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Born Free - Live Free
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We live in a World which is seems to be set up to keep us distracted away from the things which are really important.

As we begin to awaken we find that have a deep yearning for something that we can’t quite put our finger on… a calling to do something really important with our lives but we don’t know what. We notice that our time is taken up with the mundane and we are spending our days doing things which don’t nurture us or fulfill us.

We know want peace and joy in our lives but instead we find ourselves caught in the spiral of a busy life, stuck and unable to break old patterns and move forward into the life our soul is calling out for us to live. 

Imagine if there was a way to access deep wisdom and find ways to move through to a place of fulfillment, with plenty of space and time to do those things that are most important to you.

A place where it is possible to feel connected to something far greater and more powerful which has our best interests at heart. A World where the soft voice of the deep wisdom which resides inside us grows louder, gently leading us to our soul's desire.

What if we told you that there is a path to follow into this alternative World. We stumbled upon it and we are really excited about the opportunity of sharing it.

Born Free can be that path for you.

Nicola & Jason - a little about us

Ten years ago we both led very different lives. Our time was filled with work commitments, daily stresses and our health was suffering. There didn’t seem to be much time at all left to do those things which really nurtured us. We had a deep longing for something greater but we couldn’t put our finger on what it was.

Looking back with hindsight, we were stuck in that place between stories, as one story began to fade away but the other hadn’t formed yet.

Now our lives are very different. We can choose what we do with our time all day every day. We have the freedom to throw ourselves into our creative ventures. We now live the free life we were born to live.

In our work together through The Way of the Buzzard we have noticed that so many people are in the same situation we were in as they look to bring more meaning and purpose into their life. They can see that there is more to the World than we are taught and can feel there is something much bigger but don't know how to access it.

They have doubts about  the next step to take and are looking for help in making decisions.

This is the reason we created the Born Free programme. We saw that through our own experiences and knowledge of the Shamanic toolkit we could support people in deepening their spiritual connection to help guide them through these changing times as we all awaken.


The Journey of Awakening

Awakening to a different way of life isn't the easy path as you may already know.

As we begin to open up and see things differently in the world we can experience the following:

Is this all there is?

A feeling that there is more to life than what you are experiencing as you do what you must and fail to nurture yourself.

I don't know how to change.

Feeling stuck, knowing that there is something more you want from your life but with no idea on how to move forward

I'm not strong enough.

A very real lack of self belief and fear of failure that holds you back from stepping out of the mundane into the magical.

Too busy to make change!

 A struggle to find space, time and resources to do the things you want even though you know it's important.

I must be weird.

A sense of loneliness and isolation as you feel and think differently from your family and friends.

I grieve for our planet.

Being disillusioned and depressed with what we are doing to the Earth and how we are treating each other.

Empower your life with Shamanism as you awaken to a different way

Find what it is that you need to focus on and receive the support you need to make the changes your soul desires.

Can't I do this myself?

Now at this stage you may be thinking that you can figure this out yourself through self-study. And the short answer is yes, of course you can.

You can take the longer, harder route and go and find all this information for yourself elsewhere. It is out there. However, it will take you much, much longer, and you may not have a supportive community walking the path alongside you.

You may also be thinking that now isn’t the right time. When you are caught in the spiral of busy life, you're always going to be busy. We can wait and hope for that magical time when demands on our time fall away. Or we can actively work to create that time in our lives though identifying why we are so busy in the first place. This is one of the many issues Born Free will help you address.

You might be thinking that you need to be careful with your money and you don’t want to spend out right now. There are always demands on what we need to be spending our money on, but this is making an investment in you. Aren't You worth investing in right now?

Born Free Success Stories:

"I can't believe the value you have both packed into it. It's been so transformative for me."

“Starting the course made me realise that my life was so full of things (work!) that I didn't really have the time to do what I need to do to nourish my soul. Throw some other 'life events' on top of this and it became impossible to engage.

This realisation was pivotal to me and I called upon my go-to horse energy to carry me out of the situation and towards my real life's purpose as revealed to me early in the work.

Today it manifested in this realm. I was offered my dream job with flexible hours in which I will finally be able to fulfil that purpose: Hospice Nurse. I feel as though I am coming home.
It's SUCH a full and rich course.

I can't believe the value you have both packed into it. It's been so transformative for me. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart”.

NICOLA  //  Born Free course participant

"Born Free is a really useful course for people who would like to learn and deepen their experience with shamanism but have a busy life."

“Before I found The Way of the Buzzard I had a lot of fear and was a very lost person. I was very confused about my life and all of the world. I really struggled with communication and when I looked to find words to express my needs, only tears came.

