Book Review – The Earth Path

The Way of The Buzzard

Author – Starhawk

Here is a book for the earth-lover who wishes to meld earth care with the spiritual. Personally I think there is no other way for shamanism to work.

The strapline for the book is ‘Grounding your Spirit in the Rhythms of Nature’, how good does that sound! The book doesn’t fail to deliver on this promise either and is well worth curling up with on a winter’s night.

She writes as a witch, a nature lover and a dedicated activist who constantly puts herself on the frontline to protect our Earth Mother. Indeed she has built a community around her who do likewise and understand the need to be more than what our comfort zone tells us we are.

The book covers the circle of life and delves quite deeply into the four elements with lots of excerpts from her personal journal which describes life for her in the US.

At a time when our Earth is under so much threat and pressure this is a landmark book to encourage all to step up, put our heads above the parapet and say ‘enough’ to her plunderers. Meditations and healing litter the book along with instructions on how to build a labyrinth, what a chicken tractor is, living in harmony with the Earth and using our intent and consciousness to make a difference.

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