Here's your replay of our Blue Supermoon Journey Circle

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The recent full moon was both a Blue Moon and a Supermoon. It was the largest and brightest moon of the year. We gathered online from our home for a free shamanic journey circle. Here is your replay. 

The theme for this circle is ‘downtime’. We explore the importance of valuing downtime in a culture that is set up for constant productivity and values work over play. How can we create more space for meaningful experiences in an overstimulated world? What can nature teach us about slowing down, setting boundaries and idling?

Our circle is also an opportunity for us to further connect with you all and will be a taster of what lies on the other side of the Mystery School doors for anyone considering joining us, as we will be closing the doors to new members for a while this autumn. We have more information about our Mystery School further down this page.


We begin at 9:00. The time of the guided shamanic journey is: Shamanic Journey explanation (1:28:40), Guided shamanic journey (1:36:03), 

Additional resources:

During the evening we mentioned several additional resources. 

Courses, circles & animals

  • Click here to access our free online introductory courses on Shamanism and the Shamanic Journey
  • If you are a Mystery School member click here for the Finding Time for a Spiritual Practice course and click here for the Working with Hedgehog to Assert Boundaries journey circle
  • If you are a Mystery School member click here for information on Hedgehog, click here for information on Snail, and click here for information on Sea Anemone. 


  • Click here to access our blog: 'Attention!!'. This blog is about why it is becoming harder to focus as the neurology of our brains is changing
  • Click here to access our blog: 'Avoiding the Void'. This blog is about how important it is to create space to do nothing.
  • Click here to access our blog: Finding Time for a Spiritual Practice. This is the first in a trilogy of blogs on this topic. The second blog is: 'Know Thyself' here and the third blog is: 'Shamanic Tools for Self Belief and Self Worth' here.


  • The Path to Forgotten Freedom: Healing Unresolved Ancestral Trauma by Nicola Smalley. Click here to find out more and buy a copy.
  • How To Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy by Jenny Odell 
  • Stolen Focus: Why You Can't Pay Attention by Johann Hari

Save the dates:

We have an up-coming Pop-up Talk in September where we will be talking about our Mystery School and the nature connection and shamanic toolkit as a spiritual practice. Save the date if you would like to join us on the night. There will be a replay. The date is Tuesday 12th September, 7pm. The registration page will be ready soon. 

We have two online retreat gatherings this year where we will be working with the wheel of the year  energies. If you think you might like to join us live for those, then save the dates. They will be recorded, and a replay will be made available. They are:

  • Saturday 30th September 9.30am-5pm for Woodland Wanderings
  • Saturday 18th November 9.30am-5pm, for Bear Necessities. 
Your hosts:

Nicola & Jason Smalley
The Way of The Buzzard

In challenging times such as these it's important to reach out to our guides and seek the wisdoms we need to remain resilient and fearless.

We are committed to help our Way of The Buzzard clan navigate a path through the maze of confusion and uncertainty by encouraging the use of the Shamanic toolkit that's so easily available to us,

