Drum Birthing Days

The Way of The Buzzard

We are taking a break from delivering drum birthing days. Please check out our online sacred tool shop for our range of shamanic drums that we have available for sale by clicking here

The Special Experience of Birthing your own Drum

People are being drawn to the drum from all walks of life, and here Lancashire there is the chance to make your drum yourself on our Drum Birthing day.

There is something really special about crafting your own sacred tool, putting your creative energy into something which you will work with on your spiritual journey for years to come.

Your drum is an extension of yourself. It’s your vehicle to deep healing and connection work on your spiritual path.

There are so many personal choices to make along the way to really make it your own.

Choices such as what kind of animal hide shall I choose? What size drum will suit my needs?

What could I add to my drum to personalise it and deepen my connection?

Embarking On Your Drum Birthing Journey

We guide you through every step of your drum birthing experience. This will start by supporting you in decisions you need to make beforehand such as choosing the right sized drum for you and which hide to make it from.

On the day you will have time to paint anything you would like on the inside of the hoop. You can also stain your hoop in the colour you are drawn to, or simply coat it in bees wax to bring out the grain.

You can choose from eight different colour fabrics to wrap your central ring, and we will support you in crafting your own Bridget’s Cross drum handle.

Then, as an optional upgrade on the day you can choose a crystal to set into the center of the handle and we will provide you with instructions so you can do this once you get home and the drum has dried.

Every step of the way we will explain the ethical origin of the materials that we use so that you know that the energy that has gone into the making of your drum is of the highest intention.

With the exception of the cutting of the hide - as we do this in preparation before the day - you will get to do every step of the drum making process yourself.

Our Story

One of our passions is to bring new drums into the world, and a big part of this is helping others to birth their own drums.

It's really important to us that each person is as involved in the decisions and practice of making the drum at every stage, and it’s a really special moment for us at the end of the day seeing all the participants sitting in the circle proudly holding their new creations.

As we both walk the shamanic path, and have worked in the environment/ nature services field for many years, we believe it’s really important that the energy that goes into making the drum is of the best intention.

It’s for this reason that we are really careful about how the materials are sourced, to have the gentlest impact on the Earth.

We hold our Drum Birthing days close to our home near Anglezarke, the landscape where we live, on the edge of the West Pennine Moors. This beautiful place has claimed us, and it is where we draw our inspiration from.

The barn we use to hold the day is behind our local pub, around 3 miles outside of Chorley, just off the M61 between Manchester and Preston. 

“I cannot thank you enough for guiding me through my drum birthing experience. Working with such raw materials and not being particularly crafty was, I thought, going to be a daunting experience..

Instead I found comradeship with my fellow birthers and gentle encouragement from you both at every step.  It was all that I hoped it would be, an experience to treasure and an honour to preserve the red deer I chose.

My drum became it's own being as the days rumbled on in the drying week.. Patterns and colours emerging every day when I went to turn her.. And then came the first play.

My beater softly beat the skin and the tone made my heart swell with pride.  I had made this wonder filled instrument, I had actually put aside my excuses and made her.

All I can do is thank you both from my heart for enabling me to affirm my chosen path by the beating of my drum to the music of my life.” RB

The Benefits of Choosing to Birth Your Drum with Us.

Guidance with your Choices
At the time of booking we provide advice on which size drum to choose, either 14 inch or 16 inch, as well as guidance on the animal hide. On the day you can choose what to paint in your hoop and what colour your tension ring will be.

Working in sacred Space
At the start of the day we call in the Elements of Life to create sacred space so that we can work together in the best possible energies.

Drum Beater
Along with your drum you will also make your own drum beater, from a choice of eight different colour fabrics and several woods.

Awakening The Spirit of Your Drum
At the end of the day we will hold an awakening ceremony so you can call in the Spirit of your Drum

Drum Care
We give advice on how to best care for your drum, so that you can take the right steps to ensure that your drum lasts

Comfy Handle Design
We will teach you how to make a really comfy handle so that your drum is easy to hold for long periods of time

Amplify The Energies - Optional Upgrade
If you would like to amplify the energy of your drum with a crystal we offer this as an optional upgrade on the day. We explain the energy of each crystal we have in stock and give you guidance on how to affix this once your drum is dry

Lunch and Refreshments Included
At lunch time we will break and eat our lunch in the pub next door. There will also be teas, coffees and snacks available to keep you replenished through the day

Ethically Sourced Materials
This is a sacred tool, and the energy that goes into the natural materials is important, as it will come through in the energy of the drum. This is why we source the wood from UK forests and a local carpenter makes them for us. None of the animals are killed for their hides. The Red Deer hides are a by-product of animal management in Scotland and the Reindeer hides are a by-product of subsistance herding by the Sami tribe in Siberia. The crystals are sourced from mines where there is no child labour, and we use bees wax produced from local rescued bees. 

A wonderful experience of support and stories woven around your own drums birth. Our small band of souls from all walks of life, working merrily as our drums took shape, under Nicola and Jason's calm instruction.

The song of my drum crafted on this day has a wonderful resonance full of love & laughter. For anyone feeling drawn to this, I'd urge you to take the plunge and bring your drums voice into the world" AB

You and Your Drum after the Day

Use your drum as a vehicle to journey to the other realms, and connect in with your spirit guides and helpers

Your drum is your sacred tool providing an extension to you for all your healing work, whether it be self-healing, healing others or helping heal the Earth

Share drumming sessions with like-minded people in community.

Calm yourself.