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'From Curiosity to Mastery'
Mysery School online event

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This event is designed to provide an intimate glimpse into the heart of our community and the transformational learning experiences we provide.

During our time together we :

  • Introduce our Mystery School: Learn about our mission, vision, and the values that guide us
  • Describe our favourite aspects: hear what aspects of our school inspire and excite us most
  • Provide course insights: Explore the diverse range of courses we offer, each with its own background and purpose
  • Look behind the doors: Take a virtual tour of the Mystery School, offering a peek into the environment and atmosphere that fosters growth and discovery

Whether you are a long-time seeker or new to the Earth spirituality path, this event is an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and deepen your understanding of what our Mystery School is all about.

The timings 

  • Introduction & background to setting up the Mystery School (05:18)
  • What we teach (18:03)
  • The nuts & bolts of the Mystery School - how it works (1:04:08)
  • Q&A (1:20:05)

Additional resources

The blogs we mention where we embellish our personal stories are:

  • 'Unshackled: My Journey to Freedom' by Nicola here
  • 'Nature Never Betrays the Heart of Those Who Love Her' by Jason here

The Mystery School

Our Mystery School is a sanctuary to learn ancient traditions, interpret nature's messages, and connect with the spirit realms. Here, members can dive into spiritual development that seamlessly integrates with their daily life.

We offer an affordable monthly subscription of £19 per month that grants access to a wealth of resources. There is no lock-in period and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

The doors are closed to new members for much of the year but we are opening them so folk can join during the week of the Summer Solstice between Monday 17th and Friday 21st June.

You can find out more about our Mystery School here on this link.

