Here's your recording of the Autumn Equinox 2021 Ceremony

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Here's the recording of our Autumn Equinox Celebration along with the short film 'Mountains of Majesty'.

There's a transcript of the chat discussion lower down this page that you can read through to get a full flavour of the discussion.

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Your hosts:

Nicola & Jason Smalley
The Way of The Buzzard

In challenging times such as these it's important to reach out to our guides and seek the wisdoms we need to remain resilient and fearless.

We are committed to help our Way of The Buzzard clan navigate a path through the maze of confusion and uncertainty by encouraging the use of the Shamanic toolkit that's so easily available to us,

Here's the transcript from the Autumn Equinox Celebration

The Discussion

18:57:54 From Amanda : hello from Scotland x
18:57:55 From Deborah : Hello From London!
18:57:55 From Sam : Hello!
18:57:56 From Vicky : Hello from Stalybridge!
18:57:57 From Ursidia : Good evening and brightest blessings! ( From Kent!
18:58:01 From Susan : hello, Susan from Newcastle :)
18:58:01 From Lucy Dawlish : Hi there its great to b hear
18:58:03 From Rijusiddha : Hi Everyone. Rijusiddha from Norwich
18:58:05 From Rosie To All Panelists : Hello from suffolk
18:58:07 From Nixie : Blessings from North Devon! xx
18:58:08 From georgie ormrod : Good evening from the Pennines
18:58:08 From Beverley Thornton : Hello from Bradford! X
18:58:08 From Chevi : hi all, chevi from filey
18:58:09 From Jane : hello from Edinburgh
18:58:09 From Sue : Hi from Morecambe
18:58:09 From Jenny Watson : Hi from Edinburgh
18:58:10 From Lolly : Hello from Morecambe Bay! :-)
18:58:11 From Ann : Hello from Glasgow.
18:58:12 From Len Van To All Panelists : Hello from. Ottingham
18:58:16 From Gemma : Good evening everyone, Gemma from Norfolk
18:58:16 From Janet To All Panelists : Hi from Norfolk!
18:58:16 From Julia : Hello from Shropshire.
18:58:17 From Katie Joanne : Good evening from Katie Joanne, usually in Ramsbottom but tonight I am live from Fife! xx
18:58:17 From Jason B : Hello from sunny Surrey.
18:58:18 From Dan : Hello from Newcastle
18:58:18 From Isha : Hello everyone from Glasgow!
18:58:19 From Jenny To All Panelists : Hi everyone it’s Jenny from reading
18:58:19 From Gill : hi from Gill in Newcastle upon Tyne
18:58:19 From Deb : Hi everyone. Deb and Rich from North Wales
18:58:20 From George : hello from totnes
18:58:20 From Pauline : Hi from Clayton Le Woods
18:58:21 From kathycar : Hi, Kathy from Petersfield, Hampshire, good evenin all
18:58:21 From Lisa : lisa Mia and amber
18:58:24 From Christine : Hello fron Malta
18:58:26 From Jacky Fridlington To All Panelists : Good evening jacky from Lincoln
18:58:26 From Michelle : Hi from Winchester, Jo and Shelly
18:58:26 From Jill : hi from Edinburgh :-)
18:58:27 From Alyson : Hello from South Wales. ?
18:58:28 From Alison : HI from Alison Portishead near Bristol
18:58:28 From Jude : Jude southampton
18:58:29 From Caro Brandauer To All Panelists : hi there from halifax
18:58:31 From Sarah : Hello from Sarah in York! ??
18:58:31 From Fay : Fay and Claire from Worcestershire
18:58:32 From Kathy McVittie poet : Hello and hail (well rain) from Kathy in Brora
18:58:33 From Stephanie : Hello from Leicestershire!
18:58:33 From Gaynor : Hello all from Kent ?
18:58:40 From Marie : Marie from Gloucester. blessings x
18:58:40 From Lucy Dawlish : So glad I caught you this time, I missed the last one
18:58:41 From Rob : Hi all. Rob, from Trowse, Norwich (not Northwich)
18:58:42 From Heidi Cooper : Hello everyone from Heidi in Royston, Hertfordshire ?
18:58:42 From Sadie : Hello from South Wales ???
18:58:43 From Iain Bell : Hello Tribe/Clan Iain from Norwich Norfolk
18:58:46 From Ilse : hello from Tewkesbury
18:58:48 From Chantal : HI I am CHantal From Buckingham
18:58:50 From Ali : Hello Ali in Dorset
18:58:52 From Liliana : Hello from London xxx
18:58:53 From Rachel To All Panelists : hi Rachel from Blackpool
18:58:53 From Ali Davenport : Ali from Manchester. Hello tribe.
18:58:54 From Maria : Hi from Leicester
18:58:55 From Elaine To All Panelists : hello from sunny Langho xx
18:58:55 From Debbie : Hello from Debbie in Buckinghamshire
18:58:55 From Pam Breeze : Pam from Nuneaton
18:58:56 From Alison : Hello - lovely evening here in South Norwood, South London
18:58:57 From josephine boggis To All Panelists : Josephine from Suffolk
18:58:57 From Lisa : were from cumbria
18:58:58 From Ellen To All Panelists : Hello, Ellen from Nairn, Scotland.
18:58:58 From CarolineW : Hi, from a lovely Nottinghamshire.
18:58:58 From Carol To All Panelists : Hi from Carol in Hertfordshire
18:58:59 From Angela : hello my lovelies I'm from Sunny Devon Angela
18:58:59 From Linda : Hi from Carlisle
18:59:00 From Tracy To All Panelists : Hello everyone from John and Tracy in Buckingham, first one ? trying to make sure our sound / camera is off?
18:59:01 From Caroline : Hello from Caroline (and Friday the cat) in Oxfordshire
18:59:04 From Julie Brunton To All Panelists : Julie and Phillip from herfordshire
18:59:08 From Carol : Hi from Kilmartin, Scotland
18:59:09 From davina : hello everyone , love from Davina in Dolgellau
18:59:09 From Kay : hello from Liverpool
18:59:10 From Susan Beedell : Hello Everyone from sue in devon
18:59:10 From Tracey To All Panelists : hello strange things happening with my link im here now southwales
18:59:10 From Karen : hi from Karen From Cumbria
18:59:10 From Sue To All Panelists : Hello from Cornwall
18:59:11 From Nichola Smith To All Panelists : Hi from the Peak District
18:59:13 From Pauline : Hi from Clayton Le Woods
18:59:14 From ali : Hi, Ali from Norfolk
18:59:15 From Richard : Hello from the northern Highlands
18:59:16 From Paulina : Hi all - from a sunny Rotherham :)
18:59:17 From Philippa : Hello from a sunny Surrey!
18:59:17 From lauren : Blessings from East London
18:59:17 From Cheryl : cheryl from Wales
18:59:18 From Karen : Hi from South Devon x
18:59:19 From Emma To All Panelists : Hello from Norwich, Norfolk x
18:59:21 From Bridget and John To All Panelists : Hi from Bridget & John in Birmingham
18:59:24 From Caro Brandauer : Caro from Halifax
18:59:26 From Rachel : so happy to be here. from Rachel in France xx
18:59:26 From Rose To All Panelists : from petersfield
18:59:27 From Sujatin : Sujatin staying at Rowan Lodge in Troutbeck, Cumbria
18:59:29 From Kelly : Hello from Kent ;o)
18:59:29 From Rosa : Hi, Rosa from Shrewsbury
18:59:30 From sheddyg To All Panelists : Hi from NW London
18:59:31 From Lins To All Panelists : Hello from Fochabers tonight!
18:59:31 From Karen : Riley is North Yorkshire ?
18:59:34 From Cheryl : n
18:59:35 From Julie To All Panelists : Hello from South Shields xx
18:59:35 From Hannah Semple : Hi both from Hannah South Wales x
18:59:40 From Sarah : Hi from Stafford :)
18:59:40 From Michelle Hindmarch : Michelle from Rotherham
18:59:42 From Jill Neves : Hi we are three lass,s from Buxton jill Jean and Christinre
18:59:43 From Annkat : hello from Sheffield
18:59:44 From Jane : Hi from Colchester
18:59:44 From Carol : Hello from a gorgeous day in Little Falls, New York!
18:59:47 From Tina To Tracey and All Panelists : Your automatically turned off, so don't worry. Also If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
18:59:48 From Richard : Ritchie from Eastbourne
18:59:48 From Diane : Diane Chesterfield
18:59:50 From Lynne : Hello from North Wales - Snowdonia
18:59:52 From Tracey : Hello from Tracey and Ed from Whitley Bay
18:59:56 From Tiffani : Evening from Manchester!! ?
18:59:58 From Rosita To All Panelists : Hi from Buckingham
19:00:01 From Len Van To All Panelists : Should be Nottingham
19:00:03 From William John McCartney : Hello from Marske . Filey is south of Scarborough
19:00:04 From Anna To All Panelists : Anna from South Devon - hi!
19:00:10 From Deborah : Hi Guys crikey thought I was late xxxxx
19:00:12 From Nikki Payne : Greetings from Kent - Nikki
19:00:14 From Cheryl : cheryl s wales
19:00:16 From Sarah To All Panelists : Hello from Hampshire xx
19:00:20 From Rowena To All Panelists : Hi from Halesowen, West Midlands
19:00:23 From Tina : Hello everyone, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:00:24 From Sheila : Hello from over the pond in California from Sheila
19:00:24 From Hazel To All Panelists : Hi from North Berwick, Scotland
19:00:25 From Roberta Ardern To All Panelists : Hello from Greenwich
19:00:27 From Susan : from Susan in Chorley Equinox blessings to everyone .xxx
19:00:28 From Kay Mckeirnon : Merry meet from Runcorn Cheshire
19:00:35 From Brie To All Panelists : Love and heya from North Wales! ❤️❤️
19:00:37 From Val Anderson : Hello from Val in Sussex
19:00:37 From June To All Panelists : Lovely to be here, June from Crewe xxx
19:00:38 From Peter : Chiltern Hills blessings
19:00:38 From Anna : Anna from South Devon - Hi!
19:00:44 From Iain Bell : hello Tribe/Clan just made it in time now need to charge in to my Ritual Ceremony dress
19:00:45 From Lynne To All Panelists : Hello Nicola and Jason and all….from perthshire x
19:00:47 From Belinda : Evening all ? Belinda from County Durham, fresh back in from early evening foraging where I had a buzzard for company above me for a lot of the time ?
19:00:51 From Helen : Hello everyone xx
19:00:53 From Liz Wright : Hi from County Durham! Liz
19:00:58 From Jackie : Hi everyone from Cullen, Moray. X
19:00:58 From sarah parker : hello from brighouse west yorkshire
19:01:02 From Brie : Love to all ❤️ great to be here with you all x
19:01:03 From Julie Shaw : Hello all, from my narrowboat Bilberry, on the Leeds Liverpool canal :)
19:01:07 From Sam Loughrey Black : Hi from Warwickshire
19:01:14 From Melanie To All Panelists : Greetings from Alaska Melanie. Now in Texas for a couple more days….then home to Standish!
19:01:15 From Louise To All Panelists : Hello - from Plymouth, Devon
19:01:18 From Kim To All Panelists : hi guys from kim in essex
19:01:20 From Nicola Zahra King To All Panelists : Hi its Zahra from Wells in Somerset- Equinox Greetings
19:01:22 From Janet : hello from South Wales ?
19:01:23 From Lizzie To All Panelists : Hello from Oxford waterways!
19:01:25 From Len Van To All Panelists : G20
19:01:27 From Matt : Evening from Galloway ?
19:01:29 From Shona : Hi from Fife
19:01:31 From Min : Good evening everyone from narrowboat Moontlight, on the Shropshire Union, Nantwich
19:01:38 From Lynne : Hello from Scotland!
19:01:39 From Sandra : Hi from Newcastle upon Tyne, it’s been a glorious sunny day today
19:01:40 From Marian Mahon : HI all from Birmingham
19:01:43 From Caro Brandauer : Ooh Brighouse! I’m in Ripponden
19:01:44 From Loretta Ochoa To All Panelists : Hello everyone Loretta from Windsor
19:01:45 From Michelle SaaRa : Hello Wonderful to BE here with you All again ? Blessings from County Durham
19:01:47 From Willa Mawhinney To All Panelists : Greetings from Belfast ??
19:01:48 From Katie Joanne : Hi @Shona, I am in Fife this evening! xx
19:01:53 From Joanne : Wishes from Surrey
19:01:58 From Linda Monteith : Blessings from Edinburgh x
19:02:07 From Paul Burton : Greetings from Ribble Valley, Lancashire
19:02:07 From Lorna Smithers : Hello Lorna from Penwortham, Lancashire, here.
19:02:08 From Paula : Hi from Newcastle ?
19:02:10 From Rosie : Hi from Cornwall
19:02:17 From Rebekah Bailie To All Panelists : Hello again everyone - glad to be with you all this evening
19:02:17 From Paula Daniels To All Panelists : Hello all from sussex
19:02:18 From Charlotte To All Panelists : Hello all, Love from Charlotte in Chester x
19:02:22 From Janis : Blessings from Argyll Scotland
19:02:29 From Anne Jepson : Hello from Surrey x
19:02:30 From Lucy Dawlish : Belinda from County Durham - Im from Chester le Street
19:02:34 From Cheryl : finding it a bit quiet
19:02:42 From Dharma To All Panelists : Hello from Derbyshire
19:02:43 From Tina : Hello everyone
19:02:43 From Karen : hi from North Wales
19:02:45 From Katie Joanne : ? Hi Tina xx
19:02:51 From Joanne : Hi from South Staffordshire
19:02:54 From Joss : Hello from Cambridgeshire!
19:02:55 From Hannah Semple : Hi Tina ?
19:02:57 From Rosa : Hello from Scotland
19:02:58 From Diane and Rod : Hi everyone from beautiful Garsdale!
19:03:03 From Dorothy : Hi from Forfar in Tayside. Looking forward very much to this evening
19:03:06 From Tina : Indeed you are welcome
19:03:09 From Willow : Hi from Inverness
19:03:11 From Emma : Hello from Norwich, Norfolk x ?
19:03:22 From Ruth Naito : Hi Everyone from Ruth in Bath
19:03:34 From Michelle SaaRa To All Panelists : Hello BEautiful people ✨ Blessings from County Durham ?
