Here's your recording of our Beltane Celebration Gathering

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During the evening we gathered in circle to celebrate Beltane together and to journey to our Muse for creative insights and wisdoms.

There's a transcript of the chat discussion lower down this page that you can read through to get a full flavour of the realisations, revelations and messages that will help to resource us as we journey together through the mists of uncertainty.

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Your hosts:

Nicola & Jason Smalley
The Way of The Buzzard

In challenging times such as these it's important to reach out to our guides and seek the wisdoms we need to remain resilient and fearless.

We are committed to help our Way of The Buzzard clan navigate a path through the maze of confusion and uncertainty by encouraging the use of the Shamanic toolkit that's so easily available to us,

Here's the transcript from the event

To make it easier to read I've split it into sections, each of which can be revealed by clicking on the toggle on the left of the title of each section.


​18:55:45 From Enza To All Panelists : Hello from Enza
18:55:47 From Ian To All Panelists : HI
18:55:59 From Jo D : Hello from Glasgow, love from Jo xx
18:56:03 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Greetings and merry Beltane x
18:56:06 From Jo D : Can hear you fine :)
18:56:10 From Ian : Hi I can hear you loud and clear!!!
18:56:11 From Michael Fossett To All Panelists : Hello and thanks for the invite
18:56:14 From Sarah Brabbin To All Panelists : Hello!
18:56:17 From Ann : Hi Ann K here nr Carnforth. Looking forward to tonight
18:56:21 From Sue : Good Evening!
18:56:21 From Fiona Holmes To All Panelists : good evening all
18:56:22 From Linda : Hi, good to see you
18:56:22 From Rita To All Panelists : I can hear you! can’t wait
18:56:25 From Carol : hello from Highlands Scotland
18:56:26 From Kyla : Hi from Stoke-On-Trent, love Kyla

18:56:26 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Hearing you fine x
18:56:27 From Sam Morgan-Walker : Hi Sam and Glyn from Partington xx
18:56:27 From Jason Halliday : Greetings
18:56:27 From Lolly : Sound and vision all good, May blessings :-)
18:56:28 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : Hi
18:56:28 From Ty : hi guys, Ty here
18:56:28 From Bridget : hello from Bridget & John in Birmingham
18:56:28 From Avril : Beltane blessings from the fireplace at Congleton
18:56:29 From Steve : Good evening everyone from the back garden in a rather damp and chilly Topcliffe, North Yorkshire. Looking forward to an amazing weekend of community activity. Thanks so much Nicola and Jason for putting this together. ❤️🙏
18:56:30 From Catherine To All Panelists : Hi from Catherine in Yorkshire,xx
18:56:30 From Helen : hi both from Kendal - looking forward to the weekend xx
18:56:30 From Tara Malyon To All Panelists : Tara from Essex Hi
18:56:30 From maxine dubois To All Panelists : hi guys
18:56:31 From Debi : good evening all from West Yorkshire

18:56:31 From Eve Bessant : hi from Poole in Dorset
18:56:31 From Julie Elizabeth Rose White To All Panelists : Hi from Glastonbury xx
18:56:31 From Pam : Hello from Redcar xx
18:56:31 From OnePlus 5T To All Panelists : hi all üôè
18:56:33 From Louise : Hi we can hear you fine - Louise and Steve
18:56:33 From Sue Buck-Williams To All Panelists : Beltane blessings
18:56:33 From Alison Redgrove To All Panelists : hi from Alison in Somerset.
18:56:35 From Jai To All Panelists : Hi from Jai in leeds
18:56:35 From di : hi everyone. blessings and happy Beltane. from Di forest of dean
18:56:36 From Emma To All Panelists : Hi. Emma from Norfolk.
18:56:36 From Amanda : Evening everyone!
18:56:36 From maxine dubois To All Panelists : happy beltane
18:56:37 From Ty : Beltane blessings everyone
18:56:37 From Sonya To All Panelists : hello everyone, merry Beltane from Sonya and Stuart
18:56:38 From Louise Robinson : hello from Eastbourne
18:56:40 From Karen : hello from Karen in Staffordshire.

18:56:41 From Janet To All Panelists : hello from sunny manchester
18:56:42 From Amanda To All Panelists : Bright Blessings from Devon
18:56:42 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : I can here
18:56:42 From gina To All Panelists : Beltane blessings X Gina
18:56:44 From Jason Halliday : Hi all
18:56:44 From Rachel : HI from Sheffield x
18:56:45 From Sheila To All Panelists : greetings, sheila from weymouth
18:56:45 From Adalet To All Panelists : Hi it's Adalet from London
18:56:45 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : Hear u
18:56:45 From Bridgid : Hi everyone and Blue
18:56:46 From Linda To All Panelists : Hi from Lind and Vince from Oldham
18:56:47 From Karen Barry To All Panelists : Blessings & merry Beltane from Oxfordshire x
18:56:48 From Jan To All Panelists : hi from Jan
18:56:49 From Stephanie Cartwright To All Panelists : Hi from Steph in Shropshire
18:56:49 From Rachel Wood To All Panelists : hi from Rachel in Bournemouth x
18:56:49 From Peter : Blessed Beltane from Chiltern Hills
18:56:50 From Sue : hi Sue from Cornwall

18:56:53 From Julia Moore To All Panelists : Hello from Manchester x
18:56:54 From Kathryn Phillips To All Panelists : good evening from Saddleworth
18:56:54 From Kimberley To All Panelists : hi everyone! kim from west midlands
18:56:56 From Gwen Alexander To All Panelists : Hello from Aberdeen, from Gwen
18:56:56 From Amanda : Another hello from Kendal
18:56:56 From Di Nicholson To All Panelists : Hi - Di from Cockermouth
18:56:57 From Shona To All Panelists : hello from dundee Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☺️
18:56:59 From annie : hello from Annie in Dawlish
18:57:01 From maxine dubois To All Panelists : Hugs from london guys x
18:57:01 From Lisa To All Panelists : Hi Jason!
18:57:02 From Emma : Hi everyone, Emma from Northwich
18:57:03 From Helen : Hi from Helen West Sussex
18:57:04 From Anne To All Panelists : Anne from Devon. Hi!
18:57:05 From Karen : Hello from Karen in Lincolnshire :)

18:57:06 From Fausta To All Panelists : Beltane blessings to all - Fausta from Hampshire
18:57:07 From Chris To All Panelists : Chris Lancaster - Hi all
18:57:08 From Ian : Is it better yo use headphones or not....?
18:57:09 From Emma : Hello from Manchester
18:57:11 From Stephanie To All Panelists : Happy Beltaine from Glastonbury!
18:57:15 From Lisa Taylor To All Panelists : Hi this is Lisa x
18:57:15 From petersleigh To All Panelists : Hi all from Buxton. Blessings to all.
18:57:17 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : Hello from Stephen, Kent
18:57:18 From Holly : Hello from Holly in Derbyshire!
18:57:18 From alison thompson : Hi nice to see you again x im on petes computer but im Two owls
18:57:18 From Sheila : hi everyone from Sheila in Altrincham xx
18:57:21 From jo : hi everyone jofrom yorkshire
18:57:22 From Lynne To All Panelists : Hi from Lynne in Banbury, Oxfordshire.
18:57:23 From kathymburrage To All Panelists : Hi from Red Tent Kathy xxx
18:57:24 From Karen Richmond : Hi from East Sussex
18:57:27 From Rebecca To All Panelists : Hello from the Lake District
18:57:28 From Geraldine Gillain To All Panelists : Hi Geraldine and Jim (who has joined me) from Denham.
18:57:28 From Bharti To All Panelists : Hi From Bharti, Stoke-on-Trent!
18:57:29 From way of the buzzard : Hi from Jayne, Stoke-on-Trent
18:57:32 From Terry : Hi All of you lovely people
18:57:32 From Sue Shepherd : Happy Beltane from Sue in North Wales
18:57:34 From Louise Pearson To All Panelists : Hello from Louise, Cumbria
18:57:34 From Laura To All Panelists : Hi from Freckleton. kind regards Laura

18:57:35 From Pauly : Evening all…
18:57:36 From Vicky To All Panelists : Hi. Vicky from Stalybridge. xx
18:57:36 From Julie Blakey To All Panelists : hi from sunny crewe x
18:57:39 From Chris : Hi From Chris & Rob North East xxx
18:57:40 From Lyn : hi I'm here but won't be chatting. my other tablet is out of battery cos I've just been in another videoconference. x
18:57:41 From Cait To All Panelists : Beltane blessings from Putney London Cait
18:57:41 From Sarah Stansfield To All Panelists : Hello from Blackburn
18:57:44 From Galaxy S6 edge To All Panelists : hi
18:57:48 From Paul : Hello from Sheffield!
18:57:48 From Sheila To All Panelists : hi from sheila in weymouth
18:57:50 From Karen : Hi all, from Karen in Torquay xx
18:57:51 From Ian : Ian from Essex
18:57:52 From Lisa Taylor To All Panelists : Oh Lisa from Tring, Sorry
18:57:53 From julie holdsworth : hi from julie and georgie from sunny mellor

18:57:55 From Donald Johnstone To All Panelists : Hi from Donald in Surrey. Beltane Blessings to all
18:57:55 From Barbara Ann Whiting To All Panelists : Hello Everyone, xxxx
18:57:56 From Ian : lol
18:57:57 From Jill To All Panelists : Jill from Lancaster
18:57:58 From Mhairi Kennedy To All Panelists : Hi all Mhairi in Arbroath
18:58:03 From Lee To All Panelists : Hi everyone from Buckinghamshire !
18:58:06 From jayne mcfarlane : Hiya, Jayne from Leyland xx
18:58:06 From Galaxy Tab S4 To All Panelists : hi to all from Dave in Cornwall looking forward to whole weekend
18:58:08 From Julie Devlin To All Panelists : Hello everyone - Julie and John from Kent
18:58:09 From Jayne Missoni To All Panelists : Hi Jayne here from North Lincs
18:58:11 From Robert Staley To All Panelists : Hi guys looking forward to this very much
18:58:12 From Peter : Where is Blue?
18:58:13 From Rebecca To All Panelists : Rebecca from Lakes
18:58:13 From Angie Campbell : Beltane Blessings to you all from Lincoln üî•xxx
18:58:19 From Lisa To All Panelists : Hello from sunny Devon
18:58:19 From ann To All Panelists : Hi Ann from Glasgow.
18:58:20 From Milene To All Panelists : Happy Beltane (Mexican/Irish living in London)
18:58:24 From di : Congleton my home town
18:58:31 From karen : hi all Karen from Leigh here
18:58:32 From Sally : hi all Sally from Hull
18:58:32 From Marta : hello from Liverpool :)

18:58:35 From Jill : Beltane Blessings to everyone from Jill in Lancaster
18:58:39 From Penny Tugman To All Panelists : so excited love Penny x
18:58:41 From kt morag : helloooo, kt morag from hebden bridge xx
18:58:43 From Fire To All Panelists : Hi Beltane blessing to you all
18:58:43 From Rachel Kirkham To All Panelists : Hello from Rachel in Bolton x
18:58:52 From Ian : Beltane Blessings from Billericay!
18:58:54 From Fausta : Beltane blessings to all
18:58:57 From Michelle Hopkins To All Panelists : Hi all from Michelle in Bedworth
18:58:58 From Avril : ah hello Di it’s beautiful here this evening above the Dane valley
18:59:02 From Susan Blunt To All Panelists : Hello everyone - from Susan near Sedbergh
18:59:03 From Carol Noon To All Panelists : hi, carol from Oakworth West Yorkshire
18:59:06 From Sue To All Panelists : I had trouble, I had to re-register
18:59:15 From Ian : Ha! Sasha loves Dreamies too x
18:59:19 From Belinda To All Panelists : Beltane Blessing from East Sussex üå∏

18:59:19 From Belinda : Evening and Beltane blessings all, Belinda in County Durham :)
18:59:31 From alexandra wild To All Panelists : hi. Alexandra from Sheffield
18:59:34 From Ian : Whoop! Whoop!
18:59:36 From Niccola Smith To All Panelists : Hi Niccola from Burscough . Beltane blessings to everybody xx
18:59:41 From Penny To All Panelists : hi from I am Penny from Dartmoor
18:59:47 From Fausta : Hi blue - sound great
18:59:49 From di : yeah I’m in Forest of Dean now beautiful evening here as well 🐬💜
18:59:50 From Belinda : Evening there Blue
18:59:57 From Gina To All Panelists : Hi Everyone, Beltane blessings
18:59:58 From Hilary : Hello from Pembrokeshire
19:00:01 From Maggie To All Panelists : Hello from Bedfordshire!
19:00:02 From Lyndsey : Hi all from Lyndsey in Runcorn xx
19:00:05 From clare To All Panelists : hello!
19:00:08 From Debi : evening Blue üòä
19:00:08 From Kyla : Tech support Blue on the case.
19:00:20 From Michael Fossett : yes
19:00:20 From Adalet To All Panelists : yes
19:00:20 From Janet To All Panelists : yes
19:00:24 From Lisa Taylor To All Panelists : fine for me!
19:00:25 From Debi : yes
19:00:25 From Kyla : Yep
19:00:25 From Lolly : sounds good!

