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“A fully embraced Shamanic practice will completely change your life, if you are ready to step up and reach out.”
Caught in the spiral of a busy life, knowing there is more out there for you but can’t quite get to it?
Are there aspects of your life which aren’t right, giving you a feeling of ‘being stuck’, not knowing what changes you need to make or how to make them in order to move on?
Does this ring true right now?
What if we told you it doesn’t have to be this way? There is a path waiting for you, where you can access deep wisdom and find ways to move through to a place full of deep fulfillment with plenty of space and time to do what is most important to you.
It has worked for us and we are really excited about the opportunity of sharing it with you, so you can look back at this next period in your life with the greatest sense of achievement.

What Get’s In Our Way?

When we are in this place of feeling blocked, it’s not through lack of trying to move forward. We so often don’t know what to do to break through, who to turn to, and we can procrastinate for a long time before we do take a step, sometimes for years, filled with fear and anxiety.

We also often think that we are the only ones who feel like this, that we are alone in the world with these opinions and experiences, and that everyone else seems to be coping just fine.

We read books, go on workshops, reach out to people and try all manner of things to shift ourselves but the change just doesn’t seem to happen.

Our Big Difference

In our online BORN FREE training course, we use the principles, tools and techniques of Core Shamanism to guide you in working through these blocks. This enables you to identify the changes that you need to make and empower you to see them through.

Rather than it being a course just about shamanism, it’s about the application of shamanic practice in your life.

In addition to covering Core Shamanic principles we go deeper by bring in a diverse collection of universal tools, weaving in nature connection and the old ways, so it becomes a fuller picture of how we can embody a shamanic life.

In a nutshell, this course is a journey to tackle the core elements that you need to work on in order to craft the life you were born to live.

Here’s How the BORN FREE Course Will Work

  • The course is made up of four Modules which guide you through the theory and practice of shamanism. Each Module is broken down into a series of lessons delivered by online video.
  • There will be activities to carry out throughout the course, and plenty of guided shamanic journeys to go on.
  • You will be a part of an online community of participants who will be sharing the journey with you through a dedicated Facebook Group.
  • There are 4 Live Coaching Calls running over a period of 14 weeks, which you can join in on through your computer.
  • There’s also a 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you do the work and find no benefit we’ll give you your money back.

Breakdown of the Course Outline

Module 1: Welcome – Our Journey Begins


In this module you will learn:

  • The benefits this work will bring through hearing real life stories of how regular shamanic practice has changed lives
  • The importance of setting intention, and setting your intention for this course
  • What preparations you need to make in order to embark fully on this journey with a community who are like-minded and share similar beliefs, and can support each other as they grow

Module 2: The Foundation

In this Module you will learn the foundation components of Shamanic Practice which include:

  • The bigger picture as to why we have lost our connection and the implications this is having on us, our communities and our Earth
  • How to find our way back to this lost connection, through shamanic journeying, how to journey and why it works, and has worked for us for tens if not hundreds of thousands of years.
  • The three different realms; Upperworld, Middleworld and Lowerworld
  • Exploring the Upperworld and discovering who you can meet there, including Spirit Guides and Spirit Teachers, Angels and Archangels, Ascended Masters and the Gods and Goddesses of the Upperworld.
  • Exploring the Lowerworld and discovering who you can work with there, including Animal Spirit Guides, Power Animals, Ancestors, the Fairy Kingdom and the Gods and the Goddesses of the Lowerworld.
  • Working in the Middleworld with journeying, nature connection, dreams, synchronicities and aligning with the cycles of the year.
  • Working with intention, how to set intention and the importance and practice of interpretation.
  • How to journey without being guided, and the benefits this will bring you. How to find your Axis Mundi, which is the place where you will journey from each time, how to go about setting your journey intention, journeying safely and working on your journey interpretation skills.

