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During the evening we gathered in circle to shapeshift into Eagle and journey to see what we need to be aware of as we begin to gather our harvest.

There's a transcript of the chat discussion lower down this page that you can read through to get a full flavour of the discussion

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Your hosts:

Nicola & Jason Smalley
The Way of The Buzzard

In challenging times such as these it's important to reach out to our guides and seek the wisdoms we need to remain resilient and fearless.

We are committed to help our Way of The Buzzard clan navigate a path through the maze of confusion and uncertainty by encouraging the use of the Shamanic toolkit that's so easily available to us,

Here's the transcript from the circle

To make it easier to read I've split it into sections, each of which can be revealed by clicking on the toggle on the left of the title of each section.


18:59:19 From Sue To All Panelists : Hi from Morecambe
18:59:27 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : Hello Im here this time, how are you all
18:59:31 From Christine : hi, Christine from Shropshire.
18:59:33 From Helen Towers : hellllooooo from Sunny Kendal xx
18:59:33 From Bridget & John : Blessings from Bridget & John in Birmingham
18:59:39 From Galaxy S10 To All Panelists : Hi
18:59:42 From Amy : hi to all, amy from Leeds here
18:59:42 From Jill : Bright Lammas Blessings to all. Jill in Lancaster.
18:59:42 From Gill : hi everyone from Gill in sunny Newcastle upon Tyne
18:59:47 From Dawn : hello everyone hope you are all well
18:59:47 From Kerry To All Panelists : Evening all <3
18:59:47 From Cait : Hi from London x

18:59:48 From Konstantina To All Panelists : helloooo from Greece!
18:59:49 From Krish To All Panelists : Hello from Brighton
18:59:51 From Kyla : Hello everyone, Lammas blessings from Kyla in Stoke-On-Trent.
18:59:52 From Sarah : Hello everyone x x
18:59:53 From Kathy McVittie poet : love your bunting!
18:59:56 From Anne : Lammas blessings to all love Anne in Surrey xxx
18:59:57 From Sue To All Panelists : hi....peace and blessings
18:59:58 From Kelly To All Panelists : good evening xxxx
19:00:01 From Maricia : evening from Cornwall x
19:00:03 From Maggie : Hi from Maggie & Sue from Bedfordshirea,
19:00:04 From Dharma Grace : Hello all, Lammas Blessings xx

19:00:04 From Jo : Hi from Jo and Andy in Much Wenlock
19:00:04 From Bruna To All Panelists : Hello Nicola and Jason and Hello everyone!
19:00:06 From Helen Johnson To All Panelists : Hi to everyone from Chester
19:00:06 From Alison Redgrove : Hello everyone, a beautiful LAMMAS TO YOU ALL
19:00:07 From Sheila : blessings , sheila from Weymouty
19:00:07 From Jacqueline To All Panelists : So happy to join you beautiful Souls
19:00:08 From Beverley Thornton : Good evening, From Bradford, West Yorkshire!

19:00:08 From Julie Binns : Lammas blessings from Monmouth ??
19:00:09 From karen : hello and good evening everyone xx sitting in the evening sun in my garden in Leigh, Lancs
19:00:10 From Irene To All Panelists : Hello from France
19:00:11 From Rose : Brightest greetings from Kent coast
19:00:11 From Ellyn : Hi everyone :-)
19:00:12 From Nicki : Hello all from Nicki in Gower, South Wales
19:00:13 From Krish To All Panelists : Blessings of Lughnasadh!
19:00:14 From Sonya : good evening all, Lammas blessings from Sonya in Northern Ireland :)
19:00:15 From Lizzy : Hi, Lizzy here in Bethnal Green, east London.
19:00:15 From Marie To All Panelists : Hi from Stockport uk ??
19:00:16 From Emma Taylor : Hi everyone, Lammas blessings from sunny Northwich xx
19:00:17 From Betty To All Panelists : Hello everyone, from Betty in Finedon
19:00:17 From Maggie : Lammas Blessings!

19:00:18 From Di : hi all Di from Forest of Dean
19:00:20 From Sue To All Panelists : Hi all from Merseyside, happy Lammas :)
19:00:20 From Niccola : Hello xx
19:00:21 From Chloe Smith To All Panelists : lammas blessings all from Halifax
19:00:21 From Joanne To All Panelists : good evening from doncaster
19:00:21 From Elizabeth : Greetings from Bristol
19:00:21 From Elizabeth Hockins To All Panelists : hi from Norfolk UK
19:00:21 From Vicki Garratt To All Panelists : good evening from Somerset. Blessings to everyone.
19:00:22 From Robert Dunn : Hello everyone from Robert in Newport, Gwent, South Wales.
19:00:22 From Linda : Hi everyone from Edinburgh, blessings x
19:00:26 From Fae : Lammas blessings to you all from sunny Wesham x

19:00:29 From Kathy carline : hello everyone, looking forward to tonight!
19:00:30 From karen : Lammas Blessings to all x
19:00:30 From Bruna To All Panelists : Lammas Blessings to everyone!
19:00:30 From Carol : Blessings to all from Carol near Wray
19:00:32 From Gill : Good evening & Happy Lammas
19:00:32 From Susan : wishing you an abundance of Lammas blessings Susan
19:00:33 From Trigga To All Panelists : happy Lammas guys Trigga ✌?
19:00:33 From Emma Waddoups To All Panelists : hi from Derbyshire

19:00:36 From Barbara MORGAN : Hello everyone from Barbara in Loughborough
19:00:38 From Rebecca To All Panelists : hi from Becka in York
19:00:39 From Julie To All Panelists : good evening and Lammas blessings
19:00:40 From Alyson Powell : Hello lovely to be you and join you for Lammas. Alyson from South Wales.
19:00:41 From Susan To All Panelists : Lammas Blessings from Glastonbury
19:00:42 From Di : hello everyone Di in Cumbria
19:00:42 From allison : Blessings All xx
19:00:43 From Emma To All Panelists : evening all, from Wrexham
19:00:44 From Jo To All Panelists : Lammas blessings and lovely sunny evening, Jo here in Shropshire xx
19:00:44 From Renuka To All Panelists : Lammas Blessings from Surrey x
19:00:44 From Jude : Hi from West Wales xXx Beautiful decorations J&N xXx

19:00:45 From Paul : Hello from Paul and Jan in Todmorden
19:00:46 From Jacqueline To All Panelists : So looking forward to this ?
19:00:47 From Lyndsey Smith : Hi everyone from Lyndsey in Runcorn, looking forward to this evening xx
19:00:47 From Carol Cupitt Parks : Hello from central New York.
19:00:48 From Marie To All Panelists : Hi from Stockport ??
19:00:50 From Alison To All Panelists : Hi from Alison in Portishead
19:00:51 From Liz To All Panelists : hi from Bournemouth
19:00:52 From Dawn To All Panelists : Hello everyone from Aberdeenshire!
19:00:54 From Paula To All Panelists : hi from Staffs Moorlands

19:00:56 From Jenny To All Panelists : Hello from the Isle of Wight UK
19:00:56 From Rhona : Good evening all, Rhona in Fife here <3
19:00:57 From Sonya : I made a plaited Lammas loaf today, my first attempt and it was pretty and tasty :)
19:00:57 From Juliet Vowles To All Panelists : Hello from Carmarthen in West Wales
19:00:58 From Donna To All Panelists : hi from Edinburgh
19:01:00 From Jacqui Carroll To All Panelists : Hello from Cambridge UK
19:01:00 From pete Howarth To All Panelists : Hi from Pete in North Lancashire. Lammas blessings.
19:01:09 From maggie : blessings from maggie moon
19:01:12 From Helen : hello everyone Lammas Blessings from Helen in Selsey Chichester

19:01:12 From Stephen John lockley To All Panelists : hello from Steve and Liz. uk
19:01:15 From alexandra wild : Hello from Sheffield
19:01:17 From Paula To All Panelists : Hello, so happy to be joining you all.?
19:01:19 From Kath To All Panelists : Hi Everyone from County Durham
19:01:20 From Sheila : blessings to you all from Altrincham xx
19:01:20 From Rachel Kirkham : Hello from Bolton
19:01:22 From John To All Panelists : Hello from deepest Cheshire from Anne-Marie & John
19:01:23 From Julie : good evening everyone
19:01:24 From eventbrite To All Panelists : hi from Eileen Oxfordshire
19:01:25 From Dawn : hello everyone from Aberdeenshire
19:01:26 From Caron To All Panelists : blessings from Scotland
19:01:27 From Paula : Hi from staffs Moorlands
19:01:28 From Amanda : Lammas Love and Blessings to all from Amanda and John in Devon xXx
19:01:30 From Jacqui Carroll : Hi from Cambridge UK
19:01:33 From Shona : Bright blessings everyone
19:01:34 From Jacqueline : So looking forward to this ?
19:01:36 From Emma : Evening all, Emma from Wrexham forgetting first time to put all panellists and attendees :)

19:01:37 From Sonya : Good evening everyone, from Martin and Sonya in Essex xx
19:01:38 From Jelly : Happy Lammas everyone! xx xxx
19:01:39 From Denise Fisher : DENISE FROM DURHAM
19:01:39 From georgie : Hello everyone from Burnley. Had a lovely walk and Lammas ceremony in a glade earlier and had a lovely curious squirrel spend the whole time watching me
19:01:39 From Alison To All Panelists : Bright blessings x
19:01:41 From sharon kelly To All Panelists : Namaste from Oldham
19:01:42 From Carolyn To All Panelists : Hi everyone, I'm so looking forward to today, love from Mississauga, Canada
19:01:44 From cate : hi all. Lammas blessings from Cate and Richard in Stoke

19:01:44 From Lorna To All Panelists : love and light to all ??
19:01:45 From Felicity : Hello from Brighton xx
19:01:45 From Katy Brown To All Panelists : blessings from Devon
19:01:46 From Lesley To All Panelists : Hello from Derbyshire xxx
19:01:48 From Konstantina : it is too hot for us too! hahah
19:01:51 From annie : Lammas greetings to everyone from Dawlish devon
19:01:53 From Georgia To All Panelists : hello from Derby Lammas Blessings ?
19:01:53 From Linda : I had a druid Lugnasadh initiation ceremony today -beautiful! Love to all xx
19:01:53 From Valerie To All Panelists : Hello from Valerie in Bristol :)

19:01:54 From Jo : Hello from Jo, in Shropshire
19:01:55 From Jacqueline To All Panelists : hi from Aberdeen,Scotland Blessings
19:01:56 From sarah : Hi. Sarah from Bath, never been here before and looking forward to my first journey.
19:01:57 From Maureen : hi from Partington M/c
19:01:58 From Leonard Van-Arendsen : Hello From Nottingham
19:02:03 From Paula : Hello from Leicester xxx
19:02:03 From Brady To All Panelists : Hi from Bristol :)
19:02:05 From Sue : Good evening all from Merseyside, happy Lammas blessings to all:)

19:02:05 From Angelbee : Lammas blessings from Angelbee xx
19:02:08 From Niccola : Hi from Niccola in Burscough xx
19:02:13 From Jayne : hello from Jayne in Stoke xx
19:02:13 From susan : hi from newcastle :)
19:02:14 From Peter Roffey : Hi Peter from Harrow

19:02:14 From David To All Panelists : Thank you so much for this.
19:02:14 From Julia : Hello from Manchester xx
19:02:16 From Lauren : Much love from Warwick xx
19:02:16 From HUAWEI Y7 2019 To All Panelists : Blessings from southwales ??
19:02:17 From Alison Redgrove : Forgot to say here from Somerset
19:02:19 From Sheila To All Panelists : Lammas Blessings from the Isle of Wight ?
19:02:22 From Ant Brickell To All Panelists : From Ant to all. Bright Blessings xx
19:02:23 From Anne Kingston To All Panelists : Hi everyone, Anne here from Longridge near Preston in Lancashire
19:02:27 From Angela To All Panelists : Hello from Scotland! Blessed Lammas to All xx
19:02:29 From Ann : Hi, Ann from Glasgow

19:02:29 From Wendy To All Panelists : Good evening from Weston-super-Mare
19:02:31 From Lona : Hello all, greetings from Gosport xxx
19:02:39 From Myrtle : Hi from Myrtle in Louth?
19:02:39 From Janet To All Panelists : Hi from Manchester
19:02:49 From Galaxy Tab A (2016) To All Panelists : hi from Somerset, 1st time using zoom
19:02:53 From Elvira To All Panelists : Elvira from Stoke on Trent ?
19:03:02 From David To All Panelists : "Me" is David Hignett from Barnsley.