I was drawn to the Born Free course because I felt inside me that it would be beneficial for me in my life right now. Being a part of the programme has helped me in so many ways.
I now accept myself and love myself more.

I have opened to my feminine side, am more connected to Mother Earth, and I love my connection I have developed with my tree. One of the greatest benefits is that my family life has improved a lot, and I have a better connection with people.

Born Free is a really useful course for people who would like to learn and deepen their experience with shamanism but have a busy life.”

EVA  //  Born Free course participant

"Nicola and Jason’s love and passion for all things Shamanic shine through in every aspect of this truly transformational programme and help you to achieve what you individually want to gain."

"I have been drawn to shamanic practice in one way or another since my 20s but never taken the time to fully embrace it. At a point in my life where I was transitioning (into crone!) I was very much in need of self work and support of some kind. What appeared for me from the Universe like a gentle rain shower while the sun is shining, was Nicola and Jason’s Born Free online shamanic course. Everything about how it was structured and presented resonated with me.

Nicola and Jason’s love and passion for all things Shamanic shine through in every aspect of this truly transformational programme and help you to achieve what you individually want to gain. The journey into really absorbing the value of this course lies in surrender, acceptance and trusting the process. I very much enjoyed watching each lesson and then trying out the exercises.

I also gained huge comfort and support from the webinars which informed beautifully and encouraged sharing of ideas and sticking points.

Overall, I feel my journey has just begun. This is course material that you can return to time and again throughout a lifetime. It is so rich and nurturing, like a handful of earth that has been loved and cared for by generations; you can feel just by touching it, that there is far more to it than you might have initially thought.

I can sense that I have changed quite dramatically since beginning this course and feel far more in touch with my authentic self and look forward to an ever increasing path of self-discovery."

Laura  //  Born Free course participant

Born Free - our online shamanic training course

In our online BORN FREE training course, not only do we teach you the principles, tools and techniques of Shamanism, but we guide you through using them to tackle key aspects within yourself which will enable you to identify the changes that you need to make and empower you to see them through.

So rather than it being a course just about Shamanism, it’s about the application of shamanic practice in your life.

In addition to covering Core Shamanic principles we go deeper by bring in a diverse collection of universal tools, weaving in nature connection and the old ways, so it becomes a fuller picture of how we can embody a shamanic life.

In a nutshell, this course is a journey to tackle the core elements that you need to work on in order to craft the life you were born to live.

Introducing Born Free

Born Free is a step-by-step video training course that walks you through the steps which bring the Shamanic techniques, teachings and knowledge into your life.

It has been written in a unique way and incorporates the principles of core shamanism and nature connection, as we see both as equally important methods to establishing a good spiritual connection.


24/7 lifetime access to the course materials: You can revisit the course whenever you like, so you can drawn on the teachings again and again. There is no deadline, no work to submit for checking, and no requirement to put in a set amount of hours each week.​​​​


Online training course. You don’t need to travel to learn - or give up lots of time over weekends and during holidays. You can watch the videos whenever you like, wherever you like.


Training videos about Shamanism: These videos will teach you everything you need to know about Shamanism to get started so you can benefit from in bringing this practice into your life straight away


Exercises and guided Shamanic Journeys: So you can deepen your spiritual connection and be supported in your ongoing path in life.


Private Facebook Group: Join our growing community of like-minded travellers, share your experiences, thoughts, realisations and challenges.


Regular Coaching Calls: You can meet us as we sit in our living room and answer any questions that you have about any aspect of the course.

Here's a taste of what you're about to learn...

How to establish a connection with your spirit guides

  • Learn the ancient practice of connecting with your Spirit Guides through shamanic journeying.
  • Experience through audio tracks over 20 guided shamanic journeys to support you as you develop your practice.
  • Explore the three different shamanic realms: the Upperworld, the Middleworld & the Lowerworld.
  • asterisk
    Learn how to journey without being guided and discover the benefits this will bring you.
  • asterisk
    Find your Axis Mundi, the place where you begin your journeys.
  • asterisk
    How to set your journeying intention
  • asterisk
    How to journey safely.
  • asterisk
    Discover how to understand the guidance which you receive from your Spirit Guides so you are confident that ‘you are not making it all up’.
  • asterisk
    Build a relationship with you guides, so you can trust your intuition and see clearly the correct path to follow. This will move you towards finding your purpose and into your authentic self.
  • asterisk
    Create a shamanic roadmap, working with your Spirit Teacher who will support you in finding each next step on your path

