Here's your replay of our April Full Moon journey circle.

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The theme for this circle is 'experiencing the wild within'. We tune in to the message of Hare. As Hare cannot be tamed, it symbolises freedom, a reminder that we all have a wild nature and that our souls are calling out to run free. Hare energy is about overcoming fears and aiming for those dreams without letting anything get in our way. Through Hare, we can turn fear into faith and doubt into opportunity.

The timings of the circle are:

  • 06:20 - Welcome
  • 12:25 - Opening the circle: drum-to-gather, grounding meditation & welcoming the directions
  • 23:07 - Talk about Hare energy
  • 45.50 - Talk about Shamanic journeying
  • 10:10:10 - Guided shamanic journey to Hare with the intention: 'teach me about freedom'
  • 1:37:37 - Journey sharing
  • 1:51:20 - Close: Mystery School highlights & closing the directions

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Your hosts:

Nicola & Jason Smalley
The Way of The Buzzard

In challenging times such as these it's important to reach out to our guides and seek the wisdoms we need to remain resilient and fearless.

We are committed to help our Way of The Buzzard clan navigate a path through the maze of confusion and uncertainty by encouraging the use of the Shamanic toolkit that's so easily available to us,

Here's the transcript from the Full Moon Journey Circle.


18:57:59 From brigitte To All Panelists : hello from Denmark
18:58:03 From Emma Taylor To All Panelists : Hi everyone, from a sunny Northwich
18:58:03 From Steve W : Good evening everyone from Topcliffe on a beautiful sunny evening here in North Yorkshire.
18:58:05 From Jane Davies : hello from sunny Lytham St Annes
18:58:05 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Hi from the fine city of Norwich
18:58:05 From Kim Hudson : hi guys nice to see you sunny essex
18:58:07 From Daniel Rayleigh : Hello, from Essex. Rain all day.
18:58:11 From lkaleid : hello from the isle of wight
18:58:16 From Louise Mcgregor : hello sun shining portpatrick, south west scotland
18:58:16 From Glynn Rowan Scott To All Panelists : Hi from Macclesfield a beautiful day
18:58:17 From Mandy Payne : Hello from Mandy in Twickenham! Thunder, heavy rain and now sunshine!
18:58:17 From Daniel Monaghan : Hello from Knockmany in County Tyrone!
18:58:17 From Louise O'Connell : Hi from Wakefield, Yorkshire. It's nice and sunny here too.
18:58:17 From Ali : Hello from Ali in Manchester! Love the hare! 🧡
18:58:18 From Ali Broughton : Hello, Ali from North Norfolk, lots of rain, but bright now
18:58:18 From brigitte To All Panelists : sunny day in denmark
18:58:18 From Marcia Nightingale : Hello from Milton Keynes. Sun, rain showers and thunder today
18:58:18 From Lorraine To All Panelists : Lorraine from Liverpool xxx
18:58:20 From andrea To All Panelists : Hi there, from Lytham St Anne’s, blue skies and thanks for arranging this 💞
18:58:22 From nicolaandrews : Hi all, beautiful to be here, sunny but windy & a ltlle chilly in Glastonbury.
18:58:22 From Sadie Simmonds : South wales in da house!
18:58:23 From Mel : Hiya im calling in from south wales and the sun has been shining
18:58:24 From Mia : Abingdon, thunder and hail
18:58:24 From Di : Hi from Gosport. A lot of Sun and some rain x
18:58:24 From mandy : hello sunderland wet and raining here......
18:58:24 From alysonpowell : Good evening. So good to be here. Its a sunny cold evening in South Wales.
18:58:24 From Ann : Hi, Glasgow, glorious evening. Buds on the Rowan trees.
18:58:24 From Daniel Monaghan : Sun all day
18:58:26 From Melanie in Standish : Happy to be here! Happy to be with you all! From Sunny Standish, Lancashire.
18:58:26 From Liz : Greetings from a sunny Springy Glasgow :=)
18:58:27 From Lesley : Hullo from sunny Birmingham!
18:58:27 From Marian : hello! beautiful sunshine in Long Beach California
18:58:28 From Lynn Alexander : hallo dear ones from showery Otley!
18:58:28 From Alison Claire : Hi Simon and Alison here in Nottingham, beautiful sunny day.
18:58:30 From Janet Thompson : Hi from sunny Stockport
18:58:30 From diane : Hi, from Lincoln, sunshine and showers today, Di
18:58:30 From Red : Warm and sunny in Portsmouth
18:58:31 From Mandy Storey : Hi from Mandy in Weymouth, sunny day here
18:58:31 From maureen : Hi all from Maureen in south-west Manchester
18:58:32 From Sarah : Hello from sunny Cornwall
18:58:32 From lkaleid : potting on my seedlings today ~ beautiful day ♥
18:58:33 From : Hi there from the High Peak xx
18:58:33 From Graham & Jo Jones To All Panelists : Hi from Essex
18:58:36 From Paula : Hello from Warrington, Cheshire 😎
18:58:37 From karin Jordan To All Panelists : Greetings dear ones, Karin from Dartington in Devon, loads of sunshine
18:58:38 From Maryann Reid To All Panelists : Hi there, thank you. We’ve had a fab sunny day. Maryann from the Wirral xxx
18:58:39 From Yvonne Dawson : Hi from Durham....mixed bag weatherwise
18:58:40 From Anne Emerson : hello. Anne in Suffolk also sunny
18:58:43 From Rod & Diane : Hi from a slightly overcast Cumbria
18:58:44 From Sue : Hello from Sheffield. Rain first thing but sunny now
18:58:47 From Leanne UK To All Panelists : Hello it’s Leanne from sunny Bournemouth xx
18:58:47 From Rachel : Hello all - just finishing my tea in sunshine and showers Bristol x