19:03:04 From Sonya : hello from Sonya in Nantwich
19:03:07 From Julie To All Panelists : hi from Julie in Hertfordshire ?
19:03:09 From Sheila To All Panelists : Hello from Sheila in Buckingham ?
19:03:11 From Charlotte To All Panelists : God evening fr Charlotte in sunny Inverness
19:03:18 From maggie : maggie from london
19:03:18 From Rod To All Panelists : Hi from Avebury ?
19:03:19 From Kate To All Panelists : hello from N.I.
19:03:20 From Sarah Burns To All Panelists : Hello everyone from Bristol
19:03:21 From Eshranie Toban To All Panelists : Hi from Doncaster

19:03:23 From Ken : Hi, Ken from Aberdeenshire
19:03:24 From Lissa To All Panelists : Hi to everyone from Lissa in Kendal
19:03:24 From Lesley To All Panelists : Hi from Sheffield xx
19:03:26 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : Been busy sorting out our daughters room as wife is due in 6wks, so been very busy
19:03:30 From Mandie : Hello all, Lammas blessings and thank you for your lovely workshops. From Cambridgeshire ?
19:03:30 From Eve To All Panelists : hi from Poole. xx
19:03:32 From G To All Panelists : aloha from G in cornwall

19:03:35 From Galaxy A10 To All Panelists : Hi Linda from Shropshire
19:03:36 From Sue : blessings from sue in hertfordshire
19:03:36 From Kelly To All Panelists : evening from Corwall xxx
19:03:45 From Saira gregory : helloo! Saira from London x
19:03:48 From Sue Pitt : Hi, Sue from Cornwall ?
19:03:50 From Jenny To All Panelists : Hi from Sheffield, South Yorkshire ?
19:03:51 From Marta Stoklosa To All Panelists : hello from Warsaw
19:03:51 From Jo : We've been workinghard all day converting our little green van
19:03:53 From Simon : Hi everyone from Simon in Devon. x
19:03:54 From Christine : Hello everyone it's Christine from Malta
19:03:55 From Julian To All Panelists : hello, lovely to be with you all, Julian from Cornwall
19:03:59 From Robert : Hi Bob from Frome
19:04:16 From Steve To All Panelists : Hi Steve from Hayling island
19:04:23 From Annie Allen : Hi to you all! Lammas blessings from Annie in Norfolk
19:04:24 From Doreen To All Panelists : blessings from Clacton-on-Sea Essex England
19:04:25 From Nicki To All Panelists : Blessings from Nicki in from Crawley but in Glastonbury for the first time ever ? I'm in love with a town xx
19:04:26 From Ayesha : Hi, Ayesha from Garstang
19:04:27 From Eve To All Panelists : hi from Eve in devon x
19:04:49 From Alison Redgrove : lovely to see you all gathering from near and far

19:04:51 From Lissa : Hi, Lissa from Kendal
19:04:57 From Christine was To All Panelists : Hello from Christine in Suffolk
19:04:59 From Leonard Van-Arendsen : yes
19:05:00 From carol ward : hello all, Lammas greetings and blessings
19:05:02 From Fausta To All Panelists : Hi to all Lammas blessings from Hampshire
19:05:03 From Juliet Vowles To All Panelists : We celebrated our 8 year handfasting yesterday on Lammas :)
19:05:04 From Tracy To All Panelists : Hi from North Manchester ?
19:05:11 From Katie connor To All Panelists : hello from Katie over in east Ayrshire x
19:05:21 From Shyron Golding To All Panelists : Hello from Brighton
19:05:21 From Karen Grainger : Good evening all and blessings of Lammas to you all
19:05:21 From Susan Wild : good evening x

19:05:23 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : I'm grateful for my wife, dad and family and put new daughter she will be called Miracle
19:05:26 From Chris : Hi love from Chris & Rob in sunny Washington North East xx
19:05:27 From Denise Fisher : CAN HEAR ok
19:05:28 From angela terry : Lammas blessing from Chorley
19:05:32 From Valerie To All Panelists : Hello from Valerie in East Ayrshire
19:05:34 From Marta Stoklosa To All Panelists : Marta from Warsaw , lovely to be here
19:05:39 From Jill : I met up with some of the North Lancs and South Lakeland GreenSpirit group. Our first get-together for months! It was good to see people.

19:05:42 From Katie connor To All Panelists : sent by my lovely friend Gayle Forbes xx
19:05:43 From Claire : volume is very low for me. lammas blessings xxx
19:05:44 From Claire Cumpper : HI all from Claire in Ambergate xx
19:05:47 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : Thank u
19:06:15 From Lolly : Jill!! So glad you got there, I didn't make it, but was glad to hear it was happening! :-)
19:06:46 From Krish : First time here :)
19:06:55 From Bruna To All Panelists : you have been and are amazing!!! thank you!
19:07:03 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : Welcome Krish
19:07:04 From Emma Waddoups : first time for me too
19:07:05 From Jill : Yes, sorry you couldn’t make it. Hopefully another time, Lolly.
19:07:17 From Lolly : definitely!
19:07:27 From Anne : I'm struggling to hear easily. xx
19:07:39 From Tracy To All Panelists : My first time too x
19:07:43 From Krish : You have really lovely energy :)

19:07:53 From Avril Banks : hi from Pwllheli on the boat xxx Lammas blessings x
19:07:53 From Maricia : headphones really mke adifference to sound x
19:08:01 From Alison Redgrove : sound is good for me.
19:08:31 From Sheila To All Panelists : I can't hear very well
19:09:03 From Lorna To All Panelists : thank you for this my first time xx
19:09:05 From Anne : will have to get some headphones for next time. thanks for the tip xx
19:09:47 From Karen Carter : Hi everyone and Lammas Blessings to you all from Torquay, Devon xx
19:10:00 From Jo : Hello from Glasgow everyone xxxx

19:10:16 From Fiona : Lammas Blessings to all xx
19:10:30 From Lyn : hello from Blackpool, this is my 3rd zoom today! it's good to be here now:-). x
19:10:41 From Patsy : Sorry to be late, I was in at 7 but internet stopped :( Patsy, Upton on Severn
19:11:25 From Liz To All Panelists : Hello from Cheshire
19:11:27 From Karen Grainger : Hi Lyn... !!
19:11:34 From Chloe Smith To All Panelists : thanks for the tip. My laptop broke so having to listen on my phone.
19:11:49 From Andrea : Hi everybody from Settle
19:11:55 From Lyn : hi Karen, again X

19:11:58 From Alison Redgrove : the mystery school is providing a great source of information and learning
19:11:59 From KIM LAWRENCE To All Panelists : hi, glad to be here with you all, from Essex
19:12:26 From Fausta To All Panelists : It works amazingly
19:12:52 From Fausta To All Panelists : Retreats were fantastic
19:12:53 From jan : Hello from lancashire coast from Jan and Jo.

The discussion

19:13:08 From Emma : Loved the retreats
19:13:08 From Alison Redgrove : ooh how exciting
19:13:10 From Maricia : the online retreats are very special, really helped me !
19:13:30 From Karen Grainger : So looking forward to more retreats!!!
19:14:06 From Emma : Me too Karen, they were very special Maricia and helpful
19:14:14 From Janis : I joined one of your weekend retreats,it was a wonderful weekend.Thank you Nicola and Jason x
19:15:33 From Krish : I studied with Michael Harner :)
19:16:18 From Anita To All Panelists : hello from Derbyshire. cant hear you very well
19:17:14 From Alison Redgrove : you are in deed
19:17:54 From Janis : I feel part of your tribe and I have never met either of you.Janis x
19:18:19 From Jo : That's bang on Jason

19:19:22 From Jelly : Thank you so much Jason, I'll be carrying that triad of wisdom with me!
19:19:39 From Maricia : Snap Janis
19:20:42 From Leonard Van-Arendsen : Just got my eagle in moon tattoo
19:21:00 From Dawn : Eagle was my first animal I shape shifted into when I first learnt to journey
19:21:34 From Chloe Smith To All Panelists : eagle is my main guide so I work without
19:21:35 From Dawn : It just happened and it was fabulous
19:21:43 From Chloe Smith To All Panelists : alot with this guid3
19:21:46 From Robert : Blue tooth speaker
19:21:48 From Chloe Smith To All Panelists : animal
19:21:52 From Claire : yes, I'm using headphones, and it's much better thanks xxx

19:21:56 From Alison Redgrove : independent speakers are helping me tonight, thankyou
19:22:13 From Kate To All Panelists : headphones working great thank you
19:22:14 From Anne : thank you for the sound advice
19:23:18 From Fiona : If you are on Headphones with an Apple MAC plug in headphones click the sound symbol on top of screen, u will see that is turned to bottom level sound, slide up the blue dot, to raise level of sound.
19:23:20 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : Hello to everyone here, Jason and and Nicole your fantastic and very knowledgeable

19:23:25 From Carolyn To All Panelists : everything that has happened has helped me to be more grateful for what I have
19:23:50 From Tracy To All Panelists : As a Nurse, I am grateful for all the thousands of people who are recovering from Covid
19:23:54 From Fiona : You have to plug headphones in first
19:24:00 From Jo To All Panelists : Good to acknowledge x
19:24:04 From Jo : It does make sense Nicola, thank you xxx
19:24:18 From Wendy To All Panelists : There is always something to be grateful for <3
19:24:37 From Maricia : i madearattle and ;painted it today
19:24:42 From Rebecca To All Panelists : Total sense... thankyou
19:30:39 From Jo : Lovely! Thanks you for the feeling that we have ALL of August, ALL of September and ALL of October to gather in our harvest xx

19:30:42 From Lois : Thank you, Nicola.
19:31:15 From Dawn : I danced in my field
19:31:26 From Lyndsey Smith : That was lovely, thank you Nicola, Lyndsey
19:31:45 From Shyron Golding To All Panelists : Thank you for acknowledging times have been / are tough for some of us. I also lost my job and it's a struggle. I appreciate what you said. Blessings x
19:31:50 From Jackie Jones : Hello to you both!
19:31:56 From Anya : Beautiful land, thank you
19:32:29 From Kate To All Panelists : lovely meditation I am grateful for my partner
19:32:58 From Janis : Hi Jackie,glad to be sharing tonight with you.Janis x