How to develop maintain and deepen into a practice which resonates with you

  • Establish a practice which works for you and which aligns with your core beliefs, so that you don’t have to be moulded to suit.
  • Avoid information overload and find your way through the whole raft of ‘stuff’ out there on the spiritual path. To help we have included a great reading list of reputable and easy access books on spiritual awakening and shamanism.
  • Be supported in stepping out on your own once you have completed the course so that you can continue to grow on your path.
  • asterisk
    Establish a clear direction to go in so that you can really deepen into your spirituality.
  • asterisk
    Be guided in how to live a shamanic life, and know the difference between shamanic practice, a shamanic practitioner and a shaman.
  • asterisk
    Understand the different forms of shamanism: Indigenous Shamanism, Core Shamanism and Contemporary Shamanism.

How to deepen your connection with nature

  • Develop a close and mutually beneficial relationship with the land close to where you live.
  • Practice hearing the subtle voices of nature to help steer you on your spiritual path, and learn how to spot and interpret nature signs.
  • Experience working with the Elements both in ceremony, and through shamanic journeying. This will include how to create a ceremonial space and perform a ceremony to mark your transition on completing this course.
  • asterisk
    Work with Tree Spirit medicine, and experience the healing properties of their energies.
  • asterisk
    Meet and draw on guidance from your Animal Spirit Guides who will support you on your spiritual path.
  • asterisk
    Discover your Power Animal and begin to rebuild this relationship.

How to believe in yourself and your spiritual connection

  • Examine the bigger picture and see why we have lost our connection and the implications this is having on us, our communities and our Earth.
  • Explore how to find our way back to this lost connection, through shamanic journeying and why it works.
  • Work with your Spirit Guides, and with Tree Spirit Medicine to grow confidence in your own worthiness, and overcome your own lack of self- belief and self-love.
  • asterisk
    Discover how to understand the guidance which you receive so you are confident that ‘you are not making it all up’.
  • asterisk
    Learn how you can set out to find your life purpose, and be confident that you are going in the ‘right’ direction.
  • asterisk
    Practice a Power Retrieval and begin to reclaim your power back - that which we so often freely give away.
  • asterisk
    Work with the Element of Water to support you in flowing around blockages in your life.

How to create time and space, and maintain focus

  • Make the most of your spiritual connection time with this really focused programme. The easy to watch bite-sized videos are easy to fit around a busy life.
  • Discover why our world is set up so that we struggle to switch off, and how with awareness we can begin to unpick this in our lives.
  • Explore your spiritual connection through the mundane everyday rather than escapism, by receiving guidance in different ways - in dreams, through coincidences, synchronicities and through nature signs.
  • asterisk
    Develop and deepen your spiritual connection without the requirement for a ‘daily’ practice for it to be effective.
  • asterisk
    Examine the reasons behind your not being able to create the space and time needed for your spiritual connection at the moment, and link in with a Spirit Guide who can help you with this.
  • asterisk
    Look into what habitual practices might be standing in your way to finding a little bit of time each week to receive your spiritual guidance.

How to find balance between the two opposed Worlds we live in

  • Connect with and strengthen your internal Spiritual Warrior, working with Tree Spirit medicine and the messages from Alder.
  • Learn strategies to stay spiritually strong in these difficult times.
  • Avoid getting get caught up in everyday issues and stay grounded.
  • asterisk
    Be present with the political agenda, but not get so overwhelmed with something which is of great concern but which you have no control over.
  • asterisk
    Switch off in a modern world enough to be able to find and deepen your spiritual connection.
  • asterisk
    Navigate how to live in a society that is based on rules that go against everything you know to be right and good.
  • asterisk
    Explore how to work through blocks you are experiencing with your own connection because of the way other people are choosing to be in the world.
  • asterisk
    Maintain your self love when with people whose actions and behaviors make you feel very small and worthless.
  • asterisk
    Learn how to protect yourself from other peoples egos which you find difficult to tolerate.
  • asterisk
    Detach from feelings of jealousy at ‘newbies’ coming and 
pushing others to one side.
  • asterisk
    Keep your focus when people talk the talk but don't walk the walk or when you feel someone is using shamanism as a way of making money but not living in a shamanic way.
  • asterisk
    Stay whole when you have day to day contact with people who are totally 3D unaware, who perpetuate the mistakes, the material dream and are competitive.

Four Modules each packed with video lessons.

Check out the details of each module here and discover just what the Born Free programme can do for  you.