Here's the transcript 


18:53:39 From Paul Scrivens : Hi! G&T
18:53:41 From Anna : Hi All, Yes, Damson Gin in Cumbria !
18:53:43 From Tina : Hello everyone!
18:53:46 From james milne : Good evening from Aberdeen😃
18:53:48 From Rob Pearson : Robbie from Bromley definitely coffee!
18:53:51 From Tracey Bevan : blessings from s...tea😍
18:54:02 From Lynn Senior-Eason : Lynn from Durham with a coffee
18:54:03 From Rod & Diane : Hi from beautiful Cumbria.
Elderflower cordial
18:54:04 From Fabrizio Zandonella : Hi Fabrizio & Alina here from Birmingham.
18:54:05 From Sam : Evening all, Im on a mint tea and im in Windsor x
18:54:07 From Sam To All Panelists : Hi I’m Sam, from Cumbria, water for me x
18:54:07 From lynne To All Panelists : Oh… an early hello from Perthshire and a lovely evening for the 🌕
18:54:08 From Tracey Roberts : Hi from Somerset, with chocolate tea
18:54:10 From Name Linda To All Panelists : Linda. Pembrokeshire.ginger tea
18:54:14 From Diane Batt : Hi from sunny Somerset. I love ginger beer
18:54:16 From Christine Espinosa : Christine from Lincolnshire. Hello all. Tea, and a glass of water.
18:54:18 From alysonpowell : Good evening from south Wales . Good to be here. Its a glass of water for me too.
18:54:22 From Kathryn @MandalaMeadow : Hello from sunny Bognor!
18:54:23 From Richard Fedorko : Hello from a sunny Glasgow!
18:54:27 From Carol Cupitt Parks : Hi from Carol in central NewYork. Toasting with coconut seltzer water.
18:54:29 From Eileen Balfour : Hi from Innerleithen in The Borders
18:54:32 From penelope rollinson : Penny from South Wales water and chocolate cake
18:54:38 From christopher To All Panelists : Hi guys, grateful to be a part of this :0) p.s. mines chai!
18:54:48 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : Hello everyone from Rose in Oxfordshire. Hugs to Blue xxx
18:54:50 From Jacinta Phillips : Evening all🥰 from sunny sandbach
18:54:52 From hstel : Helen Hayling Island. Hi all still finishing off a salad and a water
18:54:52 From Janet : Janet, hello from London.
18:55:12 From Di : Di and Simon with tea from Gosport
18:55:18 From Tracey Roberts : it's Yogi chocolate tea.... very nice
18:55:18 From David : David , another from Windsor , currently Mead
18:55:19 From ellen To All Panelists : Hi, Ellen from the Highlands. Looking forward to spending this evening with all of you.
18:55:26 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : Drinking Pukka Night time tea. xx
18:55:40 From Janet : ginger kombucha!
18:55:46 From Samsung SM-T500 : Hello from Julie Cobbin (not Samsung). I like a Spiced Rum with Coke otherwise Earl Grey Tea but am getting used to Nettle/Fennel tea. 🙂💙💫
18:55:50 From Steven Wm : Hello from Belfast a nice mug of tea 🍵
18:55:51 From Carol Molyneux : hello Jacob and CAROL SHROPSHIRE
18:55:51 From Jennifer Goulden To All Panelists : Good evening 😄
18:56:00 From Lesley : Hi everyone, "Silent Lesley" from sunny Birmingham!x
18:56:22 From ellen : Hi, Ellen from the Highlands. Looking forward to spending the evening with all of you. Drinking Scottish water.
18:56:22 From Brandy Pearson : hello from Bromley Kent
18:56:31 From Carol To All Panelists : Hi from Southport, Merseyside x
18:56:32 From Ann HOS Essex UK : Hi all from Holland on Sea in Essex. Bit too late for me to take any liquids ha ha x
18:56:32 From Ali Broughton : Evening from sunny North Nofolk
18:56:34 From AnnyTurner : Hellooooo from Sunny Scarborough (yes it's me with the hot water and almond milk...struggling to drink tea after covid!)
18:56:37 From Debs Laycock To All Panelists : Debee from magical Forest Row in Sussex - toasting with Scottish soup!
18:56:51 From Jennifer Goulden To All Panelists : Good evening from Bolton greater Manchester 😄
18:56:52 From Kirsty Richardson : Hello everyone, from Ayrshire Scotland , so great to be here again, X💞
18:56:57 From Joanne Q : Hello Jason & Nicola, from sunny Norfolk
18:56:59 From judith leavesley : Judith from Bromyard. lovely glass of water with chocolate cake and cream
18:56:59 From John Murphy : Hello Nicola, and Jason and all from John Murphy
18:57:00 From Karen : good evening from Leigh, Lancashire joining with my large cup of Earl Grey tea x
18:57:01 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : Lols. Maybe no hug xxx
18:57:06 From Liz : Good evening everyone from a sunny Glasgow evening xx
18:57:07 From Geoffrey Hulme : Geoff & Chris from a sunny Rhos on Sea.
18:57:08 From Julie Moore : Hi from the Seaside of Cleveleys in Lancashire - near Blackpool - friend of Janet Thompson x
18:57:09 From Mark : Mark from sunny Sussex hello everyone,
18:57:11 From Andrea : Hi all, Andrea watching from Jersey, Channel Islands. Moved here from Lancashire 2 years ago xx
18:57:18 From Jenny : evening from Edinburgh
18:57:22 From Alison Redgrove : hello from South Wales
18:57:25 From Kim Hudson : hi guys from sunny Essex ❤️
18:57:26 From Karen Pullan To All Panelists : Hi from a sunny Leeds (Lancastrian living in Yorkshire!)
18:57:27 From Ali D : Evening from Manchester. Sunny for once! 🌞
18:57:28 From Nicola Cook, Wild Wellness® To All Panelists : Hi nicola. I’m Nicola from scotland and my Mum bought me one of your drums at christmas
18:57:33 From Paula To All Panelists : Paula from sussex hello all
18:57:35 From AnnyTurner : Julie Moore...Jo's daughter...?
18:57:40 From Kyleigh Davies : Hi from Wales 😊
18:57:43 From David Hignett : David from Barnsley
18:57:46 From Julie Moore : Red wine for me x
18:57:49 From Alison : hello from a sunny evening in Northumberland
18:57:52 From Sarah To All Panelists : Hi from Ribchester
18:57:53 From Anne Massicks : Evening from sunny Timperley xx
18:57:59 From Heather Nisbet To All Panelists : Hi from Devizes, Wiltshire x
18:58:01 From Andrea Clayton : hi to everyone from Andrea in Inverness
18:58:02 From Firefly : Hello from Insch, Aberdeenshire. Thought I would not make it 🥴
18:58:03 From Meggy : Hello from the north wales
18:58:03 From Tina To Karen Pullan and All Panelists : Hello Karen, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
18:58:06 From fae : Evening from a sunny Wesham although it’s chilly. Tea for me :)
18:58:09 From Chris Sylvan Newsam To All Panelists : Hello from Chris and Jan in North Yorkshire
18:58:13 From Nicky Robinson To All Panelists : Hi, Nicky just moved to Carmarthen from Merseyside. X
18:58:14 From Karen Davies : Hi, Karen and Oce from a sunny Skye
18:58:14 From lisa bauche : hi from Canada
18:58:16 From Annkat : hello from Sheffield
18:58:24 From Sarah : Hello from sunny York - orange hot chocolate!
18:58:25 From Dharma Nurse : Dharma from Derbyshire
18:58:27 From Tina To Heather Nisbet and All Panelists : Hello Heather, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
18:58:29 From Alison To All Panelists : Hellooooooooooo clan from Cheshire!
18:58:30 From Sue & Anne : Hi from magnificent Morecambe
18:58:31 From Caroline To All Panelists : Hello from sunny Dunkeld, Perthshire
18:58:32 From Ilse : hello from a somewhat chilly but gorgeous sunny evening in Gloucestershire
18:58:36 From Fay : Good evening form Worcestershire.
18:58:37 From Jo Gill : Hi from Jo in Sheffield
18:58:38 From Gemma Bevan : Good evening from Norfolk.
18:58:39 From Kate Sibley To All Panelists : Yes a cuppa here too in sunny Hampshire
18:58:41 From Katrin : Hi from sunny Lincoln
18:58:43 From Steve W : Good evening everyone. I can report that here in Topcliffe it is neither cloudy nor raining.😀😀😀 - although on Sunday afternoon and evening we were subject to flash flooding!!! 🙏
18:58:45 From Julie b : hi. from leeds
18:58:46 From Shelley : hi from the east riding of Yorkshire 😊
18:58:48 From lisa bauche : Are we talking drinks? Mine isn't very exciting. Coffee with vanilla cinnamon creamer
18:58:48 From Karen Pullan : Hi from sunny Leeds (Lancastrian living in Yorkshire)
18:58:49 From realme RMX3085 : hello from Dorset ,chai latte
18:58:50 From Sharon : Hi everyone.
18:58:56 From Tina To Nicky Robinson and All Panelists : Hello Nicky, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
18:58:58 From Vivien : so happy to be with you in sunny east Sussex
18:59:01 From sheila hannabuss : Hello from a very hot and humid Palm Desert California - Sheila
18:59:02 From Heidi Cooper : Good evening everyone from a sunny Royston with a cheeky cold beer! 😄☀️
18:59:03 From Helen : Hi from South Derbyshire
18:59:04 From Nicola Cook, Wild Wellness® : Aberdeenshire, Scotland, hot water
18:59:09 From valerieishii To All Panelists : Hello from Lewes!
18:59:10 From Sandrine : Hi from Buckinghamshire
18:59:12 From Katy Budden To All Panelists : Hi, Katy from Clanfield, Hampshire 🙏🏻 x
18:59:13 From Jo Simpson : hi Jo here from Scotland
18:59:14 From Alison Gaffney : Hello from South Norwood in sunny South london
18:59:14 From Susan Beedell : Hi from Tiverton Devon
18:59:15 From Susannah : Hi from Paignton. Peppermint tea
18:59:16 From Lyndsey Smith : Hi Nicola and Jason and everyone, it's Lyndsey from Runcorn 😁
18:59:17 From Ken : Hello from Peterhead, Aberdeenshire
18:59:19 From Fiona To All Panelists : Hi
18:59:21 From Pauline Ormerod : Hi from sunny Chorley toasting with orange juice.
18:59:22 From Helen : Hello from Evesham
18:59:22 From Sarah Carney : Blue moon blessi gs everyone
18:59:23 From Susan Perera-Gunawardena To All Panelists : Hi from Sue in Blewbury x
18:59:26 From Karen Pullan To All Panelists : Thanks Tina x
18:59:28 From Mandie.Blackbourn : Thanks for hosting, looking forward to it. I'm in East Anglia with a cuppa :-)
18:59:28 From Dorothy Robbie : Hi from Dorothy in Forfar Scotland
18:59:37 From Claire H : Hi from North East London!
18:59:41 From Sandy Holt To All Panelists : Hello from Stratford-upon-Avon
18:59:42 From Sue : Hi from sunny Sheffield - Sue and Daisy (who is busy eating treats) x
18:59:43 From Barbara To All Panelists : Namaste from Coventry UK
18:59:44 From Helen Courtney : Hello / Nos da from Wales. Full Moon blessings
18:59:44 From Lisa To All Panelists : Hello from Bolton
18:59:44 From Ali D : Ha ha!
18:59:45 From Caroline : Blessings from The Forest of Dean!
18:59:45 From Louise O'Connell : Hello from Wakefield :-)
18:59:49 From Nicky Robinson : Thanks Tina, hello from Carmarthen
18:59:50 From Jane To All Panelists : Evening all
18:59:57 From To All Panelists : Hi from Wayne in Dufftown
19:00:00 From Lisette Johnston To All Panelists : Hi from Lisette in East Devon
19:00:01 From Hilary : Hi from The Wirral
19:00:01 From Liz To All Panelists : Hi Liz from the wirral, the sun is still shining!
19:00:03 From Colette : Blue moon blessings everyone )O(
19:00:04 From Sandy Holt : OOPs hello from Stratford-upon-Avon
19:00:05 From Bob N To All Panelists : Thanks for letting me join regards Bob N
19:00:06 From Rachel OReilly : good evening all from the Lincolnshire fens
19:00:09 From Kate Sibley To All Panelists : Perhaps it’s soup with haggis in it or maybe a some tartan toast! 🤣
19:00:10 From Tina To Barbara and All Panelists : Hello Barbara, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