19:39:17 From Anya : Thank you so much
19:39:18 From Alison Redgrove : thank you
19:39:22 From Jo : Thank you :) xxx
19:39:24 From Kelly To All Panelists : love it xxx
19:39:33 From carol ward : thank you ??
19:39:36 From Anya : You are honoured here Jason and Nicola also
19:39:44 From Anya : ?????
19:39:49 From Lois : Blessings on this circle.
19:40:10 From Ellyn : Hail and welcome
19:40:33 From Fiona : Blessings Love & light to our Circle xx

19:44:48 From Karon To All Panelists : nice - give everything another go if we don’t achieve in our first attempt ?
19:45:50 From Krish : Marrying my husband 2 weeks ago.
19:46:02 From Dawn : I am grateful I found The Way Of The Buzzard
19:46:02 From Jo : Congratulations Krish
19:46:03 From Leonard Van-Arendsen : My Love of life and sharing
19:46:04 From Jo : Congratulations!!
19:46:04 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : I'm grateful for being alive, being loved, being cherished and living a full life
19:46:06 From Anya : I am so grateful to my children and for the opportunity and ecperiekce to connect with you sndbe together
19:46:08 From Alison Redgrove : that's lovely,
19:46:08 From Alison To All Panelists : Home, friends and family x
19:46:10 From Anya : And be

19:46:10 From Anne : finding my perfect new home
19:46:11 From Fausta To All Panelists : Congrats
19:46:11 From Emma Waddoups : I am grateful for my journey that I am embarking on, grateful for my husband
19:46:11 From georgie : wonderful, congratulations
19:46:12 From Claire : for good friends and family xxx
19:46:13 From Julie : I’m grateful for my home and garden, I’m grateful that all my family is healthy
19:46:15 From Sue : My good health
19:46:15 From Ken : I'm grateful for the fresh water I drink
19:46:16 From karen : that all my family are safe and well

19:46:18 From Brady To All Panelists : for the beautiful people that make my life wonderful
19:46:18 From Sonya : being able to socialise again :)
19:46:19 From Carol : MY lovely brother who cycled up from near Chorley to visit me.. and gave me a hug.. first hug for 4 months..
19:46:20 From Anita To All Panelists : for my continuing good health
19:46:23 From Jacqueline : My growing realisation ?
19:46:23 From Julia : my health
19:46:24 From Jo : my lovely drum that you helped me make!

19:46:24 From allison : My 3 children and 3 grandchildren
19:46:25 From Paula : Freedom to walk out in Nature every morning
19:46:26 From Lorna To All Panelists : walking with good friend in beautiful hills today
19:46:27 From annie : health and happiness
19:46:28 From Fiona : as a cereal farmer I am grateful for the warm dry weatherto enable the harvest to be safely gathered in .
19:46:28 From HUAWEI Y7 2019 To All Panelists : Very grateful for all the lovely new people on my path helping me in my new direction ???
19:46:30 From Caron To All Panelists : grateful for where I live
19:46:30 From Sharon To All Panelists : I am grateful for being alive at this time
19:46:30 From Liz To All Panelists : Being able to be able to celebrate Lammas with you all
19:46:30 From Galaxy A10 To All Panelists : still here and grateful after cancer operation 4 years ago
19:46:33 From Maricia : grateful for a loving family, being a reeki healer this year and allthe fruits i have harvested and stored for winter x
19:46:33 From Deborah To All Panelists : I am grateful for my husband, Son and family and our health.

19:46:35 From Kelly To All Panelists : I’m grateful for my health & the health of my children……we also went up onto bodmin moor today xxxx
19:46:36 From Janet : air and sunshine
19:46:36 From Nicki To All Panelists : Being in Glastonbury and alive xx
19:46:37 From Shyron Golding To All Panelists : Am grateful to have a roof over my head
19:46:38 From Lorna To All Panelists : I am grateful for my health and the health and love of my family and friends????‍?
19:46:38 From alexandra wild : health and wellbeing
19:46:39 From Lolly : Good friends and the good Earth and all she provides xxx
19:46:40 From susan : for having more time over the last few months to spend time outside in nature
19:46:40 From Krish : The beautiful deep heartbeat fo the earth and how Mother Earth has held us during this strange time.

19:46:41 From Gill : Health and kin
19:46:41 From Julia : friends
19:46:42 From Konstantina : I am grateful for my family, my friends and all the beautiful souls I am connected to around the world
19:46:42 From Lesley : My beautiful dog!
19:46:45 From Beverley Thornton : my shopping Sherpa daughter
19:46:45 From Sheila : am grateful for having 82 years of life
19:46:46 From Christine : I finally found a farm where I can carry out animal-assisted therapy
19:46:48 From Kathy McVittie poet : Today I am grateful for the ancient hills, which will outlive me

19:46:48 From Alison Redgrove : I am grateful for arriving in my 70th year when friends and family have not
19:46:49 From Sarah Burns To All Panelists : creativity, love and connection from family, friends and community
19:46:49 From Paula : for still getting to spend time with my Mum who's 90
19:46:50 From maggie : finding the way of the buzzard when i found out i have cancer
19:46:51 From Angelbee : Natures calming and balancing energies xx
19:46:52 From Sheila To All Panelists : My beautiful horse
19:46:52 From Lyndsey Smith : My family and friends Lyndsey
19:46:54 From Lizzy : My health, a home I love, my remaining family and how we have supported each other since dad died.
19:46:54 From Jo : the guides that come and give the GREATEST advice!!
19:46:57 From Julie Binns : friends, family, the animals and abundant nature in my life, good health and future prospects
19:46:58 From Avril Banks : the sea and freedom

19:46:58 From Chloe Smith To All Panelists : I have been reading alot of medieval novels especially after the black death and the importance of the harvest, the people who worked the land. I am grateful for being part of the shamanic community, connected to spirit , nature and like minded people.
19:46:59 From sharon kelly : for the present moment.
19:46:59 From Paul : Our family all safe and well
19:47:00 From Carolyn To All Panelists : family and the technology to keep in contact, no matter where we are in the world
19:47:00 From Anne : I am so grateful for my family, home, health and being part of this lovely group of people x

19:47:01 From sarah : for camping in my beautiful county somerset two weeks in a row, to spend those early mornings soaking in the fresh air.
19:47:01 From val To All Panelists : val in wales a tremendous onion crop this year
19:47:02 From Anne Kingston : Grateful for our food, Mother Earth and all the animals, birds and plants we share this planet with.
19:47:03 From Rachel : Love and laughter x
19:47:04 From Paula To All Panelists : I’m grateful for the inner journey of transformation these past months in lockdown
19:47:04 From Irene To All Panelists : I am grateful for my health and friends
19:47:04 From Emma : My lockdown rocks, the people that helped me through lockdown, thank you

19:47:04 From Vicki Garratt To All Panelists : time spent with my mother in law who has been with us for 4 months.
19:47:05 From Galaxy S10 : my family, allotment, dogs and the lovely place I live. Catherine
19:47:06 From Paula : This community and the Mystery School
19:47:06 From Lizzy : Animal friends.
19:47:07 From Beverley Thornton : zoom calls
19:47:08 From Flora : my resillience
19:47:08 From Jelly : Health, friends/family and nature xx
19:47:08 From Rose : I’m so grateful for my house and my friends, the basics of life which are denied to many, my little dogs, my health and independence. The beauty of the sea, the sky and the woods.
19:47:10 From Julie To All Panelists : grateful for all the lovely people in my life
19:47:10 From Mandie : Grateful for technology throughout lockdown which has escalated my spiritual journey in such a positive way ?
19:47:11 From Helen Towers : For having enough ❤️❤️
19:47:12 From Wendy To All Panelists : Everyone and everything I connect with on a heart level <3
19:47:15 From Krish : Beautiful friends and family of choice.

19:47:17 From Linda : the abundance of love and light
19:47:17 From Fiona : For the place I live with nature all around me & lovely family & friends
19:47:18 From Katy Brown To All Panelists : I’m grateful for my family and the new friends I am making on my spiritual journey x
19:47:19 From Stephen To All Panelists : to be alive and have family and friends
19:47:20 From Robert Dunn : health, family and discovering my local area.
19:47:22 From Lissa : grateful for kind and understanding friends
19:47:22 From danielle kisby : my open heart ♥ friendship and all the beautiful things I'm surrounded by
19:47:25 From Anya : For the realisations people are coming to - we have a choice. We do not need to give up our freedoms

19:47:25 From Karen Grainger : Life - so we can appreciate everything we have
19:47:26 From Jacqueline To All Panelists : to be alive, Mother Earth, the sea, and journeying with like minded people
19:47:26 From Leonard Van-Arendsen : My Guides and spirit animals
19:47:27 From Jo : getting to visit a kitten last week!
19:47:29 From Karen To All Panelists : My husband, the rediscovery of my creativity, deepening spiritual connection, widening circle of true soul sisters
19:47:30 From lynn : Family, grandchildren and friends
19:47:31 From Lesley : The beautiful tree in my garden
19:47:32 From Konstantina : I am also grateful for following my path and for the guidance I receive from my guides

19:47:33 From Lizzy : My favourite sitting spot by the pond in the park.
19:47:33 From Janis To All Panelists : my family x
19:47:34 From Nicki : I am grateful for my gift of remote clearing of geopathic stress. Nicki Gower
19:47:35 From Valerie To All Panelists : I'm grateful for the health of my family and friends, the air in my lungs, the wind and the sun.
19:47:35 From Chris : Thankful for the fruits of the garden and a hedgehog that visits us every night. Chris & Rob xx
19:47:36 From Janet : freedom to simply be me
19:47:38 From Karen Carter : For my family, friends, my health, my home in this beautiful place
19:47:40 From Jo : TREES
19:47:40 From Fausta To All Panelists : Finding the way of the Buzzard during this strange time
19:47:43 From Jackie Jones : Grateful for Blue Pony! The Field and Tyg.... Everything that is gifted and learning to use it to help others.
19:47:43 From maggie : find i have cancer early and the way of the buzzard to help me fight it
19:47:44 From Sue : each new day, family/new found tribe and the beautiful earth on which we walk.....

