How to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Spirit Guides

Explore the theory and practice
of Shamanic Journeying

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Discover how to communicate with your spirit guides, hear their messages and understand their guidance

Now is the Time

Now is the time to meet your spiritual tribe.

Now is the time to access a higher source of wisdom.

Now is the time to connect with your Spirit Guides.

Perhaps you know you have Spirit Guides but don't know who they are.

Or maybe you have met your Guides, or others have met them for you and you'd like to benefit from a regular, self directed connection.

Maybe you enjoy some level of connection and would like to go deeper, find an easier way to communicate with them and develop a firm relationship.

Our Complete Guide to Shamanic Journeying

The Way of The Buzzard Complete Guide to Shamanic Journeying is a video based online course that teaches you everything you need to know to travel into the Otherworlds and bring back the guidance and healing you need the most right now.

Step by step, the course will enable you to meet your spirit guides, interpret and understand the advice they give you. With our easy to watch video training series we cover the following essential aspects:

Learn the Theory

Get a good grounding in the theory of Shamanic Journeying and feel confident as you develop your practice.

Establish a Regular Practice

Hone your journeying skills and benefit from a regular connection and strong relationship with your guides.

Interpret their Messages

Learn to easily understand the guidance from Spirit with our special focus on journey interpretation.

Know Where to Go

Explore a comprehensive introduction to the various realms you can journey to and be aided by guided journeys as you venture into them.

Choose Who to Meet

Discover who your guides are and know who to journey to for specific learnings and healing.

Journey Unaided

Learn how to journey without guidance so you can be fully in control of your connection to your higher sources of wisdom.

Are You Looking for Something More?

...maybe you can’t quite put your finger on what it is, or maybe you can.

Is it a deep knowing that there is more out there in the World, the Universe, and you want to tap into it?

Do You have a longing to meet your spiritual tribe?

You know you have Spirit Guides but maybe as yet you don’t know who they are.

Perhaps you haven’t found a way to connect in with them fully so you can hear and understand the guidance they have for you.

Imagine if you could dial into your Spirit Guides just like you would calling a friend on the telephone. That you could go and visit them in their World, the Spirit realm whenever you like, in a really short space of time, just 15 minutes or so. 

Imagine if you could:

  • Ask them their advice on something you are looking for help with, knowing they would share valuable information to help you on your life path.
  • Easily interpret the meaning of the guidance you are given.
  • Have a long lasting relationship with a number of Spirit Guides, all specialists in helping you.

The Solution is Closer than you Might Think

What if we told you there is a way to do this?

There's an ancient skill dating back to the dawn of time, which enables you to easily meet your Spirit Guides whenever you like and hear the advice they are waiting to give to you.

I (Nicola) didn’t always have an easy way to speak with my Spirit Guides
and remember going to a ‘meet your spirit guide’ workshop in my late twenties. I was alone, exploring different avenues of spirituality, none of my friends were interested in joining me in these new lines of enquiry.

I sat in the workshop for an hour or so trying to connect, but to no avail. At best I could ‘sense’ them with me, but I couldn’t hear or understand what they were saying to me.

Then, I discovered a practice that enabled me to go and meet with them directly whenever I wanted, and hear the messages they had for me.

Over the years I have perfected this ability and can seek their guidance to any question I have in my life. It has brought me to a place of certainty and given me a sense of peace and reassurance.

I now know I am walking my intended path in life.

Your Spirit Guides Are Waiting

Now is the time to meet your spiritual tribe.

Now is the time to move out of your mind and gain access to a deeper source of wisdom. Now is the time to meet and communicate directly with your Spirit Guides.

We will hold you by the hand as you learn how to meet regularly with your Spirit Guides and understand the messages they have for you, through the ancient time honoured practice of Shamanic Journeying.

Our Complete Guide to Shamanic Journeying video series teaches you everything that you need to know to travel into the Otherworlds and bring back the information and healing that you need most right now. 

Through our downloadable audio resources you can journey to your Spirit Guides time and time again. We have a series of guided journeys to help get you started, and then once you have learned how to journey unguided we have a set of different length drumming tracks to travel with.

We have special bonuses on how to interpret the messages that you receive from your Spirit Guides, and also how to overcome all the common problems journeyers encounter when they first begin to learn this new skill.

Maybe you have tried Shamanic Journeying a few times, but are coming up against some problems. All you see is darkness, or you feel like you are making it up. You find your mind is getting in your way, or you struggle to concentrate for long enough. Or when you receive guidance you have no idea as to its meaning or how to go about finding an interpretation.

Now you might think that you don’t need to learn how to go on a Shamanic Journey. That you can find another way to connect with your Spirit Guides and receive their messages.

You could do this, but why pass up the opportunity to learn a skill which has been natural to us for tens if not hundreds of thousands of years. This technique gives you a direct line to your Spirit Guides and enables you to ask them any question you like, whenever you like and get results in just 15 minutes.

Yes, you will need to invest some of your time over the coming weeks to learn and practice this skill. But once you have cracked it - and you will be surprised to hear how quickly people do pick this up - you will have it for life.

You will be able to communicate with your Spirit Guides for the rest of your life.

For as long as you delay you are missing out on meeting your Spirit Guides. They are waiting for you!

