England's Last Wolf

Shamanic weekend retreat on the Cumbrian Coast

15th - 17th September 2023

Awakening Your Inner Wild - Breathing Your Dreams Alive

It's time to rediscover our inner wild and slow down to nature’s pace.

Life in this modern-day world can be hectic, and it is easy to get caught up in routine and duty, living a life which we aren’t designed for.

It hasn’t always been this way. Our ancient ancestors knew a better life.A life before humanity became trapped in fear and servitude.

By tapping into our wild self we can understand who we really are, what really makes us tick and how we can stand head and shoulders above the chaos so evident in the world today.

Would you like to explore your wild self with us?

Working with the Last Wolf to Untame Ourselves

We are going to spend this weekend in a really special place in Cumbria, Humphrey Head, near Grange over Sands.

Here it is said that the last wolf of England drew her final breath marking a really significant point in our own personal story. It is a symbol of the taming of our wild selves, as we stepped through into the Middle Ages into a life of conformity to suit others. A life that we are still holding onto now through old patterns which are ripe for releasing now.

Entwining ourselves in the marriage of landscape and story, and using age old shamanic connection and journeying techniques we will begin the process of coming home to nature and unleashing that part of us that lies dormant, curled up deep inside waiting for your call.

Drawing on the energy of England’s Last Wolf we will look to step into our authentic selves, reignite our personal power and ignite the process of becoming uncivilised once again.

Would you like to come and awaken your inner wild with us?

  • Immerse yourself in story and landscape
  • Unleash your own personal power
  • Slow down to natures pace
  • Tap into your truth
  • Come closer to uncovering your authentic self
  • Live a more fulfilling earthly existence

Come and share a soulful experience on the Cumbrian coast, one of Britain's most beautiful landscapes.

Explore your inner wild and reclaim that untamed part deep within you.

Rediscover your free and creative self.

The Magic of The Weekend

A Homecoming

Something happens deep within us when we are in nature. When we still ourselves amongst the beauty we can hear ourselves more clearly. We can come home.

The Wisdom of The Land

Spending time connecting with ancient places is so powerful. It gives us insights which can have a profound impact on our lives. It's an incredible and easy way to access universal wisdom.

A Creative Practice

Experience a regular creative practice that will lead you to a more spacious life, a deep connection with y our true self and a real sense of achievement.

An Iconic Location

The dramatic coastline at Humphrey Head holds a powerful story, one which has travelled through time for close to a thousand years. Now it is calling to weave it's magic on your soul.

Finding Your Purpose

By setting our clear intention, celebrating it in a ceremony and seeking the cooperation of our guides we give ourselves the best chance of realising our dreams.

Embracing Shamanic Tools

Working with shamanic journeying, deep nature connection and tales of the land we will access life-changing tools that our ancestors used for guidance and healing.

The Call of Our Inner Wild

The time for your Wildness has come.

When we awaken and press against the confines of our invisible walls and cage bars we remember that we were born free.

Our spiritual path leads to us being true, walking our talk, owning our power and having control of our own destiny.

It also reminds us not to neglect that which nurtures us and to have a healthy degree of self-love.

Welcome home Your Inner Wild.

By welcoming home our inner wild we can begin to align our lives with what it means to be truly human again, to find that part of us that was thrown out of the window when we were born and to begin living a full, stylish and honourable life.

It is time to begin to prepare a room in our hearts that will welcome our own inner wild.

Yes, it will mean investing a little of your time and money and take yourself away from your day-to-day responsibilities. It may even feel over-indulgent and raise a conflict inside you about whether you can justify the outlay.

But what is clear is that something needs to change, and there is no time like the present to reach out and get a little help to do so. Once you engage more fully with your wild, the momentum will drive you forward to make changes in your life.

Maybe you are thinking that now we are civilised we don’t need that wildness in our lives any more. Yet deep down we have a calling to rekindle the flame and claim back something really precious which has been lost - a part of us that makes us more human, and more in balance with the Earth and ourselves.

Our ancestors embraced the wild, and they were brilliant at surviving. If they weren’t we wouldn’t be here now. So lets go and seek support to bring back our wild twin once again.

A Little Bit about Us.

Between us we, Nicola and Jason, have trodden this path for many decades working to release the invisible shackles given to us by culture and unleashing our inner wild.

We have moved from being in stagnant and unfulfilling work to fully embracing our creativity and discovering the true depths of ourselves and the joy that this can bring us.

Because of this we are excited and passionate about working with and helping others master their own wild potential.

We are delighted to be able to bring to you this unique experience in this special landscape  linking in to a time when our wild selves were interwoven with the wild Earth

What the Retreat Entails?

