If Women Rose Rooted – The Power of the Celtic Woman by Sharon Blackie

The Way of The Buzzard

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Stories are game changers. They have the power to change our lives should we choose to take the time to find them and let them work on our psyche.

This brand new book by Sharon Blackie is just perfect for right now, and as Manda Scott, author of the Boudicca series writes “I sincerely hope every woman who can read is given one, and has the time and space to read it”

This book has the power to change lives, I truly believe that.

Sharon writes beautifully, weaving in her own life story and stories of other women in her life, with the ancient stories of our land – the Celtic myths. She brings to life some real gems such as The Fisher King, The Selkie’s New Skin, Ceridwen and the Cauldron of Transformation and Ellen of the Ways, telling the stories first and then giving an explanation to their deeper meaning and how they are so relevant for us today.

Through the narrative of her own life she presents to the world the ‘Heroines Journey’ an alternative offering to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, and it’s captivating. As I turned each page I could relate to my own experiences of the steps I had taken, from my awakening to the Wasteland, to the Call, and the onward transformation that followed.

Sharon speaks of how the women in the Western world need to share our own stories, to speak out and she leads by example in this book. As we women find our way back to being what she calls the “Voices of the Wells’, we bring back the voices that have been lost from our culture with the demise of the feminine. Towards the latter part of the book she offers a way to do this, based on her own experiences and the messages entwined in the ancient myths of our land.

Thank goodness someone has written this book, for all of us, and so critical for these times when, with the imminent onset of dramatic climate change, we are all edge dwellers as Sharon puts it, whether we like it or not.

A real game changer.


Reviewed by Nicola