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Run throughout the year we gather together in various locations around the northwest, usually on the full moon or to celebrate the Celtic festivals.

Each event has a different emphasis, but it is always about gathering like-minded folk together in community. We have a few videos on this page to give you a flavour.

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Our Next Free Events

Sunday 6th December Winter

The Monastery Manchester

Find your quiet space.

As the festival pace of December ramps up, today we are going to take heed of our ancestors and of nature by taking care of ourselves.

The days are cold, the nights are colder. This is a time to retreat, to huddle by the hearth and to conserve strength until the light shines a little brighter.

In this Winter ceremony we are going to drop into that still place deep inside us. From here we are going to seek guidance for the coming weeks to help us move through the turning of the wheel to the lighter evenings once again.

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Find out more about our 2020 events:

Our Arbor Low and Manchester Monastery Free Events

Here's a short video of our 2020 Imbolc event at The Monastery Manchester

Here's a short video of our 2019 Samhain event at The Monastery Manchester

And here's our Arbor Low Full Moon Ceremony

About Our Ceremonies

Creating Ceremony is something we hold up there as one of the most important aspects of our work, and one which we are most passionate about.

There is something incredible which happens when like minded folk gather together with intention to work with the energies at these important times of the year.

As we observe the changing cycles, we can harness the power of the sun and the moon to bring transformation to both our inner and outer World, and it is an essential part of reconnecting us back to our Earth.

As Freddie Silver talks about in his book Legacy of the Gods:

"Unless the myths are preserved, the rites performed and the sites maintained as spirit sanctuaries, the living bond is broken, man and nature are separated and neither man or nature has any assurance of life in the future."

We are incredibly lucky here in the northwest of England to have such amazing sacred sites where we can hold our Ceremonies.

We carry The Monastery Manchester and Arbor Low stone circle close in our hearts, and they are both places which hold so much meaning to us.

This will be our seventh year of creating Ceremonies at these special places, and we are really excited about sharing the experience with you. Anyone from any path, and no path, can join us.

We will walk you through our time together, explaining each aspect and helping you to feel included at every stage, and you don't need to have any experience in taking part in anything like this.

It will be great to have you along.