You will spend the weekend on the stunning coast of Humphrey Head in Cumbria, with panoramic views over the sea, limestone outcrops and undulating meadows. Our base is a delightfully well-equipped centre with ample beds and comfy chairs to rest on, and during our time together we will enjoy wholesome community living.

Friday Evening

Once you arrive there will be time to settle in. After our evening meal we will settle down by the campfire if it is dry, and in our warm cosy living room if it is wet. We will introduce ourselves and the programme for the weekend will be explained. We will then tell the story of England’s Last Wolf, the story we will be working with over this weekend together.

Saturday and Sunday

During the day times we will explore the messages from the Last Wolf and begin to embody Wolf energy in our lives. We will experience shamanic journeying, and examine what we lost when the Last Wolf drew her final breath, a symbol of us being civilised. More importantly we will consider what we can do about this now and how we can come back from that place. 

We will work with the wild coastal landscape in a deep way through visiting the peninsula at low tide and high tide as it shapes the land. We will hear lessons about the ebb and flow of our lives. 

Though the technique of shapeshifting we will experience the land from the perspective of Wolf, and glimpse what our life would be like if we were our wild twin.

We will also work with two other shamanic techniques which will help us step into our power and see the way ahead, Stone Divination and Power Retrieval.

Saturday Evening

We will share stories around the campfire, poems and writings, songs and laughter.

Each morning we will begin our day by sharing our dreams and flexing our creative muscles with a little poetry.

There will be plenty of space to explore the immediate area, which includes woodland, meadows, the beach and an ancient well.

You will learn to deepen further into ancient shamanic techniques of British Shamanism, including journeying, ritual and nature connection.

A Fire Ceremony

The weekend will be rounded off with a fire ceremony, where you will set your affirmation to make a home in your heart for your inner wolf.

To make the retreat even more accessible we have a payment plan, so you can spread the cost over several months.

Gratitude from previous retreat attendees...

The best weekend ever...

"Being in community with like-minded souls is so nurturing and empowering, I feel as though I finally belong somewhere. This was the best weekend ever!"

I thoroughly enjoyed it...

"I loved the idea of the whole weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would say to someone, if you are interested in this kind of thing, then go for it. It was really well organised, an opportunity to push boundaries, and it opened my eyes to new things and experiences"

the most important thing was the new friendships...

"I think the most important thing was the new friendships and the immense amount of love and positive energy that is always abound at every event which you hold.

The main thing that I took away was a renewed and stronger belief that things are changing and there are people out there who share similar visions of what life could be like for everyone.

I also took a lot of new information, which gave me the initiative to try new things and investigate different areas which I could employ to improve my life."

Courage and Confidence

Your wildness will bring you an influx of life force, creative energies and assertive will.

If you are looking to build confidence, courage, passion and power within yourself then it is time to welcome in your inner wild.

It will be of great help to the gentle souls who wish for good things but have difficulty making them happen.

It will bring with it the inspiration for increasing zest for living and the willingness to take risks inherent in all strong actions.

Magic and Protection

Your wildness will heighten your intuition, and it will help you pierce the veil between the different Worlds, enabling you to bring back the information and healing which is most needed at this time.

It will bring forth the adventurer in you, and offer you the chance to embark on a multitude of voyages of self discovery.

It will support you in bonding deeply with the knowledge that self-mastery is the path to true fulfilment.

Strength and Creativity

Your wildness will bring you vitality, practicality and physical action.

It will support you in taking effective actions in response to the complexities of living in a Western life, and it will help you remain calm and centred regardless of your outer and inner situation. 

When you find yourself needing to persevere through extended times, hard effort and entangling difficulties, it will give you the strength to overcome fatigue or discouragement.

Book Your Place Now

The full weekend workshop which runs from 6pm on Friday 15th September to 4pm on Sunday 17th of September  is £368 per person.

Mystery School members receive a 10% discount.

The price includes the following:

  • A bed within a same-sex dormitory
  • A place to pitch your tent if you choose
  • Your breakfast and evening meals
  • All tuition over the weekend to reconnect with your inner wild
  • Access to wild flower meadows, a coastal headland and the beach

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Stepping Through The Bars

We hold hope that one day

We will all leave our imprisonment and return to nature.

Bend our ear to the wind and step through the invisible bars

Created only by our own minds.

That day will be as glorious as they come,

With a golden sunrise that will be spoken of around the fireside

Forever and beyond.

The birds will sing a new chorus in the trees on that day,

So sweet that it will bring tears to the woodcutters eyes.

Even the rivers will shed tears of joy,

And so many that their waters will turn as salty as the sea.

Every living being will turn to face the East

And watch the dawn of new possibilities, and sigh ‘at last’.

At last we can all live again

As the old stories tell us we once did.

Nicola Smalley

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