19:47:46 From sarah : My family, the many opportunities I am given. My journey into spirituality.
19:47:47 From Beverley Thornton : my container garden full of flowers and a few eatables
19:47:48 From annie : my family including my two dogs and cat, and friends, trees, the sea
19:47:49 From Patsy : Family, friends, cat, garden, first ever crop of veg :)
19:47:50 From Liz To All Panelists : finding teachings to help me get through difficult times
19:47:50 From Kathy carline : to be welcomed by all, and to be able to have my health and family.
19:47:52 From Di Davies To All Panelists : family, friends, nature, home, health
19:47:52 From Carol : .. my lovely dogs and the lovely countryside
19:47:52 From Paula : My daughter, born on the summer solstice, a real ray of sunshine in my life
19:47:54 From Alyson Powell : For my beautiful sister and mother. And so many other things. Every new day.
19:47:54 From Vicki Garratt : the abundant soft fruits we have harvested this year
19:47:54 From Anya : Thank you to pacha mama, our other earth

19:47:56 From Gill : for my health and my loved ones good health, my fur baby Luna, and the gift of reiki to help heal and balance others energy
19:47:56 From Fausta To All Panelists : Nature and animals
19:47:57 From Laura kate Howells : my garden
19:47:58 From Amanda : I am grateful for pure air to breathe and nourishing walks upon the great earth mother.
19:47:59 From Niccola : Im grateful that im going to be a first time Grandma any minute xx
19:47:59 From allison : All we are grateful for are the free things in lifexx
19:48:00 From Anya : Mother
19:48:01 From Tracy To All Panelists : For lockdown, I reconnected with Spring this year for the first time in years

19:48:02 From Carol : this community...
19:48:02 From Karen : The health and happiness of my dear family and friends
19:48:03 From Alison Redgrove : loving these. grateful to be here
19:48:03 From Patsy : good health
19:48:06 From HUAWEI Y7 2019 : Grateful for your time ??
19:48:07 From Ann To All Panelists : For all animals, of earth and sea. Particularly dolphins and snakes. For my favourite lime and Roman trees.
19:48:08 From Phoebe To All Panelists : Being able to be, to be in nature, to relate closely to it ...
19:48:08 From Lauren : Grateful that myself and family are healthy and have celebrated 45 years of my mum and dad being married today.. so grateful for a circle of sisters who have taught me so much on my journey so far. And now for the soul family that this will lead too …Aho all xxx
19:48:15 From Peter Roffey : Great full for technology that makes this possible
19:48:16 From Jill : I am grateful for the technology which has allowed me and others to keep in touch over this difficult time including your sessions!
19:48:20 From Anya : Thank you for your time and kindness
19:48:25 From Lesley : Life and health
19:48:25 From Sue Pitt : grateful for everything in life ?
19:48:25 From Dawn : My dogs, the campsite that has made us welcome. a couple of really good friends, rediscovering my passion for wildlife, writing poetry,
19:48:26 From Georgia To All Panelists : my life and my beautiful friends ,family and wonderful work colleagues.
19:48:28 From Vicki Garratt : to have found this path and the adventure it is opening up
19:48:29 From Emma : lovely reading everyone's gratitude :)
19:48:34 From Jessie Curnow : grateful for working at home, being able to spend more time with my kids and husband than I normally would. grateful for less travel, quieter life.
19:48:34 From Carol Cupitt Parks : grateful that my physical therapy is working (however slowly)
19:48:36 From Katie connor To All Panelists : grateful for my beautiful children and family ❤️
19:48:36 From Helen Johnson To All Panelists : Rediscovering in my 7th decade the joy and ease of the imaginal world of my childhood

19:48:43 From Saira gregory : grateful for this amazing life
19:48:46 From annie : all the free spiritual help over zoom
19:48:46 From Bruna To All Panelists : my spiritual path, which gives sense to my life; my family, my home, my health, my beautiful garden.
19:49:00 From carol ward : home and healthy family, and happy that I have found this ... it has made a such a change to my way of thinking.
19:49:05 From Tracy To All Panelists : As a Nurse, I am grateful for the privilege to connect with my patients and journey with them in therir most vulnerable times.
19:49:12 From Lois : Life. In all its richness. Thank you for bringing extra depth and inspiration to mine.
19:49:27 From Paula : My guides, protectors and teachers who provide daily support and magical moments

19:49:27 From Janis To All Panelists : I am grateful for having the chance to be a loving partner x
19:49:41 From Galaxy A10 : my family, friends ,health, food,water, nature,holidays??‍?‍????☀️?
19:50:43 From Nicola Smalley : what goals did i set for myself this year?
19:51:49 From Galaxy A10 To All Panelists : find out what the next step is on my spiritual journey
19:52:13 From Nicola Smalley : How have I progressed with this so far?
19:52:31 From Shona : My health - 2 years ago I had a diagnosis of mets. Today I am feeling so well and following my own natural path. I did a walk in Craster Northumberland today - 2 years ago all i could do was lie in the car while my family did the walk. I was so grateful to join them today!

19:52:43 From jan : Yes we have heard about your crisps.
19:53:05 From Galaxy A10 : to continue to be stronger after my cancer operation
19:53:20 From Emma : Lovely Shona
19:53:43 From maggie : positive attitude to fight my cancer
19:53:57 From Galaxy A10 To All Panelists : meditate morning and night time do an energy clearing meditation to keep me focused, balanced and calm
19:54:15 From Nicola Smalley : What actions do i need to take over the coming months between now and the end of harvest at the end of October to gather my harvest
19:55:09 From Kate To All Panelists : thank you for bringing me back to where I need to be x
19:56:12 From Galaxy A10 To All Panelists : to continue to meditate and develop my spiritual understanding. be healthier of mind, body and spirit. do my tai chi exercise twice daily to help with my focus and body. to be more open to spirit
19:57:00 From Alison Redgrove : actually the pandemic set my whole world into transition, stopping a toxic relationship, looking after me and gathering the musings I have started since Beltane and illustrating them into a scrap book
19:57:04 From Sue Pitt : To be more aware of the land and to take courses - started very keenly, but have lapsed last 2 weeks - plan to finish one course by end of this month, then plan to progress with the other
19:57:06 From Helen Johnson To All Panelists : Since becoming a mother 37 years ago I haven't stopped caring for others and basing my life around the needs of my children, then parents, then grandchildren. I find it very hard to step out on my own path
19:57:07 From Elizabeth Hockins To All Panelists : thank you both so much sorry I have to leave ??

19:57:14 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : I'm happy I have achieved my goals, with the suppprt of my wife Maureen and my family and my own positive nature.
19:57:37 From Carolyn To All Panelists : sounds fascinating...I will look for it!
19:57:51 From Alison Redgrove : well done Jason, sounds really interesting.
19:57:53 From Maggie : So exciting Jason!
19:58:07 From Anne Kingston : Excited about the new Creativity beyond the Camera Jason, well done.
19:58:13 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : Well done on your book Nicola, if you need help just email me, well done Jason
19:58:13 From Fiona : Wow sounds really interesting & exciting
19:58:34 From Emma Waddoups : sounds great
19:58:42 From carol ward : will look for this, sounds wonderful

19:58:47 From val To All Panelists : synchronistic just needing photography training!
19:58:54 From Maureen : well done Jason, sounds really interesting
19:58:57 From Krish : Stepping away from my day job and reallystrating my coaching practice
19:58:58 From Kate To All Panelists : Congratulations Jason x
19:58:59 From Janet : finding my Self
19:59:07 From Brady To All Panelists : learning to love with an open heart
19:59:10 From Carol : rekindling my creativity/art
19:59:12 From sharon kelly : Having the confidence to take my yoga teaching online.
19:59:12 From Konstantina : I am proud of taking the leap of faith and started my healing and coaching business
19:59:13 From Fiona : building a pond

19:59:13 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : I'm proud of being an upcoming father and to learn to deal with my autism
19:59:17 From Jacqueline : Focussing on my growth ?
19:59:17 From Kelly To All Panelists : i proud to accept myself xxxx
19:59:19 From Laura kate Howells : completing my yoga teacher training in inida
19:59:21 From Emma Waddoups : getting through lockdown mentally intact and finding my path
19:59:21 From Kate To All Panelists : being better me x
19:59:22 From Anya : I'm proud of my spiritual Journey so far
19:59:23 From georgie : I'm proud to have maintained boundaries with my mum to protect my mental health & ebrak the cycle of generational trauma. It's made a world of difference to my life
19:59:24 From sarah : being more open and vulnerable, being more present and aware of my triggers and understanding them.
19:59:26 From Sue : Improved Yoga practice
19:59:26 From Denise Fisher : CHANGED SPIRITUAL DIRECTION
19:59:26 From Claire : I've done a lot of exercise xxx
19:59:27 From Avril Banks : getting the boat sorted and sailing her with a group of girls down from Liverpool to Pwllheli

19:59:28 From Heather To All Panelists : starting my veg patch
19:59:28 From Linda : Cycled 500 miles over the past 4 months as a way of getting fit and enjoying nature again
19:59:30 From Alison To All Panelists : rebalancing the elements of my life
19:59:30 From Christine : achieving my dream
19:59:31 From Chloe Smith To All Panelists : I am proud of not having alcohol for a month and re assessing my relationship.
19:59:32 From Sarah Burns To All Panelists : being creative
19:59:34 From Paula To All Panelists : I am proud of how I was able to surrender during the lockdown and not be filled with fear. My business actually flourished.
19:59:34 From Carol Cupitt Parks : I’m proud that I completely redesigned my website on my own!
19:59:34 From Alison Redgrove : Proud of my musings when at school I was always told I couldn't spell or write

19:59:34 From Shyron Golding To All Panelists : Survived
19:59:36 From Flora : just keeping going
19:59:37 From Ken : I am proud of making health my own responsibility
19:59:37 From Kathy McVittie poet : finding my teachers
19:59:38 From Gill : proud to have obtained my 2nd degree reiki Jin kei do
19:59:39 From Patsy : Enjoying time in nature which I have missed & teaching yoga on Zoom
19:59:39 From Bruna To All Panelists : becoming a Naturopath and playing the flute
19:59:39 From Lorna To All Panelists : set out to lose 7 pounds and managed it finally

19:59:39 From John To All Panelists : Recovering from Covid-19 but the story contines
19:59:40 From Galaxy S10 : creating online lessons and appearing infront of the camera! was traumatizing ?
19:59:40 From Deborah To All Panelists : proud of getting fit and healthy through lockdown and using the time to heal myself
19:59:42 From Helen Johnson To All Panelists : Walking barefoot in my garden as soon as I wake up
19:59:45 From Anne Kingston : Getting to the end of my first year at University and completely renovating and reorganising my study/dance space. The space is waiting for a fantastic Way of the Buzzard mandala!
19:59:45 From angela terry : Caring for my dying mother in law and my 3 young children during lockdown
19:59:45 From Rhona : Finally launched my new business “Being in Balance” - a Coaching Consultancy
19:59:46 From Emma : I’m now an online therapist
19:59:48 From Irene To All Panelists : I am proud that I have been able to continue my teaching online

19:59:49 From Sonya : im proud of living my life my way, not the way of others :)
19:59:50 From Sharon : Having two poems selected for an anthology being published later this year
19:59:52 From Jo : Saving a deposit for a home - all on my own
19:59:52 From David To All Panelists : From David Hignett: I have become more discerning and more curious.
19:59:54 From Karen Carter : learning to recognise my worth, that I am enough
19:59:56 From Julie Binns : completing my course and finding a beautiful herd of horses to work with
19:59:56 From Jelly : starting studies for my new career as a counsellor.
19:59:58 From susan : getting backto a daily meditation routine
19:59:58 From Paul : Not putting on any weight over lockdown
20:00:01 From Mandie : Proud of keeping very positive throughout and enjoying the rest from the ratbrace

20:00:03 From Rosslynne To All Panelists : completed a hugelbank in the garden, first step in permaculture, pond next !
20:00:07 From Dharma Grace : Moving into my own home and doing things my way, as well as increasing my yoga practice
20:00:07 From Debbie : being supportive to my friends and family during these difficult times
20:00:13 From Sarah : I'm proud of changing direction with my creative business and really enjoying the way things are going now
20:00:13 From Julie : I started a MSc to qualify as a nutritional therapist in Jsnuary, and I’ve managed to stay on course, and home educate 2 kids
20:00:15 From georgie : started training to be a counsellor and making steps to be a drum circle facilitator. And walked away from a job that was taking over my life.