19:00:11 From june Tittensor : lovely to be here, june from Cheshire
19:00:16 From Ann : Ann from Glasgow
19:00:21 From Kristy : good evening
19:00:22 From Brian Williams : Hi from Northern Ireland
19:00:24 From Nicky Robinson : Hilary, just moved from Wirral to Carmarthen.
19:00:28 From Tina To Bob N and All Panelists : Hello Bob, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
19:00:31 From lesley gerrard : Lesley in Edinburgh
19:00:34 From Yoga with Siobhan : Hello from Darwen!
19:00:35 From Norma Corp : hi from Weston-super-mare had bit of sun tonight good to see you 🙏💖
19:00:35 From Amanda Benham : Hello from sunny Blackburn :)
19:00:36 From jaCKy fridlington To All Panelists : Good evening from a sunny Lincoln
19:00:37 From Ruth : hi from Bath
19:00:37 From Archan James To All Panelists : Hi from North London
19:00:38 From Rosie : Hi from Rosie in Salisbury
19:00:38 From Jeni Robinson : hi from dry but cloudy Plymouth
19:00:39 From Gill Taylor To All Panelists : Hello everyone from Glossop
19:00:40 From Wendy : Hello from Nottingham! 😊 x
19:00:40 From Carolyn : Hello everyone, good to be here from Cheshire
19:00:41 From Stella Brown : hi from Presteigne
19:00:50 From Jayne Missoni : Hi everyone 🙂
19:00:50 From Helen Towers : Hi from me an Bramble from sunny Eskdalemuir ❤️
19:00:55 From Louise Browne : hi from Lincolnshire
19:01:11 From Jayne Missoni : I’m in lincolnshire too
19:01:12 From Emily Parkinson : Hi from Newark x
19:01:12 From Chris Mahon : Chris near Southwold in Suffolk - hi!
19:01:16 From Juliette : hi, Juliette also from Lincolnshire
19:01:16 From Rosie To All Panelists : Hi from Rosie in Dunfermline
19:01:19 From Tina To Gill Taylor and All Panelists : Hello Gill, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
19:01:19 From Steve : Hello from Birmingham
19:01:21 From Diane : Hello everyone from Northumberland clear skies so far
19:01:36 From Sara Llewellyn : Hi from Sara in Middle England
19:01:38 From jewels : Hello from Trawden …Jewels and Mark
19:01:40 From Gill Dunkerley : Hello all, Gill from sunny Manchester - Old-timer
19:01:42 From Gill Wyatt : Hello from Rutland
19:01:43 From Iris To All Panelists : Hello to everyone from Vienna, Austria.
19:01:47 From Jayne : Hello from Stoke
19:01:47 From Mark To All Panelists : Hello from Essex
19:01:55 From Karen : Hi from Wellington ,Shropshire. Bright and breezy today
19:01:58 From Eliza : Hello from Lincoln x
19:01:58 From Coral To All Panelists : Hi, I’m Coral from Wales 💖
19:02:01 From Yvette To All Panelists : Hello from Coventry England
19:02:06 From Janet : Hi Janet from Lancashire
19:02:06 From Judy Wayman To All Panelists : Hi from Norfolk
19:02:06 From Tina To Rosie and All Panelists : Hello Rosie , If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
19:02:06 From Sue Whitehead : Hello all from a sunny Chorley, Lancs. x
19:02:09 From Maryline Leese : Hello from mid Wales
19:02:23 From Tina To Judy Wayman and All Panelists : Hello Judy , If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
19:02:25 From Victoria : Hello from Preston :)
19:02:26 From Lynn Alexander : love from Otley
19:02:31 From Leigh : Hello everyone from a cloudy Cornwall
19:02:33 From Irene Beldon : Hello from Scotland
19:02:40 From Pam Butterfield : hello from mid wales
19:02:49 From Wendy Bradnam : Hi from north Norfolk
19:02:49 From Caroline Mackay : Hello to all from sunny Scotland!
19:02:54 From Sarah To All Panelists : Hello all ✨ from Sarah in Notts
19:02:56 From Ruth (she/her) : Evening from Brrighton!
19:02:57 From Tina To Yvette and All Panelists : Hello Yvette, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
19:02:58 From Tracy - Breathing Space To All Panelists : Hi fro the White Horse, Sutton Bank, in the vale of York,
19:03:12 From Lorna Barbey To All Panelists : Hi from Geneva
19:03:18 From Parge : Love you all. From Coventry. 🙏
19:03:19 From Tina To Tracy - Breathing Space and All Panelists : Hello Tracy, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
19:03:20 From Thea Laidlaw : hello from the dales
19:03:20 From Anne To All Panelists : Hi folks Anne from South Yorkshire 🌕xx
19:03:25 From Nataliex : Hello from Pembrokeshire
19:03:31 From Rachel : Hello from Bristol. Lovely evening here x
19:03:35 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : Hello from Bedfordshire!
19:03:36 From Tina To Anne and All Panelists : Hello Anne, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
19:03:36 From Bella To All Panelists : Hello from Eastbourne
19:03:42 From Lorna Hutchinson : Hi there from Huddersfield- looking forward to the evening xx🐈‍⬛❤️🌹🦊🐝🦔❤️
19:03:51 From Tina To Bella and All Panelists : Hello Bella, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
19:03:52 From Rhia Swankie To All Panelists : Hi from Hebden Bridge
19:04:04 From Kathy (She/her) : hello from North Wales
19:04:06 From Yvette : Sending gratitude and appreciation from Coventry England
19:04:09 From Sharon hodgson To All Panelists : Hi, from Hucknall, Nottinghamshire.
19:04:10 From Tina To Rhia Swankie and All Panelists : Hello Rhia, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
19:04:29 From June To All Panelists : Hello from Scotland xx
19:04:31 From pshlycett : Good evening all from Cupar, Fife
19:04:39 From Tina To Sharon hodgson and All Panelists : Hello Sharon, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
19:04:56 From Monica Ross : Blue Moon blessings from Sandycove, Kinsale, Ireland
19:05:01 From Fiona : helloo from a 🥀Lancy Lass 🕸old timer😅 exiled in Worcester
19:05:02 From Elly Dolan To All Panelists : it is so nice to see your lovely faces x
19:05:22 From Sharon hodgson : Hi, Good evening from Hucknall, Nottinghamshire
19:05:39 From Tina : Hello folks, If you want everyone to see your message, remember you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’. Otherwise only the hosts see it.
19:05:47 From Karen : hello Fiona ! from one Lancy Lass to another x
19:06:05 From Fran Evett-Towner : Hello everyone from Scotland , Blessed Be xxx
19:06:06 From Karon : Good evening from Essex - hi and love to you both and everyone here X
19:06:31 From Fiona : hiya Karen😄
19:06:41 From Sandra D : full moon blessings and so much gratitude 💛💛💛
19:06:52 From Susan Perera-Gunawardena : Hi from Sue in Blewbury. Much love and blessings to all
19:07:05 From Elly Dolan : Hi Molly D xxx Mamma D xx
19:07:05 From David Hignett : it's scotch in Barnsley!
19:07:11 From Joan : Hello from Cheshire
19:07:12 From Samsung SM-P613 : Hello everyone from Annie in Lincolnshire x
19:07:25 From Nadia To All Panelists : Good Evening from High Peak 🌕
19:07:32 From Jane B To All Panelists : Hello everyone Jane from Leeds
19:07:34 From Bella : Hello from Eastbourne
19:08:00 From Gin To All Panelists : Hello from Plymouth
19:08:08 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Hi it's Karen from Croydon, South London- Good evening all! xx
19:08:31 From Rosemarie : Hello all from Saffron Walden in Essex
19:08:35 From Jan : hello from West Cornwall
19:08:40 From Annie (Norfolk) : Hi to you all! Apologies for being a bit late, I hadn't registered. All sorted now. Looking forward to this evening.
19:08:44 From ann59 : Hi From Manchester
19:08:50 From Fiona : yeah Blue😸😽
19:09:10 From Shivani Maria : Heartfelt deepening Full Moon in Pisces blessings to everyone x
19:09:10 From Emma Taylor : Hi everyone, from Northwich
19:09:21 From Norma Corp : love blue
19:09:30 From Wendy Bradnam : Annie in Norfolk are you near North Walsham?
19:09:31 From Jan : Evening everyone from Dorset
19:09:40 From Shivani Maria : Love from Shivani Maria, Forest Row, East Sussex
19:09:46 From Helen Towers : Bramble Towers is currently busy demonstrating the topic of downtime ❤️
19:09:57 From Judy Wayman : Hi from Norwich
19:10:09 From Rhia Swankie : Hi all from Rhia in Hebden Bridge
19:10:18 From Jan : my cat has slept out the front of next door's garden gravel all day...🙄🤣 Ibe sea swum on a rather cold August day here..glad I didthon Piscean blue super full moon.
19:10:19 From Wendy Bradnam : Hi Judy fellow Norfolk lass
19:10:27 From kathycar : Hi everyone from Petersfield, Hampshire lovely clear evening for the supermoon
19:10:31 From rick To All Panelists : Hi All. Rick at Ludlow
19:10:34 From Tina To Gin and All Panelists : Hello Gin, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
19:10:36 From Judy Wayman : Hi Wendy
19:10:37 From Shivani Maria : Love the Mystery School !
19:10:39 From sue parlby : Hello from Sue in Cambridge - delighted to be here!
19:10:44 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : So grateful to be in the Mystery School. Xxx
19:10:49 From Vik : Hi everyone from a sunny Suffolk
19:11:11 From Tina Burton : Hi 💚🌳🍀🌷⚘️🪻🥀🌹🐌🐞🪲🕸🪳🕷🦆🐸🐕🐶🌻🌼🦋🐝🦎🐢🐸🕊🐦🍃🍂🍁🌿🌲💚💚💚
19:11:14 From Alison Gaffney : Look forward to the Medicine Walk🙏🩵💚
19:11:26 From Annkat : will have to watch replay am having trouble hearing you both, turned phone off on and got ear phones, still struggling.
19:11:37 From Karen : very excited about the medicine walk !!
19:11:38 From Jo Gill : Mystery school is fantastic
19:11:40 From Gin To All Panelists : Thanks
19:12:19 From Heidi Cooper : I love being part of The Mystery School and I am so grateful for it, I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of joining 💚🌳
19:12:39 From Kim Hudson : hi Alison gaffney ☺️
19:12:46 From Shivani Maria : Totally agree @Heidi
19:12:54 From Susan Beedell : Love the mystery school looking forward to new things would definitely recommend it🙏
19:13:04 From Lorna Barbey To All Panelists : Hi Ali ♥️😘
19:13:22 From AnnyTurner : Mystery School - Its well worth every penny. I wouldn't want to be without it. It's life changing. A wonderful tribe.
19:13:30 From Annkat : before I go have being a member for a few year now in the mystery school, feel very at home here and would recommend it. xx bfn
19:13:32 From Sandy Holt : Oooh I do medicine walks weekly (Sandy style) can’t wait to learn more!!! Exciting stuff..❤️🦋
19:13:40 From Tina To Annkat and All Panelists : Sorry you're having problems Annkat, I think it's your end as no one else is having issues.
19:13:41 From Yoga with Siobhan : Thanks for the recommendations everyone, I'm considering joining!
19:14:02 From Annkat : ok Tina thanks xxxxx
19:14:42 From Rob Pearson : love Jason's films
19:14:43 From Debs Laycock To All Panelists : Mystery School sounds very interesting! 🌈🐝🦋
19:14:51 From Kate Sibley : Love your beautiful films Jason
19:14:57 From Susan Beedell : We all love your films ❤️
19:15:02 From Jane Donaldson-Allen : Jane Allen hi everyone, hello Anny Turner!
19:15:07 From Annkat : sorted
19:15:22 From Tina To Annkat and All Panelists : Good news :)
19:15:27 From Leigh : Mystery school really good. At the start of mine and can go over lessons anytime. Work at it in your own time. Recommend for sure.
19:15:29 From Ali D : Don't sit on the fence! It's a wonderful community! ❤️