19:00:25 From Belinda : Looks and sounds beautiful
19:00:26 From Pam : yes its fine thanks you
19:00:26 From Emma To All Panelists : Yes to both
19:00:26 From Steve : üëç
19:00:27 From Bruna Stanford To All Panelists : yes, I can...Hello'
19:00:27 From Sarah Brabbin To All Panelists : yes
19:00:28 From Karen Richmond : See hear fine
19:00:28 From Gina To All Panelists : yes
19:00:28 From Patsy : Hello from Upton on Severn :0
19:00:29 From Michelle To All Panelists : yes thanks
19:00:29 From Helen : all good
19:00:29 From Sonya To All Panelists : perfect
19:00:29 From Susan Davies To All Panelists : yes
19:00:30 From Fiona Holmes To All Panelists : yes
19:00:30 From julie holdsworth : can see and hear it

19:00:30 From Louise : yes - all good Jason
19:00:31 From Sue To All Panelists : üëç
19:00:31 From di : yes fine
19:00:31 From Karen : yes
19:00:31 From Lynn To All Panelists : yes
19:00:32 From Sam Morgan-Walker : Yes can hear that
19:00:33 From Michelle Hopkins To All Panelists : Yes
19:00:33 From Catherine To All Panelists : FABULOUS!!!
19:00:33 From jayne mcfarlane : yes
19:00:34 From Eve Bessant : yes all good
19:00:34 From Peter : Yes fine
19:00:34 From Mark Hellmann To All Panelists : yep sounds good
19:00:34 From Holly : Yes, audio and visual are fine
19:00:35 From Robert Staley : sounds great
19:00:35 From Elly and Molly Dolan To All Panelists : yep
19:00:36 From Donald Johnstone : Yes its fine
19:00:36 From Rebecca To All Panelists : yes perfect
19:00:37 From Rita To All Panelists : all clear
19:00:37 From Sue Buck-Williams To All Panelists : All good
19:00:38 From Maud To All Panelists : sound & video great!
19:00:39 From annie : started great now breaking up
19:00:39 From Louise Robinson : üëç
19:00:41 From Angie Campbell : üëç
19:00:42 From gina : great thanks x
19:00:42 From Fausta : can see and hear - yes
19:00:43 From Lynne To All Panelists : Yes, its fine
19:00:43 From Emma : Yes, sounds great
19:00:43 From karen : all good
19:00:44 From Enza : yes purfect
19:00:45 From Ian : Can hear and see!

19:00:45 From Maggie To All Panelists : I can see and hear Maggie
19:00:45 From Julie Elizabeth Rose White To All Panelists : All good
19:00:45 From Rachel : Yes all good x
19:00:46 From OnePlus 5T : 👍🏻
19:00:47 From Geraldine Gillain To All Panelists : all good
19:00:47 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : Yes heard it
19:00:48 From Bridgid : yep I can see and hear it
19:00:51 From Carole Prestedge To All Panelists : yes the sound of that is better than live sound for me
19:00:53 From Fae : evening everyone, sound was good x
19:00:54 From Jason Halliday : yes all good
19:00:57 From Alison Redgrove To All Panelists : lovely
19:00:58 From Maxine Alexander To All Panelists : Yes all good x
19:01:03 From Norna Cook : Hi from Burnley! x
19:01:08 From Paula Taylor : Lovely to see Blue padding on the cushion, bless. He’s happy.
19:01:21 From Galaxy Tab S4 To All Panelists : all good here great sound
19:01:27 From Alison Redgrove To All Panelists : no better before

19:01:30 From Kathy McVittie : Kathy here from Brora, Sutherland
19:01:33 From Lisa Adamson To All Panelists : making biscuits
19:01:34 From karen To All Panelists : Hello from Ramsgate
19:01:35 From Paula Taylor : Yes can hear Blue purring now too
19:01:36 From Carol : Greetings from Little Falls, New York!
19:01:38 From Carol To All Panelists : hi from Carol near Wray
19:01:45 From Ian : Oh no!
19:01:47 From Sarah Brabbin To All Panelists : NO :(
19:01:48 From Ian : lol
19:01:49 From jo : i'm getting a bit of feedback but its the first using zoom and my wifi not brilliant but I will enjoy what I can, first time celebrating
19:01:49 From Gwen Alexander : Sound is excellent here … I've turned the setting down to 9! Its usually around 40 plus
19:01:52 From maxine dubois To All Panelists : That cat!!! gorgeous
19:01:55 From Paul : Sound is good!
19:01:59 From Tiffani To All Panelists : Evening all from me, the cats and my dog 🥰
19:02:03 From Bridgid : rabbit pie
19:02:06 From Gill To All Panelists : happy Beltane love Gill from Mirfield ❤️❤️❤️
19:02:08 From Liz : blessings from Stockport xx

19:02:24 From Bridgid : lol
19:02:28 From Jonathan To All Panelists : Jonathan, National Forest, Leics.
19:02:33 From Fae : lovely of him to bring you presents though xx
19:02:34 From Jo D : oh crumbs :( I guess he was only following his instincts.
19:02:38 From Tara Malyon : Blues beautiful!
19:02:39 From Robert Staley : From Bob hi guys
19:02:44 From Jo D : Hes's so handsome he can get away with it
19:02:51 From karen To All Panelists : yes karen is here
19:02:55 From Dawn and Richard krueger To All Panelists : Hi everyone x
19:03:00 From Tracy : good evening everyone
19:03:12 From peter myers To All Panelists : sound good, Briget&John happy wedding anniversary 🎁😊👍
19:03:14 From Nell Gibbs To All Panelists : Sorry had tech issue my end. NELL
19:03:15 From Susy To All Panelists : hello everyone
19:03:19 From Shona To All Panelists : hi there üòä I can hear
19:03:20 From Nick & Sam : Hi from Sam and Nick
19:03:21 From Anne : Hi Anne from Surrey here

19:03:23 From Betty Weltz To All Panelists : Hello everyone!
19:03:28 From Karen To All Panelists : i am now here. i kept trying
19:03:30 From Xperia Z5 To All Panelists : hiüòÅCamille here
19:03:31 From Myra : Hi, its Myra, had to register too! x
19:03:33 From Bridgid : Hi Bob
19:03:34 From Elizabeth Hale To All Panelists : Hi.
19:03:37 From Hils IMRIE-SMITH To All Panelists : Hi from Hils in Notts
19:03:37 From Maureen : hello all, from Maureen
19:03:38 From Alison Redgrove To All Panelists : thanks Tracy. happy Beltane everyone . This is so amazing
19:03:40 From Karen To All Panelists : karen from christchurch dorset
19:03:45 From Paul Degnan To All Panelists : Hi its Paul from Hebden Bridge x
19:03:48 From Carole Prestedge To All Panelists : yes can imagine that
19:03:49 From Ian : Welcome All!
19:04:03 From Simon : Hello, survived wifi crash and we’re here
19:05:12 From Jonathan To All Panelists : 250! great, can I get 250 hugs ... to make up, he, he ...
19:05:17 From Rob To All Panelists : Hi everyone from Rob...!
19:05:36 From Ian : Sorry, left Tea downstairs, back now!
19:06:00 From Karen : Evening all - just arrived. :)

19:06:09 From Carole Prestedge To All Panelists : any chance you could lift the microphone nearer to your mouth - thank you
19:06:38 From Paetra To All Panelists : hello, good evening from Paetra
19:06:40 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : I'm new to shamanism and am having trouble finding my heart space can you help me please
19:06:40 From Bethan Fletcher To All Panelists : Hi Everyone, Just joined.... love to all
19:06:56 From kath To All Panelists : lovely to be here.xx
19:06:59 From Jacqui To All Panelists : good on headphones
19:06:59 From Lisa Taylor To All Panelists : i can hear you fine
19:07:04 From Carole Prestedge To All Panelists : i know sorry my computer is old and so am I
19:07:07 From Sam Morgan-Walker : Sounds good here
19:07:09 From Di Nicholson : you are quiet
19:07:17 From Karen : All good here
19:07:18 From kate To All Panelists : You sound really clear x
19:07:20 From Lesley Gillingham To All Panelists : can hear fine thank you.
19:07:21 From Bridgid : Evening Karen
19:07:21 From Kelly To All Panelists : hello everyone!

19:07:24 From Jason Halliday : sounds good hear
19:07:29 From Cait To All Panelists : Evening
19:07:30 From Bruna Stanford To All Panelists : the microphone is fine we can hear you clearly..thank you!
19:07:31 From Jacqui : if quiet use headphones
19:07:31 From Angie Campbell To All Panelists : Headphones are the way to go xxx
19:07:36 From Susy To All Panelists : can hear guys loud & clear üòä
19:08:23 From Ian : lol
19:08:36 From Robert To All Panelists : Sound good here. Speaker üîà helps.
19:08:40 From Bridgid : and we love you for it
19:08:49 From Ian : Really?
19:08:54 From Fae : Wigan kebab üòÅ
19:08:58 From Karen : Woohoo - pie butty - although I love a chip butty (or crisps)
19:09:03 From Norna Cook : only when we are drunk!
19:09:07 From Angie Campbell To All Panelists : Yes!!!! from Preston xxx
19:09:08 From Robert Staley : That's unusual
19:09:22 From Jacqueline : hi guys lovely to see you both again my sounds very good
19:09:37 From ann To All Panelists : sounds good.
19:09:40 From Andy Jukes To All Panelists : üòÇüòÇ
19:10:06 From Ian : Lol Norma
19:10:15 From Bridgid : oooh wait til I get my drum

19:10:16 From Norna Cook : :)
19:10:26 From Leonard To All Panelists : finally got here
19:10:29 From maxine dubois To All Panelists : using drum i made with you!!!
19:10:40 From Karen To All Panelists : rattling my runes!
19:10:41 From Carole Prestedge To All Panelists : will ceremony be recorded
19:10:46 From Rita To All Panelists : rattle at the ready xx
19:10:54 From Peter : crow rattles sound perfect
19:10:57 From Carole Prestedge To All Panelists : going to slip away my computer and wifi is not good tonight
19:11:03 From Jacqueline : been waiting for this drums loving it
19:11:11 From Elizabeth Hale : is everyone on all panelist’s and attendees?
19:11:11 From Carole Prestedge To All Panelists : thank you xx Beltane blessings
19:11:18 From Amanda : using the drum you very kindly birthed for me when the workshop was cancelled :)

19:11:25 From Leonard To All Panelists : been drumming today
19:11:57 From Alison Redgrove To All Panelists : using a tonque drum in the key of g .. serms to wirk
19:18:27 From Norna Cook : Towneley <3
19:18:41 From Lois Christie : thank you for that nicola!
19:18:46 From georgie : Ah Norma are you from Burnley too?
19:18:51 From Norna Cook : yes!
19:18:55 From georgie : Norna even sorry
19:18:55 From Kevin To All Panelists : Beltaine blessings everyone!
19:18:56 From Roberta Ardern To All Panelists : Sorry to be late!
19:19:01 From Norna Cook : no worries!
19:19:17 From Paetra : Thorncombe Woods in Dorset
19:19:22 From Karen : ‚úÖ
19:19:23 From Debi : ah thank you - lovely meditation. unknown to me this is exactly what I did three days ago & took a photo of me standing at the foot of a Beech tree because the leaves shine as the sun hit them 💕 not only heard a Woodpecker but watched one that day 🥰🥰