20:00:15 From danielle kisby : getting more time for myself and learning to say no ?
20:00:17 From Liz To All Panelists : grew potatoes, tomatoes and herbs
20:00:18 From Alison Redgrove : lots of lovely messages coming up here
20:00:19 From Jackie Jones : In February I was guided to become a Celebrant. I'm now in training so that I can develop my shamic services. My coursework is due by 4th September!
20:00:20 From Jessie Curnow : starting to love and protect me. proud not to give in to second portions. proud of my mental health improvement. proud of my husbands strength when he lost his dad last week
20:00:22 From Sue : reconnecting with nature in a deeper way
20:00:22 From Maggie : Reconnecting with my creativity and doing art every day. Reconnecting emotional connection with my partner.
20:00:23 From Linda : Making my own wooden staff for me and for my friends
20:00:24 From Sarah Burns To All Panelists : learning to play the guitar
20:00:25 From Julia To All Panelists : being more creative?
20:00:26 From Emma : I've written a book on self-care for the helping professions, finishing writing it was my goal, next step was publishing, found publisher and getting a date for release this week, hopefully by Sept/October

20:00:27 From Leonard Van-Arendsen : Spiritual growth
20:00:27 From Lyndsey Smith : Am really proud of doing my house up painting most rooms and making my back yard into a lovely court garden, done all by myself, Also doing work on zoom Lyndsey
20:00:27 From Rose : Continued learning and being able to stay and support my mother during lockdown. Lots of experimental cookery!
20:00:27 From Nicki : Nicki: I'm proud of my dowsing skills and being able to help others by healing their homes.
20:00:31 From Sally Galbraith : learning to grow herbs
20:00:31 From Valerie To All Panelists : Reconnecting with my garden and managing to stay relatively healthy

20:00:32 From Anita To All Panelists : for keeping going as a homecare worker
20:00:32 From Lois : To be moving deeper into my life work after discovering it and making the initial step
20:00:33 From Stephen To All Panelists : finally excepting that I am empathic and able to sense the world around me as well as sensing when people are unwell.
20:00:34 From Lorna To All Panelists : more time for myself
20:00:35 From Galaxy A10 To All Panelists : learning to be kinder to myself.
20:00:36 From Fiona Marie To All Panelists : Exploring shamanic spirituality more; Way of the Buzzard has given me the impetus i needed

20:00:38 From Karon To All Panelists : I am first grateful for this space - then having the opportunities to guide other into natural health and well-being . never would have believed it !
20:00:39 From Charlotte To All Panelists : Walking in forest early every morning and planting flowers for bees in garden
20:00:40 From Angelbee : coming to terms with various life limiting autoimmune issues ..balancing safety and natures beauty xx
20:00:44 From Jo : strengthening my body in a way I never would have imagined - thanks to online yoga!
20:00:46 From Saira gregory : having clarity and positivity to create the space to move, for me and my teenager, to be in nature
20:00:46 From Linda : painting stones and leaving them in trees for kids to find in nature
20:00:48 From Julia : getting my health back again
20:00:48 From alexandra wild : Getting through lockdown on my own
20:00:51 From Helen Towers : setting boundaries - expanding my work in a creative way, expanding my spiritual practice and being a fabulous Granny
20:00:52 From Jacqueline : My vegetable garden
20:00:54 From Lizzy : Learning to set boundaries and not take on responsibilities that are not mine.
20:00:56 From Lorna To All Panelists : hear hear! it’s been a difficult few months for all
20:00:57 From HUAWEI Y7 2019 : Proud of birthing my drum, starting my ayuveda learning process, taking deeper steps to love my self, keeping up my yoga, breathwork & meditation in these different difficult times
20:00:57 From Liz To All Panelists : Setting boundaries, for my self care

20:01:01 From Fausta To All Panelists : Rediscovering me
20:01:01 From Sonya : catching myself when I start to worry about the future
20:01:07 From Lesley : Passing my 1st year Uni course at 61
20:01:07 From Emma : well done Georgie
20:01:07 From Sheila : knitting for the nhs x
20:01:08 From Sarah Hedley Dray To All Panelists : proud of starting my training as an art therapist and reclaiming my creativity
20:01:12 From Betty To All Panelists : Several pieces of artwork finished, and starting to learn Irish online. Still at it!
20:01:13 From jan : Overcoming my triggers (jo sitting with Jan)
20:01:13 From Lolly : Alexandra, feeling for you, me too xx

20:01:13 From Phoebe To All Panelists : support re mental health, keep so aware
20:01:20 From cate : We are very proud to have managed to have our handfasting in May via webex wth al our pagan sisters and brothers, and to have worked in a care home and keep everyone covid free.
20:01:29 From G To All Panelists : for being there for my parents during their hardest times and holding it together
20:01:29 From KIM LAWRENCE To All Panelists : giving up the cigs
20:01:30 From Linda : Joining The Way of the Buzzard
20:01:38 From alexandra wild : Writing a song for the first time in many years
20:01:40 From Julie : you guys are all amazing x
20:01:42 From Peter Roffey : Having time to expand and explore my pagan path

20:01:44 From Ann : Shamnic
20:01:49 From Jacqueline : This is amazing ?
20:01:50 From Fae : allowing myself to let go of what no longer supports me and to feel secure in myself and on walking my own path x
20:01:50 From Amanda : developing plans for taking ownership of offering my gifts from a self employed rather than employed perspective. encouraging self love.
20:01:51 From Maricia : finding me, growing on my allotment and working on Reiki level 2 which is amazing !
20:01:51 From Niccola : Lockdown has brought my goals to fruition . More time to study nature , reiki , me , more time for everything I never had time for and the love I asked for is coming in the form of my new grandson any minute xx
20:01:54 From Georgia To All Panelists : getting my therapy and garden established.
20:01:55 From Anne Kingston : Growing my own veg plot and developing my wildlife garden
20:01:55 From Rebecca : Learning to let go of what no longer serves me... and getting my first tattoo
20:01:57 From Lorna To All Panelists : doing meditation group online
20:02:00 From Robert Dunn : Designing our nature garden.
20:02:01 From Julie Binns : wonderful achievements during such challenging times
20:02:06 From Kathy carline : my goal was to give myself more ME time, do more yoga and walking in nature and to keep well
20:02:07 From Lorna To All Panelists : thank you! ?✨
20:02:07 From Fausta To All Panelists : Doing things that make my soul sing
20:02:08 From Niki To All Panelists : Learning, growing, birthing a new heart base busibess,
20:02:11 From Rhona : Wow people, youve all achieved so much, such positive energy to be putting out into the world Thank you <3
20:02:14 From Tracy To All Panelists : Becoming a Reiki Master
20:02:15 From Lizzy : Getting funding for a community project that will pay me a part-time salary to run it.
20:02:18 From jan : Becoming more myself and staying grounded through personal challenges and work challenges and lockdown. Plus growing tomatoes again.
20:02:22 From carol ward : looking after my parents without becoming depressed or angered x
20:02:24 From Wendy To All Panelists : Getting through lockdown, supporting & connecting with others throughout, growing and foraging food and medicine, starting sound therapy course.
20:02:29 From maggie : nursing my husband till he passed happily

20:02:33 From Jeanette To All Panelists : getting through lockdown discovering shamanism
20:02:39 From Karen Grainger : Setting up an online druid grove on Zoom
20:02:42 From karen : making my garden a haven for wildlife during lockdown..making a pond, establishing two greenhouses ….
20:02:46 From Ann : Understanding Shamanism by taking part in talks and retreats.
20:02:47 From Shona : I am proud to have continued following my healing path which is not seen as being the traditional route for someone diagnosed with cancer
20:02:52 From Dawn : Re discovering the clarinet, not played one in 40 years, writing poetry, engaging more with nature
20:02:55 From Lynne Thomas To All Panelists : learning how to bake
20:02:59 From michelle To All Panelists : Becoming more aware of my connection with the earth

20:03:02 From Karen To All Panelists : Deepened my shamanic practice, really learning to trust my gifts
20:03:07 From Julia : doing daily meditation again, great to join your group finally ! Thank you, lovely and positive x
20:03:20 From Sarah Burns To All Panelists : to listen more deeply to myself and to be more authentically me
20:03:28 From Fausta To All Panelists : So much achieved and so much of which to feel proud - an amazing community x
20:03:35 From Dawn : Finding the Way of the Buzzard came into my life at the right time
20:03:57 From Patsy : Dawn - Same here :)
20:04:20 From Lauren : Allowing my shamanic practitioners course to take me where it needed too, into the darkness and beyond and trusting in the darkness and seeing the beauty of opening myself to others and myself.
20:04:21 From Lorna To All Panelists : I saw a buzzard close up on my walk today ??
20:04:38 From Alison Redgrove : yes lockdown on our own was quite a challenge
20:04:47 From Jacque Garside To All Panelists : Hi Jason and Nicola Lammas blessings from Glossop

20:04:54 From Emma : I started to learn to play ukulele having always been told I’m not musical
20:05:02 From Patsy : I agree, it is very tough on your own, but we have done it :)
20:05:03 From Sarah Burns To All Panelists : Surviving the first 10 months since my Mum passed
20:05:05 From Fay : Leaving the house for the first time today!
20:05:15 From Tracy To All Panelists : Becoming a Reiki Master and realising my dream of being and inspiring future nurses to be holistic healers
20:05:16 From Emma Waddoups : I’m grateful for lockdown it showed me a new way
20:05:19 From Alison Redgrove : yes the Way of the Buzzard has been a life line
20:05:30 From Jacqueline To All Panelists : 90 days of Ego Eradicator kria
20:05:33 From Kathy carline : Dawn, I quite agree being alone especially during the lockdown, very difficult but we’ve done it.
20:05:52 From Alison Redgrove : Kathy we have... well done
20:05:54 From karne To All Panelists : going through breast cancer and being grateful got all the wonderful support and love I received xx
20:06:14 From Gill : Having to work as a key worker and leave the house when frightened at times

20:06:18 From Maricia : totally agree Alison something to look forward to and with like monded folk x
20:06:25 From Jo : This is SO LOVELY to read and hear, thanks so much everyone. Feel really emotional about it. So powerful xxx
20:06:26 From Dawn : I am on my own too Kathy and it has been so hard with lockdown, it has made many of us stronger
20:06:34 From jan : Thank you for being with me in May during Lockdown when I first joined you for the retreat for Beltane. I felt so nurtured.
20:06:41 From Jacque Garside To All Panelists : Yes being on your own has been tough during this time
20:07:01 From Alison Redgrove : We are here now so not alone
20:07:16 From Julia : I agree Dawn and Kathy

20:08:04 From Leonard Van-Arendsen : thankful serving each day and celebrating the newness each day bring
20:08:45 From Sheila To All Panelists : Sorry I have to go to my horse i hope to watch the recording
20:08:47 From Lizzy : Blue!
20:08:48 From Jo : YAY!!! Blue is here!!!
20:08:49 From Emma : I wondered where he was tonight
20:09:00 From Jo : Star of the show! :)
20:09:00 From Fausta To All Panelists : Hi Blue - great to have you here again
20:09:04 From Alison Redgrove : I did too Emma
20:09:07 From Emma : LOL yes Jo
20:09:17 From Claire : I love Blue xxx
20:09:17 From Sarah : I was just wondering where he was.....
20:09:24 From Karen Carter : I wondered where Blue was tonight ?
20:09:25 From Lizzy : I hope he treats us to some purrs.
20:09:33 From Jo : Me too Lizzy
20:10:23 From Lizzy : :-)
20:11:47 From Anne Kingston : Whoa drum sounds great guys
20:11:53 From Dawn : wow that drum is amazing
20:11:56 From Lolly : sounded great

20:11:59 From Carol Cupitt Parks : We need Blue’s beautiful purrs!
20:11:59 From Emma Waddoups : it’s amazing
20:12:00 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : That was amazing
20:12:08 From Sarah : Lovely timbre
20:12:20 From Alison Redgrove : great here too
20:12:28 From Carolyn To All Panelists : I can feel the energy! I love the drum
20:12:37 From Julia : made me relax straight away!
20:12:55 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : Very primal
20:14:18 From Dawn : yes thank you
20:14:21 From Leonard Van-Arendsen : yes
20:14:24 From Fausta To All Panelists : great thanks
20:14:26 From Lolly : Yes :-)
20:14:29 From Emma Waddoups : ??