19:03:34 From David : Hail from Barnsley
19:03:37 From Mandi Allin To All Panelists : Hello and Equinox blessings from Mandi in Devon x☀️?
19:03:40 From Fiona Marie : hi lovelies from sunny Worcester?
19:03:41 From Jelly : Good evening to everyone and much love to all! Xx
19:03:50 From Denise To All Panelists : Blessings from North Wales ????????
19:03:53 From Mair Ollerenshaw : Hi Mair from Halifax, just joined the Mystery School today !
19:03:53 From Tina To Michelle SaaRa and All Panelists : If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:03:58 From Katie Joanne : Hi @Jelly xx
19:04:00 From Sara : Hi from Dorset
19:04:02 From Michele Bentley : Hi everyone from Michele near Wells in Somerset
19:04:06 From Chris : Hi from Chris, from Washington Tyne & Wear xx
19:04:11 From Katie Joanne : Welcome @Mair xx
19:04:27 From Bethan : Hi Everyone, love and blessings from Leeds Bethan xx
19:04:32 From Kathy : hello from North Wales
19:04:39 From Angela To All Panelists : Hi everyone from Wolverhampton @ Angela
19:04:45 From Lynn Martin : Hi everyone from Devon, great to be here
19:04:46 From Karen : good evening everyone Lancashire
19:04:50 From Len Van To All Panelists : I have been with Raven in mind all week
19:04:55 From Tina To Angela and All Panelists : If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:04:57 From Brie : Hey @kathy - in north Wales too
19:05:01 From Heather : Hi Everyone, from Heather in Hanbury
19:05:11 From Mari Louise : Hello from Glasgow ?
19:05:15 From Gaynor Gent To All Panelists : Hi everyone, hello from Bridgend, South Wales. Bountiful Harvest Full Moon Blessings
19:05:20 From Heather : joined today
19:05:27 From Jill Daniell : Hi Everyone! from Jill in Cheshire.
19:05:29 From Debbie To All Panelists : Hello from Bridlington x
19:05:43 From Katie Joanne : Welcome @Heather xx
19:05:44 From Michael : Hello from St Albans
19:05:56 From Tina To Debbie and All Panelists : If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:06:05 From Bethan To All Panelists : Hello Nicola, Jason and all, blessings from South Wales xx
19:06:10 From irene : Hello form Scotland
19:06:13 From Michelle SaaRa : Looking forward to your Wonderful Eartlight Film Jason ?
19:06:24 From Tina To Bethan and All Panelists : , If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:06:31 From Roma To All Panelists : Good Evening from Edinburgh ?
19:06:40 From Lesle y : Hullo from sunny autumnal Brum!
19:06:52 From Tracey To All Panelists : how excitting
19:07:05 From Ghislaine : Hello from coast of North Wales
19:07:06 From Tina To Tracey and All Panelists : If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:07:37 From Annkat : can't wait
19:07:45 From Fausta : Hi all sorry I am late
19:07:54 From Simon : Yay for what's coming!
19:07:59 From Katie Joanne : Happy to support you @Nicola & @Jason, will be great to attend with a gift of energy exchange for amazing time together xx
19:08:10 From Alyson : Well worth it to. I loved the last on line retreat you did. It was amazing ?
19:08:16 From Susan : From Susan Jason that's acceptable xxxx
19:08:25 From Belinda : Exciting??? Will the retreats be online?
19:08:27 From Matt : That sounds lovely…
And a cost is a beautiful way that we can honour the time you put into these ?
19:08:45 From Tina : This is the link to the way of the buzzard website:
19:09:01 From Caro Brandauer : Will the new format also be available online…or just in person?
19:09:29 From Iain Bell : YES YES YES love the Retreats Jasson Nicola really enjoy them and really forward the next one as I asked before in the past!!!
19:09:41 From Rachel To All Panelists : Would be worth every penny!
19:09:49 From Ghislaine : retreat sounds great!
19:09:52 From Rosemary : Hi from Rose in Oxfordshire. Love all you do. Xxx
19:09:54 From Sandy : Hello everyone from Somerset. I was picking some herbs and flowers for tonight and I was joined by a beautiful grasshopper who sat watching me on the salt lamp. He then hopped onto the herbage again and let me take him back outside where he came on my finger as I moved him to the freedom of the garden ?
19:09:58 From Lolly : Excited to hear about the next stage, thank you!
19:10:03 From Peter : Don't be bashful about fair exchange
19:10:04 From Simon : Everything you do, is always worth the very reasonable fee. Worth every penny :)
19:10:10 From Katie Joanne : Yay to online xx
19:10:11 From Eileen : Flow in, flow out, Flow in
19:10:20 From Bethan : Hello all blessings from South Wales xx
19:10:21 From Kathy McVittie poet : So happy that you are going to ask for financial renumeration xxx
19:10:29 From Kim To All Panelists : looking forward to them
19:10:46 From Deborah : ooh fab was going to ask about online cos my car is older but maybe we can do a car share from the east mids xxx
19:10:48 From Anne Willkie : I am happy to pay, I have benefitted so much from these gatherings and all that you do. thank you.
19:10:54 From Ghislaine : Happy to contribute to support you
19:11:01 From Iain Bell : and I am so glad that thier is a discount for the Mystery School Members looking forward to the winter one but back to the Auttunm Equinox
19:11:05 From Iain Bell : Engeriges
19:11:41 From Jelly : Really looking forward to the new retreats, the last one I attended made such a difference! Of course can't wait to be able to attend in person but online is wonderful too xx
19:11:41 From Angela To All Panelists : Sounds good you deserve payment xx
19:11:43 From Helen : Happy to contribute xxx
19:12:12 From Helen : looking forward to the retreats xx
19:12:56 From Willow : I will be honored to pay. I couldn't imagine these wheel of the year ceremony evenings without you both now. ? I feel the energies very strongly tonight. Blessings and abundance to everyone ?
19:13:20 From Len Van To All Panelists : Now I am retired. I can more time connected to my needs.
19:13:33 From Katie Joanne : Yes, @Willow, I feel exactly the same. xx
19:13:34 From Deborah : made an apple cake yesterday with windfallss
19:13:49 From Lynne : I walk and eat brambles too, makes for a long walk!!!
19:14:09 From Iain Bell : Here's to the Harvset and the fall of the Summer King and Queen and the Harvest moon Spirt is strong
19:14:25 From Ursidia : I’m so looking forward to being able to do an online retreat - and hopefully a ‘live’ one!
19:15:04 From Belinda : Grateful for a bounty of hawthorn berries and rose hips gathered today✨???
19:15:19 From Chris : So happy to support you both, as you have supported us through the pandemic. Its all an energy exchange in a loving way Chris
19:15:27 From David : ,Regarding your charges, I do support an Exchange of Energy!
19:15:47 From Sharon To All Panelists : Sage is burning, heart and mind open to receive these powerfully potent energies, as I move through some of the most difficult times of my life....feeling positive and had various ceremonies of my own to bring in new energies...wild swimming in the sea etc
19:15:52 From Katie Joanne : Exactly that @Chris xx
19:19:59 From Katie Joanne : ??
19:20:07 From Annkat : thank-you
19:20:08 From Ghislaine : Thank you for inviting me x
19:20:10 From Jenny Watson : Thank you..
19:20:46 From Deborah : my gang is all here xx
19:20:47 From Rob : bless you
19:21:04 From Willow : Hope your ears heal ASAP
19:21:09 From Colette Booth : The films are always amazing )0(
19:21:10 From Kay Mckeirnon : Your films are amazing
19:21:15 From Ghislaine : They're always amazing fabulous films
19:21:16 From Peter : Films are all wonderful
19:21:16 From Sharon To All Panelists : I made my own Shamanic drum it is so incredibly healing and supports me through so much...I have yet to make my own rattle - I don't own one
19:21:32 From Willow : Your films also move me to tears. Everytime so excited ?? thank you
19:21:34 From Lynne : Tinatus is a nusiance....I too suffer!
19:21:44 From Michelle SaaRa : YAAY Love your Eartlight films ?
19:21:45 From Rebekah Bailie : the rooks are flying round
19:22:01 From Tina To Sharon and All Panelists : If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:22:02 From Katie Joanne : It will be another fabulous experience you share with us from your eyes drinking in the nature @Jason xx
19:22:15 From Sara : Glencoe and area is just magical - I'm so excited for your video
19:22:37 From Matt : Oh what a Mountain to choose…
A beauty ?
19:22:42 From Rosemary : Don’t be nervous. All your films are beautiful and amazing xx ????
19:22:47 From Peter : Spirits of Glencoe
19:22:57 From Katie Joanne : PS: My tinnitus has been horrendous this last week - there is some planetary electrical interference in the stratosphere at the moment making it worse xx
19:23:05 From Lulu Minto To All Panelists : Sounds wonderful , very excited.
19:23:23 From Michelle SaaRa : Yes the physical spine and the Etheric spine
19:23:24 From Sharon To All Panelists : I am Scottish so looking forward to this thank you
19:23:35 From Katie Joanne : Yes @ Michelle xx
19:23:36 From Jelly : So lovely to be able to have a laugh with you tonight, really needed it as difficult time of year for me xxx
19:23:38 From Colette Booth : I’d love to see a golden eagle
19:23:45 From Mary : Can we leave comments until after the film is over please? I love watching Jason's films and using them as part of the process; comments are distracting. Thanks everyone
19:23:47 From Ali To All Panelists : Yes I get ringing in my ears more at heightened energy of full moon
19:23:58 From Katie Joanne : That will happen @Mary xx
19:24:12 From Sharon To All Panelists : Were you blessed with any feathers on your adventures?
19:24:21 From Colette Booth : Of course when it starts <3
19:24:23 From Angela To All Panelists : I agree comment get in the way
19:24:36 From Tina To Angela and All Panelists : If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:46:09 From Iain Bell : Wow wow wow wow my New Drums voice Jasson and Nicola
19:46:17 From Katie Joanne : ? Wow! xxx
19:46:22 From Maureen : Wow amazing edgy and powerful film.
19:46:24 From Red : Wonderful
19:46:25 From Linda Monteith : Your best yet Jason
19:46:26 From Willow : Powerful
19:46:26 From Claire : wow amazing
19:46:32 From Sally : amazing
19:46:33 From sheddyg To All Panelists : Stunning! ❤️
19:46:33 From Jenny Watson : oh my goodness.. so powerful
19:46:33 From Dee McDonald To All Panelists : wow - ants ?
19:46:34 From Annkat : thankyou very much crying was so beautiful
19:46:35 From Ali To All Panelists : Wow powerful
19:46:35 From Peter : Glencoe awe and foreboding! When peak of howling mist appear ?
19:46:35 From Dharma To All Panelists : Wow what a great film, very moody
19:46:37 From Joss : Just stunning!
19:46:37 From Lynne : Amazing. Thank you.
19:46:37 From Gemma : That was beautiful. So moving!
19:46:38 From Gill : wow great video Jason very powerful, loved the golden eagle and the ants
19:46:38 From Rosie To All Panelists : Amazing video so atmospheric
19:46:39 From Charlotte To All Panelists : You have incredible talent. Thank you
19:46:39 From Thurstan To All Panelists : Wonderful - thank you xx LOVED the raven with a grass strand
19:46:40 From Fiona Marie : ???
19:46:41 From Jelly : That eagle's cry went right through me! Xx
19:46:42 From Caro Brandauer : That was incredible!
19:46:43 From Roma To All Panelists : Visceral
19:46:45 From Liliana : that's was Amazing!!!
19:46:45 From Brie : Seeing the ants up close was amazing!
19:46:46 From Julie Shaw : profound !!!
19:46:47 From Sara : Oh I so want to go back up there now - just stunning
19:46:47 From Sharon To All Panelists : F A N T A S T I C !!! I was fully immersed
19:46:47 From Marian Mahon : Powerful and awesome!
19:46:47 From Karen : goosebumps
19:46:49 From Emma : Wow, that was so powerful, thank you for sharing
19:46:49 From Susan : that was wonderful, loved it :)
19:46:50 From Marie : dark, deep very moving.
19:46:51 From Rachel To All Panelists : Majestic mountains indeed
19:46:53 From Rijusiddha : Wow. Powerful. Great filming. Lovely shot of Golden Eagle
19:46:53 From Kelly : That was lovely, thank you ?
19:46:54 From Katie Joanne : I am breath-taken - moved so deeply! xxx
19:46:55 From Linda Monteith : It made me so joyous and tearful
19:46:55 From Alison : So powerful and deeply moving - wow?
19:46:56 From Colette Booth : Loved that. So many wonderful things … my favourite was those amazing old trees. They said longevity and stability ty
19:46:56 From Julie : Loved it!! The clouds touching the mountains, just magical! Majesty indeed!! X
19:46:57 From josephine boggis To All Panelists : amazing- thank you xxx