19:19:30 From Rebecca Woods : lovely guided meditation
19:19:38 From claire : hi, that was lovely
19:19:41 From Stephen Black To All Panelists : My aunt 16 acowns a bluebell woods
19:19:41 From Kevin : Belataine blessings everyone!
19:19:41 From petersleigh : Hi from Pete in Buxton, Derbyshire.
19:19:44 From Nell Gibbs : Sorry I didn't have it set right. Hello all from NELL
19:19:55 From georgie : Towneley is magical.
19:20:04 From Alison Redgrove : loved that. really settled into our time together. thank you
19:20:05 From Roberta Ardern : Hi from south east London
19:20:35 From Cait : Hi from Putney Sw London x
19:20:41 From Stephen Black : My aunt owns 16 hectares of woodland local to her as a memory to my cousin who passed.
19:20:41 From Jennifer : Hi from Arnside xxx
19:20:55 From Fire : Hi all from Harrow London

19:20:57 From vix Cameron To All Panelists : just checking no one can hear my dogs barking? hello.
19:20:59 From Maxine Alexander To All Panelists : Blessings for Beltane from Glastonbury x🙏🏼🌈
19:21:03 From Carol Noon : beltane blessings
19:21:11 From Kevin : Hello from Blackpool
19:21:14 From Ian : Hi Roberta, anywhere near Orpington....?
19:21:18 From Amy Boud To All Panelists : Hi from Ulverston!
19:21:25 From Bridgid : I'm just grounding myself with some chocolate
19:21:26 From Kelly BRITTLETON : hello from Kelly, Beltane Blessings
19:21:28 From Christina Pfeifer To All Panelists : Sorry for being late. Was spontaneously invited for dinner. Can’t say no to good friends in this day and age.
19:21:36 From Janet Brown : Hellofrom Glossop xx
19:21:38 From Karen : Yum Chocolate - good idea
19:21:42 From Andrew To All Panelists : Hi all, I’m Andrew from Bugle in Cornwall.
19:21:50 From Stephen Black : Thank you
19:22:03 From Helene : Hi from Helene in Poole, blessed be to everyone
19:22:18 From Bridgid : oh yes Karen the Sea and Chocolate, or Salted Chocolate bonus...….
19:22:27 From Karen : :)
19:22:44 From Alison Redgrove : i have been attempting illuniated lettering on pebbles to make herb markers. Very centreing
19:22:50 From Paetra : hello Helene from west dorset, paetra
19:23:04 From Ian : Been like a Magpie today, gathering hear and there....:]
19:23:11 From Gary : hi to everyone
19:23:14 From Terry : Hi from Yellowham Woods, Dorchester
19:23:36 From Alison Redgrove : love that idea of gathering things
19:23:52 From Ian : :)

19:24:11 From lorna To All Panelists : hello from Lorna in East Lothian üòÉ
19:24:21 From Tracey To All Panelists : bight blessings from blackpool xxx
19:25:06 From Bridgid : Hail and Welcome
19:25:20 From Debi : Ian, me too this week I’ve gathered literal items & photographs of the wildlife/flowers I’ve seen.
19:25:31 From Kelly BRITTLETON : Hail and welcome
19:25:57 From Bridgid : Hail and Welcome
19:26:04 From Donna : My pooch just joined with some air of her own ….nearly knocked me out!
19:26:12 From Norna Cook : lol
19:26:17 From Ian : Ive been visiting lots of festivals, gathering knowledge....good to settle down!
19:26:39 From Debi : 😂🤣 Donna
19:26:49 From Stephen Black : I'm do my own version of this ritual morning and night
19:26:52 From Bridgid : Hail and Welcome
19:27:51 From Bridgid : Hail and Welcome
19:29:03 From Bridgid : Hail and Welcome
19:29:17 From Rita : hail & we

19:29:18 From Ian : Hail and Welcome
19:29:26 From Donald Johnstone : Hail and welcome
19:29:28 From Kyla : Hail and welcome everyone
19:29:28 From Stephen Black : Very powerful hail and welcome to you both
19:29:33 From Kelly BRITTLETON : hail and welcome
19:29:35 From Judy Claughton To All Panelists : Hail and welcome x
19:29:36 From Tara Malyon : Hail and welcome all :)
19:29:39 From jo : hail and welcome
19:29:39 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Hail and welcome
19:29:45 From Susy : hail and welcome and thank you all
19:29:45 From Paetra : hail & welcome üåø
19:29:47 From Jason Halliday : Hail and welcome all
19:29:55 From Gina To All Panelists : hail and welcome
19:29:55 From Galaxy A70 : Hail and Welcome
19:30:09 From Bridgid : gave me a shiver which is my guides calling card, thank you, Hail and Welcome

19:30:10 From Karen Barry To All Panelists : Hail & Welcome
19:30:11 From gina : hail and welcome one and all x
19:30:14 From Phoebe Spence To All Panelists : Hail and welcome all
19:30:15 From Lesley Gillingham : the clarity of the skies is beautiful to see.
19:31:31 From Bridgid : saw my first hawthorn bush yesterday in Stockton Brook, Stoke on Trent
19:31:35 From Patsy : May blossom has been out for 3 weeks in the midlands
19:31:45 From Karen : Yes, 3 weeks in Wirral
19:31:49 From georgie : just budding here
19:32:07 From Debi : been photographing & watching Hawthorn all week on my daily walks 🥰
19:32:15 From Jonathan To All Panelists : I give great thanks I have seen this Beltane, even though it has never been more poignant and emotionally charged.
19:32:34 From Deborah : the smell of the may blossom is lovely

19:32:43 From Jonathan : I give great thanks I have seen this Beltane, even though it has never been more poignant and emotionally charged.
19:32:49 From Stephen Black : I'm so pleased to be part of this, I have an altar in my room and my wife who is pregnant is an angelic wiccan has two altars so we both adore nature and the spirits.
19:32:54 From Bridgid : and took over
19:32:55 From Ian : Indeed Deborah

Opening discussion

19:33:33 From Norna Cook : I was May Queen at school ....
19:33:34 From Stephen Black : She is training to be a crystal Healer and a crystal healing practitioner
19:34:18 From Jason Halliday : I'm hoping this will help me clear what is blocking connecting to the spirit world
19:34:21 From Karen : Crystals are wonderful. Such gifts of earth
19:34:43 From Ian : Maypole Dancing is pure Joy!!!!
19:35:10 From Lorna : Is there a way I can turn off the chat facility as every time someone comments it pops up over the top of Nicola and Jason. Not that I don’t want to see what you are saying of course. :-D

19:35:10 From Stephen Black : Very interesting
19:35:12 From Bridgid : I have a Citrine, Rose Quartz and Amethyst in my Shamanic pouch
19:35:26 From Alison Redgrove : Halsway Manor here always had a May pole as part of their Festivities
19:35:29 From Ann : Ann K you are bringing back childhood memories with dancing round the maypole
19:35:46 From Stephen Black : Wow bridgid sound lovely
19:35:47 From Alison Redgrove : thats really fascinating Jason
19:36:01 From Stephen Black : I use crystals on my altar
19:36:11 From Jo D : If you click the chat button at the bottom of the screen, it will move to the side?

19:36:16 From Gill To All Panelists : Please use Woman instead of "Lady".
19:36:16 From Debi : Brigid I’ve just completed a Shamanic course (tonight) & next on my list for this lockdown is Crystal Healing 🥰
19:36:45 From Lorna To All Panelists : thank you Jo :-D
19:36:51 From Stephen Black : Debi well done
19:36:57 From Ann : Ann K I use crystals with Reiki healing
19:37:11 From lorna To All Panelists : well said! üòÉüíöüíû
19:37:15 From Bridgid : Love my crystals Stephen, I'm about a third of the way through the Shamanic course, keep having to stop the videos to write things down lol
19:37:57 From Kyla : It's 9:00pm somewhere in the world haha.
19:37:59 From Bridgid : Like you Debi I'm making my way through the courses on The Way of the Buzzard

19:38:20 From Ian : Hooray! Hooray for th 1st of May, Outdoor ******* starts today! :)
19:38:23 From Fae : I listened to you in the Beltane course today reciting this, love it üòÅx
19:38:30 From Gill : We are WOMEN not "ladies"
19:38:40 From annie To All Panelists : how do I turn it off please
19:38:44 From Sue To All Panelists : I wish I could work out how to do that!
19:38:47 From Jackie Jones To All Panelists : Click the down arrow in top left of the pop out and it closes the screen
19:38:51 From Bridgid : xx
19:39:02 From Peter : Chat's pop up on main screen - so no chat!
19:39:08 From Cait : On the phone chat pops up
19:39:11 From Tracy : there’s a bell symbol click on it
19:39:15 From Debi : open up your chat & click the bell in the corner it will cross out
19:39:15 From jo : click on the chat sign
19:39:16 From Jean : Just clik on Full screen to hide chat
19:39:16 From annie To All Panelists : thanks

19:39:16 From Karen : If you clich chat it goes off (toggles on and off)
19:39:17 From christine : click where it says full screen top right
19:39:18 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Click the chat icon at bottom middle and it will disappear, click again to open
19:39:19 From Tara Malyon : Go on full screen and it goes
19:39:21 From Tracy : on phone
19:39:22 From Stephanie : Three is a little down arrow at the top left side of the chat box
19:39:22 From Fae : a bell in the right corner, press it and mute
19:39:26 From Lesley Gillingham To All Panelists : should be a word close at the top left
19:39:31 From Tracy : bell symbol on phone
19:39:37 From Kris : Top of chat there a drop down, close or pop out,
19:39:38 From Tracy : top right

19:39:39 From Jacqui : bell on phone too
19:39:39 From Jojo : bell on phone tooüëç
19:39:42 From Avril : same in the phone bell sign then put on mute
19:39:44 From Bruce To All Panelists : the bell is on phone too too right
19:39:46 From Bruce To All Panelists : top
19:39:49 From Jacqui : I’m a lady!
19:39:55 From Helen : bell on iPad to mute
19:39:55 From Debi : bell is on the phone - too right on iPhone, but has to be once chat is open
19:40:00 From Jo D : I don't mind being called a lady Jason, I know what you mean
19:40:12 From Jacqui : I don’t mind really 😀
19:48:42 From Rita : beautiful ❤️
19:48:47 From Sandra To All Panelists : wow
19:48:47 From Jacqui : Beautiful.
19:48:50 From Fae : lovely
19:48:51 From Debi : üíï
19:48:51 From maxine dubois : beautiful x

19:48:52 From Sharon Lerpiniere : In a
19:48:54 From Stephen Black : Powerful, very beautiful
19:48:56 From Patsy : Beautiful <3
19:48:57 From Lisa Taylor To All Panelists : that was lovely thank you
19:48:57 From Gina To All Panelists : that was beautiful
19:48:58 From Donald Johnstone : beautiful
19:48:58 From Galaxy A70 : that was sooo beautiful
19:48:59 From Tara Malyon : That was beautiful
19:49:01 From sue webster To All Panelists : wow so evocative
19:49:02 From Karen : Very evocative..
19:49:02 From Lisa Adamson : that was lovely

19:49:03 From Lisa Howard To All Panelists : Thank you Jason - that was wonderful xx
19:49:03 From Jennifer : Beautiful
19:49:04 From Susy To All Panelists : simply beautiful
19:49:05 From Tiffani : really lovely
19:49:06 From Shona To All Panelists : ❤️🌻🌱
19:49:06 From vix Cameron To All Panelists : loved that. ❤️
19:49:06 From allison : beautiful
19:49:06 From jo : beautiful
19:49:07 From Alison Redgrove : wow. Just beautiful. thank you
19:49:08 From Anne : yes beautiful x
19:49:09 From Belinda : Absolutely stunning
19:49:11 From Xperia Z5 To All Panelists : love it♥️
19:49:12 From Ann : Ann K wonderful
19:49:14 From di : beautiful
19:49:21 From Ian : Beautiful!