Module 1: Welcome - our journey begins. Explore:

Module 2: The Foundation - learn the foundation components of shamanic practice which include:

Module 3: Using the Tools to Empower Your Life - applying the practices learned so far:

Module 4: Stepping Out and Going it Alone - incorporating shamanic practice into your everyday life:

Enjoy These Bonuses

To help ensure your journey through the Born Free course goes as smoothly as possible we give you these ten bonuses free. We've created each one to address a particular topic that could become a block to your progress in your shamanic discovery.

Bonus #1: Creating Space and Time

Top tips on how to create space and time for a shamanic practice in your life.

Bonus #2: Reading and Study Guide

A list of recommended books and other useful resources including videos and magazines.

Bonus #3: Top Tips for Journeying

Advice on how to overcome all the common shamanic journey challenges with case examples for us and others.

Bonus #4: Shamanic Journey Drum Tracks

Self guided journey tracks with call back beat. 4 different lengths, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes.

Bonus #5: Meet Your Power Animal Guided Journey

A guided journey in an easily downloadable mp3 format..

Bonus #7: Staying Spiritually Strong

Advice on how to remain spiritually strong in these emerging times.

Bonus #8: Ongoing membership to Private Facebook group

Be a part of a supportive community where like-minded people meet and share, learn and grow together.

Bonus #9: Ongoing access to our Regular Coaching Calls

Touch in with us regularly and have the chance to ask questions and take part in the discussion.

Bonus #10: Deepening Your Connection with Nature

Touch in with us regularly and have the chance to ask questions and take part in the discussion.

Born Free - Live Free
Enrolment now closed

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Your investment is fully backed by our 30 day 100% money back GUARANTEE.

We don't want unhappy money or unhappy customers so, when you sign up to Born Free you are completely protected by our 30 day money back guarantee starting from the course start date.

This means that if you find that the Born Free programme isn't working for you, simply email us before the 30 day period ends and we will send you a full and immediate refund.

Jason and Nicola

Your Questions Answered.

How much material is there?

How is the course delivered?

What equipment do I need to access the material?

Do I need a drum to complete the course?

How long do I have access to the material for?

Do I need to have experience in shamanism to do the course?

How much time do I need to devote to the course?

When does the course begin?

What are the coaching calls?

How do I access the private facebook group?

What do I do if I have technical problems?

Can I share my login details or the course material with friends?

What are the details of the guarantee?

Born Free Success Stories:

"It has proved to be an oasis of sanity in these insane times."

“I joined the Born Free programme as I wanted to increase my experience of working shamanically. I think I already had the basics but it was nice to realise that as I progressed through the course I could deepen my understanding of practice.

I like your integrity and presentation style, and the video delivery format was really useful. I have come to realise that I do have a connection to nature and spirit and it has increased my confidence to be myself.

I am open to 'signs' (more aware) and look upon trees with reverence and have passed some knowledge onto my wife and our daughter which they both tried out at a tree energy practice at your retreat Space to Emerge. 

I have found the Born Free programme to be effective at developing a way of living authentically by exploring body and spirit that improves and challenges us as people so that we can be more than just a consumer. It has proved to be an oasis of sanity in these insane times.” 

Mark  //  Born Free course participant

"You are held in the most wonderful supportive environment by both Nicola and Jason and the other students on the course."

"I came to Born Free with some experience, however, the teachings of Nicola and Jason still held so much more for me to learn. Those new to the path, whether you wish to step onto it fully or just dip a toe in to see how it feels, will find so many wonderful lessons to help get started.

Born Free covers a lot of things that other courses neglect, such as how this path interweaves with our physical well-being and our place in the world. This all facilitates our spiritual growth as much as learning about the different spirit realms and animal guides which are also covered in detail.

You will come back to the lessons time and time again, each fresh viewing revealing new insights and teachings.

You are held in the most wonderful supportive environment by both Nicola and Jason and the other students on the course. Nicola and Jason share their stories as well, both highs and lows, this promotes a wonderfully loving two-way relationship that shows you how you can also step into this journey no matter what your circumstances."

KYM  //  Born Free course participant

"Jason and Nicola, are two warm loving human people, who made what I thought was fiction a living, breathing reality."

"Shamanism was one of the steps along my journey.

Jason and Nicola, are two warm loving human people, who made what I thought was fiction a living, breathing reality.

Walking shamans, with power and direction. With a clan, The Way of the Buzzard is a great way to bright lights."

David  //  Born Free course participant

Jason and Nicola Smalley are trained shamanic practitioners and under regular supervision, Indie Shaman ethically certified and hold appropriate insurances for their work.
Their work has been published in Indie Shaman Magazine, GreenSpirit Magazine and the Earth Pathways Diary amongst others.
They can be contacted by email at

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