19:15:39 From AnnyTurner : ooooh Lovely Jane Helloooo 🥰
19:16:06 From Jayne Missoni : Love that idea of all being on the same page for a little while 🙂
19:16:12 From Gemma Bevan : It's a great community with so much support and sharing of knowledge and practices . Would recommend the mystery school :)
19:16:20 From Fiona : love to rejoin again 💚 such lovely hosts and members
19:16:28 From Karon : Hello Blue X
19:16:29 From Carolyn : The Mystery School is wonderful if anyone is hesitating, come and join, its a wonderful place for personal development
19:16:29 From Jill Robinson : Good evening from Jill in Lancaster. Sorry for late attendance.
19:16:41 From Jan : i missed the date the Mystery School entry closes - could you please repeat.
19:16:50 From Karen : The Mystery School and these circles are my downtime x so grateful to be part of it x
19:16:53 From Tina To Maggie Hands and All Panelists : Hello Maggie , If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’
19:17:22 From Sue Whitehead : I love the Mystery School and Jason's films.
19:17:31 From Jan : thank you 🙏
19:17:42 From lynne To All Panelists : Yes, feel very much part of a loving tribe with the mystery school… it goes deeper as time passes ♥️
19:17:42 From Carol Cupitt Parks : Another advantage to the mystery school is that you get to see Blue!
19:17:43 From Liz Wright : Good evening from County Durham. A beautiful clear sky tonight!
19:18:06 From Barbara To All Panelists : Applause !
19:18:10 From Alison Redgrove : wow. what a gathering !!
19:18:18 From Maggie Hands : Discovering Jason & Nicola and the Mystery School has truly changed my life!
19:18:18 From Judy Wayman To All Panelists : You’re breaking up a lot…
19:18:21 From Karen : such marvellous energy from 400 people !
19:18:44 From Tina To All Panelists : All good here
19:18:55 From Jane To All Panelists : Breaking up a bit here too
19:18:57 From Alison Redgrove : loud and clear in South Wales
19:18:58 From Julie Moore : Excellent from Cleveleys x
19:19:02 From Ann HOS Essex UK : I love your sessions and have just signed up for the Mystery School thank you
19:19:05 From Helen Courtney : All good here in terms of sound and connection
19:19:16 From Samsung SM-T500 : You both seem very confident in your deliveries of these circles. 🙂💚💫
19:19:18 From June To All Panelists : Good in Scotland xx
19:19:19 From Judy Wayman To All Panelists : Okay thanks
19:19:19 From kathycar : The sound is a bit erratic, but ok at the mo
19:19:34 From Miranda Jane Dunn : I changed my Device.
19:19:51 From Mark Reynolds : I keep losing connection it's the first time, so I don't know why.
19:20:01 From Sharon : Yes, very blurred here so will look forward to replay too.
19:20:06 From Pam Butterfield : the beauty of the mystery school for me is that I can't always even connect live, but I can always find the replay. so I never miss out.
19:20:28 From ann59 : I lost conection for a while but ok now.
19:20:29 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : On I pad zoom. All good xx
19:20:57 From Mark To All Panelists : Try logging off and logging back in again
19:21:43 From Kate Sibley : Glad it’s not just me who has creaky joints😩
19:23:39 From pshlycett : I share a mandala on the 4 elements I painted if you can see it
19:30:33 From Nikki : wow I can feel the crowd if beings, very powerful
19:30:40 From Sarah To All Panelists : ❤️
19:30:43 From Annkat : awww
19:30:44 From Ali D : Let's just watch Blue!
19:30:45 From Karon : Bless him !
19:30:48 From Gemma Bevan : Good evening Blue :)
19:30:52 From Katrin : Brilliant!
19:30:53 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : Hi Blue xxx
19:30:59 From Louise O'Connell : Awh beautiful blue!
19:30:59 From Lesley : Glorioussssss!xxx
19:31:02 From Rosslynne : Hello Blue
19:31:02 From Kate Sibley : Bless that beautiful Blue boy xxx
19:31:03 From Graham To All Panelists : Hello Blue xx
19:31:03 From Sarah To All Panelists : ❤️ Blue xx
19:31:04 From lisa bauche : Louis and Nathan say hi to Blue
19:31:04 From Sue Whitehead : So cute!
19:31:06 From Wendy : Beautiful Blue! xx
19:31:07 From Carolyn : ☺️
19:31:16 From Carolyn : hi Blue
19:31:18 From jaCKy fridlington To All Panelists : Magical x
19:31:21 From Susan Beedell : Hi beautiful blue xx
19:31:23 From Norma Corp : so lovely to see blue he could have his own show
19:31:24 From Andrea : Hi to Blue xx
19:31:28 From Jo Gill : Awww he is beautiful
19:31:31 From Norma Corp : blue mystery show
19:31:32 From deborah : hi one and all honoured to be amongst you hail blue
19:31:33 From Julie Moore : Blue is the same colour as our dog - a blue staffie called Minnie - hi Blue x
19:31:37 From Ali D : As I've said before, The Way of the Blue-zzard!
19:31:58 From Norma Corp : Brilliant love way of the blue zzard
19:32:01 From Tina Burton : Hi lovely Blue 💙💙💙🩵🩵🩵💙💙💙
19:32:34 From deborah : whats the topic?
19:32:46 From Barbara To All Panelists : down time
19:32:47 From Nikki : I either overdo it or completely sloth out
19:33:14 From Tina To Barbara and All Panelists : Hello Barbara, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’
19:33:22 From Gillian : hi everyone x
19:33:46 From Barbara : Thanks Tina
19:34:21 From Julie Moore : That's so true
19:34:52 From Ilse : another book worth looking at is 'Sabbath as resistance' by Walter Brueggemann. He speaks out against the 24 hour, 7 day a week 'busy busy busy' way of life that so many of us feel pushed into.
19:35:24 From Alison Redgrove : 3
19:35:24 From fae : 3
19:35:25 From Alison Gaffney : 3
19:35:26 From Wendy : 3
19:35:26 From Julie Moore : 3
19:35:26 From Alison : 3
19:35:26 From Sue Whitehead : 3
19:35:27 From Katrin : 3
19:35:27 From Andrea : 3
19:35:28 From David : 3
19:35:28 From AnnyTurner : 3
19:35:28 From Rachel OReilly : 3
19:35:29 From Jan : 3
19:35:29 From Claire H : 3
19:35:29 From Lynn Senior-Eason : 3
19:35:30 From sue parlby : 3
19:35:30 From Helen Courtney : 3
19:35:30 From Sarah Carney : 3
19:35:31 From Nikki : 2
19:35:31 From Nicky Robinson : 3
19:35:32 From Rob Pearson : 3
19:35:32 From Sharon : 2
19:35:32 From Rosie : 3
19:35:32 From Caroline Mackay : 3
19:35:33 From MarthaMary : 3
19:35:33 From Eileen Balfour : 3+
19:35:33 From Annie (Norfolk) : 3
19:35:34 From Brandy Pearson : 3
19:35:34 From Rosslynne : 3
19:35:35 From Jennifer Goulden To All Panelists : 3
19:35:35 From Leigh : Definitely 3
19:35:36 From Andrea : 3
19:35:36 From Yoga with Siobhan : 6
19:35:36 From Nadia To All Panelists : 3
19:35:36 From Parge : Resonates for me... x
19:35:36 From Ilse : 2
19:35:36 From Kathryn @MandalaMeadow : 2
19:35:37 From hstel : 3
19:35:37 From Rachel Phoenix : 3
19:35:37 From Paul : 3
19:35:37 From Elly Dolan : 3
19:35:37 From Carolyn : 7
19:35:38 From Rosemarie : 3
19:35:38 From Rose To All Panelists : 3
19:35:38 From Carolyn : Yes most definitely 3!
19:35:39 From Jane Wigan : 3
19:35:39 From Kim Hudson : 3
19:35:39 From Louise O'Connell : 2
19:35:40 From Fay : 333333
19:35:40 From jordans To All Panelists : 3
19:35:40 From Anna : 3
19:35:41 From Liz Wright : 2
19:35:41 From Gill Dunkerley : 2
19:35:41 From Meggy : 3
19:35:42 From Fiona : 3
19:35:42 From Sarah Lowe : 3!
19:35:42 From Sue : 2
19:35:42 From claire : 5!
19:35:43 From Richard Fedorko : 3, absolutely!
19:35:43 From Sandrine : 2
19:35:43 From Rhia Swankie : 3
19:35:44 From Nataliex : 2
19:35:44 From Jennie : 3
19:35:44 From Emma Taylor : 2
19:35:45 From Samsung SM-P613 : 3
19:35:45 From Dorothy Robbie : 3
19:35:46 From Martina Mc Auley : 3 for me. It's a daily struggle to put relaxation time into my schedule.
19:35:46 From masterbrownee : 2
19:35:46 From Debs Laycock To All Panelists : 3
19:35:47 From Caroline To All Panelists : 3
19:35:48 From Jane Donaldson-Allen : 2
19:35:48 From Denise Fisher : 3
19:35:48 From Allison McGloan : 9
19:35:48 From petap : 3
19:35:48 From Louise To All Panelists : 3
19:35:48 From Paul Scrivens : 3
19:35:49 From Gill Wyatt To All Panelists : 2
19:35:49 From lisa bauche : 333 well said
19:35:50 From Susan Perera-Gunawardena : 3
19:35:50 From Maryline Leese : 2
19:35:51 From lesley gerrard : 2
19:35:52 From Maxine (she/her) : 2
19:35:53 From Diane Batt : 3
19:35:53 From Vivien Tinkler To All Panelists : 2
19:35:54 From Vivien : 2
19:35:54 From Jan : actually...4
19:35:55 From penelope rollinson : 3
19:35:55 From Samsung SM-P613 : 3
19:35:55 From Samsung SM-T500 : 3
19:35:56 From Nikki : 2
19:35:57 From Grant : 3
19:35:57 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : 6
19:35:58 From Colette : Oh yes have written to do lists supplemented by one in my own head! 3
19:35:58 From Anne To All Panelists : AW3
19:35:59 From Carolyn : I'm trying to set boundaries but other people don't always respect this
19:36:00 From Ken : 2
19:36:00 From Sara Llewellyn : 3
19:36:01 From Norma Corp : 5
19:36:01 From Dawn To All Panelists : 3
19:36:01 From Kirsty Richardson : 2 making lots of progress this year tho
19:36:02 From Kathy (She/her) : 5
19:36:02 From Pam Butterfield : 3
19:36:03 From Jeni Robinson : 3
19:36:03 From Alison Redgrove : brilliant Faye
19:36:04 From deborah : 13
19:36:07 From Sharon : was 3 but now 2 as retired!
19:36:07 From Gemma Bevan : 5
19:36:07 From Sandy Holt : 3 Yes totally and I get tutted at for playing!
19:36:08 From Jo Gill : 7
19:36:09 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : 3 !! My time is continuously eroded. Whatever I do for love and interest, it ends up in other unwanted activities (Elearning at home, mandatory) that are attached.
19:36:10 From Beverly : 2
19:36:11 From Leigh : 3
19:36:11 From Jane To All Panelists : I’m lucky, I left the rat race and put myself first so I have time :-)
19:36:12 From Justyna To All Panelists : 2
19:36:13 From Anne Massicks : 2
19:36:13 From kathycar : 3
19:36:13 From Parge : definitely a 3...
19:36:21 From Di : 3
19:36:23 From Carol : I get asked what do you do all day
19:36:30 From Guest Guest : 2
19:36:36 From Ruth : 3
19:36:37 From Tina To Jane and All Panelists : Hello Jane, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’
19:36:43 From kathycar : 3
19:36:46 From Ali D : Yes, resonates for me! I'm re-finding joy in play right now after getting burn out!
19:36:48 From Lorna Hutchinson : 3 problems finding time xx😢
19:36:51 From AnnyTurner : I'm a small team of ….1
19:36:52 From Carol Cupitt Parks : Honestly, I have loads of time. What I need is inspiration/ motivation.
19:36:52 From Shivani Maria : 3! Im in a cyclical revisiting the ability & need to give myself permission to dream & envision my life path, its real depth , my soul purpose
19:37:02 From OPPO CPH2271 : Hi to everyone. Especially to mum, Rosie Manton. Good luck with your journey to Stockholm. God bless you all, with love . Katie xx
19:37:17 From lisa bauche : I get so busy I barely have time to eat or go to the bathroom. Setting boundaries after health problems. Feel very guilty taking time to recharge and rest
19:37:24 From Norma Corp : I just put my notice in to retire so I can slow down spend more time in nature and care fir my mum with boundaries