19:49:24 From Anne Marie To All Panelists : Thank You very beautiful
19:49:24 From annie To All Panelists : entrancing
19:49:29 From Jonathan : well crafted, as the spear!
19:49:40 From Lisa Adamson : baby coots! they're the cutest things ever
19:49:42 From Holly : Birds singing
19:49:42 From Karen Barry To All Panelists : beautiful
19:49:43 From Lyndsey : Beautiful, so moving thank you Jason
19:49:44 From Elaine Wilkinson : lambs
19:49:46 From Lisa Taylor To All Panelists : my garden is coming to life, seeing changes every day
19:49:49 From Sue To All Panelists : birds singing and mating
19:49:51 From Ian : Bluebells
19:49:52 From Stephanie : birds eggs

19:49:53 From Gill : birds nesting
19:49:54 From Lisa Adamson : hehe like little monks
19:49:54 From Peter : blackbirds and magpies chasing each other
19:49:57 From Xperia Z5 To All Panelists : growth,enlightenment,peace
19:49:57 From Stephen Black : Lots of birds
19:49:57 From Holly : Swallows back from Africa
19:50:01 From Galaxy A70 : Red kites nesting
19:50:03 From Christina Pfeifer To All Panelists : Birds are nesting, Everything is blooming.
19:50:04 From Rhona Graham : I have a young hare in my garden
19:50:04 From Elaine Wilkinson : puffins
19:50:04 From Janet Brown : Ducklings and moor hen babies
19:50:04 From Lisa Adamson : yep!
19:50:06 From Lisa : Ferns unfurling..
19:50:06 From Helen : swan on the nest by the river
19:50:09 From Fiona Holmes To All Panelists : new copper beech leaves unfurling,calves and lambs
19:50:09 From Jo D : A tree that burst into leaf in the space of a day
19:50:09 From Gill : cuckoo calling

19:50:09 From Paetra : birds noisier than ever
19:50:09 From jo : hearing a lot more birds singing, a pair of doves are calling to each other
19:50:10 From Ann : ive got baby lambs and swallows back in stables Ann K
19:50:10 From Ian : Oak & Hornbeams unfurling fresh lime green leaves
19:50:11 From Emma : Lots of lovely lush new green plant life
19:50:11 From Betty Weltz : Goldfinches are back
19:50:11 From Helene : my dog in season
19:50:13 From Julie To All Panelists : rooks nesting
19:50:13 From Tara Malyon : Squirrels busying
19:50:13 From Eve Bessant : lots of busy birds in our garden
19:50:15 From Jackie Jones To All Panelists : The Hawthorn is blooming and what is beautiful is how the blossom is flowing the day length..

19:50:16 From Leonard : ducklings
19:50:16 From Gary : orange tip butterflies laying their eggs on ladys smock
19:50:17 From Robert Staley : The lovely smell of rain on grass
19:50:17 From Liz : the currants are pollinated and are starting to swell
19:50:18 From Alison Redgrove : lime green leaves of the beach trees . Rabbits on my cliffs. house martins
19:50:18 From kate To All Panelists : Cuckoo!
19:50:19 From Vicky : Ramson flowers
19:50:19 From Xperia Z5 To All Panelists : lots of songs
19:50:19 From Sonya : we picked up baby pine cones
19:50:19 From Belinda : bumblebees buzzing around
19:50:20 From Debi : I’ve seen Grass Snakes sunning themselves & watched the Hawthorn burst into flower. even seen Sweet Viola
19:50:21 From Karen : Seedlings showing the promise of homemade veg...
19:50:22 From Sheila : tadpoles
19:50:23 From Tiffani : love the swallows
19:50:23 From Debbie To All Panelists : Varieties of creatures not seen for some years
19:50:24 From Galaxy Tab S4 : hearing the cockcoo
19:50:24 From Helen Groom : Cuckoo returning for spring
19:50:25 From Tara Malyon : snow drops
19:50:26 From gina : blue tits nesting in our garden x
19:50:26 From Tracey To All Panelists : bluebells

19:50:26 From Gaynor : my mason bees hatching from cocoons
19:50:27 From Sue Buck-Williams : the garden bursting forth
19:50:28 From Mark Hellmann : new life our pond in the village has duckling, baby geese and swans nesting
19:50:28 From Stephanie Cartwright : the smell of bluebells in the air
19:50:29 From Emma : swallows, blue tits and blackbirds nesting
19:50:30 From di : blossom lovely dawn chorus
19:50:30 From Sue : Bittern booming
19:50:33 From Karen Barry To All Panelists : Red kites, wood peckers,owls
19:50:33 From Leonard : Hornthorn blossom
19:50:33 From Ian : Honeysuckle sprouting
19:50:34 From Lesley Gillingham : sense the energy, the smells, birds getting louder.
19:50:34 From Bridgid : I saw white bluebells yesterday
19:50:35 From Elaine Wilkinson : terns on shetland
19:50:36 From Helen : herons fishing
19:50:36 From Louise Pearson : apple blossom
19:50:39 From Jackie Jones To All Panelists : The dandelions have clocked and the cow parsley is flowering

19:50:40 From Roberta Ardern : Bluebells - hearing a woodpecker
19:50:40 From Jayne Missoni To All Panelists : Baby birds, pigeons, new life springing from the earth, trees filling with leave
19:50:40 From Kelly BRITTLETON : the bird song is incredible, I was awake just before dawn this a.m and it was magical how the chorus begins…
19:50:41 From Stephanie : flowers coming up everywhere
19:50:41 From Xperia Z5 To All Panelists : sweet nature unfolding
19:50:42 From Jill : Baby birds in nest boxes nearby, ducklings, tadpoles, all kinds of blossom and leaves on trees, white hawthorn blossom, down blossom
19:50:42 From Paul Degnan : The mating call of the snipe
19:50:42 From Ian : Bramble shoots
19:50:42 From Paula Taylor : Young swan arrived at the small lake on my morning walk
19:50:43 From Galaxy A40 To All Panelists : birds gathering nesting materials
19:50:45 From Gill : newts dancing, wriggling in pond
19:50:46 From Rob : Dawn chorus....

19:50:46 From Janet Brown : lots of bees coming round
19:50:47 From Patsy : nest building, baby rabbits, lambs, trees burtsting into leaf flowers bursting ot, and we have cuckoos tpp
19:50:47 From Debi : I’ve photographed a fern over the last week from frond to leaf
19:50:50 From Betty Weltz : Bumblebees
19:50:52 From Amanda : tadpoles
19:50:53 From Paetra : wild flowers at their best
19:50:54 From Rebecca : crow couples dancing and singing together
19:50:55 From Leonard : smell of mowed grass
19:50:55 From Holly : Fish leaping
19:50:55 From Tara Malyon : blossom all around
19:50:56 From Norna Cook : I am so lucky to have an allotment in a gorgeous part of the outskirts of my town, I am up there most days :)
19:50:57 From Bridgid : a nesting swan
19:50:57 From Helen Groom : Heard our first Cuckoo here in Leigh this week
19:50:58 From Avril To All Panelists : horse chestnut candles
19:50:59 From Sue Buck-Williams : Bees!
19:51:05 From di : heard cuckoo for the last few days early morning
19:51:05 From Liz : may in wedding cake glory
19:51:07 From Phoebe Spence To All Panelists : tadpoles swimming vigorously
19:51:10 From kate To All Panelists : We’ve got them in south lakes the cuckoo’s a sound full spring joy!

19:51:11 From Kyla : We have found a blackbird egg shell in a plant pot. And many species of birds roaming around the garden, including pheasants. Many bees having been buzzing around as well.
19:51:11 From Tara Malyon : Clevers and nettles thriving
19:51:13 From Elizabeth Hale : clouds are changing!
19:51:14 From Robert : stags bellowing
19:51:16 From Ian : Loads in Essex
19:51:17 From Sharon Lerpiniere : I spent time with a Horse Chestnut tree in a place far off the beaten track, it was sprouting buds all over it, in it's bark, and at the base. She is so gentle and beautiful, we had a short chat when I meditated under her branches
19:51:18 From Mark Hellmann : wild garlic is one of my favourite sign of spring x
19:51:20 From Iris : sunflower seeds springing to life thrush nesting in in my garden
19:51:21 From Julie Binns To All Panelists : wild garlic
19:51:22 From Jayne Missoni To All Panelists : Bees buzzing about
19:51:22 From allison : Moorhen sat on nest on banks of river
19:51:22 From Stephen Black : Im Kent based
19:51:24 From Lisa Taylor To All Panelists : a very vocal black bird in our neighbourhoos
19:51:24 From Holly : People partying in their gardens in the sunshine!
19:51:27 From Debbie To All Panelists : bees seeking
19:51:29 From Gina To All Panelists : I have robins nesting in the hedge, all the greenery around me is growing, flowers are opening in the garden, lots of birds bees and butterflies around here in wiltshire
19:51:31 From Paul Degnan : Men and women smiling
19:51:32 From Helen : comfrey about to flower
19:51:33 From Sue To All Panelists : lots of bumble bees

19:51:33 From Jai : Like you, I am being gifted baby bunnies
19:51:35 From Jayne Missoni To All Panelists : Insects coming to life
19:51:36 From Rob : I have a hornbeam in my garden and watch its leaves exactly in the way you said...!
19:51:40 From Galaxy Tab S4 : seeing Early Purple Orchids for the first ever
19:51:41 From annie cunningham : hares boxing and stoats out chasing each other, bluebells, woodpecker drumming.
19:51:41 From Fire : My vegetables are putting on growth
19:51:42 From John : Hornbeam at Cuerden near the walked garden Jason
19:51:47 From Ian : Brimstone Butterflies
19:51:55 From Julie To All Panelists : baby hairs
19:52:05 From Lisa Adamson : there seems to be so much more wildlife this year because we're all tucked away indoors
19:52:06 From Tara Malyon : bees beutiful

19:52:06 From Sue Buck-Williams : Tadpoles
19:52:10 From Jayne Missoni To All Panelists : Hedgehogs mating every evening in my garden haha
19:52:10 From Iris : we have a hornbeam on Chances park in Carlisle
19:52:11 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Lots of new bracket fungus, the rain eroding the soil nearby created a new waterfall
19:52:12 From Catherine : Foraging wild garlic, nettles and cleavers...lovely soup and pesto
19:52:13 From georgie : Saw the first ducklings this week - always joyous
19:52:13 From Fausta : new leaves and huge bumble bees - wind through
19:52:13 From Vicky : We glibly talk of nature's laws, but do things have a natural cause? Black earth turned into yellow crocus, is undisputed hocus pocus. Piet Hein
19:52:17 From Fae : beautiful hawthorn flowers, more coming out each day...the smell is Devine
19:52:20 From Alison Redgrove : my vegetables pushing up through the soil
19:52:20 From Stephen Black : White feathers, so my angels are watching my mum and cousin
19:52:24 From Eve Bessant : my wildflower seeds growing and growing
19:52:28 From Ian : Grey Squirrels scampering about
19:52:32 From Debi : yes - 3!