20:14:29 From Sue : lush ta
20:14:31 From Alison Redgrove : yes thank you
20:14:39 From Valerie To All Panelists : yes thank you
20:14:40 From Liz To All Panelists : good thank you
20:14:57 From Lizzy : Will you be repeating the question we are journeying with?
20:15:18 From Valerie : Yes thank you
20:15:38 From annie : really important!
20:15:52 From Lizzy : Thank you!
20:15:55 From Vicki Garratt : great- I was wondering if I could dash quickly!
20:17:08 From Stephen To All Panelists : I get those constantly.
20:17:39 From Sue : are we best to sit upright?
20:18:10 From Janis To All Panelists : Thank you so much x

20:44:16 From Liz To All Panelists : thank you so much for what I have participated in so far. I have to leave now, sadly, but will complete my journey during the week.
20:49:27 From Lorna To All Panelists : find my ancestors find my roots ??
20:49:38 From Emma Waddoups : lots of water, I was flying a Along a coastline
20:49:38 From Anya : I saw an ocean cliff and sunset
20:49:41 From Jo : Took me a while to get used to flying!
20:49:45 From Emma : sea eagle
20:49:46 From Flora : I revisited my]
20:49:46 From Jessie Curnow : keep setting boundaries. be clear and fair with others.
20:49:54 From Julie : keep the goal in mind and don’t get tangled up
20:49:54 From Galaxy A10 : am
20:49:56 From maggie : i feeat of the sunlt the h
20:49:58 From Claire Cumpper : Get to Living ... was kloud and clear emssage
20:49:59 From Stephen To All Panelists : I saw new paths in the distance
20:50:00 From Sarah : Told to have more fun...and saw a roof coming off of a house - need to work out what that means.....
20:50:07 From Julie : in the detail
20:50:07 From Myrtle : I am not prey.

20:50:08 From Ken : i kept feeling my head getting pulled back all the time
20:50:13 From Jacqueline : I was at coast too..!
20:50:14 From Charlotte To All Panelists : Lose my fear
20:50:14 From Galaxy A10 To All Panelists : I am made aware that I can rise above my difficulties. saw a river below and the breeze.
20:50:15 From Alison Redgrove : Eagle gave me clarity of mind and a warning to be aware of an individual . Gave me eagle eyes to be more watchful
20:50:23 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : Hi all I have to leave now, Nicola, I asked you a question can you email me the answer thank you
20:50:23 From Alyson Powell : The lift of the thermals.
20:50:25 From Sally Galbraith : yes I was flying along a coastline too

20:50:27 From Dawn : i had to soar so high i did not want to come back down, but i did and i landed on the ground and met a mouse he said to me you are not greater than me, i am just as important as you.
20:50:27 From Kelly To All Panelists : i flew like the eagle…..landed on a beach, there was a large brown bear….he said ‘ remember who who are’ ‘ welcome to the old ways’ made me emotional xxxxxx
20:50:31 From allison : Don't get waylaid, be quiet and rise above and go down to drink more water.
20:50:34 From Brady To All Panelists : I found freedom and a strong desire to stop feeling afraid
20:50:38 From Anya : I felt my heart, saw my pain, knew a predator had gon++ it
20:50:38 From Tracy To All Panelists : Relax and enjoy

20:50:39 From Liz To All Panelists : I didn't get off the ground, but my wings were outstretched in a protective way
20:50:43 From Amy : had a hare or rabbit instead of a wolf that cna two me. once bieng the eagle i leapt up with a screach only to land upon a branch watching down upon another bird of prey tha ti end up sitting next to and we both touched each other feathers but i did not go any further or see anything of the rest of the world
20:50:45 From Karon To All Panelists : feeling our strong wings ??
20:50:46 From Gill : that ŵas an amazing journey, emotional, I saw an apple tree and a full basket of apples. Message was positive change is coming, I'm on the right path, be true to my authentic self and share my gifts.
20:50:46 From Katy Brown To All Panelists : trust and don’t rush, everything will come when it’s ready .
20:50:46 From Krish : Flying to Canada….a place of new life and new settlement
20:50:46 From Mary : Let the air lift you - it doesn't have to be a struggle to fly.

20:50:51 From Paula : eagle eyes - hover over
20:50:52 From Carol : don't rush to conclusions.. experiment and play
20:50:52 From Flora : I revisited the places where I my journeys had taken myself over the last few months
20:50:53 From Sue : saw through eagles eyes......look after myself in order to climb and fly
20:50:53 From Maggie To All Panelists : We both flew up, but then fell asleep.
20:50:55 From Niccola : Aim for the horizon , then the next one xx
20:50:56 From Elizabeth : Get rid of doubt.
20:50:56 From eileen sharples To All Panelists : flying over a field
20:50:58 From maggie : felt sunshine on me presure of a gentle hand on the area that needs treating
20:51:02 From JC To All Panelists : flying high and up over the desert, warm soft wind, relaxing. right at end a flash of blue?

20:51:07 From Amanda : to drink crystal infused water and work more with bodies of water
20:51:08 From Galaxy S10 : I was at the coast too. I also accessed a bigger part of my world that I normally visit.
20:51:10 From Anne Kingston : I flew to circle over my dear friends house who has cancer, I held her in my wings and breathed healing into the top of her head.
20:51:11 From Carolyn To All Panelists : play, have fun, enjoy joy, take time to stop - meditate
20:51:16 From Carol Cupitt Parks : The most significant part was the five orbs of golden light that flew with me—companions, guides, protectors. I need to remember that I am never alone.
20:51:18 From Anne : iwas flying over mountsins and felt the freedom of seeing all these mountains and not having to do anything but observe.....sont get entangled
20:51:19 From Anya : Saw the hedgerow and mice. What does a mouse mean?

20:51:19 From Maricia : i had huge hiccups then a message from my exhusband mum telling me to let him know he must look after his family . strange not a messge for me
20:51:19 From Sheila : flew to crag. looking down waterfall. salmon leaping. even though setbacks always a onother chance
20:51:23 From Wendy To All Panelists : all will be ok
20:51:23 From Paul : Keep pets out of the room when trying to journy
20:51:24 From Sonya : i saw other eagles flying towards the coast but i couldn't go with them, i went and perched in a high cave and was given a spiral and a red rose
20:51:24 From Alison Redgrove : love all these revelations
20:51:26 From Kyla : Mainly was just enjoying flying around really, one of the biggest things I noticed is that my mind wasn't over analysing anything, it was just still, which is something it hasn't been for over a decade, knowing that I would get to where I need to be. The main message was "If it is to be, it will be."

20:51:28 From Fay : I saw a child from WW2, falling from a sea wall, with the message of checking on accounts.
20:51:28 From Nicki : Nicki: Blue sky and bright blue tropical sea. Nick (my mentor was a pilot) must've seen this!
20:51:33 From KIM LAWRENCE To All Panelists : cleanse and clear toxins, eat well
20:51:40 From Betty To All Panelists : I could smell woodsmoke,saw small fires and plumes of smoke - "You have everything you need"
20:51:40 From Monika To All Panelists : I am still processing what happened but it was amazing
20:51:42 From michelle To All Panelists : Actively seek new friends in this new place I found myself in during lockdown.
20:51:43 From Sonya : keep my eyes on the bigger picture
20:51:44 From Karen : I followed the line of a river, honouring and respecting its flow.
20:51:46 From Brady To All Panelists : huge sense of relief, tears but not sad ones, more ones of empowement

20:51:54 From David To All Panelists : So easy and smooth the gliding and soaring and banking - occasional strong wing-beats - effortless …….
20:52:02 From Lyn : I was flying over all of life and my message was just to keep on going towards the mou tains and not be distracted or grounded by fear
20:52:03 From Linda : the cleansing is at the seasore with the tide, the dark lifts to reveal the light and the bees move in
20:52:04 From Bruna To All Panelists : Frankie says: "being autistic I am usually afraid of heights, but this was lovely" thank you!
20:52:06 From Katie connor To All Panelists : I just had some incredible insights and felt as though as I was soaring!! a few things I felt I needed clarity on
20:52:17 From Andrea : Eagle needs to be nothing other than eagle
20:52:18 From Katie connor To All Panelists : were made clear x

20:52:22 From Fae : I could see dimly a very long avenue of very tall green trees over a wide green path, the horizon never seemed to come closer but I just carried on heading straight to the never ending vista...very strange ?
20:52:36 From Saira gregory : "youre not going back"....met my childhood pony, and then a large cart horse, wslking together back to nature together
20:52:36 From Georgia To All Panelists : told to grow more herbs, specifically thyme!
20:52:36 From Maggie : we both shapeshifted, but then both fell asleep.!
20:52:39 From Sue Pitt : Saw oceans, cliffs, white and black horses galloping together and drinking in the stream. Question a certain person what they are bringing to a possible partnership ?
20:52:39 From Amanda : flew to a Celtic land to an ancient dwelling and moss covered rock by running water...
20:53:12 From Fausta To All Panelists : Take space for myself, move on from dark times and I am on the right path - all the tributaries I dip into become part of the whole. Sat on a silver birch - must look up what the tree represents - it is important
20:53:23 From Valerie : I flew back over my childhood and felt the presence of my Mum and Dad

20:53:36 From Jelly : A few insights from Eagle: go with the wind, not against it, use your voice, do not walk or swim when you are meant to fly.
20:54:18 From alexandra wild : When I was flying high, I felt quite overwhelmed as there was so much to see. Eagle told me to focus on what is important and go for it
20:54:20 From Lyndsey Smith : Felt burning hot at first, was told all is well but look after my health and rest when need to, there will be some darkness but rest in the darkness. Saw two rings magnect together, to show off my feathers, Lyndsey
20:54:21 From Paula : Eagle view is exactly what I need. Message was to prepare for loss, love without attachment.
20:54:32 From Lauren : The next step…I had a good talking too, flying and listening, beautiful, glimpse of my pathway but the more obvious next step for I’ve been avoiding, yet it doesn’t seem scary now, its who I am and its my life already, time to truly step-in into myself and my gift and it was clear and makes ancestors were waiting also, they honoured my journey so far. Aho