19:37:51 From Colette To All Panelists : We have this at work all the time (NHS) cuts and more work
19:38:06 From Jacinta Phillips : my therapist is worth every penny. I can highly recommend a therapist.
19:38:19 From Norma Corp : I been working on setting boundaries work and my mum I didn't used to have boundaries trying to pkease everyone
19:38:34 From ann59 : I have plenty of down time being retired but struggle to fill it.
19:38:50 From Richard Fedorko : We had a super Blue ‘moon’ before he settled, there!
19:38:51 From Emily To All Panelists : I can hear blues purrrr beautiful boy 🐱
19:38:52 From Tina To Colette and All Panelists : Hello Collete , If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’
19:39:06 From Yoga with Siobhan : Stolen focus is such a good book! His other is incredible too
19:39:23 From Samsung SM-P613 : can you say the book again please
19:39:30 From Julie : I've had to resist the guilt and guilt-tripping to claim this bit of time. Full time parent with tired husband.
19:39:41 From AnnyTurner : Stolen Focus -Johann Hari
19:39:58 From Eliza : it also weakens our core - sitting all day stops you breathing properly - so many low vibrations
19:40:14 From Samsung SM-P613 : thanks
19:40:50 From Emily To All Panelists : My spirit animal is a badger 🦡
19:41:08 From Deborah Wale : cats are masters of downtime!
19:41:23 From valerieishii To All Panelists : Hedgehog!
19:41:29 From Norma Corp : true
19:41:43 From Jan : Blue purring is beautifully perfect re relaxation and time out
19:42:04 From Parge : My first and main spirit animal is a snail. 🐌
19:42:08 From Tina To valerieishii and All Panelists : Hello Valerie, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’
19:42:29 From Tina To Emily and All Panelists : Hello Emily, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’
19:42:48 From deborah : sorry got kicked connection lost bk tho what did I miss
19:42:49 From Nikki : ooh yay!! I'd definitely be interested in that
19:42:54 From Norma Corp : love listening to blues purr so relaxing great timing for lovely animal card deck.can I get it if I'm not in mystery school I'd love thar
19:42:55 From Sue Whitehead : Oh got to get the card deck!
19:42:57 From Martina Mc Auley : That would be GREAT!
19:43:02 From Alison Redgrove : we rescued a hedgehog yesterday. its in the Vets hospital as I type
19:43:05 From lesley gerrard : That's my 'to me, from me' sorted.
19:43:09 From Susan Beedell : Oh amazing can’t wait for those
19:43:14 From valerieishii : Thanks Tina! I had an encounter with a hedgehog this week, so Im so happy to see him.
19:43:15 From Sandy Holt : Oooh goody - I haven’t found a good spirit animal card deck that resonates yet…xx
19:43:44 From Wendy Bradnam : please can you turn off chat so it doesn't interrupt the screen?
19:43:46 From Kate Sibley : Yes we need a CD of Blue definitely 👍
19:44:05 From Norma Corp : I'd love a cd of blue
19:44:20 From Allison McGloan : Will Blue be in the card deck
19:44:30 From Julie Moore : Hedgehog - even before you showed the slide, we have two that feed in our garden EVERY night, I make sure they have food and water so very connected already x
19:44:31 From Alison Redgrove : msgnesium oil spray will relieve those muscles Nicola
19:44:59 From Rhia Swankie : Well done climbing Ingleborough! Beautiful countryside!
19:44:59 From Jacinta Phillips : I have hedgehogs most nights in my garden, they are so lovely to feed and watch
19:45:11 From Sue Whitehead : We have 5 hedgehogs visit our garden each night. I feed them
19:45:30 From Sandrine : Love hedgehogs, we have at least 2 that come in our garden, grateful for this and to be able to watch them on camera.
19:45:43 From Gemma Bevan : Alison Redgrove I did the same too taking a hedgehog into the rescue near me. I am in an indoor hedgehog fosterer too :)
19:45:56 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : I think hedgehog would work really well with blackthorn for defence. The unwanted attacker gets pranged but hedgehog and blackthorn have not actively done anything to harm anyone except just be. Passive defence.
19:46:10 From Alison Redgrove : wow Gemma...well done
19:46:20 From Julie Moore : They are amazing creatures
19:46:20 From Mark Reynolds : going to have to go. I keep losing connection and sound sorry. I'll catch up on the replay .
19:46:42 From Sharon : Didn't know hedgehogs could climb!
19:46:48 From hstel : I definitely need to
19:46:56 From Heidi Cooper : I help run a local hedgehog rescue so I must admit, they’re my favourites ☺️ 🦔
19:47:14 From Emily : Love being here in this sacred space with you all 🙏🏻🌕🤍
19:47:34 From Martina Mc Auley : It's much like the Alder tree, it's main message, I feel, is defense and setting boundaries and protecting your own power by doing that.
19:47:59 From Gemma Bevan : Thanks Alison. Loving the hedgehog love on here :)
19:48:30 From Patricia Shotton : 3Hello I'm new and I have finally arrived
19:48:48 From Alison Redgrove : ive just said no to an invitation to teach a therapy I work in. a real challenge as a people pleaser but I sat down and reflected using this full moon rising and wasnt serving me well.
19:48:55 From Julie Moore : Exactly - very appropriate and relevant to exactly how I am with my family
19:48:56 From Ann HOS Essex UK : Always loved hedgehogs Mrs Tiggywinkle who used to do the ironing who remembers her
19:49:44 From Patricia Shotton : Me is Trish Shotton
19:50:04 From Rhia Swankie : Developing healthy boundaries is very challenging. Iv'e done some work on this but need lots more
19:50:42 From Liz marmont : how do I turn comments off? distraction
19:50:46 From Nikki : Well done. it is essential to take care of yourself also
19:51:18 From Ann HOS Essex UK : enter full screen you wont see the comments
19:51:34 From Susie Fox : Habits and routines are part of our fundamental survival programming. Changing our habits and routines therefore is hard. Hence, when we retire, it can be a hard transition. We love the concept that our time is ours. But habit demands we have a full working day/night/routine. So it is too easy to fill up our time with “jobs” because our survival habit drives us to keep the habit/routine. Treat ourselves gently, and take time and a deep breath before committing to job replacements.
19:51:55 From Lynn Alexander : the screen doesn't want to enlarge!
19:51:56 From Carolyn : I’m getting better but so much more work to do
19:51:56 From Kate Sibley : Well said Jason. It’s such a difficult time and if you can’t indulge your creative side it makes you very unwell.
19:52:07 From Lynn Alexander : chat is distracting
19:52:08 From Mark Reynolds : it's all OK now.
19:52:12 From Ali D : Even if people did judge you for it, it's nothing to do with them really.
19:52:16 From Sharon : Liz M just click on chat
19:52:23 From Anna : yes you did right Jason
19:52:25 From Jacinta Phillips : Thank you Jason for your honesty, setting boundaries with family is so difficult. I v done it recently with my sisters.
19:52:26 From Ann HOS Essex UK : top right hand corner should enlarge screen
19:52:49 From Tina To Liz marmont and All Panelists : Hi Liz, there's a little arrow at the top of the chat column on the left, click on it and you'll see close. Click on that to remove chat.
19:52:58 From Louise O'Connell : if you click on the arrow next to chat and uncheck 'show chat previews' that will stop the messages popping up.
19:54:29 From Brie : So much to do with saying no…Thank you for tonight.
19:54:33 From james milne : saying no more often is uplifting
19:54:33 From Alison Gaffney : I have to say no to myself too
19:54:34 From Ali D : 'The Power of No', Nicola, Eckhart's next book. 😁
19:54:38 From Jayne Missoni : Switch off chat - Click left where it says webinar chat on the left of it where the little arrow is and you can switch off comments there. Just click close
19:54:43 From Sally-Shakti ✨Visionary Writing Guide✨ @writingthriving : I’m so grateful to you both for your honesty and vulnerability. It’s such a gift to share these moments with you. Thank you 🙏🏾
19:54:43 From Julie Moore : Guilt feelings creep in and take over saying "no" - I know I have to do it and am working hard to do that right now
19:54:44 From Karon : Thank you for sharing your experiences - its really helpful for us x
19:54:44 From Martina Mc Auley : Learning to say no to yourself, is just as important.
19:54:49 From Jo Gill : I have a very demanding parent who is very needy its so difficult and I feel at breaking point at times
19:54:51 From fae : Ive had to have this conversation again today
19:54:58 From Kate Sibley : Well done Nicola
19:55:05 From Pam Butterfield : cultural conditioning keeps us saying yes
19:55:12 From Norma Corp : people can be manipulative I'm always working over my time work on guilt trip .I have to say no to myself too .could do with some tips on this .I thaught sloth
19:55:19 From Anna : I keep being told "work more, it's good for you.." I know it is not
19:55:44 From Susie Fox : When family make demands, children or parents, it is so difficult to do the balancing act. Elderly parents take the place of children.
19:55:47 From Anne To All Panelists : totally understand Jason I have been there!! Had to listen to others !
Now able to have valuable me time Well done you xxx
19:55:55 From hstel : I'm about to go through it with my sister who's about to start Chemo and I live 1 hr 40mins away also her busy daughters really want us to be her main carers. Very hard to say no!
19:56:42 From Sarah To All Panelists : I feel I need to learn from snail. I am sometimes in a hurry to reach goals, or take on learning. Slowing the pace would be something new and to trust this is still progression.
19:57:20 From Tina To Sarah and All Panelists : Hello Sarah, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’
19:57:24 From Carolyn : My spirit animal is Tortoise, I have slowed down a lot with the help of Tortoise but Tortoise can run fast if necessary!
19:57:36 From Alison Gaffney : I like the way you make procrastination sound positive, Jason
19:57:36 From Dorothy Robbie : Tenacity and strength I found in snail recently when I tried to lift it off inside of watering can. I couldn’t pull it off - the strength amazing- I gave up in the end
19:58:29 From Andrea : I have been feeling very drawn to snails recently. finding myself noticing them more, stopping to watch them and appreciating how fascinating they are. They really make me smile
19:58:50 From Ali D : We live in a time of crises. Things can feel urgent when they're actually not. (Any my mum is the same, Jason.)
19:58:57 From valerieishii : Sounds so familiar!
19:59:11 From Kate Sibley : Gosh I can identify with this - my mum is the same
19:59:18 From Sarah : I feel I need to learn from snail. I am sometimes in a hurry to reach goals, or take on learning. Slowing the pace would be something new and to trust is still progression.