19:52:33 From Helen : wild garlic flowers everywhere in the wood
19:52:35 From Nokia 6 : delicate mayflowers
19:52:36 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Lots of birds and bees, I saw a large Hornet
19:52:37 From Bridgid : my little cherry tree is beginning to show lots of baby cherries
19:52:41 From Paetra : slow worms üêõ in garden
19:52:42 From Betty Weltz : Cow parsley everywhere
19:52:42 From Louise : An adder on Dartmoor
19:52:42 From Jonathan : radishes sending out heart shaped first seedling leaves, just 7 days in mother Earth!
19:52:47 From Lisa Adamson : i saw silver
19:52:48 From Willow : Sand lizards
19:52:48 From Xperia Z5 To All Panelists : fresh and vibrant.Butterflies abundant
19:52:50 From Jill Bowis To All Panelists : our chocolate muscovy hatched ducklings : orange tip butterflies, swallow and cuckoos, ransoms to eat and preserving, gorse flowers harvested for gin,

19:52:51 From Julie Devlin : Nightingales in our beech trees
19:52:52 From Lisa Adamson : silver bees lol
19:52:55 From Rita : comfry going crazy
19:52:57 From Paetra : adders in the woods
19:52:59 From Lisa : Apple blossom
19:53:00 From Tara Malyon : deer at dawn
19:53:05 From Claire : elderflower budding
19:53:06 From Debbie To All Panelists : rhododendron bloom about to pop
19:53:09 From Lisa Taylor To All Panelists : fat green caterpillars
19:53:12 From Norna Cook : allium growing nicely
19:53:12 From Carol Noon : egg shells that have hatched
19:53:13 From Gill : viviparous lizards mating dances
19:53:13 From Kevin : blossom
19:53:14 From Fausta : tawny owl chicks
19:53:20 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Fish in the canal, in the lakes
19:53:23 From Steve : woods have turned from bare brown branches to an abundance of green leaves. Brown soil turned to bright yellow rape seed.
19:53:23 From Julie : baby hares
19:53:24 From Xperia Z5 To All Panelists : swallows getting excited in last years nest
19:53:24 From Ian : Exquisite Wood Anemones flowers
19:53:26 From jess : lilac tree heavy with blossom heady with scent
19:53:26 From Tracy : lambs and calves
19:53:27 From Penny : little fluffy ducklings
19:53:29 From Galaxy Tab S4 : all of nature seems to be far more vibrant this year
19:53:29 From Holly : Holly blue butterflies emerging to mate and lay eggs
19:53:31 From Stephen Black : White feathers, so my angels are watching my mum and cousin
19:53:32 From Fire : Newts in my wildlife pond

19:53:35 From Kris : Wild garlic
19:53:37 From Kevin : pear blossom
19:53:42 From Ian : Drumming Woodpeckers
19:53:42 From Sharon Lerpiniere : my spring bulbs are all emerging
19:53:47 From Jayne Missoni To All Panelists : Crows cawing
19:53:50 From Xperia Z5 To All Panelists : ducks calling
19:53:51 From Ruth Overington To All Panelists : slow worm
19:53:54 From Patsy : lilac
19:53:57 From Leonard : there's a monk who has a built a Japanese garden. tree colours
19:53:59 From Holly : snipe sounds like a squeaky gate!
19:53:59 From Jayne Missoni To All Panelists : Stunning sunsets
19:54:01 From Lisa : Frogs
19:54:02 From Kathryn Phillips To All Panelists : tadpoles
19:54:02 From Fiona Holmes To All Panelists : woodpeckers waffling
19:54:02 From Sue To All Panelists : hawthorn now in flower full of great tits
19:54:05 From Bethan Fletcher : Beltane=Bluebells, Blackbirds, Bees, all birdsong,bright sunshine, blue skies, blossoms, new growth xxx

19:54:06 From Iain To All Panelists : Hello EVERYONE Iain here listening will feasting tonight so may be slow tonightThe charge in the Air this MORNING
19:54:07 From Ian : Robins, Bluebirds gathering for nest building
19:54:12 From Iris : deer reclaiming school grounds while the children at home
19:54:18 From Steve P To All Panelists : the warm smell of the rain
19:54:23 From Ian : Blue Tits Imeant! lol
19:54:25 From Lisa : jack in the hedge
19:54:26 From Elizabeth Hale : pussy willow seeds drifting like white fairies.
19:54:27 From Mark Hellmann : my first batch of nettle soup
19:54:27 From Xperia Z5 To All Panelists : lots of magpies

19:54:29 From Stephen Black : White feathers, so my angels are watching my mum and cousin
19:54:29 From Jill : White and purple lilac
19:54:31 From Sharon Lerpiniere : where I live they haven't been able to cut the grass, we have lots of insect and animal life
19:54:32 From Leonard : clean moving water
19:54:40 From Jayne Missoni To All Panelists : Freshness
19:54:47 From Xperia Z5 To All Panelists : friendly robins
19:54:50 From Hazel : Slow work out of hibernation
19:54:55 From Paetra : edible early dandelion leaves
19:54:58 From Catherine : Cuckoos and Mistle Thrushes this morning.
19:55:02 From Susan Blunt : We’ve got more time to notice this year wm ear
19:55:06 From Enza : the light green of the trees, breath taking!
19:55:14 From Sonya : seen a dragon in the clouds
19:55:16 From Rita : sooo many rabbits x

19:55:30 From Rhona Graham : Many young bambi around Nicola…
19:55:30 From Deborah : daisies and dandelion everywhere. take their chance
19:55:31 From Paul Degnan : Snake head fritillary
19:55:31 From Fiona Holmes To All Panelists : woodpeckers yaffling
19:55:33 From HONOR 8S To All Panelists : Just made cleaver tea for the first time
19:55:42 From Sue To All Panelists : birds getting more confident - crow, magpie and robing have come closer to me when sitting in the garden
19:55:43 From Christina Pfeifer To All Panelists : The coconut smell of gorse.
19:55:43 From Leonard : drumming in the sun rise
19:55:45 From Vicky : Nettle tea. Tiny Holly flowers.

19:55:49 From Mark Hellmann : first rays of sun on my skin x
19:55:51 From Cait : Wysteria flowering
19:55:52 From Hazel : Slowworm out of hibernation.
19:56:00 From Carol Noon : lots of dandelions turning to clocks
19:56:03 From Ian : Lol!!!
19:56:09 From georgie : lol they are noisy
19:56:18 From claire : forget me nots, peonies and rose buds
19:56:21 From Julie Binns To All Panelists : wild meadows
19:56:23 From Sharon Lerpiniere : being woken and lulled to sleep by birdsong
19:56:26 From Bridgid : drumming when everyone else is clapping for the nhs on Thursday lol
19:56:30 From Debbie To All Panelists : current blossom
19:56:39 From Ian : Blackbird singing lustily
19:56:47 From Stephanie : the call of the wren
19:56:48 From Di Nicholson : Beautiful sun rise and sunsets and chorus of the bird
19:56:52 From Sue To All Panelists : a new word I heard yesterday “petrichor “ love it 🥰
19:56:55 From di : I drum to instead of clapping
19:57:06 From Tara Malyon : Robin song bringing joy
19:57:07 From Cait : Bats are flying in the twilight
19:57:14 From Patsy : I drum for NHS too
19:57:19 From Ian : Yes Bats!
19:57:19 From Kyla : Same here
19:57:20 From Niccola Smith : Bees butterflies and poppies

19:57:25 From Debi : squeaky gate sound we hear a lot - thank you for that information üòä
19:57:29 From Steve P To All Panelists : the warm smell of the rain
19:57:47 From Cait : Stag beatles are out
19:58:11 From Sharon Lerpiniere : lots of yellow and orange poppies in my flower beds. Herbs, sage, rosemary, lavender, and many more growing in profusion
19:58:17 From Kyla : I use my drum for the NHS clapping as well, the sparrows in the hedge always watch me.
19:58:24 From Anne To All Panelists : wild garlic
19:58:33 From Julie Binns : wild primrose
19:58:38 From Holly : I love to see stag beetles flying! It doesn't look easy with those massive jaws :D
19:58:42 From Niccola Smith : the sound is going wrong
19:58:58 From Lisa Taylor To All Panelists : nope
19:59:00 From Leonard : no
19:59:01 From annie : no
19:59:03 From Ian : No prob
19:59:04 From Rita : no
19:59:04 From Rhona Graham : No all good here

19:59:05 From Janet Brown : no problems x
19:59:06 From Di Nicholson : Fading
19:59:06 From Cait : no
19:59:06 From Jacqui : no
19:59:06 From Stephen Black : No
19:59:06 From Holly : Sounds ok to me
19:59:06 From Galaxy A70 : bo
19:59:07 From Lolly : fine here
19:59:08 From Sharon Lerpiniere : no sound problems here
19:59:09 From Helen Groom : no problems
19:59:10 From Christina Pfeifer To All Panelists : all fine here
19:59:10 From Karen : sound is fine
19:59:10 From Tara Malyon : all good
19:59:11 From Bridgid : no probs here
19:59:13 From Bruce : mines ok
19:59:13 From Fausta : no problem
19:59:14 From Helen : all good
19:59:15 From Leonard : head phones
19:59:15 From Susy To All Panelists : sound all good!
19:59:18 From Bruna Stanford To All Panelists : no all fine. It could be the wi-fi connection..
19:59:25 From Stephen Black : Nicola use headphones I am
19:59:26 From Steve P To All Panelists : fine

19:59:27 From Niccola Smith : it was on go slow in and out
20:00:11 From Leonard : I have no garden so I normally head oof to a local country park
20:00:18 From Marion Boyle To All Panelists : Apple blossom is lovely
20:00:21 From Bridgid : do you have others using the internet in your house Niccola?
20:00:31 From Helen : nature reserve and country areas roped off hear in west sussex
20:00:44 From Norna Cook : Dry days, take off those socks and shoes and Earth yourself on the grass :)
20:01:01 From Pam : missing being able to get to the woods for the bluebells this year
20:01:06 From Sharon Lerpiniere : oh yeah Norma, love being barefoot
20:01:13 From Helene : yes, green is really something I can lose my eyes in
20:01:16 From Norna Cook : wonderful ...
20:01:17 From Bridgid : I've been drawn to the colour green over the past few weeks and I'm really not a green person
20:01:17 From Leonard : used the image of green foliage and woods
20:01:18 From Alison Redgrove : me too Pam
20:01:25 From Christina Pfeifer To All Panelists : Norma, yes, That’s the best.
20:01:33 From Christina Pfeifer To All Panelists : Sorry, Norna

20:01:37 From Jill : Your videos in the Mystery School are very good for this as they are so beautiful
20:01:45 From Roz To All Panelists : got bluebells in my garden
20:01:48 From Stephen Black : We miss my aunts woods, we visit their when we can.
20:02:01 From di : missing being on the water, sea, river and by waterfalls
20:02:03 From Julie : hairy leged women
20:02:18 From Ian : Lol Julie!
20:02:29 From Emma : I watched that BBC documentary about bringing the sheep in off the hills in the Lake District. Found that really calming.
20:02:29 From Helene : yay Julie
20:02:34 From lorna To All Panelists : l love you guys üíûüíö
20:02:34 From Bridgid : no waxing, I miss waxing lol
20:02:44 From Christina Pfeifer To All Panelists : Hair rocks!!!!
20:02:49 From Leonard : I never wax
20:02:53 From Godfrey : I have to leave you now good people all, blessings of plenty to all. Thankyou for holding such beautiful and welcoming space.😊
20:03:08 From Bridgid : bright blessings Godfrey

20:03:10 From Karen : Beltane blessings, Godfrey
20:03:33 From Eve Bessant : try sugaring. look on the internet for instructions
20:03:48 From peter myers : blackbird singing in garden
20:09:12 From susan loftus : beautiful thank you susan

Response to The Film

​20:09:36 From Steve P To All Panelists : this is a beautiful vision thank you
20:12:09 From alexandra wild : Beautiful
20:12:12 From Andy Jukes To All Panelists : so calming
20:12:15 From Charlotte bell To All Panelists : beautiful
20:12:16 From Christina Pfeifer : That was beautiful.
20:12:16 From Ian : Tears in my eye
20:12:17 From Lisa Howard To All Panelists : Splendid!
20:12:18 From Lisa Taylor To All Panelists : thanks, can i ask, was that wild garlic att he begining
20:12:19 From Helene : lovely
20:12:21 From Louise Robinson To All Panelists : ❤️❤️🙏🙏
20:12:21 From Lisa Taylor To All Panelists : the white floer
20:12:23 From Lisa : That was so beautiful. Thank youxx
20:12:23 From Debi : beautiful images & audio 🥰
20:12:23 From Anne : wow that was amazing x
20:12:23 From Fiona Holmes To All Panelists : magical magnificent
20:12:26 From Jayne Missoni To All Panelists : Feel like I’ve been on a walk through the woods… beautiful thank you
20:12:26 From Anne : so beautiful xx
20:12:26 From Enza : lovely images and birdsongs
20:12:28 From Leonard : marvellous
20:12:28 From Rebecca Woods : beautiful moonlight sonata
20:12:28 From Tracy : so beautiful thank you

