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The Way of The Buzzard

Join a Monthly Circle

Sadly our physical drum journey circles are cancelled until further notice.

However our online Mystery School circle is going from strength to strength and supported more people than ever. Click here to find out more.

We run two kinds of Shamanic Journey Drum Circles. One Circle is for people who live local to us and can attend in person at one of three venues in the northwest of England.

The other Circle is online and anyone can join in live wherever they are in the World, so long as they have an internet connection. Each month we have a new progressive theme, and will  support you on your path.

Touching in regularly like this will:

  • Give you that sense of being in a community with like-minded people
  • Help you connect in with a higher power
  • Explore and experience shamanism
  • Meet and deepen your connection to your Spirit Guides
  • Touch in with some personal and spiritual development
  • Provide space for you heal and transform
  • Give you that ‘natural high’

You don’t need any experience of shamanism, shamanic journeying or drumming to come along, or your own drum. Just come with an open mind!

During the evening you will go on a Shamanic Journey. Journeying is our way of connecting with our Spirit Guides, our higher selves and our inner wisdom.

Each month, following the natural cycles of the sun and the moon, we will draw on the energies that are available to us at that time to bring about healing and transformation. We work on ourselves - our inner worlds - as well as our planet and all the Beings who we share it with.

How to join our monthly Online Journey Drum Circle

These form part of our The Way of the Buzzard Mystery School membership site, and is one of the many offerings we have within the School. You can join with a single monthly payment, there is no fixed period of time you need to be a member for and you can cancel your membership at any time.

Within the membership you will also have access to a Shamanic Journeying e-course to help you master this practice. To find out more visit this link to be taken to the Mystery School overview and enrolment page.

How to join our regular Journey Drum Circles in the Northwest of England

If you live local to us then you have the added benefit of being able to come along to one of our regular Circles where we meet in person. However these are not running at the moment.

Dates and locations will be released when we are clear to run them again.

The cost for the evening is £10 and there is no need to book. If you are coming to the Chorley Circle bring a blanket, hat and warm coat as we are in a barn!