18:58:49 From Chevi : hello .. chevie form filey, raining all day here
18:58:50 From Sarah : Sarah from Derbyshire
18:58:58 From Paulina : Hi everyone - clear Rotherham now, but a few grey days - Tuesday Tews day was fabulous :)
18:58:58 From Julie Cobbin : Hello from Julie in Nottingham. It's been a gorgeous day and I've done some gardening. 🙂
18:58:59 From Acersusan : Good evening everyone from Susan from Buckshaw village Chorley .
18:59:02 From Julie Heminsley : Hello from Cannock,Staffordshire..
18:59:03 From Jayne : Hello from sunny Stoke
18:59:08 From Sandra : Hello from a chilly Newcastle
18:59:09 From Mark To All Panelists : Hi calling in from Limekilns, Fife. Sunny and clear.
18:59:10 From Diane : Hello from Northumberland Cloudy and sunny today bit of both
18:59:10 From Lesley_M : Loving your hare ❤️Had a mix of everything! Blue skies now. Sutton, N Yorks
18:59:15 From Linda Vickers To All Panelists : Cold North East Linda Durham
18:59:16 From Ray Hutchinson : Hi from China grey day here yesterday 2am now
18:59:17 From Elwyn Jones : Hi, Elwyn jones from Warrington, Cheshire. Windy, sunny, with showers.
18:59:21 From Debi Knight (she/her) To All Panelists : Hi all from Wakefield, W Yorks
18:59:22 From Richard Fedorko : Hello from Glasgow!
18:59:24 From Lee Martin To All Panelists : Hi all Lee from Lowestoft Sunny Suffolk
18:59:30 From Sue Stone : Hi from Anne & Sue in Morecambe
18:59:30 From Gina : Hi from Gina
18:59:38 From Clare Bonetree To All Panelists : Hello from Herefordshire
18:59:39 From Lyn To All Panelists : Lyn and cat from southampton
18:59:41 From jules : Hi Jules from Herefordshire
18:59:43 From June Staff : June in Norfolk
18:59:47 From Shona Paterson : Hello from Fife in Scotland.. Nice and sunny
18:59:49 From Nicki Brooks : hello from Nicki in Weymouth
18:59:51 From claire : Evening everyone from previously showery Berkshire
18:59:54 From jules : Thankyou so much for this free offering
18:59:58 From lesley gerrard : Hello from Lesley in scotland
18:59:59 From Susan Clee : Greetings from West Sussex, sun, rain and a little windy but clearing so should be good for a clear moon
19:00:02 From Devika To All Panelists : Devika from Berkshire
19:00:03 From William Bryden To All Panelists : Hello from Braintree
19:00:12 From Donna Lowery To All Panelists : Hi from North Devon
19:00:14 From Bev To All Panelists : Hi there.
19:00:19 From Melissa To All Panelists : Melissa from Australia xx
19:00:20 From Jan Yates : Evening. Jan from Ioswich
19:00:23 From kathycar To All Panelists : Thanks Tina
19:00:24 From claire To All Panelists : Hi from Sunny Swansea
19:00:25 From pat : Hi Jason and Nicola
19:00:29 From Jules Morgan Rogers : jules from mid Wales hi all. xxx
19:00:33 From Bev To All Panelists : this is Bev from Walsall West Midlands
19:00:37 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Great to hear these overseas participants. Hail and welcome
19:00:40 From Jack Cox : Greetings from Stafford
19:00:41 From Kate McCaig : kate from Devon, 1st circle Spring, sunshine
19:00:41 From Heidi Bellamy : Greetings from Heidi - Stradbroke in rainy Suffolk
19:00:43 From Ray Hutchinson : Nice to hear you guys again
19:00:49 From Dorothy Robbie : Hi from Dorothy from Forfar in Scotland and it’s a beautiful sunny evening
19:00:55 From Karon To All Panelists : Gentle rain 🌧️ in Essex
19:00:55 From Rachel Rosie To All Panelists : Hello,
From a sunny Cambridgeshire 🐥
19:00:56 From Jo Gill : Hi Jo from Sheffield in Yorkshire
19:01:01 From Julie To All Panelists : Bright blessings from Yorkshire :)
19:01:03 From kathycar : Hi Everyone its Kathy from Petersfield, Hampshire showery evening
19:01:04 From Ray Hutchinson : Great to be here
19:01:06 From William Bryden To All Panelists : William from Braintree
19:01:08 From Carol Treasure To All Panelists : Hi from sunny Cheshire from me and my animals!
19:01:16 From 074465 : Hi from Helen on the Cumbrian border.
19:01:16 From user : Hi from james in aberdeen
19:01:27 From Debs C : Hello, it is Deborah from London
19:01:28 From Tina : Hello everyone, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
19:01:29 From Joy : Hi from Joy in sunny Dumfries and Galloway
19:01:33 From Melanie in Standish To All Panelists : Haha when you read “Nice hare” I zoomed in to see what was different about Jason or Nicola’s hair.🤣
19:01:35 From Julie To All Panelists : Hello gorgeous Blue!
19:01:38 From Eileen : Gratitude from Eileen in Scotland
19:01:41 From Sue Whitehead : Hi Sue from Chorley
19:01:48 From Lyle : Good evening from Peebles! Sunny 🌞
19:01:50 From Sandy Holt : Hello from me, Sandy from Stratford-upon-Avon ❤️
19:02:01 From Deborah Banks : hi from Deborah from Cheshire 😁
19:02:07 From Nixie James-Scott : Blessings from beautiful sunny North Devon...🙏
19:02:08 From Alison To All Panelists : Hi everyone!
From Cheshire
19:02:08 From Karen : Hi from Ivybridge, Devon
19:02:27 From Di : Hi from Di in Mid Wales ❤️
19:02:29 From Lorna Hutchinson : Hi everyone- here’s to a great evening x🐈‍⬛🍷😊
19:02:33 From pat : Beautiful evening in your old patch near the Bay Horse, Jason.
19:02:34 From marie : hi everybody from Marie in Newquay Cornwall🌻xx
19:02:46 From Tina : Hello everyone, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
19:02:52 From Sue Stirzaker : Hi everyone - Sue here from Greater Manchester
19:02:53 From Samsung SM-A336B : hi everyone ive made it today
19:02:56 From Samsung SM-A336B : blessed bex