20:54:33 From Sarah Burns To All Panelists : I as alternating between being a huge fish and a in flight with deep blues and greens. I flew around the northern lights and bathed in starlight. I saw a Native American chief who encouraged me to let go and pound the earth with my feet. As I fell back lots of arms caught me and I felt the support of other beings taking my weight. Very powerful. I can't thank you enough
20:54:34 From Lissa : I was flying over high mountains and it gave me strength for difficult things I have to do.
20:54:42 From Emma Waddoups : to be guided on my journey
20:54:47 From Sue : to be true to my path
20:54:48 From Linda : agree
20:54:49 From Mary : I also intend to complete my book.
20:54:52 From Saira gregory : live my best life
20:54:58 From Mandie : I want to clear my space - and let the new in...
20:54:58 From Kyla : To allow myself to enjoy life and be happy.
20:54:58 From Jelly : To let go of fear and doubt
20:54:59 From Claire : to bolster my health xxx
20:55:01 From carol ward : Bless you all, I would like to allow myself to creative and to continue to love
20:55:01 From HUAWEI Y7 2019 : To connect too my higerselfno fear focused
20:55:01 From JC To All Panelists : to have a new career that will bring me happiness, use my skills and experience to help other achieve their goals
20:55:02 From Sally Galbraith : to believe in myself and fly high
20:55:04 From Sue : to become more proactive to reach my goals
20:55:04 From Anne Kingston : To have strength and my best love for my friend
20:55:04 From Krish : Connect with the wild wise unfettered part of myself and to get clarity on the next steps on the path to living my calling/buiness/work

20:55:05 From Julia : I want to complete my novel - about nature spirits guiding us back to source x
20:55:05 From Helen Johnson To All Panelists : honour my own needs - have courage
20:55:07 From Laura kate Howells : have faith in the path
20:55:09 From eileen sharples To All Panelists : develop my spiritual path
20:55:10 From Lorna To All Panelists : to visit Scotland and find my roots ❤️
20:55:11 From Js To All Panelists : start my new life
20:55:14 From Dawn : to learn self worth and courage
20:55:15 From Julie : to get my essay in on time
20:55:15 From Anya : To heal and help heal. To radiate with love and creativity
20:55:16 From Sue Pitt : Finish courses, keep grounded and focus
20:55:18 From Lesley : be creative and start my book

20:55:18 From Sarah Burns To All Panelists : To allow myself to be supported. I don't have t do it all on my own
20:55:20 From Alison Redgrove : awesome Jason. to be more watchful and set my private intention just for me
20:55:22 From Kathy carline : I soared over high craggy landscape and then along a coastline, just soared high and higher and saw a baby resting. my intention is to be calm and more creative
20:55:25 From Jacqueline : Connect with me ?
20:55:26 From Fausta To All Panelists : Trust the path I am on is correct - enjoy the journey
20:55:28 From Fay : To make sense of what I am seeing.
20:55:29 From Carol : to experiment, play, explore and discover in my art
20:55:32 From Paula : Have faith hope and love
20:55:32 From Galaxy S10 : become healthier and more active. longer walks in the country. find more feathers! Catherine
20:55:32 From alexandra wild : To go deeper into my soul
20:55:33 From Anne : to feel the energy to complete my nesting and create a calm beautiful warm nurturing home place
20:55:35 From Karen : Maintain connection, and seek support and allies for my next steps
20:55:36 From Niccola : To trust , fly and flow xx

20:55:36 From Lauren : To step into my soul leaving the fear behind now
20:55:38 From Sonya : feel strong and safe
20:55:38 From Jo : Find and buy myself a home
20:55:41 From maggie : continue on my spiritual path
20:55:42 From Jessie Curnow : intention is to find the strength keep going with my self preservation boundaries and to eat more veg
20:55:42 From Liz To All Panelists : To let my creativity fly and not be afraid
20:55:43 From Peter Roffey : To think clearly before I speak
20:55:45 From Lesley : themes
20:55:45 From Maricia : to let go of fear in the next stage of my journey, things will get better !
20:55:47 From Chris : Commit to listen to my own Inner Wisdom Chris x

20:55:48 From Janet To All Panelists : to make that special connection. it's been a long time
20:55:49 From Stephen To All Panelists : to carry on my journey into the knowledge of the elder runes
20:55:50 From Wendy To All Panelists : to fall in love with life again
20:55:50 From Ken : I wish to give blessings to my friend in Alberta, Canada who is moving house
20:55:53 From Georgia To All Panelists : improve my health and that of others I treat.
20:55:58 From Rhona : To be industrious, balancing being on the land (garden) with travelling it. Save half of what I harvest.
20:56:00 From Lizzy : My intention is to listen to my intuition and bodily responses as I bring a team together to start this new project.
20:56:08 From Gill : I intend to deepen my spiritual and sharmanic practice and share my reiki energy healing. I ask my guides to support me in doing this.
20:56:10 From Galaxy A10 : my intention is to follow my spiritual path even when things are difficult I must be strong and have faith

20:56:11 From Alison To All Panelists : Family support and kind connections
20:56:13 From Amanda : self love. joy and to begin teaching my own work from a self employed rather than employed increasing wealth and joy so mote it be with love
20:56:13 From Valerie : To reconnect with the Earth
20:56:14 From Betty : Be authentically me
20:56:15 From Steve To All Panelists : To inspire peace and forgiveness
20:56:22 From cate : tp continue my shamnic journey with focus
20:56:24 From Nicki : Nicki: to continue to progress with my path and skills
20:56:25 From karen : grant me the time, space and support to work on my creative goals
20:56:27 From georgie : To finish my current course and take the next steps after it. And keep my mind open to the different directions it can lead me to.
20:56:33 From Anya : Consider me part of your creative community Jason and co
20:56:46 From Kelly To All Panelists : to be guided on my journey x
20:56:48 From Lyndsey Smith : Live life to the full, make the most of every oppourtites, to love and live in peace and harmony, From Lyndsey

20:56:55 From David To All Panelists : I intend the effortless flying - and my confidence seeks support in further discernment and true direction.
20:58:13 From Ann : to care for me, love and honour myself and lose weight, easier to care for others but need to care for me to move forward.
20:58:29 From maggie : blrssings be thank you 


20:58:37 From Anya : Thank you so much Jason and Nicola
20:58:38 From Irene To All Panelists : Thank you I must go now.
20:58:42 From maggie : blessings
20:58:43 From Laura kate Howells : Thank you xx
20:58:48 From Emma Waddoups : thank you ??
20:58:49 From Anya : May the love be so
20:58:55 From Georgia To All Panelists : thank you
20:59:03 From Sue : thank you. was beautiful,,,xxx
20:59:04 From Sally Galbraith : thankyou so much x
20:59:05 From allison : Bright Blessings xx
20:59:06 From Dawn To All Panelists : thank you

20:59:07 From Nicola Smalley :
20:59:08 From Beverley Thornton : To sort the wheat from the chaff
20:59:13 From Sue Pitt : Thank you so much sorry I need to go; loved it ?❤️
20:59:18 From Galaxy A10 : thank you?
20:59:18 From Sheila : thank you. sorry need to go now xx
20:59:19 From Sarah : Thank you both x
20:59:20 From Jacque Garside To All Panelists : Thank you to two lovely souls
20:59:30 From carol ward : thank you so much, I’m going to join the Mystery School as part of tonight’s goals
20:59:32 From Lorna To All Panelists : blessed be thank you for this wonderful circle ❤️
20:59:32 From Monika To All Panelists : thank you so much for this journey
20:59:33 From Maricia : thank you so much blessings to all x

20:59:34 From Janis To All Panelists : Thank you both.Janis X
20:59:34 From Jacque Garside To All Panelists : Jacque
20:59:37 From Claire : thank you so much xxx
20:59:38 From Leonard Van-Arendsen : Well worth the cost
20:59:40 From Julie To All Panelists : thank you, amazing???
20:59:43 From Nicola Smalley :
20:59:49 From Sue To All Panelists : thank you for another lovely evening. xx
20:59:52 From David To All Panelists : A most precious time: thank you!!!
20:59:53 From Carol Cupitt Parks : Mmmm, so powerful this evening, thank you.
20:59:57 From Niccola : Thankyou so much . I do need to go now . Love to you both xx
21:00:05 From Jayne : thank you so much xxx
21:00:16 From Amanda : Thank you Nicola and Jason, Love and Blessings to all
21:00:16 From Alyson Powell : Awesome evening. Thank you !
21:00:18 From Sue : Thank you both so much for this evening, love and bright blessings to each and everyone on this call x

21:00:21 From Anya : Thank you. I would like to give back in a spiritual sense. Please reach me ??
21:00:22 From Jacque Garside To All Panelists : Blessings for technology
21:00:26 From Caron To All Panelists : thank you both for your generosity and community ?x
21:00:27 From Emma : great way to thank you further for all you do
21:00:32 From Robert Dunn : Thanks both.
21:00:37 From Konstantina : thank you both!!!
21:00:37 From Claire : I love the contact with you too xxx
21:00:40 From Jacqueline : Thank so much ?
21:00:44 From Jo : Thank you SO MUCH Nicola and Jason. I got SO MUCH out of tonight. Really emotional and happy. LOvely xxxxxx
21:00:44 From alexandra wild : Thank you for this lovely evening

21:00:45 From To All Panelists : Many thanks for a wonderful evening. Bright Blessings.
21:00:46 From Wendy To All Panelists : Lovely to meet you both. Thank you …
21:00:46 From Andrea : Lots of love to Blue
21:00:51 From Emma Waddoups To All Panelists : awesome first experience thank you
21:00:53 From Lyndsey Smith : Amazing night, blessings to you Nicola and Jason and everyone, happy Lammas to you all blessings Lyndsey
21:00:57 From Katy Brown To All Panelists : it’s been a fantastic evening thank you
21:00:59 From Anne : thank you so much xx
21:01:01 From Kathy carline : thank you both of you I’ve loved this evening and see you all soon x
21:01:01 From Anne : Thank you xxx

21:01:05 From Julia : Thank you so much , very very nourishing xx
21:01:06 From sharon kelly : Am loving this evening. Love & Light.
21:01:08 From Valerie : Thank you both so much xx
21:01:09 From Jelly : A really positive and supportive evening, thank you thank you! xxxx
21:01:09 From Sarah Burns To All Panelists : Love and light to you and everyone. Thank you so much xx
21:01:12 From Lorna : thank you ? with love xx
21:01:15 From Helen Johnson To All Panelists : Thank you - I feel lighter and richer
21:01:15 From Carol : so inspring/// thank you both You always reach deep into my soul....
21:01:26 From michelle To All Panelists : Thank you so much, that was wonderful xxx
21:01:28 From Lona : Thank you very much, 1st time really enjoyed myself, thank you xxx
21:01:31 From Rachel : Thank you so much :) x
21:01:33 From Lynne Thomas To All Panelists : Thank you very much, very inspiring
21:01:37 From Ann : Thank you, so much love❤️?
21:01:37 From Chloe Smith To All Panelists : there is a spell to write down on three different pieces of paper what you are gratefultor, have achieved this year grateful for, yet to achieve and steps. Put it in a envelope, post to yourself and open up o. Samhain and assess how you have done.

