Book review: Legacy of the Gods

The Way of The Buzzard


Author: Freddy Silva

If you have been trying to piece together why our ancient ancestors built temples in the way they did, where they did, this book will undoubtedly answer some of your questions. Written in two parts Freddy builds a compelling argument as to why temples were so important in the creation of civilization, and how their downfall has helped to contribute to the downfall of society in the Western World. In places where the power of the land meets the power of a deity there is always a focal point of energy.

The second part of the book is dedicated to explaining the seven principles behind building a temple including orientation, water, sacred geometry, and electro-magnetism. He surmises that the Gothic churches marked the last concentrated period of temple building in recent history, and now in current times we are experiencing a new wave of sacred site creation through crop circles, where the veil between the worlds is noticeably thin.

His research points to an increase in temple building in the years preceding dramatic climate change. As human mankind once again faces huge climatic changes in the future, now is the time to look back at the importance of temples in creating resilient cultures and learn from our ancestors in this way.

‘Unless the myths are preserved, the rites performed and the sites maintained as spirit sanctuaries, the living bond is broken, man and nature are separated and neither man nor nature has any assurance of life in the future’.

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