Thank you 🙏
19:59:21 From Lynn Senior-Eason : resonates
19:59:40 From Paul Scrivens : your trip inspired me … that was worth it alone!
19:59:41 From deborah : aww blue feels your trigger Nicola bless u both.
20:00:02 From Steven Wm : While tolerance is important sometimes I just can't listen to people.
20:00:09 From AnnyTurner : My Mom is 88 and still reprimande herself for resting and sitting down. Of cours I have been brought up like that too!
20:00:14 From paula Charnley : I like the phrase 'just the right amount of effort' no need to overdo it or be perfect
20:00:20 From Susie Fox : Our mums and dads, many of them, lived through world war 2, and money, survival, work, living with lack, would be all they knew. The concept of leisure was not there. We must understand where they are coming from, but realise that this was a phase in history, and does not have to be the norm.
20:00:22 From Rosie : Fabulous! The very best thing you could do!
20:00:30 From fae : Your pictures and Earthlight films bring us lots of enjoyment Jason.
20:00:45 From AnnyTurner : Yes Susie that's true
20:00:45 From Nikki : I have her ogham set, I bought it from you guys! I love it
20:01:03 From Deborah Wale : The wheel of the year is sometimes taught as a year of goals - a year long to-do list. I used to find the wheel of the year a year of making and achieving goals. To inject some downtime into the wheel made a real difference.
20:01:04 From Julie Moore : I think all elderly parents have the same views - mine certainly did.
20:01:42 From Sarah To All Panelists : 💕
20:02:23 From Rosie : We’re here to create. It’s how we fulfil our purpose and we then flourish and find we are in alignment!
20:02:24 From Shivani Maria : It feels like Survival & duty & not much more…..and also feels like a conditioned ‘trap’, one that stops up from exploring our depths by slowing, feeling the wisdom of nature, the power of stillness……waking us up
20:02:36 From Pam Butterfield : love glennie kindred work and books
20:02:44 From Susie Fox : The Wheel of the Year can teach us to take time out, and celebrate the passing of a phase, or the starting of the new phase. But just for now, today, to take time out and give gratitude, celebrate, and ask for our needs to be met.
20:02:48 From jordans : bule
20:03:14 From Jane Wigan : I am so much better at boundaries and saying no, but it feels like there's always more work to do on this!
20:03:14 From Alison Redgrove : yes I agree Glennies' books are brilliant
20:03:30 From Louise O'Connell : Snail definitely resonates with me, learning to slow down on creative projects and just enjoy the journey.
20:03:37 From Rosie : 🤣
20:03:59 From Sarah To All Panelists : Could you tell me Glennie’s full name please?
20:04:34 From Mark Reynolds : yes, I need to slow down but I can never seem to 😆.
20:04:48 From Sarah : Could you tell me Glennie’s full name please?
20:04:50 From Tina To Sarah and All Panelists : It's Glennie Kindred
20:04:58 From Sarah : Thank you.
20:05:07 From Susie Fox : Glennie Kindred
20:05:07 From Alison Redgrove : Glennie Kindred
20:05:08 From Shivani Maria : kindred
20:05:11 From Ruth (she/her) : I noticed a baby snail on our garden table this morning whilst I was writing my journal. It went from one side to the other in half and hour. It was good to notice
20:06:10 From Anna : 80 years wOw !
20:06:23 From Julie Moore : I know a lot of sea anemone people!
20:07:23 From Alison Redgrove : ooh wow even the word Idle ...resonates with me. Like you Nicola ...absolutely not allowed to be idle in my life
20:07:40 From Gemma Bevan : Love this podcast series. Looks at lots of different topics and regarding time in the long term view.
20:07:44 From ann59 : I'm very good at idling!
20:07:53 From Alison Redgrove : Amazing book Nicola
20:07:58 From Sue Whitehead : It's a brilliant book!
20:07:58 From Barbara : Really recommend Nicola's book.
20:08:14 From Lynn Senior-Eason : like daydreaming - creates ideas, being creative, seeing a different perspective
20:08:22 From Martina Mc Auley : Yes, because you're making the space for inspiration.
20:08:37 From Karen : I'm off out to idle under the Full Moon shortly !
20:09:02 From Susan Beedell : Would definitely recommend reading Nicola’s book
20:09:30 From Rachel OReilly : I plan on some premium idling time at a sound bath tomorrow 😄
20:09:30 From Alison Gaffney : Love this ideas of idling - I do this a lot but often give myself a hard time!
20:09:31 From Martina Mc Auley : What's the name of Nicola's book again please?
20:10:04 From Tina : You can find out more about Nicola's book here:
20:10:09 From Mark Reynolds : remember to make moon water.
20:10:40 From Tina : Martina, it's Path to Forgotten Freedom
20:10:42 From Annkat : fantastic book ❤️ waiting for the second one xx
20:10:47 From Sarah To All Panelists : 💕 thnx mark
20:10:49 From Samsung SM-T500 : I used to do lots of housework for my mum when I was 12 and beyond. One day in the 6 weeks holiday, I sat and read a book from start to end. My mum moaned at me saying, "You've done nothing all day!" Never forgotten that.
20:10:56 From Martina Mc Auley : Thank you Tina for the link.
20:11:09 From Susie Fox : No good making oneself idle if we are bored and unhappy with that time. But what we do need to structure for ourselves is time where we do something we are completely interested in. BUT when we empty ourselves of DOING, this is when the new concepts, ideas, teachings come in. We give space in our brains to allow new info in. Or allow our unconscious to speak to our conscious. Or allow spiritual beings to speak to us. I find a meandering walk in a wood gives lovely time for myself that is interesting, where I can empty out my frantic brain, and allow my unconscious and spiritual beings to pop new things into my consciousness.
20:11:19 From Julie Moore : Guilty doing nothing - really need to work on that
20:11:22 From Ruth : I find I need to go to Glastonbury for a day every now and then as I always relax and the energy there helps me to not feel guilty about it!
20:11:24 From Jacinta Phillips : I love doing nothing, my daughters say I do it really well😆 i may look idol by sitting with my teapot of tea and not moving but there is much movement and thought going on within
20:11:25 From Nikki : I am able to do down time but it is finding balance for me
20:11:33 From Andrea : I have so much guilt associated with doing nothing
20:11:46 From Tina To Sarah and All Panelists : Hello Sarah, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
20:11:56 From AnnyTurner : Oh to have a day with nothing to do. I'm the only person who does my job
20:11:57 From Carolyn : I can idle no problem. I need the motivation sometimes..🙁
20:12:08 From Carolyn : love doing nothing haha
20:12:14 From Jayne Missoni : Nice one Jacinta 🙂
20:12:18 From Leigh : Feel guilty taking time out just for me
20:12:37 From Sarah : Thank you 😀
20:13:01 From Mark Reynolds : I love the time I got to myself
20:13:11 From Ilse : we were raised with my parents saying if you haven't got anything to do, I'll find you something to do!
20:13:16 From Karon : Blame the snail - (not) ha ha ha
20:13:21 From Ali D : Sometimes even the spiritual 'work' can become work; that feeling that you need to be developing and growing rather than just being.
20:13:24 From Paul : Hedgehog for me
20:14:00 From Emily Parkinson : Everyone else has a problem with me doing nothing...but actually i'm thinking, finding inspiration and working towards action
20:14:00 From Sharon : Samsung SM ….. Understand. 🥰
20:14:19 From Susannah : Aspects of all three required
20:14:26 From Sam To All Panelists : A family of hedgehogs with a snail on top
20:14:29 From Bob N To All Panelists : Stop Look What’s that sound nothing else is going down Bob N Leeds
20:14:30 From Karon : I look forward to taking a leaf from your book Nicola - wise idealising
20:14:43 From Tina To Sam and All Panelists : Hello Sam, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
20:15:42 From hstel : hedgehog
20:15:47 From Alison Redgrove : anenome
20:16:00 From Lynn Senior-Eason : hedgehog
20:16:01 From Sharon : Hedgehog
20:16:02 From Jennifer Goulden To All Panelists : Hedgehog
20:16:05 From Nicky Robinson : Hedgehog
20:16:09 From Karen Davies : snail
20:16:12 From Sarah : Hedgehog and snail
20:16:13 From Andrea : Hedgehog
20:16:15 From fae : I can take something from all of them
20:16:16 From Jenni McDonnell MBE : Hedgehog
20:16:22 From Sarah To All Panelists : Snail 🐌 mostly
20:16:23 From Jennie : sea anamone
20:16:24 From Ruth (she/her) : snail
20:16:24 From Dorothy Robbie : Sea Anemone
20:16:27 From Sally-Shakti ✨Visionary Writing Guide✨ @writingthriving : Sea Anemone
20:16:28 From Julie Moore : I think a bit of all 3 is needed - but hedgehog is the main for me
20:16:33 From Sarah : Snail 🐌 mostly
20:16:34 From Ali D : Sea anemone. It looks like me, idling!
20:16:35 From Nikki : all 3, but I need to stop and just let things come to me mire
20:16:45 From Karon : SNAIL - all the way today !! for me, thank you Jason
20:16:45 From Nikki : like sea anenome
20:16:54 From Fay : Hedgehog in the week, anemone on the weekend!
20:17:03 From lisa bauche : Snail.... and to slow things down to a snails pace and without the guilt or thoughts of self loathing
20:17:04 From Helen Courtney : Sea anemone important for me right now, so I can connect to what brings me joy
20:17:11 From Jacinta Phillips : hedgehog I think, i need to shield myself on my next phase of this Spiritual/healing path
20:17:17 From Martina Mc Auley : Hedgehog
20:17:18 From Bob N To All Panelists : The key is to utilise each of them to regain spiritual balance
20:17:23 From Beverly : snail
20:17:27 From Alison Redgrove : interesting in order to be idle one has to learn to say no.
20:17:28 From masterbrownee To All Panelists : been all three
20:17:29 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Snail
20:17:36 From Jo Simpson : hedgehog
20:17:44 From Sue Raddon : I'm a snail
20:17:47 From Gemma Bevan : I feel quite balanced in my homelife but staying boundaried at work has been a big struggle especially recently. So hedgehog for me this evening.
20:17:53 From Susan Beedell : Snail
20:17:55 From Leigh : Hedgehog at the moment, aiming for sea anemone :)
20:17:58 From Rob Pearson : I experience joy in idling! when I let myself just be - so it is anemone
20:18:02 From Sandrine : I need to start by shielding myself more, so hedgehog at the moment.
20:18:04 From Pauline Ormerod : Snail stage
20:18:05 From Shelley : I saw 4 young hedgehogs last week, all within the space of 30 minutes! they were magical! must've been kicking out day? it was very surreal! and I'm currently working massively on my boundaries with my own family.
20:18:06 From ann59 : anemone
20:18:06 From Emily Parkinson : I feel like it's a cycle - currently in snail phase but moving into anemome
20:18:10 From Sandy Holt : I already behave like snail and sea anemone already so resonate with them but perhaps should work with hedgehog as I don’t set boundaries I’m bit confused 😄
20:18:22 From Andrea : Sea anemone. I need to explore where my guilt around idling comes from and change my viewpoint
20:18:22 From Miranda Jane Dunn : Hedgehog for me
20:18:26 From Nataliex : Hedgehog. I need to set boundaries to shield myself from unhelpful distractions.
20:18:29 From Sally-Shakti ✨Visionary Writing Guide✨ @writingthriving : I feel like I’ve made great progress through Hedgehog and Snail, and now I’m excited to become / work with Sea Anemone 🤗
20:18:40 From Sue To All Panelists : I’ve reached the idling phase happily as I am now retired and have the time to play. It’s wonderful to be a Crone ☺️
20:18:46 From Susie Fox : Snail for me. I need to understand everything does not need to be done THIS WEEK!
20:18:57 From Mark Reynolds : snail 🐌 for me.
20:18:59 From Shivani Maria : Snail
20:19:01 From Elly Dolan : can I be a snailhog?
20:19:07 From Katrin : Snail I find doing nothing a problem
20:19:10 From Alison Gaffney : Sometimes I’m able to surrender and be a human being not just a human doing
20:19:14 From Carol Cupitt Parks : I don’t really resonate with any of these.
20:19:14 From laura To All Panelists : Sea anemone . I just wrote them all on a piece of paper and pulled that one (like you sometimes recommend)
20:19:20 From Caroline To All Panelists : Snail
20:19:21 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : I think I am at Hedgehog and sometimes Snail xxx
20:19:27 From Susie Fox : I like that Alison
20:19:32 From Vivien : sea anemone
20:19:32 From Pam Butterfield : snail here, not at anemone yet...
20:19:33 From james milne : I am all three, continuously
20:19:36 From kathycar : I’m a hedgehog, was a snail until I moved!
20:19:41 From jaCKy fridlington : Sea Anenome
20:19:44 From jordans : snalehog
20:19:47 From Shivani Maria : Just keep moving towards my goals however slow /long it takes
20:20:29 From Patricia Shotton : From Trish Shotton
20:20:45 From Sandy Holt : Ahh hadn’t thought about the feeling guilty for being like them , hmmmm and irritated if spending time with people who aren’t able to slow down and experience. Fascinating. xx
20:20:49 From Juliette : yes pls for link
20:20:50 From Julie : getting no bookings made some time for you
20:21:33 From Tina : Link to free courses
20:21:38 From Mark Reynolds : Life isn't meant to be rushed.
20:22:04 From Patricia Shotton : From Trish Snail
20:23:21 From Alison Redgrove : im going to have to say " no, thankyou for now.
20:23:53 From Alison Redgrove : lovely evening but need to sleep
20:25:03 From Mother of Loki To All Panelists : Are you going to cast the circle?
20:25:31 From Mark To All Panelists : Thank you for your time; however, need to see the blue moon from the coast! Otherwise, the next one is in 2037 take care.
20:25:34 From Tina : This is a link to the healing drum course
20:25:45 From Karen : thank you Jason and Nicola ! will catch up with the journey on the replay as I'm off out now. Have a lovely evening everyone x
20:26:00 From Pam Butterfield : since joining the school I have done much work with hedgehog setting boundaries, interesting that I now feel I might be more snail. lookout anemone..I'm on my way
20:36:05 From Tina To All Panelists : can see you
20:39:00 From Anna : the drum sound is good, thankyou
20:39:27 From Caroline : Must go, buy yhankyou
20:43:10 From Julie Moore : That was amazing but I'm being pulled away by a hone call - typical - I really need to set up my hedgehog boundaries! Thank you so much and look forward to following more of your advice. Blessed be and hope you all sleep well and see the Blue Moon tonight xx
20:48:24 From Bob N To All Panelists : Blessed Be and thank you wonderful experience as always sadly I need to leave now May The Goddess watch over you both and surround you with blessings
20:49:20 From hstel : Thanks for tonight, I need to leave, see you again soon 💜🙏💜
20:49:54 From Lorna Hutchinson : Sorry I need to leave now - many thanks for fabulous evening- I will watch replay to see what I missed- bye everyone xx❤️🐝🐾🦔🐈🎶🐈‍⬛🦊🐻🌺
20:52:18 From lisa bauche : What a lovely experience. I lived in the UK in your county as a kid for a couple years in the 70s. Live in Canada now. Very wonderful
20:52:31 From lisa bauche : Thank you so much