19:02:57 From Tina : hello everyone
19:03:04 From Lyn To All Panelists : Light rain and sun in southampton
19:03:05 From Tina : You're welcome
19:03:06 From Liz : hello and thanks from Liz in Leicester
19:03:10 From Ann : Hi Tina.
19:03:20 From Julie : Bright Blessings from Yorkshire and hello to Blue!
19:03:23 From Tina : Hello Ann
19:03:23 From Melanie in Standish To All Panelists : THANK YOU TINA!!
19:03:28 From Angela Birchall : Hello from Southport which had been nice and 🌞
19:03:37 From andrea To All Panelists : Hi everybody Really looking forward to it - my first time :)
19:03:55 From Maryann Reid : Good evening all, blessings from Maryann on the Wirral xxx
19:05:48 From AnnyTurner : Hurrah helloooooo Anny in Scarborough
19:05:55 From Tracey Woodley : Hello Nicola Jason & Blue! So happy to be here 😃❤️
19:06:29 From jewels : Hello all, from Jewels in Trawden x
19:06:31 From Fiona : hellooo lovelies😸
19:07:00 From Fiona : Worcester
19:07:53 From Magdalene : My third baby was born with the full moon on Easter Saturday last year :)
19:08:21 From AnnyTurner : Isn't it lovely that it's not explained. I love that . Just accept it and leave science behind 🥰
19:08:51 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Congratulations Magdalene
19:09:11 From Magdalene : Thank you :)
19:09:12 From Fiona : beautiful king blue💙
19:09:37 From debbie To All Panelists : My cat Maddie is also on my lap and ready for the journey!
19:20:03 From Wendy : How wonderful to be together x
19:20:28 From Deborah Banks : beautiful 😊
19:20:42 From Rupi @AattamNirvana : Hello Everyone, feels wonderful to be here🙏🏼😊
19:21:50 From Joanne Allen To All Panelists : Hi it is lovely to share this with you all x
19:22:19 From debbie To All Panelists : Not in suseex sadly
19:22:21 From Rupi @AattamNirvana : Starting to clear up in London too
19:22:28 From Lisa To All Panelists : So lovely to hear you both nicola and jason
19:23:31 From Tina : Hello everyone, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
19:23:35 From Janet Thompson : Remember the hare we saw Brigitte?
19:23:37 From Angie : Lovely here is Swansea, hoping to see it clearly 😊
19:24:08 From Mel : yes it is lovely in Swansea im up in the Swansea valley
19:25:24 From AnnyTurner : Completely overcast in Scarborough. But I know the Moon is there ☺️😉 This evening/ journey is going to be soooo important to me... so important...
19:31:30 From Carol : I had a hare in the middle of the road last night and it continued running in front of the car for a while
19:31:53 From Liz : A few years ago my husband and I were walking in the hills above Braemar. Somehow we strayed off the path and came a group of about 20 mountain hares - a truly breath taking sight, quite magical!
19:32:29 From Louise Mcgregor : I have a hare living in the garden -the garden belongs to it ( been here for years).
19:32:33 From Samsung SM-A336B : ive been told my spirit guide is a hare i have images and ornaments all over my home love themx
19:32:56 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Lovely Samsung SM-A3368
19:33:02 From Paulina : I received an Easter Card today-very unexpected - Hare and eggs - enchanted eggs at that - how apt for this evening I thought.
19:33:52 From Lee Martin : When I worked on a air base we used to see hare run across the runway as the planes were landing
19:33:54 From AnnyTurner : Oh Louise!! 🥰
19:34:33 From Louise Mcgregor : 🥰
19:35:07 From Deborah Banks : thank you Louise. 😊 💓
19:36:37 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : To avoid capture / engulfment - switch tack
19:37:48 From UseNeilr : Where I work in Lathom there are lots of Hare which roam around our site. If you keep quite still they come quite close, lovely animals.
19:39:00 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : rewilding self
19:39:05 From Tina : Book: Courting the Wild Twin by Martin Shaw
19:39:15 From JulieA : great story, how inspiring you are and hare clearly played his place. thank you for sharing your experience
19:40:06 From Tina : Here's the link to the retreat information:
19:40:38 From Janet Thompson : A course Im doing explains that we are all born with a primary personality but due to life, parents, school etc we often subsume our primary personality to a secondary personality which pleases/conforms to others expectations
19:41:00 From Tina : Here's the link to the Mystery School:
19:41:06 From AnnyTurner : OhMyGoodness. I've not heard about the wild twin before but this could explain something that happened to me a few days ago that I've not been able to fathom but has absolutely made me feel DIFFRENT! and seems to have shown me something . (not the place to talke bao it here
19:41:14 From AnnyTurner : talk about sorry
19:42:57 From Sandy Holt : Can’t believe what Hare represents… this week has all been about protecting my freedom by putting boundaries in place. Embracing the wild…this so resonates this week, thank you xx
19:43:06 From AnnyTurner : I can't believe this!! And what a coincidence that you are talking about it now!!
19:43:39 From Jules Morgan Rogers : no such things as coincidence!!
19:43:59 From AnnyTurner : She's real, and with me!
19:44:12 From maureen : Sounds interesting Anny, would like to hear about it in the Facebook group if appropriate for you to share xx
19:44:23 From andrea To All Panelists : the wild twin reminds me of the two wolves tale that we all have within us