19:46:58 From Kate Sibley To All Panelists : Thanks Jason, such a spectacular film. Love that raven!
19:47:01 From Lorna Smithers : Overall impression - a forbidding landscape that demands reverence and respect to become accessible. Liked how the clouds peeled off the mountain like a revelation.
19:47:01 From Hazel To All Panelists : Mystical and magical!
19:47:01 From Michele Bentley : Atmospheric... a bit like a horror film in its spookiness!
19:47:03 From Ghislaine : The pair of Ravens were so lovely, beautiful, loving, against the wild scenery. Eagle too
19:47:05 From Jack : Majestic, best ever
19:47:06 From Rosemary To All Panelists : Majestic and wild indeed
19:47:06 From Kathy McVittie poet : Ravens kissing
19:47:06 From Teresa To All Panelists : Jason…absolutely divine production. I love all that you ‘see’ Thank you ?
19:47:07 From Ali Davenport : Stunning film. Reminded me of seeing the Eiger (the ogre), unforgiving and relentless.
19:47:07 From Jane : loved the natural beauty of the outdoors. gorgeous ?
19:47:10 From Tracey : Very powerful energies especially from the mountains with the cloud on top .Timeless powwrful majesty
19:47:11 From Anne Willkie : majestic
19:47:12 From Mandi Allin To All Panelists : Seeing through the eyes of the flying ones was awesome x
19:47:12 From Iain Bell : Wow wow wow wow powerful the two Mlutnains and the Burn that went up the Mountains the two that stood side by side and the raven wow
19:47:12 From Angela To All Panelists : Omg amazing to many tissue in my hands ?
19:47:13 From Joanne : Faces in the rocks by the running water
19:47:14 From Linda Lipinski To All Panelists : Absolutely beautiful and so powerful. The golden eagle was stunning
19:47:14 From Dharma To All Panelists : This is my fave film so far I think
19:47:14 From Chevi : wow amazing, I could have watched that all day
19:47:15 From Michelle SaaRa : Was that a Raven croaking
19:47:15 From Sarah Durrant : Really stunning. Wild and elemental. Raven and deer and Eagle. Naturopath
19:47:15 From Emma : The raven was stunning
19:47:16 From Gaynor : The rolling mist & clouds over the top of the mountains evoked strength, magic & raw beauty
19:47:17 From CarolineW To All Panelists : Loved the very first past, that sky looked like it was on fire. Stunning.
19:47:19 From kathycar : Very beautiful & powerful, I loved the water sequences, all so magical
19:47:19 From Julie : Loved the Ravens ?
19:47:19 From Sara : where were the falls and the river - gorgeous!
19:47:20 From Emily McFall : so beautiful, ended up writing up lots almost like journaling as it was so stunning
19:47:24 From Heather : amazingly wonderfyl film. saw faces in the rocks & the two birds love of each other and the harmony between them was beautiful.
19:47:25 From Bethan To All Panelists : Brilliant, agree a very powerful film. Thank you for sharing
19:47:25 From Linda Monteith : The swirling clouds over the mountain - wow just wow
19:47:25 From Anne Jepson : goosebumps here too, thank you so much for sharing x
19:47:27 From Linda Harvey To All Panelists : beautiful and soul searching. thankyou
19:47:28 From Ann To All Panelists : Wonderful, my favourite place and at most 2 hours from home. Full of majesty and beauty. Words fail me. Stunning!
19:47:29 From Peter : Nature an be scarey ?
19:47:30 From Helen : Beautiful and Amazing xxx
19:47:30 From Ellen : Thank you for sharing nature with us. So magical.
19:47:31 From Kim To All Panelists : huginn and munnin odins ravens
19:47:31 From Tracey : just superb outstanding energy
19:47:31 From Ali To All Panelists : I cried in the beginning… felt dragon energy
19:47:31 From Rosanna Zabeth : Thank you. How on earth do you get those extraordinary aerial shots ????
19:47:32 From Miss Bolton : The mist on the mountains
19:47:32 From Karen : really atmospheric loved the cloud formations , so much love went into this thanks so much really inspired x
19:47:34 From Ruth : beautiful and powerful. Raven was stunning
19:47:35 From Linda Monteith : I can’t wait to watch it again
19:47:37 From Simon : Beautiful blend of music and film - so much ALIVENESS in all of that. Moving, reaffirming and perfect for the Equinox. Superb.
19:47:38 From Mari Louise : What a beautifully powerful video. It invoked quite a number of feelings. Thank you. I felt like my ancestors were calling me home at the start x
19:47:41 From Chevi : raven call was powerful, I was drawn to that mostly
19:47:44 From Sheila : Amazing and so powerful. For me, images of the forest was magical, thank you so much Jason.
19:47:45 From Sadie : Superb, the red sky was beyond words and the score was perfectly fitting ??
19:47:46 From Alyson : Stunning Jason. So powerful. Such an intense place. The energy really came through your film. Thank you
19:47:48 From Deborah : oh my goodness I have written a poem. the power of the elements. There are old men in those mountains- gods? spirits? Primal, really primal
19:47:53 From Linda Monteith : I watched the ants and saw myself in how hard I work
19:47:54 From Belinda : Wow!!! I was taken by the swirling clouds in the first and last sections, the enormous perpetual cycles of water and rock tiny and fleeting we are by comparison. Heart-busting. Lots of tears watching the Raven. A hundred thousand thank-yous Jason ??
19:47:54 From Katie Joanne : So many aspects of the current energies that we need to take stock of - love, sovereignty, busy-ness, hard terrain, surrendering to the greater that is nature... xx
19:47:55 From Maria : ~powerful. Beautiful images of the birds. Sometimes felt sense of menace and sometimes quite sad.
19:47:55 From Kisane To All Panelists : Deeply stirring the depths that we share with nature. Wonderfully captured Jason. Huge congratulations.
19:47:57 From Rosie : Powerful Ants strong but small. Eagle was unbelievable majestic and a ruler
19:48:00 From Lynn Martin : spiritual home.So want to watch it again
19:48:02 From Liliana : Absolutely beautifully made
19:48:02 From Ghislaine : The figure seeming to fly in as part of the clouds at the beginning like an angel or a mountain spirit
19:48:02 From Linda Harvey : brilliant, soul stirring. thankyou
19:48:06 From Stephanie : Loved the power of nature, in total awe. Particularly loved the golden eagle. S xx
19:48:07 From Michelle SaaRa : Loved the dramatic scenery, the Raven and the Eagle ?
19:48:07 From Fiona Marie : everything about it was stunning...loved the pair of ravens
19:48:09 From Lulu Minto To All Panelists : Oh I missed it, my internet went down ?
19:48:10 From Liz Wright : Wonderful photography. The loneliness of the mountains around the eagle's hunting ground moved me. Though so much was just awe-inspiring.
19:48:12 From Sandy : Nature speaking - thank you Jason
19:48:13 From Victoria To All Panelists : Glencoe itself is another world. Beautiful experience. Thank you ?
19:48:13 From Heather Rimmer : wilderness as a mirror
19:48:15 From Ruth Naito : Wow! fantastic! I loved the beginning as it gave me a sense of timeless majesty and this gave me a sense of humility
19:48:16 From Jill Daniell : I felt very drawn to the Raven.
19:48:17 From Carol : That sunset sky and mountains at the beginning—just awe-full!
19:48:18 From Rosie To All Panelists : Wood ants were fascinating inhabiting their own world and masters of it
19:48:20 From Katie Joanne : I cried with the ravens, and I have never seen a Golden Eagle before! xx
19:48:21 From Linda Monteith : The ravens were the best moment for me
19:48:27 From Robyn Fell To All Panelists : Faces - the Spirits of the clouds, the rocks, the trees and the Reed Tribe dancing in the loch, all gifting you with a sight if their presence. Beautiful and edgy as ever.
19:48:27 From Peter : Amazing to get the eagle. And so close to Raven
19:48:29 From Janet : I like the contrast between the movement of everything else and the stillness of the mountains. Balance personified ?
19:48:30 From Veronika : loved the clouds! poweful mountains thank you Jason
19:48:42 From Lulu Minto : Oh I missed it, my internet went down ?
19:48:48 From Mari Louise To All Panelists : the ravens felt like the guardians of the mountain ?
19:48:49 From Liliana : Thank you xxxx
19:48:50 From Rosa : sorry but is it possible for me to hide the chats
19:48:50 From Linda Lipinski : Absolutely stunning.... the golden eagle was amazing. The red deer was so beautiful
19:49:10 From Heather Rimmer : The mountains gave you what you/we needed, not what you wanted
19:49:13 From Gaynor Gent To All Panelists : Wonderful, water & cleansing. Reminds you of the call of the wild and nature, to reconnect. As the film finished a plump of ducks flew passed my house, honking
19:49:16 From Jonathan To All Panelists : Amazing to catch the eagle, so close! Drone mounted camera?
19:49:20 From Katie Joanne : I loved the ant - standing, taking stock as life busied on crazy around it, a little lost, a little confused. I identified with that xx
19:49:20 From Annkat : so emotionally powerful
19:49:27 From Iain Bell : what are the names of the two mountains please Jason that stood next to each other the Raven made me chant to the New season!!
19:49:33 From Hazel : How the clouds are talking to the mountain at the beginning…
19:49:38 From Fiona Marie : so heart is thumping
19:49:39 From Paulina : I got movement from the clouds/skies, faces in the mountains, loved the ants - always thought that's how we must look from the heavens :) - into the woodland and I got calm, peace, tranquillity. I loved the old trees, and the power of the water. Awesome Jason - you have a special gift.
19:49:42 From Peter : Ah yes what is needed can be scarey
19:49:43 From Rosemary : The waterfall was memorising. I really was drawn to the Raven and watching the busy Ants.
19:49:48 From Sarah Durrant : Sounds like the older deer had some trickster energy with him.
19:49:53 From Carol : The raven for me .
19:50:00 From Heather : It is how we look from the heavens
19:50:05 From Sandra : The Earth Keeper between the mountains about a few minutes in?
19:50:13 From Sharon To All Panelists : My Scottish roots were tingling and my heart was pounding !!! A wonderful combination of visual and audio, thank you :) It showed the power and diversity of the natural, wild landscape
19:50:14 From Maureen : The music was a perfect fit for the film. I jumped when the eagle made a noise and felt it’s power. The ants too affected me. Beautiful amazing film Jason. Very stirring.
19:50:16 From Peter : I saw a man's face trapped in waterfall
19:50:18 From Ali To All Panelists : I felt the stillness of the water ?
19:50:21 From Fiona Marie : love the balance of the soothing water too
19:50:21 From Chris : It feels like a time for stepping into our power, time for following our own path. Loved the energy from the ant and the power of community. Like the way of the buzzard
19:50:27 From Lolly : Scotland claimed me many years ago, you showed something of it's power <3
19:50:39 From Kate Sibley To All Panelists : Well said Jason
19:50:40 From Lynne To All Panelists : Wonderous! …….and I’m lucky to see many of these things everyday,
looking out of my windows. ….but You captured them in a very special way…incredible ???
19:50:40 From Sian To All Panelists : Stunning work of art - I presume you have a drone! Thank you - very powerful and uplifting
19:50:42 From Norma Allan : I loved the woods the fern and the ancient forest
19:50:45 From Iain Bell : QA: Jassson are the two mountans that stood side beside named?? and the Music was stnnning Jasson
19:50:46 From Bethan : That was powerful, powerful......nature is awe inspiring, powerful, dramatic, the water, clouds, I am speechless, how powerful we all are, we are nature, spirit, love, hope, beauty truly awesome. Reminding me that we are powerful, majestic beings. Amazing, thank you XXXXXXX
19:51:06 From Michelle SaaRa : The Raven
19:51:08 From Katie Joanne : Iain - I think the mountain was Buachaille Etive Mòr x
19:51:09 From Karen : loved the forest scenes most but a wonderful video yet again. I found parts of it were quite meditative.
19:51:12 From Dorothy : From Dorothy The mountain, sky, woods chose to reveal some of their secrets. Wonder what the raven was communicating with the single stem of grass and its movements with it. Beautiful
19:51:14 From Karen : the skies xx
19:51:14 From Julie Shaw : the freedom of flight !
19:51:23 From Anne Jepson : the mountains emerging through the clouds, so powerful
19:51:28 From Linda Monteith : I climbed the Buachaille Etive More once - fantastic mountain, very special
19:51:28 From Emma : so many parts, but in particular, the ravens, the mountain with the clouds swirling around and the golden eagle