20:52:35 From Jacinta Phillips : Thank you Jason for drumming
20:52:55 From Brie : The live drumming was 🤩🙏🏼❤️
20:52:59 From Sam Stiles To All Panelists : Thank you
20:53:13 From Jo Gill : Loved the drumming Jason thankyou so much
20:53:15 From Sarah : Thank you so much
20:53:25 From Liz Wright : I echo that - thanks to Jason for picking up the need for a live drummer.
20:53:26 From Meggy : Thank you for that Drumming I found it much more interesting. The drum spoke to me.
20:53:27 From Pam Butterfield : thank you for drumming Jason
20:53:33 From lisa bauche : I got message about boundaries and being ok with asking time for things to really do a proper job, develop lovely relationships, do great service to help humanity. Its all about vibration
20:53:33 From Norma Corp : loved tge live drumming mercury retrograde
20:53:41 From Miranda Jane Dunn : Jason's Drumming worked well.
20:53:42 From Grant : blue moon energy is amazing. there hasn't been a owl in the local area for over a year. but tonight, as I dropped into the journey and a owl started to hoot. Its amazing.
20:53:46 From penelope rollinson : I loved the drumming Jason, thank you
20:53:49 From lynne To All Panelists : The live drum was rather special Jason… thank you 😊
20:53:52 From deborah : the drumming was amazing and so was the journey thankyou both of you..the drum was perfect and I could hear his drum sing.
20:53:53 From claire : drumming was great thanks!
20:53:53 From Sarah : Loved it 😍
20:53:56 From Heidi Cooper : Live drumming was super, thank you Jason and well done both x
20:53:57 From Ann HOS Essex UK : thank you for the wonderful drumming Jason good to ad lib there I have had a lovely journey enjoy your evening and the blue moon thanks again
20:54:00 From Archan James : Many animal helpers and a lot of laughter!
20:54:02 From Alison Gaffney : I found the drumming very powerful - thank you 🙏💜
20:54:03 From Maryline Leese : Thank you very much for drumming, Jason.
20:54:04 From lesley gerrard : I liked the live drumming better.
20:54:09 From Rob Pearson : found myself sitting at night around a fire with the tribe passing a bowl of fermented grain and then dancing
20:54:10 From Sharon hodgson : Enjoyed the journey, thank you.
20:54:11 From Samsung SM-P613 : thank you for drumming Jason, that was so good
20:54:13 From Jane Wigan : didn't disturb me at all. Thank you
20:54:13 From Norma Corp : meant to be to listen to live drumming
20:54:16 From Valerie Whitworth To All Panelists : The live drum was great
20:54:17 From Ilse : the drumming felt much more vibrant and powerful
20:54:21 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : Loved the live drumming. Thanks Jason xx
20:54:22 From Brie : Know your worth - a tribal elder grandmother 🌝 got me to dance in the fire with wolf. Then we all ran as a tribe under the blue moon light. A really powerful journey! Thank you.
20:54:22 From Richard Fedorko : That was beautiful, thank you. I loved the drumming and the deeper beat. It was a really helpful journey, thank you _/\_
20:54:22 From Deborah Wale : I prefer Jasons drum to the recording!
20:54:23 From Leigh : thank you for the drumming. had vivid colours, vivid green like an eye that went to purple and faces comeing and going.
20:54:23 From Anna : no pinging here and the drumming was great, thankyou
20:54:24 From Caroline Mackay : Thank you for the live drumming. It was grand. I got told to make more time for the Earth - and idling 🥰
20:54:26 From Hilary : Mercury retrograde
20:54:28 From Helen Courtney : Thank you so much. I was guided to gift myself and dedicate more time to joy. Re-learn how to be more free in my body. More fluid through movement.
20:54:29 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Thank you Jason for the Live drumming- really took over my whole sense
20:54:32 From Sue Whitehead : I loved the live drumming
20:54:34 From Barbara : Drumming was great for me. thank you.
20:54:35 From Kim Hudson : I met with my tribe and it was so beautiful I drmmed with you and my tribe drummed with us they said set firm boundaries with my children ♥
20:54:36 From Nikki : I found the drumming fine
20:54:37 From Jan : real.drum was good..v differentto recording vibe and better.. my tribe was all bears...? tho ome of my totems beneath earth is a bear
20:54:39 From Hilary : I loved the live drum
20:54:41 From Kristy : Thank you. the message I got was to be open to receive.
20:54:45 From Shardi : Thank you. I feel sad to be back away from my tribe coming back to the world. It felt light and joyful to be there and enjoyed dancing with my tribe to your drumming!
20:54:46 From tanya To All Panelists : Thank you very much for the drumming 🙏
20:54:48 From Valerie Whitworth To All Panelists : thankyou
20:54:49 From Maggie Hands : I went to a thick forest, where I was met by Bison, who led me to a small village in the forest. There I met a very old woman, she gave me a piece of coral, and a necklace of amber. She told me to carry a piece of amber and remember that my spirit is golden and I should allow it to shine. Interesting.
20:54:51 From james milne : My message came through as keep doing what I am doing, it will come whatever that is !!
20:54:52 From Brie : Retury metrograde for sure, at Hilary 😝
20:54:56 From Paul : i ended up with a fox
20:55:03 From Nikki : my main these was inspiration will set you free.
20:55:04 From Wendy : Loved the live drum too - thank you Jason! ✨🙏✨
20:55:11 From Jennifer Goulden To All Panelists : Thankyou so much I’m feeling very relaxed and so proud of myself for giving myself this space and time xxx
20:55:24 From lesley gerrard : Cryptic message for me. "Up is down, and down is up".
20:55:27 From Graham To All Panelists : I found myself on a walk just before this, saw 2 dragon flys... and lots of Butterflys... Computer did not work when i got in LOL all good, thank you xx
20:55:27 From Samsung SM-P613 : I sensed Bear
20:55:28 From Nikki : I had a white rabbit guide, my ancestors were there, had a good convo and a badger showed up as well
20:55:29 From Paul Scrivens : met my tribe … arabian dress … also met crane
20:55:29 From sandra banks To All Panelists : The live drum was by good! A deeper sound 👍🏻
20:55:31 From Debs Laycock To All Panelists : Wonderful! Very profound. Thank you! My companion was Crow and Squirrels shared wisdom with me. The biggest most important thing was about Trust. That I can let go of my anxiety
20:55:34 From kathycar : Thank you both, the drumming was a bit difficult. My journeying started ok, but then I went into my childhood memories, is that normal?
20:55:39 From Shivani Maria : Thank you for giving the live drumming a go. Had a lot of reverb so my headset couldn’t quite receive it. Im sure there is a way to drum over zoom ( have done it before with online scared sound festivals Ive been part of)
20:55:47 From Sarah Carney : thank you, for a beautiful n calming journey
20:55:49 From deborah : so what I saw was a naitive tribe with an elder woman and then I asked what is my path got told to take flight with a very colourful parrot then that changed and next me in was flying and birds of prey were flying towards me.. so still trying to process this
20:55:51 From Jo Gill : Was greeted by a black horse but no idea what this means
20:55:54 From Tina To Jennifer Goulden and All Panelists : Hello Jennifer, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the blue chat button after ‘to’.
20:55:56 From Andrea : Thank you for a wonderful evening. I loved the live drumming it was perfect. Full moon blessings to you all xx
20:56:00 From june Tittensor : loved the drum, maybe meant to be xxxx
20:56:01 From Shivani Maria : Sacred not sacred
20:56:07 From Lyndsey Smith : Live drumming was great, thank you both for a wonderful evening xx
20:56:09 From Steven Wm : Amazingly, Pinnochio accompanied me
20:56:09 From Tracey Roberts : it was still so powerful and beautifully raw, thank you. the messages I received were also raw and direct... remember to be in the no-thing
20:56:11 From Sandra D : Thank you so much and Full Monn Blessings to everyone, I'm interested to see what my dreams bring through this Moon 🤍
20:56:13 From Shelley : thank you xx
20:56:14 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Message I got was to idle more
20:56:20 From Ian : I was told to trust my instincts, things that are meant for me, will feel natural, even trying new things, to reclaim my life. A fox was my companion, I felt it was protective.
20:56:25 From deborah : could do with bit of help with that
20:56:27 From Sharon : Thank you both x
20:56:27 From Alison Frankum : had red squirrel, weasel and otter playing having fun. Red deer be proud and unapologetic about who you are. eagle just to soar over the landscape
20:56:28 From Rosie : My message from my tribe was Love Yourself!
20:56:32 From Kathryn : thank you I let go of 'I should....'
20:56:51 From Caroline : Enjoyed the drumming, thank you x
20:56:52 From Mark Reynolds : Thank you. I had gotten the sense of my tribe there it was nice. Thank you.
20:56:55 From Mandie.Blackbourn : Loved this evening thank you both so much for your time. I had a message to say that I need to leave things behind and find new interests. I've already signed up this evening to the Mystery School. Haven't found my tribe but found a lovely beach and rock pool 🥰
20:56:58 From Pam Butterfield : every time we do a journey for things like how do I connect , over the years it seems to be a variation on "just keep working through the buzzard school"
20:57:05 From Sarah : I was with a native Indian, taken to my tribe, sisters of the moon, danced around the fire 💞
20:57:08 From Shardi : Mercury retrograde in earth, asking us to slow down and make sure we have our ‘earth’ things in place and you run over time and the drum tech doesn’t work! Lessons there for us to slow down and go with the flow. 😊✨
20:57:12 From Carol : I danced with my tribe and was told to go back to my roots and do what the ancestors used to do
20:57:14 From Liz Wright : my tribe told me to find my creativity in nature, in a very down to earth way.
20:57:26 From Shardi : And that perfection is not necessary
20:57:28 From james milne : Thank you for agreat evening, got to go
20:57:37 From Ruth (she/her) : met a cartoon mole, otter, wolf and frog (these 3 were real!) wolf had a soft blue coat
20:57:41 From Steven Wm : I fell into this realm by accident many years ago. it is great to identify it and go there
20:57:43 From Tracey Dawkins : met aboriginal ancestors they showed me cave painting of animals and a chameleon and a peguin told to dance. not sure what all that means yet.
20:57:45 From Dorothy Robbie : Message -To thine own self be true-white misty beings I think my tribe floating in the blackness- we are always with you - never fear
20:57:55 From Nataliex : I always emerge into a forest of Redwoods. Today I was astonished by the size of them. The lesson here is that the task of dealing with distractions is not an easy fix, it can seem overwhelming to break these bad habits. But with hedgehog’s help, I already have ideas of strategies I can use to protect myself.
20:57:58 From 857 295 0411 : lovely i was guided by a deer met with my dogs in spirit danced with them swam in a beautiful lake x
20:58:00 From Maryline Leese : I didn’t get to meet my tribe, not in the usual way anyway. But I had an embodied experience of having flowers and the natural world going up my body via my spine. I instantly felt tightness in my lower back dissipate. I take this as a message to take my being in nature practice to the next level. A deeper level.
20:58:11 From Alison To All Panelists : Got the word ‘ untethered’ and guided by falcon. Tribe Indian. Smoked peace pipe together. Falcon became golden. I appeared as my inner child and morphed into a huge dancing wolf after smoking pipe.
20:58:14 From Kathy : The drumming reverberated a little but the distortion was also effective. I met my tribe and was given the gift of cleansing being wrapped and amethyst was put in my hands after dancing around purple fire . Thank you was nice meeting and journeying with an old native Indian friend
20:58:15 From deborah : duck goose ??
20:58:23 From AnnyTurner : It was a different journey, with snail was more feelings than having words this time, and I hadn't thought about how the shell of snail is somewhere to take sanctuary when the 'no' I want to say is not forthcoming. So I shall be moving more slowly, taking more notice, as I take the time, and if I need to, I have the boundary of my shell for sanctuary. It was lovely with the drum
20:58:56 From deborah : trance dance with drum
20:59:09 From Helen Courtney : Dance came up for me in regards to reconnecting with my body … allowing it to be fluid rather than rigid
20:59:18 From Wendy : I also found myself dancing round a fire - felt very free
20:59:20 From Barbara : I was dancing too - message ,Dance on the earth and with your brothers
20:59:24 From Sandy Holt : Beautiful wolf joined me and I found my tribe, a native American tribe… we danced and when I found the chief and asked I was just down a busy road in the modern world. Feelti had work to help restore ancient tradition…
20:59:30 From michelle ball To All Panelists : i was met by a deer who led me to my native indian tribe who were all dancibg
20:59:33 From Anne To All Panelists : Wow that was Amazing lovely to meet with my tribe message This is your time paint write sing play you
20:59:39 From Alison Gaffney : Wolf companion guide so wise and comforting … sense of my tribe by firelight in circle in the heart of the woodland and yes the urge to move and dance … to explore and allow myself to follow my heart
20:59:41 From Shivani Maria : Dancing as trance meditation. Drumming, Dancing & Singing are ancient & tribal
20:59:54 From Ruth (she/her) : yes the otters I saw had tribal feathers on and were dancing - they were cartoon in that image
20:59:55 From Jane Wigan : I sat around the fire with my tribe, feeling so welcome. My message was that I already know how to reclaim my life. I got the message that time in nature, is time with my tribe.
20:59:58 From lesley gerrard : Similar message for me as well. "Do what you do"
20:59:58 From Jan : yes i danced with my bear tribe at the start...and i need to get back to circle dance which i taught before covid times..thanks for that reminder Nicola and interesting others got dance.
21:00:00 From Chris Mahon : deer guide, tribal art, cave paintings and making things from nature lots of fire and shadows around with laughter around the fire, then gorillas relaxing and playing - idling and dreaming
21:00:02 From Carolyn : dance was a big part of my spiritual journey.. time to dance and move is important. Socially as well as individually
21:00:06 From Louise O'Connell : On the other side of the door I walked out onto a sandy beach with a clear sky, the tribe waiting for me were a group of witches. I asked my intention question of how can I reclaim my life and they said 'magic.'
21:00:09 From Mark Reynolds : talking about dancing, I drew a card for myself last night it was a sun dance.
21:00:25 From Elly Dolan : dancing with an all male tribe od ancestors very unusual for me . Spirt guide shape shifting equine …. freedom x
21:00:58 From Martina Mc Auley : I was advised to copy my cat, to help me slow down.