19:44:38 From Alison Gaffney : Just arrived here to catch the conversation - rainbows and wild wonderful,skies over London 🌈 great to settle in to this beautiful space 💜🙏
19:44:41 From Sandy Holt : wow Any sounds fascinating xxx
19:46:16 From Sarah To All Panelists : Could that be related to our mothers heart. The first noise we hear?
19:46:52 From Tina To Sarah and All Panelists : Hi Sarah, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
19:49:04 From andrea To All Panelists : my first time
19:49:05 From Bev To All Panelists : First timer!
19:49:05 From nicolaandrews : First time ever!
19:49:06 From Jo Gill : first time
19:49:07 From Annette Brown : thank you for bringing this to us. relatively new
19:49:09 From Rupi @AattamNirvana : First time here
19:49:13 From Sarah : New
19:49:14 From Debs C : This is the first time for me
19:49:14 From Tracey To All Panelists : First time
19:49:15 From Lisa To All Panelists : Lots of guidance
19:49:16 From Louise O'Connell : Relatively new to journeying.
19:49:18 From 074465 : First time
19:49:19 From Vix To All Panelists : My first time
19:49:19 From Deborah Banks : I'm new and enjoying it b
19:49:22 From Lyn To All Panelists : Second time
19:49:23 From Jane P To All Panelists : New to journeying
19:49:23 From Sue Stirzaker : My very first attendance and totally ignorant of everything!
19:49:23 From Alyson Larkworthy : Done journeying before with a guide
19:49:23 From Mark To All Panelists : First time,
19:49:25 From Clare Bonetree To All Panelists : pretty new to this, but experienced with guided meditation so quite confident
19:49:25 From Sam M To All Panelists : new
19:49:25 From Angie : Quite new
19:49:26 From Paula : v
19:49:27 From Nicki Brooks : very new
19:49:27 From Kate McCaig : 1st time!
19:49:27 From William Bryden To All Panelists : First timer
19:49:28 From diane : My first time, so looking forward to it
19:49:29 From Monika To All Panelists : Im new to this
19:49:30 From Janet Thompson : Still quite new.
19:49:30 From Leanne UK To All Panelists : Me too
19:49:32 From Jennie : First time
19:49:32 From Paula : first time
19:49:32 From Tina Holton To All Panelists : 2nd time!
19:49:33 From Vik To All Panelists : Still quite new
19:49:41 From Liz Wright : new to journeying here
19:49:43 From Mel : first time
19:49:44 From brigitte To All Panelists : worked with gill edwards, so have experience of inner journeys
19:49:49 From Julie Cobbin : I've tried them but never managed to properly journey.
19:50:00 From karin Jordan To All Panelists : Experienced shamanic practitioner also working with clients seeking the channeling of healing. Always keen to learn ✨
19:50:06 From Joanne Allen To All Panelists : New and living this really resonating with you
19:50:10 From Dorothy Robbie : Would like more info as journeying still fairly new to me
19:50:13 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : stay with it Julie
19:50:23 From Maryann Reid : First time here, but I have done drum journeys before xxx
19:50:46 From Dawn Harding : Quite well experienced with journeying but only one or 2 with you guys before, so its good to be back and looking forward to the journey.
19:51:26 From Bev To All Panelists : would it be useful to play along too if we have a drum?
19:52:50 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : "a picture paints a thousand words"
19:55:17 From Carol : Why are ancestors in lower world?
19:56:07 From user : Does it matter what form your companion guide takes?
19:56:08 From karin Jordan To All Panelists : Brilliant explanation 💛
19:57:26 From Lisa : Does anyone not dream i wish i could dream more
19:57:51 From Joanne Allen To All Panelists : Yeah
19:58:08 From Marian To All Panelists : have to go, but I'll set you in the replay. many thanks.
19:58:20 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Carol - it will be ancient ancestors from a hunter gather time.
19:58:20 From Lisa : Is there a way to dream more
19:59:55 From Colette : Last time I lay down, heard the drum and woke up as you were saying goodbye! So sitting up tonight
20:04:09 From Deborah Banks : was wondering about that. 😊
20:04:23 From Bev To All Panelists : Thank you for that🙏I asked 'cos I'm a percussionist
20:06:06 From Barbara : Lisa check out Robert MOSS-
20:06:32 From Lisa : Thank you!
20:32:06 From Victoria : Apologies, after an energising opening ceremony I have to part company due to a sinus headache. Thank you and Blessings to all... Vx
20:35:31 From Rupi @AattamNirvana : I had activity on my third eye
20:35:37 From Louise O'Connell : I was shown a pen, and given the word 'words,' then saw a hare dancing.
20:35:40 From Mother of Loki To All Panelists : What is the creature that was able to go between top and bottom of ydrasil
20:35:55 From Deborah Banks : just felt cold and pressure so knew someone was with me. 😊
20:35:59 From Bev To All Panelists : Didn't journey. Just had a couple of flashes of yellow and now feel incredibly thirsty.
20:36:00 From Louise Mcgregor : i could see the part of my garden where hare lives, the plant , vege i have just olanted and two hare figures i have placed in the garden last month, i kept seeig itover and over
20:36:14 From Debs C : I was dancing around a campfire on a beach with hare and my spirit butterfly.. I also had a pain or sensation on my right wrist.. Like a bite..