19:51:31 From Jacky Fridlington To All Panelists : the Eagle,s call soaring in the sky had me in tears beautiful thankyou
19:51:32 From Marie : buzzards got me and the end the stunning forest mossy and green lushness.
19:51:39 From Michelle SaaRa : Mist and clouds over the mountains
19:51:42 From Annkat : love all of the film, thankyou
19:51:42 From Mair Ollerenshaw : The two ravens together
19:51:43 From Peter : Human insigniificance
19:51:47 From Katie Joanne : The textures and colours of the skies and how it changed the mountains and grasses xx
19:51:48 From Kate Sibley To All Panelists : How wonderful to be as free as a raven and unencumbered by life
19:51:49 From Thurstan To All Panelists : Thank you xx I am joining the Mystery School
19:51:50 From Jill : the whole tribe of ants working together - I need to make connection with my tribe of ants xx
19:51:54 From Heather Rimmer : the sunset, the mist, the ravens, the faces in the rocks around the water, the persistence of the ants...
19:51:54 From Ali To All Panelists : Just so wonderful to be able to watch again as so much to take in
19:51:55 From Sarah Durrant : I saw a beautiful male face in the mountain. Peaceful. Sleeping. Ready to awake.
19:51:59 From Rosemary To All Panelists : the raw rock scored by water and wind
19:52:02 From Lois : So many jaw dropping moments. The power of rushing water; the beauty of two ravens on an edge; THAT EAGLE. I was astonished by the stalks in the water, wind blowing through, and the other worldly reflections of the leaf stalks...
19:52:02 From Julie To All Panelists : The early clips of the mountains - I had to catch my breath, it brought tears to my eyes. thank you. Majestical power of the earth
19:52:08 From Iain Bell : And the Clouds over the mountains was wow wow wow
19:52:16 From Kathy McVittie poet : two riverlets became one
19:52:22 From Fiona Marie : i saw the cailleach's face waking up in one of the mountainsides
19:52:24 From Mair Ollerenshaw : The swirling mist around the mountains _ I loved this feeling of mystery
19:52:28 From Deborah : the vastness of the forests and the - isolation, remoteness
19:52:31 From Susie : Wow … you took me back to my childhood! We walked to Glencoe in the pouring rain when I was about 6! Beautiful film - seeing the power and strength of the mountains, the elements, the creatures that inhabit the wild places. Wild beauty captured beautifully. Thank you!
19:52:32 From Susan Beedell : Very powerful film it was the Raven and the eagles
19:52:41 From Linda Monteith : To see beauty of may country through your eyes Jason, is such a blessing
19:52:54 From Martin To All Panelists : Beautiful Jason, it was almost like being there in a hyper-sensitive, hyper-aware state. Ace!
19:52:54 From Iain Bell : and the water energy of the waterfalls along the Burns
19:52:59 From Linda Lipinski : The clouds at the beginning and the reeds looked like bodies dancing
19:53:07 From Bethan To All Panelists : I adored the clouds and mountains. The water movement and sky reflections. All of it.
19:53:09 From Ali To All Panelists : An Eagle flew over our cottages at weekend … escaped from
A Sanctuary… such another omen of freedom… escape ..
Loved the Eagle part mesmerising so powerful
19:53:12 From Kelly : Lovely to see how nature works altogether and yet so individually unique
19:53:13 From Kay Mckeirnon : The sunset and stillness of the forest ?
19:53:14 From Anny : ?late joining here because I've been away today but had to join anyway, and look forward to it all on the replay
19:53:17 From Min : Incredible power in that film, the movement of dark to red clouds over the mountain tops was indeed majestic. Flight of film through the unspoilt ancient landscape, the river, the rock, the canopy of treetops, the courtship of the pair of Buzzards, the Golden Eagle - simply stunning and terrifying for the unsuspecting prey. The little deer with the owl shape in her fur.... the busying ants doing what they do. I wish my internet connection was strong enough to see the fluidity of the images.... I will watch back on the recording. I would think I might watch it a few times more. Thank you for another beautiful film, so intrinsicly moving
19:53:28 From Sally : Thank you x
19:53:36 From Arthur : I’m late and just missed the video. Can’t wait to see the replay. Glencoe is one of my favourite places.. It’s a magical landscape.
19:53:58 From Nicola Zahra King To All Panelists : Was in the garden catching a few rays after work and a raven cawed in a tree nearby- unusual to hear in this residential area. Great film )
19:54:03 From Iain Bell : thank you Jason yes I belive that was the two mountains I meant are theses in the heart of the glen?
19:54:06 From Lynne : Linda Monteith, that came to mind for me too. To see where we live through others eyes, spot on!
19:54:12 From June : enthralling, the call of the eagle cut right through me and I cried. magnificent. you are so privilidged to see such wonderful sites and we are priviledged to see the your wonderful films. cant spell priviledged !xxx
19:54:12 From Robert : your picture seems to have frozen or is it my end. Fabulous film the sun rise was beautiful and the water so powerful and unforgiving.
19:54:14 From Deborah : it made me realise how privileged we are to share the natural world with these beautiful creatures and landscapes. just brilliant thank you so much xxx
19:54:18 From Jonathan : those aquatic small stalks in a sky reflected water, great focus, such potential for meditation in that stillness.
19:54:23 From Iain Bell : as we drobe thourgh in July late July but did not move
19:54:39 From Paulina : Mountains for me are the "spine" of the Earth - the North, and grounding - I always turn to mountain when I feel unbalanced/spacy.
19:54:45 From Sadie : Makes me want to go to war with mediocrity ?
19:54:50 From Sharon To All Panelists : I loved how the sunset red clouds merged into the coinciding white clouds moving across the mountains. I am fascinated with clouds and see so much in my awareness - so much is revealed through them...
19:54:59 From Katie Joanne : ?
19:55:00 From Ali To All Panelists : Shedding is also letting go of our shit ?
19:55:14 From Hazel : The raven had angelic wings.
19:55:17 From Rachel To All Panelists : Moon’s up here - wow!!
19:55:31 From Fiona Marie : indeed hazel ☺
19:55:44 From Kate Sibley To All Panelists : Just so much beauty to behold on this wonderful planet.
19:56:25 From Tina : Hello everyone, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:56:36 From Susan : from Susan sorry I was cut off ,back now .
19:56:51 From Angela To All Panelists : My American name Amitola Raven meaning Rainbow bringer of mysterious secrets ❤️
19:57:12 From Christine : In the beginning it felt like the silhouette of the Goddess. The mountains were so powerful and the ants demonstrated determination. The energy was mesmerising
19:57:12 From Tina To Angela and All Panelists : If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:57:24 From Ali To All Panelists : Raven also made me cry and go deep…. My own shadow work still moving through
19:57:55 From Rosemary : I love the calls Ravens make
19:58:04 From Angela : Yay! I have managed to get back for the last part ? I will have to catch up with the first part on replay.
19:58:39 From Peter : Ravens as story-carriers for us
19:58:59 From Julie : Where are ravens mostly seen?
19:59:17 From Ali To All Panelists : Is it same as crow??
19:59:46 From Angela : My American Name is Amitola Raven meaning Rainbow bringer of mysterious secrets ❤️
19:59:49 From Michelle SaaRa : Yes loved the different intonation in the Ravens call
20:00:03 From Mary : Raven live near me on local crags; this area is one of their strongholds. My neighbour has had them visit his garden in winter; they like rich tea biscuits!
20:00:36 From Anny : Mary - Lovely!
20:01:14 From Katie Joanne : I love they like Rich Tea biscuits @Mary xx
20:01:32 From Shona : I really believe in that too Jason.. Be at one with nature to find ourselves and aid change.. Love the ravens in your film.
20:01:44 From Iain Bell : love Ravens only seen once knowingly on the isle of Mulll in July
20:02:59 From Tracey : thanku for reminding us this Jason .
20:03:05 From Tina To All Panelists : QUESTIONSJulie Where are ravens mostly seen?
20:03:11 From Ali To All Panelists : Same medicine totem
20:03:13 From Willow : Ravens near me had great fun winding up a dog. They 'barked' back at hik
20:03:16 From Willow : Him*
20:03:23 From Marie : crows live opposite me raising a family do love their calls and chirps and ravens i adore seeing when i go wild walking. love them all.
20:03:32 From Willow : There are a pair living in the r
20:03:44 From Willow : Ancient rocks near a loch near me
20:03:58 From Lois : @Willow - Hilarious!
20:04:03 From Belinda : Same here, only ever seen one very high up on Cnicht mountain in Wales.
20:04:18 From Ghislaine : We have some on the cliffs near here . Keep the crows in order!
20:04:31 From Willow : They fly and call over my house in the Edge of Inverness too ?
20:04:38 From Isha : Ravens remind me of eagles. You often know when you see one, because they're so much *bigger*!
20:04:46 From Emma : I have recently seen a pair near me, near an old hill fort. I recognised them by their call, and have seen them a few times now
20:04:50 From Iain Bell : so powerfully tonight Jasson and Nicola I feel really need this onward healing Journey after 18 Months of Strun
20:05:04 From Rob : The sillotte of the raven in the video in flight looked like a buzzard to me. Guess I need to revise my bird spotting a bit.
20:05:08 From Iain Bell : gle I am a lot better now
20:05:08 From Lorna Smithers : I’ve heard them over Penwortham in the past couple of years. Do seem to be coming closer to towns…
20:05:11 From Karen : We get some on Dartmoor. Listen to the noises of Fable the raven on Falconry and me Utube channel, really talks to her with so many different sounds.
20:05:31 From Kim To All Panelists : I have heard them but not seen them
20:05:37 From Fiona Marie : a few ravens visited, as well as lots of crows, the red kite feeding station near Rhyader when we visited back in november 2012
20:06:01 From Ann To All Panelists : My friend saw a Raven in Wigan in June/July this year, RSPB confirmed sighting
20:06:05 From Tina To All Panelists : QUESTION: Julie Where are ravens mostly seen?Ali Same medicine totemMeaning??
20:06:19 From Kelly : They seem to like scones too...not sure too good for them or whether they are fussy sultanas or not ;')
20:06:43 From Katie Joanne : They are so beautiful, the corvidae family xx
20:06:48 From Rosanna Zabeth : What your saying tonight reminds me of something I read earlier today the gist of which was that we can only grow as big as the space we choose to inhabit. Many of us (me included) are living too small and are being called to be our real size!
20:06:49 From Hannah Semple : I saw a raven in a churchyard once
20:07:02 From Jonathan To All Panelists : I've heard ravens cronking and interestingly more softly calling in early summer in the Jura gorges in eastern France.
20:07:08 From Deborah : I need to be more raven after being back in work for a day after a week off I need to stay away from people. obviously not this group we are all of one view and tribe xx
20:07:35 From Willow : Ive seen them flying upside down having so much fun in the windy weather on the coast. They flew along against the wind then turned around and started doing acrobatics, kept repeating it. they had so much fun it wad amazing watching!!
20:07:57 From Willow : Flying with the wind . Was WOW
20:08:01 From Ali To All Panelists : Thanks for the toilet break ?
20:08:21 From Tina : This is the link for the free course
20:10:26 From Rosemary : Hi Blue xxx
20:10:42 From Marie : blues tail i did wonder x
20:10:58 From Kate Sibley To All Panelists : Lovely view of Blue’s tail ❤️
20:11:32 From Annkat : Blue ?❣
20:11:55 From Karen : Hi live right by a quarry in North Wales and have a raven guide there who is really chatty
20:12:00 From Ghislaine : LOL
20:13:18 From kathycar : The moon ? is rising here “down south”, beautiful
20:13:42 From Isha : I consider falling asleep sitting up to be a "skill", and I am very "skilled" ?
20:13:58 From Iain Bell : Nices need to go out later and sit with Haarvest Moon
20:42:14 From Deborah : my room is filled with light of the rising moon, she is magnificent
20:42:28 From Rob : Thank you. That was …… interesting.Nice hat Jason.
20:42:43 From Ali To All Panelists : Raven was tied up .. screeching : violent.. tied by leg … flapping
Trying to get him free… pecking me