The Replay

Here's the transcript of the chat from this session

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The discussion

18:58:09 From Alison Smith To All Panelists : Ali Herts
18:58:20 From Tina Burchill : Hello!
18:58:29 From SarahHutchings : Hello from Northampton
18:58:29 From Caroline Adams (Wales, UK) : Hi All. I'm Caroline from sunny West Wales.
18:58:30 From Lorraine Oakman : Hi to both of you, from Lorraine in Maidstone Kent,
18:58:31 From Jude evans To All Panelists : Juddica from Warrington
18:58:32 From Desireé McDonald To All Panelists : Dee from Ashdown Forest East Sussex
18:58:44 From Lesley Jill : hi from sunny North Devon
18:59:02 From SarahHutchings : mild & sunny in Northampton :)
18:59:13 From Christine Merrall : Hi all from Christine from Yorkshire - sunny now
18:59:16 From Christine Oakley : Hi,I'm in sunny west wales too.
18:59:17 From Kathy Labrum McVittie, Brora : kathy from Brora - excited to join mystery school again, on a cold grey evening that lasts till eleven
18:59:19 From Veronica Jones : Hello from Lancashire
18:59:20 From Katy Molyneux To All Panelists : Hi from Durham it’s cold and drizzling here
18:59:45 From Ann : Hi from Glasgow
18:59:56 From Bek : Hi All, I'm Bek from Devon
19:00:04 From Tina Burchill To Katy Molyneux and All Panelists : Hello Katy, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:00:15 From corinne : Corinne from Yorkshire
19:00:30 From Tina Burchill To Jude evans and All Panelists : Hello Jude, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:00:34 From Lynne Berry : Hello Both🙋💖
19:00:50 From Kim Marie Laurencont : Hello 👋
19:17:16 From Lára To All Panelists : I didn’t get have time to do the quiz but my main query is whether there could be anything to support journeying? I’ve never been able to manage it. I’m autistic, adhd & c-ptsd so not sure if this could be a reason. Thanks
19:20:24 From Tina Burchill To Lára and All Panelists : Hello Lara, could you pop your question in the Q & A box please.
19:24:37 From Lára To All Panelists : Thanks Tina
19:26:06 From Lynne Berry : I felt the need to connect with my special Tree today which I did 🤗 I think he was reminding me about tonight's meetings 😻
19:27:45 From Keely Preston : I've re connected eitg the sycamore tree from my childhood recently too lynne, even bought the sycamore tree seed pendant to wear on my necklace x
19:27:50 From Keely Preston : with
19:31:52 From Anne Barbara Clarke : so funny . thanks 🙏
19:32:03 From Anna : Thanks, made me smile :)
19:32:57 From Ann : Brilliant!
19:33:26 From Caroline : Enjoyed the film, lots of fun.
19:33:37 From Nadine To All Panelists : Lovely film :)
19:33:39 From Jayne - Willow Tree Yoga & Wellbeing : Brilliant film so much fun
19:45:21 From Tina Burchill : Here is the link to the online Solstice event:
19:50:03 From Tina Burchill : here's a link to Nicola's book on ancestral trauma:
19:50:36 From Tina Burchill : The Mystery School link is here:
19:50:45 From Joanne Bagot To All Panelists : Nicola’s book is fantastic
19:51:12 From Tina Burchill To Joanne Bagot and All Panelists : If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:51:52 From Joanne Bagot : Nicola’s book is fantastic
19:52:07 From Tina Burchill : More on the healing drum course is here:
19:52:54 From Caroline : I really enjoyed Nicola's book too.
19:53:29 From Yvonne Nowakowski : Can I get Nicola's book on kindle???
20:07:35 From Nadine To All Panelists : I have to leave, but thank you this has been very informative. :)
20:13:49 From Lyndsey Marchant To All Panelists : Where do the in person meetings typically occur
20:14:44 From Veronica Jones : What is resistance in connection to Shamanism?
20:16:04 From Tina Burchill : Mystery School link:
20:21:14 From Tina Burchill : You're welcome!
20:21:26 From Anna : As a member I find it great value. I am enjoying the Ancestral masterclass, it is indepth and healing. I find the monthly journey circles nourishing and fun. There is always something new to learn within the Mystery School :)
20:21:55 From Lynne Berry : Jason thanks for answering! I got the distinct impression you had a dog on the rug to your right...💖💫
20:22:36 From Julie Julie : To manage expectations. Meetups are for those able to walk miles.
20:23:42 From Julie Julie : That's good to know, thanks.
20:24:48 From Julie Julie : I have cptsd. I can journey sometimes and not others.
20:24:54 From Lynn : Aphantasia?
20:24:54 From Janet Nicholson : I can also see the dog in the sheepskin.
20:25:11 From Lyndsey Marchant To All Panelists : I have ADHD / ASD and CPTSD as well….
20:25:31 From Julie Julie : There's diverse members in the group.
20:25:32 From Caroline : One of the best things I've done is to join the Mystery School. Everyone is so friendly and supportive plus the choice of courses is great. I wish I had joined sooner!
20:25:54 From Julie Julie : Caroline, me tooooo.
20:31:15 From Lynne Berry : Have to sign off now but Thank You Both. I will contact Tina as suggested 👍
20:31:24 From Julie Julie : I told my colleagues I was camping with some ppl I met on Facebook. And if I didn't come back someone would have to do do my job.
20:32:35 From Kathy Labrum McVittie, Brora : I am really looking forward to rejoining the Mystery School, after a few months' break. I'm curious about the recent additions to the Animal Spirit Library and am keen tp try the Master Classes!
20:33:43 From Jayne - Willow Tree Yoga & Wellbeing : I'm really excited to join I've been waiting for it to open 🙏🪷
20:35:13 From Kathy Labrum McVittie, Brora : Hurray!
20:35:22 From Keely Preston : I'm excited to join the mystery school next week 🙌 ..thanks for this lovely de brief 😍 tonight really enjoyed it 😊 x
20:35:28 From Jayne - Willow Tree Yoga & Wellbeing : Thank you so much Jason and Nicola this has been a great talk and presentation x
20:35:49 From Veronica Jones : Thank you both
20:35:53 From Keely Preston : thanks for tonight Nicola and Jason xx 😘 ❤️
20:36:19 From Kim Marie Laurencont : Thank you so much...
20:36:25 From Caroline : Thank you Jason and Nicola. Have a lovely evening everyone x
20:36:33 From Caroline Adams (Wales, UK) : Great format, Both. So very relaxed and inviting - yet with lots of information for us.
20:36:41 From Bek : Thank you both! Really looking forward to joining.
20:37:07 From Julie Julie : Thank youuuu both.
20:37:09 From Katy Molyneux : Thank you
20:37:19 From Yvonne Nowakowski : Thanks x
20:37:44 From Tina Burchill : You're welcome!
20:37:52 From Jayne - Willow Tree Yoga & Wellbeing : Thank you Tina ❤️❤️
20:37:53 From Tina Burchill : Chilly on Dartmoor!
20:37:58 From Julie Julie : Yeah, thank you Tina.
20:38:12 From Anna : Thanks Tina :)
20:38:22 From Keely Preston : bye everyone , see you all.soon x

Here's a fun little film we made of our antics!

Your hosts:

Nicola & Jason Smalley
The Way of The Buzzard

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We are committed to helping our Way of The Buzzard clan navigate a path through life by encouraging the use of the shamanic and nature connection toolkit that's so easily available to us”

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