20:36:18 From Sarah : I saw a stream which become a river. With a bird which kept changing
20:36:25 From Shona Paterson : Solitude, no rules, fast, flexible, jumping, fun, strong, soft
20:36:31 From Rod & Diane : Rod: Couldn’t escape this world reality to manage to journey tonight.
20:36:34 From Annette Brown : I got accompanied by a young deer. lots of running around and dancing. Young hares and rabbits led me to the grand hare who told me to be more childlike that I am able to just trust myself
20:36:34 From Lorna Hutchinson : Fantastic unwinding experience - many thanks xx
20:36:42 From Andrea : I didn't find hare in my journey but was startled out of my journey by hare running across my living room floor right in front of me
20:36:45 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Moon now above horizon in the east of UK. should be ready for us when we wrap up
20:36:49 From brigitte To All Panelists : saw a fox very clearly
20:36:56 From AnnyTurner : 😲 🥰 so many things oh my gosh absolutely amazing I will have to telll on facebook as it also ties in with my experiences earlier in the week. Oh wow
20:37:14 From Lyn To All Panelists : Hare brought two other hares and they talked about achieving freedom by setting boundaries
20:37:21 From Dawn Harding : I embodied the hare - I became the hare until the message became clear and then we separated and I was able to see him as his own entity, but just followed him.
20:37:22 From Tina Sparks To All Panelists : I had a rush of hares out of my mouth, perhaps I have to voice my freedom?
20:37:24 From user : I was asked to release all negativity into the earth where it dispersed all over, an eagle also flew off with some and the hare stomped it into the ground
20:37:30 From Lisa : Hare was very wise he was elderly and kind along with my ancestor guide they advised me how to find myself more freedom despite my responsibilities i also sat around a camp fire but also wild swam before meeting the elderly wise hare
20:37:33 From Mother of Loki To All Panelists : Had an image of frog sipping from the back of my head and purifying black gunk into clear fresh wTer
20:37:35 From Bev To All Panelists : can see the moon rising outside my bedroom window
20:37:38 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : My mind pondered on the "hare and tortoise". As I sat with my power animal, hare came close but kept its distance.
20:37:47 From Tracey Woodley : Hare showed me to zig-zag and lose any distractions that cause stress. To fight for my freedom. Very powerful tonight, thank you
20:37:50 From Monika To All Panelists : I saw a here running in front of me and raven flying flapping wings
20:37:51 From Jules Morgan Rogers : I was underground which is strange as they don't live underground, they were holding council and gave me blue larimar, told me to rise up warrior. then my native American guide gave me Raw haematite, very vivid. I saw a squirrel too!!
20:38:00 From martin of grasmere : wolf was with me and growled several times at me....
20:38:01 From Samsung SM-A336B : fox was my companion taken quiet quickly down a stone ancient torch lit walls with a celtic ancestet waiting guiding through to a circle
20:38:03 From Jane P To All Panelists : Only darkness..but kept hearing “sing sing sing sing sing”….and then as was coming back the green mans face?
20:38:06 From Devika To All Panelists : i saw oppression and how it feels to be ensavd
20:38:22 From Devika To All Panelists : enslaved
20:38:30 From Rupi @AattamNirvana : I saw waves of yellow too
20:38:33 From Mel : that was so strange... I was a ta submergence and felt excited I saw the Hare under the water what on eaarth
20:38:36 From Jane P To All Panelists : Oh and my hands got really warm
20:38:42 From andrea To All Panelists : My Spirit animal is a wolf - she appeared to me but she was HUGE my full height and she guided me - never met any hares but my wolf was playing in the long grass completely oblivious to anything - I also kept thinking of Watership down and the rabbits on their journey to a better place - I interpreted it as just being in the moment and living my best llife
20:39:11 From Samsung SM-A336B : message was that man up doors for you flashes of purple hare was in ftont all the time changing coat of fur in the seasonal way.
20:39:13 From Maryann Reid To All Panelists : This journey was awesome, not sure what it was about. A wind picked me up and the owl, and it took it on the initial journey of the hare… it took us into a burrow, we met hare in its home then it invited me onto his back, he/she took me dancing, it played through the flowers, took me overlooking mountains changing in time. I think it was showing me there are many ways to get to a certain point and not to overthink the destination. Xx thank you 🙏🏼
20:39:15 From Colette : It was quite dark with flashes of light - the aurora, a comet, a lighthouse then a sunrise. Felt comfort. Every time I looked at my female hare companion her look said ‘ you know the answers’
20:39:19 From Philippa : Badger and Deer can do this even though you feel very alone! We are here,just call on us, as you feel so isolated and sad....
20:39:20 From Anne : Playing, laughing, with squirrel and hare, dancing round a maypole
20:39:20 From Lisa : Hare also stamped on the ground to get my attention and lead me to the campfire to talk to me about who i was and how to find my freedom ( my wild twin)
Amazing journey