Pecking out my eyes… having to give up my eyes/ sight for Raven sight

Like swapping energy… dressed in his feathers … he was with a pile of my clothes .. had no sight ..
He said you will have to be my sight
You have Raven sight …
You must use it … !!
20:43:10 From Iain Bell : WOW WOW SO Powrful tonight Jasson and Nicola so deep and dark Jasson Nicola become Raven sharpshifted and then killed by Golden Eagale??
20:43:19 From Kate Sibley To All Panelists : Feeling a deep sense of peace
20:43:22 From Richard : excellent and was good journey
20:43:31 From Ali To All Panelists : It’s making me cry
20:43:34 From Michelle SaaRa : Showed me a life where I was a medicine woman
20:43:39 From Kim To All Panelists : I met a white raven kvitravn I know her but as yet I have to discover what she has to tell me
20:43:53 From Tracey : This was a very different journey for me .It was very static,I met with Raven and Raven just sat and looked me in the eye drawing my attention to his beak which he kept lowering to the ground .I felt like my legs kept wanting to move but Raven told me to be still as he continued to look me in the eye.I'm not sure what this message was .My feet felt very restless.It was a very different journey for me.
20:43:57 From Melanie : I have a long journey ahead of me. Raven showed me that he will carry me.
20:44:01 From Mandy To All Panelists : raven told me to soar above the negativity. I also saw deer who fed from my hand.beautiful
20:44:05 From Kay : met hedgehog smelt damp earth and wolf was wet
20:44:11 From Iain Bell : And then think become horned Deity Jasson is posssibile??
20:44:15 From Victoria To All Panelists : Raven took me inside her and up to the higher realms. She showed me a lake and told me no harm would come to me with water.
20:44:26 From Ursidia : I enjoyed it - I’m vert tired so not as clear as sometimes - but very pleasant. The colour blue was very strong - told not to scatter energies, and to concentrate. A shapeshifting flight over rivers, mountains and lakes was quite beautiful.
20:44:30 From Katie Joanne : A very simple journey tonight, just felt myself wrapped in Ravens wings, no wings, just holding me. Peace-full. Words not always needed, she said. Go deeper within. xx
20:44:32 From Jane : Raven showed me where to go and sit in my local woods. I made friends with him too, stroking him like a cat.
20:44:33 From Alice To All Panelists : I became a stork looking down on everything , stepping through water. Raven said see your reflection in the water
20:44:33 From Lisa : Raven poured some golden energy in my ear
20:44:37 From Iain Bell : acttully KNow I did become my Horned Deity and it got rrwllay dark
20:44:38 From Isha : The short of it, is Raven told me I'm going to be ok. I was a bit like, that's my greatness?? For some people, yes, they told me. (Context, I am severely disabled and struggle a lot some days.)
20:44:38 From kathycar : I journeyed to a circus, and I was flying like a trapeze, then Raven took me through a snowstorm and ended up by a purple orange camp fire, I moved into and then rose out again
20:44:39 From Sue : Raven told me the story of a girl who when she believed she could , then she could.
20:44:41 From Rob : Had wolf to my left and my power animal to my right for reassurance whilst Raven pecked my left hand then all of me to become a sky offering and rebirth.
20:44:42 From Annkat : Raven told me to let go ....
20:44:44 From Red : Raven reminded me of things I'd forgotten, or not given much credit to myself for.
20:44:51 From Debbie : I've been dancing with raven, his feathers like a protective cloak, showing me my strength is in being grounded and dancing and spinning through the air at the same time
20:44:51 From Gaynor Gent To All Panelists : Reminder to be in nature, be away from the chatter but with someone who is on the same path, together we can be stronger and to work with the younglings, sharing teachings and stories
20:44:52 From Ali To All Panelists : I’ve fine a lot of shadow work so it’s ok the crying etc
20:44:56 From Mari Louise : this was my first time journeying. it was so beautiful. Raven sat beside me and showed me - a fire & powerful stag who took me to to various places x
20:45:01 From Paulina : Very weird - shedding old skins/past lives/unkind words spoken over me - leaving it all behind. Tied to a stake and burnt - but stepped out of the ashes - sat in the circle of elders and smoked the pipe of peace.
20:45:07 From Lisa : I danced with raven as well!
20:45:26 From Gill : i was given a glimpse of a past life image, I was carrying a bundle of lavender and a basket, wearing a dress, apron and bare feet, I was healing people. raven was also looking up to the sky and said this was significant :)
20:45:27 From Deborah : I was reminded of the joy and wonder of my newborn children. although our relationship is difficult at the moment. Raven sat on my shoulder and nuzzled up to me. Will need to go back and talk with her again. my children are my greatest accomplishment even though they are ripping my heart out xx
20:45:31 From Iain Bell : and I saw two Raven people and they where dancing together
20:45:32 From Heather : excellent. North American indian,,caller of the wild who drank in the knowledge of the creatures & the earth, who then passed the knowledge on including herbal, braiding, and all skills that the wild gave me. could see the spot on an animal that needed healing , pulled out the poisin and healed it. the knowledge was always to be passed on for future generations and held in keep.
20:45:32 From Angela : I met Raven who said look into my eye and I saw myself as a dragon ?
20:45:38 From Sarah : I was taken on ravens back to see a past life where I was a swordsmith.
20:45:41 From Jill : i was flying with raven, up the escarpment where i looked down all of creation
20:45:42 From Fiona Marie : i almost shapeshifted into raven, pushing thick racemes of purple flowers and green moss into gaps between twigs of a strongly built nest
20:45:47 From Ilse : I think my mind remembered the playfulness of the raven, and raven and wolf and I just rolled around and laughed. I admired the playful skills of raven!
20:45:54 From dan : was flying above a ntive tribe doing medicine dance
20:45:57 From Mary : Raven just looked me hard in the eye and told me I knew my own story and my own greatness; get on with it!
20:45:58 From Angela : inner child appeared as I walked along grass, she was skiping light and happy, Raven arrived and landed on white worlf then skipped onto shoulder of inner child, Said, you are all the wisdom, joy and connected to all, then raven clicked noices and more animals appeared, I was so at peace, joy and emotional
20:46:02 From Charlotte : I was shown a women being arrested and fighting (me currently). Raven found the handcuff key and set her free. Then a younger girl appeared (inner child) - I set her free as per Raven. Then the 2 versions melded….the young purity and the older wise me. She was powerful beyond belief!!!
20:46:05 From Cheryl : the raven gave me strength and gave me a feather as i was leaving I put it in my hair. is this why indians wore feathers.
20:46:08 From Marie : Raven gave me a black feather ✒ i kept it down my front close to my heart to journey back.
20:46:09 From Rosemary : I could not journey tonight. Next time hopefully.
I love Ravens but just could not do it tonight.
20:46:13 From Lulu Minto : My spirit animal is a Raven. I always travel to the underworld with them. For me this is going back into the darkness to find myself, when I’m feeling lost.
20:46:15 From Sarah : Four words echoed in my ears the whole time. LOYAL, BRAVE, TALENTED, INTELLIGENT
20:46:18 From Iain Bell : got a map of my Jounery in my mind need to Draw jounery map of this and take out under full
20:46:22 From Rej To All Panelists : A beautiful old and wise Raven came to me and showed me a large cabinet with many drawers, which held all that I needed in it.
I saw a big crystal ball and was told many deeply personal things that I had forgotten.
Then I was healed by sacred fire, renewed, regenerated, refreshed.
20:46:44 From Kathy McVittie poet : Raven stayed on his crag and we sang to each other Kai kai and iak, iak and then I sang him my special song
20:47:08 From Iain Bell : moon tonight and it is I think of taking my voice forward owening my voices??
20:47:27 From Fiona Marie : also raven emphasised working with pine more
20:47:29 From Nathan Clayton To All Panelists : Raven took me to a snowy landscape and I had to tribal dance infront rows of people to show me that fear must leave my life, it was ceremonial.
20:47:29 From Janet : Raven told me to let my spirit dance like a flame. The people are waiting for you. I danced with tribespeople around a fire with bells on our ankles and wrists. Very vivid. I could smell the fire and feel the heat ?
20:47:36 From Ali To All Panelists : I’m very grateful for the way you hold this space and energy so beautiful thanks ?
20:47:37 From Chris : Raven told me that my uniqueness is my gift to the world xx
20:47:40 From Jill Daniell : Raven took me aloft on her wings and showed me my greatness was inner strength I had learned by adversity of me early childhood.
20:47:41 From Rosanna Zabeth : Raven conveyed that I have the right NOT to remain silent. It became so clear that we can have our voice and our stories but we have to gain the courage to share them!:o)
20:47:44 From Bethan : Raven pecked the point between my eyes, my third eye, I have to think about that. Raven grew big and told me to be light, to be present, light. To smile, XX
20:47:51 From Linda Lipinski : Was very restless during journeying and not normally restless. Raven was very gentle. Sat in a Circle of elders and snake and a red robin on my right shoulder, there was lizard as well. The white wolf was a male and saw a few dark wolves
20:48:28 From Katie Joanne : Glad to know the darkness was regenerating, power-full xx
20:48:37 From Sandy To All Panelists : Had a strange one - started travelling past different tribal people and actually felt an ancient by my side, no animals…
20:48:41 From Diane and Rod : I don’t remember anything about the meeting but neither do I feel like I went to sleep. I have a sense that the message will be revealed over the coming days and insight will be revealed to me by my guides in this world.
20:48:48 From Charlotte : Beautiful stories and insights xx
20:49:26 From Julie Shaw : felt like I was travelling at speed through a black hole into a burst of many colours!
20:49:26 From Ann To All Panelists : Told snake is my protection animal. That I am a teacher and teach, people listen. That I need to journey with my Gran, my Mums mother as she has a message/messages for me to help heal the myself and family..
20:49:39 From Victoria To All Panelists : I live on Rowan Avenue
20:50:19 From Simon : Really amazing, thank you so much. Raven's feathers allowed me to see the truth, was able to discern distractions and false promises, jewels became rotting apples. Gave me armour to fight off foes but as I climbed the mountain from the pool, below I didn't need it. I got to the top of the mountain and eagle was waiting there. The feathers allowed me to see eagle was a powerful white being at the top of the mountain but then was called back. Was very emotional at that point after fighting to get up there.
20:50:30 From Richard : memory rowan by win Hill Derbyshire
20:51:24 From Dorothy To All Panelists : From Dorothy I tried to fly with Raven but my right wing broken and folded back in. Raven told me journey will be painful but I will tread lightly and leave my footprint. He walked alongside me for the journey and wolf on the other. So much to experience and learn thank you Raven and wolf
20:52:25 From Rob : think so
20:52:28 From Sarah Durrant : Yes thank you