20:12:29 From Lois Christie : wow...thank you <3
20:12:29 From lorna To All Panelists : your daughter is very talented.
20:12:31 From Stephanie : darn, you've made me cry
20:12:32 From Phoebe Spence To All Panelists : wonderful thank you
20:12:33 From Jennifer : stunning
20:12:34 From Alison Redgrove : so peaceful
20:12:38 From Galaxy S7 To All Panelists : That was amazing. B-)
20:12:38 From Fae : beautiful, and moon light sonata one of my favourites
20:12:39 From Nell Gibbs : I can feel my breathing has slowed right down. Thank you,
20:12:42 From John : Deep into the earth we go...
20:12:42 From Jo D : thank you xxxxxxxx
20:12:43 From Donald Johnstone : stunning
20:12:43 From Angie Campbell To All Panelists : 👏🏻👏🏻 brilliant, thank you ❤️
20:12:44 From Ian : Exquisite Blackbird Song
20:12:44 From Robert Staley : Excellent
20:12:45 From Lynne To All Panelists : beautiful nature
20:12:46 From Tara Malyon : Magical<3
20:12:47 From Belinda : Really moved me. Wonderful, thank you so much
20:12:48 From Peter To All Panelists : blackbird kept going after end
20:12:48 From Helen : Really enjoyed that

20:12:50 From Bridgid : totally re;axed
20:12:51 From Galaxy A10 : mother nature so beautiful
20:12:52 From Liz : wow fantastic loved the music
20:12:52 From Bethan Fletcher : Beautiful xx thank you so much xx
20:12:56 From lorna To All Panelists : beautiful bird sing too
20:12:58 From Ann : Ann K brilliant and soothing, but cat looking for bird!!
20:13:01 From jo : the bird song gave me sense of peace and shivers
20:13:02 From Galaxy A70 : I loved the shots of the sun literally shining through the beach leaves. moved me so much.
20:13:09 From Angelina : so beautiful the blackbird song peaceful
20:13:14 From Lyndsey : So lovely, got lost in nature thank you xx
20:13:14 From Tracy : my cat went unto a little chilled out trance with the beautiful music
20:13:14 From Bruna Stanford To All Panelists : beautiful.. the closest I got to a place like that wat Kenwood in North London...New to Havering... need to find a place around here
20:13:15 From Stephen Black : Stunning vid and beautiful plated

20:13:19 From vix Cameron To All Panelists : I’m replenished. thank you.
20:13:20 From Stephen Black : Played
20:13:27 From Robert : Wonderful! Sadly I have to go now but thank you everyone. Hail and farewell !
20:13:27 From Ian : Yes!!!
20:13:29 From Ayesha : my cat was looking for the bird as well!
20:13:37 From peter myers : blackbirds singing now in garden
20:13:38 From Jayne Missoni To All Panelists : I have quite a few blackbirds in my garden and their song is amazing - I feel privileged to hear them morning and night
20:13:50 From Janet Buckingham To All Panelists : hi, just joined
20:13:54 From lorna To All Panelists : amazing. enjoying being here so much
20:14:03 From vix Cameron To All Panelists : farewell Robert. stay safe.
20:14:04 From Janet Buckingham To All Panelists : janet
20:14:05 From Holly : Sorry, I need to leave now. Thanks - it has been lovely!
20:14:19 From Bridgid : david shrigley
20:14:30 From Leonard : David Shelly
20:14:36 From Iain To All Panelists : Wait that was stunning did y say Moonlight sernada Glen Miller?

20:14:57 From Norna Cook : I read that today!
20:15:01 From vix Cameron To All Panelists : bye Holly
20:15:01 From Jayne Missoni To All Panelists : me too
20:15:21 From Cait : Thank you many blessings I ned to leavetoo from Cait x
20:15:38 From vix Cameron To All Panelists : bye Cait
20:16:00 From Lisa : I think it's very exciting !
20:16:19 From Charlotte bell To All Panelists : yes I miss giving hugs
20:16:22 From Kris To All Panelists : Thank you for this evening, have thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately I am going to have to go now, will catch up on the recording tomorrow. Hope to catch up again, love from Kris in Cumbria. x
20:16:40 From Ian : Yes...I get frustrated im not making the best use of my time...
20:17:07 From lorna To All Panelists : Joanna Macy used that metaphor too. we are midwives birthing a new world

20:17:33 From Alison Redgrove : never under estimate the positivity of human presence. As a shiatsu practitioner this lock down is especially difficult so being creative is really helping
20:17:36 From Stephanie Cartwright : so sorry I have to leave but I will join again later on play back. thank you for holding the circle beautifully
20:17:39 From karen : thank you Nicola and Jason, need to leave now time to eat here. Will catch up on replay with the journey and remainder of the session. Beltane Blessings to everyone xx
20:18:05 From Simon To All Panelists : This lockdown has to be the most amazing opportunity. We have few bills to pay, so little need to make money. a great time to think out of the box, reinvent and look at new ways of doing things. i have been working hard and redesigned the way I run my business for example. Also liked at new projects and ventures. I’ve never had this amount of time to think and plan before. i miss my freedoms and my family, but this really has to be seen as an opportunity.
20:18:15 From jo : writing and guide keep reminding me, this week i have dwelling on starting to write again

20:18:26 From Simon : his lockdown has to be the most amazing opportunity. We have few bills to pay, so little need to make money. a great time to think out of the box, reinvent and look at new ways of doing things. i have been working hard and redesigned the way I run my business for example. Also liked at new projects and ventures. I’ve never had this amount of time to think and plan before. i miss my freedoms and my family, but this really has to be seen as an opportunity.
20:18:56 From Rhona Graham : Sorry I have to go…look forward to the rest of the weekend though See you in the morning <3
20:19:06 From Alison Redgrove : Bless you both. This has been an extraordinary evening. thank you . see you in the morning.
20:19:18 From Alison Redgrove : love a nd light to all xx
20:19:27 From Ty : whilst the video was playing, I went to the garden to collect some bluebells, as the blackbird was singing, I looked up and a female blackbird had come to join me on the pear tree...
20:19:29 From Donna : I've always been really creative - poems, writing, drawings, painting and jewellery making, but the last few years my creativity seems to have disappeared. Makes me feel like I've lost a huge chunk of me!

20:20:21 From lorna To All Panelists : you are inspiring me! synchronicity! I’ve been meaning to get round to this for years
20:20:27 From lorna To All Panelists : writing
20:20:39 From Stephen Black : I'm a Published YA fantasy author, love escaping into my world it is the first of my seven books I'm halfway through my second one
20:20:52 From Andy Jukes To All Panelists : you’re a really good writer ! schools have a way of not making you believe you can write
20:21:02 From Robert Staley To All Panelists : Completely agree the slowing down of our lives really enhances our ceativity
20:21:03 From susan loftus : from Susan sorry I have to leave , thank you so much .Its been lovely
20:21:10 From Sharon Lerpiniere : The lockdown has been a very positive experience for me, I have lost 8lbs in weight, I’m doing courses and learning, walking every day. With the fast food places closed, my eating habits are now healthier than they have ever been. My heart goes out to any who suffer and / or lost someone, and send healing and light to them
20:21:38 From Simon : Yay Sharon
20:21:48 From Sharon Lerpiniere : thanks Simon x
20:21:54 From Christina Pfeifer : Same for me. I’ve just started drawing and wood working again, which used to be my absolute favourite things. I haven’t done those for years and am so happy to get back into that flow again. And I’m not letting people bully me into selling my stuff. I’m doing it for me.

20:22:23 From annie cunningham : as with teaching should be process not outcome!
20:22:32 From Patsy : very happy that you did arrange the online retreat, really llooking forward to it, excited :) xx
20:22:34 From Rita : I love your meerkats ❤️
20:22:35 From Maxine Alexander To All Panelists : That's interesting I listen to her online a lot..
20:22:39 From Fae : love the cartoons, the meerkats were great üòÇ
20:22:41 From Susy To All Panelists : sorry I have to leave...but thank you both so very much for this experience xxx
20:22:47 From Nick & Sam : LOVED the mole
20:23:09 From Belinda : Someone said to me once that if you can identify the thing(s) you find yourself 'losing time' doing as you are so much in flow, that's how to recognise the sweet spot of your core creativity and passions, that's the path to follow, even if there's no clear destination in sight.
20:23:56 From Sharon Lerpiniere : My spiritual gifts, I’m a medium amongst other things, have increased, I feel spirit tangibly now, best of all my healing gifts have changed so I now send by thought as well as physically sending

20:23:59 From Maxine Alexander To All Panelists : Here here Belinda
20:24:07 From Holly : I came back!
20:24:12 From Simon : Nothing amazing ever came from within your comfort zone. step outside
20:24:16 From Jojo : I feel my creativity was shut down in the later part of secondary -I was not allowed to take any ‘creative’ subjects -I could only take ‘academic’ subjects like computer studies and physics. Around the same time, I completely rebelled and was actually thrown out of some of these ‘academic’ subjects -I wonder if these two things were related?
20:24:17 From Sharon Lerpiniere : welcome Holly x
20:24:32 From Holly : Thanks Sharon x
20:25:20 From Robert Staley To All Panelists : That was really good and very relevent
20:25:42 From Karen : Sounds likely Jojo - we get such joy from creativity!
20:25:56 From Ian : Healing is such an important Gift
20:26:13 From Stephen Black : Any other writings in anyone interested in my genre of writing
20:26:20 From Michael Fossett : Sorry I have to go thank you for holding the space, lovely
20:26:57 From Jo D : Great TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert on the concept of the genius that we have

20:27:45 From Robert Staley To All Panelists : Allegedly Muses were daughters of Zeus
20:28:04 From Sharon Lerpiniere : the musesCalliope, traditionally the most important (beautiful-voiced and representing epic poetry and also rhetoric),Clio (glorifying and representing history),Erato (lovely and representing singing),Euterpe (well-delighting and representing lyric poetry),Melpomene (singing and representing tragedy),Polymnia (many hymning and representing hymns to the gods and heroes),Terpsichore or Stesichore (delighting in dance),Thalia (blooming and representing comedy),Urania (heavenly and representing astronomy).
20:28:24 From Stephen Black : My wife is my muse, she Inspired two of my characters
20:28:26 From Sharon Lerpiniere : I'm great at copy and paste lol x
20:29:24 From John : Hope the weekend goes well, namaste...
20:29:40 From Simon : yay Sharon, again lol
20:29:48 From Ann : sorry will have to leave but will catch up later. blessings and thanks A Kay
20:30:19 From Deborah : thanks for tonight. enjoy the weekend
20:31:08 From Charlotte bell To All Panelists : cats just come to journey with me x
20:31:15 From Robert Staley To All Panelists : Sorry there were two sets of muses the first born to Gaia and Uranus the second to Zues
20:31:59 From Lynne To All Panelists : Thank you, its been lovely. Need to go now, will catch up tomorrow.

20:32:53 From Steve P To All Panelists : Nicola i still use your drum track. i have used it for over a year now. it is beautiful
20:33:11 From Peter : blue has started drumming
20:33:16 From Eve Bessant : do we drum too or just listen?
20:33:32 From Donna To All Panelists : Blue has fae around him
20:33:37 From Rob : I am going to slip away now - but enjoy your journey...! Best regards to Blue...
20:33:41 From Debi : hi Blue, beautiful sound of purring 🥰 very relaxing in itself
20:34:25 From Michelle Hopkins : Lovely purring
20:34:39 From Amanda : love this purring cat.. what a beauty.
20:34:45 From Lisa : Love your purring cat !
20:34:51 From Angie Campbell : loving the purring
20:35:40 From Michelle Hopkins : No apologies needed
20:35:42 From Jo D : Blue knows what to do - great co-facilitator!
20:35:44 From Debi : dot apologise it’s beautiful

20:35:52 From Tara Malyon : love the purring
20:35:54 From Karen : Loving Blue as always xx
20:36:03 From Carol : A cat’s purr is healing sound! Thank you, Blue.
20:36:18 From Stephen Black : Is the drumbeat available to download
20:36:21 From Sharon Lerpiniere : Purr away
20:36:22 From Carol Noon : cat energy is meant to be there
20:36:24 From Jayne Missoni To All Panelists : Love the purring
20:36:32 From Lolly : It's lovely to hear Blue for the start of the journey!
20:36:45 From Jo D : its perfect
20:52:43 From Charlotte bell To All Panelists : sorry have to leave

journey response and close

​20:57:24 From Galaxy S7 To All Panelists : Sure needed that. B-)
20:59:26 From Sandra To All Panelists : haha the cat wasn’t keen on the wolf coming in. Amazing! I got my answer within seconds 🙏🏻♥️
20:59:32 From Jason Halliday : All I got was a light with infinity space, felt a cool breeze, and tingling like the beginnings of a shiver.
20:59:57 From Stephen Black : I didn't see anything
21:00:01 From petersleigh : My muse is a bald eagle, he spoke with me
21:00:09 From Kevin : My muse was a white horse
21:00:22 From Lisa : I met a bumblebee and was given so many insights !
21:00:29 From Claire : I was dancing in the wood.
21:00:41 From Rachel Kirkham : I was just getting into it then my 7 year old came downstairs with my phone and asked for food so I had to get up and do that, so I got out of the zone. I will try again.

