Book Review – Visual Magick – a manual of freestyle shamanism

The Way of The Buzzard

Author – Jan Fries

A practical guide to trance, sigils and visualization techniques.

This is one of those books that I want (need) to read again and again. It’s never far from my thoughts and will probably remain forever as one of those books that I will never quite get to the bottom of. I think it’s right to say that will be the case with all of Jan Fries books, most of which we own.

This is his first published book and began life as a small treatise that circulated amongst a rather niche audience until he was persuaded to make more of it.

Unlike many spiritual authors, Jan Fries doesn’t claim to know anything or to get anything right. Rather, throughout the book he encourages active participation in the many techniques he shares. In fact I remember reading in one of his books that he isn’t interested in anyone reading his books without this plan of action and would much prefer them to step outdooors and listen to what the spirits in nature have to say.

So, yes, Visual Magick, spelled with a ‘k’. Some may find the book slightly edgy, I know of folk who have had their buttons pushed merely by the line drawings that grace the pages! However if you want to deepen into your inner connection, to tap into the forces that weave nature, us and the universe together then this is without a doubt one of the books for you.

The book kicks off with sigil work, delves into automatic drawing and then explores visualization and imagination, both key skills for spirit walkers and journeyers. He also outlines the decidedly scary technique of waking the beast within for those who are brave enough to embrace this aspect of ourselves.

His enviable reputation amongst adepts and magicians the world over was partly built on this cornerstone and, as such, it comes heartily recommended.

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