20:52:28 From Janet : yes perfect sense ?
20:52:31 From Kate Sibley To All Panelists : Thanks Nicola that is really helpful
20:52:31 From Jane : All clear
20:52:33 From Rijusiddha : All good Nicola
20:52:34 From Linda Monteith : Years ago I got a real Christmas tree with a wood base to go in i
20:52:35 From Richard : perfect ?
20:52:42 From Melanie : Yes, done all that you’ve asked, Nicola.
20:52:44 From Annkat : yes
20:52:49 From Bethan : Yes, all good.....x
20:52:52 From Mari Louise : yes all good x
20:52:55 From Linda Monteith : Yes all good here
20:52:56 From Victoria To All Panelists : Yeah I’m procrastinating about doing my tax return for last year.
20:52:56 From Heather Rimmer : ❤️
20:53:00 From Ghislaine : Draw on rowan to help me be determined to get my daughter into the college she needs to go to
20:53:05 From Anny : Yes thank you
20:53:43 From Gaynor : To finish my book
20:53:49 From Rob : I draw on my greatness to become the fit healthy balanced elder of my future
20:54:09 From Norma Allan : i draw on my own greatness to attain wellness
20:54:28 From Iain Bell : hello iain here laptop dead on mobile Jasson please help before you both go as a image was in my Jounery of two half Raven half human hanging by thier hands in chains in a castle Dungannon haven been tortured and I wounder if this about accepting my dark side or could deeper work as come out the last 18mounths
20:54:29 From Katie Joanne : I draw on my own greatness and the wisdom of Rowan to make the best choice for all aspects of my health and wellbeing the next few months. xx
20:54:29 From Kate Sibley To All Panelists : Yes looking splendid guys?❤️
20:54:38 From Iain Bell : hello iain here laptop dead on mobile Jasson please help before you both go as a image was in my Jounery of two half Raven half human hanging by thier hands in chains in a castle Dungannon haven been tortured and I wounder if this about accepting my dark side or could deeper work as come out the last 18mounths
20:54:41 From Iain Bell : hello iain here laptop dead on mobile Jasson please help before you both go as a image was in my Jounery of two half Raven half human hanging by thier hands in chains in a castle Dungannon haven been tortured and I wounder if this about accepting my dark side or could deeper work as come out the last 18mounths
20:54:44 From Iain Bell : hello iain here laptop dead on mobile Jasson please help before you both go as a image was in my Jounery of two half Raven half human hanging by thier hands in chains in a castle Dungannon haven been tortured and I wounder if this about accepting my dark side or could deeper work as come out the last 18mounths
20:54:47 From Iain Bell : hello iain here laptop dead on mobile Jasson please help before you both go as a image was in my Jounery of two half Raven half human hanging by thier hands in chains in a castle Dungannon haven been tortured and I wounder if this about accepting my dark side or could deeper work as come out the last 18mounths
20:54:52 From Iain Bell : hello iain here laptop dead on mobile Jasson please help before you both go as a image was in my Jounery of two half Raven half human hanging by thier hands in chains in a castle Dungannon haven been tortured and I wounder if this about accepting my dark side or could deeper work as come out the last 18mounths
20:55:11 From Iain Bell : hello iain here laptop dead on mobile Jasson please help before you both go as a image was in my Jounery of two half Raven half human hanging by thier hands in chains in a castle Dungannon haven been tortured and I wounder if this about accepting my dark side or could deeper work as come out the last 18mounths
20:55:15 From Iain Bell : hello iain here laptop dead on mobile Jasson please help before you both go as a image was in my Jounery of two half Raven half human hanging by thier hands in chains in a castle Dungannon haven been tortured and I wounder if this about accepting my dark side or could deeper work as come out the last 18mounths
20:55:51 From Iain Bell : also wounder if this is also maybe about accepting myself a new please advices me
20:56:01 From Iain Bell : also wounder if this is also maybe about accepting myself a new please advices me
20:56:12 From Tina To Iain Bell and All Panelists : Hello Iain, if you're in the mystery school Nicola and Jason will talk to you there, it's ceremony time now
21:00:17 From Anny : ??
21:00:19 From Rosanna Zabeth : Have to say goodbye for tonight. Thank you for this year of generosity. It has been a real gift. Yout open-ness and self-disclosure are such a part of what you bring in. Look forward to walking the way with you for a while yet :o)
21:00:25 From Rob : Thank you. Hope the tinnitus eased for you. Off out to see the moon now from the wood.
21:00:38 From Tina : This is the link to join the Mystery School:
21:00:47 From Miranda : Thank you
21:00:49 From Ursidia : Bright blessings on everyone! May the Harvest Moon bring you every happiness XXX
21:00:53 From Amanda : thank you x
21:00:55 From Heather : Thank you so much. This has been wonderful.
21:00:55 From Mary : blessed be one and alll ❤️
21:00:58 From Michelle SaaRa : Thank you for a Wonderful evening ?
21:00:58 From Mark : Thankyou
21:01:04 From Karen : thank you so much for a wonderful evening
21:01:05 From Annkat : Thank you.
21:01:12 From Emma : Thanks you so much x ?
21:01:13 From Janet To All Panelists : Thank you. What a beautifully magical evening.
21:01:14 From Linda Lipinski : Thank you for a wonderful evening ??❤️
21:01:18 From Tina : This is the link to join the Mystery School:
21:01:18 From Paul Burton : Thank you
21:01:21 From Bethan : Thank you so much for a beautiful evening, a wonderful ceremony, and it has helped me so much. Love to everyone, and special love to you both XXXXXX
21:01:23 From Lolly : Thank you both, thank you Tina, thank you all, blessed be xx
21:01:23 From Katie Joanne : Bright blessings on the Full Moon in Pisces. Dream well and boundlessly xx
21:01:27 From Rachel : Thank you so much
21:01:29 From Simon : thank you for a great evening
21:01:30 From Kim To All Panelists : many thanks guy blessed equinox and full moon much love from essex
21:01:31 From Jessica To All Panelists : Thankyou ?
21:01:33 From Hazel To All Panelists : Blessings and many thanks for a wonderful gathering. ?
21:01:33 From Rosemary : Thank you so much. Bright blessings. xxx ??
21:01:34 From Pamela : Thank you x
21:01:34 From Anne Jepson : thank you for another wonderful session, go well and thank you for bringing us all together at this special time x
21:01:34 From Sue : Another amazing evening - many thanks
21:01:35 From Dan : Thank you for a powerful evening, hope you both get some time to recharge after all the work you have been putting in ☺️
21:01:36 From Ali Davenport : Thank you for a special evening. Blessings to all.
21:01:36 From Heidi Cooper : Thank you for a wonderful evening, blessings to you all ???
21:01:38 From Liliana : Thank you for the beautiful evening
21:01:38 From Tracey : Thank you both for a wonderful celebration .Many blessings to everyone who has shared the evening,
21:01:39 From Roma To All Panelists : Thank you for this lovely evening. Take care. Be well. Go well. ??
21:01:39 From Angela : Thank you so much for tonight fantastic as always bright blessings ????
21:01:40 From Karen Grainger : lovely to see you again, it's been too long xxx
21:01:41 From Tracey To All Panelists : thanku for a fantastic evening blessings to u both and all xxx
21:01:41 From Martin To All Panelists : Thank you both so much, this has been so grounding. Fare well!
21:01:41 From Rachel To All Panelists : Thanks, wonderful evening again. Off to see the moon before bed! Happy dreams all.
21:01:41 From Dorothy To All Panelists : From Dorothy Thank you so much for tonight. Start of a journey
21:01:43 From Mari Louise : Thank you both, what a wonderful evening. wishing you a wonderful evening with this powerful harvest moon ??
21:01:45 From nicholas Gardiner To All Panelists : Thank you
21:01:47 From Lynne To All Panelists : Thank you and blessings to all…????
21:01:47 From Rosita To All Panelists : Thank you both for a wonderful evening love to all.?
21:01:47 From Tina : This is the link to make a donation:
21:01:48 From Angela : Thank you for holding this event, beautiful and to all on tonight. May all be filled with joy and strength . xxxx
21:01:50 From Jill : thank you I have signed up to the Mystery School and am looking forward to reading more about the wheel of the year xx
21:01:51 From David : All Blessings!!!
21:01:52 From Ali To All Panelists : So beautiful
I have no regrets about joining even if it was just for tonight’s wonderful ceremony
Thank you ?
21:01:54 From jayne To All Panelists : Thank you night xx
21:01:54 From Lulu Minto : Thank you for a lovely evening ☺️
21:01:54 From Tina : Thank you ? Much love all ?
21:01:55 From Kisane To All Panelists : Thank you for a heart warming meeting
21:01:57 From Tina : This is the link to make a donation:
21:01:57 From Caro Brandauer : Thank you so much! That was wonderful. xx
21:01:59 From Fausta : thank you for another wonderful evening, a wonderful way to celebrate the full moon and equinox - thank you for the amazing film from Jason - hail and farewell - blessed be to all xx
21:02:02 From Melanie : Thank you so much, Nicola & Jason, for all your loving efforts and kind presence and guidance.
21:02:02 From Sandra : Beautiful, thank you ??
21:02:03 From Kerry To All Panelists : Thank you Jason and Nicola for your offering, sending full moon blessings to you both x
21:02:03 From Ghislaine : Bright Blessings to you all and many thanks to Jason and Nichola and Blue
21:02:04 From Maria : Thank you both for a thoughtful evening. Will be joining the Mystery School. Blessings
21:02:05 From Bridget and John : Many thanks Jason and Nicola, blessings to all and fare well, Bridget & John from Birmingham
21:02:05 From Alice To All Panelists : Thanks so much. Very enlightening evening!
21:02:06 From Debbie : thankyou wow ❤️
21:02:07 From Carol : Happy Equinox to all! Much gratitude for our ceremony.
21:02:07 From Karen : thank you Jason, Nicola and Tina for this evening. Full Moon and Equinox Blessings to all x
21:02:09 From Maureen : Thank you for a lovely evening and the very special film. Xx
21:02:09 From Rosemary To All Panelists : Thankyou for your generosity Nicola and Jason, and to all for your contributions.
21:02:09 From Jacky Fridlington To All Panelists : Thankyou this my first experience as I am anew member of the Mystery school x
21:02:11 From Norma Allan : thank you ?
21:02:11 From Paulina : Thank you everyone - another beautiful evening shared together.
21:02:14 From Elaine To All Panelists : thank you and blessings to all xx
21:02:14 From Tina : This is the link to make a donation:
21:02:16 From Vicky : Thank you both - another wonderful session. Off for a full moon swim!
21:02:17 From Alison To All Panelists : Thank you for a beautiful very special evening ???
21:02:18 From Ruth Naito : Equinox blessings to you all!
21:02:19 From Kate Sibley To All Panelists : Blessings to everyone- may you all walk in the moonlight and know peace and greatness ❤️??
21:02:20 From Min : Thank you both and Blue, Raven , Golden Eagle and White Wolf - for a wonderful evening
21:02:20 From Bethan To All Panelists : Thank you ???
21:02:21 From Julia To All Panelists : Thank you. It's been a bit interrupted for me tonight but what I have seen I have got a lot out of.
21:02:21 From Deborah : thank you so very very much. its been an interesting first journey with you guys and I look forward to more xxxx epic thank you and I hope the moon energy dispels your tinnitus xxxx blessings xx
21:02:22 From George : thankyou so much xxx
21:02:23 From Susan : thank you for a lovely evening :)