21:00:50 From Lizzie To All Panelists : Saw a jackal standing in the woods!
21:00:50 From Rebecca Woods : I felt out of body
21:00:50 From Julie Elizabeth Rose White : Thank you... Really great journey... Will comment later. Blessed be xx
21:00:55 From Ian : Thank you....gotta run now = sorry.....saw specs, glasses, binoculars....Maybe I need to look better! Thanks for holding the Space! Beltain Blessings one and All!
21:00:59 From Angie Campbell : walked through the wood and it turned into a jungle. Found myself sat in a cave with a black bear carving wood.
21:01:01 From Karen : I met red fox just before you introduced Wolf
21:01:01 From Karen : Couldn't keep my legs still! Was wondering if it meant dancing, but couldn't stop, until I realised it was about walking a labyrinth. I draw them on beaches sometimes and leave them for others to walk. Something I need to do now as it will help me and down to the beach. Was also given a bear figurine to go in the middle of the labythinth too.
21:01:17 From allison : I want to do poetry, I was told I need to take photos and explore like a child, and use my senses fully

21:01:20 From Gwenyth King To All Panelists : my muse had it's back to me and was cloaked. I realise that I have to go back and get to know my muse all over again before she/he will show her/his face to me. That's for another journey.
21:01:20 From Willow : Interesting, the sound between the beats on the recording, I could hear chanting. So I listened to the voices rather than the beat.
21:01:23 From vix Cameron To All Panelists : I trained and got strengthened in the woods. we danced and kept up our training with the drums.
21:01:28 From Sharon Lerpiniere : My tree was an Olive tree, my crow was on my shoulder, My guides were Red Cloud, John Paul (healing guide) and Fools Crow. I was given Olives as my gift.
21:01:32 From Maxine Alexander : Thankyou an amazing evening.. I met a woman with no face and a beautiful blue gown... Several insights xx
21:01:33 From Lyn : I travelled with swan riding her back over arable fields and then it was all about gardening and the food and herbs I need to add.
21:01:35 From Galaxy A40 To All Panelists : I imagined I met my family members that had passed and we chatted about what we like doing creatively.It was like meeting them again and having a lovely chat.It was very special x Thank you x
21:01:37 From Rachel : The phrase I got from spider was "weave the web".
21:01:38 From di : didn’t see anything, but sensed something around my head, tingling in my hands and fingers. felt a little panicky ar one point.
21:01:41 From Eve Bessant : I don’t know where

21:01:43 From Catherine To All Panelists : Wow, fairyland basically I was very tiny like Alice in wonderland. Mole and ladt bird? and definite message to get into creating pictures stories with granddaughter ti teach her about nuature
21:01:48 From Liz : there was alot including playing and receiving a document giving me permission to make art
21:01:51 From Michelle Hopkins : I was floating above the wood one minute and then in the waves of the sea. Freedom
21:01:55 From Lyndsey : elephant came, playful with water, then riding on with all bright colour flags, then swan in river and I kneel down looked in river and then somecame and poured water over me, thank you xx
21:01:57 From Sue To All Panelists : I went with wolf and met eagle and crow - we flew on eagles back over the under wood but didn’t get a direct message
21:01:57 From Jai : Lots of waterfalls at first and then a young native American girl or boy, very cheeky and playful

21:01:57 From Kyla : My muse is a adorable little hummingbird who happily sat on my hand.
21:02:04 From Tara Malyon : Journey to the Spirit of Muse, Otter - there to teach play like wonder and curiosity> Encourage to go into nature and capture its beauty in water colours. To dance and move the body as fluid expression of nature, embodying itd Spirit and celebration.
21:02:07 From Holly : I found that I was moving from place to place, depending on what was being described - fitting familiar places into my imagination. I then kind of went into a trance and felt like I was floating. No muse or answers came to me though. It was my first try!
21:02:08 From jayne mcfarlane : Tap dancing- I haven.t done this since school and I have found myself taping away in the bathroom lately !
21:02:13 From Andy Jukes : found the guide I needed to help me with an artistic quest I’m on. the paintings I’m doing of Shropshire Hill forts, being guided by Caradoc to honour the people who lived on them.
21:02:15 From jo : wolf howled into the air at the start, i felt myself pulled upwards, them i saw a gorilla, lots of gorillas and the words family, in the middle of it my stepmum who doesn't recognise me as being family shouted daughter to be then the gorillas started to mass hug and the it going into a continual circle of hugs and the world family
21:02:16 From Galaxy A70 : I met with a dragon fly and there was lots of water and immetsion
21:02:17 From Nodzin To All Panelists : tinker bell was with me
21:02:24 From Nokia 6 : thank you..... magical blue woodland
21:02:26 From Nodzin To All Panelists : 🧚‍♂️
21:02:31 From Eve Bessant : I don’t know where I went but I had a really strong image of an eagle and have no idea where he came from
21:02:34 From Peter : my body was rotating round
21:02:34 From Carol Noon : I met frog
21:02:34 From Roberta Ardern : It was a lovely journey great to see wolf and I met a small brown owl my muse x

21:02:36 From Jonathan : moving black being, gelled into ravens, who sit patiently contemplating heavy rain working its work on the ravine ledges. Time brings new creation, listen, view, don't rush.
21:02:37 From Sheila : met spider and spider woman telling me not too give up and then children dancing so just go to dinner chikd
21:02:38 From Bridgid : I didn't actually go anywhere, my wolf (which is actually is my Power Animal) was with me but as soon as I opened the door Owl and Ladybird came to me then after a while an opening appeared in the floor and there was a salmon, nothing was said to me
21:02:41 From Helen : My muse was a beautiful white horse draped in flowers with dew drops butterflies etc which has given me ideas to sketch to make a Beltane necklace and was given a beautiful necklace to bring back
21:02:43 From Fiona Holmes To All Panelists : my muse is like rumplestiltskin,dancing ,singing and telling riddles ,he told me to continue doing things I had done this morning ,which w@s singing outdoors and making mandalas from fallen lilac blossoms
21:02:43 From Norna Cook : I was starting to see in my mind and then my cat wanted up and that was that!

21:02:44 From Liz Evans : First time journeying - took me to the sea and a mermaid
21:02:45 From Bethan Fletcher : Thank you, the journey was beautiful, I enjoyed sitting with my guide and wolf the woodland was beautiful and bright wild flowers, not sure if I got anything, I will look forward to doing the journey again.
21:02:45 From Mark Hellmann To All Panelists : thank you for tonight Blessings on Beltaine to all
21:02:46 From Penny Tugman To All Panelists : I struggled to meet anyone, but so peaceful safe and calm
21:02:50 From Julie : thank you x
21:02:50 From Donna : I was running with my wolf as wolf myself...then I think I fell asleep
21:02:50 From Sharon Lerpiniere : I went very deep, seeing, hearing and feeling, the sights and sounds around me. I will be helped with my request
21:02:50 From Pam : first time, just starting to float and husband came in and spoke then lost it.
21:02:52 From allison : yes I am
21:02:54 From ann : I was with wolf dolphin and raven, when I entered the lower realm I was dancing, and there was a male voice singing in another language, and just danced with freedom. worm and snake walked out with me.
21:02:55 From kathymburrage To All Panelists : so rested and peaceful I fell asleep ...
21:03:02 From alexandra wild : an ostrich was dancing in front of me
21:03:04 From Elizabeth Hale : snake turned in a creative wand.
21:03:13 From Sheila : also sayspp

21:03:15 From annie cunningham : got as far as the drumming. found this difficult to listen to at first. continued listening but found the drumming made me feel quite edgy, something to do with the pace. I love drumming (play a djembe) so maybe I just need to give it time. was there in. the oak tree though!
21:03:17 From Maud : did I go to the wrong world ´ I got a pretty fairy in a white dress with a daisy chain on her head
21:03:34 From Bethan Fletcher : I look forward to being with you all in circle tomorrow,
21:03:40 From Kathy McVittie : I sang my special song, in time with Drum
21:03:41 From Bethan Fletcher : night night x
21:03:44 From Carol : I hadn’t take more than three steps with Wolf before my muse (a man named Harold) flew down in a hang glider and grabbed me, taking me off on a delightfully fun flight! We landed on a high cliff where we could see the landscape and choose spots we wanted to fly to to visit. The messages were 1) to create from joy and 2) pull back perspective, choose the things that bring me the most joy, and 3) weave those things into new creation.
21:03:45 From Sheila : also saw macaw ,dont know what that means
21:03:46 From Iain : Felt I was unable to Journey tonight as I am feasting tonight and I'm in the Frontroom but will watch the replay tomorrow Poetry I really look forward to shearing more poetry During this Space to Emerge Gathering Retreat!!!
21:03:51 From Hilary : I journeyed to the grass lands and met my guides the stone people who can me a heart to learn to love my work again.

21:03:52 From 382491936 To All Panelists : I met a fox and a heron and joined a circle of drummers who were chanting and singing
21:03:53 From ann : my dance was spiritual freedom and wild.
21:03:54 From Niccola Smith : My muse was a fairy called TILLY I asked her how to best direct my energies towards my spiritual practices . She told me I have all the tools I need ad I know what I need to do .
21:03:57 From Jojo : bear took something out (block?) and filled me with honey in its place (I’ve never met bear before or be filled with honey!!) I, also, had to jump off a cliff which I think is about being brave and taking the plunge and trusting x
21:03:58 From Paetra : the wolf was my gsd who took me to a being, I think a man. we were in an avenue but I couldn’t leave it for the trees. we were laughing as i was trying to get into a meadow. once in the meadow of long grass I was rolling in the grass and feeling free
21:04:00 From Sharon Lerpiniere : I also had Khirsah my dragon with me, flying me to where I needed to be,
21:04:17 From Stephen Black : I will await your answers via email Nicola, thank you
21:04:19 From Carol : I went and sat outside a hut... then invited in and it was forge.. a big crucible of fire there.. I was invited to make things in three dimensions.. to forge with fire (not sure If it was me who needed to ne forged with fiore, or I needed to make things with fore).Not sure who my muse was..

21:04:22 From Kelly BRITTLETON : mine was amongst dancing ?? energies around and then the mountains almost like a meadow within a fjord, then rose high ? out of body? felt freedom / release. Did not meet an animal per se. definitely gypsies around me though, and really felt wolf.
21:04:28 From Debi : my first attempt- I think Wolf was Merlin who is a wolf from a pack I follow who passed this week. I saw colours flowing in clearings of woods & rose the back of the wolf we ran through the woods. as I reached the dancing colours a hand was held out, I felt uncertain the drum beat changed and wolf beckoned me ‘home’
21:04:33 From Marta : it’s been a while since I last Journeyed, so I felt a bit disconnected. ended up in that lap of the Lady, via a Beltaine hill fire, I was told to dance and sing, and to create sung blessings (poetic spells with melody?)
21:04:41 From Marion Boyle To All Panelists : I loved that loved the wood butterfly led me to a lovely place and stayed with me throughout dancing in wild flower meadow ... thank you I have to go now ... ☮️
21:04:44 From Helen : thank you - met a new guide with a name I was given a few days ago - manifested as magic light - sat at table in a clearing with wolf and cat companions - Told to write for healing and to share writings and create own oracle cards
21:04:51 From Stephen Black : Thank you gus happy beltanr everyone thank to you both might
21:04:54 From Stephen Black : Night
21:05:01 From Enza : I found that I had lots of dead ends, no muse, but a new very nice guide as well as wolf and even the harsh guides. We came to my throat in this journey and a huge block there, but couldn't work out a reason for that block and a way to remove it or at least make it less obstructive. Frustrating as this is not new information, but admittedly the first time I journeyed to it with my guides. Lots to discover still. There was a theme of facing fears so a lot of work to be done here.
21:05:04 From jo : thankyou so much this is the start of my journey and what a way to start, i feel so blessed to have found this circle
21:05:09 From gina : thank you once again for a wonderful evening X looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday. be blessed Gina x

21:05:11 From Angie Campbell : Thank you both for another fantastic evening xxx
21:05:18 From Rebecca : l turned into a cocoon on the floor of the wood, l then emerged as a huge colourful butterfly. l flew to sit on the arm of a man who took me to a open space by the sea. Hundreds of butterflies, we all then turned ed back into people and then asked him questions, amazing colours everywhere
21:05:20 From Jayne Missoni To All Panelists : Shapeshifted into a wolf and ran with the other wolf, took me to show off his family from a distance and sent me on the last bit where I met my Muse, other guides there. She had fiery red hair and vibrant green dress. Sat around a fire Tears came, flowed from me here in the real life… wow, all about communication and opening self up to write. Was urged to get my crafts out and keep them close tomo. Trust and be free.
21:05:22 From Pam : Thank you for tonight, enjoy the weekend.
21:05:22 From Lolly : Thank you both <3
21:05:23 From Anne : I met with my friends cat Delphi who died recently, wondering if she is my muse? Then a red ox was waiting for me when I returned.