Module 3: Using the Tools to Empower Your Life

In this module you’ll begin to apply the practices learned in the previous lessons through the use of the Life Empowering Toolkit:

  • The importance of self care in order to welcome in abundance into your life, and how to work with Tree Spirit Medicine to achieve this.
    Developing a fresh approach to finding answers by working with Animal Spirit Guides and building a deep and long-lasting relationship with them.
  • Flowing around blockages that get in your way, or working through a problem you are struggling with. We will do this by practicing the shamanic skill of shapeshifting, working with the element of water.
  • Reclaiming your power by undertaking the Core Shamanic procedure of a Power Retrieval, and follow this through by making an offering to the Earth.
  • Creating a Shamanic Roadmap by working with a Spirit Teacher who can support you in finding the next step on your path and helping you along the way. You will learn a technique for receiving two-way information from them through a Calling Card, as well as building a strong relationship together.
  • Developing our own inner Spiritual Warrior so we can harness these qualities in order to be strong and do battle inside ourselves to move through change when the need arises

Module 4: Stepping Out and Going It Alone

In this Module you will learn how to incorporate what you have learnt into a continuous practice so you can step out and continue the journey beyond this course:

  • Looking back at your time on the Born Free programme, what your original intention was and how far you have come in your journey.
  • Growing on your path and integrating shamanism into your life, including the importance of community.
  • Living a shamanic life, and the difference between shamanic practice, a shamanic practitioner, and a shaman. We will also explain the different forms of shamanism: Indigenous Shamanism, Core Shamanism and Contemporary Shamanism.
  • The importance of ceremony in our lives and how it can help you in your journey ahead. This will include how to create a ceremonial space and perform a ceremony to mark your transition on completing this course.
  • How to integrate all that you have learnt into your life, and the importance of community in helping you do this.
  • We’ll also advise on additional resources which includes useful books and magazine subscriptions.

Here are some of the things previous participants of the Born Free course have said:

I joined the Born Free programme as I wanted to increase my experience of working shamanically. I think I already had the basics but it was nice to realise that as I progressed through the course I could deepen my understanding of practice. I like your integrity and presentation style, and the video delivery format was really useful.

I have come to realise that I do have a connection to nature and spirit and it has increased my confidence to be myself. I am open to ‘signs’ (more aware) and look upon trees with reverence and have passed some knowledge onto my wife and our daughter where they both tried out ‘tree energy’ practice at the Space to Emerge retreat.

I have found the Born Free programme to be effective at developing a way of living authentically by exploring body and spirit that improves and challenges us as people so that we can be more than just ‘consumers’ It has proved to be an oasis of sanity in these insane times.” Mark


Starting the course made me realise that my life was so full of things (work!) that I didn’t really have the time to do what I need to do to nourish my soul. Throw some other ‘life events’ on top of this and it became impossible to engage.

This realisation was pivotal to me and I called upon my go-to horse energy to carry me out of the situation and towards my real life’s purpose as revealed to me early in the work. Today it manifested in this realm. I was offered my dream job with flexible hours in which I will finally be able to fulfil that purpose: Hospice Nurse. I feel as though I am coming home.

This is It’s SUCH a full and rich course. I can’t believe the value you have both packed into it. It’s been so transformative for me. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart”. Nicola


Before I found The Way of the Buzzard I had a lot of fear and was a very lost person. I was very confuse about my life and all of the world. I really struggled with communication and wen I looked to find words to express my needs, only tears came.

I was drawn to the Born Free course because I felt ‘inside me’ that it would be beneficial for me in my life right now. Being a part of the programme has helped me in so many ways. I now accept myself and love myself more. I have opened to my feminine side, am more connected to Mother Earth, and I love my connection I have developed with my tree.

One of the greatest benefits is that my family life has improved a lot, and I have a better connection with people. Born Free is a really useful course for people who would like to learn and deepen their experience with shamanism but have a busy life.” Ewa


I came to Born Free with some experience, however, the teachings of Nicola and Jason still held so much more for me to learn. Those new to the path, whether you wish to step onto it fully or just dip a toe in to see how it feels, will find so many wonderful lessons to help get them started.