21:02:23 From Chevi : thank you so much xx
21:02:24 From Mandy To All Panelists : Thankyou a beautiful evening xx
21:02:28 From Jason B : Thank you. Needed that.
21:02:30 From Joanne : Thank you both for a enlightening evening. Jason sending you healing thoughts hope the tinnitus eases ?
21:02:30 From dan : peace and love to you all
21:02:30 From Stephanie : Thank you! S xx
21:02:30 From Iris To All Panelists : Missed the beginning tonight but will look forward to receiving the full recording tomorrow- Thank you
21:02:31 From Susan Beedell : Thank you Bright Blessings ❤️
21:02:31 From Mary To All Panelists : Thanks so much for tonight a lovely experience xx
21:02:33 From Gemma : Thank you for an enlightening beautiful evening xx
21:02:38 From William John McCartney : Thank you for a wonderful evening, John from Marske
21:02:39 From Tina : This is the link to make a donation:
21:02:39 From Jane : Thank you so much
21:02:42 From Charlotte : Thank you both so much. With much gratitude xxx
21:02:42 From Veronika : thank you both!
21:02:42 From Emily McFall : thanks so much - that was a beautiful full moon xx
21:02:42 From Julie Shaw : Many thanks for a wonderful and insightful evening … happy Harvest moon blessings xx
21:02:43 From Pauline : Moon Blessings to you too. Thank you
21:02:46 From Mary To All Panelists : Thank you, a great evening blesings of the season
21:02:47 From Joanne : thank you so much, very enjoyable - this was my first time attending a ceremony with you. great film Jason. blessings to all xx
21:02:48 From Paula Daniels To All Panelists : Thank you very much for a lovely evening an for your wonderful film Jason. I personally loved the plants reflection on the water. Made it seem as if you were under neath looking up through the water
Blessing to all x
21:02:48 From kathycar : Thank you for a lovely celebration evening, looking forward to meeting you all again soon, take care everyone, , goodnight x
21:02:48 From Linda Monteith : Brilliant time tonight, thanks for sharing - love and blessings to all. Dream well under the beautiful moon
21:02:49 From Heather Rimmer : equinox blessings to all ❤️
21:02:49 From Lois : Thank you Nicola and Jason, Tina and the Buzzard tribe. How fortunate to share the journey with you.
21:02:51 From Val Anderson : thank you Nicola and Jason for your time and commitment to the journey.
21:02:55 From Jackie : Thank you again for great evening. Xxx
21:02:57 From Karen : Thank you for a wonderful evening. Blessed Alban Elfed to you both
21:02:58 From Sharon : Deep gratitude and many blessings to all xxx
21:02:59 From Gaynor Gent To All Panelists : Gratitude and blessings
21:03:01 From Rijusiddha : Thank you all. Beautiful evening. Blessings ??
21:03:01 From Kay : thank you oth very much and blessings to everyone
21:03:06 From Fiona Marie : Equinoxal Harvest Moon Blessings All!!! ?????
21:03:08 From Alyson : Thank you. It has been a beautiful night. I love the mountain and Raven energies of tonight. Bless you all . Go well.?
21:03:11 From Christine : Thank you for a wonderful evening. Blessings
21:03:12 From Linda Lipinski : It’s been an amazing year. Will join the mystery school tomorrow xx??❤️
21:03:12 From Mandi Allin To All Panelists : Thankyou ❣️
21:03:24 From Victoria To All Panelists : This has been my first ceremony. Thank you for your beautiful amd welcoming acceptance ??
21:03:25 From Sarah Durrant : Blessings on you both and all here. Thank you so much for your work.
21:03:26 From Kelly : Thank you, very grateful - that was special. Happy Autumn Equinox blessings to you all ?
21:03:26 From Ghislaine : Goodnight all xxx
21:03:26 From Eileen : You care so much. Blessings
21:03:32 From Lizzie To All Panelists : Thank you for beautiful time together ?
21:03:33 From Gill : thank you both very much for a lovely evening, have enjoyed the celebrations, equinox blessings tribe
21:03:34 From Anna : Thank you so much. Goodnight X
21:03:36 From Chris : Thank you both for an amazing evening and loved your film, power of the earth and the power of love x
21:03:38 From Iain Bell : Thank you Jason and Nicola will draw map post and wait for response from both of you I am really looking forward to the Retreats!!!
21:03:40 From Pamela : I've joined the mystery school, thank you
21:03:40 From Sandy To All Panelists : Thank you so much and blessings
21:03:44 From Dee To All Panelists : Thank you! Much needed and very relaxing x
21:03:49 From Emma : Thank you both, and equinox blessings to all xx
21:03:50 From Julie Shaw : Good night all x
21:03:51 From ali : Thank you, lovely evening x
21:03:51 From Mair Ollerenshaw : thank you both for all your hard work
21:03:51 From Sandy : Blessings to you both for hosting a wonderful celebration xx
21:03:56 From Kathy McVittie poet : Thank you lovely tribe and leaders!
21:04:00 From Kate Sibley To All Panelists : Me and my cuddly raven loved it all??
21:04:03 From Eileen : Wonderful film of my beloved Mountains
21:04:13 From Katie Joanne : Thank you for all you have offered us, so magnanimous with your time and energy - so glad to be part of this community. xxx
21:04:14 From Heather : Me is heather Thomas - I don't know how to change it.
21:04:15 From Jane : that was great. Night night look forward to seeing the film again xx
21:04:19 From Anny : BLessings to you all, WOnderful Tribe
21:04:20 From Fiona Marie : A particularly beautiful and moving evening, thank you??xxx
21:04:23 From Diane and Rod To All Panelists : Thank you so much. Goodnight and blessings to you both.
21:04:31 From still To All Panelists : beautiful .. my spirit has been lifted ..blessings to all
21:04:40 From Iain Bell : Blessings of the harvest moon and the Autumn Eqionx to all my Tribe/Clan.
21:04:42 From Sheila : Amazing journey thank you so much. Sheila
21:04:43 From Eileen : Walk to the Wild With Care My Love
21:04:50 From Mary To All Panelists : Can we have it full screen please?
21:04:53 From Katie Joanne : Blessings @Iain xx
21:05:04 From Richard : May all blessings be yours
21:05:17 From Gemma : I love this opening sequence
21:05:17 From Lesle y : Love and thanksx
21:05:25 From Heather : I must go now. just to say that I couldn't open the recordings of the four sessions today.
21:05:29 From Belinda : Thank you so very much both and to all the tribe, welcome also any new members. See you all again soon ??
21:05:32 From Katie Joanne : This bit got me right in the feels xx
21:05:47 From Michelle : Thank you so much for the last year, it has reignited my passion for the nature way of life. Wonderful evening, great video, what great powerful music. Blessings all
21:05:50 From Brie : All the love and thanks J&N - and to all of you too x
21:05:52 From Lorna Hutchinson To All Panelists : Fabulous evening- many thanks xx♥️♥️
21:05:59 From Katie Joanne : Love to you @Brie xx
21:06:25 From Philippa : Thank you Jason and Nicola a lovely, beautiful ceremony x
21:06:30 From Rachel : Thanku- that was heavenly, powerful & perfect! ?? Harvest full moon blessings XX
21:06:37 From Janet : A wonderful evening. Great film, very fitting for the journey to raven. Thank you ?
21:06:43 From Miss Bolton : Thank you both very much for this evening xx
21:07:03 From Rachel : Thank you so much for tonight, I joined the mystery school just in time for this! Sending my love and gratitude for all your beautiful work and sharing so freely with us all. Blessings from Rachel near Sherwood Forest. ?
21:07:28 From Rosie : Thank you so much for a very Special Evening both of you.Your film Jason is incredible so moving and inspirational.
21:07:42 From Mandy To All Panelists : good evening again. may you have a bountiful harvest X nameste x
21:07:53 From Dorothy : Thanks Jason Nicola Raven and Rowan and everyone gathered. The future beckons. Film very powerful but the delicacy of Raven with the stem of grass- beautiful From Dorothy
21:08:28 From Sian To All Panelists : Thank you ? just joined Mystery School and look forward to discovering the wonders of my homeland
21:09:09 From Katie Joanne : Togetherness and love is our majesty, our sovereignty xx
21:09:24 From Karen : Beautiful evening, thank you ❤. I am off to swim in the sea under the full moon now. Xx
21:09:30 From Tracy To All Panelists : Thank you for a wonderful experience. The video is stunning and inspiring..... and our journeys interesting and weird ?
21:09:37 From Katie Joanne : Enjoy @Karen xx
21:09:38 From Anny : Oh Karen...
21:09:49 From Lolly : Katie Joanne, that's a lovely way to describe it!
21:10:03 From Heather : from heather Thomas (me, as it comes up here). just to say the music in the film is phenomenol. You could definitely do intro's for filmmakers on the big screen, with the scenery as well.
21:10:09 From Katie Joanne : ? @Lolly xx
21:10:46 From Katie Joanne : This bit made me cry, seeing Raven so close. xx
21:10:59 From Arthur : Glencoe ❤️ one of my favourite places in the World. Thanks for the video.
21:11:07 From Sue To All Panelists : Thank you for this evening it was amazing, loved the film and music ❤️
21:12:09 From Zed : You have inspired us to join! Just signed up, thank you and can’t wait to begin our new journey with you
21:12:10 From Peter : Thank you Jason for all the time and effort you put into films. This one was more powerful and awe-inspiring. When I see again I think a dragon awakening with howling mist on mountains and Raven bringing the message. We can all be majestic eagles. Blessings to you both. We should give in return. ?
21:12:23 From Katie Joanne : Welcome to the Tribe, @Zed xx
21:12:40 From Tina : ?????
21:13:14 From Peter : and blessings Tina ?
21:13:34 From Alison To All Panelists : This film is magnificent - I’m lost for words and the sound track takes you to another world ?✨??✨✨✨
21:13:38 From Zed : ?
21:15:03 From Tina : just soaring through the air, I love it ?
21:16:12 From kathycar : I love this section the water just flowing, so beautiful
21:16:52 From Lulu Minto : Would love to be there swimming
21:17:34 From Alison : love the stillness of this ant and the busyness of the others
21:18:21 From Gemma : I feel like there is so much we can learn from these ants working together
21:18:43 From Katie Joanne : Yes @Gemma xx
21:18:58 From Katie Joanne : I thought exactly that xx
21:19:01 From Kelly : I love the way the ant carries the other over..aww
21:19:17 From Gemma : Beautiful x
21:19:48 From Tina : nature is the best ?
21:19:53 From Gemma : I love the surrender here.
21:21:13 From Katie Joanne : From small to tall, all nature is mighty xx
21:23:22 From Tina : beautiful! thank you ?
21:23:27 From Katie Joanne : Jason - truly spectacular. Such a gift you give us. xx
21:23:45 From Alison : Glen Etive - home of the McIntyre clan I think
21:23:54 From Dee : My cat really enjoyed watching that too x
21:23:56 From Gemma : Thank you for sharing such a beautiful insight
21:24:03 From Tracey To All Panelists : magical thanku
21:24:04 From Kelly : Beautiful....even more so second time around - thank you!
21:24:12 From kathycar : Thank you Jason, just wow, so beautiful x
21:24:20 From Zed : Awe-inspiring video!
21:24:33 From Kathy McVittie poet : Honoured, deeply grateful by being able to share this tonight
21:24:33 From way of the buzzard To All Panelists : Lovely. Thanks
21:24:35 From Mari Louise : ??
21:24:36 From Min : A truly beautiful film! Abundant Harvest Moon Blessings to you and everyone
21:24:38 From Katie Joanne : Thank you both of you for holding this stunning, gentle space. Night xx
21:24:40 From Michelle SaaRa : Thank you ?
21:24:41 From Miss Jennifer Macintyre : Your film is fantastic, such emotion and atmosphere, thank you.
21:24:43 From Jane : thank you
21:24:45 From Tina : ?????
21:24:45 From Iain Bell : wow wow wow wow need to explore the area of Glencoe when I can and have started drawing my journey map

