The Bear Necessities

A day long online retreat preparing for winter

Held over the weekend when the final leaves may fall from the trees, this day-long online retreat will be an opportunity to help you gently transition into winter.

  • Find your focus for the coming months as we drop into the long nights
  • Reflect on the past year and choose what to take into winter
  • Go to Ground and incubate your dreams and hopes ready for spring
  • Tune in with the messages from the otherworlds
  • Notice what your spirit guides and nature have to say to you

About the Bear Necessities online Retreat

This day-long experience will allow you to deepen into an exploration of the shamanic and nature connection toolkit. There will be shamanic journeying, creativity time, reflective time and nature time, as well as a ceremony at the end of the day to set your intentions going forward.

We will have immersive, meditative videos of moorland landscapes, underground caves, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and coastline.

We will tune into Bear energy as the animal with the message of security and Yew, the ultimate survival tree.

There will be guided activities to help you reflect on the year that has passed and decide what you will take into the winter months to incubate, ready for the return of the light and springtime on the other side. 

This isn’t a workshop where you are tied to the screen. There will be guided activities to carry out throughout the day, including an extended time out in nature, even if that is your balcony, back yard or garden.

Your Hosts:

Nicola & Jason

The Way of The Buzzard

Retreat Time:

Saturday 20th of November

all day

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Bookings open on Thursday 4th November 2021

Full Price - £28

50% Discounted Price for Mystery School Members - £14

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