21:01:00 From Nikki : wow thank you
21:01:24 From fae : Even I journeyed tonight, i had a few people come in, then i saw hand written addresses on envelopes and finally a beautiful head of a dragon which was turquoise with silver markings and ears.
21:01:37 From Jane B To All Panelists : strange how dance has come up i have been thinking today to join some dance classes in sept
21:01:49 From Miranda Jane Dunn : Went to A Folk Festival...saw my friend who has just gone into Spirit and friends who are a Couple....both now in Spirit they told me to find time for my painting and to find time for Festivals in the next Wheel. Dancers ...
21:02:02 From Carolyn : I didn’t manage to journey but I was entranced by Jason’s beautiful drumming and have an intention to take my drum out tomorrow to the woods for the first time
21:02:15 From Gemma Bevan : I didn't journey but reflected on how hedgehogs have come into my life recently. The hedgehog I found in my garden recently felt quite otherworldly. Much bigger than any others I've found in the wild and honey coloured. She seemed much more comfortable around people too. I'm hoping she will get better and we can release her here as we took her to the RSPCA near us. I've been doing more homesteading practices and these are so nourishing and help me to slow down.
21:02:33 From Deborah Wale : I walk through a Village of many nations and histories. I enter a long house/hall and I lay down in the centre with Tiger. Someone at my feet – wasn’t a deep journey, but felt a presence. A blanket like last time, or skins, thrown over me.Again, I have wings.Told to connect deep with the earth. I felt heavy and grounded. I feel my breathing.Then with the wings I can move upwards, to the edge of the universe.My body is grounded. Yet some part of me can fly. Releasing that part of me that can fly.
21:03:31 From Helen Courtney : Jason - have you tried setting to ‘Original Sound’ when you drum? This often helps with drumming
21:03:50 From sue parlby : Eagle flew me to its nest on top of a pine tree - get a higher perspective, with instruction to rest. Then to the edge of a cliff which began to crumble away warning me not to take too much risk. Ancestral images of Scotland and France … another message of “Refresh”, then whooshed down a powerful waterfall back to the door of the tree.
21:03:53 From Kathy : I was shown the bottom of a totem pole also which looked like a bear so will work with the meaning for that when asking for how to reclaim my life.
21:04:16 From Shardi : Interesting how many of us were dancing with the question of how can we reclaim my life...
21:04:47 From deborah : yea thanks Nicola and Jason that truly helps
21:05:11 From Liz Wright : Thank you for this evening. I need to go now.
21:05:11 From Jan : Have to say Goodnight to all , Thank you Jason and Nicola for a Wonderful evening
21:05:25 From Rachel : I had reverb so will do a journey later. But instead saw full moon rise and bats flitting back and forth witch was wonderful. Probably wouldn't have otherwise seen so was serendipitous so thank you xxx
21:05:36 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : Thank you Jason, Nicola & Tina. Super Blue Moon Blessings to everyone. xxx
21:05:46 From Amy : thank you that was rely good xxx
21:05:46 From Anna : What a great evening, thAnkyou !
21:05:49 From Ruth : at one point I became a bird which dived into the sea and then became a fish and then swam upwards and flew out as a bird again
21:05:50 From Gemma Bevan : Thank you all xx
21:05:51 From Andrea : Seagull came to me tonight. a new one for me. significance?
21:05:56 From masterbrownee To All Panelists : write music
21:06:04 From Wendy Bradnam : It was suggested to me to suggest to you to do a cd.of.sounds i.e. the drumming track for our own shamanic journeying, Blue purring for relaxation and a fire/water of some kind/air in treetops and something re earth to meditate on.
21:06:18 From Beverly : I had Fawn with me saw my tribe but did not join them and was told Raise my thoughts.
21:06:22 From Emma Taylor : Thank you for a great evening
21:06:23 From deborah : duck parrot goose and condour
21:06:31 From Shivani Maria : Thankyou Everyone! Im going to catch the Full Moon & draw a card or 2 in relation to “How can I reclaim my life?”
21:06:33 From masterbrownee : thankyou
21:06:35 From Jo Gill : Thanks Jason and Nicola another wonderful evening xxxx
21:06:39 From Jan : really good thank you. what i needed right now...
21:06:42 From Sally-Shakti ✨Visionary Writing Guide✨ @writingthriving : I met with Indigenous Elders - the Grandmothers of this land who I have been setting the intention to work with. They took me to a voitive pool in the marshy landscape and showed me to keep following the creative path I have started.
21:06:42 From Sarah : Thank you so much guys ❤️ amazing xx
21:06:44 From Ruth (she/her) : I also had an image of a circle of pins with muticoloured heads in a cirlce
21:06:47 From Anne To All Panelists : Thank you so much 🐌🌻🌕🙏🦋
21:06:47 From deborah : absoloutley amazing thankyou so much been puire time since ive done that
21:06:52 From sheila hannabuss : Wonderful, thank you both so much, always enjoy and inspiring. Happy Super Moon to you all! Sheila
21:06:52 From Kathryn @MandalaMeadow : Thank you
21:06:56 From fae : Thank you Jason, Nicola, Tina & /blue for tonight. Go well everyone. Super Blue Moon blessings to you all x
21:07:01 From Jayne Missoni : I sat with my tribe round a fire - I have been making changes in my life already this year and got messages linked to all the animals. Need to spend my days more defined as I’m a drifter between work, rest and play. look forward to incorporating defined time as I know I will feel like there are more hours in the day this way. Boundaries, slowing down, getting creative and also idling time. 🙂 Wonderful journey - thank you. Fabulous evening. Love to all 🙂x
21:07:02 From Carol Lloyd To All Panelists : Thank you for this evening meeting x
21:07:03 From ellen : Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. Special as always. Love and blessings to all who have been here tonight.
21:07:07 From Dorothy Robbie : Thank you both and Blue for tonight
21:07:10 From Ann : I was accompanied by my guide, wolf and snake keeping my old tribe away from me. Told to let old tribe go and stay with my present tribe. Had a panic attack seeing old tribe. I was held and reassured. My grandfather who died when I was 5 was with my new tribe. My new tribe said I am already reclaiming my life and to stay with them and trust in them.
21:07:13 From Alison To All Panelists : Great sesh, J & N…thank you both 💕
21:07:15 From Caroline : Thank you for a lovely evening xx
21:07:15 From Lyndsey Smith : Thank you both sooooo much, love it all xx
21:07:20 From Jennie : Thank you for a lovely evening x
21:07:22 From deborah : thankyou all of you and tina and blue
21:07:24 From Mark Reynolds : Thank you so much to you all it was great.
21:07:27 From Vivien : Thank you
21:07:27 From Tina : Here is the link:
21:07:28 From Rhia Swankie : I didn't manage to journey but have enjoyed the evening very much. A lot of ideas going on for me so perhaps I didn't need help right now. Thank you!
21:07:28 From Rosie : Thank you both an Blue!
21:07:29 From lynne To All Panelists : Thank you 🙏🏻 🌕
21:07:32 From Carolyn : Thankyou for your beautiful space . and all for sharing. Beautiful blessings on this blue 🔵 moon all.
21:07:32 From Ruth : thankyou for a wonderful evening! x
21:07:32 From Sally-Shakti ✨Visionary Writing Guide✨ @writingthriving : Thank you and Full Moon Blessings 🌕
21:07:33 From debbie To All Panelists : ❤️♥️
21:07:34 From Nikki : thanks so much
21:07:35 From Tracey Roberts : thank you both and the rest of the circle
21:07:36 From sue parlby : Thankyou all for such a rich evening x
21:07:36 From Jane B To All Panelists : thank you to you both lovely evening x
21:07:37 From Tina : Here is the link:
21:07:40 From Sarah : Thank you all. Great to be in circle with you all.
21:07:40 From Barbara : Thank you both and Blue too.
21:07:40 From Gillian : Bless you thanks xx
21:07:42 From Susan Beedell : Thank you Nicola Jason Blue and Tina for another wonderful evening Love and blessings to you all🙏
21:07:44 From Sam : Thank you x
21:07:44 From Linsey : Thank you
21:07:44 From Grant : thank you all, many blessings.
21:07:46 From alysonpowell : Great journeying tonight. I have lots of links to follow. Thank you . Have a beautiful time with the Full moon energy.
21:07:50 From Sue Whitehead : Thank you so much.
21:07:52 From deborah : full moon blessings x
21:07:55 From Helen Courtney : Thank you so much. Deep gratitude to you both and for all in circle this evening
21:07:55 From Debs Laycock To All Panelists : Thank you so much! Very special. And wonderful for being in such a rich circle of participants 🐝🌈♥️♥️♥️
21:07:58 From Tracey Dawkins : thank you so much.. blessings to you both. x
21:07:59 From Jayne : Thank you so much. The moon is wonderful 💖
21:08:02 From Miranda Jane Dunn : Thank you Nicola, Jason Tina and Blue and the Buzzard Tribe
21:08:03 From Kathy : Thank you was my first online journeying. I normally journey with a drumming group outside more than I thought I would . Great job 😍
21:08:04 From Ali Broughton : Great evening, thank you both!
21:08:06 From Nicky Robinson : Thank you so much.
21:08:06 From Fay : An amazing evening, thank you. Also, had such an affect on my cat!
21:08:07 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Full moon blessings to you all- it's been a lovely evening with you. Will delve back into the Mystery School courses again soon. Much love xxx
21:08:07 From Tina : Here is the link :
21:08:09 From Nadia To All Panelists : Thank you so much 😊
21:08:12 From Sandy Holt : Will of journey again on replay. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening xxxxx
21:08:13 From Hilary : Thank you Blue moon blessings
21:08:21 From Carol To All Panelists : Thankyou x
21:08:32 From AnnyTurner : 🙏🏼Thank You🙏🏼💚 Love to All xxxx We are all looking at the same Moon, wherever we are 🥰
21:08:33 From Carolyn : Thank you and enjoy the blue moon, wonderful evening x
21:08:34 From Sarah : Thank you Tina x
21:08:42 From Samsung SM-T500 : Thank you for an interesting evening. 😊💚💫
21:08:46 From 857 295 0411 : Thank you both and all who joined x
21:08:53 From Wendy : Thank you Jason and Nicola for a beautiful circle and all you’ve shared and wonderful evening with everyone 💚💚💚
21:08:55 From Nataliex : Thank you Nicola and Jason. Very timely topic tonight. 🌕💙
21:08:57 From Steven Wm : Thank you 😊
21:09:35 From Karen : thank you for this evening x
21:09:38 From jaCKy fridlington : Thank you very much
21:10:13 From Rosemarie : Thank you for a lovely evening
21:10:29 From Norma Corp : thank you loved this evening great timing as i put my notice in today lots of wisdom xx
21:11:07 From Heidi Cooper : Another wonderful evening as always! Thank you both, Blue and Tina ☺️ Many Blessings, love to all and go well 💚🌳🌀🦔🦔🦔 x
21:11:10 From Ali D : Night! Thank you! 💙🌚💙
21:11:15 From Jacinta Phillips : Thank you for a lovely evening again, its been a really difficult day so this was perfect tonight. Super Blue Moon Blessings to you all xx
21:11:24 From Martina Mc Auley : Thank you very much.
21:11:29 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : Goodnight and thank you all xxx 🥰
21:11:33 From Maxine (she/her) : Thank you so much for a wonderful evening xxx 💚
21:11:34 From Sarah : Night all thank you xx
21:11:37 From Sandy Holt : Hail and farewell xxx ❤️
21:11:37 From Caroline Mackay : Thank you for a wonderful evening. Bless you x
21:11:42 From Anne Emerson : thankyou. loved the live drum
21:11:42 From Rachel : Thank you so much everyone. Lovely evening x
21:11:44 From Archan James : Thanks, it was lovely xx
21:11:46 From Ann : Good night, thank you.
21:11:52 From Liz : Thank you both - managed to stay with the journey this evening!
21:11:53 From Allison McGloan : thank you 😊
21:11:53 From Meggy : Thank you, blessings and good night.
21:11:57 From penelope rollinson To All Panelists : Thank you
21:11:58 From Pam Butterfield : thank you, both, and Tina and blue xx
21:11:58 From Maryline Leese : Good Blue Full Moon night. It’s cloudy here now but I am going to go outside and see her.
21:11:58 From Lynn Senior-Eason : many thanks
21:11:59 From Carol Cupitt Parks : Farewell, all. Dream beautiful dreams.
21:11:59 From Amanda Benham : thank you, blessings to all x
21:12:01 From Mandie.Blackbourn : Perfect end to the day, thank you all 🙏
21:12:01 From Annie (Norfolk) : Thank you Another great evening
21:12:01 From Colette : Thankyou so much xxxx wonderful evening Moon blessings )O( xxx
21:12:02 From Sue & Anne : As always - thanks for another wonderful evening
21:12:02 From claire : What a lovely evening, many thanks. Night all
21:12:05 From Eileen Balfour : Gratitude and Blessings to You Both. You are Both Amazing Xx
21:12:06 From Rob Pearson : 5hanks for amazing evening
21:12:09 From Lynn : Thank you 🌕
21:12:09 From Chris Mahon : Thank you all for a lovely evening
21:12:13 From Shardi : 🙏🏼🌕
21:12:20 From Kim Hudson : and to wonderful you toothache you so much love and blessings
21:12:22 From Mark Reynolds : Great night, thank you all. x
21:12:28 From deborah : cant thankyou both enough love n blessings and live drumming is the way forward funny how it worked for a lot hmm just a thought
21:12:29 From lesley gerrard : Happy moon gazing! Lovely night thank you.
21:12:29 From Alison Gaffney : Thank you for a wonderful evening - going out to hunt for the moon now 🌝
21:12:39 From kathycar : Lovely evening,, see you & everyone soon, thank you
21:12:43 From Dharma : Thank you
21:12:53 From Colette : Ty Tina xx
21:12:57 From Ruth : Goodnight and blessings to all!
21:12:58 From Jane Donaldson-Allen : Thank you everyone
21:12:58 From Tina : You're welcome
21:13:03 From Ruth (she/her) : thank you, goodnight xx
21:13:17 From Norma Corp : thanks Tina xx
21:13:22 From irisrogan To All Panelists : Thank you wonderful blue moon
21:13:46 From Mark Reynolds : Thanks Tina. x
21:13:54 From deborah : blessings to one and all fab blue supermoon blessings aho
21:13:59 From Grace McGeoch : Thank you!
21:14:00 From Norma Corp : beautiful to have the connection helped turn my difficult day around 💖🙏💖
21:14:07 From Norma Corp : virtual wave
21:14:09 From Carol : Blue moon blessings
21:14:25 From Janet : Blessings to you all. Good night

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Thoughts from our clan about the Mystery School:

The mystery school community has been truly wonderful this week - a calming place that has made me feel much better and grounded, so thank you.


Thank you so much. This tribe/clan and your generous spiritual work is genuinely helping keep me sane and balanced.


 The Mystery school has helped me over this week for sure, beyond today and into the this coming period.


thank you for creating a truly beautifully crafted evening.


The Mystery School is amazing, and has been a real oasis for me at a very difficult time. 


Loving this journeying planning... I'm a nurse!!


It’s excellent resource.


thank you so much for all you do it's greatly appreciated.


its an honour to be a part of this beautiful circle.