Introducing The Way of The Buzzard Mystery School

In these unsettling times as the world pauses it is our moment to drop into a different space, away from the turmoil of the chattering mind, and reach out to taste that balm for our soul.

The shamanic path was made for this moment.

If you are looking to resource yourself spirituality and learn more about shamanism then the Mystery School is the perfect place for you. Here you can learn how to draw the healing magic nature holds, through deep nature connection, animal spirit medicine, tree spirit medicine and by aligning yourself with the natural rhythms of the earth.

Here you can learn how to access the wisdom from your spirit guides at a moment’s notice through shamanic journeying and call in support through ceremony. Here you can learn techniques on how to protect yourself in these unfolding times and cushion yourself from the uncertainty that the coming weeks and months hold.

We have over 100 hours of content to delve into in The Mystery School, all delivered through easy-to-watch videos, as well as our monthly live shamanic journey circle, our regular live coaching calls and our private facebook group. All our lessons include activities which you can easily follow without even needing to leave your home or garden if you have one.

Here you have a place to come to where you can come and join in with a community of like-minded travellers to kick off your shoes and place your feet on the bare earth. A place where you can rest and recuperate, immersing yourself in the healing energies of nature.

A place where you can calm yourself by tuning in to listen the soft reassuring words from your spirit guides.

All if this is available to you for just £14 per month with no lock in period. It's the shamanic alternative to Netflix!

Come and give us a try… our community is waiting on the other side to welcome you so we can journey through these times together.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are a few words from folk in The Mystery School who were at our special Spring Equinox Circle:

Thoughts from our clan about the Mystery School:

The mystery school community has been truly wonderful this week - a calming place that has made me feel much better and grounded, so thank you.


Thank you so much. This tribe/clan and your generous spiritual work is genuinely helping keep me sane and balanced.


 The Mystery school has helped me over this week for sure, beyond today and into the this coming period.


thank you for creating a truly beautifully crafted evening.


The Mystery School is amazing, and has been a real oasis for me at a very difficult time. 


Loving this journeying planning... I'm a nurse!!


It’s excellent resource.


thank you so much for all you do it's greatly appreciated.


its an honour to be a part of this beautiful circle.


© 2021,The Way of The Buzzard