21:01:46 From Linda : thanks and gratitude
21:01:47 From Jessie Curnow To All Panelists : my daughter Morwenna is a photographer (she’s 14 and already does I for a business) and I will be joining your creative photo club for her
21:01:54 From Jacqui Carroll : Thank you for your loving careful guidance and everyone's energies tonight ???
21:01:57 From Karen : Thank you for your open hearted generosity ❤️
21:02:04 From Jo : It's so nice to see you both and hear you both. You are absolutely lovely. Lots of love from Jo. In Glasgow xxx
21:02:08 From Paul : Thank you both. Blessings to everyone
21:02:14 From JC To All Panelists : thank you first time here for me, so easy to follow. I have tried to journey to before never managed, so In
21:02:17 From Steve To All Panelists : Blessings to you both

21:02:19 From Denise Fisher : once again a fabulous evening with everyone in our Tribe thankyou
21:02:20 From Galaxy S10 : Thank you Jason and Nicola. lovely evening and I am really enjoying the mystery school x
21:02:20 From Anne Kingston : Thank you both, another beautiful step into a more peaceful world XX
21:02:25 From karen : wonderful evening and such a journey as eagle, Thank you both so much for sharing your guidance, support and energy xx
21:02:27 From JC To All Panelists : I thank you ?
21:02:39 From Ellyn : Thank you. Lammas Blessings x
21:02:40 From Jessie Curnow To All Panelists : Thankyou for being you. xx
21:02:46 From Jacque Garside To All Panelists : Gratitude Gratitude xxxx

21:03:04 From Lesley To All Panelists : Thank you both so much xx
21:03:11 From Alison To All Panelists : Thank you Jason and Nicola and all gathered here x
21:03:39 From Gayle To All Panelists : Thanks to both for sharing this with us....xx
21:03:54 From KIM LAWRENCE To All Panelists : lammas blessings to you all, thank you both,
21:04:01 From Phoebe To All Panelists : Blessings to all, thanks to all the directions, to all the diversity we are blessed with. Much gratitude
21:04:32 From Mandie : Thank you so much, second visit with you guys and really enjoy your teachings. Lammas blessings to you all ?
21:04:53 From Peter Roffey : Thanks for this magickal event.blessed be )0(

21:05:04 From Krish : Thank you so much guys…really really wonderful
21:05:08 From Dharma Grace : Thank you x
21:05:09 From Beverley Thornton : Thank you both SO much xxx
21:05:09 From eileen sharples To All Panelists : Thank you x
21:05:10 From Leonard Van-Arendsen : blessing and much love to everyone
21:05:11 From Christine : Thank you Blessings
21:05:12 From lisa clegg To All Panelists : thank you loved it xx
21:05:12 From Saira gregory : aw thankyou so much . All love x
21:05:13 From Kelly To All Panelists : thank you so much, loved it all xxxx

21:05:15 From Di Davies To All Panelists : Thankyou ❤️❤️❤️
21:05:17 From Kyla : Thank you so much :)
21:05:17 From Lolly : Thank you both xx
21:05:18 From Mary : Thankyou both and all :)
21:05:20 From Gill : thank you, lots of love ?
21:05:20 From Maureen : thanks for a lovely evening once again xx
21:05:21 From Elizabeth : Perfect.x
21:05:22 From karen : Lammas and Full Moon Blessings one and all xx
21:05:25 From Anne : it doesn't feel lke two hours 11
21:05:29 From Fae : Thank you for tonight Jason, Nicola & Blue.
21:05:29 From Karen To All Panelists : Thank you, it was wonderful xx

21:05:31 From Lorna To All Panelists : thank you so so much your beautiful people
21:05:32 From Emma Taylor : Thank you both for a wonderful evening xx
21:05:33 From Claire Cumpper : Thank you for heloing me return to this xxx go well xx
21:05:33 From Anya : Beautiful people, thank you. So pleased to see this frow over the last few months ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
21:05:34 From Maggie : Thank you, thank you! Bright Blessings ❤️
21:05:34 From Debbie : thank you so much x
21:05:35 From Fausta To All Panelists : Jason and Nicola thank you for another great evening celebrating the blessings of Lammas. Blessed be to all xx
21:05:35 From Joanne To All Panelists : many many thanks, wonderful lammas evening xx
21:05:36 From susan : thank you both that was wonderful :)
21:05:37 From Robert : thank you bothand all attendees

21:05:37 From sarah : thank you. much appreciation
21:05:38 From Brady To All Panelists : Thank you so much xx
21:05:40 From Sonya : thank you so much Jason and Nicola, it is a blessing to share this path with you and our tribe. i am so grateful for each and every one of you :)
21:05:40 From Karen Grainger : Thank you again for such a lovely Lammas night. Take care all, stay safe andmany blessings xxx
21:05:41 From Paula : Thanks Jason & Nicola, such a beautiful energy with you together
21:05:41 From Anya : Grow
21:05:41 From Rhona : Thank you Jason and Nicola, and everyone for holding such beautiful space. Very special this evening Much love and blessings to you all. xx
21:05:41 From Lesley : Thank you! Love and blessings xxx
21:05:42 From Lauren : Thank you so much…Aho brothers and sisters xxx
21:05:43 From Sandra To All Panelists : thank you both so much xx
21:05:43 From Paula : Thank you both, really appreciate all you do
21:05:43 From Carol To All Panelists : Thank you and blessings.

21:05:45 From Ellen To All Panelists : Thank you so much for tonight, love and blessings to each and everyone.
21:05:45 From Krish : Blessings of Lughnasadh to you.
21:05:46 From Lizzy : Thank you all
21:05:47 From Sue : thank you again…..both of you are special souls xxx
21:05:48 From Carolyn To All Panelists : Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication, know it is truly appreciated. I can't wait to catch up sonn x
21:05:48 From Di Davies : Thankyou ❤️❤️❤️
21:05:48 From Kathy McVittie poet To All Panelists : lovely to work and play together { hug }
21:05:48 From Sonya : Thank you so much xxxx
21:05:49 From Lois To All Panelists : What a beautiful evening. Many, many thanks. Eagle taught me that air holds me and everything I move through holds me. I can let struggle and resistance fall away, Lady wolf guide and eagle . wow. Thank you so much xxx

21:05:50 From Flora : Thank you Jason and Nicola another wonderful ritual blessings
21:05:51 From angela terry : Thank you and brightest blessings xx
21:05:51 From Renuka : Thank-you so very much for the wonderful energies and the journey with the mighty Eagle and Wolf xx
21:05:52 From Rose : Thank you so much!
21:05:52 From Julie Binns : Thank you all. Blessings for a rich harvest x
21:05:54 From Jelly : Much love to all and thank you Jason and Nicola! xxx xxx
21:05:56 From Betty : Thank you! X
21:05:59 From Helen : Thank you both for a great evening
21:05:59 From Anne Kingston : Much love to you both XX
21:06:00 From Paula To All Panelists : Thank you both x

21:06:00 From Emma : Thank you so much, everyone, xx
21:06:00 From Karen To All Panelists : First time ive come to way of the buzzard, i really enjoyed it and will be back! Thank you xxx
21:06:01 From Fae : than you everyone else, may all your harvests be bright and blessings be with you all xx
21:06:05 From Bruna To All Panelists : Thank you very much!il great tribe, amazing experience. Thank you Nicola and Jason. Hail and farewell from Bruna & Frankie...ciao! xxx
21:06:06 From Kate To All Panelists : goodnight and thank you so much for sharing your time with me this evening x
21:06:12 From HUAWEI Y7 2019 : Many many thanks for everything. Wonderful blessing s too you both ??????xxx
21:06:13 From Tracy To All Panelists : LIght and love to you All x
21:06:14 From Anya : Love and blessings to you all. Happy full moon. Llamas blessings
21:06:15 From Konstantina : lammas blessings!
21:06:16 From Sue To All Panelists : Goodbye toi everyone xx

21:06:17 From Natalie : thank, brilliant end to the week
21:06:18 From Jacque Garside To All Panelists : Sweet dreams and good night
21:06:19 From Fiona Marie To All Panelists : ?????
21:06:20 From Dawn : Thank you for a lovely evening
21:06:20 From Farah : Thank you for a wonderful (first time) experience. The journeying was very powerful and appreciated. Looking forward to an abundant harvest.
21:06:20 From Deborah To All Panelists : Thank you doesn’t seem enough. Love and light to you all. Much appreciated.
21:06:21 From Patsy : Thank youy so much Jason & Nicola, always apprecoiate the circles. It is wonderful to feel part of this & connected despecially during this time
21:06:21 From Anya : Goodnight

21:06:21 From Paula To All Panelists : Thanks very much, had a lovely journey xx
21:06:22 From Eshranie Toban To All Panelists : thank you both
21:06:22 From Anne : xxxxx
21:06:24 From Julia : Thank you from my heart to yours
21:06:25 From Annie Allen : Thank you for a wonderful evening. Lammas blessingsx
21:06:25 From Rebecca : thank you so much Lammas blessing xx
21:06:28 From Heather To All Panelists : Thank you so much, what a wonderful space.
21:06:31 From cate : Thank yu so much, this was our first but won't br out last xxx
21:06:35 From Vicki Garratt : thank you. Blessings to you.
21:06:38 From Lyn : bye X
21:06:38 From Heych aka Lizzie Dripping To All Panelists : brilliant

21:06:41 From Fiona : Thank you & thank you all for joining us here tonight. Good luck Jason with your creative photography
21:06:51 From Dawn : Bye to all that came tonight
21:06:52 From Sonya : Bye

Introducing The Way of The Buzzard Mystery School

In these unsettling times as the world pauses it is our moment to drop into a different space, away from the turmoil of the chattering mind, and reach out to taste that balm for our soul.

The shamanic path was made for this moment.

If you are looking to resource yourself spirituality and learn more about shamanism then the Mystery School is the perfect place for you. Here you can learn how to draw the healing magic nature holds, through deep nature connection, animal spirit medicine, tree spirit medicine and by aligning yourself with the natural rhythms of the earth.

Here you can learn how to access the wisdom from your spirit guides at a moment’s notice through shamanic journeying and call in support through ceremony. Here you can learn techniques on how to protect yourself in these unfolding times and cushion yourself from the uncertainty that the coming weeks and months hold.

We have over 100 hours of content to delve into in The Mystery School, all delivered through easy-to-watch videos, as well as our monthly live shamanic journey circle, our regular live coaching calls and our private facebook group. All our lessons include activities which you can easily follow without even needing to leave your home or garden if you have one.

Here you have a place to come to where you can come and join in with a community of like-minded travellers to kick off your shoes and place your feet on the bare earth. A place where you can rest and recuperate, immersing yourself in the healing energies of nature.

A place where you can calm yourself by tuning in to listen the soft reassuring words from your spirit guides.

All if this is available to you for just £14 per month with no lock in period. It's the shamanic alternative to Netflix!

Come and give us a try… our community is waiting on the other side to welcome you so we can journey through these times together.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are a few words from folk in The Mystery School who were at our special Spring Equinox Circle:

Thoughts from our clan about the Mystery School from last night:

The mystery school community has been truly wonderful this week - a calming place that has made me feel much better and grounded, so thank you.


Thank you so much. This tribe/clan and your generous spiritual work is genuinely helping keep me sane and balanced.


 The Mystery school has helped me over this week for sure, beyond today and into the this coming period.


thank you for creating a truly beautifully crafted evening.


The Mystery School is amazing, and has been a real oasis for me at a very difficult time. 


Loving this journeying planning... I'm a nurse!!


It’s excellent resource.


thank you so much for all you do it's greatly appreciated.


its an honour to be a part of this beautiful circle.


© 2020,The Way of The Buzzard