21:05:29 From Jason Halliday : Thank you both for tonight take care
21:05:34 From Fiona Holmes To All Panelists : I also saw a cow and calf communing with each other and surrounded by love.
21:05:37 From Helen : Also dragon appears as a manifestation of my own powers - phew
21:05:45 From Anne : red fox not ox!
21:05:46 From Jan : I got the name William Blake! And also an aboriginal - art in nature
21:05:47 From Julie Binns : Thank you. Beltane blessings. Looking forward to tomorrow!
21:05:49 From Betty Weltz : A female, small in stature, not a child, dressed in swirling red and purple clothes , met me and danced around. Fairy/
21:05:50 From Michelle Hopkins : Is it too late for me to join you this weekend?
21:05:50 From Leonard : Long time ago I did photography. In recent years I have not carried on. There was a lady's voice telling me to take it up again
21:05:55 From Fausta : Native American woman that transformed into an owl - held me and told me to let go to allow the creativity to flow - puma and wolf with me as always.
21:06:09 From Bruna Stanford To All Panelists : thank you for tonight. We can join you this weekend but it has been a wonderful experience. I will be in touch... thank you!
21:06:13 From Jojo : haha when I heard about dawn chorus -I did wonder!!!
21:06:21 From Karen Barry To All Panelists : Sitting with Wolf on a fallen tree and tuning in to the woodland

21:06:30 From Jai : Thank you so much for this evenings gathering. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings xx
21:06:37 From jayne mcfarlane : Thankyou, bye everyone, happy Beltane, see you tomorrow
21:06:38 From Paetra : will need to leave now, thank you so much. peace and love
21:06:40 From Fae : thanks everyone, wonderful evening...happy creating all that inspires you. Beltane Blessings xx
21:06:48 From Di Nicholson : thank you - sleep well
21:06:55 From Fire : Thanks for look forward to joining you tomorrow..
21:06:58 From Karen : I had red & purple painted hands and was treading paint like grapes!
21:07:01 From Karen Barry To All Panelists : Thank you x
21:07:03 From Jojo : woop
21:07:08 From peter myers : thank you both for a wonderful evening,my first encounter üòäüëç
21:07:12 From Linda : Will it be recorded?
21:07:36 From alexandra wild : Thank you for a great evening
21:07:37 From Galaxy A10 : thank you, my first beltane experience, loved connecting with nature and hearing about the traditions, love & light xx
21:07:44 From Tiffani : Thank you both, blessed evening üôÇ
21:07:49 From Maureen : goodnight everyone, thanks for a lovely evening
21:07:50 From Karen Richmond : Thank you all. Need to leave. Bye.
21:08:03 From Lisa : Thank you so much both of you. I so enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. Blessings to all xx
21:08:09 From Angie Campbell : Bye everyone, thank you for sharing your energy xxx
21:08:14 From christine : Love and gratitude to you both and love to all. Had an amazing journey thank you. So looking forward to the rest of the weekend. Much love It has been a special evening xoxoxo
21:08:17 From Eve Bessant : thankyou. never done this before.
21:08:18 From Helen Sugrue : Thank you - the was a fabulous evening! se you tomorrow xx
21:08:20 From annie : so 9.30 on zoom. Do we click onto the same link as tonight
21:08:22 From Jayne Missoni To All Panelists : Looking forward to this - thank you so much for finding a way around the lockdown. Feel blessed to be part of it. Blessings to everyone <3
21:08:25 From jo : blessings to you all, thank you so much, bye for now xx
21:08:28 From annie cunningham : thank you you're great!

21:08:28 From Karen : Thank you both, my first Beltane celebration and it has been beautiful, love and light to all
21:08:31 From Hilary : Thank you both for a lovely evening looking forward to tomorrow blessings to you
21:08:36 From Betty Weltz : Thank you for this evening. Wish I could carry on this weekend - sounds great!
21:08:40 From Hils IMRIE-SMITH : Thank you once again with love and blessings x
21:08:40 From Norna Cook : Thank you, Blessed Be xx
21:08:41 From annie : ok thanks
21:08:42 From Rachel Kirkham : What a beautiful evening, thankyou so much.
21:08:46 From Lyndsey : Thank you both for a wonderful evening, look forward to the weekend xx
21:08:49 From Robert Staley To All Panelists : Really enjoyed that guys see you tomorrow, thank you so much.
21:08:50 From Janet Buckingham To All Panelists : thank you, janet xx
21:08:56 From Patsy : So looking forward to the weekend :)
21:08:57 From Louise Pearson : Thank you, tonight was much needed. x
21:08:57 From Michelle Hopkins : Is there still time for me to join you this weekend?
21:09:01 From Leonard : Ok see you tomorrow morning
21:09:01 From Phoebe Spence To All Panelists : Amazing, thank you for introducing the journey. Hedgehog and badger told me to slow down. Water featured too. Blessed be everyone
21:09:01 From Tara Malyon : Really enjoyed it thanks. Working in the morning so will catch up lunch time. :)
21:09:02 From annie : great evening thanks
21:09:03 From Lisa Taylor To All Panelists : thanks guys for a great evening
21:09:04 From Jan : Thank you both for this evening - very enlightening!
21:09:12 From Rita : really grateful for tonight.. thank you üôè xx
21:09:13 From Helen : Thank you both look forward to joining with you both and everyone for the weekend.Lol Blessed Be xx

21:09:15 From Elizabeth Hale : Looking forward to weekend.x bye for now.
21:09:22 From Jazz To All Panelists : Thankyou both so much for a lovely Beltane experience and amazing journey. You both have such lovely energy and great wisdom. Much love and gratitude.
21:09:26 From Galaxy A70 : thank you so much for this evening. It's my first Beltane celebration. This has been fab. üòä
21:09:26 From Niccola Smith : Thankyou both , see you tomorrow xx
21:09:29 From Sue To All Panelists : thank you feel very relaxed; see you tomorrow xx
21:09:30 From annie : dog is mithering me now so need to go! night
21:09:30 From Rebecca Woods : thank you so much for this, you are truly lovely people for sharing your knowledge. Namaste
21:09:40 From Christina Pfeifer : Already signed up :)
21:09:43 From Karen : Thanks so much for tonight. So excited for this weekend xxx
21:09:45 From Debi : thank you both (& Blue) - looking forward to the rest of the weekend 🥰💕 enjoyed this evening
21:09:46 From Christina Pfeifer : Gonna be awesome

21:09:47 From Anne : thank you looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow x
21:09:52 From Catherine To All Panelists : This has been so wonderful and truly Just what I needed to escape for a little while from the craziness going on. Lot's to focus on. xx
21:09:59 From Helen : thank you for a fabulous evening - see you tomorrow ❤️
21:10:03 From Bridgid : You'll see me tomorrow too x
21:10:15 From Angelina To All Panelists : thank you very much, it has been a lovely evening.üòä
21:10:20 From Jonathan : Thank you for this evening. Beltane blessings all, big hugs to everyone!!
21:10:28 From Donna : Thank you! xxx
21:10:30 From petersleigh : Thank you for this evening. Bye for now.
21:10:32 From Lois Christie To All Panelists : thank you for this evening. such a powerful and beautiful way to meet Beltane energy
21:10:33 From Jazz To All Panelists : üíïüôèüíï xx
21:10:34 From Ty To All Panelists : blessings everyone!
thank you Nicola and Jason üå±
21:10:43 From Amanda : thankyou both plus puss cat … magickal evening. blessed be
21:10:43 From Emma : Thank you so much for tonight, really looking forward to the weekend. Beltane blessings everyone xxx
21:10:47 From Karen : Can we donate over the weekend too?
21:10:56 From di To All Panelists : thank you for another lovely evening. looking forward to the weekend. x

21:11:00 From Jayne Missoni To All Panelists : Good night beautiful people xxx
21:11:02 From Galaxy A70 : Thank you very much xxx
21:11:02 From Tara Malyon : Bye bye lovely
21:11:04 From Karen : Thanks Blue xx
21:11:04 From Fausta : thank you so much for this evening - Beltane blessings to everyone xx Jason and Nicola a wonderful Beltane so thank you so much xx
21:11:05 From Michelle Hopkins : Thanks so much Loved it .Bye everyone
21:11:05 From Andy Jukes : thanks guys. jo x
21:11:06 From Jill : Are you closing the circle?
21:11:06 From Kevin : you
21:11:07 From Jo D To All Panelists : THANK YOU!!!! XXXXXX
21:11:08 From Holly : Thanks for a great evening!
21:11:08 From Christina Pfeifer : Thank you :)
21:11:12 From Nick & Sam : thankyou!!
21:11:14 From Susan Davies : thank you :)
21:11:14 From Carol Noon : thanks
21:11:17 From Xperia Z5 To All Panelists : thankyou♥️
21:11:20 From Liz : thank you good night sleep well sweet dreams everyone x
21:11:25 From Jill : OK. I’ll bed there.
21:11:26 From Avril To All Panelists : thank you and Beltane blessings
21:11:26 From Vicky : Thank you both! ❤️
21:11:28 From Peter : thank you :)

21:11:29 From Joanne To All Panelists : thank you, looking forward to tomorrow xx
21:11:30 From Sue Buck-Williams : Thank you both x
21:11:30 From Alice To All Panelists : Beltane blessings thank-you üôè
21:11:31 From Eve Bessant : goodnight everyone
21:11:31 From Enza : Thank you. yes blue was great. Love him :)
21:11:32 From vix Cameron To All Panelists : thanks everybody. x
21:11:32 From Kyla : Thank you so much to both of you and see you tomorrow.
21:11:33 From Roberta Ardern : Thank you so much - sorry can't join for weekend xxx
21:11:33 From Kelly BRITTLETON : of course re: donate you two are wonderful blessings and happy beltane, look forward to the week-end x
21:11:33 From Karen : Much warmer than sleeping in the woods tonight! xx
21:11:35 From Rachel Wood : thank you
21:11:36 From Patsy : Thank for this evening :) I feel so at home with you
21:11:38 From Nell Gibbs : From Nell, thank you both.
21:11:40 From Carol : Till tomorrow, hugs all around.
21:11:42 From Emma : Thank you! See you tomorrow.

Introducing The Way of The Buzzard Mystery School

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Thoughts from our clan about the Mystery School from last night:

The mystery school community has been truly wonderful this week - a calming place that has made me feel much better and grounded, so thank you.


Thank you so much. This tribe/clan and your generous spiritual work is genuinely helping keep me sane and balanced.


 The Mystery school has helped me over this week for sure, beyond today and into the this coming period.


thank you for creating a truly beautifully crafted evening.


The Mystery School is amazing, and has been a real oasis for me at a very difficult time. 


Loving this journeying planning... I'm a nurse!!


It’s excellent resource.


thank you so much for all you do it's greatly appreciated.


its an honour to be a part of this beautiful circle.


© 2020,The Way of The Buzzard