20:39:28 From Samsung SM-A336B : message again rainbows over paradise
20:39:29 From Ray Hutchinson : An aerial view of old ruins in an ancient mountain landscape
20:39:36 From Angie : Felt the owl’s presence but don’t feel we went far? Was on a street with fog briefly!
20:39:44 From deb To All Panelists : Had a clear message to bring the mystery into the light/my everyday
20:39:50 From Tina Holton To All Panelists : The meadow you spoke of earlier opened up on each side to the horizon and me and Hare ran and ran and ran…
20:39:51 From Ali : I was in woodland with hare and then realised I has become hare .....
20:40:03 From Jo Gill : Fantastic experience, thankyou so much
20:40:08 From Mel : lots of water
20:40:10 From Carol : was told to follow my own path and be my own true self
20:40:10 From Rosa : I saw faces in the couds you put up and two of them kept changing into the image of a hare. I saw faces in the clouds around yesterday's fullmoon too.
20:40:13 From Dawn Harding : my message was work/life is very out of balance and I need more fun in the form of dancing, jumping with joy and drumming!
20:40:24 From Vix To All Panelists : I lost all feeling in my hands and felt quite hot.
20:40:31 From Paulina : I felt that I went really deep, don't remember much, but towards the end I saw an African drummer and I got "the dream time". …
20:40:33 From Sarah : The bird was an eagle, then a condor, then a crow
20:40:51 From Emma Taylor : Hare showed me that I lacked freedom in my mind, in how I have been approaching something. She showed me everything turning grey and dead if I kept on with this path, and then showed herself zig zagging. I understood how I needed to change my approach, and how my wild twin had the answers I was seeking
20:40:52 From Jennie : Hare was sat on a boulder a lot higher than me in very dense green leafy forest
20:40:55 From Kate McCaig : I saw hare and met my younger self as a child and I was told to play follow my heart....
20:40:59 From Mark To All Panelists : I sunk into the soil and flowed through the limitless loam. But ultimately blocked, a flash of a b&w symbol.
20:41:01 From mandy : the wolf accompanied me, saw beaver, salmon brown bear bee...….in nature mountains, flowers forest, iced lakes which defrosted and running streams. underwater...…...ended with nightfall and stars....alone with nature came through strongly.
20:41:01 From Liz : hare came to me in a flowery hay meadow and nipped my wrist until I started to dance with him. also I heard some words in the drumbeat that pointed me towards listening more carefully.
20:41:01 From Janet Thompson : imitating what hare did and became more adventurous.. ~First of all was hare running round and round tree then it changed and we were on a beach and
20:41:05 From Fiona : kept seeing little leverets in a form, very young...mainly scottish artic hares in very heathery hillside
20:41:12 From marie : ended up in a very bright middle world a few times then with hare on a beautiful bookmark.
20:41:17 From Debs C : How wonderful to hear of everyone's experiences and so grateful for tonight. Thanks so much xxxx
20:41:39 From lesley gerrard : I saw hare clearly, side on, facing right and the song "Free your mind..."
20:41:51 From marie : thanku so lovely and relaxing xxx
20:41:55 From Rosa : and I remembered seeing a hare two summers ago and the statue of a hare a local artist made. it gave me a sense of freedom.
20:42:00 From Ann : My main animal guides came with me, three in fact. We went into a beautiful field full of spring flowers, hare was there showing me how to protect my self and danced with me. Jumped into my arms and hugged me.
My Fae companion and angel who spend time with me sat and just held me and told me I was safe and loved.
I was seriously assaulted by health care workers recently and they were affirming that I was loveable and that the attackers had not taken away my value.
20:42:04 From Sandy Holt : Rosa I saw faces too - two in particular but didn’t recognise anything…they were strange and other worldly. felt as if i was drifting in and out of something.
20:42:07 From Mark : I sunk into the soil and flowed underground through the limitless loam. But ultimately blocked, a flash of b&w symbol.
20:42:18 From Alison Gaffney : Flash of hare leaping left field vision … Freedom to truly experience being without any expectation
20:42:23 From Janet Thompson : I was following and running in hares paw steps. Went back to water fall hare drank and I drank. Hare rested and I did.
20:42:34 From claire To All Panelists : Just watching the moon rise here is Swansea Valley
20:43:11 From Sue Stirzaker : What a wonderful experience - I became an eagle soaring through the skies and hare constantly telling me to be brave. My ancestors were with me giving so much love and comfort - absolutely amazing.
20:43:15 From Debs C : Yes I saw faces too.. Made within clouds.. Maybe people, maybe animals.. Not sure as it wasn't so clear
20:43:26 From karin Jordan To All Panelists : So much gratitude to you for offering this beautifully held space. A great deal happened in my journey: brown bear, a boat with me lounging on the deck while someone else helmed the boat, got told to go abroad to Europe soon
20:43:28 From diane : So strange. I had no audio of the drums at all. Perhaps it wasn't meant for me tonight. will trust that i'll be able to hear them on the replay. Lovely to read everyone else's experiences
