Gran during my journey üíö
21:06:15 From Kay : good bye everyone and thank you Nicola and Jason
21:06:24 From Tina : If anyone wants to make a donation they can do so here
21:06:25 From Debra : Thank you. Blessings xx
21:06:54 From Mary Light : I saw a face in the trees and what looked like a mouse in the cobweb
21:07:19 From Linda : I saw the mouse too Mary
21:07:20 From Mary Light : Good night everyone
21:07:25 From Tori holden : Thankyou üôè I missed a chunk in the middle so will catch the replay. Beautiful ceremony, beautiful souls. Thankyou for bringing yourselves and this community to my living room. üíó
21:07:33 From Leonard To All Panelists : Thank you Jason and Nicola for a celebration of Lammas
21:07:35 From Mary Light : That's good to know Linda
21:07:36 From Rosa : yes I saw the mouse too
21:08:08 From Mary Light : And Rosa
21:08:22 From Penelope To All Panelists : Gratitude to hosts and fellow guests üíñ
21:08:28 From Steve W : Thanks for another special evening folks. Goodnight and namaste to all my fellow tribe members ❤️🙏
21:08:31 From Jilly : thank you for yourselves. thank you for my strange journey tonight. I felt I needed things I wasn't sure I was supposed to see. I love water and craved to see it, but there was none. My wolf tonight was grey in colour and serious. Approachable and affectionate, but grey and serious. And after a while, all I could see was grasses and no animals. My mond was gt
21:08:39 From Min Ryan Nb Moonlight No.3, Nantwich UK : A wee white mouse face to the right off the image with the dew lade spiderweb on the left
21:08:45 From Angela : I only got back from doing the horses just before 8 so I missed the first half and then when I tried to journey I got 2 interruptions, so I am going to watch it all again after tomorrow. I thoroughly enjoyed what I have seen of it and just wanted to thank you so much for putting on these webinars, and want to add that even though I’m only seeing you over zoom, you both come across as such genuine and delightful people so it is fabulous to be in the energy the webinar creates.
21:09:13 From Gill To All Panelists : Thank you Jason and Nicola. The spiders web jewels are stunning and the dancing insects made me smile Amazing. Thank you both. Gillx
21:10:07 From Maureen : Thank you soo much. Beautiful!!
21:10:44 From Launa : Beautiful meadow and love the music so calming
21:11:33 From Alison : Love the music for the middle section
21:11:47 From Rosemary Greenough : I love the music and the film is amazing xxx
21:11:54 From Fiona Marie : thank you🐜 thank you🐞thank you🕸🌾🌻
21:12:42 From Jilly : Also, toward the end there were brambles that scratched. I wanted it to all end as it wasn't enjoyable any more. Only one thing made me laugh - we both got covered in sticky burrs, on clothes and fur. The wolf shook himself like a wet dog and they all flew off. I tried, but none came off me and the wolf and I laughed at this.
21:13:45 From Kathy from Brora : Jilly may your laughter be healing x
21:14:49 From Katie : Thank you! I love the Rosebay Willowherb in the sunset…beautiful!🙏🌍
21:14:50 From Tina To All Panelists : Do you still need me?
21:15:57 From Nicola & Jason To All Panelists : No Tina, we are good thank you N. x
21:16:41 From Kathy from Brora : The lime seeds silhouetted remind me of the sweetmess of lime blossom honey and the tranquil drowsiness that linden blossom tisanes are said to promote
21:17:32 From Alison : There was a tree in the middle of my journey meadow too - and I was grateful for its shade and protection and for being there
21:18:36 From Rosa : thank you.
21:19:02 From Debbie : Thank you. Blessed be.
21:19:03 From Jo Kieft : night :)
21:19:08 From Diane : Thank you , namaste 🙏
21:19:09 From Rachel Hawkes To All Panelists : Thanks. Goodnight
21:19:09 From Melanie To All Panelists : So grateful for you both!
21:19:10 From John : Goodnight!
21:19:10 From Rachael : Goodnight
21:19:11 From Jelly : Good night and thank you" xxx
21:19:12 From Rosemary Greenough To All Panelists : Goodnight. Xxxxxxx
21:19:12 From Launa : Goodnight
21:19:12 From Anny : Ni Night, Both, sweet dreams
21:19:13 From Kathy from Brora : Sleep well and goodnight dears!

Introducing The Way of The Buzzard Mystery School

In these unsettling times as the world pauses it is our moment to drop into a different space, away from the turmoil of the chattering mind, and reach out to taste that balm for our soul.

The shamanic path was made for this moment.

If you are looking to resource yourself spirituality and learn more about shamanism then the Mystery School is the perfect place for you. Here you can learn how to draw the healing magic nature holds, through deep nature connection, animal spirit medicine, tree spirit medicine and by aligning yourself with the natural rhythms of the earth.

Here you can learn how to access the wisdom from your spirit guides at a moment’s notice through shamanic journeying and call in support through ceremony. Here you can learn techniques on how to protect yourself in these unfolding times and cushion yourself from the uncertainty that the coming weeks and months hold.

We have over 100 hours of content to delve into in The Mystery School, all delivered through easy-to-watch videos, as well as our monthly live shamanic journey circle, our regular live coaching calls and our private facebook group. All our lessons include activities which you can easily follow without even needing to leave your home or garden if you have one.

Here you have a place to come to where you can come and join in with a community of like-minded travellers to kick off your shoes and place your feet on the bare earth. A place where you can rest and recuperate, immersing yourself in the healing energies of nature.

A place where you can calm yourself by tuning in to listen the soft reassuring words from your spirit guides.

All if this is available to you for just £14 per month with no lock in period. It's the shamanic alternative to Netflix!

Come and give us a try… our community is waiting on the other side to welcome you so we can journey through these times together.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are a few words from folk in The Mystery School who were at our special Spring Equinox Circle:

Thoughts from our clan about the Mystery School:

The mystery school community has been truly wonderful this week - a calming place that has made me feel much better and grounded, so thank you.


Thank you so much. This tribe/clan and your generous spiritual work is genuinely helping keep me sane and balanced.


 The Mystery school has helped me over this week for sure, beyond today and into the this coming period.


thank you for creating a truly beautifully crafted evening.


The Mystery School is amazing, and has been a real oasis for me at a very difficult time. 


Loving this journeying planning... I'm a nurse!!


It’s excellent resource.


thank you so much for all you do it's greatly appreciated.


its an honour to be a part of this beautiful circle.


© 2020,The Way of The Buzzard