Born Free covers a lot of things that other courses neglect, such as how this path interweaves with our physical wellbeing and our place in the world. This all facilitates our spiritual growth as much as learning about the different spirit realms and animal guides which are also covered in detail. You will come back to the lessons time and time again, each fresh viewing revealing new insights and teachings.

You are held in the most wonderful supportive environment by both Nicola and Jason and the other students on the course. Nicola and Jason share their stories as well, both highs and lows, this promotes a wonderfully loving two-way relationship that shows you how you can also step into this journey no matter what your circumstances.” Kym

“I have realised that I can achieve more than I thought beforehand”

“I know now that I do have a connection to nature and spirit and it has increased my confidence to be myself”

“I am open to signs more and I look upon trees with reverence”

“I found the downloadable audio tracks the most helpful”

“The coaching calls were brilliant”

“It enhances your life, makes you look at everything differently and opens you up to other realities”

“ A good way of getting to know your authentic self”

“This is an exploration of the potential within Shamanic ways and how to apply this personally to bring about your potential”

“It is a way of developing a way of living authentically by exploring our body and mind that improves and challenges us as people and that we can be more than just consumers”

“Thank you for your help to awake my own self”

“Accessible and personal, availability of the material. Regular and well spaced. The bonus items are good as well”

“Very useful basic introduction in both practice and information to shamanism”

“A wonderful journey into greater connection , supported by a nurturing community”

Some of The Benefits of Learning With Us

Online and accessible

As this is an online course, you can run through the Modules at your own pace, at times of the day that suit you, in your home without the need to travel. There will be no need to take long periods of time out from the usual routine, and you’ll be able to fit it in around other things as you go about your day-to-day life.

Discover 7 steps to deepen your spiritual connection

We teach you how to access deep universal wisdom so that you can discover for yourself the changes that you need to make in order to craft the life of your dreams, and draw your helpers around you.

Learn ancient skills to develop an empowering regular practice

We support you in equipping yourself with new ways to find answers to big questions you have about you and how you operate, so that you can take a different approach to how you live your life.

Access a life empowering toolkit

We will walk you through a step-by-step process to begin using the shamanic practices and embody them in your life. These methods will help you realise that you do have choices and that it is possible to move on and find another way, ultimately leading you to having the life you have always dreamed of.

Gaining perspective on the Bigger Picture

We take a birds-eye view to help us understand the external driving forces which have a huge part to play in our world and our lives. With this awareness it’s easier to feel that it is possible to move on and create a different life.

Being a part of a like-minded community

You will be with others on the same journey so you can support each other, making it easier for you all. You won’t feel like you are doing this along, and you will be able to see that there other people out there that think and feel just like you.

We Have Created These Additional Bonuses For You:

  • Unguided journey drumming tracks of various lengths
  • A list of recommended books and videos so you can further your studies
  • Tips for Getting Outside: Top tips for getting outside and spending time in nature
  • Tips for Creating Space and Time: Top tips on how to create space and time
  • Meeting your Power Animal: A guided journey to take you to the Lowerworld to meet your Power Animal, your overarching animal ally who has been with you throughout this life and many lives.
  • Tips for Better Journeying: Advice on how to work on your journeying skills so you get clearer and more relevant guidance
  • Journey ideas: A list of intention suggestions for future journeys

Our Offer to You

when you enroll in this online course you will get:

The Born Free Course Benefits which include:
The Full BORN FREE Training Programme
which starts on the 30th July 2017
£100 off the regular price
as a thank you for joining us on this first full launch of the course
365 Day Guarantee
if the course hasn’t worked for you show us your completed worksheets and get your money back
Video and Audio Course Delivery

backed up with detailed FAQs and technical support
Access to the Born Free Facebook Community

to support your journey to self empowerment
4 Live Coaching Calls
for additional support as you progress through the course
Lifetime Access
all materials are available to download and use again and again

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