20:43:33 From AnnyTurner : I was given what I think are 2 sigils too and I've never received them before
20:43:48 From Nicki Brooks : hare lead me to ethereal beings in blue
20:45:44 From Sandy Holt : Any, interestingly I was introduced to using sigils in a different way on Tuesday - never really used them before. I was advised to use them during full moon ceremony against a spiritual attack I had on Monday. was all about setting boundaries too.
20:46:08 From June Staff : on my way to find hare I met crow, cockerel and cockatoo! all beginning with C ? It ended with me rabbit (companion guide) and hare all sitting in a field and moongazing, so peaceful, and balanced. Got several messages too
20:46:09 From Glynn Rowan Scott To All Panelists : Thank you …..i have been trying to journey for a while …..found my companion guide ,could see hooves and horns small horns with 5 points ..going down a spiral to the room,,,, the hair was drumming and a circle was danced in a zig zag form ………very very powerful…body sensations and deep rest fullness ..freedom
20:46:13 From andrea : My Spirit animal is a wolf - she appeared to me but she was HUGE my full height and she guided me - never met any hares but my wolf was playing in the long grass completely oblivious to anything - I also kept thinking of Watership down and the rabbits on their journey to a better place - I interpreted it as just being in the moment and living my best llife
20:46:16 From Annie : I've been struggling with journeying for the past few attempts. Tonight I had a powerful journey and feel reassured. Several messages, about following lunar energies more closely, trust and follow my intuition. Interestingly to build strong legs and accept help which relates to a health issue. And a daisy!
20:46:58 From Vik : Had lots of smells - honeysuckle, jasmine and damp woods and moss
20:47:40 From Emily : My companion was hummingbird. I dove into a warm pond to enter the underworld. Hare took me on her back, I felt the iron strength of her core + structure contrasted with the softness of her pelt. She showed me boundaries—the stronger I am inside the softer I can be outside.
20:47:58 From debbie To All Panelists : I had a young female deer who told me ‘you are alive , you are alive
20:48:17 From Dorothy Robbie : I was joined by Crow as my companion and he waddled alongside me till we met two hares. They lay beside me one each side crouched flat ears flat too along their back. Then began dancing around and turning cartwheels-said just because they felt like it. I should learn to do the same -when I felt like it just do the same have fun. Said I had to find my wild place like Happy Valley in Tiree where I’ve been before .
20:48:26 From Glynn Rowan Scott To All Panelists : Strange but was painting earlier and at the typo of the page I painted a small hare looking on at the moon …..then received an email about this very night ……..i will be in touch
20:49:01 From Rupi @AattamNirvana : Thank You 🙏🏼💛🙏🏼
20:49:24 From Angie : So enjoyed this. Thank you very much 🤗
20:49:25 From karin Jordan To All Panelists : Thank you so much 🙏🏻✨💛🦋
20:49:27 From Colette : It has been a truly wonderful evening. Thank you )O(
20:49:33 From Jo Gill : Thankyou so much
20:49:40 From Monika : Thank you for a wonderful journey
20:49:41 From Louise Mcgregor : wonderful, thank you
20:49:43 From alysonpowell : Thank you Jason, Nicola, Tina and Blue and all of you lovely people, here. Dream well.💚
20:49:43 From Barbara : Thank you Nicola and Jason !
20:49:50 From Samsung SM-A336B : thanku lovely journying
20:50:10 From Diane : thank you both xx
20:50:12 From Fiona : Thank you lots for being able to join you this evening...lovely to share this and to see other folks experiences here xxx
20:50:13 From Clare Bonetree To All Panelists : thank you
20:50:17 From Sue To All Panelists : Thank you, very relaxing 🙏
20:50:21 From Deborah Banks : thank you so much its been a brilliant evening. xxx
20:50:23 From Dorothy Robbie : Thank you for tonight-getting dark here now
20:50:28 From Sue Stirzaker : Thank you so much - a new experience for me and so very enjoyable. Will definitely take part in more events.
20:50:34 From Kate McCaig : the moon is awesome and huge many thanks
20:50:34 From Bev To All Panelists : Thank you for allowing us to join you for this session. Its been very much appreciated
20:50:37 From Ann : Thank you Nicola and Jason, and all who came.
20:50:55 From Vix To All Panelists : Thank you both for holding space for everyone this evening x
20:50:56 From Jayne : Thank you everyone. Go well
20:50:57 From Tracey To All Panelists : Thank you. That was amazing. I’m at work just now but going back in tomorrow 🙏
20:51:09 From Lisa : Thanks for changing my life so much for the better Nicola and Jason feeling blessed that i came across your tribe during lockdown
20:51:26 From Marcia Nightingale : Thank you for a lovely experience including riding on Hare and becoming Hare.
20:51:30 From Ann : Goodnight Blue and Tina
20:51:39 From Annette Brown : thank you so much.. 💓 really appreciated this opportunity 🐇 xx
20:51:58 From debbie To All Panelists : Many many thanks 🙏 brilliant evening 💕❤️♥️🐈‍⬛
20:52:07 From nicolaandrews : Thank you, so wonderful to experience properly & so glad I saw so much! Very helpful, Spring blessings to all.
20:52:09 From Dorothy Robbie : Blue maybe looking out a window
