Book review – Elen of the Ways by Elen Sentier

The Way of The Buzzard

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This is another one of those books that, when it turns up, we ask the question ‘why on Earth haven’t I come across this book before?!’

Elen Sentier has been taught by her forebears in the ancient ways of our land, passed down generation after generation. In this beautifully written and really accessible book she teaches us how our indigenous peoples would connect in with the land and all of life around them, focusing in particular on the Deer Goddess Elen.

She talks of the importance of what she calls ‘walking the dear trods’, just as our ancestors did. She shares some really useful insights into how we were when we lived close to the land, and how much we need to return to this now as human beings.

Rich in references to our land, our sacred sites and ley lines, she builds up a picture of what is really important to us as we follow the earth path. She explores the importance of listening to the wisdom of elders, working with our ancestors and Spirits of Place, of journeying, plant and tree spirit medicine, myth and folk lore, and the Deer Goddess Elen.

A real gem in our British Shamanism library and one we highly recommend.

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Reviewed by Nicola