Hear from others who have learned with us

I find that I can journey to my spirit guides about anything

“I have been interested in Shamanism for a few years, and went on an introduction to shamanism which gave me my first experience of journeying.

I was amazed by the information that came out of those journeys and the synchronicities with my life. I find that I can journey to my spirit guides about anything, and they will find ways to contact me when they want me to journey to them, often through dreams.

Since I have started journeying regularly my connection with nature, my communication with animals, both alive and those who have passed over has deepened, and I trust much more in whatever plan the universe has for me.”


I have travelled a long way to find something as real as this experience that just landed at my feet.

“When I went on my first shamanic journey I was completely new to it, yet the experience of learning to journey felt immediately familiar.

I accepted, unquestioningly, the images and impressions that I found filling my mind. I found that I could gently steer them with my intention, the way one can at times steer a vivid dream, though like a dream the inner visions took on a rhythm and a logic of its own as I followed the path down, deeper and down into myself.

A path I have walked, and a place that I have been able to return to again and again, travelling on the beat of the drum. The spiritual connection that this initial experience has unleashed in my life has been, and continues to be, profound.

I have travelled a long way to find something as real as this experience that just landed at my feet. I have found this to be something real, something authentic.”


For me, working in a shamanic way is opening me up more to Nature, to Her gifts, to appreciate the delicate transition of things, and these can be mirrored within myself.

“I thought Shamanism was a practice one had to be brought up with, and that was something there only for the few.

Information I had come across appeared rather in depth and maybe out of my reach. You have shown me this is not so.

Many times I have been given the most unexpected animal guides during my Shamanic Journeys, but when I have actually researched these they have been so right for me at that time.

For me, working In a shamanic way is opening me up more to Nature, to Her gifts, to appreciate the delicate transition of things, and these can be mirrored within myself.

Through the Shamanic Journeys I find that the insights give me focus, as they spring up within my thoughts for days and weeks after, having relevance and provoking my thoughts helping me to look deeper within to find my authentic self”

Dorothy Anne

How the Course Works

The course is made up of a series of video lessons set out in four step-by-step modules.

These lessons take you through everything you need to know to shift your consciousness and go on a shamanic journey and interpret the messages you receive from your Spirit Guides.

Module 1 - Shamanic Journey Theory

  • You will learn what Shamanic Journeying is all about, and how you can use it to shift consciousness and access spiritual guidance.
  • We delve into the history of this method of connecting with Spirit that has been practiced for tens if not hundreds of thousands of years and how it ties into the spiritual practices of Shamanism. 
  • We explore the benefits it will bring to your life as you begin to build strong and lasting relationships with your Spirit Guides and work with the information they share with you.

Module 2 - Embarking on a Shamanic Journey

  • You will learn how to go on a Shamanic Journey, and all the steps you need to take to journey safely. This will include setting the scene, deciding on a place to journey from, which is called an Axis Mundi, finding a companion Guide and setting your intention.
  • We describe what to expect during the journey and how to come back to normal reality at the end.
  • At the end of this Module we take you on a guided journey to the Lowerworld to meet one of your Animal Spirit Guides.

Module 3 - Shamanic Journey Interpretation

  • You will learn how to begin to interpret the messages that you have received from your Spirit Guides following the completion of the Shamanic Journey.
  • We include a focus on how to distill down the message in order to pick out what are the important parts to work with.
  • We explore how to make sense of the message you have received, by considering any feelings experienced, words you heard and images that you saw.
  • We conclude by sharing some advice and examples of how you can work with the advice you have been given, and bring this new wisdom into your life.

Module 4 - Improving Your Shamanic Journeying

  • You will progress your practice by learning about the different spiritual realms you can journey to, the Lowerworld, the Middleworld and the Upperworld, and you will be taken on three guided journeys to visit each of them.
  • You will then find out about the different kinds of Spirit Guides we can meet in each realm, including Animal Spirit Guides, your Spirit Teacher, your ancestors, the angels and archangels, the Gods and Goddesses, and the beings of the faerie realm.
  • We teach you how to journey unguided, so you can choose to journey on your own to whichever realm calls you and ask any question you wish to seek an answer for.
  • Finally we conclude the course by providing advice on the next steps you can take to bring the practice of shamanic journeying fully into your life.

Plus these helpful bonuses!

Bonus 1

Quick Guide to journeying

Want to get cracking and go on a journey right away? Or looking for a quick refresher? This is the bonus for you!

All the basics you need to go on a shamanic journey along with a guided journey to meet a Spirit Guide.

Bonus 2

focus on interpretation

Learn to explore the sensations your journey has stirred, work with the animals or guides encountered, decipher words and understand the significance of objects discovered.

Examine rite of passage and healing journeys.

Bonus 3

troubleshooting guide

Having problems with your journeying? Seeing nothing or confused by too many images?

This bonus will help you overcome worries, doubts and uncertainties and give you a few handy tips to enhance your journeying ability.

Bonus 4

journey resources

This important bonus includes a set of guided journeys to the three realms along with a series of journey drumming tracks of various lengths that enable you to journey unaided.

A vital toolset that will deepen your connection to your spirit guides.


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The Full Shamanic Journey Course

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Are you well practiced in Journeying and want to revisit the foundations?

Would you like to have access to a suite of downloadable guided and unguided journey tracks to use in your practice?

Are you seeking help with Journeying issues?