Book review: The Quest for the Shaman – Shape-Shifters, Sorcerers and Spirit-healers of Ancient Europe

The Way of The Buzzard

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Reviewed by Nicola

This book, written by Miranda & Stephen Aldhouse-Green, gives us another really useful window into ancient European spiritual practices.

The authors are archeologists, looking at the evidence available and analysing this to give us an evidenced based account (for all those scientists and rational brained amongst us) of earth based spirituality and the benefits it bought to our ancestors to help the survive life on Earth.

To wet your appetite they delve into such details are fire and water being highly symbolic in terms of transformational and purification rituals, and intimation rites, ancient shamans as alchemists, drawing spirit inspired art and healing their communities. They reference Boudica’s use of nature as a source of divination, how people called on the Gods and created talismans to aid their power… and of course they talk about animal spirit guides – animal helpers our distant ancestors would call on to facilitate their encounters with the supernatural dimension.

All sounds very familiar doesn’t it!

A great book to give you a grounding in what came before Christianity in our land, and what we can draw upon again in these changing times.