20:52:25 From Sandy Holt : Thank you Nicola and Jason (and Blue), Tina and everyone for sharing so many wonderful experiences tonight. Felt so poignant and timely - such synchronicity going on at the moment. Wonderful energy this evening. thank you, thank you thank you xxx🥰
20:52:32 From Jan Moores To All Panelists : Wonderful evening with you both. Thank you x
20:52:42 From Alison To All Panelists : Cheers, both!
Ostara blessings to all…🐣
20:52:43 From Helen To All Panelists : I met Hare in the room, he was as big as me. He said I should give myself the permission to be free, to do whatever I want to do without guilt. My life is my own and I’m only here once so just do it!
Thank you for the journey. 🐇
20:52:44 From Vik : Thank you so much - a great evening
20:53:11 From sheila hannabuss : Thank you for an amazing evening or morning for me. From Sheila "over the pond"
20:53:16 From Lesley_M : Thank you all, wonderful evening as always x
20:53:21 From Rosa : thank you
20:53:39 From Tracey Woodley : Many thanks Nicola & Jason for another amazing evening , and to everyone else who lent their energy yo the evening. Thank you - go well : ) Id encourage anyone thinking of joining to dive in it's a fantastic community & the The Mystery School is crammed full of resources - come join us !
20:53:42 From Jules Morgan Rogers : Thanks so much lovely time. xxx
20:53:44 From Annie : Thanks to you both. Was a really powerful journey for me tonight. Blessings to you all.😊
20:53:45 From andrea : thank you so much everybody x
20:53:46 From Paulina : Thank you for another lovely evening. Good night one and all x
20:53:48 From Sarah : Thanks will journal and research. Enjoyed very much
20:53:55 From Yvonne Cantrell : Thank you so much
20:53:56 From debbie To All Panelists : ❤️♥️💕❤️♥️💕
20:54:04 From brigitte To All Panelists : thank you very much
20:54:09 From Jo Gill : Goodnight everyone
20:54:13 From Ali : Thank you! I shall go and look at the moon!
20:54:19 From claire To All Panelists : Many thanks Jason and Nicola
20:54:22 From Pat To All Panelists : Thanks very much I look forward to watching replay too, had a loverly night
20:54:25 From Eileen : Gratitude and Blessings Nicola and Jason.❣
20:54:25 From Ali Broughton : Great journey thank you
20:54:26 From Wendy : Thank you both so much x
20:54:33 From kathycar : Thank you a lovely Full moon tonight x
20:54:34 From Tina Holton To All Panelists : What a lovely evening! I thoroughly enjoyed the get together and feel exhausted after my journey with Hare (we covered alot of ground!🤩) 🙏🌞🙏
20:56:07 From Sue : Thank you so much. I briefly met with hare who changed into a deer and then back into hare again. Have a lovely moonlit evening
20:57:32 From AnnyTurner : Thank You so much everyone, how wonderful to think that whether we can see Her or not, the Full Moon is shining Her light on us all, each and every one. 🥰🙏🏼
20:57:34 From Clare Bonetree : thank you
20:57:37 From Annette Brown : how lovely 😍 thankyou ❤️
20:57:40 From Louise O'Connell : Thank you so much!
20:57:44 From Sue Whitehead : Thank you!
20:57:48 From helen sugrue : Thank you!
20:57:51 From Rebekah Bailie : Thank you!
20:57:51 From Jennie : Thank you x
20:57:51 From Mark To All Panelists : Peace. Thank you.
20:57:54 From Emily : So grateful 🌈
20:57:55 From Sam M To All Panelists : Thankyou💕
20:57:56 From Lyn To All Panelists : Thank you
20:57:56 From Liz : Thank you for another wonderful evening!
20:58:02 From Mandy Payne : Thank you, as always 🙏
20:58:05 From Mandy Storey : Thankyou
20:58:06 From Darren : thankyou x
20:58:08 From Alyson Larkworthy : A delight - thanks
20:58:08 From Emma Taylor : Thank you so much for a wonderful evening x
20:58:09 From Richard Fedorko : Wonderful! Thank you very much
20:58:09 From kate To All Panelists : Thank you lovely as always 💚
20:58:13 From Karon To All Panelists : Bless you both - thank you 🌿💚✨💚🌿
20:58:14 From Heidi Bellamy : Thank you for holding this space
20:58:16 From Liz : thank you so much x
20:58:17 From June Staff : thank you x
20:58:17 From Kim Hudson : thank you both blessings goodnight
20:58:18 From Melanie in Standish To All Panelists : Thank you! Your kindness always comes through, Nicola & Jason.
20:58:28 From Shona Paterson : Thank you ❤️
20:58:32 From Di : Thank you 💚
20:58:32 From Dharma : Thank you
20:58:33 From Cathy : Thank you :)
20:58:39 From AnnyTurner : I never switch off first. Just wait for you to do it!
20:58:40 From Leanne UK To All Panelists : Thank you so very much 🙏🏻
20:58:41 From Alison Gaffney : 🙏💖
20:58:41 From 074465 : Thank You!

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The mystery school community has been truly wonderful this week - a calming place that has made me feel much better and grounded, so thank you.


Thank you so much. This tribe/clan and your generous spiritual work is genuinely helping keep me sane and balanced.


 The Mystery school has helped me over this week for sure, beyond today and into the this coming period.


thank you for creating a truly beautifully crafted evening.


The Mystery School is amazing, and has been a real oasis for me at a very difficult time. 


Loving this journeying planning... I'm a nurse!!


It’s excellent resource.


thank you so much for all you do it's greatly appreciated.


its an honour to be a part of this beautiful circle.


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